The National for August 20, 2018 — Wildfire Smoke, Identity Politics, Pilot Regulation

The National for August 20, 2018 — Wildfire Smoke, Identity Politics, Pilot Regulation

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On. This, Monday night health warnings, cancellations. And no relief for days wildfire. Smoke hangs over large parts of Western Canada as fires continue. To threaten BC, communities, so, what's. In all that smoke and what, could it mean for your health also, tonight why the federal government will no longer over, see how Canadian, pilots are tested, in a change coming this fall and, Justin. Trudeau refuses, to apologize for calling a heckler racist. While the opposition calls, the Prime Minister divisive, why, the battle over race racism. And identity. May be only just beginning, this is the National. British. Columbia is fighting a wildfire battle on two fronts first the fires themselves. Hundreds, of them still raging, across the province and forcing, more evacuations, today but, then there's, the smoke turning, the air itself, into, a health hazard this, is day five of BC's, state of emergency vast. Swaths, of the province, are cloaked in thick smoke, it's hard to see through it and you don't want to be breathing this stuff in there, our air quality alerts all over the place all across lower BC, in particular, and where, there are alerts, they tend to be pretty severe, showing, a high, - very high risk to people's health I need, a bath shows us what breathing that air in is doing to the human body. You. Can try to avoid thinking about it but that may be impossible. Everywhere. You go in BC, you're likely hit with something like this I just feel it is very rotational, my. Eyes it's. Small particulate, matter in the air that's causing it but what does that actually mean for the average person your, body sort, of attacks the particles, like it would a bacterium. Or a virus and, and. That leads to a, systemic. Immunological, response. In your whole body and an inflammation. With. Each breath it adds up, it's our lifetime, exposure, to air pollution that, really puts us at risk of developing things. Like heart disease or, asthma. Or, COPD, or, lung, cancers, Henderson. Says even short smoky, episodes, can have wide-ranging, effects, reduce. Birth weight for babies exposed, in the womb being one headaches. And dizziness are, common. The. Occupant, of this Kelowna condo, has been feeling both of those things, she, has breathing, problems, so she's trying to get a flight to leave the province I flying. On standby, which means that I don't get.

To Go on a flight unless there's room and the, problem is that a lot of people want to get out of here right now so flights. Are full. Yesterday. Flights a lot of them were grounded, because, of poor visibility across. BC activities. Are being canceled or changed, to avoid feeling sick from the thick smoke, each parent as they came in we gave him the option of staying, or, going coach, Steve Weston, says the kids stuck to passing, drills because anything else can be strenuous, and, if any a children start to wheeze, or feel uncomfortable we told them to tell. The coach and then step aside as. Well we'll have multiple breaks every 15 20 minutes as, Victoria, / Steen watches, her daughter play her throat feels clogged, but, she's trying to balance fun, for the kids with safety I'm concerned, and try to you. Know not to, do. All the activities, early, in the morning and towards, afternoons stay home all, the while still not knowing too, much about the long-term effects. I need a bath CBC, News Vancouver. Anyone. Hoping to breathe a little easier in the coming days no, such luck that small, particulate, matter, Anita mentioned, could hang in the air for most of the week in some places take, a look at the forecast this, is what it's expected to look like over the next couple days light, wind, means, that, smoke is lingering, between Vancouver Island, and the mainland and it's climbed high enough for the jet stream to push it across the prairies and even, into Ontario, it's, also sticking around over what continues, to be the biggest. Fire in BC, the shovel Lake fire that, one still got a lot of concern folks living nearby waiting, for the order, to leave immediately, if things get worse that's. The story in the village of Fraser Lake and Rafi, Buju Canyon, spent the day there. The. Lafferty's, were not expecting, the first time they took their new puppy out for a spin would be in the middle of this smoke tough. For the boys too. It's. Really hard for the kids because, they're used to being outside playing but. They can't do it for very long because this, one has asthma and. This one has allergies, so. It's, hard we're, in the process of buying a house so, we kind of have to stay close, Fraser. Lake usually, attracts, people, with its beautiful views this, is all there is to see today now, some all the communities North Shore have been forced to leave by firefighters. Brian. Stanga's, family, has just been through a sleepless, night far, from home as fire crews spend, at all the flames he, doesn't, know if it's safe to go back a scrambled. Fire trucks and for. Spotfires our property, is has, a lot of poplar trees deciduous, trees so. The, won't moves fast through our property holy. Heck it's, been that making, emotional Harris I stopped, the, water bombers freezer leaks mayor is optimistic. He says firefighters, just conducted, a very successful, controlled, burn near the village but. He knows it wouldn't take much to change the situation we're. Still on alert so if. We get the orders and then, of course it's gonna get a little bit panicky. I suppose with. Another brutal fire, season, one year after one of BC's worst many are worried, this might become the norm, sherry, laughs Rudy's crossing, her fingers that's not the case like. I said I'm buying a house. So. I hope not British. Columbia's, premier and the Canadian, Minister of Defense are visiting, the region tomorrow, Raffy. Bougie Canyon, CBC, News Fraser. Lake. Let's. Take a look at what else we're working on tonight as the Argento was one of the first to accuse Harvey Weinstein, of rape now, the actor herself, is facing sexual assault allegations we'll, look at what that could mean for the me2 movement, also, the Pope writes to the world's 1 billion Catholics, condemning. Sex abuse by priests, well look at his unusually. Blunt message and how it's resonating within, the church but. First the Prime Minister is standing, by his language, after calling a heckler a racist. Justin. Trudeau is facing questions and, yes attacks, from the opposition tonight, after shutting down the woman who heckled him over, immigration issues but he's making no apology, and as Catherine Cullen tells us that may be yet another sign of how parties plan to use identity, politics, to win your vote ahead, of next year's election. That.

Heckler, May not have known it but she was walking straight, into the fight that could define the next election, she, asks about the money spent on illegal border, crossings, questions. Whether the Prime Minister is tolerant, of old, stock Quebecers, white francophones, whose families, have in the province for generations. He. Tells her there's no place for her racism, here some, observers, question whether he crossed the line by calling someone asking, about tax dollars, a racist. Justin. Trudeau isn't, apologizing. And quickly, pivots to point the finger at his political rivals. In the next election, I will also be very sharp, wherever. We see significant, policy differences, and whenever someone. Is pulling. Up intolerance. And playing fear, as. A. Way, of getting elected, but conservative leader Andrew Shearer isn't, having it tweeting, tonight that, by sweeping, away legitimate. Questions, on his failed border, policy, with vile personal, insults, it is Trudeau himself, who is guilty of polarizing. The debate, no, one has done more to divide Canadians, than he has all this, as Shearer is locked, in a battle of his own over, identity. Politics, several. Conservatives, have denounced, MP Maxime Bernays warnings, about the perils, of too, much diversity. And those, are words Shearer has tried to distance, himself from he's. An individual member of parliament he. Doesn't, speak for the party I think Canadians, know where, we. Seek. Earl says while Bernie's, comments, may please some of the conservative, base that, could cause other problems for the party the Conservatives, have to be able to win in urban. Centres where there are large, numbers. Of voters, who come from diverse. Communities Curl, says it's a tightrope, for politicians, one, that may lead straight, through the next election Catherine. Cullen cbc, news Ottawa. What. Do we know about the woman that Justin Trudeau accuses. Of racism, and intolerance. Diane. Blaine says she was the person who hacked the prime minister about illegal immigrants. She. Also appears, to have attended an anti asylum-seekers. Rally in Laval Quebec just, two days after that, altercation, with Trudeau on social, media Blaine's been a member of groups that are openly, anti, Islam and anti-immigration, we. Don't know if Trudeau, or the RCMP, would have known her background at the time he spoke to her on Facebook. Blame thanks, her supporters, adding Trudeau calls us racist, and that's wrong we, are not racist. Now. To a big change coming this fall from the federal government and it involves, the oversight, of pilots. In this country Transport. Canada regulates. The aviation, industry but, you might be surprised at how little direct, involvement it, has in a key element of air safety overseen. Inspectors, who make sure pilots, are up to the mark and soon, the, department will be even, less involved, Katie Nicholson explains.

And. You're looking and checking of various different things on the exterior of the aircraft, Greg, Holbrook knows what he's looking for when it comes to aviation, safety. He. Doesn't just fly himself he, used to be an inspector, for Transport Canada it's, critically, important, to have. Competent. Pilots, because. They. Are the, final, check and balance, in a system, of checks and balances, after. Decades of getting out of the game of testing, pilots Transport, Canada will pull out of even, overseeing, how those tests, are conducted on-site, major. Airlines, will begin overseeing, their own tests, this fall we're, talking, about the last. Remnant. Of. Independent. Oversight by Transport, Canada. Commercial. Pilots have to undergo regular, testing, to make sure their skills are up to par some. Of these tests, are done by Transport, Canada inspectors. But, most are done by industry, evaluators, who have been certified by the government, they. Work for the airlines Transport. Canada inspectors, keep an eye on them to, make sure the pilot tests, are carried out properly but, starting this fall that responsibility, will fall largely, to the industry, before. It decided to implement the changes the government did a risk assessment, and found it could cause a further erosion, of transport. Canada's, individual. Surveillance, capabilities. But. This industry group says the skies will, remain safe. Safety. Is the most, concern of any airline operator, so we're not going to go on to cut corners there at. All, as. The aviation, industry in Canada has expanded, Transport, Canada has struggled, to keep up and fill vacancies, McKenna. Says in his experience, industry. Hired evaluators, have better credentials, than Transport, Canada, the. People doing this for industry, are. Much. More frequent fliers, and, pilots. Than. Those inspectors. But. How do those, industry, inspectors, compare, to transport, Canada's, own inspectors. Though, the overall failure rates are low transport, Canada's own data shows that when, its inspectors, evaluated. Pilots, they, failed at a higher rate than those who were tested, by evaluators, employed, by Airlines we. Would suggest that, there. Is a strong potential, for a conflict, of interest in that public, safety, is inevitably. Going to be challenged, by, corporate, priorities. KT, stuck around tonight to give us a little more insight into all of this so there's some difference of opinion there certainly, but give us some, more detail about these competency. Tests, what exactly, our inspectors, looking, for how detailed do they get when they're doing them well Rosie these are really, comprehensive. Tests. I mean it takes the the pilot right from the moment they eyeball. The airplane the, flight plan that they have to to, file they're, tested on instrumentation. They're tested, on what, happens if there's a serious, event like the engine, fails midair. These are all the things that they to be able to demonstrate and, if they make one critical. Deviation, during this very elaborate, test they, fail it's game over well, that's sort of reassuring, for passengers, frankly what do we know about how often pilot. Error does play in in part a parking, accidents in this country we tried to get that information from the Transportation, Safety Board which of course investigates. These incidents, but it doesn't track or categorize. How many of these incidents, are caused by pilot error but, we did get an internal, Transport, Canada report, that looked at pilot, training programs and it found that over the last two years pilot. Error is up 200 percent and it warned unless they're serious, change is made Canada, could see a serious, aviation, disaster, in the next five years so these documents. And all the industry people we've been speaking with over the last few days all, seems to point to the fact that changes. Are needed because the system just isn't working right now okay. Katie thanks for that appreciate it all of this comes at a difficult time, for the industry, not only is it getting harder to find inspectors. It's also getting harder to get professionals, in the cockpit. According. To Transport, Canada itself, there are 60, unfilled, aviation, inspector, jobs right now in various, specialties, and that could be a problem giving the growing, demand for their expertise.

It's Estimated that Canada, will need 7,000. To 10,000. New pilots by the year 2025, requiring. More inspectors, to make sure they're up to snuff. Now. To a first from the Pope who has written a letter to all Catholics. Around the world acknowledging. And condemning, sexual, abuse, by priests, his, message comes days, after a scathing report zeroed. In on more than a thousand, identifiable. Kids victims, in Pennsylvania. Over a period of seven decades. In. The letter Pope Francis writes. We, showed no, care, for the little ones we abandoned, them and he says the wounds caused by the church require. Us forcefully. To condemn, these atrocities, and join forces in uprooting. This culture, of death thing. Is he doesn't say how they'll, do that and as Kayla Hansel tells us that is drawing criticism even, from within the Catholic Church. Many. Of the parishioners at st. Mary's Basilica snood Mass the, letter is welcome news, I'm glad the Pope is speaking out and saying that we're not going, to cover up anymore the letter references, the grand jury report in Pennsylvania, that found 301, priests, in the state had sexually, abused minors, over the past 70, years it's, an expression of sorrow it's an expression, of a, failure. It's a recognition, that there, are that. There are issues that, we haven't sufficiently, addressed, in the culture, Halifax. Lawyer john mckean says he has represented more than a thousand, survivors, of childhood sex abuse the, vast majority involving. The Catholic Church he. Says the letter is the strongest, statement yet from the Vatican, but that it lacks what the church is actually going to do they're going to lay a sighs these priests, there's, nothing in there the letters silent, about, what the Vatican is going to do about, bishops, who. Knew about this abuse protected, abusers and move them around from, parish to parish like checkers on a checkerboard, McGuigan, says a wider effort, to reach out to survivors, is one concrete step, that needs to be taken, he, recently filed a proposed class-action, lawsuit, against the diocese, over which Anthony, Mancini presides, I've been here just about. 11. Years and. This. Has been one of the primary, issues, that, I've dealt, with and, continued to deal with during. The whole ministry, that I've exercised, here Mancini. Agrees the Pope's letter today lacks, specifics. When it comes to creating change but, he insists, there is change, happening, on a national level the, Canadian Conference, of Catholic Bishops plans, to launch new guidelines, in the fall to, protect minors. If, someone, has done something that's not correct. Call. The police let them, know and, we'll. Deal with it. As part. Of an effort to rebuild, battered, faith in an ancient institution. The Pope is calling on all Catholics, to be a part of the solution inviting. Them to pray and fast parishioners. At st. Mary's say, they will Kayla, Huntsville CBC News Halifax. On. To some other developing stories we were tracking live tonight on the National including, a new perspective, on, last week's deadly bridge collapse in Italy I've, looked this is surveillance video put out by police just released today showing, what it looked like from below, the moment the bridge fell killing, 43, people and according, to Italian media engineering. Experts had warned, months, before, that cables. Supporting the bridge were weakened, by corrosion, but, nothing was done about it the, official investigation is, still underway into the exact cause, of the collapse. Further. South in the Italian state of Calabria, at least 10 people are dead after a flash flood swept. Through a gorge filled with hikers, authorities, say the water came, in so fast that, people were shot out of the gorge like bullets, in some cases ending, up kilometres, away, 18. People were rescued but a number of others are still missing crews, are looking for them but it's tough slow, work. And. We, are watching for an update tonight on Canadian, IndyCar, driver Robert, Wiccans, after that scary, crash yesterday, in Pennsylvania he, was reportedly, awake, and alert after, the crash but he, was airlifted to hospital and, was expected, to undergo spinal, surgery this evening no, word on how it went just him. Still. Ahead tonight, on the national a leading voice in the meet to movement is facing, her own sexual, assault allegations what. Happens when the accuser, becomes, the accused plus, a long arduous journey, all alone, and underage, you'll see how young migrants in Europe have been fending, for themselves and. A little later in our moment of the day a Drake, fan who flew all the way from England, Toronto. To see Drizzy gets, an unwelcome surprise oh.

You. Know what I thought. This guy's gotta be joking me though y'all, be joking, you're joking you're. Joking, you photo check Google. And. Even, tonight. Sitting. Among you there. Are those who, still have to be held accountable, for, their, conduct, against women actress. Asia Argento has, become a prominent voice of the me2 movement, this year on stage at the Cannes Film Festival the 42, year old was defiant. You know who you are, but. Most importantly. We. Know who you are, and. We're not going to allow you to get away with it any longer, but. Now there are reports Argento. Is facing, allegations of. Her own to Shana Reed now and what that could mean for the movement, she helped lead as. She identified. She was one of the first women to come forward with accusations, against. Harvey Weinstein, now. Asya Argento, is facing, allegations about. Her own conduct, in an, exclusive, report the New York Times says Argento reached a three hundred and eighty thousand. Dollar settlement with, a young actor, named Jimmy Bennett who accused, her of sexual, assault you know there's certainly. A. Leader, in the me2 movement, having something like this in her background, doesn't. Look great for, the me2 movement times journalist, kim Severson, received, an anonymous package with, court documents, that alleged Bennett was 17, when he and Argento had sex in a California, hotel room five years ago she, was 37, the. Legal age for consent, in California. Is 18, one shows he and hacia laying. Back in a bed you. Sort of see it from the waist up and. They're both unclothed. And that was the most controversial. That was the the photo in question Bennett reportedly, sought three and a half million dollars, in damages, from Argento last November, just, one month after she came forward with her own accusations. Against, Harvey Weinstein, prominent. Voices of the me2 movement, are weighing in activist. Harana Burke who started, the hashtag me too responded, to the story on Twitter people. Will use these recent, news stories to try and discredit this movement, don't, let that happen this is what the movement is about Rose. McGowan says, she is heartbroken but, will continue to work on behalf of victims everywhere. Some. Experts say this issue raises, complications. With the movement, this is definitely a challenge for the movement and we'll see whether it rises to the occasion it, had a very simple, message women, are the victims men, have power and now it has to complicate, that this. Sexual, violence, educator, says it's even more complex, given, who the accused, is in this case and this also does have a complicated, conversation that people can also be, simultaneously. Someone who causes harm and is, harms and so we need to have this conversation about what does it look like to support someone but still call them in Argento. Has yet to respond to the allegations to. Shawna Reid CBC, News Toronto I. Had. Tonight on the national, they say the response was overwhelming you'll. See how a group of neighbors came together to. Help with the harvest after, one of their fellow farmers passed, away first. Though they risk everything, in hopes of making it to a new safer, home we follow the dangerous, journey taken, by so many young migrants across Europe. But, three days, working. Just three hours if they just follow, the Rayleigh way. Afternoon. Sometimes said not to color to me Allah comes in here house here no. In. Europe, it is a sadly, familiar story, migrants, fleeing violence. And persecution risking. Everything as they struggle to make their way to a fresh start, it's, a dangerous path with no guarantees. Tough for an adult and even more so for the startling number of kids, under, age and travelling alone last. Year more than 31,000. Unaccompanied. Minors, applied for asylum in the EU that's, 15, percent of all applicants, some, are orphans. Most in their teens all of, them at risk for trouble, along the way now, Italy, is ground zero for many arrivals nearly a third of unaccompanied. Minors went through there last year and in, December, our nella, yet also went there for a closer look at this most vulnerable group, here.

Again Is the story of that dangerous, road. On the, long way to the home of your dreams, what. Is just. One more nightmare. In. A place like this it's, best if you stick together. To. Try briefly, to make yourself, at home, though it's nothing, likely. Not. Lost here is the irony of being stopped, in your tracks right. Underneath, a highway, when, you've traveled, continents. They, come to Ventimiglia, anyway to, catch a train or even walk to, cross one, last border, but, in a place like this there, are no guarantees. Cicely, forever. The Reluctant link, between Africa. And Europe. And. Despite. Extraordinary. Efforts, to stem the arrivals, this year it's still where many Far, Away dreams, land. It. Is both the end of one nightmare and the. Start of another. For. Many the first time away from their, parents, far. And alone. It's. Easy, to spot the sheer determination in. Alexander's. Handiwork, strong-willed. And. Strong headed. You'd, have to be to escape at 14, years old the inevitable, conscription. In authoritarian. Eritrea. Then, survived malaria. And a, desert shootout, to. Make the sea journey. Such. Big words for. Someone so behind. In. Transit, they've all seen much more than any kid ever shed. Some. As young as eight but. Most just ordinary. Teenagers. Each with, an extraordinary story. Possess. A circle do is imagine two, cars even easy pass, game on one page a girl about, dissipation. C'mon c'mon, little battle but. Thank. You very much Italia, Italia Italia, very. Much. Italy. Though for many is just, a transit, point a means, to an end with, its own smugglers, and risks, of exploitation. Even. Death but. It's hard to get from, Sicily, to the border police, will, often, force them back. It. Takes time but there, seems to always be a way. If. They're lucky they start off at a shelter where. It becomes a waiting, game. Still. A vast improvement for. A smile from, Gambia who says he, was sold at least three times while enroute and beaten, repeatedly what's. Your long-term goal, NP job yeah you're. Gonna stay in Italy. Yeah. What. Are you thinking. Cow, is doing. At. This shelter in Palermo. They. Try to teach them skills they, need to survive here. So. They learn Italian, and. A, chance at the most ubiquitous, of, Italian, jobs. They. Keep pizza. Some, do stay and settle, in Italy but, many are determined. To leave to, follow family, or, future. We, met a Safi job near, the Catania, train station. He. Risked the trip from Sudan, to study. Then, work, to, send money home by, the terrible, Yani. Anastacio, tell if I get. Any. His. UNMIK Masood Azhar. He. Admits he's, moved out of a shelter and now, sleeps, on the streets, so, he could leave at a moment's notice.

For, Anyone who lands in Italy looking for a way out, nearly, all roads, lead, to Ventimiglia. Nowhere. Near Rome a. Modest. Town down the coast from the French Riviera just. Seven kilometers, from the bore. Fewer. Are coming, to Italy now but, there is a surge to, Ventimiglia, a Red. Cross camp, set up on the edge of town is full but. Even in its indignity. Under, the bridge is still the staging, ground a waiting, room for, the razor-thin, chances. Of making, it across the border the transit is forward, their families, their, relatives, their friends, that may be in France maybe Holland, maybe in, UK so. This is the way and they. Know it since the beginning. So. By the time they're seeing dr. Alessandro, Viren some, have crossed the country several. Times often, traumatized. Sometimes. Malnourished, or just, exhausted. In the, past up to a third were miners. Ilona. Has been in transit, from Eritrea, for a year, and a half he, was rescued, and sent to our refugee, camp for two weeks but. He was impatient to bring his sick mother over, to Holland, a famous. Aeronautical, to Vienna comes in you house, here. Harmonica. Music okay Tina honey Roma cover, Omaha Omaha. Pursuing. Your eager. Here. They come to one of the hardest parts try. To cross into France on foot on what, they call the paths of death in the mountains the, other path Daniele azita Rosa is a legal, adviser with inter sauce and Italian, NGO so how long is this. Just three hours see they just follow, their anyway. At. The regular crossings, French authorities have, set, up roadblocks. Anyone. Who gets caught is forced. Back to, Ventimiglia. Zita. Rosa explains, their rights and the, risks at least, 16, people died, crossing, this year two of the minors, one, the 17-year, old girl from, Eritrea at least, two more committed, suicide. But. They keep trying. Train. Is the only other realistic. Way in. And. It, doesn't cost much to try. It's. A bit of a game of cat-and-mouse, they. Wait on the platform for, an opportunity, to jump in unnoticed. Just. Seconds, before departure, two. More. Within. Minutes were, across the border. French. Police checked the train carefully, they. Stopped people here that doesn't have documented in, Canada, and they, bring them in the border. Who office, France folder, they take one, person, off the train, it'll be sent back to Italy. Two, guys that we saw they. Stay on the train so they've made it. Since. Our visit is smiler. From Gambia, successfully. Crossed at Ventimiglia. And made, it as far as France. Alexander. Wrote to tell us he, was taken to Holland, and reunited. With family. Everyday, others. Try, and failed, to cross and back, they go under, the bridge a. Border. Between hope and despair. They. And they're reluctant hosts. At. A loss about, what to do this. At, CBC News Ventimiglia, Italy. A. Lot. Has changed politically. Since nellis story first aired last in the last December, Italy's, new government, which took office in June has taken, a harder line it now often refuses, to allow ships with rescued migrants, into its ports and that, crossing, route we showed you is still busy but more asylum, seekers are now focused, on Spain. Up. Next on the national an artist in Ontario, gets a surprise from his past thanks, to the curiosity. And kindness. Of a stranger just. Doing, something nice for somebody else seem like the. Stand-up. Thing to do oh my. That. Is better, than I expected. But. First they've been separated, by decades, of war, and one of the world's most heavily fortified borders, but today, hundreds. Of South Koreans, were reunited, with their North Korean loved, ones. The. Last time this mother laid eyes on her son he was just four years old. Now. She's, 92, and lives in South Korea he's in his 70s, and lives, in the north. There. Are so many families, who were separated, by the Korean, War mostly. Cut off from each other for more than six decades. Over. The years the two countries have arranged, temporary, reunions, like this how, families, are chosen though still, not clear, it's believed North Korea chooses which families, reunite, based, on loyalty to, the regime while South Korea uses, a computerized, lottery, system it's, an imperfect, system, and one, with a long list of applicants, all of whom are getting, older, these. Two are sisters I. Remember. How beautiful, you were says, the 86, year old from the south to, the 89, year old from the north and consider, these siblings in their 70s. She, says we, were separated, when you were two and I was four Wow. What happened to us this. Reunion is expected, to last about three, days and there, will be another set of reunions, at the end of the week. This. Is a very significant, message. That being that's been sent by the city of Montreal to our federal government, tonight. On the National city councilors, in Montreal unanimously. Approved, a motion calling for a nationwide ban. On handguns and, assault weapons, it follows a move last, month you may recall when Toronto City, Council called, on Ottawa to implement a citywide, ban on handguns sales in Toronto, the, federal government has said they're looking, into it as.

We. Continuously. Demonstrate. In our immigration system we listen to Canadians, on what's working and what, can be improved better. Canada's. Immigration, Minister today talking about a change to how immigrants, to Canada can, sponsor their parents, and grandparents. To join them Ottawa. Is scrapping, the lottery system which some, complained, was unfair, and instead, starting, next year will accept sponsorship. Applications, on a first-come, first-served basis, the, government also says it plans to increase, its cap from 17,000. To 20,000. Applications next, year I. Fell. Off the back of the Norwegian, star and. I. Was in the water for 10 hours so. These wonderful, guys rescued. Me, I'm. Guessing is more of an adventure than this British tourists, bargain, for she survived, a night treading, water in the sea after reportedly, as he heard falling, off a cruise ship when, rescuers found her she was exhausted. But in otherwise, good condition, she, reportedly spent the night singing to help take her mind off the cold. And. Some good news the case of Ottawa's, missing, boa constrictor. Has been solved. And in the end search crews did not have to go very far to find it the 1.5, meter long snake known, as Murphy, was reported, missing 10, days ago its, owner said she thought it may have slithered, out the door which made for a few nervous days, in the community but it turns out Murphy, was in the basement all along, it, was reportedly, cold but doing. Fine. It. Was in her basement the, whole week, I didn't sleep, depending. On your perspective thrift. Stores can be jam-packed the trash or treasure but, either way all of those discarded, items likely, have a story like the one about the lost painting, and the aging, veteran and a reunion that has been more than 50 years in the making our Erin Collins, has the details. Phil. Johnston, loves, a deal and from garage sales to thrift shops he's found more than a few I picked, up this crystal bowl for I, think, $10, it's. Super. Heavy and my. Son's trumpet we got a thrift, store as well but, this isn't a story about bargain, hunting or upcycling, and it's a story about art, and fighter, jets and decency. Well, the Canadian content, caught my eye. Here. With the flags. On the plane well Phil found this painting buried in a bin at the back of a thrift shop, it was ten dollars and fifty cents and I wasn't sure if if, I should get it and, Harriet my wife just says just get it bring it home do, some research there so you almost left it behind I did almost leave it once. Home his bargain, hunt turned into a search, for, the artist the, name was nice and clear so, it made it easier to, to. Do some research on so, Phil started, digging eventually, finding and contacting. Ontario, artist Andrew, henwood. In. Sleepy, niagara-on-the-lake, many. Of Andrews, paintings, are on display, this I consider to be my best it's a watercolor, of. My. Shed in the god but, none or like the one Phil uncovered, a snapshot of Andrews, days as a fighter pilot flying. A sea f-104. Starfighter, equipped, with a nuclear, warhead over, Eastern Europe during, the Cold War our training, was. To fly very, low very. Fast. Over. The treetops and. Basically. We were trained. As, if. You like a precursor, to the cruise missile a hand would and his fellow star fighter pilots, were tasked with delivering a nuclear strike in minutes dangerous, work even, during a Cold War the CF 104, was nicknamed, the Widowmaker. 37. Canadian, pilots died flying, the plane without, a shot being fired. When, captain henwood wasn't flying starfighters, he was painting, them i was selling him for 50, 60 bucks apiece unframed. And they. Were going out the door as fast as i was painting him really and, so. I deeply. Regretted all down the years that but I never kept, one for myself back. In Calgary that facts, that Phil Johnston into action, packaging, up his newfound treasure, and sending, it back to its rightful owner, just doing something nice for somebody else seem like the. Stand-up. Thing to do in, Ontario, after, weeks of anticipation, Phil's, package, arrives, oh, my. That. Is better, than I expected for Andrew. It's a reminder of fellow Canadian, pilots who, never came home the losses were the same they. Left widows, and children behind, and I. Saw. Pictures. Of service. And sacrifice. Still. Very much appreciated. Even. By a perfect stranger, Aaron, Collins CBC News Calgary.

That's. A lovely Canadian, story our moment of the day's coming up at first another very Canadian story talk about lending. Your neighbor a hand after a local farmer in Saskatchewan, passed away people they. Should have been droves to help harvest his field. Brian. Williams ended up in hospital just, as the harvest, was starting, his neighbors offered to help but the Williams family said, they didn't need it they'd be fine but when he passed away on Friday they, asked for the help so, the call went out from family friend Jeff Brown hoping to get maybe six or eight combines, to pitch in it's, such a massive, response, they had to turn people away well, we could tell it looked like close to maybe a hundred spectators. That were there just wanted to be there to be a part of showing. Their support for the Williams family Brown, shot this drone video which shows the combines, in formation. To honor and remember the fallen farmer. You. So. Were Toronto, Drake fans they were given less than 24, hours notice that his Monday night concert was postponed, again. This, is the second, time fans have had their tickets changed for his Audrey. In the three amigos tour so, far no explanation. Has been given for why the show was postponed, but some have speculated, that it has to do with his elaborate set, like a flying, Ferrari. And a stage floor that morphs, into a basketball, court, many, disappointed, fans had traveled from out of town for, tonight's concert I've. Came from the other side of the country to go see this concert and, I came all the way from far. Lake in Burien, it, sucks that it's canceled now. Barry. No. One had traveled further or was more disappointed than this Drake fan who came all the way from Birmingham. And he hadn't even heard the concert was postponed until at CBC news cameraman broke the news to him and his reaction, is our, moment. Now. It's been sponsored and to be I'll see him live in the city he's from. Your. Here on vacation making. Your rounds through North, America I imagine and there happened to be a Drake show so you decided that'd be a great opportunity, for you to do, some traveling and catch a great band and then definitely. Would. You meaning them what happened well you know you're here you got excited that you're you. Know. Well, how'd you feel when you knew that like you know you have this awesome trip, with drinking, it down as being cancelled boy speak on sue yep. What. Oh. You. Know what I thought. Let's go he's gotta be joking me though you'll, be joking, you joking, you're joking, do, you photo - giggle now. That you believe me how do you feel I'm. Devastated. No I'm absolutely devastated. Okay. Now to be fair I will, show you where Drake was today. Last, night he performed in Chicago, and today he visited, an, 11 year old who had performed to, his song in. My feelings and she's waiting a heart transplant, so he was up to good things and also to be fair and you, know that I am Drake biased, it's a very complex, setup in the arena it's and there's a lot of confetti, you have to gather it's very difficult, well, but and, in fairness I suppose, that that is at least part, of the issue right because I mean you recall the start of the Toria was slated to kick off in Utah, last month there are a number of delays, then, for presumably, technical, reasons, according to the show staff, I guess we're folks in Toronto there are two more dates to know about tomorrow and Wednesday right we have not heard anything about any. Postponements. Or cancellations, on those fronts but this latest one came pretty suddenly right with less than 24 hours to go so we'll. Have to wait and see that, is the national for this August 20th thanks for joining us connect right. You.

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