The National for August 21, 2018 — Cohen & Manafort, B.C. Wildfires, Aeroplan

The National for August 21, 2018 — Cohen & Manafort, B.C. Wildfires, Aeroplan

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You. Donald. Trump once said he only hires the best people well tonight that appears two of his closest, associates are heading to jail his, longtime lawyer, and fixer, Michael Cohen pleaded, guilty to, eight counts, and implicated. The president, and Trump's. Former campaign, manager Paul, Manafort was found guilty of charges including tax fraud and bank, fraud so, what. Does it mean for the president, for the Russia investigation. We'll, break it down also, tonight. Stunning. Video from inside of DC fire zone why some people are refusing to evacuate, and why soon it may be too late to leave this. Is the National. To. Say it has been a stunning, day for Donald Trump would be an understatement two legal, cases hanging, over the White House ended dramatically. Within moments of each other this afternoon, and they left two men who rose prominently. In Trump's inner circle facing, prison time Paul. Manafort Trump's, one-time campaign, chief has been convicted of eight charges, in his fraud trial the first key, victory for Robert Muller's Russia investigation. And that happened. Just minutes after Trump's longtime, personal lawyer, Michael, Cohen turned, himself in, pleading, guilty on, eight counts including. An admission, that he made a secret payment, to a former adult film actress to keep her quiet, ahead of the last election, and so, tonight, all eyes are on one, man Donald. Trump, Keith Polk now and what today's bombshells, mean for the US president. Arriving. In West Virginia, tonight President Trump, resorted, to the familiar line that he's trotted out since, the indictment of his former campaign manager Paul, Mann of Court last year. In. Any event Matta Ford is now convicted, felon, and seems, headed to prison for a number of years on tax and bank fraud crimes but. On the biggest news said. No. Michael. Cohen Trump's, former lawyer and so-called fixer, is also. As of today a convicted, felon. Cohen. Arrived at a New York Court earlier to plead guilty to, a number of charges involving. Tax evasion, but, also most notably, to two felonies, involving illegal. Campaign, contributions, what. He did was he worked to, pay money to silence two women who, had information that, he believed would be detrimental to, the 2016. Campaign. And, to the candidate, and the campaign, the, candidate, he's talking about is undoubtedly, Donald, Trump and the, money is the hush money paid to former adult film star stormy, Daniels, and to, Playboy model Karen McDougal to keep them from telling their stories, about their affairs with Trump in.

The Case of the Daniels money Trump said months ago that, he didn't pay it and knew nothing about it. But. Cohen told the court candidate, when we know his Trump not, only knew about the payment to Daniel's but directed, him to make it coordinated. The payment and then they'd going back. At. His rally tonight Trump, took comfort in the devotion, of his most loyal supporters, and. Keith. Bogans us, now so Keith take us through what the damage, here is to the president going forward, well. First of all the man afford convictions, are no longer just hypothetical. They're. A reality, and since, that trial was always about putting pressure on mana for it to cooperate, with Robert Muller's investigation. He's now under huge, pressure to, decide whether he's going to flip and cooperate, with the investigation, his, lawyer, left the courtroom today pointedly, saying that. Mana fort will now consider all, his. Options right, but the the impact of the Cohen guilty pleas seems for the moment perhaps more serious for Donald Trump yeah, Michael Cohen has clearly implicated. The president, in serious, crimes to, knowing. And deliberate, campaign, finance, violations and. Attempts, to cover them up the, recent Trump wasn't named seems to be that he wasn't charged, and the reason he wasn't charged is because he, is the president, and the Justice Department policy, is that, a sitting president can't, be indicted but, the political price could, still be enormous. Keith. Pogue in Washington, thanks very much thank. You, with. Those remarkable, developments, today Cohen, and mana Ford join a growing list of people tied to Trump. Who are in legal, trouble three. Have already pleaded guilty to, crimes former, national security adviser Michael, Flynn admitted, he lied to the FBI, Rick, Gates Trump's, former, deputy, campaign manager pleaded. Guilty to, conspiracy against. The US and George. Papadopolis. Described, as a low-level Trump, advisor made, false, statements to, the FBI about his contacts. With Russians, during the campaign, then, there's Michael, Cohen today, and, Paul. Man affords case does stand out because he was found guilty he didn't admit guilt it's, also worth pointing out there's no hard, evidence that Donald Trump himself committed. A crime but the, whirlwind, of legal proceedings is closer to the president, now than ever before. Now. Let's bring in Seth Waxman a former US federal prosecutor, he's in Washington tonight so. Let's begin, with those payments, I mean Cohen's lawyer said if those, payments, were a crime for Michael Cohen then why wouldn't they be a crime for Donald Trump what are your thoughts on that yeah. I mean they very well could be under, the law in the United States there's something called a co-conspirator. And that's what's alleged in these. Pleadings. And court. Documents that were filed mr. Cohen obviously pleading guilty to, the events and identifying. Candidate, a, obviously. Mr. Trump and you, know tit for tat would apply and, he could be he the president, could be also criminally, liable under. These circumstances and. As I've been tracking the conversation, around this. Outcome I mean you tweeted, that this was a defining. Moment for the investigation, and maybe they even the country's history why. Is that, well. You have two key players of this investigation one mr. Cohen having pled guilty and, mr., manna for having been found guilty and if one or both of those individuals, end up, cooperating. With law enforcement when mr. Muller and the rest of the investigation those. Could be breakthrough, moments, for the Moller investigation, as a whole for, example giving, someone on the inside of that infamous Trump Tower meeting, in June. Of 2016. That can be incredibly, valuable evidence, and could, put the mauler investigation, on the doorstep, to the President of the United States right. So walk me through the next step of steps I mean what what happens now well. There's a lot of X factors, here in the States right now I mean one of the things that's never come up is a sitting, president pardoning. People that have information potentially against, him if that, were to occur you'd have a whole road we'd, go down of whether that could be considered obstruction of justice but, the main thing that we're going to be looking for is to see, whether mr..

Cohen Or, mr. mana Ford end up cooperating. If that happens like I said that's a big moment you'd, expect. That the DC, trial against, mr.. Manta fort would go away and you we, may or may not learn, a lot about what mr. Cohen's doing behind closed doors but it's clearly a. Defining. Moment in this investigation. Seth. Waxman good, to get your insights thanks for this thank. You. And, today we heard from a woman who is also one, of trumps trusted, few until, she was fired as a White House adviser Omarosa, Manigault, Newman told NBC's, hardball, she thinks were witnessing, a tipping, point I will. Say that today changed, everything this is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump why, because. He knows that the person who knows everything about him about, his relationships. With these women and others, that people may not know about are. Gonna come the light, the. Former reality TV, star also released phone video of Michael Cohen boarding, Trump's, campaign, plane in September, 2016, she, says it proves, Cohen, was part of that campaign despite, his denials. Okay. Let's take a look at what else we're working on tonight on the national they lost their son in the humbled bus crash now they're facing a trying harvest, and a difficult decision, about the future of their farm also. Air Canada, and Aeroplan, are together again is it all good news for the millions, of points collectors, out there but. First as the wildfires, continue to, burn in, British Columbia the premier, is making, an urgent, appeal. Those. Who choose to ignore, evacuation. Orders put themselves at risk they put firefighters at risk they put their communities at risk, John. Horgan toward the central interior, fire zone today and if there was one word to describe the, situation there, it might be volatile. It's, bone-dry there, meaning things, could go from bad to worse, in a flash and some people living in the thick of it still won't leave, burns. Lake is west, of Prince George and that huge shovel, Lake wildfire.

And The region, is surrounded. By three, more voracious fires. That are burning out of control so, who, would stay put despite, that looming, threat Anita. Bath shows, us. Pushing. Through the flames, there's, my escort, there. Cutting trees off. Each. Night four to five trucks, drive these routes the, maps are being updated regularly, enough, sometimes. It's too smokey for the helicopters, to get actual, lines on it so. We. Wanted to get up and see exactly where the fire was in terms of how. Close it was to our farm for, some farmers in and around Burns Lake it's worth the risk, they're defying evacuation. Orders in an effort to protect their, cattle and community, we've, grown, up around here we know escape routes none, of these guys are being idiots devoted. Crews. Are facing extreme. Dryness the wood around the Nadine alaik and Verdun fires has, less moisture, than lumber, you'd buy at a hardware store. Last. Night at a meeting officials warned. Those who don't take the last chance to leave may, lose the opportunity. But. Some people who have lost trust in the authorities, say, the Wildfire service, isn't doing enough to protect, them that. Nobody wants to believe what. They're hearing now and it might be a really valuable piece of information, but. Now we're just going do I believe this guy I don't know but. Everyone's staying behind says, they're doing their part Johansson's. Resort is housing and feeding firefighters. Others. Are helping to fight the flames don't. Want to see anybody's, anybody. In the communities house is burning down so, we're, doing everything we can to save. Our community a dangerous. Gamble to try to protect, their livelihood I, need, a bath, CBC News Vancouver. There. Are more than, 450. Fires burning, in BC right now all of them producing, a massive, amount of smoke this. Is what it looked like in Vancouver, for much of the day and keep in mind this is normally, a clear, shot of the harbor and the mountains, no, surprise health officials say the air quality here is bad, they're telling people to stay, cool stay hydrated. And if the smokes bothering, them stay inside, so, we, headed down to Vancouver's False Creek and asked people there how, they're coping I went. A bike, with a friend this morning and she texted me at 6:00 and said the index is 8 and I can't, bike so we ended up going to the indoor gym you know that's, kind of what people are doing I think we're staying in I felt a little nauseous a little bit being, outside all the time just doesn't, smell as good a little headaches I think I've only gone to the beach maybe five times this year which is kind of disappointing, we're from the interior and we came down this is way better at home. Particularly, with a thick smoke it certainly changed. What we did there just. Before we came down it was a case of do. What you need to do very quickly and then come back inside. So. Locals, are getting smoked out but as you just heard they're so - our folks from out of province and the bottom line here may be that there is a real cost to, the smoke even, if you never breathed the stuff in as, Carolyn Dunn explains tourism, has taken a hit. The. Chow is on at a campground, about an hour west of Calgary Kris, cush and Amanda John's canceled, a camping trip to BC, with family, and friends cush, says the smoke made it just too risky to bring 18 month old Casper, and his brother 10 year old rider just, breathing. A, little. Bit a little, bit too much too much smoke, the. Mountains should be fresh air not where. You can't see on. Heavy, smoke days in Squamish the sea to sky gondola, ridership drops, by about 50% 80%. Of, the experiences. Is the view, and, when you don't have that view people, you know people may feel like they're not you. Know that they don't want to necessarily make, the commitment to come up when we have, Proctor's like smoke coming through we, get concerned, about the effect on the economy and more importantly the effect on our, visitors experience here plenty of tourists, are taking their road trips at least partially. Indoors, opting. For winery, tours and wine tasting, over mountain climbing, you flip the coin right you, know you book your vacations, here and there you. Guys take, what Mother Nature gives you carry, on these wine tour operators, are feeling a slight pinch - they've, lost about 8 percent of their bookings I really. Hoping that next year this does not happen but if it is a new normal we're in for, some. Bad periods. Perhaps, a glass of Okanagan. Wine or two would have helped ease the frustration, of those waiting, to go kite boarding, near Squamish, so every, year come out visit my brother and try to get some kiting in some biking in, this.

Year It's a bit challenging, the smoke has kind of killed. A little bit of the wind for us and not. Super, keen to go out for a big bike ride either with a smoke they may want to consider one of those indoor, activities, tomorrow the. Heavy smoke is expected, to stick around for at least another, day, Carolyn. Dunn CBC, News Calgary. Now. To an update in the humble bus crash story the case against, the truck driver accused, in that bus crash moved slowly, forward today, a Calgary, man faces 29, charges, of dangerous, operation, of a motor vehicle related. To the 16, people killed and 13. Who were injured, in that tragic, collision last April his, next court appearance is now set for October. For. One grieving family though there is a much more immediate, concern, and with it more, searing, reminders, their son is never coming home it's. Harvest time on The Herald family, farm and as Olivia Stefanovic, shows us the work is harder, than it's ever been. Just. Like every other year Russell, and raylene Harold need to bring in the crop on their family farm. It's, the time of year that you, should. Look forward to harvest that's your it's, the. Harvesting. The fruit of your labor but, it's just empty first. I would say this year. Empty. Without their son Adam he, would have been driving that truck or he'd have been cutting that crop or it's, just constant, reminder, all day every, day that. You. Know he. Was there he did, this that's, that's that's, his thing or they know it's there's, just a 24/7. You just reminded, of him and, at this time of year he would have been still at home, helping. Us, adam, was killed in april when a bus carrying, the humble broncos collided. With a loaded, semi-trailer. He, was the youngest victim, just, 16, and a newcomer to the Broncos, Adam. Was only called up to the junior hockey team to, help their playoff run after. His triple-a season, ended in Regina his. Parents, expected, he would go on to a successful hockey. Career but. Their hope was he then returned, to take over the family farm and a. Future changed for. The, future change you know hugely for us because now you look at you, know what. Is the succession on your farm you, know what what what what, happens on your farm going forward. Those. Decisions, will be made in time right. Now Russell, and raylene work 18, hours a day, neighbors. Have come by to help but, at this time of year everyone. Is busy on their own farm, and harvesting. 3,500. Acres is no, easy feat without Adam he loved the farm and he'd want it to get done, you. Look at a picture of him and you just push through for this year. Somehow. Get it done this year, they. Say they carry on to honor their son Olivia. Stefanovic, CBC, News momart. Saskatchewan. Lots. Of other stories we are tracking tonight including, the latest on a high-rise, fire, in Toronto, that's put more than a thousand, people out of their homes there. Has been significant, damage to a number of the systems within the building there is no lights there are no fire protection, systems, there is no elevator service.

Toronto's. Fire chief on the damage caused by a six-alarm. Fire today. At an apartment building in the city's downtown no. One was seriously injured but authorities say it could be days before anyone. Who lives there can go back home, Toronto's. Mayor is pleading, with hotels, Airbnb. Hosts, and others to come forward, to help the, nearly 1500, people displaced. Some. Frightening moments inside, of Venezuela, supermarket. Today as the country, was hit by a powerful. 7.3. Magnitude earthquake. It, happened on the northeastern, coast the USGS says it was the largest quake, to hit Venezuela. Since, 1900. And there are reports it was felt as far away, as Colombia's. Capital, Bogota but, it appears the damage was limited and there are no reports of serious injuries but we are watching for more details. And. A leader of the me2 movement, is trying, to clear her name in, a statement Asia Argento denied. Allegations in. A New York Times story that, she sexually, assaulted. Actor Jimmy Bennett when he was 17, and she was 37 she, says she, never had any sexual relationship, with him and on, the report that she paid Bennett, three hundred eighty thousand, dollars to keep quiet Argento, said he was in financial trouble at, the time and her then-boyfriend the late Anthony Bourdain decided. To pay him to help him out and. We, do have a lot more ahead tonight starting, with the big question, being asked by millions, of Aeroplan members tonight what, will a new deal with air canada mean, for their points, also. Fran, Lebowitz sits down with Adrian, and opens up about Donald, Trump the me2 movement and what, still surprises. Her and you'll, hear from the Canadian boys keeping, cool under pressure at, the Little League World Series. How, much it before tomorrow is just playing baseball having. Fun with my teammates, and it's trying our best. They. Were on than, off now. A year later it looks like Air Canada and Aeroplan are on again, the airline is making a move to buy back, the loyalty program to. Make it happen its partnering, with Visa Canada, and two Canadian, banks TD and CIBC, the. Price tag. 450. Million dollars cash, which is nearly, double, what it had initially, put on the table just last month the, consortium will also, be on the hook for about 1.9. Billion, dollars, worth of Aeroplan, points, that customers, have yet to use so. What, seems clear, is that all those points travelers have collected won't just vanish into thin air but that doesn't. Mean their value, won't change, Salima, ship G takes a look at how all this might play out. We. Need to just get this booked like we got to make a decision words. Of worry as Ruth Blakeley felt the clock ticking down on her Aeroplan, points, I had, tremendous. Fear. That this big, whack of Aeroplan, points, that we've been saving and saving and saving for a fabulous, trip we're, gonna be worth next to nothing a, trip, to Italy was booked the flight paid for on points, but it turns out she could have saved herself the worry. Those. Reward, points won't disappear after all under, today's tentative, deal the Aeroplan, loyalty, program will go back into the Air Canada fold in house for, a hefty price tag still. It makes sense for the airline says this expert, I think they, recognize that aeroplane, has got 5 million members that's, a key part of it about analytics. Behind the spender those 5 million people with. Aeroplanes already set up on so many credit, cards it's easier for the airline to snap up the whole rewards, program, instead, of building a new one from scratch great. News for frequent, fliers but not so much for the average traveler, they could lose out on choice since, deals arrow plans parent, company had already made to, use points on smaller, airlines, may, now fell through the new arrow plan program was looking to be really flexible for a lot of them and, now we're just going to be kinda in the same boat we are today and that's the lack.

Of Availability, during high periods, of flying. You know lot of connecting place another. Potential, downside, you could be getting less for your points, in the future they. Want to recoup some of these money that they're paying out for Aeroplan plus, the liability, of 1.9, billion that they're taking on so, I would, foresee, a potential, raise, in Redemption rates for flights whether. That happens, or not this traveler already, has a plan well I think we used up all of our points as soon. As we can just to, be cautious, to. Asia this time as she breathes the sigh of relief her points, will last longer than, expected, Salima. Chef G CBC News Toronto. Up. Next on the national Starbucks, Facebook, Loblaws some, of the biggest brands in this country, have at one time or another been forced, to apologize. And do it quickly we'll. Look at the high stakes, of high speed corporate, apologies, I want. To begin by often, personal, apology. That was a big mistake, and it, was my mistake and I'm sorry they, have to say sorry before they're ready to say sorry before. They have all the facts. Tonight. On the national Andrew Shearer is heading to India the federal conservative leader tweeted, today he'll be there in October to repair damage, caused by Justin, Trudeau's quote, disastrous. Trip to the country you, might remember during that trip last February, a man convicted of attempted murder, made it onto a guest list for a reception, with the prime minister and. Trudeau was also criticized for wearing traditional Indian dress while touring the country. Also. A ruling, in favor of convicted, spy Jeffrey, de lisle after, serving less than seven years of his 20-year, sentence, today he was granted day parole the former Canadian, naval officer was sent to prison in 2013. For selling secrets to Russia a parole. Board decided. Today though des lilas crimes were serious, there's little chance he'll ever riaf end he'll. Be released on day parole next month. We. Do have an update on the condition of Canadian, IndyCar, driver Robert, Wiccans, after Sunday's violent, crash in Pennsylvania.

After, Undergoing, surgery last, night he now has titanium, rods, and screws in, his spine to, help stabilize a fracture, we're, hearing he, is in stable condition but, he'll, need more surgery to treat breaks in his arm and lower body. And. Reigning. World Figure Skating champion. And Osman says she is taking, some time away from the ice the 22, year old from Newfoundland revealed today that she, won't be competing at all this season Osman. Says she wants wanted to take, a break to think about what's next and to spend more time with friends and family. Okay. It is a running joke that Canadians, are known for saying sorry for even the mildest offense but when mistakes are made at major corporations. There's no kidding around a lot rides on official. Apologies, and if a company messes, that up it, can dig itself into a very deep hole Diane, Buckner pulls back the curtain on the challenge, of getting every. Word right. We. Didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility, and that was, a big mistake and it. Was my mistake and I'm sorry abusing. Consumers, trust. Abusing. Consumers, themselves. Cheating. On something, as basic as the price of bread. Lately. Corporations, have a lot to be sorry for I want to begin by a personal. Apology, to the. Two gentlemen, who were arrested in our store things, have always gone, wrong. But in the past no one would know about them, you come home you tell your partner your kids you go back to work after lunch and you, tell, your coworkers. But now we've. Got a way to record, it and, crucially. We've got a way to distribute. It, Jamie, Watt runs navigator, a crisis, management firm that companies hire when they're in hot water, he says smartphones, social, media and the speed at which videos, go viral has, changed, everything, for, corporations, they, have to say sorry before they're ready to say sorry before. They have all the facts before they've done all the analytics, before, they've assessed it the way they would normally assess, a situation, there's. No time for that anymore they've, got to go out and say sorry or right away that. Rushed, approach, can present, risks, but so does taking too long to apologize. He's a good boy Karen, Lawson a port Carling Ontario told West Jack she was not happy it took a month for the airline to say it was sorry you, made, a big, mistake here, and it took you in. My opinion, too long to come back with an apology, the mistake after, Hurricane Emma last fall when other airlines resumed, flying to Turks and Caicos, WestJet didn't, it told passengers the local airport was closed, so, then Lawson. Runs the business there and knew that wasn't true in, the last three weeks I've personally flown in and out on American Airlines and JetBlue only. After, CBC, reported, on the false information did. WestJet, admit it canceled, the flights for business, reasons, the airline blamed the situation, on an internal.

Miscommunication. I don't, think I buy that and. It. Came too late so. How bad was this thing that came, out this morning Jamie watt says this is an example of another type of, corporate, mistake, if, business is playing a game where they're only giving remedy, they're only fixing, things they're only making things right because the media gets after them and CBC. Gets action, or the Toronto Star gets action, then you know what's coming next government. Regulation, and if, that if that happens, they've got no one to blame but themselves. Sure. Enough the, government has ordered an inquiry, into, Bell Canada's, sales tactics, after a CBC, marketplace, hidden-camera, investigation. No. Bail can't, promise it will never raise prices but, some consumers, fell for it the, outside sales trainers were fired and a prompt, apology, was issued the. Entire industry is in the spotlight and faces, a public, hearing into its sales practices in, October. Most. Important, though companies, need to show they've learned from their misdeeds we. Have made a lot of mistakes in running the company but I'm committed to getting this right it, seems Mark Zuckerberg cEPAL, adji in April, wasn't enough to maintain the appeal, of joining, Facebook public. Filings, show new users, are not signing, up the way they used to a fact, that contributed, to Facebook, stock losing, a hundred and twenty billion dollars, in value in just one day last month the, company still has more to do to win back trust the, test isn't really that hard what, would you expect your neighbor to do if. They if their kid put their softball through your front window right let's pologize, pay, you back for a new, window and make sure the kid played baseball, in the backyard after. The. Lesson four business leaders apologized. Quickly, sincerely. Honestly. Or pay. The price, Diane, Buckner CBC News Toronto. And. Ahead tonight on the national, a sit-down interview with Fran, Lebowitz, she has seen, a lot talked, a lot but she admits the world still, manages, to surprise her I was. Shocked, by, what's, happened like with his media movement as I was by the Trump election because, it never occurred, to me a change. But. First we told you last night the Drake canceled, his hometown concert, in Toronto for the second time this year organizers said, it was due to circumstances, beyond. Their control which, had, to have been a pretty frustrating turn of events for the thousands, of diehard fans who had their hearts set on a big night but we, now know what. Drake was up to. It. Was a surprise, Sophia, Sanchez in, her Chicago, hospital, room meeting. The man himself Sophia, is 11 years old diagnosed, with cardiomyopathy a. Condition, that often leads to heart failure and a need for a heart a transplant, in order to survive. She. Also loves. Drake. This was her version of the Kiki challenge, last week. They. Got her right out of her wheelchair she, even asked Drake to visit her for her birthday and. The man who got her moving was, moved enough himself to, do just, that. The. Concert, so I could come and see to be honest with you. Now. Canceling. The show with literally, just hours to go had, a lot of Toronto, fans pretty, ticked off after, all they'd made plans, and paid good money he's. Been to show up in his hometown and he's let his people down so I've. Came from, the other side of the country to go see this concert and then your Tommy has canceled but. Sofia couldn't. Have been happier um. You know thank. You so much for coming saying it means, a lot for you to come and cheer me up thank, you so much and talk, to you on Facebook. Donald. Trump has certainly been a boon for one industry, the people who make a living by talking, about the news and few, do it quite like Fran Lebowitz, she made a name for herself with her dry, and cutting, style these, days, her acid, tongue is trained on Trump, and other. Game, changes, of our time now. Back in April Leibowitz was booked for some very popular speaking, engagements, in Toronto so Adrienne, decided to reach out for a one-on-one chat, months. Later it is still relevant, and quite frankly highly. Entertaining so let's take another look. Fran. Lebowitz hit the spotlight, in the 70s, when Andy, Warhol, made her a columnist, for his magazine interview. Her, first two collections of essays put, her on the cultural, map but a serious, case of writer's block turned. Leibovitz into, a talker there's always something to complain about making. Her famous for. Her opinions, what's, your idea of people who run around and get exercise I really don't think that the average law-abiding.

Citizens Should be confronted by a herd of overweight. Adults wearing lime green suits. She, made a career, of offering, up controversial. Social. Commentary, one of the differences between children adults and children don't get something they ask when, adults don't get something they become Republicans there's nothing, about him these days Leibowitz is just as acidic, when it comes to president Trump sometimes, I sit on the subway I think, to myself when the doors open whoever, comes in the store first it's gonna be better but would be a better president Donald Trump or the me2 movement, do I think that you know men are would, prefer this wasn't happening yes, I do I met. Up with her in the only place, on earth she. Says she would ever live New, York City to talk about the state of well. Just about anything. I, guess. My first question is, is the, most basic one you know how are you what's, rattling around in your head today, you. Know this is I'm sure everyone says this to you. Oh. We. Think about is Donald Trump why does it preoccupy, use because it's so as horrible, like, it's, less horrible for you but if you're an American, you know you can't you just you can't believe it you. Know I mean you just can't believe it it's not like I didn't live through other terrible, presidents. It's. Totally, preoccupying, and it changes second-by-second, well. It does I mean we're in a moment now where that where one of the conversations is, just maybe, North, and South Korea, will, decide to call the whole thing off, and and make, nice and he'll, be on his way to collect a Nobel Peace Prize this, is not something I believe by the way all. Right I I don't believe any of this you know I bid. No, one is easier to play than Donald, Trump no, one that, there are newborn, babies, who. Are more savvy than Donald Trump I mean, I don't believe it let me put it that way I hear. You what you're saying about him, being played but yet, he's in the White House and I and I I've. Heard you talk before about not seeing, that coming, is that is that true Oh a, hundred. Percent, and believe, me I mean I always, felt before the election, that. In. A profound way my profession, was being right all. The time, I believed myself to be right all the time and people. Have always said to me you're the only person I know who in the middle of an argument just goes you're wrong you, know because I've always felt this tremendous, confidence. In how right I am yet, I spent, the, entire year before, the election going.

All Around the country telling, thousands. Of people talk, worry there's. Zero, chance he, could play and I, absolutely, of course I believe that zero, chance so how do you rationalize that, as you say I mean you spent, a career being right and you were wrong really, wrong. Here's. The thing it's not that I didn't know well first of all that, one thing everyone seems, to disregard. You. Know there is Russia to contend with here which I certainly didn't know about all right. You know that I mean, I don't know if I'm gonna find out exactly you, know but it certainly had a real, effect on the election so I didn't know about that I, knew. There were a lot of stupid people in the country I've lived here my whole life you. Know I, didn't, realize there were that many I. Also, you, know I watched, the, those campaign. Whatever, he was in those rallies. You know and you, know why, is there all that emotion, at those rallies, and that motion is, apparently. The sheer, happiness. In being able to express your bigotry which you've had it kind of kept you know keep under cover the less know forty years in this country so and is this a bit of a preview of, what. It would be like in Toronto because I'm so curious for. You to go there I mean it. Was scheduled for one night sold, out so, now there's another night what do you think they want from you truthfully. No matter where I go even Australia, you, know since Trump it's like it's, like 90%, of what people don't talk about any. Thoughts for Prime Minister Trudeau for. Or about him. Well. I, remember. His mother around town quite a bitch and so because, she was around New York all the time you know in her younger days, she was just 354, you know she was I believe she's older than me but not enough older for me not to remember her being around. You. Know there is not a leader. In the, West who. We would who I would rather happen so, ask me would I rather have Justin Trudeau president yes I read, that market Trudeau president, even. The old Morgan, Trudeau. Said. You know why is that because, we have Donald's, from was. I mean it can't just be anyone, other than Donald Trump, yes, it could be practically, I mean. It, practically, could be. This. Past Friday American, high school students protested. Against, gun violence it was the 19th anniversary of, the, Columbine school shooting, and comes, in the shadow of parkland, - Fran. Lebowitz seems to commend, the attempt to change but, there's doubt there when. You talk about young people were that we're, in a moment though where, young. People are grabbing. Old of the agenda think about those kids from. Florida, from that school I think is great but, first of all those kids from Florida you, know I. It's, my fondest desire that, this succeeds it will not why, not because. We have got nuts in this country, that, are it. Is, so shocking their, love of the gun it, isn't, what they say it is you know the with, the Second Amendment you know they, love, these guns but, isn't it possible that, this is generation, change that that these kids have decided you. Know the usual, route to X maybe all the way like this but no we're going this way and do what and. Do. What I mean the ones that are old enough to vote they can vote Florida. Has. Some. Of the worst gun laws in the country the. Worse. Than Texas, okay. So, they, live in a state where, the, majority, of adults who voted voted for. People who, want. These flaws so, what would you say to these kids I would say it's great what they're doing and I hope they succeed okay. But if you're asking me if I think they're going to succeed. Not. This group I know, or, I suspect, it doesn't much matter to, you how people compare, you or characterize. You because you're your own woman but it, is interesting to me you know Wikipedia made. Reference to you a sort of a modern Dorothy Parker my mom says. No no that's not true, Fran Lebowitz.

Is A thinker, who talks and I'm, wondering which, one is is closer, well. Both, flattered me I'm, certain, the Arthur Parker also thought you, know I, mean, she was in a different world, obviously, there. Are very few women to compare women to you, know and especially when I was young there more now some, people are now compared to me so. Comparisons. Are not very, often that, accurate. But. You know I'm happy to be compared to Dorothy Parker, hard. To talk with women and not talk about what it's been like to be a woman to battle on before, the me to movement, to be publicly, persistently. Objectified. And worse so. We pulled the clip of Leibowitz on CBC, back in 1978. We're a chat about her success became. A tease about, men and babies. Already, to, fill my leisure hours if. I had them what happens if you fall in love and settle. Down and find something you want to do like having children or stuff I terribly. Unlikely I'm not considering that as a possibility. But. Is it likely to happen to her mister mister of course maybe later, this evening. So. You're. A good, sport you had a good laugh at that but I look at this for through a lens of 2018, now and I just. Think. This, was the world in. My opinion until, like two and a half months ago I mean, this has been a little less like a year or so of total, shocks I, was. As shocked by, what's, happened like with his me to a movement as I was by the Trump election because. It never occurred, to me it would change they. Never occurred to me to change because truthfully but, I mean there's been some changes, but basically, the, way you know the world was for women was the same sense you, know Eva. Until. Two months ago and then in two seconds, it, changed is, this going to make a difference, is the me to movement actually going. To make a difference absolutely it's already made a difference if you're asking me is it gonna make. Things equal. Really, no I'm, curious I sort of watch what's happening in in the media and film and publishing in sports but what. About the women who are working in insurance companies, and in small towns or, working, for construction. Companies yeah, the problem is here's the thing the, men that got caught in New York like Harvey and Charlie Rose and good like that these, are men who are very powerful they, didn't just have power over women, they power over other men okay. But, most men in the world have, no power you know other than the power they have over women, that, is all the power they have but, by women I mean their own wife their own girlfriend, these are the women that people should pay attention to you know these are the women who really are imperiled all the time do you think that. We are also maybe in an era of a backslide, in human rights I'm talking gay rights and abortion. Rights too I mean, that is much more important in my opinion by the way because. Abortion, rights really, are women's. Rights I don't. Know what is, living in the pipes behind us here but it's gonna get out whatever, they do I guess. My last question is is I I don't. Is. That really steam or. No. No this is steam and this is if you have an apartment that is just kind of eat you can't wait to hear this because it means the heats coming. So. To me this is a lovely sound, you're. A good support thank you very much. Really. Curious to know what that last question was gonna be okay, up next on the National we will take you to the Little League World Series, for a lesson in sportsmanship.

From The Canadians getting ready for a tough match tomorrow, we. Get it from our coaches, or coach so it suggests to be good people gotta be respect the other guy across the field from the end you know he's doing the same thing and and you. Got to respect that. That's. The beautiful thing about living the village is that everyone comes together on days like a scarecrow festival, and just forget. My. Game face, we need a plan of action because we sure can't. Call the police. Johnny's. Back still, standing return September 18th on CBC, oh my mom. Team. Canada is, on a roll at the Little League World Series they've pulled out two very exciting wins, but, it's the team's attitude on, the field that has a lot of people taking notice they're. Respectful. Sportsmen. Like Canada's. Pitcher even tipped his cap to a Spanish player when he hit a home run now, the, team was supposed to play Puerto Rico today but the game was rained out still, the delay hasn't, dampened, their spirits and that is our, moment of the day. Trying. Our best we, come down here of course we want to win and we want to compete and do whatever we can to win but, at the same time you know they're. Playing a game oh we, get it from our coaches, or coach so it suggests to be good people working, hard and playing hard but, you know he's got to be respect the other guy across the field from the end you know he's doing the same thing and and you. Got to respect that honestly it's all about the parents. Reaping. And. Team a few, minutes we've, had the whole day off not doing much. The. Boys are antsy they want to start playing there, they're. Ready to go. Well. Good for them and so, big, game ahead, for them although every game is kind of a big game because if they've already lost one so if they lose another game they're, out of the tournament so here's the hoping that they either. Play. Their hearts out tomorrow or enjoy. Another day, off due, to rain that's. The national for this August, 21st, thanks for joining us good night. You.

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