The National for Friday August 24, 2018 — Hurricane Lane, CPC Convention, B.C. Wildfires

The National for Friday August 24, 2018 — Hurricane Lane, CPC Convention, B.C. Wildfires

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On. This, Friday night tracking, hurricane, lane the slow-moving. Heavy storm. That's been hitting Hawaii hard we'll, show you the damage and the frayed nerves caused by huge rains and flooding and we'll catch up with Canadians caught in what's usually. A weather, paradise, a shocking. Change for a place that's almost never hit like this also. Tonight more troubling news for the US president, as the immunity. Deals for his inner circle keep coming this time it's the top financial, executive, of the Trump Organization bringing. Investigators, closer, to its core as. The saying goes follow. The money this, is the national. A. Storm. Like this is a very rare, thing in, Hawaii but this is what people woke up to on the Big Island today. Some areas there have already seen almost a metre of rainfall. Which is an incredible, amount of water take, a look this is rainbow falls near the town of Hilo a couple of days ago and this, is what, it looks like now. People. In some of the hardest hit neighborhoods have. Already been told to get out before it's too late lane is causing, intense, flash, flooding, and landslides. And conditions. Are expected to get worse as the night goes on. This. Is a live shot of Honolulu, which is six hours behind the eastern time so there's still quite a bit of daylight left and you can see how rough the water looks Lane now passing, dangerously, close and just to give you an idea of how enormous, this, storm really is take. A look at this this is what Lane looked like this morning as a category, three hurricane now. Fortunately it's, been getting weaker, downgrading. In strength, but make, no mistake it, is still packing, a punch some. Parts of Hawaii could see winds up to a hundred and forty kilometres an, hour storm, surges more than a meter above normal tides and of. Course more, torrential, rain. Officials. Are telling people to shelter, in place tonight and as Anita bath explains, that includes thousands of tourists, including Canadians. For. Canadians, hunkered, down in Hawaii, it's a waiting game this is debris everywhere for, now and this is just the start British Columbia in Jackson, Schafer has stocked up on supplies we have about, four flats of water our neighbors, that left gave us all of the food they had which. Was very generous of them and our. Bathtubs. Are filled with water long. Lines at grocery stores are the norm as everyone, preps it's, hardly any bread there and they look like they're getting low on water but people who are definitely stocking. Up the, Smith family, from Alberta goes to bed waiting each night, for the storm to hit we're. Getting impatient, now but more. Than anything but yeah a little bit concerned I mean we've never gone through hurricane, before, there. Are nearly 300. Thousand tourists, currently, visiting the state fights, back to Canada have been canceled, until at least tomorrow it's. Mostly, you know the wind and the rain and, the, high volumes, of this that we, we do want to avoid WestJet. And air canada had recovery, flights yesterday, bringing back as many people as possible they, called us around 6:30, in the evening last, night to say listen, we had this special flight that we're laying on can. You be at the airport in about two hours, Rob Cottingham, and his family, scrambled. Wrapping, up the boxes of supplies they bought, days before, cooling. Towel. Food. Little. Hot pot as, the plane took off we, passed through a layer of something don't, know if it was heavy rain or hail but there was a lot of thumping on the outside of the aircraft Cottingham. Is happy to be safe not, everyone, is so lucky the, lights have been flickering a bit but we still have power I've, heard, that there's areas, around this that have lost power completely, and. They're still trying to get that back in the meantime it's watch and see residents. And travelers alike, hoping, this is the worst of it I need, a bath, CBC News Vancouver. Now. One Hawaii resident, has been shooting and posting videos of the scene where he lives we, reached out and he's, tonight's witness. Again. Currently.

Standing On the singing bridge. What. Motivated, me to take. The drone footage pretty. Much you, know there wasn't a lot of people down there at the time and. I. Mean. We are, tourist. Driven with, the lava that's happened, and the past floods in Hawaii. You. Know I think it's kind of been rough for us so just just. To get something out there and you, know let the news agencies. Take it and share it. Maybe. To just give us some exposure you. Know it is a beautiful place and, like. My dad Hank has always said. You, don't get lush. You. Know look at this trees everywhere you, can't get lush paradise, without, a little bit of rain. Wow. But okay, a lot of rain is. What we've been seeing so meteorologist. Johanna Wagstaff you you've been tracking this storm for us can you walk us through the next 24, hours, well. Andrea Lane is continuing. To weaken, but that'll do little. To lessen the impact of the rain on the islands, in fact as the storm gets torn apart it's, actually slowing, it down so, actually. Enhancing. Those rainfall, totals colossal. Flooding. Not out of the question as it makes its closest, approach to the islands overnight, into Saturday morning and there's, so much uncertainty in the track a landfall, still can't be ruled out and here in the next few hours okay. And Joe how ready. Were people for a storm of this magnitude. Well. We've been, watching this storm for well over a week and officials, have been preparing, the island the islands, for a marathon, event, Hawaii, is a place that knows natural, disasters, volcanoes, earthquakes storms, and they're so isolated people. Are prepared, to be without food, or water for several days despite. That this is an unprecedented, storm, we've only had a handful, this strong come, this close to the islands and as I said with such an unusual, track, it's so hard to nail down that, final, forecast, really anything could happen in the next few hours okay, show Hannah Wagstaff thanks for this you're. Welcome. Okay. Here's what else we're working on tonight on the national as maxine Barnier gives his first interview, since announcing, his intention to, start a new political party catherine, cullen takes us to the conservative, convention, in Halifax, where unity, is the magic word and. It's a special day for the people of humble, Lord, Stanley's. Cup makes. A special stop in a town that is still healing, from April's, tragedy, but, first another, Donald, Trump confidante opens, up to federal investigators, the latest in an eventful, week for, all the president's. Men, two. Former, members of Trump's inner circle crash and burn in federal. Court while two other close, personal, associates, take, deals to save themselves. Here's, the week unfolded. Tuesday. Paul Manafort was convicted, on eight counts, all financial, crimes and within minutes Michael, Cohen pleaded, guilty to, eight criminal, charges of his own yesterday. We learned that trumps longtime, friend and business ally, National, Enquirer, publisher.

David Packer took, an immunity, deal to share what he knows and today, we learned that Alen weiselberger, the Trump organisation's, longtime. Chief financial officer, did the same bringing, investigators, right inside, the president's, business. Weiselberger. Is considered, by many to be the ultimate Trump, insider, privy, to the innermost workings of Trump's businesses, if there. Are dodgy dealings he'd, know about them now it's, not clear what weiselberger, has agreed to in return for immunity but, the deal is making a lot of Trump loyalists, very nervous, Keith, Pogue joins, us now in Keith this is not a small thing. Andrew. You, know for months now we've heard that when it comes to Donald Trump's business dealings the guy who knows where all the bodies are buried is his former lawyer and fix, her Michael cone the, same Michael Collin who was convicted this week of tax fraud bank fraud and campaigns, Pine Act violations, but the truth is that it's really Alan weiselberger kunos, more about the Trump business than anyone in the world not. Actually, named, Trump. Replacing. George this week is my, chief financial officer. Alan, weiselberger, back. In his reality TV, days Trump would sometimes invite, Alan Zweifel Berg to his show The, Apprentice to be a judge he's, never had much of a speaking part in the greater scheme of things but he has for many years been the most senior, executive, in the Trump Organization other. The members of trumps family he started out as an accountant, for the company in what it was owned by the president's, father Fred, Trump in the 1970s. Now, he's, not only the chief financial officer but one of just two trustees. Of the Trump Organization and, the other is Donald. Trump jr. when. It comes time for the financing, which will be listen, Watlington we'll. Have to make. It again, no no no. I got no, no his name comes up in this tape recorded, conversation. Between michael cohen and the president as they, discuss what is apparently a hush money payment, to a woman, who, claims to have had an affair with trump that's, what led in part to Cohen's conviction, this week and. I've spoken to Alan weiselberger, about, how. To set, the whole thing up, Wisel. Berg's immunity, deal was reportedly, triggered, by his cooperation in. The cohen investigation, but he could have much more to talk about with investigators, than, just that andrew right, and so Keith talked to me about the scope of the immunity does. It protect weiselberger, from prosecution, for all crimes. He might have been involved with well. We don't know because we don't know the details of the immunity, agreement it's, possible, he could have immunity for any crimes he has knowledge of and in, that case it would be a tremendous incentive, for, him to tell everything to answer questions, he hasn't even been asked what, we do know is that giving immunity to, weiselberger means, that investigators. Are more interested, in what he knows about other, people than they are in putting him in jail hmm, but but if not weiselberger, then, who might they be really, interested, in okay, again we don't know but it wouldn't make sense for, investigators, to give weiselberger, mmunity, so, they can go after smaller, fish they, must want bigger fish and the obvious, bigger fish or.

The Trump family and the president himself, Keith. Pogue in Washington, thanks very much thank. You. We. Have an update to share with you tonight on the health of one of the US presidents, most vocal. Critics, eighty, one-year-old Republican. Senator, John McCain, he's, been battling an aggressive form, of brain cancer for, more than a year now and has been away from Washington since December, well. In a statement his family, wrote John, has, surpassed, expectations, for. His survival, but the progress, of disease and the inexorable. Advance, of age render, their verdict with, his usual strength, of will he has now chosen to. Discontinue, medical. Treatment, it, went on to thank McCain's, caregivers, and his, many supporters. Politics. In this country have been dominated. By Maxine Barney a sudden, break from the Conservative Party yesterday, on the eve of its National, Convention well. Today Bernie eight took his pitch to power in politics, Vashti Capello's. I'm. Saying, too conservative, if you want to win the next election if you want to win with real conservative, ideas come and join us be with us but, also not only conservative, twenty, percent of the population, didn't, vote at the last election people, who are fed up and they don't they don't vote, so, these people I'm telling to them you know I'm doing politics differently. Conservative. Leader Andrew, Shearer on the other hand is looking to take back the spotlight, tonight and put barony behind, him but that's maybe, easier said than done Catherine : takes us to the convention, floor where shears once again rival still looms, large. By. The way that little weather system that passed over here yesterday it has gone that hurricane, has left the building, that, would be hurricane, max and, the Conservatives, are trying to blow him off as quickly as they can a time. To move forward what happened happened and hoping. For the you. Know glory, days for conservative party it's a tough situation we, wish mr., Bernier well however, I think now is the time that we need to be unified, as a party, and to, go forward, you think he represents a threat to the Conservative, Party of Canada I don't believe so but, not everyone, here is so quick to dismiss maxim Bernier, already, at odds with the party over not being able to run in the next election, former, cabinet minister Steven, Fletcher points.

To The leadership results, as a sign, Bernie a support, runs deep Maxine. Has. A lot of credibility when, he speaks about the, issues that he. Raises because those are issues that affect Canadians. In. Every case. But. When Andrew Shearer spoke to conservative. Faithful, tonight Bernays. Name didn't come up once, in a, 55-minute. Long speech, we, certainly are one big strong. United, National Conservative Party. He. Did however address, some of the topics Bernier, has glommed on to like. The city of victoria's, decision, to remove a statue of conservative. Prime Minister Sir, John a McDonald. She. Raised liberal, Prime Minister Mackenzie King 'he's attitude, towards, jewish refugees, fleeing. Nazi Germany. Well the Liberals work. To take his, face off the $50 bill, no. But. You can see how divisive this, approaches, how, destructive, this, is to. Our Canadian identity all. While Bernie a looks for a name for his new party, and even, says he could become Prime Minister next, year as inspiration. The man too, conservative. For the Conservatives, cites, former, socialist, Emanuel. Mac Hall he, decided to quit the party and forming. His own party as now is a present, of friends so, everything, is possible everything is, possible with ideas, I'm not, popular, ideas. Are popular. Conservatives. Are certainly hoping, Bernie isn't, popular and that they can keep the focus on their, ideas. And, turn the page on this fight Katherine. : CBC, News Halifax. Well. The most coveted, trophy, in, Canada, arrived, in Humbolt Saskatchewan. Today fulfilling a promise by a Saskatoon. Born hockey, hero. That's. A dream come true right Chandler, Stephenson plays for the Washington, Capitals and swore to bring the Stanley Cup to Humboldt if his, team won the championship back. In the spring today. He, made good Stevenson, played junior hockey in Saskatchewan, before joining the caps and once, played alongside Caleb, Dahlgren and Braden Cameron, both of whom survived, that, terrible, crash back in April. The. Cup being there means a lot to folks in Humboldt, our Olivia, Stefanovic, has more on how, the town is healing, how the team is rebuilding, and how, a coach's Widow is coping. It's. Every, hockey fans dream to, meet any chalice, and see, the sacred cup but. Canadians, everywhere, can agree that this stop this, summer is special, I really. Believe that they want to go out and. Play. Hockey play their hearts out for. For. Everybody that was, 29 and I think. It's something. That just is. Really, really important, to the youth in our community. More. Than 15, NHL, errs are kicking off the humble Broncos training, camp while. A fresh sheet of ice is laid for the new roster old. Value, is instilled, by former head coach Dorsey, Hogan remain, he. Would take a less skilled. Player over. Quality. Kid, community-minded. With, good attitude, all that stuff he would take that any day over the most skilled player that, didn't. Have those attributes right Dorsey. Was one of 16 killed, in April's team bus crash with, a semi trailer on the way to a playoff game people. Have said over and over what an incredible, group of kids was on that bus, like. Every single kid on that bus was an incredible, human being. Because. That was the culture that he designed. And he expected, he, and his wife Christina. Poured all their energy into the Broncos. You. Would stand like authoritative like. He. Was a very quiet coach he did not say much he always believed that you did your coaching during practice, and Darian once the game started, you let them play now. Christina, has decided to step back from her role as office, manager with, the team and watch the game from the stands it's, so different this year to start with and then just having Darcy not be. A part of it when he ran it and I was running the office and doing that we were both very very involved. The new players and coaches have a lot of work to do to, prepare for the season opener. September, 12 hits and it's go time but. Darcy's core covenant, has been painted, on the walls of the Elgar Petersen arena immortalized. Olivia. Stefanovic CBC. News Humboldt, Saskatchewan. And. Let's catch you up on some of the other stories we're tracking live tonight starting, with a Coast Guard operation, underway in Canada's north it's deployed crews to help a cruise ship that ran aground in Nunavut.

According. To the Coast Guard it happened near the community of cougar ook the ship involved, is operated, by the company one. Ocean expeditions. And, it has a capacity of, a hundred and sixty one people now, we don't know exactly, how, many people are actually on board but the company says all passengers, are safe and the, ship itself is reportedly. In ok shape -, icebreakers, are enroute. The. Us-mexican. Issues, inside, NAFTA are really. Complicated. We welcome the taps that the US and Mexico are. Rolling. Up their sleeves and, devoting, a lot of time to resolving those issues that's. A good thing for the US and Mexico and it's a good thing for Canada, Canada's. Foreign affairs minister, with some reassuring. Words she, says Canada will be back at the NAFTA, negotiating, table after the u.s. and Mexico sort, out their differences and that, the US and Mexico, are still committed to a three-way, deal that includes. Canada. And. Still ahead on the national check out what happens when one of the world's most popular, gun makers designs, an electric, car Chris. Brown shows us Kalashnikovs, answer to Tesla, plus, why all blood, could, be universal, type, o-negative in a few years we'll take you inside the scientific, advances, that are changing, the donation game and, staying. Behind to, fight the fires Karen. Halls goes inside the evacuation. Zone NBC. I am. Worried about my community it's a it is a big fire it's scary. It. Was big before, but the alkali, lake fire near Telegraph, Creek in British Columbia is now a monster. It's merged with three smaller, wildfires, swelling, to more than 1100, square kilometers, in the process, that makes it one of the biggest fires in the entire province, but. Northwest, of there right smack in the middle of BC another, inferno, rages at shovel, Lake thousands. Of people have fled but some have defied, evacuation. Orders risking, their lives to protect their, homes, Karen, Paul's is there.

My. House is just below the mountain. There behind. That church steeple, Miranda. Louie is one of the people who have stayed behind despite. An evacuation, order to, help protect homes from the shovel lake fire pretty. Worried but, you know I have a lot of faith in our firefighters. Water. Trucks stopped to fill up in the river before. Heading back to the frontlines, Louis, says their traditional, territory is. Being ravaged. By flames that's. Our food that's. Our way. That's, that's the way we feed our families throughout the winter and it's, all, being. Burned right now if. It looks bad from the ground. It's, even, worse from the air, crews. Are trying to save about a hundred and fifty homes on the North Shore a Fraser, lake you, can see flames as close as two hundred meters from the houses. Crews. Have burned fire guards, to deprive the fire of fuel get. People back their houses that's our biggest goal is to get people back in I think we're winning more than we're losing. Grant. Chief Edward John is here to see the damage he says more needs to, be done to plan ahead and prevent, fires and to, protect, communities, when they happen, First, Nations make up 55. Percent of the Canadian population. At. Least 50 percent of all evacuees, from, disasters. Are Aboriginal peoples, First Nations people so we. Were impacted, in a lot greater, way than many. Other people, this. Is the second, year in a row of devastating. Wildfires, it's why Noel katlow stayed behind to, fight it. It's. A it is a big fire it's scary you know I mean we, have elders and children, that are that, are gone to safer, pieces. As. The day ends tired, firefighters. Return, to camp for dinner it's, been a long day and it'll be back at it again tomorrow. Karen. Paul's cbc, news Notley, with ten First Nation BC. Now. We are also keeping an eye on an American, wildfire, that has people in Canada on alert the fire in Montana's, Glacier National Park. Is fast growing and out of control, and right across the border is Alberta's. Waterton, Lakes National Park.

We. Just want people to be prepared, have a bag ready with the essentials, in case we do have to ask them to leave, Parks. Canada deployed, helicopters, and fire crews today just in case. And. Next, on the National a story of two sisters orphaned, and separated, by revolution. Their emotional. Fight to be reunited in our special CBC short talk plus you, know his voice. Hi. I'm Robin Lee your host on Roberts the palatial playgrounds, around the world from, local landmarks, for the world's most lavish estate you'll, see it all. Robin. Leach forever, changed celebrity, journalism, when he took his viewers inside the, lifestyles. Of the rich and famous we'll, take a closer look at his legacy, just ahead. You. Our. Short dock tonight tells, the story of two sisters and. A bond that is unshakable. Vika, and arena, have been separated, for four years they were orphaned, during the Ukrainian, revolution, ten-year-old. Arena, was adopted, by a family in, Canada, Vika. Had to stay behind at, a rural boarding, school and now at 17, she's. About to strike out on her own, their. Ultimate goal is to be reunited, in Canada, but before Vika can move she has to navigate a difficult, life in Ukraine, here's, a look at an extraordinary. Long-distance. Relationship. Nice. To show you I. Think. Yes Alicia yes. I. Do. We even not decided okay not come. Yet. Yes. Lucia we were working, on anything yet I'm gonna block her father name, is not. Sure, you bet. I can give no crane a map I own. So. Petra. Please Emily not what to take. Yeah. Thought attacked by you. -. Karthik of it you, should separate on this our. Couch. I'm like a vomiting. He's. Got a better thing teen, musical budget, activities are gorgeous, so void numbers out it was a honey in emerge budgeted. Heroic. You. Which. Ball. Britannia. This. There was not arrived he there's, an avid park at the motion in the Moses fit, Academy, sweet, subject to the Perot special, Havarti days. A pinata, watch it. Ritesh. Mr.. Smart you a mom, I know, your sister brother said Kundalini, I love, school shiny premium, ali-tomás artist my that. Has the tendency neutral. You. Meant cutting slash seven ask Laura, Bush. Your heart was nice yeah, another, person of Allah is. That day I didn't work with the people. And. Then when I saw her I was just like in love like for, the first for. The first second I was like mmm. She. Looked like me in a childhood. Nietzsche, boom which is just a video Madonna, will do a marriage then. I saw weaker and that was kind of maybe. That's right to take them both but how can I afford it to financially. How can I do it. Because. Already, grown up. Family. Feeling, was so strong inside. Here, that's. What I said big I always have to keep this feeling. Like family, feeling you you have to always fight for your family. Whatever is left. And, then I told her if I don't more you're, gonna be in touch we, always gonna be in touch. If. I need Kanchana, look, mature upon. A player host, cannot. Oh I, thought. My she colossal, watching, christiane no I didn't, I shoot the percussionist, a baby couple she misses the. -. Yeah. But you just could shush shush. Chatty. Chicken. That's. Fine unique aside you live. School. Yet Samia Stein Eric, lamento. - j-josh. Creeper yacht, oh she, would've recognized. Be, lost on Hans von Meck Katya Buddha Jeremy, Tasha, Trevor's brother h2 Mosul tobacco which, I taught new diplomatic. Remove. The. Western edge did very sketchy to David Ross cleric town. Woman. Yeah not as nice as the Conchita, Universitat, prefer. To dissuade straight, on my booty amo. Snipey. Roboto. Boadicea. Moist Petrino's, language, - the. Huge. Money boola - and. Whose. Notice about the Holly. Janusz. New mala surely. As ruble upon time she reduced already no time delay course no. No. Cuñado, Zakhar, gone, yet. More yet katana, strike. Genetically. Regression. To the Cee, and. Temperatures. Occurred normal wanna bother, to hold me as our as, the. Heart. Of love for any reason when I come in, never, had a draw is you've never tried to more than. I believe my heart another day. She. Now she can, swim she can skate she can ski, she, can rollerblade. She, has birthday, parties, like. You. Know it's like in. American. Wonderland. Can. You imagine like she could could she have, anything, and, hung like that under the crane. It's. All material thing the main thing she has family. Just. With the booty like - it's justit is approaches Dylan died should Timmy a at the mama pop bubble. Screen rooster, it's. Not gonna saw, my butt sure it's a man checked when she does. It's. Just me should be keepers women. Now. There, have been a couple of developments since that documentary, was completed, in May there. Was this. Savita. Was granted, a short-term, visa to come to Canada when the film premiered at Toronto's, hot docks and she was reunited with her, little sister, after.

Sharing Her story with the world Vika, says it's like a weight has been lifted off, her shoulders, but. I will say that reunion was temporary. Vika, has since gone back to, Ukraine and is studying to be a hairdresser, she. Dreams of coming back on a permanent, basis. To. Watch the full longer version of Vika head on over to, /, short, docks there you'll also find more documentaries, by emerging, filmmakers, from, right across Canada. And. Still. Ahead on the national people, with own negative. Blood know they're. In high demand from Canadian Blood Services, I have. A little negative blood they, call me when they have a shortage, I come. But. New research means, that guy might get a break in a few years how scientists, are figuring out how to change, blood, cells coming, up. Tonight. On the national a police update in a dramatic, abduction, caught on video, north of Toronto they say tips from the public helped, them to locate, the 28, year old woman, she's, safe and in good health they say they, also believe they've identified the, suspect, they, say 27, year old Jonathan, McLennan should be considered armed and dangerous, he's. Still out there. Final. Preparations, underway in Dublin today ahead of this weekend's visit by Pope Francis it's, the first papal visit to Ireland in nearly 40 years but reception, this time around is expected. To be cool not, only has the church's influence in Ireland waned but there, is anger over the Vatican's handling, of sex abuse scandals. And. One. Of the top US public health experts was in handcuffs today after, being charged with sexual, abuse Thomas, Frieden the former director, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is accused, by a woman of grabbing, her without permission, he. Did not enter pleas, today on his three charges forcible. Touching sex, abuse and harassment. Well. It's turned to an ever-present need, across, this country last, week Canadian, Blood Service has put out an urgent call for blood donations. Especially, from those who are type o-negative since. In an emergency theirs is compatible, with all others, well. This week researchers. And BC announced they could be one step closer to helping make all blood, universal, Christine. Burak explains, just how, they might do it, would. You happen to know what blood type you are B+. Be. Positive, it's, definitely, in you to give but if you need blood it has to be the right type otherwise, your body will, reject it do you know what blood type you are yeah Oh positive, most. People are oh is considered, universal, blood it can be given to virtually, anyone, so it's often in a short supply but, Canadian scientists, think they've found a way to efficiently, convert, other blood, types into.

Oh People, are surprised, because it sounds odd they think that we're changing the blood type of an, which, would be a lot more scary but, we're only changing, the type of the blood that's being taken from that individual. Different. Blood types have different sugars. Stuck to the outside, of their cells except. Oh so. Scientists, have isolated specialized. Enzymes, found in our gut bacteria and, use, them to eat the sugars off the surface, of nan-oh, blood, cells essentially. Transforming. Them into Type. O they've. Tried this before with similar, enzymes, but those work too slowly making the process too expensive when we did a side-by-side test. Of the already. Existing best. Candidate, along, with ours using, using. The two of them side by side we, found that ours worked, 30 times faster, the cells are starting to clump on the on the left hand side so. That's a blood type-a a Canadian, Blood Services the goal is to save lives scientists. Here are excited, at the prospect of, having more universal. Blood this is where where modern science, is taking us in in transfusion, medicine and, blood products, is actually, we now understand. Enough about these cells to be able to to, make the blood product better for patients to get a better transfusion, outcome while, it wouldn't eliminate the need for donated. Blood doctors. And paramedics would no longer need to match donors, with patients, in emergency situations. Which, would undoubtedly save, lives but scientists, say they're, not there yet I think it's great if it actually comes, to fruition but. You. Know at this point I have a negative blood they call me when they have a shortage, I come, researchers. Still need to conduct clinical trials but, say blood conversion. Could, become a reality in as little as five years, Kristine, barracks CBC News Toronto. Now. We, have an update on that recent, appeal from Canadian, Blood Services, it, seems, to have been quite successful. The, target, was 22,000, donations, by this Sunday, ahead of the Labor Day weekend and they say Canadians, have generously, answered, that call, and they're now just 15. Hundred, donors away, from. Reaching the goal. Next. On the National the electric, car designed, by Kalashnikov. Chris, Brown will take us to the show lor and don't. Forget the, national today takes you inside our journalism every afternoon, that's our newsletter going deeper, on the top stories, and hey highlighting, the stories you may have missed today, Mike Pence's planned to put man on the moon again, and stay, there breaking, down the u.s. is planned for a moon base, subscribe. To our newsletter at CBC News ta / the, national. You. A. Very. Sleek and very fast, Tesla. Roadster, the electric sports car is said to be capable of going from zero to a hundred in, less than two seconds. Elon. Musk's dreamed that his company's cars would fill, North American, roads but, at, the other end of the electric car spectrum. There's, a very different vision nowhere, near as sleek, as the Tesla, nowhere near as fast but with, a rather menacing, pedigree. That's, because it's made by the same company behind. One of the world's most notorious and. Ubiquitous, weapons. But as, Chris Brown explains they're, not just about guns anymore. Well. You're looking at people, taking. Aim and pulling the trigger on. Ak-47. Assault rifles. We're, at Russia's. Largest military. Trade sphere and we're going to show you it's actually the biggest thing making news at. This year's, show and it's, it's, not actually even a weapon it's this. This, pale blue car. It's called the C v1 and it's Russia's first, entry, in the electric, car race, we, don't know much about it in terms of how, much it's going to cost they're. Not saying we're. Only told that it will go 300, kilometers, on one, charge it'll go from 0. To 100, in about, 6 seconds, now one of the things that makes this car, so interesting, is who makes it and that.

Is It's the same people that make those assault rifles, the legendary. Russian arms manufacturer. Kalashnikov. Now they've. Been branching out over the years they're not just about guns anymore they also making, sporting. Equipment camping. Equipment all. Kinds, of other vehicles, and now, also. Cars, reaction. From Russians, to, this new entries but a little bit mixed some people like the kind of retro, Soviet, design others. In social media are saying you, got to stick to what you do best and that's and, that's make. Make guns also interesting, some of the marketing on this really. Going on that this is the thing that's going to take down Tesla, this can be Tesla's, electric, car lots. Of hyperbole, for now obviously, they're, brand new at. All of this don't. Expect to be able to buy one of these in Canada anytime, soon though, Kalashnikov, is, on a long list of Russian entities that, have been sanctioned, by the Canadian, government because. Of the, very frosty relations, with, the Putin government Chris. Brown CBC, News in Moscow. Okay. Next on national, moment, of the day in which a dedicated, BBC. Radio reporter keeps calm and carries on despite. Getting tangled, up in the story literally, the. Latest forecast, suggests that I will, skirt the big island in around 12 hours time before. Brushing past Maui on its way to a walk. But. First, before, TMZ. Perez Hilton. And Gawker there was robin, Leach the British gossip. Guru, died today in Las Vegas at the age of 76. But in the 1980s, it was his show in that voice, that crystallized. The opulence. Of celebrity. Life. The. London born leech began, his career in newspapers. And after, moving to the u.s. in the 60s joined the fledgling, CNN, and the team that launched Entertainment. Tonight. Lifestyles. Of the rich and famous evolved. From that every. Week for more than a decade leech, would give frenzied, descriptions, of yachts mansions. And private jets the, more outrageous the, better we, take you right up the front drive and then we kicked the front door open and we say and, this, is. A million, dollar Lobby the, host became, as rich and as famous as the people he interviewed. He. Also wasn't above poking fun out of himself as, he did for Bill Nye the Science Guy. Welcome. To another edition, of lifestyles. Of the lodge and extinct. Lifestyles. Of the rich and famous ended, in 1995. But his, sign-off, phrase lives, on as a cultural. Touchstone live. Robin Leach with champagne, wishes and caviar dreams. When. A hurricane hits most, people take cover, but journalists. We try to get out there that's, certainly what BBC, North America, correspondent, James Cook, did when he was covering hurricane. Lane you. Know the saying if a tree falls in a forest and, no one's around to hear it doesn't make a sound well, you're about to hear what happens when that tree falls and a radio reporter, is around, just, listen to our moment of the day the. Latest forecast, suggests that I will, skirt the Big Island in around 12 hours time before, brushing past Maui, on its way to a walk. I'm. Alright yeah. I'm. Fine, well. That was unexpected. Yeah. I'm good, yeah. I'm all right don't don't don't move it tell me about I'm easier just to climb out yeah.

So. A lot, top aside it's, it seems like he was okay in the end and boy let it never be said that journalism, is not an exciting. Profession, and now. I'm gonna be looking. Up at the studio lights and the girders above me hoping that it doesn't all come crashing, down it can be exciting here in the studio as, well thanks. For joining us here on the program that's a national for this Friday August 24th. I hope you have a great weekend, thanks for joining us. You.

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