The National for December 26, 2017

The National for December 26, 2017

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It's, Tuesday, December 26th. And this is the National tonight, it, is the shot seen round the world the first photo of Royalty's Fab Four together and the single mom who took it as quite a story to tell here. In Canada, there was one four-letter, word heard right across the country today cold, but. We begin with the death of a hockey legend, the beloved goalie, of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Hall of Famer Johnny. Bower. Pop. He is a sport, brimming, with legends, still there, was no one quite like Johnny. Bauer, we. Hope that we can win. The Stanley, Cup I'm certainly, hoping. That even at my age we, couldn't win it know something, I'll never forget, that. Is the charm and the grace of the Leafs legend. He. Made his first set of goalie, pads from old mattresses, borrowed, his first skates the, Bauer's first, career, was, a soldier he, lied about his age was just 15, when he enlisted to serve in the Second World War he, didn't solidify, his NHL career, until. He was in his 30s you can see Johnny Bower in the goal down there here's a player coming in on him indignant definitely at, an age when most careers, would fade Bauer became, unstoppable. Nicknamed. The China wall he. Had more than a decade, with the Leafs an indispensable, shield, for, four Stanley, Cups gracious. In victory, could, have gone either way and. And. Long, after his own eyes career, was over he was a scout, a coach and finally. The Maple Leafs Goodwill Ambassador raising. Money for charity, advocating. For veterans hours. Life of stopping, pucks and moving hearts ended today after. A brief battle with pneumonia he. Was 93. So. The hockey world is now mourning, but earlier, today for Canadians, at least there, was some celebrating. As the world Junior Hockey Championships. Got underway. Two. Quick goals for, Canada early in the first period against, Finland laid the groundwork for victory, Canada, won the game 4-2 - and is looking to win its first gold medal at the tournament, since, 2015. Now. On this night after Christmas. People are facing more than just leftovers. And hangovers. To. The east it is the aftermath, of Christmas winds that how old across, the land like, a pack, of vengeful, banshees. No, tree or power line was safe to, the west Jack Frost with a pitbull, bite Ron. Charles takes, us into the cold. Edmonton. Feels like, it looks bitterly. Bitterly, cold. The, temperature, bottomed out at minus 32, at 7 o'clock this morning as, the deep freeze gripped, much of Canada. This. Being, Canada. Many Edmonton, Ian's weren't about to let the sudden chill ruin, a day off. I. Don't stand, the cold but I'm trying we're trying to raise a hardy or guy than I am staying warming the way they're dressing, layers like you can have some few, teen layers and then exercise if you're standing in one place you're gonna get cold no matter what. And. Yet. Standing, around was exactly, what these people did in Winnipeg, where the temperature, dip to minus 30, but, Boxing, Day bargains. Beckoned, in spite of the extreme cold warning. The. Cold snap combined, with people staying in over the holiday, long weekend, has been hard on car batteries, or, into day three of minus 30 through. The night and through the day and we're finding that a lot of people's batteries. Aren't just cold they're frozen rock-solid, compared. To that it might seem positively. Balmy, here in Toronto at minus 11, still, the city's medical officer of Health has issued an extreme cold weather alert, because with the windchill it can feel as cold as minus 23. The, alert Spurs city, officials, to open temporary, shelters, for people living on the street. The. Annual sit-down, dinner at throughout those Good Shepherd, shelter, took on special meaning in the cold if, it wasn't for the kindness, of strangers, I'd. Be eating snow. So. I appreciate. It I appreciate, what people do shelter, spaces are pretty limited and we're turning people away every night because our dependence, and capacity, so that is a real issue for us and.

Being. Able to provide this during the, middle of the day means people will be able to come from the cold sit down, fill up their bellies and, be. Warm the, extreme, cold and much of the rest of the country is expected to continue until at least Saturday, Ron. Charles CBC, News Toronto. Thousands. Are still without power in, nova scotia after. A Christmas Day windstorm, the grid is bouncing, back but the Christmas dinners, that were plunged, into darkness as Shaina Luck tells us those are beyond recovery. This. Was music to Chris Ingram's ears this morning after a night without power, or heat, this. Is kind of chilly yeah. So. Chilly he could see his dogs breath when they woke up their, power isn't expected, back until late tonight so the family will sleep huddled together on an air mattress in, the living room this. Seaside, neighborhood, lost power just as the Christmas turkeys were going into the oven Christmas, dinner was peanut butter and jam sandwiches, chips. Well some managed to cook their turkey on the barbeque when, this couple went out to secure the back deck the wind was pushing their barbecue, around I really, thought we were gonna lose the deck in this the shed we had to strap, her all down and running. Around out, there things. Blowing around and, it. Was it was like a hurricane I could see the, neighbors fence was blowing and, I. Thought it was gonna go down and it did just, down the street Teresa yet Minh was home with a lantern and a book it was scary. The. Winds picked up just before the power went out actually, so. I've. Never seen it blow so hard, gusts. Up to 100, and 10 km/h, snapped. This entire, row of power poles like twigs more, than 600, Nova Scotia power personnel, were called in to help make repairs. 80. Extra, crews have been added with some coming from New Brunswick to help clear the fallen trees that smash down lines across the province we, feel confident, with with, that work. Plan at this point, but, overall, we recognize, that there are still customers beyond that and so we're working - about noon tomorrow, and while, there were some close calls there, were no injuries, reported due, to the storm this. Couple is taking, it all in stride it, sounds like quite an adventure, you had this. Most. Exciting one so far yeah yeah Shayna. Lux CBC News Halifax. To. The west coast where the temperature was hovering around freezing in, Vancouver, hundreds, of shoppers, looking, for Boxing, Day deals, inadvertently. Caused stress and frustration for travelers. Just hoping to catch their flights. So. This was the scene this afternoon, heading towards the Vancouver, Airport a solid, lineup of cars bumper-to-bumper, trying. To get to an outlet, mall which, is located right next to the terminal, now. To. A story about an unexpected. Last-minute, Christmas, present have a look at this. This. Is probably the most famous photo, in the world right this moment royal, couple's Prince William and Kate with Prince Harry and his fiancee Megan on their, way to a Christmas Day service perfectly, framed beautifully lit, obviously. The work of a master royal, photographer. With years, of experience right not. Quite a devoted. Royal watcher, just happened, to beat out some of the world's best photographers, at their own game with her iPhone, Neil Koch so has her once-in-a-lifetime, story.

It, Was a day of twists. As much, as tradition, more, than a few firsts, there. Was that first curtsy. For Megan Marco before, the Queen the, fact she was even invited, was an extraordinary, first. For the monarchy, and it was in this giddy crowd that self proclaimed proud. Single, mom Karen. Anvil and her daughter Rachel, Murdoch hoped. To, catch a glimpse. Went. Through all the security there. Was a gap. There. Was this gap from, that vantage, point she captured, this the, first photo of Kate and William, Megan and Harry together. The, dozens of seasoned Royals photographers, missed, out and, one of them said he. Looked on swear. Look. At this. What. Is it about. This. Foursome, this new generation as you put it that's so appealing to you that. The fact four of the future aren't they really. The, Fantastic. Four I love it I love it I just they, looked perfect. So they represent. They're. Amazing, and they just they. Make us look so good sure they do I'm so proud and they're relatable. And they. Are current, and. Not. To the monarchy, this, is the kind of adoration, their future, depends. Upon Karen. Anvil shot posted. On Twitter - just a handful, of followers. Exploded. She, has a photo agent, now and a licensing, deal the, money she says will go towards, her daughter's university. Education. You've. Gone without for, me and it's it makes me feel really good to know that someone could. Do. This for me their. Closeness this. Photo might. In the end be the. Best shot neat, cook saw CBC News London. All. Right so how much is that photograph, worth will we ask Karen and she said she's not a hundred percent sure what she'll, end up with in the end perhaps. Not enough to put her daughter completely through university but she said it should be enough for a, new car. Now. Tensions, between. The United States and North Korea have escalated, sharply, this year fueled by Donald Trump's tough talk and Kim, jong-un's repeated. Missile launches, as Jacqueline Hanson reports Pyongyang's. Threats, to conduct further tests, over the Pacific, is prompting, action, by the global community. In. Recent, months living, next to North Korea has, meant being a neighbor to a country, actively, testing nuclear, weapons. North. Korean missile, tests, and threats of war have, spread fear in South Korea now. That country is taking steps to calm nerves today. Its government announced it is creating, a new team dedicated. Exclusively to, monitoring, threats from North Korea while. The move is symbolically. Significant. Experts. Say it does little, to counter, or protect. From, North Korea's nuclear capabilities, there, is always a concern, that the increasing, of capabilities, could. Also increase. Accidents. Escalation, with North Korea as well still, South Korea isn't the only country, trying, to make proactive moves, today. The United States sanctioned two North Korean officials, both, involved, in their country's, missile program, and known. To be favorites of North, Korean leader Kim jong-un. Before. Leaving the White House Friday President, Trump made a point of saying he would discuss, North Korea over the holidays, I'll be working very hard during that Christmas, because we have many things were talking about including, North Korea Russia. Wants the u.s. to go one step further to, talk with North, Korea and has, offered to be the mediator, if both, countries agree a spokesman. For the Kremlin said Russia's. Readiness, to clear the way for de-escalation. Is obvious. North. Korea has shown no signs of backing down with, North, Korea's continued testing we're, very concerned that the, US response, to that will be of great, military, pressure, increasing. Concerns, that the new year will bring more, tension, more, tests, and more. Fear. Jacqueline. Hanson CBC, News Washington. The. International, community has been ratcheting, up sanctions on North Korea all year, in the wake of its repeated missile tests. With. Those in favor of the draft resolution please. Raise, their hand just, last week the UN Security, Council imposed new, punishments, against the country designed to strangle.

North Korea's energy supplies, it's, all in an effort to get the north to abandon its, weapons program, even, China, one of its last remaining allies, supports. The sanctions, and they, are having an impact on the Kim regime, China. Is the main, source of North Korea's fuel Chinese. Data released, today shows, it exported. No oil products, to its isolated, neighbor last month this, includes, gasoline. Jet, fuel diesel or fuel oil. Canada. Has imposed economic sanctions which, include a ban on all, exports. To North Korea and imports. From the country and in response to today's new US sanctions foreign, affairs minister Chrystia Freeland office. Told the CBC, Canada. Actively, supports, the UN Security, Council resolutions. And other international. Measures that, pressure the North Korean regime, on. Vancouver. Island police. Are investigating an, apparent double homicide, after, two children were found dead inside a home on Christmas Day. It. Was shocking it. Was a quiet night I, was, doing my laundry of, all things on Christmas and. When. I went, down, to the main floor I just wasn't. Allowed there was cops, in. Officers. Found the bodies of two small children aged, four and six in the community, of Oak Bay just outside Victoria, a third person, a man was, also found injured and was taken to hospital police, say that, while foul play is suspected there's. No reason to believe the public is at risk. When. We come back the first in our series of reporters, notebooks. Evans has the story behind the, story of. The famine in South Sudan and later. The race for nuclear, fusion, could, ABC, startup be the one to find the holy grail, of physics. And. Overrun us someplace, outside. Maybe. You'll find you somebody else. Which. Is plenty to worry about. Even. If you happen to feel pretty good at the time. But. You live in a town any. Time and. You spend most of your time as if you know what it's all about you. Know where you're going and, really. You don't know because it's a town that's going you're. Just along for the ride. You. An. Emergency, aid helicopter. Thrumming towards. Its target in, the skies above South. Sudan, a land, scorched, by more than the Sun these, days. We. All know it can be a cruel world out there with deep pockets of madness, and misery, this week we're using our journalism to revisit, a few of those we're asking the reporters, who covered, those stories to tell us in their own words what they saw what they heard and why it matters we, begin our series of reporters, notebooks with Margaret Evans who, went to South Sudan. Pennies. From heaven a, drops. Like these remain, crucial for, so many in South Sudan. Chaos. I mean the country is in chaos. It's. Not an easy country to get into as a journalist, it's, not a key easy country for eight agencies to work in but, it was all happening so there's, the contrast, of that chaos.

With. This, enormous need of the country. An. Emergency, aid helicopter. Thrumming towards. Its target in the skies above South, Sudan, a land, scorched, by more than the Sun these, days. X. Marks, the spot for. A massive, food drop in the heart of one of the country's two, declared, famine, zones. We. Went on one flight with. With. The World Food Programme to. Unity State which was the heart of the famine where they were doing, a food drop and we, got to touch down there and, talk, to people who'd been waiting, for, a month for, an airdrop, these. Are people who had fled the fighting some, of them had. Had, you know been living in swamps. And eating water lilies to survive as, they fled, because. The other side of course of what's, happening there is is a. Civil, war that some say, has turned into ethnic, cleansing, three. Years of civil war in South Sudan have to placed hundreds. Of thousands. Especially. Here, in unity. State civilians. Say they're paying a terrible price for, living in rebel-held, territory. Elisa. The Akuma's, husband was shot dead she says when, government, soldiers attacked her village burning. It to the ground she. Hid in the swamps, with her five children. They. Sleep when they're too hungry she says and I go out and find the leaves of the trees that's. How my children survived and eating. Water lilies. The. Dark folds of one of the few primary health, care clinics, in the region, bonds. Between mother and child, stretched. Taut. Two. Year old Madhu ik Deng weighs four, kilograms and. Manages. To look older than the universe his. Mother walked two hours, to bring him here five, other children at home on their own no, husband, and the, firewood, she sells doesn't. Earn enough to feed them. Here. They're trying fortified, milk on deng. His. Grip on the feeding cup is a good sign. The. Number of children suffering, from acute malnutrition is, rising. Every day hearsay health workers. The. Parents, of the children who were struggling. Really. Accepted, us with, amazing. Grace because. You. Know we were a three-person, crew that, Stephanie, and Richard and I and kind, of barreling. Through these very difficult scenes, and quiet scenes I was amazed, with. That the dignity that that, these mothers. Mostly, mothers. Greeted. Us with and, these very difficult times and I'll never forget them and I'll never forget the the, children, that. Didn't make it, the. Ones that did too you know you just add there. Was a lot of silent, communication there was a lot of looking, into someone's eyes you, know looking into a little, boy's eyes and and and you, know asking. That question in, your head was was, one of the ones who is going to manage. To survive er was it too late. This. Is what starvation, looks like in the capital, Juba, Teresa, is so critical. She needs a feeding tube still, dressed, in her best for, her trip to the hospital. 4. Year old back also has acute. Malnutrition and, tuberculosis, on, top of that there. Is no money for his treatment. It's. Like entering somebody, else's, nightmare, and, you're. Trapped in there with them and so you understand. How trapped they feel and how helpless, everything. Seemed to be slow everything. Seemed to be quiet but, there were these just elemental. Struggles, going on between, you. Know a mother and a child is, trying to maintain, that link, you know and seeing I remember, one.

Little Boy named Bach who who. Didn't make it and I remember very clearly his, hand reaching, out to touch his mother's foot. Former. Breadbasket states, are no longer producing, food and head, nurse Betty, Achon, says those who came to Juba to escape hunger, and uncertainty. Find. It here too don't, know what will happen you. Just get to a salad full and one in your coming here we are just counting days we. Met in in Juba in the Children's Hospital a nurse named Betty and I. Don't know how she managed. To turn. Up at work every day because so. Many you, know so. Many of the, children in her charge you. Know we're slipping away and, we. Spent some time there, and. She. Was. Just. A tower of fortitude and said what else can you do. Four. Year old back died, two, days after, we met him disappearing. From sight like. Those people in the bush waiting. For a piece that may, never come. Margaret. Evans CBC News in unity, state South. Sudan. I'll. Tell you a bit more about some of those images you saw a little later in the program South Sudan, is the, focus of tonight's behind-the-lens. But, first if you're feeling a bit foggy from the festive season our next story is an energy, source of unimaginable. Promise. Fusion. Is always accused, of being 30, years away no matter when you ask I, think. We know it can work what we don't know is just. How long and how hard the combined. Financial. Technical. Path, is to get it there. You. Welcome. Hope you're enjoying the, cinnamon. Buns and vodka. I. Think, I've killed a man can. You imagine this, in, prison. I used, text backup I'm just like a question mark whenever I wanted a booty call, poor, thing buzzing. My apartment, for even pressing the entire internet, thinks your mother is dead, what is the source of this falsehood and what photo are they using. Being. Who I am and, having been involved so long and occasionally. In prominent, positions you. Hear these ideas all the time but I thought this would make some sense. Nuclear. Fusion, holds, the promise of changing, the world but so far it's, just meant a lot of work without a lot of workable, fusion, still, there are some serious, competitors, in the race including, a small, Canadian player our colleague. Frederick CELAC of CBC Radio Canada's, Daegu veldt has been sizing, up the field in the race for fusion. Energy. Of unprecedented. Power feeds, the Sun it's. Called nuclear. Fusion. Could, this unlimited. Clean energy source help us and our reliance on fossil fuels. Around. The world the race is on to harness fusion on earth whoever, succeeds will, change the future of mankind. The. Energy, content just in my hand right here is equivalent. To what. A family of four would need electricity for a whole year and, there. Is little downside no, risk of Chernobyl, or Fukushima. Fusion, is safe. To. Melt down run away is not. Unlikely, it's physically impossible. Big. Dreams but, even bigger challenges. It's. The only grail of physics and lots of people have tried and failed. In. The. Vancouver suburb, of Burnaby a warehouse, acts, as a makeshift, lab since. We started filming in 2009. This, has been the headquarters of general fusion. The. Unlikely, startup of Quebec, physicist, Michel, LaBelle. He. Left a good-paying job to. Follow his dream to, find a new source of energy to, save the planet, is, doable, warming the situation, is dire if we, don't fix that it's not gonna be good most fusion researcher, know that the ultimate, solution for energy is fusion this fuel is abundant, and cheap, so. I decide okay I'll do fusion. Fusion. Is the combination. Of nuclei, of atoms which, produce a lot of energy and no, carbon, emissions and. Unlike. Conventional nuclear, power, no. Long-term radioactive. Waste is produced, you. Can find one of the fuels for fusion deuterium. In almost, unlimited, quantity, in water.

Since. The 1950s. Scientists. Have been trying to harness fusion. Using, plasmas, very, hot gases, with charged particles. Heating. Plasmas, to hundreds, of millions of degrees helps. Overcome the repulsive, forces of the atoms, allowing. Them to fuse together and create, a lot of energy but. Easier, said than done over, and over researchers. Have failed these. Plasmas. Were unstable, wouldn't. Stay where you put them they, didn't stay there they couldn't get hot they didn't get hot they don't make fusion. Californian. Physicists, can it faller is one, of the pioneers of the u.s. nuclear, fusion program, he, began in 1957. Fusion, is always accused, of being 30 years away no matter when you ask I think. We know it can work what we don't know is you. Know just how long and how hard the, combined. Financial. Technical. Path, is to get it there. Back. In burnaby nischala, bears believes he can succeed, where others failed. When. We first met him in 2009. His warehouse, was almost empty except. For a large metal tube. Labash. Hopes to master the energy of the future thanks. To the technology of the past the, piston. The. Powerplant proposed, by General fusion, will have hundreds, of Pistons around a sphere the. Sphere will, be filled with rotating. A liquid land so as to create a vortex, in the middle a plasma. Ring made, up of a heavy form of hydrogen will, then be injected into. The middle, once. Every second all the pistons will push on the liquid lead trapping. The plasma, and compressing, it the. Compression, makes the plasma, very hot in a thousand, times denser. With. Greater heat, and density the. Hydrogen, nuclei, collide at high speed hitting, hard enough to fuse together and create, energy. The. Cost of building the prototype would, be more than a hundred million dollars, a modest. Sum in the world of fusion, but astronomical. For an ordinary physicist. We. Were putting a suit and a tie and going crawl on our knees to go please send money to. Get. There he's, had to convince investors, put. Yourself in the place of an investor, there's thousands, of physicists spending millions of dollar and they're not going nowhere and this little guy that nobody knows that have no name in the business come, to ask you for millions of dollar with this idea. As. Funding, was running short Labiche, had a chance encounter in, california, that would change everything, he, met can, it faller, being.

Who I am and, having been involved so long and occasionally, in prominent, positions. You. Hear these ideas all the time but, I thought this wouldn't make some sense. One. Investor, hired, Ken Fowler and he, came at general fusion look at how stuff and Andy conclude that they were no big showstopper this thing has actually a pretty good chance of working. Fowler. Wrote a favorable. Report on the general fusion concept, or report, that would open doors those. Who have not thought about that enough look, at it and. You. Know they don't see some, wingding, technology. God is supposed to work just by banging it with pistons if they haven't thought about that seriously. They. Don't appreciate what, a brilliant idea that is. Then. In July 2009. The, much, needed funding, came together, congratulations. I was hoping you would do some cartwheels today I will, do some cartwheels in the bank of Montreal in the chekalin all. Right, bye. Then, general fusion had raised 11 million dollars, to begin the work including, 2, million dollars from the federal government. While. A small DC startup was getting ready a large, fusion, project was already taking, off south of the border. One. Of the biggest, players in the global nuclear fusion, race is in, the San Francisco area. The. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Has, been conducting, secret research. To maintain, the US nuclear, arsenal. It. Has also been exploring, nuclear, fusion at the National Ignition facility known. As NIF. The. Most powerful, laser on the planet, is right, here, we're. Trying to recreate. Essentially. A miniature, star I mean it's very, ambitious. Right to do it with, a laser okay. And. To. Do it you have to get into extreme. Conditions, of temperature and, density. How. Does this powerful, laser produce, nuclear fusion, think. Of a magnifying, glass and of the Sun, most. People have taken a magnifying glass right and, focus. Sunlight onto a piece of paper well, with NIF you've, been out just a few Watts there, thousand, times more power and a lot of power station in this country and. When we focus that, on the surface of this two millimeters sphere heated. Up then voila, recipe. For a star. The. Initial laser beam is split into two then, redirected.

Towards Two Bay's each, the size of a football field. There, the, beams are again broken up eventually, to form a hundred ninety two distinct. Rays. These. Rays repeatedly. Run the entire distance, of the base with. Each run boosters. Increased the Rays energy. The. Beams then converge towards, the middle chamber and a small golden, container. Inside. The, tiny sphere, which, contains, the fuel for fusion. We. Start to prepare the, facility, because we can create a very large amount of neutrons. These. Are potentially. Lethal doses, of neutrons, in the target base so we, really want to make sure that everyone, has left the, facility. Neutrons. Released by, fusion can contaminate the, target, bait but, this kind of radioactivity, is of short duration. A. Large. Team oversees, the experiment, from this control room. If. There is the slightest, problem the extreme conditions necessary, for, fusion, won't be there and everything, stops. So. No, risk of nuclear meltdown, lecture, Nobel or Fukushima. Fusion. Is safe. You, know I said meltdown runaway is not. Unlikely it's physically impossible it's. So difficult to get, it going three, two. One. Shun. Under. The effect of lasers, x-rays. Form inside the container, and bombard. The target, it then. Becomes 30 times smaller and implodes. In a fraction, of a second, a fusion. Reaction follows. Releasing. A lot of energy. So. That is the beauty of that that you can create this 50 micron, little star in the center of the target chamber and. Take. Picture of that because it only exists, for like, a trillionth. Of a second long, even. That can create so much power mega. Joules of energy it's, just like a little miracle that you can achieve that. Since. The first tests, in 2012, the, team has made a lot of progress but. The, ultimate goal of producing a thermonuclear burning. Plasma has, not yet been attained. And. If you will is not as nice, and cleanly behaved when we compress it as we, put hope for but. We. Have I mean a whole slew, of issues that we are working on to improve that the. Challenges, are tremendous, but the rewards, are even, more tremendous right that you don't want to give up a little. Spin on the bike. You. Back. In burnaby the small general, fusion team has no time to worry about competition. They. Are busy building key, components. Of their fusion device so. Guys, can. We have a couple of cable, ready for tomorrow. They'll. Be putting the plasma, injector, to the test. Lavage. Makes one last round to check that the machine is ready, this. All go to high voltage, so if you leave piece of metal like this on him it'll. Explode. Lots. Of energy in there aha. A washer. Washer. In the work that could be that. Okay. Is everybody ready I don't. Know, everybody's. Done is, this ready to go powering. Now firing. Ding. It. Went ping. Any, one one mode the. Results, reveal, a key problem with the temperature of the plasma goes. Cold really quickly so if the temperature dropped faster than we squash it it'll just go colder colder colder and we're, not going to do any fusion.

If The. Plasma cools, off too quickly, all of lobos's efforts will have been wasted the, team goes back to the drawing board. Meanwhile. Even, bigger competitors, in the fusion race keep turning up. When. We come back the Big Daddy of fusion, projects. Well. Take that in, the world of cyberspace, a message, sent in capital letters like that one is a real no no it's like picking up the phone and shouting, at the person on the other end well. So how do you communicate emotion. On the Internet, well, those, clever, internet, cadets have come up with a special set of symbols and a code of conduct called, of course netiquette. And. Joining. Me now from the mid day office to show us how to behave in the wired world is Jim Carroll author of the Canadian internet handbook. Hi Jim. So if I write, to you on the internet in uppercase, letters a it's, really rude people, get stressed about it I mean it's difficult to read it's it's it's difficult to understand it's not easy to read and people get a little bit concerned, about that type of typing my, goodness, so I guess there's a whole way. You have to operate when you're writing, on the on the Internet can you give us a few of the basics, well the psychologists, have actually studied it and I guess the key problem is that you don't see the normal body language, of somebody, speaking when you're sending electronic, communications. Through the internet so there's a few things you don't do you don't send capitals stuff. All in capitals people call that shouting, and. They do say it's difficult to use another. Thing is that when you write a note you shouldn't, copy in everybody, it's it's very easy, to. Send a message to the president of the organization, and send them the same message to 300, people at the same time that. Certainly causes a lot of people stress because I mean people simply start to get too. Much electronic, mail it's it's too easy to copy into many people and, probably the third thing it happens to a lot of people it's a really strange. Development, but what happens with people an electronic, mail is they. Can write something that they might not otherwise say, or ever put on paper they. Can get very angry very quickly and type type. With anger into the keyboard we. Call that flaming and. In, somebody. Explaining somebody does it at some point at some point somebody using electronic mail will send something then though they'll really regret it later because I'll say things that they didn't mean to say so, you actually have a term for people. Who are angry who are writing notes oh yeah and it happens regularly you can see messages from people you, wonder why did they ever send me that boy in a really bad mood when. They typed it out amazing, all right well is there a site on the Internet where you can find all the things you should and shouldn't do and there's, all kinds of sites psychologists, are studying it sociologists.

Are Studying it's it's it's it's really a point of fascination, for a lot of people this, is an example site that we have here a beginner's, guide to effective, electronic, mail and it gives you a lot of tips and pointers about. What you should be doing in your messages what you shouldn't be doing how. To write the message how to enunciate, the, some of the key points that you're trying to make the, fact that you shouldn't type in capitals just some of the do's and don'ts or the information highway now there are all these symbols that you can use for. Communicating. And what. Are some of those symbols, well people call them emoticons, I guess people came up with third message emoticons. And. It means emotion, icons, and and people came up with methods to to, say you know this is this is how you can get across that you're happy that you're that you're sad that you're angry or. That you're winking at someone and what they do is they type in little computer symbols and, when. You look at them sideways they represent, something okay, so the first one we saw there was happy, and this one when the, happy, one is on its side what does that tell us that, tells us it's a happy face and, that means if you look at it sideways there's the mouth there's the nose and there's the the. Two eyes. Welcome. Hope you're enjoying the, cinnamon. Buns and vodka, I. Think. I've killed a man can. You imagine this, in, prison, I used, text sack have fun just like a question mark whenever I wanted a booty call, poor thing buzzing. My apartment, for even pressing the, entire internet, thinks your mother is dead what is the source of this falsehood, dad what photo are they using. I. Didn't, know there was people like that left in the war hello good body new season arrives January, 12th on CBC. Xampp. Lavon's region in the South of France an impressive. Construction, site looms over the landscape. It's, called feeder the most ambitious nuclear. Fusion project in the world, the. Eyes of the planet are fixed, on the crucial, experiment, that, will take place here. This. Is the dawn of being. Able to take the Sun and bring it down to to, mankind. From. This point onwards we're, gonna be able to be producing more than our G than we put into the system. 35. Countries have joined forces to, build this experimental. Reactor. The. Include members of the European, Union China. India. Japan South. Korea the. United States and, even, Russia, at. The heart of eater will be a large doughnut, shaped chamber, which will contain heated, plasma. So. We will have, here. This. Heated. Gas it'll. Be heated up to about 150. Million degrees Celsius, we're. Pretty sneaky the way that we hold this thing in place is by creating. These powerful magnets. Nobel, prize-winning soviet. Physicist, and raised Sakharov, invented. This concept the, tokamak, in the 1950s. The. Tokamak is a machine which traps, very hot plasma, using, magnetic fields, the. Magnets will be able to create a huge magnetic field that holds this hot, plasma, in place and and. Then that will allow us to hold something 150. Million degrees. If the, plasma touches, the walls of the chamber it, cools off quickly ending, the fusion, so. These massive, magnets, are designed, to trap the plasma, in the middle of the chamber, preventing. It from touching the sides and losing, Heat. Other. Tokamaks, are already, in operation but. They all require more, energy to operate than, they produce. It. Simply. Doesn't hold the heat long enough, what. We now need is to go the next stop and and unfortunately, the, concept bigger is better it. Works here we just need to build a little, bit bigger machine that, holds the plasma a little bit longer to. Give us a better return investment. So. Eater, must be built on a much larger scale than all existing, tokamaks. The. Components. Are huge. Including. The magnets, some, of the biggest ever built, in the world. These. Magnets, are superconductors. They. Produce powerful, magnetic fields, but to operate that must be kept at a temperature of, minus, 268.

Degrees, Celsius. The. Plasma, inside the chamber, reaches, a hundred 50 million degrees five. Times hotter than the Sun. We've. Got a machine, of contrasts. That are incredibly, impressed, indeed you, bring very close in very close proximity the. Hottest. Point in the solar system and the, coldest point in the solar system and those, two are separated, by. One. Or two meters. Construction. And assembly of eater began, in 2007. And will continue until 2025. It, has come close to disaster because. Of delays and cost overruns which have tripled. The. Eater board has postponed, the date of the first fusion plasma, until, 2035. A delay, of a dozen years many. Including. The Americans, aren't, pleased. I'm. Not gonna kid you it is very tenuous support, at this point the delays and the cost increases, are causing a tremendous, pressure lots, of questions about whether it's worth it whether we should continue. If. Everything, goes according to plan eater, will produce 500, megawatts. Of energy just, a bit more than it will use up, to. Be profitable, a future, plant will have to be more efficient. This. Is a stepping stone from. Here we go to a thing called demo with. Demo that's where we're gonna actually be producing, energy for, every one watt in will, be returning at least four or five watts, directly, back to the grid. Back. In BC general, fusion can't match eaters, scale, but, the simplicity of their concept, using, old reliable, Pistons to compress plasma, will, be the optimal, solution, believes founder, Misha LaBelle. I'm. A very practical guy, but, when I designed something I always designed it such a way that I can build it myself I don't want to add something too exotic and difficult to construct. The. Team is assembling, a small-scale 14, piston, model to test different components. General. Fusion has managed to solve the crucial, problem of the plasma cooling, off too quickly. But. A key question, remains will, the plasma, be stable, enough to produce fusion, when it's compressed, short. Of building an expensive, full-scale, prototype, the team needs another, way to tests, its concept. At. A test site nearby, a small plasma. Injector, is installed, inside this container. Instead. Of Pistons the plasma, will be compressed using explosives. Which have similar properties. The. Biggest risk to general fusion is whether. Or not the physics of our scheme, is going to work we looked at the energies and the velocities that are needed to do our physics it's, very, similar to the energies and velocities that you find with high explosives. Next. Day the, explosives, are placed inside a ring at the top of the container. And. Everybody off the top the container please as. A, precaution. We take refuge inside another, container. Charging. The. Moment of truth the, team has only one chance to succeed. The. Team is anxious to see if the measuring equipment, and the, plasma injector, survived, the blast. The. Hole this. Is looking fantastic the last couple of times we actually blew the door. So. Just a review of that diagnostic head we had more or less at first the, results, seemed disappointing. The, compressed, plasma, was too unstable to generate, fusion, but. Recent, field tests, suggest general. Fusion may have overcome, that challenge to. The. Canadian startup is now raising funds to build its first large sized prototype, hoping, to reach the holy grail of energy in the near future I'm. Quite convinced, that fusion will run this planet one of those days now when is this one of those day that is a little bit more difficult to answer here. General fusion we would like to think about ten years. The. Race towards, nuclear fusion has turned into a marathon, and the finish line is constantly, moving. But.

Many Researchers, believe we, are now on the cusp of a breakthrough that will change the world and help. Us save our planet. For, the national, I'm Frieda exotic in Vancouver. Stay. With us now when we come back why, the picture, of a little boy in South Sudan was one of the year's most striking. For, a veteran CBC, videographer. I under. Me this is Alanis Morrisette the grade 12 student. This. Is Alanis. The teenage pop surprise of 1991. She. May be a brunette but, in the recording, industry Alanis. Now. Alanis is in demand. Enough. For rap star Vanilla Ice she. Seemingly. Overnight, sensations. Success. Hasn't come suddenly at all, Alanis. Has been working towards this all of, her young life. That. Doesn't make a lana's different from a lot of other girls with a dream something. Else does. She's. One of the most ambitious people, I've met, that's. Leslie how the Ottawa musician, who co-wrote Alanis, of songs and produced her album you, know when you're 14 years old and. A guy. Or girl whatever I think usually your thoughts, are and other things that other than trying to make a career I guess she says she's known right. From a young age she wanted, to be a singer and she's. Done, everything she can to make it happen. Everything. Including. Recording a demo and shooting a video in Paris, when she was just 14, we. Sort of didn't. Really hold back I he went over to Paris. And we did the video and we, sort, of wanted, to make it something, that people would get on their desk and not just keep it there they'd look at it go ahead you. Know so we tried our best and I think all kinds of things combined, with. You know I good. Song and I, guess I was young and stuff. Ilana's, will did they're almost unclaimed, territory, in the Canadian music scene the, market for a pretty teenaged, homegrown, pop singer industry. Watchers say she has a towns in the drive to go as far as she wants or as far as real life will let her. After. All there, is school Ilana's. Wants to graduate from Ottawa's gleep collegiate, this year. Monday. January 8th our murder, victim. Gaston. For life has Murdock in for dangerous, rock. An. All-new Murdoch mysteries returns, January. 8 on CBC. The. National, has also been looking back at some of the year's most memorable. Images, and hearing. From the people who were behind the lens London. Videographer, Richard divi was with Margaret, in South Sudan, and. Amidst. All the suffering the shot Richard, found the most arresting was, that of a little boy. The. Power of images in its simplicity. And, in its rawness and truce. Well. The scene was. Quite. A difficult scene actually it was a young kid weighs. Four kilograms he. Looked so frail it looks like he doesn't even have a shadow. We. Were taken on a tour of this very very small little ward and I, was literally, behind. A small little wall actually so I was slightly, at an angle of 35 45. Degree angle away from a young boy I literally. Just picked up my camera put, it on my shoulder and did everything handheld. When. This this. Little, mug, of magic, was put in front of him he. Immediately focused, on this thing and an SSID, took it to his mouth and he he just all his attention, all his attention was focused just on getting that food and he. Did it twice and, then when he had finished he was completely spent and he rolled over, look she lay down his.

Face Was covered in perspiration his mother was trying, to cool him down and keep the flowers with him with this cloth and he, went to sleep and it, was quite remarkable it's, all about survival. That's. When it gave me hope that. There, is this thin line between life, and death and it's well somebody actually to take the food and not take the food do they have the strength to do that. Last. Week Amnesty, International Canada. Cited Margaret Richard and producer Stephanie Jen's er for, their documentary work in South Sudan it, said quote, the CBC team brought focus, to profoundly. Disturbing, human rights violations, through, an artful, piece of reporting, which is unparalleled. In, Canadian. Journalism and that. Is the national unboxing. Day thanks for watching good, night.

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