The National for Dec.1, 2019 — Severe weather, Chornobyl tourism

The National for Dec.1, 2019 — Severe weather, Chornobyl tourism

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Tonight. Treacherous, conditions as, a blast of winter slammed southern, Ontario a, massive. Pile of deadly, accidents, and that storm is not done yet. Mourning. The victims of, the London attack and one, of the men who fought back speaks. Out. The. Premier's, plan their wish list but can they all get on the same page. Everything's. Starting to work again and Ryan's, remarkable. Progress how Thailand paid tribute, to the humble Krakow this, is the Nash. Millions. Of people living in southern Ontario are, being warned, to stay home and off the roads because of a, winter storm bringing, you know at a dangerous, mix of ice wind, and snow tonight, it has turned deadly, the. Storm led to a massive pileup near Kingston virtually. Shutting down part, of Canada's, busiest Highway, and it caused major delays at Toronto's, airports, there, is similar, chaos, south of the border in the US two separate, weather systems, one, on each side of the country left, 50, million people under some kind of winter storm advisory causing. Serious trouble, for travelers, at the end of their Thanksgiving weekend, but, we begin our coverage here, in Toronto, tonight with, Shannon Martin. This. Stretch of the 401, brought to a standstill, after. A terrifying, 30, to 40 vehicle, pileup the highway snow packed with whiteout conditions. As many, as 30 people were sent to hospital, so far one person, is confirmed dead we. Don't know the exact cause does it yeah that's gonna be the part of the investigation, we do have our traffic, listen investigators, there's two gonna be here for a period of time to do the technical part of the reconstruction. An investigation. The, day started, deadly, a 24. Year old woman from st. Catharines was killed early, this morning. That's, her crumpled, SUV. After colliding, with a semi trailer as fast, as we clear them more, seem to be coming in the, freezing rain/drizzle ice pellets whatever. It is that's coming down it's certainly making it treacherous, on the roads, hours. Of on and off freezing. Rain than snow then. Back to rain again turned, roads into, skating rinks coated. Windshields, and weighed down tree, branches, you, can see those how, much ice is on there and that is seriously. Heavy looking, at about 5 to 7 millimeters, of accretion on this tree winds. Whipped, beyond 70, kilometres an hour it's, harsh, and it hurts your face leaving. Thousands, without power. Winters. First big blast in these parts prompting, a rare sight at, the downtown airport, planes. Sitting, parked, over. At Pearson, International nearly. 20%, of, all departures were canceled, many, more delayed. And. It's. Not over yet, the nightmare, mix of freezing rain and snow, is expected overnight. And through tomorrow looking. At this storm in the forecasting, it probably, will be an all-hands-on-deck, event. At, the ready 10,000. Tons of salt and 1,100. Pieces of snow clearing, equipment and from, police a request, slowed, down and plan, ahead if you're setting your alarm give. Yourself some extra time tomorrow. Morning you may need it. That. Same winter storm is expected to make its way east tomorrow and stick around into, Wednesday, special, weather advisories, are already, in effect for much of Atlantic, Canada and parts of the US are, dealing, with their own weather mess. Sleeve.

Tomorrow. At 9:00 a.m. about. The storms coming tonight. Two. Other storms, led to hundreds, of canceled, flights and thousands, of delays on what's, one of the busiest, travel days of the year after, the Thanksgiving break and the bad weather is expected, to stretch into Tuesday. To. The UK now and the aftermath of Friday's, deadly, attack we know now the names, of both people, killed, they. Were young passionate. And committed to justice, in fact they, were involved in a program designed to help former, prisoners, including, their, attacker Anita. Bath explains. It's. Not fair this, world has changed friends. Remember Saskia, Jones as a determined, Cambridge, University, graduate, who wanted to join the police instead. Her life ended violently on Friday, she. Would have stood her ground which. Breaks, my heart even more because she would have stood up for herself Jones's. Attacker Osman Khan ran after stabbing her brave bystanders. Chased him down they. Used fire extinguishers, whose chairs, they. Used these narwhal, tusks, ripped off the wall in the heat of the moment they. Held Cod on the ground before, officers, arrived to shoot him dead, Toby, Williamson, runs a venue where the attack took place and, to, be one yard away from that. To. Make emergency calls. To. Hit alarms, and then. To simply follow training. Procedure. Evacuation. In. A scene of chaos. They. Did all right Jones. Volunteered, with the prison rehabilitation. Program, learning together alongside. Jack, Merritt, who was also killed the, group had gathered for a conference, the day of the attack I met Jack only once but I must say that he impressed. Me he really believed, that, the work that learning, together is doing is fundamental. For the future of our society their attacker was at that same conference, he used the program after he received early release from a prison sentence, for plotting terrorism. That. Early release now a key election issue with Boris Johnson, promising, stronger, sentences, for terrorism, I think it's repulsive.

That Individuals, as dangerous, as this man should. Be allowed out after serving. Only eight years, labor points to recent conservative, cuts to public services like, probation, and policing miss chances, to, intervene, in the lives of people who go on to, commit absolutely. Inexcusable, acts, as politicians. Play the blame game the families, of the victims are trying to understand, how and, why they're. Suffering, unimaginable loss. Anita, bath CBC, News Vancouver. So. As you saw and Anita story, bystanders. Who somehow bravely, chased, down and then stopped the attacker are being called heroes their courage caught, on camera, wielding. A fire extinguisher in a narwhal, tusk these, three men chase Khan down the London Bridge others joined, in to help one. Of them Thomas gray tried, to disarm, the attacker he spoke with BBC radio about what happened and here he is for, the record just, kind, of held in there what. We could until. The police arrived. My, attention was brought back to to the suspect, and. Saw that you, know he. Had a knife in either hand so. Decided, to just. Kind of stamp on his left wrist is as hard as I could to try and free one of the knives off and it appeared, he sort of taped to his hand really I saw, the fire extinguisher, was laid out on the floor and. Where it was in between a couple, of the people's legs I didn't want anyone to fall or to hurt themselves on it so I pulled that out of the way then whilst I was there and then realized what was going on I was kind of like well I can't run. Away now I've got to stick, it out and help. Out as best I can only, thing that we heard from from, the suspect, was. Get, off of me that's. What we heard the overall resigning sort of message from all. Of the the chaps involved, was it's. Not going to happen. Of. The three people injured in the attack one has returned home the other two are still in hospital and, are, in stable condition an. Irish. Woman turned Isis, bride was arrested, today when, she landed, in her home country. So. You can sort of make out the police escorting Lisa, Smith and her young daughter at the Dublin Airport after, they, were deported, by Turkey the daughter was born in Syria where Smith had been held along with other Isis families, in March she told, CNN, she, wanted to go home even, if it meant prison, well. I know it did strip me of my passport and stuff and I wouldn't travel and maybe watch kind of but, prison. I'm. Already in prison you. May recall as many as 32, Canadians, have been held in Syrian, camps, including nine, women, and 17, children their fate could, become a political issue here if they start being sent home last, month turkey began returning. Alleged foreign, Isis fighters to, their home countries, but so far says, Turkey it hasn't found Canadians. In its custody. The. Country's premieres are gathering, in Toronto, tonight it's their first opportunity to, meet since the federal election and plan for how to deal with Trudeau's, minority, government, but, can they all agree, David, Cochrane looks at what's on the agenda. They've. Gone to court and wage political, war with the Prime Minister over, his climate, plan now. They're, going nuclear, implementing. Small modular reactors. Will provide. Meaningful, action in reducing our carbon emissions in electricity, production a three, province, agreement, to develop small-scale, nuclear reactors, the, opening move in a winter gathering, of Canada's premiers, at a time when, agreement, has been hard to find in light of the divisions.

That We saw on the federal. Election evening and is there a place for premiers, to come together come. To a consensus, on a few items on behalf of all Canadians, and come, to that consensus, - to provide that direction for the steps forward Justin. Trudeau has been meeting with the Premier's one by one and will meet with them as a group in the new year, the Premier's, are meeting in Toronto to, sort out their goals for that meeting front, erodes, it's, always economic, development, and jobs and I think for a friend, of Brunswick certainly the the outstanding. Issue that's been there for a while is the softwood lumber agreement, expect, that list to grow as more premiers, arrive our, focus it frankly, is on issues, of immediate concern to, to albertans Jason, Kenney has the biggest demands, at least in rajah lower amounts, wanting, support, from his colleagues, and billions, from Ottawa, to, offset, the hit his economy, has taken from the oil slump, I think, we're going to see I hopefully is strong consensus, on the fiscal stabilization. Program, the equalization rebate, and on bill C 69 I will, listen to what my colleagues have to say about. Increasing. Health transfers. But, our, focus again is on those other issues. And. David you're in Toronto outside, that spot where the premiers had a private dinner in advance of the talk so can we chat, about what we can expect from that meeting tomorrow especially, around healthcare. Yeah. On healthcare Adrienne there's a lot of common ground at, the premiers tables they all agree on one thing and that's they want more money from the federal government the, annual rate of transfers, to the provinces grows at about three percent a year they want that bumped up to five point two percent now it's only a couple of percentage points but it's billions, of dollars the premiers want it the, problem, is is the Prime Minister doesn't necessarily, want to give it Justin, Trudeau has resisted, just upping the cash he gives to the province on health care and said he wants to focus on specific targeted. Programs that expand, service, number, one right now is Firma care which is something the Liberals campaign on in the last election and they want to do or at least start over, the next little while so expect some pushback from Ottawa there on a general. Increase focusing. More on Pharma care and the problem, Adrian is while they agree they all want more money from the federal government one premier told me tonight there is no consensus. At their table on what to do about Pharma care all. Right thanks David David cochrane with the premiers tonight a. Crucial. New phase begins, this week in the impeachment proceedings, in washington with, the investigation, by the House Intelligence Committee, over, the House Judiciary Committee. Is next, to consider formal, charges against, the president, but as Paul hunter reports this, evening, Donald Trump is digging. In. Having. Labeled it a witch-hunt and a phony hoax, tonight, Donald Trump took on the impeachment process again. With the white house telling Democrats, that despite, an invitation.

Trump, Lawyers, will not take, part in new hearings, set, to begin Wednesday, this. As lawmakers. Return, to Capitol, Hill this week and the entire impeachment. Process moves, to, a new stage with, an examination of what, exactly, is an, impeachable, offense, in, Prior hearings, last month witness, after witness told, their versions, of the same broad, story, that, Trump tried to pressure Ukrainian, president zalenski into, digging up dirt on Trump rival Joe Biden say Democrat, an abuse. Of presidential, powers aimed at personal, political, gain for, Trump based, on what they've learned so far say, some I've, made very clear I think this is impeachable, conduct, it's the Ukrainian, aspect, note others that sets Trump apart, from both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, and their. Impeachment. Processes, this conduct, is more serious Democrat Zoe Lofgren the only, lawmaker, to have worked the Nixon Clinton, and Trump hearings. Underlines. The US Constitution. Forbids, the, kind of thing Trump is said to have done what, the Founding Fathers were concerned, about it was, the interference, by foreign, governments, in our political system that was one, of their gravest, concern tonight as lawmakers, prepare to make the case even without Trump's, lawyers on hand that it is indeed, impeachable. Trump. Has another call to make whether, he himself will, testify, in his own defense a deadline, for that decision, is Friday. Paul. Hunter CBC News Washington. Former. Humbled Bronco, Ryan stretch, knit ski has made remarkable progress since, the bus crash that left him partially paralyzed. Over a year ago he spent the last few weeks in Thailand, undergoing, experimental surgery. There as, Carolyn done shows us a local hockey team found, a fitting way to show their support. They. Rolled out the red carpet. Literally. For Ryan stretch knit ski Ryan, was invited, by an expat, hockey league to drop the game puck just. Can't, say enough about this guy's courage I mean we, all get hung up on our little everyday, problems, and just to see the stuff that this kid is going through and the way that he's dealing with his adversity, it. Was an inspiration to all of us here. Bryan, arrived in Thailand a month ago to have an epidural, stimulator. Implanted above. His spinal cord injury, the device is sending electrical. Impulses, down ryan's, nerve pathways, that are preserved, but, dormant, I mean right away as, soon as the surgery was done and I was able to do physio they. Started moving my legs right away and nothing, there is just Hardware I've noticed anything below my chest that was paralyzed before is able to be controlled through the electrical. Stimulator, and everything's. Starting to work again this procedure is not yet approved in Canada, for specific, treatment of spinal cord injury, although it's been used for pain management for, decades there's, still much research, to be done but, Barry Monroe of the Canadian, spinal, Research Organisation, expects, it will play an important, role we're. Gonna see a combination, that. Will help people with. Spinal cord injury and get some kind of curative, what I couldn't know restoration, of function and. That would be a combination of epidural, stimulation. Combination. Of stem cells injections. As well, as what they call activity-based training, with just a week left in their time in Thailand, Ryan's, dad concedes, it has been a roller coaster for his son but, I.

Just. Tell them it's whether, you're walking or not you're gonna have ups and downs so. Make. Make the day a new day and let's see. What happens and go through it and fight through it and work through it next, week Ryan, and his medical team will put his Parihaka sled, on the ice of this very rink, Carolyn, Dunn CBC, News Calgary. Some. Other stories, were watching, tonight on the national. Mom. Our show is marking, the anniversary of. Her arrest in Vancouver, the huawei chief financial officer, issued a statement saying, quote the. Past year has witnessed moments, of fear pain, disappointment. Helplessness. Torment. And struggle, among. Is awaiting, extradition to, the United States while to Canadians, Michael Kovac and Michael's father remain. In Chinese, custody. There. Are so many people are one able to determine who was actually firing these shots, ten, people were wounded in a shooting in, New Orleans crowded. French Quarter overnight two are in critical condition, police. Detained, one, person but it's unclear why this was a really busy weekend, in the city with a Bayou Classic that's, a major college football game happening, at the Superdome. And. In. Northern Mexico, 21, people are dead after gun battles this weekend, between security forces and, suspected. Members of drug cartels thousands. Of people took to the streets of Mexico City, protesting. Continued, violence, and accusing. President andreas manuel lopez obrador, of weakness. We've. Told you that the town of asbestos Quebec. Is shopping, for a new name but we haven't shown you that's, going over with the people who live there sure, asbestos, has toxic. Associations. But Simon neck initially found, that loyalty, can be stronger. Than rebranding. This. Giant. Crater now, deserted, once, gave this town life money. And a, name but, what was once billed as a magic, mineral is, now a dirty, word so, town council, is looking for, a new name when. You identify yourself, are coming from asbestos people, are sad you know for us and the day and sometime they say well do. You have asbestos on you do you have any problem, with asbestos, local. Companies shy away from even, using the address actually. We have 10 business in asbestos who, as opposed, to address in Danville. Because. They. Don't want to have asbestos the, name of asbestos, on their box but, it's not as easy as swapping, the signs around. Town memories, of the mine and it's good-paying, jobs are everywhere, for, some who earn their living there it's, a legacy to be proud of you, did good I. Am. In he's I see saw, people. Were proud to work in the asbestos industry says, this local historian, and it's still like that.

Sit. Down you know a town it doesn't change easily. Fess. In Meadow. At, the local arena many younger residents say a name change is inevitable but. It won't change where they come from. It's. Gonna stay like that I think I think everyone from here is still gonna name, the place asbestos, the town will take suggestions, for a name over the next six months then. It will settle on something new but, the word asbestos. Will always, loom large in this community whether, it's on the town sign or not. Simonetta. National CBC News asbestos. Quebec. More. News ahead on the National including, a new art fixture, in Vancouver. That is shining an unintended. Light on the city's problem, with housing affordability, and. A. Year after a brutal crash changed, his life he is promising to get back on the track an intimate, look at the rehab, of Canadian, race racer, Robert, Wiccans we are back right after this. People. In Vancouver may, be so used to cranes in their City skyline, they don't even notice them anymore but they cannot, miss this, one that is a chandelier. Hanging underneath. Vancouver's. Granville, bridge. It's. All part of a new public art installation. Commissioned, by a luxury, propery, property, developer, and with a price tag in the millions the, reviews, as tina love green tells us are, more than mixed. It. Draws you in as it lavishly spins, out of control, suspend. It from the underbelly of the Granville Street Bridge the twisting, cables, twirl. Down a chandelier, that weighs nearly the same as two, cars I love it totally. Love it and I love the lighting, effects had sort, of purple, and everything the other night stopping. Pedestrians, dead in their tracks and sparking, conversation. Is Vancouver's. Latest, and most expensive. Public art installation, the, price tag four, point eight million, dollars, it is aesthetically, beautiful could, 5-million be put into our infrastructure, to support our most needed demographic, absolutely. In a city grappling, with a housing crisis, the piece is polarizing, some, call it tone-deaf, to have a symbol of wealth hang, where homeless people once, found refuge, I think it's grotesque. I don't. Like. Using. Public money to. Display. A symbol, of wealth and luxury the piece was fully paid for by the developer, West Bank but the city requires, developers. To contribute, to public art this, one is just steps away from the Vancouver house built by West Bank which is one of the most luxurious condos. In the city pre-sales. Five years ago sold for over $1,000. A square foot there's, always gonna be some debate definitely, I mean public art, draws. Attention it, draws focus, it causes. Strong emotions, it causes, strong. Critiques the, city knew the chandelier, would be controversial. But says money, for public arts is separate, from other requirements. The developer, has liked, rental housing, and green space you, can always argue that there's a higher priority particularly, for an open-ended. Expenditure. Like affordable, housing in which case you end up being a city without art and some, say the public art piece has done exactly, what, it's intended to do spark. Debate Tina. Left Green CBC News Vancouver. Next. On the National he was a rising star, in Canada's, racing, world until one crash changed. His life we. Take you inside Robert. Wiccans intense, and emotional recovery plus. We're. Not allowed to, forget. We. Have no right to forget, how. International, tourism, and, a hit TV show has, changed the way the disaster, of Chernobyl, is being remembered. You. Look. At that Robert Wiccans has come a long way, in 15, months but there's still so much to get used to for him this, is what the Canadian Indy car drivers view used to look like back, in the summer of 2018 he. Was living his dream, rookie, season, until a crash left, him paralyzed, from the waist down. Jaime. Stratton got a behind-the-scenes, look at how Wiccans, is trying to recover the physical, and mental, tests he faces, every, day and a, single-minded. Drive, to both walk and race again. This. Is the track they call the tricky triangle because, each of the three turns can ruin a racers day it's, a tough track because all three corners.

Are. Very different ready. To go in Pocono Raceway I was, really confident going into the race I was very confident I knew, exactly what I wanted to do at the start, drivers. Start. Your engines. Happy, to all five six. That. Goes sixth watch, out for this guy Robert one can see on, the moon I do remember going around the outside of. One. Car. Two. Cars I don't know and. Turn one whit. Gets on the outside making, a move but, then I remember having a really good run down the back street and trying, to pass on the inside and, to turn two and that's all, I really remember comes. The Red Machine a little gazelle entry. That. Was very scary accident. I've. Rethought. That accident, time, and time again looked at the footage and I always. Think like why couldn't I have just maybe. Not tried to pass him but. I got, to where I am in my career because of the type of driver that I was it's because I always. What. Was attacking, I was never content, with where I was give me five of those yeah, just go from that and back. Robert, Wiccans body was pummeled by the crash. Broken. Bones from head to toe the extent of his injuries are easier, to see on a chart, than to list off in order. The. Bones have healed his, bruised spinal, cord has not. It's. Not a broken leg where you. Know you're eight weeks in a cast and then you're right back at it you. Know it's this. Thing like no one knows what the outcome is the fact that people told us at the beginning that I'll never walk again they. Don't know trying. To get this let go your quads tight a, lot. Has happened since, the accident. Most. Days you can find him at this suburban, Indianapolis. Rehab, facility, trying. To teach parts, of his battered, body how, to work again, do. You feel like, you're. Like. You're ramping like, you're on the curve upwards, over the last few, months like how do you both, emotionally, and physically. When, you have a good day typically. Follows, by a couple bags, because I think whenever, I do have that good day I'm, so excited to utilize it that I probably train. And. Work too hard and then I'm fatigued, for the, subsequent kind of like 48 hours that fall okay, taking. It slow just. Isn't, in Robert, Wiccans DNA. Wiccans. Has always gone, fast, he. Started, racing go-karts as, a kid his. Family, sold their home in Guelph Ontario so. He could drive in Europe as a teenager. Back. In North America Wiccans was a rising star destined. To reach the sports highest, levels I, was. Racing the best I've ever raced. Prior to the accident, and right now rehabs that full-time job. Some. Of the hardest work takes place on this treadmill, Wiccans, is fitted with special, shorts, and sealed inside. The. System calibrates, his weight and air blows upwards, filling. The sealed chamber reducing. His body weight making. It easier, to move his legs. But. At the beginning of my walking I was. Always like walking a tightrope my, legs. Just wanted to go like over top of. One another and. That's. Gotten a lot better lately, as. Well so, I can actually kind, of keep. Them in line with. Each other. But. You can see like my left leg starting to shake now there's. Really I can see you losing, your upper body yeah make, that through yeah, which, is an idea here, I'm at 20. Minutes I'm, gonna stop here. Point. Two of a mile he. Would like to push things further but, his legs have nothing left rehab. Can be grueling hard, on the body harder. On the mind. Almost. As. Difficult. As this injury is physically, mentally it's I, think. It's almost worse just, rattles. My brain that. Left quad let's. Do it. But. Wiccans isn't going through it alone I'm. Carly, wicked that's the first time I thing. My, new last name. The. Couple was married just this fall, Wiccans, promised, the first dance and 13. Months after being told he would probably not walk again Wiccans, rose to the occasion I. Think. With, our, relationship. We had already lived together for, four years before. We, got married and before the accident so we were always together, so. I think we. Already knew each other so well and the. Accident, just brought us closer together there's literally nothing, hidden. Anymore, everything. Is, out there. There. Is. Talking. About you talking. About you dancing, at the wedding. Your. Arm. The. Wiccans is have been very public about their lives together. Documenting. Every, step of Roberts recovery, on social, media. We. Have this great opportunity where, we can help raise awareness and kind of show what.

A Recovery. Might look like and. And. That's. Been. It's, been so supportive, it's. Blown me away. Wiccans. Is back behind the wheel not. Exactly, the breathtaking speed. And risk he craves but. What's possible, for now those. Days where Carly and I will sit on the couch and I'll. Just tell her that like I'm in a mood right now where I'm just really mad at. The state that I'm in and. And, it's just it's, uncontrollable, and I don't know how long that's gonna happen for. Harley. Is the bright light on his darkest, days a committed. Passenger. And navigator, wherever, the road takes them, however, hard it may be. We're. In therapy every. Week we, do therapy together I do therapy on my own and I. Think that is so important, for anybody going through any grieving, process or, spinal. Cord injury that not, only the person that's injured should be going through therapy but also the. Significant, other. It's. All unfolding. One small, step at a time the, next chapter, of their lives slowly, being written full, of stops and starts and uncertain, turns. Comebacks. Like the one Wiccans imagines, can't, be willed each, injury is unique and each body responds. Differently. My. Dream, is obviously to get back into a racecar again but. There's there's, a lot that needs to happen a, lot that I need to still get. On top of. On. A personal, level you know I mean, there's. A lot of unknowns with this injury still you, know I'm still trying to just become stable. In everyday life I'm still trying to, figure. Out how to live this life. Wiccans. Says the crash is part of the inherent, risk in racing, 1 he accepts, with no regrets. It's. How he's always done things always, pushing. Never, giving up always. Trying to go faster. For. The national I'm Jamie Stratton, in Indianapolis. As. You, just saw Wiccans has good days and some bad days last. Week what started off as a fun Disney, vacation, ended early when he noticed the hardware, in his leg was starting to get infected he shared this picture and the news that he had to undergo yet another, surgery, in Indianapolis. He is now back, at home and recovering. And, Jamie. Stratton, has more from his interview with Robert Wiccans online, check out his story in CBC sports CA. And, next. On the national a change in remembering, Chernobyl. Once. The subject of a Soviet, cover-up why a blockbuster HBO. Show as Russians. Shining, a light on a dark part, of history but first. In. Case. You missed it it's over what feels great a long battle in curling, is finally, done I mean, really when you do the right thing it always feels really good that's, the CEO of curling Canada and that right thing, Cathy Henderson refers to is, establishing. Pay equity in the sport. Hey Ya let's have always been imbalanced. The total prize money at the Breyers the men's competition, last year was two hundred and sixty one thousand, dollars at the Scotties the women's competition, it was a hundred and forty nine thousand, in equity, always, an irritant, curling, has always been you know a highly, a gender, equitable. Sport initial, rationale, so the disparity, were about viewership, ratings, the idea that the men had better numbers, but last year the, women bested, the men for views during the playoffs and the finals and it's. 2019. Pay. Equity is a long overdue discussion. In sports right now from tennis to soccer. One. Remaining, distinction, in Canadian curling when women, win if the Scotties jewelry. Is part of the prize and the bling will stay. The. Hit series Chernobyl. Has one thing in common with, the nuclear accident, that inspired, it people. Around the world could not look away that, nuclear accident, in the Soviet Union is almost certainly, the worst in history Cold, War secrecy, gave it all an air of mystery, a drifting, cloud of radioactive. Material, meant stakes were high and borders, Mining's. Worried. About my child, and I'm worried about the child that I'm carrying 33. Years later lingering. Radiation, does not keep, the tourists away. Chris. Brown found, that even though significant. Dangers, remain that HBO show has, set off a wave, of curiosity. About Chernobyl. Everything. To do with chair, Nobel is suddenly, hot again, we're, on a movie set in Budapest, where, a Russian, movie crew is playing, catch up with the wildly, popular HBO, Chernobyl.

Miniseries, It's, making, a rush and blockbuster, version of the, accident at reactor, number four its, star and director, is danila, Kozlovsky I. Think. It's extremely important, to make such a film, to. Remind what happened in 1996. It's. Very important we're. Not allowed to, get, we. Have no right to forget roll. Camera, roll sound Kozlowski, says, his focus is, on the so called Liquidators, the men who braved. Astronomical. Levels of radiation to. Drain water from under the stricken reactor, and save. Europe from an even worse radioactive. Cloud. I believe, our filming, this is a kind of cut short a film in a very good way. The. HBO, series, hailed, for its authentic, portrayal of, life in Soviet, times and it's, searing criticisms. Of the government cover-up, has, sparked, a Chernobyl. Revival. Tour. Operators, report a 30%. Increase in visitors, to, the Chernobyl site, 90. Kilometers, north of Ukraine's capital Kiev. Chernobyl. Souvenirs, have never been more popular. Disaster. Tourism, is booming most, people we talked to had seen the HBO series it, shook me I. Sort of looked and I thought I'd. Know about Chernobyl but I didn't really have a feel for. The, catastrophe, and how it all unfolded. We. Visited, on a warm, fall day recently, there's. A 600, square kilometer, exclusion, zone where, the radioactive fallout was the most intense, access. Is restricted, but, surprisingly. We learned it's far from empty in fact. In the town of Chernobyl, itself 12, kilometers, from Ground Zero we. Met a woman who lived here when the explosion, happened and, she's, still here today. Her. Name is Maria mat Reeve now but booshka Maria, to her friends, she, was a cleaning lady at the Chernobyl. Reactor. I've. Been living here for more than 80 years she, told us if the radiation hasn't, killed me yet I've, got nothing to be scared of. She's. Happy that all the interest, has more people coming to her near-empty City and dropping by to say hi though, notably, not, her grandkids, the, contamination. Is still bad enough that, no one under the age of 18 is even, allowed to visit. The. Radioactive, isotopes, degrade, at different rates so in some places the radiation, isn't any higher than normal but in other spots, extended. Exposure could be lethal. With. Dosimeter. X' to measure our own exposure, and a Geiger counter to test the radioactivity, around, us we, entered one abandoned, village with, our guide Victoria, Brosco. 0.26. Twenty-eight. Nothing. Dangerous but. Once, I bring it closer to this soil. 3.18. 6.71. 7.47. Is. It safe to stand here well. It's. Safe for. Some minutes, you don't usually leave, in here we do not consume, the products, from here. If. We stood in this spot for an hour we, get a day's worth of natural, radiation as for. The reactor itself you could actually get pretty close just, a few dozen meters away the. Destroyed unit, is hidden, under a new stainless, steel dome. Ukraine's. Government which badly, wants more foreign, tourists, is promising, to expand, tourism, here even more including. Into areas previously. Off-limits. If. You put on a hazmat suit, and you're very brave you can now actually go inside, the. Old control room of reactor, 4 but. Radiation. Levels are over, 40,000. Times what they are out here we. Said no thanks. That. 40,000. Figure was widely reported after local media visited, the control room recently but, Ukrainian, officials insist. The number is misleading as the, tour's bypass. The most toxic areas, and, visitors get only a small, manageable, dose, of radiation. And. You know that that to. Me seems like, a very, unwise. Thing, to to be doing Canadian, scientist, Timothy Musa supports. Visiting, Chernobyl, but not such extreme tourism Musso, has been coming here for 15, years, to study the radiation in animals, and plants, in the exclusion, zone we did.

Not Venture into the, control of number 4 simply because the. The radiation levels in control room number 1 which, is you know half a half, a kilometer away are, almost kilometer away are. Also. You. Know above what we would normally want. To experience. Musso's. As a potential, impact of even larger crowds, is also, concerning. Take. The abandoned, city of prypiat probably. The most fascinating part, of any chernobyl, visit it's, just three kilometers, from the reactor, today. It's frozen, in time, tourists. Can wander through the former amusement, park unaccompanied. But, Musso says the ground remains contaminated. And with, large numbers, of visitors the risk of disturbing, buried, radioactive. Particles, and, sending them into the air again is high. That. Aspect, of tourism, in this area is something I do not support, and think is his is. Quite foolhardy, really. With. The increased, interest, though has, also come renewed appreciation for. Those who risk their lives to prevent, the disaster from, being even, worse, Igor, Piz Minsky, and Andre misko were both helicopter. Pilots. In. Just hours after the explosion they were ordered to fly over the burning reactor, as it spewed, out radiation. Dumping. Loads of sand and boron on the fire. Tommy. Not mommy yeah sure when. You do Molly yes, I do Malika, were. Permitted, to serve etiquette, or affiliate nanny style those, flights likely, cut short both of their careers, Andrea, had to stop flying as his internal organs were damaged, radiation. Was to blame Igor. Says seeing, the disaster, recreated, so, vividly on TV, has, allowed them to experience, new pride about their role. Yano. Panama. Diode Panama native or - so tacky terrible, takatori boo-boo. Paulina you know him in with me Tom Chesley no balapan, in Nigeria, I a bottoms, to inherit, it - so. Astronomy. Manya. Blog. Adria serial Chernobyl, tall caches college, moves attached nochmal, material sort of pebbles, spoon, Arizona. Fans. Of the Chernobyl story will have to wait until the fall of 2020. To see how the Russian, movie producers, tell their version, of the story. And remarkably. Russia's. Atomic Energy Corporation, Ross Adam is helping, finance, it. Such. Is its renewed appeal that, even the nuclear energy industry, sees, value in linking. Itself to the heroes, of Chernobyl. Chris. Brown CBC, News in Chernobyl. Ukraine. So. Interesting, still ahead on the national a made, for the movies kind of moment, is our, moment. One. High school students, big game ahead, and. This. Week CBC News is going in depth on vaping, how did it get so popular what, did Health Canada know of its potential risks, and why, is vaping, having such an effect on young Canadians, if you have questions, we, want to hear from you our panel of experts will be ready to answer send. Them to the national at Read. De Melo loves basketball, but, his team manager for his high school in Port Moody BC he usually spends, his time off, the court, de. Melo has Down syndrome, he's extremely. Popular with his team so when, they were behind during, a game they asked him to play he, got the ball and tossed, it from the three-point, line what happened next is our, moment. We. Recently hosted, our annual. Kodiak classic basketball tournament which features a top, team senior boys teams in the province I feel. Awesome great. Nervous, I was on the court. Nervous. Trivet I love. It the read is one of the biggest supporters of that team it's. Been involved and happened to be on the bench that day supporting, me too.

And. It led to to, that moment we had about 1,300, kids in the crowd and they were chanting for Reed to come in the game. Knowing. How special, that would be for him. So. It's quite emotional to see you know all your kids together come together as one, and and support, each other and he's very, popular and, they. Were just excited for him period and that's why they mobbed him the way they did it means to me I feel. Like. Good. Job Reed their NBA stars, who can't make that shot shot. And speaking of those stars apparently, you want to meet Steph Curry I was hoping it would be a raptor but Steph Curry, is definitely a star here's hoping he answers the call that, is a national for Sunday December the first good, night. You.

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