The Most Relaxing Day at Animal Kingdom Ever | Walt Disney World Vlog February 2018

The Most Relaxing Day at Animal Kingdom Ever | Walt Disney World Vlog February 2018

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Guys. The, trauma. Animal Kingdom has really gone downhill this. Is all they offer they're. Just. Doing. This. Someone, needs to continue it you said it a trademark. Anyway. Where. Are we today Spencer, someplace. We never go to yeah. It's. A it's my fourth, favorite, part so. Hated, it, is different it's definitely got better now they've have. ATAR in. Here, we're looking at the macaws so, we've got a few things lined up for today we've got fast masses for dinosaur, and Everest, but, we've come to look at the animals successful animal kingdom is all about it some baby animals there is this baby animals, we're gonna go look at the baby animal so yeah, they. Should be it's a nice hot day it's the first hot day we've had in Florida for a long time there you want to see them of course you don't to see my my Chevy Chase look at these happy, teeth it's cockney rhyming slang for face. Adventure. Is out there. All. That beautiful, they're really nice. No. We. Know nothing oh. Yeah. That's the other thing as well because technically this is still the intro I forgot stay tuned until the end of the vlog because there's, some changes, coming to the channel potentially. And new and exciting things going on so. Yeah you want it you're gonna want to hear about that all, of. These hey, do do, i yeah, you do okay, it's all by exciting, that's why you didn't take it on board but it's worth waiting till the end maybe especially, if you watch every week there might be some changes to share chill and content, on whatever. There. You go now he's aboard right anyway let's go have some fun animal. That's. The wrong part you. Know we've done today though. Dental. On. It. Starts raining we're gonna pull out at Universal, Studios ponchos. Specifically. Chose this way because it feels like et adventure. It. Does and, when ye t-shirt, I'm having those et cravings, having. My Universal, cravings we need to go over the universe. Mardi. Gras started, now. In. A perfect, blending, of science and technology, Dino Institute, has created, a.

Tie-dye. We. All them safe. Let's. Go, let's. Go check that diner. Sky. Bacchus ours. He's, definitely another baby animals who were looking for. There you guys. Every, time he always says we, make every. Single we. Do it. Let's. Face it darkness, open. Oh. Because. You can always tell whether if. You think you know it is up to you, and the cameras. Stupid. Photos. The photo the return. Maybe. No. Imagine. Hey that's new that's interesting, in the future. So. Before you used to touch on the touch point but apparently. And. We'll see because sometimes when these are automatically, linked. We. Can always, you. Don't always get it so I will say. Poking. Through the store or causing people to, smell. I, found. You another doing artistic, shots of a sign. So. You know these. Oh my, god girls bad tea kids TV show. T-shirt. This. One which, one the, one this is I'm, so fly. They've. Got very similar one it's, Disney branded but it's not in the mouth that target the target it's an I'm so fly I never land is it looks very very similar to this and it's still busy branded so if you want to get a t-shirt before you come on vacation that's what I recommend because the target is father about $12.99, especially. Or about twenty-two if you like Peter Pan who does turn sixty by the way he's, looking good for sixteen ever girls they look good for six, okay. Say something you might not know these photo booths here in. Thailand. There. Is one image and in Disney springs. Sorry. Yeah Justin Springs. No. But. You can go in then have your photo Turk and it's included, and. You see, creator for whisper. It's. Included it's free. There's. Someone's just funnin now but we'll go in and take up. Because I've done it before. Motives, are always fun exactly. We do something romantic for my Valentine. Is. It on yeah, don't do that, who's your glistening you can see my glitter is hot again and you can see my pores it looks like they lit buckets that you used to wash the car lassie, part of my phone right now we're just waiting which waiting the Tories. I'm staying. Oh we, have to go up for that that's. Like 1950s, Elvis I had a shoot-from-the-hip stop, right. Let's go. Photos. Allah, is guiding me through the process of filming. All. Right all right it's gonna be tied into. Two. Skinny people like us. Okay. Sorry first things first I'm assuming you touch it. Magic. Or, card you owe your photos, will be available, on the photo pass system and, you will have the opportunity, to print your photos at the end of this session, Wow. Okay. So what windows and, down the color color. Missing. You often, that's. Just upsetting right, don't. Do animal, kingdom get to use the up or down button - oh and, all that advanced okay. W19. To the backlight now you're okay, okay. So color okay the up and down buttons to select a category that. Press ok John Deere Animal Kingdom 2018. Like. These one I like that one that one's gone oh. Yeah. You know what I have a quick let's have a quick look at the other and says frozen, do you want. Princesses. We just add a princess day for princesses, movies. They don't really do your stuff they don't take, what. Is your own category. People. Love to think about you know upstage right I stood in 2018. Now. Select a graphic theme, yeah, a little, bike Ricky laughing theme, 2008. To 2018. Pattern, yeah. Make. Sure everyone. Now. We have to make sure we're all in it together. You're. Not gonna. Go up there we go. All, right get in. 3:02. What. I'm. Looking at you. Three. Three. Two. One. That. Last one's a keeper look Allah look at the food / under there oh there's another one, three. Two. One. Are, we done done. Okay what I'll do is I'll post the pictures. I don't know how much but all. Magical. Memories great. Lies, lies. Magical. Memories so, that you can treasure it forever, we. Told a story I probably put a link to them if it if I don't flash them up on the screen I put a link to the photo so you can keep it yourself, you need to flash them up with Bogue playing in the background. Where, you go in Spencer. Dinah, Rama Chester, Hester's diorama, that's, where you go and. Where. Are we going now though actually Asia hey, well more, specifically, we're gonna go look at some baby animals. This. Map oh. You. Do, come on oh look it's a baby animals. Right. Let's start the hunt Spencer's, Tom be that there is baby lion, I guess.

Both. Earlier than the park there's equals round five. Close. An hour there. You go now you know. It. Looks like mrs. Kipling, for. Those of you that know what we're talking about you probably have children. It's. Not what we do that's weird. We're. Tempting, that's what it should be called attempting, to find baby tigers, I mean, it we've downgraded, it was animals at one point now we realize it's just toys. I know. You could speak monkey, Spencer. Left like the movie yes go say poor you. Like. A monkey, this. Is my favorite part about the trek. One. But. Three. Three. Fabulous, flyers. Let's. Go oh wow. Look at this look at this big old bat here. Scary. Yeah. He does what this is right it's complaints about oh. There's. No look these ones are over heads inside sleeper. Wow. So. I love how this is themed like the front of light it. Does feel like Dracula's, castle almost, with these big doors and then just beyond it there, is another bat look at that it's probably the best view we've had so far it's just through dirty glass let me just give. You a little a wee little zoom in on them if you go into the batter there's, actually no glass you can actually yeah, you just go straight through. Around. You. Promise me baby Tigers. Even, a single Tiger, it. Looks beautiful but I don't see a single one out. Wow. Spencer. Especially. The animal tres because. This isn't my favorite thing to do I they even though it just look beautiful this is really nice, I'm, enjoying the architecture, if nothing else I'll say that but. You did promise me baby animals. I'm. Not seeing any baby animals yet. As. A tiger, you know what it's not though it's. Not a baby. I always. Go into the bathroom Oh. Lovely. The. One thing walking, girl you took the words out of my mouth let's just write say the one thing I do enjoy about this even. Though the lack of baby tigers. Spencer. Is how. Beautiful, it is they did do a good job with all the architecture, and everything else, so. Is, this more tiger viewing area there. We go we might with that you still, might have a chance to redeem yourself, yeah. So. We didn't have much luck finding baby. Tigers, although we did see a tiger, not. Very well but we did see one he is in the back I'm sorry we. See. In poop now. Let's look at the tiger food there's. Other animals over, here gazelles. And whatnot, this, is what they look like the forest starts to. Okay. Spencer you'll know what animal is that right. In front of us. Just. A regular day yeah it's not like a bread gate park there though is it. It's. Not an English deer oh there's. One over there a horny. One, where. Is he areas. Antlers. Correct. It. Always. Look. She. She's looking. Yeah. And Spencer want him to make, it very clear that these are in a separate enclosure these are not actually, I can, boo. No. It's not these over there very separate they're very happy and living, the best lives alone, without.

The Fear, of Tigers coming to eat them always. Stood up he. With, his haunt antler. Hmmm, quite. Relaxing, watching the animals. Alright. You're, slowly redeeming, yourself to know a baby one but it is I can't see him through the camera all there is, it. Is a tiger. All, the way over there. Cut. Beautiful, there. She, get a friend for stitch we should take him home, introduce. Him to the dark. Think. You play with it pinky. Play with Hungary. It's. A dog-eat-dog world not, a, tiger. Hug. So. We made it inside to the bird enclosure. Yeah. You. Think it's obvious with all the signs but. Yeah. That's. A cool oh look there's another. Really. Pretty. They. Use the prettiest. No, when you pull that face. So. Used to humans being around. This. Is like one of the most relaxed. Normally. All the stuff we do when we come to the parks it's all like trying to be high-energy and I'm wondering I'm hoping that it's coming across as being nice and relaxed as well I'm not boring so, that's, my worry right now. We. Did Spencer, failed as once but we used to that we used to the disappointment so telling you. We're. Gonna now. We've managed to successfully, relax, we're going to go and make, her way over to Everest to try and bring the fun levels back. Dinosaurs. Today I mean how much energy do you need yeah, but I was half asleep when we did that this is the first thing we did so. It's. Just it, feels when we're recording it like it's very different feel so I'll be interested to see if it comes across a little bit differently than the other vlogs. Yeah. All, right it's gonna do, almost. A dinosaur, Everest let's go Everest go see a Yeti maybe they'll be baby yetis but. Yeah. I honestly. Think that this is the best false perspective Disney's, ever done because, it really does look like it's a far-off mountain. Ever. So this is the mountain yeah. As. Well as the name of the mountain. That they call it in the interaction so it's the mountain or is this the mountain that we're going on do. They call it the forbidden mountain. Maybe. Someone can answer your question for you definitely asking the wrong person. There's. A big difference there's. A big difference. Are, you looking for that booty looking for those those, baby tigers, that we didn't find for. Someone to love me. Wow. Good. Luck. 30. Min away February. Weekday. I. Love. The focus, when. It happens that way you're actually a cool thing about this cute, oh alright, go on then enlighten, me in this damn bike you yeah, everything. You go through the booking agency to go see the supply shop if you go through everything when you go to the past ask you it's like you've already pre-planned, your vacation so, they have everything already to kind of skip all those steps and you have right in this is the. Actual. So you think it was done on. On. Partha what. It was on purpose or in the past pass okay, what, you're doing yeah I got you. That's, the morning to ride, in the front and I didn't mind. Laughs, right now you look like. Nobody, on the front for a long time. Thank. You. Yeah, it's, been, doing this. Let's make the animal Spencer. It is money. Relaxing. Such. A relaxing, day. Only. It would focus on the Yeti. Look. Anything no I didn't focus ah the camera bunch of bats I'm gonna go. Oliver. What, is the significance on the 20 on that shirt. Another. 20 years in animal kingdom yeah. So the 20th anniversary is this year on 18 April so they're, having some 20th merchandise, there's this one for the men I don't. The other ones men or ladies sick of it either and, then. This one's as well. It. Has to get closer to the 20th I'm sure there'll be more stuff.

This. Is not a bring airplanes. Keeping. With the relaxing theme we got some drinks what, did you go for. Which. Very suspiciously, tastes, like a regular margarita. Let. Me have a go I want to try it. Margareta. There's nothing African about it it's. A regular margarita. For. Africa. This. So beautiful, very different, from the last musical, number. What, you want, to hire do we need to get back at them please take it back to being a real accent mom. Jiji. See. That. Was too high energy for today's look we went up we went down but it's been mostly relaxing, we've. Had a nice relaxing spot to do yeah. Yes. What's. Changing with the mall. I'm. Not sure you're talking about well I've been given new opportunities. At my place of work which means that, I will might, not necessarily have the same amount, of time to, invest, as I do currently now that doesn't mean you're gonna get any less content we're gonna still trying it okay the same content coming, what. It does mean is there might be a few changes for, example a. Little bit yeah so you. Might see different kinds, of content suppose we want to work on it might not always be a blog because as much as we love blogging and doing these, take. Time to go into the firm these are actually the quickest thing is the other stuff takes longer but it's nice to I, don't, know it's nice to just mix up the content a little bit so and now it means I can bet you know best I can, invest time at home doing stuff as loss I've got some ideas me in jail got ideas but. But. No, the blocks will still come as well we promise but the difference in the vlog say she might get different, style blocks like Spencer the other week when he went out by himself wow, what, an amazing job you did might, be stuck with at once if you might every now and again get a Spencer blog because all of them why is he that we could work, but. It's exciting I really, cement her or friends along with exactly, so it's it's not a bad thing it's just gonna be different and, it doesn't always mean the videos will come out on a Thursday as well like they have that you're, still gonna get a minimum, one left one video, a week, if.

Not More because, you might see jail blogging, with a family, with the kids might, be by self it might be jail and Spencer together it, might be me in jail it might be me and Spencer, it could all mix up but it means I might not always be there Spence won't always be there and, always - which just means that things are gonna you, you'll just notice the difference you're still gonna get your same content. Yeah. It's just gonna be, less. Whoa. What's, the words same. Frequency, more erratic. It'll be more about excite me more stuff that if we need to add stuff we can work on at home - if you didn't have chance to get out to the parks that were yeah, a blog bumper. Content. From home but also. Yes. That'll always be perfect it's actually a good thing not a bad thing at all but it is it's all we've been planning this for a while but it's come to a head because I might not have the same amount of time in the parks every week that I've been having, so far so yeah. It's. Good thing though promise. So. Thank you so much for watching this week we appreciate, it we appreciate it we, do, how can you find us Twitter Instagram Facebook. All. The links below to everything including jails even though she wasn't here this week we should have it back soon she's, at work. Yeah. Thank. You for watching patreon, if you want to support us on patreon, feel free there's a link you don't have to though we don't mind if you do or you don't we appreciate the people that do thank you so much but. You don't have to oh. Yeah. Give us a thumbs up that really helps to the video and comment below talk to each other think, of a question Spencer, what's your favorite attraction animal kingdom. Oh. That's a good one actually what's your favorite roller coaster in all the world. Mine. Is see on on taunts I like rock and roll goes that I do like exhibition, ever is the law so, it changes day to day for me let. Us know what yours up we've got much better at letting commenting. Back to everyone as well so there's a good chance then again it, took a lot of time I'm gonna try and respond to people as quickly as possible when you do leave comments last week I responded to everyone that I have to call over there 24 hours not, promising that again this week that I will get back to you if, I can I'm going to try much, harder to get back just to correct yourself last week you got two comments before midnight, of that. Sorry. All 24 hours of the day was posted you're right yeah so which is 12 hour miss flowers, so I gone back to a lot of people but I'm going to try and do something similar again I'll get back to a lot, of people if I can't so leave comments below you never know you might get response promise come and say hello if you see is in the park hope, this wasn't too boring for you it's more relaxing, we're more mellowed children. Normal. Mellow place to be it is. Minimal. It's still my fourth favorite, actually knows probably my third favorite, oh.

Maybe. One Festival of the Arts has gone it might go back up again I didn't hate us the arts this year just wasn't my favorite, so. Okay. Don't. Forget give us a thumbs up that helps a lot comment below I also help share. This video put it on Facebook Twitter whatever, yeah. Get the word out that if, you enjoy watching us somebody else mine if you don't enjoy watching us. Thank. You so much guys we'd appreciate it we do love you thank you so much and we will see you all next. Week I was gonna say next Thursday will be next Thursday it's, gonna be videos on Thursday for the next two Thursday's. Its. Gonna start a little bit and even then I'm gonna way for Thursday still, so you never. Like. On so you don't know that's very smart but look at ya Wow, hit. The bell icon if. You do audio 18 videos and then you know when we're gonna post so yeah cool. Thank you for watching everyone love you lots see y'all soon I. Leave. You with a shot of, Everest. Ocular as this. Kingdom. What Hirini, what, means, go Kwaheri, me, oh, ah. Hurry, knee everyone, quoi. Hurry knee till next Thursday.

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Oliver, your food reviews for the dis were always world class so more of something similar would be great! They were shorter but I’m sure all your fans enjoyed loads and would be easier to film for you. Spencer , Jenni and Tom with you make a great team so longer vlogs are always appreciated when time allows. For me, I like watching nice people having a fun time in a place I’d rather be, and you guys exceed that! It started for the Disney stuff but I stay for seeing good people having fun!

New subscriber here! Great video and editing! I was just there a few days ago and our vlogs are very similar LOL!

Congrats on your advancement. We really enjoy seeing your YouTube channel grow, as newer vloggers ourselves we look at you as hopefully were we can be someday! To say thanks we now joined your patreon page to donate monthly. Derick’s favorite coaster is Big Thunder and Greggory’s is Expedition Everest.

Great vlog guys, loved it. Oliver's dancing was outstanding lol. Much love :) xx

Did not know about the photo booth stuff thanks for the info!!!! So fun!

Congrats on more responsibilities at work Oliver! You dancing is definitely a highlight of the video. You guys should start doing home vlogs if you can't go to the parks like the Tim Tracker.

Changes are good-:) relaxing is good-:), once a week... once a month, whatever you choose-appreciate the time you take!

Thank you for the great idea of just doing a relaxing animal kingdom day. We have a trip in September and I can't wait. You guys are awesome

lmao i love how u call ur under neck area a FUPA lol

Animal Kingdom Is one of the best parks

Congrats on the new work opportunities Oliver!

Congrats on the promotion at work Love you guys

Lovely video not boring at all ♥️

I prefer when it’s just you guys on the vlog. But will take what we can. Congrats on the job and thanks always for the cheer

That dinosaur pic was great. Thank God you didn't lose your keys in there

"c-caw, c-caw" and the blue and gold shakes his head at oliver like "good lord"

I loved this vlog. My fave parts were when you told Spencer you loved him. I’m all about telling my partner I love him. So hearing you be so cute gave me all the happy feelings

Hey guys if you want to see the baby tigers magical meg got them on video. Lmao. And it doesn't matter if your low key we all still love your videos. Low key high key it doesn't matter. Go see those baby tigers now. So so cute. Best wishes from Bethlehem ps

Hi! I love the vlogs and you guys crack me up! I said hi to you at MCO back in September when you were waiting for your parents to arrive! Hope to run into you again maybe at the parks! Have fun!!

+Tiffany Gombos oh I remember!!! Thank you so much for watching.

The first thing I do at Animal Kingdom is Kilimanjaro Safaris. Expedition Everest is my favorite roller coaster a WDW

Nice Content! I left a like and subscribed. I recently uploaded so please drop by my channe! :) Also feel free to subscribe, would appreciate it! :D I just made a vlog same day as you at animal kingdom lol

Congratulations on the work advancement Oliver. Loved the laid back vlog. Looking forward to seeing what new things the future holds.

Ugh!!! I'm so sad that I missed running into you guys in the park. Not sure if you were there on the 8th or just uploaded that day, but that's when we were there. You guys should go on the Safari and see the baby hippo!! Congrats on the job advancement. Looking forward to the new content!!!!

Love you guys!!

Oy vey another Spencer when I worked in the magic kingdom there were other Spencer's, and we would like highlanders and there can only be one.

Just when I thought you guys could not be a more adorable couple, I watch this video and am proved totally wrong. Even MORE adorable! If I were not a regular watcher of This Orlando Life, I would never know how nasty Oliver can be to Spencer sometimes.

Yey! More Spencer!!!

My favorite coaster at Disney is Rock n Roller coaster!! Loved this vlog. You should do more from Animal Kingdom!!!

love u guys ur awsum.......congrats oliver on ur new job,spencer u always crack me up☺

Not sure you two could ever be boring-another great vlog! And Ioved Spencer's little roar at the beginning.

So fun to see you Ollie. Used to watch you back on dis.

love the videos oliver and spencer, cheer me up a lot love to know how you come to live in florida oliver??

I don't trust him. He has shifty eyes.

+Tom Stow that Tom isn't too bad either!

100% Agreed! Oliver's awesome!


+Nick&Em Woods Spencers still looking for the baby animals

Thanks, Tom! (I also agree with this 100% - I say pretty much the same thing when I'm watching vlogs.)

+lance robinson hahaha

Dinoland kind of has a multiple personality problem, half science themed, half county fair midway. I think Disney likes that juxtaposition though, because they copied it in Fantasyland - half circus, half fairy tale. Fantasyland's a larger area so it's not as obvious and jarring.

I enjoy it too! I think the Dinoland area could use an upgrade/re-theme, but Primeval Whirl is genuinely fun.

Tom Stow I think I'm the only one who likes that ride. lol

That's pretty cool! (And really interesting!) Score one for Primeval Whirl!

+Jeep guy I pick one day out of the year when I'm nice to him.

+Amy Star he's got to find baby tigers before he starts looking for anything else

+Sonya S thank you. Don't worry I'll keep the signature gasp

You guys are adorable. Congrats on the job promo!

Love animal kingdom, vlog was great. The best parts of your vlogs are the interaction between you two. I love the teasing, jokes, ect. You guys are fun. I laugh the whole time while enjoying the eye candy. Lol #haglife

Loved Spencer's EE queue observation. But Oliver! Those moves, Shakira eat your heart out!

Love all the vlogs! I know I am late to the game this week BUT I am taking notes and you are amazing tour guides! Good luck in all your ventures!

You guys are a breath of fresh air..How nice to see a romantic couple like yourselves make blogging fun and cute. Great work

This relaxed style of vlog was perfect. I think that Animal Kingdom is the perfect park to experience slowly. Most people are too concerned with running to the e-ticket attractions, but that isn't how AK is meant to be experienced. There are plenty of places to relax and take in the beautiful scenery and one should take their time in observing the animals.

What is your favorite all time foods in the parks


We should start a Primeval Whirl appreciation society!

I loved primeval whirl

100% agreed!

Found you guys yesterday. So now have a lot of vlogs to watch. Fun vids guys x

I would be interested if you did some video's about Orlando itself. Where is good parts to live or shop.

Congratulations Oliver on your new job promotion!! I actually enjoyed today’s relaxed vlog. It was fun just seeing y’all enjoy your day. It was not boring. Looking forward to what is coming on your channel.

And we DID see the baby tigers.

Ahha! Just got home from WDW yesterday and kept looking for the "I'm so fly I Neverland" tees and only saw "I'm so fly." Target! Thanks! Love your vlogs - and miss Disney already.

The baby tigers are in the Jacksonville Zoo. You need to take a little road trip!

Congrats on the job opportunity! Favorite ride, Navi River Journey. Favorite Roller Coaster, The seven Dwarfs mine Train.

The most relaxing place in Animal Kingdom is certainly the Nomad Lounge where we were served drinks by a certain someone! Will be returning in a few weeks will probably go to Nomad again to escape the Easter crowds

I liked the calm relaxing video. I do have a question though. On the patio bar area at Tusker House, there used to be a recording of a baby crying and the Mom/Nanny soothing the child. It was so sweet to hear. Is it still there and are there other secret little happenings like that throughout the parks? THE ADVENTURES OF OLIVER, SPENCER, JENNILYN, TOM AND STITCH certainly calm my frazzled day.

Epcot photo booth is right after Journey into Imagination. Just did it today, thanks for the tip!

The sound is horrible

Lonie Schlefke that's so funny I saw at least a dozen of the target ones in one day

Tisoy 330, Oliver has not been with the Dis since May of last year. Every now and then, I enjoy watching an old Dis show that pops up in my YouTube feed.

New house! New job! Sexy dancing! If only there were baby animals!! Lol best Vlog!!

My favorite roller coaster is Expedition Everest.

Just recently found you guys' videos. Great job with them. Major props to Spencer, btw, for his PIxel phone. Best phone ever.

Love your vlogs! Since AK is your 4th favourite park what are your other favourites? I find it so hard to choose so my favourite would be other MK or Epcot:)

Cheers Tom, on a side note you have done very well with Jenni! She is a fox! With your guns I’m sure she is happy!

Lol !!! Should have got a ride! Animal kingdom is a great park.

I LOVE Animal Kingdom....can never, ever get bored watching animals. Plus Everest, Safari Ride and Dinosaur. :)

Omg AK is my favorite park

Omg I’m a 15 yr old, Peter Pan obsessed, girl and *I* have the Peter Pan shirt from target in the men’s section

You guys are NEVER boring! You are quite the lovely couple and we always look forward to your vlogs. We have planned a big trip in May of 2019 and would so love to hopefully see you all then. I learn so much when I watch the vlogs. They are entertaining and very informative. Thanks so very much.

Was that a parrot pigeon? Hahah love you boys!

"...this is how they bring airplanes in in Africa..." This park is great.

Epcot does have a photo booth in the Imagination pavilion

You guys are fantastic and funny......

Oliver....what do you dislike about Animal Kingdom?

Just stumbled upon you both, love the content! Subscribed and liked!

You guys are so great

i LOVE when vloggers do a chill day in the parks

favs ilyyyyyyyyyyy

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