The National for December 18, 2018 — Oil Politics, ImpairedDriving, Insurance Fraud

The National for December 18, 2018 — Oil Politics, ImpairedDriving, Insurance Fraud

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On. This Tuesday night I. Understand. The frustration Ottawa. Announces, help for the oil patch but it's not what Alberta, had in mind what, we asked, for was for, them to remove the handcuffs, so will it really help workers, a. Dramatic. Twist for Michael Flynn why, Trump's, former national security adviser, is again, facing time behind bars and, our, panel of us insiders, on the many investigations. Targeting. The White House. It. Was like the veil had lifted I hear, that a. Six-month-old. Baby marking, a major milestone, hearing. Sound for, the very first time the. Life-changing, tests for newborns, this, is the night. Anger. In Alberta has been building for weeks growing. Protests. Demands, for a pipeline calls for Ottawa to do something. To help the oil and gas industry well, today the federal government responded, pledging 1.6. Billion, dollars. Well. The availability. Of capital at, a tough, time is essential, for the long-term viability, of businesses. And particularly in the oil and gas sectors, that's, the official line but here's the thing most of the money will, come in the form of loans the, federal government believes it will help companies stay, afloat by allowing, them to make new investments like. Buying new equipment and also, to find potential new markets, at a time when there's a major backlog, getting Canadian, oil to us refineries, but tell that to Alberta's. Premier so, we don't need help finding more markets, we need help moving our product and I don't know that we could have been much more clear about that, Rachel. Notley they're not mincing, words and, as the CBC's David Cochrane shows us she had lots more than that to say suggesting. Ottawa just doesn't, get it. Emerge, eat so he is a rarity, an elected, liberal in Alberta, where the anger, in the oil patch, threatens. To move him from rare to, endangered, I am, a Bolton I have, lived here for 34. Years I know, people, who, are struggling to help with that struggle so he unveiled a carbon, copy of the aid package Ottawa, rolled out four steel and aluminum companies, when, the u.s. hammered, them with tariffs, the, oil patch is larger but, the dollar amounts, are smaller, and consists. Mostly of loans, we, made an ask to the federal government and we didn't ask for the opportunity, to go further into debt as a means of addressing this, problem what. We asked, for was for, them to remove the handcuffs, a pipeline. Is the ultimate, handcuff, key but that's years away at best in the, shorter term not Lee wants federal money to buy rail cars, to get oil to market there was no sign of that today we didn't get a lot of notice for it and I suspect, the reason for that was that they expected, we. Would not be entirely satisfied. So, as, I say my expectation. Is that there's going to be more to come, maybe but, Ottawa has refused, to even hint that it will buy into the rail plan, suggesting. The billions, it is spending on the trans mountain pipeline, is the better option, governments kind of get, caught in in a difficult, spot where, they need to demonstrate that they're doing something right now while, continuing to work on the long term solutions, so, to save his job so, he likely has to save many oil jobs, by finding long-term, solutions, to a long-term problem. So, he is eager to pin on the former government I understand. The frustration, that frustration, grows because. Of the pipeline, capacity that, is that is not there to get our resources to us. And on US, markets. But, the blame lies clearly, at. The feet of the Conservative, government it's. Easy for the Liberals to say this is not their fault. But. As the protests, show it is definitely. Their problem, David. Cochran CBC News Ottawa. So. Let's go directly to the people affected we have seen a lot of anger from the oil patch in the past few years and as Raffi Buju Canyon shows us it, may not be going away. You. Didn't have to go far to find oil field workers taking in Ottawa's announcement, today if you, even showed up right there to tell the federal government what, they thought so, you got two provinces, that are refusing the pipe one you. Know what I mean they may charge blaming the pc government, for not getting it done but, why you guys waiting taller you're almost of your last year being. In power. To bring it all up do we get this quincy bit and bill paid, Kirk Grimes runs a company that services, oil wells between, a trans mountain, pipeline, expansion stalled, on court order, and a, tanker, ban on B C's North Coast he's, never had such little work to spread among his employees before that's, really not a lot of money in this industry and. What. We need is access to this. Export file this, pipelines. East. An East pipeline a West pipeline or a northern Northwest, by plane and this.

Tanker Issue needs to get get, re looked at Chad, Miller agrees the, pipeline construction, contractor. Has been out of work for a month he's, been trying to help other oil patch workers, who lost their jobs. When I first heard the news, of it I, didn't, know what it was for I hold was hoping it was to start, consultations. And and whatnot on getting. Trans, mount and back on track to get, some shovels in the ground but. Now hearing, what, it's going to, it. Has nothing to do with with, any of us in the immediate. In. The immediate factory. Its. Frustration. That's boiled, over into anger, in Alberta this. Was just one of many demonstrations. In Calgary in recent, weeks no, surprise, for this industry watcher, who says Ottawa's money won't amount to much looking, at the amount involved, 1.5, billion dollars that's a lot of money which, unfortunately. Wouldn't. Need to be spent if we had addressed the problem of pipeline capacity more, effectively, earlier. And until. That problem. Goes away it's, likely the anger, will just keep growing, refugee. Canyon. CBC News Edmonton. All. Just in time for the holiday season there, is a new push to get impaired drivers off the road big, changes, to the Criminal Code came into effect today, if. You're stopped by a police officer now and you were in Canada expect, to be a. Demand. To be made from you to provide, a breath sample, officers. Can now demand, a breath test from anyone they lawfully, pull over they no longer need evidence of a reasonable, suspicion, that the, person was drinking, and maximum. Prison terms for many impaired driving offenses, have been increased, from five years to ten, of. Course the intention is to make us safer, but at what cost as, Jayla, Bernstein tells us civil, rights activists. Are concerned about who, might, be targeted. Sooner. I'd spot-check tonight any alcohol whew no no a question, that's perhaps quite, innocuous, if you're sober, but, for visible minorities, interaction. With police can be a minefield, I have, people's around me especially man, they've. Been stopped, while driving in their life 30 40, times they're. Not criminals they don't have any criminal. Record so just, the everyday reality, of a black person. That drive she's, worried about how police will use their new powers every. Time a person. Of color is, stopped. For, no reason it leaves, a trace. It's. Not just the Internet in itself it's. Sometimes. The violence of those incidents. A. Study. Based on data collected by Ottawa, police found officers. Disproportionately. Pulled over people they perceived as middle-eastern, and black something. Advocates, fear will get worse under the new law it's yet another tool in the police, arsenal that is not based on any requirement. That the police officer have a suspicion, that a person has done anything wrong at all Ottawa.

Isn't Blind to those concerns that's why the Senate tacked on an amendment requiring. The government to report back in three years on whether, visible, minorities, are being disproportionately. Targeted. The, difficulty. Here will. To have reliable, data it's. Not easy to. Have. Police office officers, report, on why. They stopped someone or is, the person from a racial. Minority or, not anything, to drink today police. Say they need more tools to detect impaired driving, it's not about violating. People's rights they say but about saving, lives if, you're operating a motor vehicle on the road I feel that it's reasonable, that, there would be an expectation that you not have alcohol and drugs in your body and so to expect, somebody to have. To prove, that I don't see that as being overreaching, necessarily, as, police exercise, those new powers many will be watching to see how, they're applied and to, whom, Jayla. Bernstein CBC. News Montreal. So. The new law is controversial, but will it be effective in, reducing the, number of impaired drivers, Canada. Has one of the highest rates of driving, deaths linked, to alcohol, in the developed world and advocates. Say it's partly due to the lack of so-called. Mandatory breath, tests. In. Fact many countries already have mandatory testing, programs in place after, Australia first, introduced, it in the late 70s, the number of deaths on the road dropped by 20% in. Switzerland. Where mandatory, screening started, in 2005. Drivers. Testing, positive for alcohol fell. From about 25, percent, to about 7 here. In Canada, impaired driving has steadily decreased, over the past three decades but, it still remains one of the most common, criminal offences today and how. Often people drink, and drive seems, to depend on where you live less. Than a third of the population live, in rural Canada for example but account, for more than half of all impaired, drivers, reported, by police last year and represent. Two-thirds of cases of impaired, driving causing, death that's. Likely because more people in rural areas have cars have. To drive longer distances, and don't have easy access to transit. For. Michael Flynn today, was supposed to be the end of a long journey, after. Nearly two years Flynn, a key witness for the Muller probe was, going to be sentenced for the crime of lying to the FBI but as Keith's bogus, Plaines his, case just, took a dramatic. Unexpected, turn. Former. National security advisor might have thought he knew what he was facing this morning, he, did not instead. Of the expected light sentence, of 0 to 6 months recommended. By prosecutors, Michael. Flynn got a dressing-down, judge. Emmett Sullivan, admonished, him for a crime he hadn't actually been charged with failing. To register as a paid lobbyist for, a foreign country, Turkey, all. Along you were an unregistered, agent. Of the foreign country while serving, as the national security adviser he said, arguably. You sold your country out Flynn's, lawyers had presented the judge with a written statement a few days earlier, in it they seem to argue Flynn had been tricked by the FBI, into lying about conversations. He'd had with the Russian ambassador, the one relatively, minor crime for which he has been charged, Sullivan. Insisted, Flynn admit, to the court that he lied to the FBI knowing. Full well that he was breaking the law and Flynn. Did but. The judge might also had been act by the fat conservative, media have, already been running with the Flynn has been framed story, supported.

Most Notably, by legal scholar Alan, Dershowitz I hope the judge, understands. When he kate has the case tomorrow that, Flynn did not commit, a crime by lying. The. White House picked up that feed and continues, to say that Flynn has, been badly treated the FBI broke, standard, protocol, in, the way that they came in an ambush, general, Flynn and in the way that they questioned, him. Flynn, left court after the judge told him he could go to jail today or postpone, his sentencing, for three months and maybe. Not, go to jail at all his new predicament, is that he must continue to cooperate with Muller knowing. Now that Muller's recommendation. For leniency doesn't. Guarantee him, anything. As for the president, he wished Michael Flynn good luck in court today even. Though it was he who fired Flynn allegedly, for. Telling the vice president the same lies he told to the FBI, he. Poked CBC, News Washington. And, for. The president another legal twist today his Charitable, Foundation has. Agreed to shut down its. Remaining funds given to other court-approved nonprofits. As the, lawsuit against, it continues. The. New York Attorney General accuses. The Trump foundation, of quote shocking. Illegalities. Functioning. As a checkbook, for the u.s. president's, business, and political interests in short that trumps charity, was about giving back to himself, my, whole life I've been greedy, greedy, greedy I've tripped all the money I could get I'm so greedy but now I want to be greedy for the United States I want to grab all that money. The United States that. Includes during the 2016, presidential, campaign, Trump. Allegedly, solicited. Donations for. His foundation in Iowa, his, campaign, then, decided, which local, charities, got those big novelty, checks that, was just days ahead of Iowa's vote on the Republican nominee, lawyers. For the foundation, say any infractions. Were minor but the lawsuit against his foundation, is just one of the challenges, for Trump his company, is also under scrutiny, so, is his inaugural, committee there, are investigations, into, his campaign, including. For those hush money payments and, of course the Moller inquiry, is also, looking into the Trump presidency, itself. From, those investigations. To major developments, with China and more this has been a pretty wild few weeks in Washington we'll, be talking about all of it with our US political panel in about, 15 minutes. Okay. Well how's, that for a blast from the past this, is actually just from a couple months ago but you might remember that sound, from your childhood, Sharon, and Brent still, performed, today they're in the middle of a farewell tour across the country in fact that'll, stretch into the new year but.

They've Hit a big snag when. That's put a pretty sour note on things, Eric Rankin explains, from Vancouver. For. Four decades Sharon, Louis and Bram entertained, kids and parents alike. After. Lois's, death in 2015. Sharon, and Bram soldiered, on. Now. Sharon, Hampson and Bram Morrison, are wondering, what happened to thousands, of dollars they say they're owed for the BC leg of their final, national tour, it. Was kind of a disaster. The, money to us is. Significant. Because it's how we make our living I suspect. We're out about $15,000. Sharon. And Bram's BC, promoter put them in small towns instead, of Vancouver, and Victoria and, while, they say they did get an initial payment that, unpaid, fifteen thousand dollars was to cover flights, and the salaries, of their three member band instead. The duo now in their 70s had to pay those expenses themselves. The. Audience's, never failed us the. Promoter that's another story please, put your hands together for Travis, Pangburn, is a controversial. Promoter, making his name hosting, high-profile. Debates between intellectuals. And philosophers, but, in November his, company, Pangburn, philosophy. Folded, after canceling, a major debate in New Zealand then, New York some. Ticket buyers who had spent as much as $500. Each say, they never got a refund, around, the same time Sharon, and Bram were waiting, for their money it. Seems like he's run, into some trouble and. I. Think. He heard a lot of people, Pangburn. Declined, to be interviewed but in an email wrote, it sucks, the fact that the shows didn't, bring in enough to cover their full fee was highly, unfortunate, Sharon. And Bram say their shows, we're well attended, it makes me feel sad it makes me feel a little bit, beaten. Up. Despite. The setback Sharon and Bram hope to return to BC in the new year with a new promoter, and say goodbye one, more time. Eric. Rankin CBC, News Vancouver. Here. Are some of the other stories we're watching tonight. There's. Never been a more popular, police. Officer, in this province, than, than Ron Tavenner at, his Ontario, premiere Doug Ford continuing, to defend the appointment, of a family, friend is the next chief of the Ontario Provincial, Police this, as the provinces, integrity, commissioner confirmed, today there, will be an inquiry into, the issue critics, accused Ford of interfering, in the process that selected, Toronto Police Superintendent Ron, Taverner for the job the opposition, is calling for public enquiry I think. The public should be relieved, that mr. Maillard will not see the light of day of course. Convicted. Killer Dylan Maillard has been given a third life sentence, to be served consecutively, this, means he will have to serve at least 75, years in prison and wouldn't. Be able to apply for parole until he was 102. Years old the. 33, year old was found guilty earlier this year first degree murder in the death of his, father, Maillard. Is already, serving time for killing a stranger, Tim Bosma and a former girlfriend Laura, Babcock, he, has filed Appeals in both of those cases and. Good. News if you're hoping to get a package in the mail before, Christmas, Canada, Post now says it's caught up on most of its parcel, delivery the. Backlog, was created, by rotating. Walkouts bytes employees, who, were legislated, back to work last month normal. Holiday delivery. Service, guarantees have been restored across the country, except. In Vancouver. Lucky. Vancouver okay I head tonight on the national a little girl hears for the first time that's thanks to a new test that could change lives and she, was a trailblazer and, a true comedian we look at the life and legacy of. Marche but. First insurance, companies are cracking down on fraudulent. Claims and you, won't believe how people do it we, go undercover, I mean there's, no evidence. That. This. Is a facility, that would supply any type of medical. Equipment or orthotics. Or compression. Socks that type of thing yet, we have claims, coming from this this particular unit. Canada's. Insurance, companies are facing an increasingly, expensive. Problem, and it could be costing. You as well, fraud, is apparently, running rampant to the tune of hundreds, of millions of dollars a year now. As Dan Buckner shows us investigators.

Are Stepping, up their efforts to, crack down, we are suspicious, of the place Gary, askin, has seen it all this place right here a. Former. Commander with, the Waterloo, Police Force askin, now works as a fraud, investigator. For insurance giant Sun Life tracking. Down cases, where company benefit, plans are paying for designer, sunglasses, iPads. And other illegitimate, goodies. Sometimes. Cash sometimes, cash cards. Shoes. Purses. Coats. That type of thing today, he's at an address we can't reveal but could be a base for false claims so, there seems, to be nothing going on at all I mean there's there's no evidence. That. This. Is a facility that would supply any type of medical. Equipment or, orthotics. Or compression. Socks that type of thing yeah, we have claims, coming from this this particular unit you. Were appreciated, in blind soon, to be rewarded with a promotion, and raised but. You threw it all the way it's. Called benefits, fraud and insurers, estimate, bogus, claims are costing as much as six hundred million dollars a year, so. If you're thinking about falsifying. Your health or dental claim think. Again the. Penalties for fraud can be stiff earlier. This year a Toronto firefighter, was sentenced, to six months in jail for, forging medical, invoices, Toronto's. Transit, Commission fired, 200, employees all. Were involved, in a scam related, to orthotics, the, clinic operator got two years in jail you're. Stealing from the, wallet of money if you can think of it that way that's, used to pay for your health care and the health care of your family. And the healthcare of your colleagues and friends at work at. Sun Life had office a team of close to a hundred investigators. Including data, scientists. And former police officers, work, to identify fraud. Schemes in, 2017. We cut off 1500. Practitioners, across the country. This. His camera, video was recorded by an undercover investigator. With insurer green shield Canada. The. Investigator, was offered fashionable, Footwear instead. Of the compression, socks that were prescribed. Green. Shields vice-president, says not just money is at stake fraud, can hurt honest, employees, there's. Life-saving, drugs available under. These plans that can, cost hundreds, of thousands of dollars and employers. Can't afford to be paying hundreds, of thousands of dollars for. Claims that aren't real his. Scam is basically, creating. A fake, clinic his, investigators. Like Gary askin, safe fraud schemes are more sophisticated than, ever but, so are the analytics. Available to help detect, them I mean this is a resource. I would have died for in policing because we've got more data scientists, working for son life and then, you, know any Police Service in the country probably the, exception of the Mounties most. Employees, of course don't scan the system the, message from the insurance, industry to those that do think. Again Diane. Buckner CBC News Toronto. Up. Next on the national, our panel of US political insiders, is here from Washington, DC after, the midterm elections to the many ongoing, investigations. There, is a lot of ground to come and meet, Francesca. The baby who's experiencing. A few firsts, including her, first sounds. Okay. So that wasn't you I, was, just subtle it was looking, down and then, looking up. It's. Been about a month since the midterm elections, feels, like a lifetime, things have been intense, there was so much to talk about a Democratic House we have fights in the Oval Office Muller, investigation.

And We have a trade war with China we're, now halfway through present Trump's first term the White House is gearing up for major competition, and America, is divided, I'm Jo Brea former. Senior adviser to Ohio Governor John Kasich and current Republican, stretches hi, I'm Patti Solis Doyle I'm a democratic, political strategist, I've worked for Hillary Clinton Barack, Obama, Joe Biden I've been in politics for 30 years I'm David from a writer with the Atlantic and formerly at the bush White House. So, the last time we saw you three was the night of the midterm elections I know it feels like two years ago but it actually wasn't that long ago. House, now controlled, by the Democrats, vice I guess more than 40 seats you've got Democratic, governors winning. In what. Were previously Trump states does, any of this make a whit, of difference to. How the business, of government will be conducted, next year buddy well, I certainly think that Democrats, in. Congress have better cards to play when they're negotiating with, Republicans. But. If you're asking, will, Democrats, be against, Trump almost, 99%. Of the time yes, will Republicans, sort of turn a blind side to the chaos, and, the potential. Criminal activity, conducted. By the president, 99, percent of the time probably. But. I think the big big difference now is that House. Democrats. Control the house and that gives them the. Power of subpoena and the power to investigate and, to actually have. Oversight. Over the, presidency. And that's, going to be the biggest change, 100. Percent that's a huge change when the Democrats control now the Congress they have the subpoena power they have the gavel and I, think you're gonna have a lot of investigations. The challenge is gonna be how it is it anything gonna get done in DC and my prediction to you and what I know will do predictions later there's not much getting done except, for the fact that some investigations, and that's gonna be order the day in Washington, so, how, does things change in Washington nothing's. Gonna happen is that, just more of the same I actually would say to you that there were some policies, that were implemented in the last two years whether, Democrats like them or not there were pretty conservative far-right. I mean, pretty conservative policies, that's not gonna happen any more in the next two years do you agree nothing's, really gonna change well, things are going to change not much is going to happen right um that President, Trump had been idly speculating, but a second tax cut in 2019.

That, Won't happen the deficit, for the year assuming. The economy stays reasonably strong is going to be verging on a trillion dollars, I know, I sound like dr. evil how much is that as I say relative. To the US economy in. Times. Of comparative, peace and prosperity the United States is about to run a bigger deficit, than ran during the most violent, phase of the Iraq war so, it's a gigantic, deficit. Going to be a problem is going to have to be be. Addressed um the the investigations. Are going to happen President Trump who, over imagines. His charm, and appeal I think it's gonna look for ways to work with Democrats and, will then discover, that that's not successful, and then will react with tremendous. Emotional. Petulance. When he discovers, that his, his, various ideas for winning them over I'm not so easy what, are we to make of the turnout it took a while to figure this out but it now looks that it was the, highest, turnout for midterm elections in a century, 50.1%. Who's. Wincing. Who's. Celebrating, that David well. What. Donald. Trump's campaign in 2016 was premise on extremely, low turnout that, he. Got you know in a context, in which young, people didn't, show up and african-americans, voted at lower levels than they had in 2008. And 2012, he was able to eke it out what. He has now discovered as he's got this galvanized, country, and what, he's especially galvanized. Our educated, women in the suburbs the, the women who go to PTA meetings they, show up and there. It and they have made up their mind about him in a way that's quite irrevocable. So, he now faces this problem, that as, he goes toward 2020, there's. Almost nothing, he can do to save himself, he has to wait for the Democrats, to make mistakes and this. Is a very desperate situation because. If he loses office, in 2020, and is a private citizen in 2021, he's, suddenly exposed to, indictment the, prevailing. Theory is the president, a serving president cannot be indicted but an ex-president, can, be so all for him all the marbles are on the table in the toy lection of 2020 it's going to be a pretty nasty build-up but does, that turnout piece of the puzzle. Actually. Worry Republicans. I mean in your view you know I think this election was, very mixed, and I know there's, there's this theme out there that Democrats want, everything the, Republicans actually, increase, their margins in the Senate and they won in some key, battleground, states like Florida, and Ohio places. That Democrats, need for, the 2020, election so to me when I look at a higher electoral, turnout Republicans. Fared fairly, well when. You look at into presidential lens and that, pretends good things for them in the future just, from footnotes, there, in absolute votes cast into, a 2010, huge Republican year problems, got about 45 million votes 2018. Terrible Republican. Year they got 49 million, votes 4 million more so, you have mutual, mobilization, Democrats. Got 8 million plus votes, no that it wasn't enough obviously it wasn't enough but the point is this massive mutual, mobilization. This is not a case of the vote for the party the president called apps I think the basic turnout question. Is Hillary, Clinton suffered from an enthusiasm, gap and what, we saw in 2016. And what we saw in 2018, is that enthusiasm, for, Democrats, came back in a very very big way so I think you can argue argue, high, turnout is good for both parties but I think significantly. For Democrats in 2018, we sort of got our mojo back so. When. Heady I mean there's a long time in, politics between now and 2020. Hasn't. The Democrat, at the table what, do you think your party has to be careful, of in the next year's careful not to do I think. You. Know overreaching. Basically, we now control, the power of the subpoena and the power of investigations. The, for the you know there. Are already several. Investigations. Happening. Right now it's, not just smaller we've got you, know the Southern District of New York we've, got the new Attorney General in New York, saying, that she is going to investigate, his taxes, and his businesses, and. People tend to conflate, them all. So. For. The. Congress, and they will they will have some. Investigations. But for that to be they're so focused I think is a big mistake they need to focus on legislative. Not actually, doing the work of the people otherwise, I think voters, in general will be like throw. Their hands up in the air so overreaching, that's one caution, what's yours well I think overreaching, is absolutely something there but but going, along with that too is not finding a message that appeals to the disenfranchised.

Voters Around the country that was the biggest problem they've had in 2016, and if they can't do that in 2020 Donald, Trump's gonna be reelected, I think. They mistake his Democrats, like, governing they want to govern want to do things they only control one house of Congress and you can't do things from from that basis so. The. Republicans. Would in situation vests think more politically. Preparing. The chessboard for, the battle of 2020, Democrats, may be tempted to try to pick up little wins along the way for, which they may pay too high a price and concessions of the president including in impunity, from his wrong so don't try to do too much don't try to do too much okay so there's a there's a big story that is consuming, Canada at the moment and it's about our relationship with the United States and China this is the arrest of the CFO of Y way. It. Feels, to, Canadians, that they're being played here and that they're stuck between the United States and China and there's nothing, they can do what what is the American, play. Here what are they where so this should be come as no surprise this. Battle, against China this has been going on since Donald, Trump announced. His presidency he actually talked about China more, than any other subject at his announcement for presidency this, is something that Steve Bannon was, instituting. In early, days the, fight against intellectual is stealing of intellectual property the fight against security of China so this is not really surprised now I will tell you this down, south of the border America. The American media. Plays no attention to the Canadian, wow. That's. A big deal here too but so it's it's not really on the forefront there but the fight against China in this this upcoming, battle that's not that should not be a surprise to anybody what's. What can Canada do here. Canadians. Canadians, and government need to reach out to responsible, actors in the American political system to, circumvent the president because here's the problem that the. True. Democratic. Interest in this, matter is global. Rules and. Making it clear that when you get a legal. Service. It's a legal event not a political, event the Chinese interest isn't discrediting. The, legal, system of the democracy is reducing it to their own level and saying there is no law only politics, and president Trump has endorsed the Chinese view that makes it very hard to arrive at any kind of satisfactory, solution, everyone. Needs to be on board around. This president the law is the law is the law and, Canada. Left, alone against China cannot win it doesn't have the clout so, there has to be a unity between the United States and Canada and again that means working around the president who can never be united with any Ally only with America's enemies but what's his incentive to do that. He. Has no incentive what you can rely, on those is forgetfulness. Irresponsibility, and procrastination. I am. Very inspired by the story of Gary. Cohn saving. The u.s. South Korea free trade agreement, by. Snatching a copy of it of the order Qasim off trumps desk that the parents will remember the concept of object, permanence see that is there's a point in a toddler's life where, you, know you teach it peekaboo but mommy's still there Trump, never, quite mastered. That that when you put peekaboo over his eyes he thinks mommy doesn't exist anymore and if you can take the paper off his desk he actually forgets it ever was there in the first place you know some people are gonna hear you and say there. You guys go again sort of infantilizing. The president. His staff infantilizes. Him it was his staff it was his it was his chief economic, adviser who believed if I take the pepper pepper, of paper off the president's desk the president will forget it's there not me it's chief of economic. Another. Big subject, here the Muller investigation. Look as a as, an. Outsider, who, lives in another country it's really hard to stay up to, speed on this I don't know you. Know there what 17, investigations. Done including the congressional ones I don't I don't know what. To watch for next. So can he help us this is why load has invented the spreadsheet. It's. True it's very complicated, and and, but. Here's what I think at least American. Voters, understand, they understand, that people are going to jail they, understand, that people have been indicted and they, understand, that the president has been implicated in felonies. But. The bottom line is we still do not know what. Muller knows we, do not know when he'll be finished and it's, sort of difficult, to. Imagine. What can happen next, until. That report, is complete okay tangibly, what are you watching, for your service I'm waiting well tangibly so I think the one of the most interesting pieces is this National Enquirer piece if you've been following that along so.

Basically. The National Enquirer is now, have, come to terms the Justice Department they've been actually talking to them and in offering, ups the. Facts, behind this and whatever comes out of that I think is gonna be really telling to what, happens that Muller investigation, the, president's almost at a time for countermoves but. Having. Talked about his deficiencies the. President is a survivor, he's very tactical, and, he's very fierce. He doesn't have a lot of time to, stop. The Justice Department and other institutions, from gambling after him but if he doesn't stop them they will come after him so what will he do with, the small amount of time and the dwindling array of resources he's got that's what I'll be watching okay very quickly one, sentence from everyone because in ten days time we'll be talking about the Year in 2019. So around the table what in, one sentence what's your prediction I'm. Fearfully. Anticipated, softening, global economy, worsening world financial markets oh it's so cheerful penny I predict. There will be twenty plus people running, for the Democratic nomination and, in 2019, also, a nightmare I think, for every one of those Democrats we'll have a new nickname on Donald Trump's. Thanks. Very much everybody, we will see in ten days time, and. Still, ahead on the National she was born with, hearing loss but now at six months sounds have become clearer, how, they fixed it and how they copped the problem in the first place on the other side of the break I hear. That, yeah. It was neat to see, almost. A new world open up for her first. Though, a look at a story you'll see here tomorrow night when, they fled Syria for Canada they were forced to leave family behind that. Is until, now Susan, ormiston is there as they finally, reunite, at the airport here's, a preview. On. Arrival date Aniki. Is waiting, with Zenith the trip from Lebanon has taken two days and the flights been twice delayed. Then. Finally. Dura three-year. Wait, Mohammed, amberyan, Ida Abdulkareem. Emerge. Greeting. Their daughter-in-law. Meeting. Their grandchildren, who barely remember them. It's. Your grandfather, she says. Kenan. Age 9 was raised by the grandparents. And he'll join his cousin's, a sponsorship. Group is responsible for the first year, of settling, in. He's. Grateful so, at the grand. The. Humanitarian, crisis, has got to receive the attention that it merits. Sharp. Words from members of the US Congress after a tour of several border, facilities, including. The one where seven-year-old Guatemalan. Girl died while in custody the, lawmakers, are asking for an independent investigation. Into, the child's death they're also seeking the resignation, of the head of US, Customs and Border Patrol, the. Intersection, shut down and they're. Doing donuts the middle the intersection. Wild. Video just released by police in Ontario, taken, by a police helicopter you. Can see more than a hundred vehicles blocking, an intersection, in Pickering. East of Toronto please, try to break up the group some people sped off one, vehicle though was boxed, in by police, at a gas, station the, 24, year old driver is facing several charges including. Dangerous. Operation, of a motor vehicle and, failing. To stop for police. And. The House of Commons looks, a little different tonight a little empty that's, because the desks where MP sit had been moved to West block or question period will take place starting next year senator, block will undergo renovations for. The next ten years. Well, talk about a complete, 180, for, a family, in Toronto they're, learning their baby daughter can, now do what, so many of us take for granted she can hear, music, laughter. In the world around her, Francesca. Was born with a rare condition that left her with hearing loss but thanks, in part to a new provincial screening, program, she, won't miss a thing our, Taylor Simmons has her story I. Hear. That, yeah. It. Wasn't that long ago Julia. Tara Basso, worried her daughter Francesca would. Never hear anything that. Is until one week ago when, doctors, switched on this green light and gave her the ability to hear. Okay, so that was such you it.

Was Just subtle it was looking, down and then, looking up and it was just it was unbelievable it was neat to see, almost. A new world open up for her in the way that she looked up Francesca. Was born with congenital cytomegalovirus. It's, an infection, contracted, during pregnancy. That, can cause hearing loss it's, only in, that. Degree. Of exposure so when mums get it when they're pregnant that it can be passed on to the child in a way that can cause hearing, loss amongst, other things. Francesca. Is the first baby to have the virus detected, through a new provincial, screening, program, if a newborn fails, their initial, hearing test doctors. Can now send a blood sample to test for the virus, they say the earlier they catch it the better baby's, here when they have normal hearing even in utero and so, the beginnings. Of speech and language foundation. Happen. You, know right away, about. 900, babies in Ontario, are exposed, to the virus each year and one, in five of them, experiences. Hearing loss. In. Francesca's. Case doctors, decided, to fit her with a cochlear, implant attaching. Small electrodes. To the inside of her ears and already, her, parents can see the difference obviously she didn't know that it you. Know makes a little bit of noise so the first time it was quite incredible, now, Francesca. Will grow up just like any other baby Santa, Claus is very good to us this year and this. We couldn't have asked for anything better I hear. That a. Special. Gift just in, time for Francesca, to ring in her first Christmas, Taylor. Simmons CBC, News Toronto. Up. Next on the National it was a Nova Scotia couples holiday, mission and it's. Her moment we. Had nothing to go on except. His age and a, light. Blue, Jeep, like vehicle, that, was all that we had to go on. But. First trailblazing. Actress. And director Penny, Marshall has, died perhaps still. Known best for Laverne and Shirley she, proved that single, working-class, women. In a changing, America could be as popular, as anything. Else on TV, and. Maybe what made Laverne so relatable, was that in a lot of ways it was just Penny Marshall being, herself. Why. Would a doctor be unemployed. He. Was so good he cured, everybody. She. Was loud neurotic. Often, inappropriate. She was smart, strong, independent, and, so, funny. Penny. Marshall struggled. To find good TV work at first but in 1975. Big Brother and Happy Days creator Garry Marshall, cast, her and friend Cindy Williams in, roles that changed, their lives Laverne.

And Shirley first, appeared as love interest, for Fonzie, and Richie the, audience adored, them so ABC launched, the hit spin-off, that ran for almost two decades Marshall. Then parlayed, that into success. Behind the camera. With. 1988's. Big she became the first female director to, crack a hundred. Million dollars at the box office a string, of hits follows awakenings. A league of their own which. Remains, the highest-grossing. Baseball. Movie of all time and, the, preacher's wife a popular, remake of an old Cary Grant classic. 75. Year old Penny Marshall died at her home in Los Angeles due, to complications from, diabetes. I. Nova. Scotia couple was just trying to do a good deed helping, a man find his car by driving around a busy mall parking, lot but. He left all his holiday shopping in their car the, lengths they went to reunite, him with his Christmas gifts is our. Moment of the day we. Were getting ready to go home and I was putting my packages, in the back seat and I was like oh you. Were shopping - what did you buy me and he's like oh my. Goodness, that. Belongs, to that guy we, couldn't find him so on, the car drive back I started posting please. Stop please share on Facebook. I received. Two inbox. Messages, and both. Gentlemen, knew. Knew. The guy, he spoke with my. Husband, and. He. He. Was joking about it I was so, proud. Like. Just everybody, and the steps that they took. So. Where did all this kindness, happen, at the mi'kmaq Mall in Dartmouth. And Darlene says she and her husband are new to the area but her husband's a bit of a talker and. So it was just very much like him apparently, to sort of start connecting with people and, help somebody out and I guess from the moment things. Started going wrong a lot of things have to go right right so so the couple they were apparently, impressed. / surprised. That that no one for example tried to call in and and falsely, claimed the, shopping as theirs and and just think if anyone else had been in their position, I mean, maybe they just would have taken that you, know what was it Eddie Bauer shopping, bag and just kept, it for themselves and, one of the great things about this moment of course is it's a reminder we live in geographically. A big country and a lot of people kind of look at this modern, error with our our faces buried in our smartphones, as being a cold technological. Age but we're really a series of small towns right and this is a very small town thing even in a city like Halifax, that, people just got the word out and they finally found the, guy who, left his Christmas presents, in the car I think that's a very sweet moment, for us to end on and that, is the national for December the 18th good, night. You.

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