The National for Friday August 31, 2018 — NAFTA, Pipeline Reaction, E-Cigarettes

The National for Friday August 31, 2018 — NAFTA, Pipeline Reaction, E-Cigarettes

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On. This Friday night No Deal for, now nafta negotiations. Are on hold with no agreement, reached they're, taking the long weekend, to regroup, and maybe even cool, off Chrystia. Freeland says, a good deal is still very, much in sight but did Donald, Trump's off-the-record, comments, about Canada. Sour today's, talks also. Tonight anger, in Alberta the wait for the trans mountain pipeline gets longer, while patience, wears thin Plus, could, a new player in Canada's, East cigarette market completely, changed, the game a vape, pot with the same nicotine, as a pack, of cigarettes, not just for adults apparently, this, is the National. If. An after deal is reached and that is still an if at this stage it, may be in spite of the US president and not because of him the talks aren't over but they have been paused now until, Wednesday, as Katie, Simpson tells us Donald Trump's off-the-record, musings. Certainly. Weren't helping momentum. You. Will only agree, to, a deal that is a good deal for. Canada we're. Not there yet Donald. Trump had threatened, to cut Canada, out of NAFTA, if the Canadians, didn't, sign on to a new deal by today, but, that hasn't. Happened. Instead. The president sent a letter to Congress saying. When the talks finally, wrap up he's ready to approve a new pact, with Mexico, and with, Canada, if it is willing. The. President, was 600, kilometres from the negotiating, table but his presence loomed over the discussions, Trump, had to defend himself after, comments, he made about Canada. Off the record ended, up being, published I made a statement about Canada which is fine, because. I love Canada but, they've taken advantage of our country for many years Trump, said he would not make any NAFTA, concessions, to Canada, adding, if he said that publicly, Canada. Would be too insulted, to sign a deal but. I said in the end it's okay because. At least Canada. Knows how I feel so it's fine it's. Fine. Canadian. Negotiators, confronted. The u.s. about the comments, but later said that Trump's, views were not being, mirrored at the table ambassador, light Heiser and his team have been negotiating.

In Good faith and with. Goodwill that, goodwill, is going to be tested, when negotiators. Sit down again next week the, u.s. is pushing for Canada, to allow farmers, to sell more dairy products, north of the border while, Canada is refusing, to back down on demands, the u.s. drop, its request to kill the dispute, resolution system, we, have been very clear about where our, red lines are we've been very clear about where we, think there's room for give-and-take, this. Is something that we. Take seriously, as a renegotiation we. Understand, how, this works. The. One thing that everyone, agrees. On they're, ready for a break negotiators. Tried to cram weeks worth of work into four days and they, didn't quite get there Rosie okay, so where, is Mexico, in all this do they need to get back to the table at some point too the Mexicans. Were actually, spotted at the Canadian, Embassy for some meetings this afternoon but, they're not expected, to actually formally, re-enter the negotiations. Until Canada, and the US deal with all of their bilateral, issues okay. Caitie tools down for you for a little bit anyway thank you that's a CBC Katie Simpson, in Washington. The. US Capitol building where, much will be decided, in the coming weeks after US President Donald, Trump sent a letter to members stating, his intention to. Eventually. Inked a deal with, Canada. The. First big date to watch this, coming Wednesday, September 5th, that's when Canadian, and American negotiators. Go back at it the, letter then says that over the next few weeks members. Of Congress and business, leaders should be able to have a look at the agreement. It. Offers no specific, dates though and if all goes well Trump. Intends to sign a trade agreement with. Canada and Mexico 90. Days from today which, is November, 29th. Obviously. There are no guarantees of a deal at all the Americans seem to be content, to keep playing hardball but Canada too, has it sticking points. Chapter. 19, NAFTA's dispute, resolving, mechanism, it allows countries to work out disagreements. Through a politically, neutral panel, the Americans, want to scrap it Canada, is adamant, that it stays in some form and there's. The twenty billion dollar dairy sector Trump, wants, Ottawa to remove protections, and open it up but, with over 200,000, jobs on the line and concerns, of cheap American dairy, flooding, North Canada. Is unlikely, to budge and then, there's, Canada's, cultural, industry, they.

Tend To see cultural. Matters is it virtually everything else as something. Has a dollar sign on it it's never been easy to compete with a giant next door. That's. Why Canada insisted. On and won some key cultural exemptions. During free trade talks back in 1987, like content, quotas government. Subsidies and strict rules on foreign, ownership they, automatically. Carried over into NAFTA, and they've worked well and helped. Launch successful careers, but as politics, and Technology, change are those exemptions, in danger. Jehovah yet is with the Coalition for the diversity, of cultural, expressions, a group committed, to protecting them, if we go. And digital. Economy. And and for culture as well and there's, no not, any way to support. Our, actors, or creators, our producers, or publishers, they. Will be in serious trouble because of course the USA as, is. A powerhouse regarding. Culture so they create a lot very good content, that we. Cannot compete without any, government support, just another sticking point for Canadian, negotiators, to keep in mind before talks resumed next week we're. At the end of what has surely been one of the most challenging weeks, of Justin Trudeau's government, between NAFTA, and the pipeline the host of power and politics Vashi cappellas joins me now Vashi i know you've been talking to people reaching out to people in government give, us a sense, of how they're feeling tonight well. Hi Rosie there are there are a lot of concerns on the part of people I've been speaking to in in government not just about NAFTA, but especially about the pipeline file, that, decision was a big blow to the, mantra that they really got elected, on and that we've heard so many times from Justin Trudeau this idea that the, environment, can be protected, well the economy can grow at the same time and this court decision really provides the biggest, test of that, almost campaign, slogan, that we've heard over and over and over again and people, in government are concerned that that they, will fail that test on, the NAFTA file I mean there is some. Sort of mitigated, optimism. I guess you could say car cautious, optimism they, they, are it's not the worst case scenario for sure things didn't fall apart but it's also not the best case scenario they didn't get a deal and they're worried sources are I've spoken to you are worried about how far apart they are on some of the major sticking points okay, so what's the plan to move forward if there is what yeah, it's a difficult one on NAFTA, even if they do get the best-case scenario and there's deal they have to try and sell whatever concessions, they make domestically.

And That won't be easy on the pipeline file they have to figure out are they going to appeal it or are they gonna start consultations, all over again and sources, I said they feel like they almost have handed the opposition, a gift, two weeks out from Parliament, resuming. And you, know a year, out from an election, okay. Ashley thanks for this tonight appreciate it no, problem. Now. The Prime Minister was asked about that pipeline project, today and he repeated, that Canada's, changing, relationship, with the United States makes, it more important, than ever I think. With, everything that's been going on people can kind of understand, that having, only. The United, States as a market, for 99 percent of our oil resources, simply. Doesn't make sense anymore and that's why we've. Always believed, that the trend we believe that the trends, mountain. Pipeline expansion, is in, the best interest, of all, Canadians. So, Trudeau, is obviously sticking to the same message the government message there but despite yesterday's Court, decision putting the pipeline, in legal limbo how is it all going over with Canadians. Particularly. Those, who live and work in the oil patch Carolyn, Dunn has some of their reaction. Check. Out your latest purchase Canadians, as, of today you own this terminal, and a list of trans mountain pipeline assets, of course, construction. Is halted, now and the, whole situation has many Albertans feeling, betrayed I felt like promises, were, kind of let go it. Was it. Was just a big blow at, the iron workers local 720. Ottawa, is the main target of their resentment a lot of our members. Are feeling some anger towards the federal governments and thinking about maybe they could do more. It's. To. Me it's disappointment. A little. Bit of anger and I. Think fear as well a similar sentiment, from the soaring, office towers in Calgary soil and gas driven downtown, you. Think it's very embarrassing for Canada, that our. Federal government has spent 40. Billion dollars on this and now it's, we're. An embarrassment to the world on this Alberta's. Premier who banked her political, reputation on, getting the pipeline, built says, pulling out of the federal climate, change plan is the most effective.

Ammunition. But not Lea's the target of anger from provincial opposition. Leader Jason Kenney, he says she should be demanding everything. From renegotiating. Equalization. To, withdrawing funding, to BC for things like job training and infrastructure, so if the premier. Was really serious, about asserting Alberta's, interests, it. There's. A long, list, of real. Action, that she could take British, Columbia, doesn't escape the finger-pointing, either this, to, me just smacks, of Pacific. Privilege, this smacks, of Burnaby. Arrogance. And. That concerns, me there's, a broader context. To this and and that is that. That. The oil supply that Alberta, provides, really, is in the national, interest so, what's next well, the Premier's office tells us Trudeau listened to Notley yesterday, but Ottawa has yet to make any commitments. About its way forward the, mat leaves many, Albertans headed into this Labor Day weekend, worried, wondering, what's to come Carolyn. Dutton CBC News Calgary. So. After, addressing her province last night what does Rachel Notley the premier of Alberta think, today, I spoke, with her earlier. Primar. Good to see you were you wrong, to, believe the federal government when it said it could get this pipeline built you. Know I think that, none. Of us expected the, federal court of appeal to make the. Findings, that it did, you. Know and I still believe that we can get this pipeline built but what I do believe is that we're at the point now that the federal government is going to have to use its. Legislative, authority, to make. Sure it happens in a timely, and reasonable, way and so. That's what we are asking, for you. Know taking. Action, to fight climate change, is fundamentally. Important, but we've always said that it has to go hand in hand with, ensuring, economic strength and prosperity and, and. Creating, jobs and that's why we need to get this pipeline built we need. To get a fair, return for, the resources, that we have here in Alberta which. Make up such a significant, portion of our Canadian economy, and. And with. That we can afford to move forward on climate change but not without. You've. Said that you are going to leave the federal carbon pricing, plan if it's not done the prime minister said again today he's going to impose, the federal plan for provinces who don't sign on which means that. Alberta gets no say in how the revenues, used no credit for doing it how is that a good thing for your province the. Additional, actions, that the federal government wants to take that we agree with to. Combat, climate change they, have to work I mean theoretically you, could have a 200-ton. Charge. For, carbon, but it wouldn't work because the economy would fail and our, position all along has, been that, moving, to the additional prices that the federal government wants to won't. Work if we don't make significant, progress on, strengthening. Our economic framework. And our economic, foundations, particularly, in Alberta which is of course the biggest emitter in the country and that's what the pipeline was about so at the end of the day I mean I suppose they can't impose it but what we are saying very strongly is that it won't work, unless we. Get the pipeline and they're going to have a big fight over it and quite frankly that's not the position that we want to be in wouldn't.

The Fastest, way to get the pipeline built there would be to simply respond, to the federal court to take some of the suggestions, the court has made implement. Them and go get the pipeline going instead of appealing to the Supreme Court which which, would probably take longer. Well. In fact the difficulty, with the way the federal court of appeal outlined, what needs to happen is that it's effectively, appears, as though they want us to restart. The NAV process, that, and. And with that comes just, so, many possible. Areas of more uncertainty, and more problems, and that, is why we need the federal government to take legislative, action let me just end on this do you think it's going to happen that the pipeline. I'm. Saying, that it needs to happen and that it is too stupid for it not to happen and so it is now time for the federal government to make it happen premier. Notley thanks for your time tonight appreciate, it. Thank. You. As. Her kids head, back to school there's a growing trend to tell you about and a controversial, new product, that's coming to Canada, it's. Is coming, to epidemic, proportions. And it's, dangerous. Meredith Berkman is a mom of four and she's organizing other, parents, in the u.s. to keep kids, from vaping, one, of her targets, the biggest player in the game a company called jewel and it's sleek discreet, gadgets, that deliver big hits of nicotine, I know. What. These teams are doing the. US Food and Drug Administration is, investigating whether. The industry deliberately. Lures, teens, into vaping and it's, asked Jule to hand over documents, on its marketing, strategy. Now. Amid all that controversy Jule is coming to Canada, in September, it markets itself to adult, smokers, who want to quit tobacco and, indeed, the way the company portrays its clientele, they're, clearly adults, but search jewel on social, media and you'll, see this, lots, of bright shiny, images, of younger.

People And as the CDC's Katie Nicholson, shows us while cigarettes. Have been around for a long time jewel is different. All. Right guys I'm gonna tell you a fatty double Juliet for you guys it. May look like this guy is sucking, on two USB, keys but those are actually, the hottest selling vaping, pens in the US this, is the Joule a high-dose nicotine. Vaping, system, the, Joule looks and feels just like a USB, stick here, you go you put the flavor pot in this is the business end and it, doesn't just look like a USB, stick it charges like one to snap. It into your computer like that if, you're worried about your kids vaping, this is probably your nightmare product, University. Of Waterloo professor David Hammond studies the public, health implications of, vaping this generally. Has two or three times the nicotine, concentration. Of other cigarettes, it's, so high in fact that they couldn't sell this version in England where they have limits on the nicotine content. Jool. Says its products, should be kept away from minors, but flavours like mango, and fruit medley appeal, to the young you can see why it's. You. Know it's more popular among kids the US Federal Drug Administration, is investigating Jools marketing, practices, trying, to determine whether it targets, teens free my best friends are now addicted to, their jaw and when I say addicted to the Joule they're using it every hour of every day Jack Waxman, was so disturbed by the effects of the jewel and his fellow students, he, started this awareness campaign I. Pretty. Much every, moment where I wasn't, in class Waxman. Says kids as young as grade six got hooked on Julia at his New York school she, went to a bathroom, and any basically, any part of the, school from the first floor to the fourth floor it was just flooded with groups. Of kids both, boys, and girls using. These devices so my friends have tried using cigarettes, and it's because they have been drooling because they're so used to jeweling that they just think it's okay to use cigarettes, that's, precisely. What worries the Canadian Cancer Society along, with lacks rules around marketing, especially in Ontario, where each cigarette legislation. Was can't buy the new Ford government, as, kids are going back to school it'll, be legal to vape on high school grounds, and kids, will be exposed to promotions. And displays in convenience, stores near. Schools Health, Canada says it may introduce more, restrictions, to keep vape Bad's away from teens but. For a generation that lives and dies on social media it may already be too late, Katie. Nicholson CBC News Toronto. Canada's. New regulations, on vaping came into effect in May, the. Products can be legally sold to people 19. And older but the government says this about their use completely. Replacing. Cigarette smoking with a vaping, product, will reduce, your exposure to harmful chemicals however. If you, are not a smoker vaping, can increase your exposure to some, harmful, substances, that could negatively affect, your health it's. Still an open question exactly. What the long-term effects, of vaping really are but a small study published earlier this month suggested.

Vaping, With or without nicotine, can, increase, inflammation, and, disable, key cells that protect a person's Airways, then. There's, the nicotine in products like Jul teens, are especially vulnerable to, it says, the FDA Commissioner as we. Know the nicotine, in these products can rewire, an adolescent's, brain leading, to years. Of addiction. Lots. More we're watching tonight on the national including, yet another blow to Donald Trump's Whitehouse. Republican. Lobbyist Sam Patten pleaded guilty to, acting, as an unregistered, foreign. Lobbyist he's admitted to helping a Ukrainian oligarch, to get tickets to Trump's inauguration. Prosecutors. Say Patten knew the inauguration, committee could not accept, money from foreigners, he, also acknowledged, he lied about the tickets and his foreign lobbying, work to the US Senate Intelligence. Committee he, now faces up to five years in prison plus, a quarter million dollar fine. Today. Lies. In the place where, he served, to the last and. It, was Washington's, turn to say farewell to Senator, John McCain, today his wife daughter. And, 106. Year-old mother were there at the US Capitol along. With dozens of lawmakers meanwhile. Outside, the Capitol hundreds of people waited in line for their turn to say goodbye, mr.. McCain stepped, across the line, he found the. Most combative person to. Make an ally with to get stuff passed the Republican Party if we're gonna have a future they're gonna need to be have, people like John McCain that that, you. Know represent civil, rights human rights and, just a decent, decency. McCain's. Funeral, will be held tomorrow at the Washington, National Cathedral former. Presidents, Barack Obama and George W Bush are, expected, to speak. Still. Ahead on the National the PM's got, moves no not ours and it's the British one and she, doesn't really cut a rug very well but, we'll get you caught up on all that in our moment of the day also, who has the right to tell indigenous. Stories, the question is being posed again, over two movies.

As The, Toronto International Film Festival kicks, off next week and, we'll take you to the scene in Detroit and the lavish. Funeral for, Aretha, Franklin, but first a look at a group that couldn't be there but still sent, some, respect. Ruthy. The, fans of the Welsh Guards provided. Today's perfect, music for the changing of the guard at Buckingham, Palace, we're. Right back. When. You are performing, at the funeral, for the Queen of Soul bring, on the Thunder that is Fantasia, Barrino kicking, off her heels and singing. Her heart out. Aretha. Franklin, was laid to rest today, in a way that only she could command a lavish, celebration, at a church in Detroit. That lasted for hours. Her, body arrived, in a 1940. Cadillac, hearse inside. That gold casket, she was dressed in a shimmering, gold dress, her fourth outfit of the week and while, guests streamed inside, a line, of pink Cadillacs, rolled outside, a reference, to her 1980s. Hit freeway. Of love. Organizers. Insisted, this would be a service, and not a show but her, final send-off, included, 18, performers. Know. That. There. Were more than 15. Speakers, the, secret of her greatness when she took this massive, talent and. Decided. To be the composer, of her own life song, as. A kid I couldn't, understand, what it was like to. Be a wreath of Franklin's granddaughter, but, now I know what it feels like it. Feels amazing to see a woman so fierce. So. Courageous. Gifted. So. Respected. And to. Be able to call that my grandmother. To. Know that I have that running through my blood and. That. She's a part of who I am, there's. Nothing, like. And. Goes, without saying this was as much about lifting, spirits, as it was about getting, down. Aretha. Franklin, died earlier this month at the age of 76. Man. If you're gonna go go in style still, ahead on the national our, special cbc, short dogmeat a young woman grappling, with a difficult, question what, do you do when someone you love commits. A shocking, crime. It's. Hard to love someone who has done terrible things but. The, terrible things don't undo the love. To. Still crave, connection to, still want them to participate in my life to still love him. You. When. The Toronto International Film, Festival opens. Next week for, Canadian, feature films, will arrive with, some baggage all. For showcase, indigenous, talent, but only to feature, it in the, director's, chair and that has prompted the question who, has the right to tell indigenous, stories tishanna. Reid explains. An. Inuit, lacrosse team from the arctic that beat the odds. Nolan. Hurcomb okay a young, Cree woman's, journey south to search, for her missing sister. These. Are some of the Canadian, indigenous, films, premiering. At the Toronto, International Film, Festival, this year but. Of the for indigenous, features to. Have white directors. Pree, actor, tina keeper of north of 60 fame starred. In through black spruce and helped produce it with non-indigenous director. Don McKellar at the helm I felt that my role as a producer was as critical, as, you. Know as a writer or a director on this project debate, around who gets to tell indigenous, stories has been front and center Joseph. Boyden author of the Giller Prize winning, novel that inspired the film faced, controversy, over his, claims of indigenous, roots you have to learn English and the, film Indian horse adapted, from a Richard Wagga news novel raised, eyebrows, for having a white director and crew, some.

Filmmakers Believe, it's high time that only indigenous directors. Tell indigenous. Stories I think in this climate, how, we've gotten here and the things we've, come to realize over the past decade, I can't, imagine why any non-native, director, would. Would. Want to do it I'm, actually, kind of baffled, Falls, around her starring veteran, actor tan - Cardenal is also. In the tiff lineup this year a jib, wave filmmaker, Darlena, Ponce wrote and directed the film in her, First Nations community, when an indigenous filmmaker, makes it especially if it's from their own community, they. Already, have. That that. Full. Experience, of, being indigenous, and knowing, that story, to. Make the Grizzlies, the director had to earn the trust of the Inuit community when. Miranda first came north to, explore the possibility, of making this film my first thought was who. Is this white lady. Who, the heck is she to be telling the story I was so inspired by these kids granted, upon seeing was, that, white lady I was, an outsider I'm still an outsider and so, I felt a real responsibility. To. Make sure that we were telling his story respectfully. The. Pod ca teamed up with two inuit, film producers, but, says she's, not sure she direct, the Grizzlies today given, what she's learned from indigenous storytellers. I think it's time for you. No wait, filmmakers. To step aside and, I think, it's vastly important. That, we give more, opportunities, to, indigenous and, diverse. Filmmakers, right now the, pond CA now mentors, indigenous, creatives, with hopes they'll, be the ones behind the lens of their own stories, going forward, to, Shana read CBC, News Toronto. Earlier. This season our Duncan, McCue sat down with three indigenous, filmmakers, to talk about the importance, of telling their own stories, have, a listen to a bit of that conversation, films. Have been made about indigenous, people for a century now and when. The, general public knows so little about our culture's because it hasn't been taught in our education, system we're. At a point now that so, many films have been made about, us without us that they're just telling the same story over and over again the authorship of cinema is dictated, by who the creators, are not, who is on screen and that. Means that throughout, history. 99%. Of all movies about, indigenous people have not been made by us and we, we, should deserve that opportunity as, much as anyone else, you. Can watch Duncan's full national conversation. On our YouTube, page. Coming. Up on the national fighting, for equal pay the split between urban, and rural postal, workers is also one that is mostly between men and mostly. Women, we're. In such a separation, with. A group of people that we do the same work with we. Do feel very second-class. In the corporation. Canada. Post and the postal union spent months trying to figure out what's, next after they failed to reach a deal, that's ahead. And a, reminder here you can and you should subscribe to our newsletter the national today takes you inside, our journalism, every afternoon it goes deeper on some of the top stories and highlights, the stories you, might have missed subscribe, at CBC News CA slash the national. You. Catholic. Church rejected. Calls today for priests. To be compelled, to report child abuse revealed, in confessionals. The, decision comes amid a tough week for the Catholic Church pressure, is building to make sure abusers. Are held to account just, last week the Pope was met with anger over the issue during a visit to Ireland. The. Effects of that kind of trauma can ripple far, and wide including, family. Members of the abusers, themselves. Tonight, our CBC short dock introduces, you to the daughter of an American, Lutheran, pastor, currently, serving a 29 year sentence for child sexual abuse her. Story, is about giving a voice to those rarely. Heard from and asking, a pretty difficult question, how. Do you continue, to love someone who has done such, terrible, things. Here's. Between, you and me. People, ask me all the time of execution. And, I don't know how to answer that. But, I can say that I love him. And that. It's hard to love someone who has done terrible things. But. The, terrible things don't undo the buzz.

I'm. Nervous every time. But. It's, been 13 years and I I never. I've, never gone and not been nervous yeah. What. I was thinking about in terms of going, in, actually. Is that, there's. A possibility that's. Something about our outfits I might. Be wrong or, that and, so, I'm. Hoping that maybe you two can stay in, the parking lot yeah. Until. Well. You'll see us go in very, here's. How this will go. If. These pants, or the parking lot then. We'll drive into the parking lot and we'll walk up to this building here. Everyone. Will line up here, out in front and, we'll go in cameras. Won't be able to come in here and. This is where they'll decide if our outfits, are appropriate if we have the documentation, we need and for whatever reason we don't have it we'll come back out to the parking lot, but. If we go through then a media you'll see us come out the side door and walk down a path and. This will be in front of the electric razor wire. My. Dad's building is over here and so. We'll go in here and then we'll be gone. Oh we, could take in our ten photos each and number, of these is going to get us know you, know yeah, you can't have any pictures of alcohol, you kind of an immunity and. Do. The nature find out defense you can't have any like have clothes children. Every. Two years my entire life we went to the same beach. We. Did the same thing every, year. Everything. Was ritualized, what we ate where we went the, family, photo we took. 12. Is our ninth year we, walk out in front of that same sign and all assemble, in the same way. 35. Years. It. Was Easter, and my, mom called and she was crying and she. Told us something really bad it happened. It. Started out as a hypothetical thing and then, it turned out that he told his bishop he told his therapist, who told my mom and he confessed. And. Then, the next thing you know he was moving, across the country to Atlanta and going into the sex offender rehabilitation. Program. And. All just felt really unbelievable. It. Was right after the Boston priests trials when, a Catholic priests had been indicted, for molesting altar boys, it. Became clear that dad was going to be the first religious, figure on the West Coast that was going to be prosecuted. The. Prosecution, interviewed, over 150, people from all, my dad's congregations. Over the last 20 years. Someone. Came and confiscated, all of our childhood videos. It. Was a really scary time. But. I really remember at that time is this big witch-hunt of trying, to find more boys. If. There were more boys there would be a stronger, case for a life sentence.

Ultimately. They, weren't able to find more than one it. Was just this one. People. Ask you know how, did you start talking about this and I say within, a month of our dating, I started. Dealing with the sexual violence in my life and Becca's. Dad went to jail for child sexual abuse you. Had begun telling the story about what had happened in your life and I. Began to offer these things that were going on currently in mine the only thing I remember from that conversation is, you said, it, was only a shower, and. My response to you was than. In my case it was only a massage. One, of the most striking. Memories. I have, of this. Fractured. Feeling is. At. His. Sentencing. At. Some point his lawyer, said, can. Everyone in the room who's, here, for, Michael score, please, stand up and. 3/4. Of the room stood up and. I. Stood, up. Because. I was standing up for. You. Because. I loved you and. I. Stared, at the. Mom of the, boy who. Was in also in the room in the room and I just like imagine like what, would, it feel like to, be that mom, who's. Defending, her. Son. Who's a boy and to, feel 3/4. Of the room endorsed. This, man's character. And. It. Stuck with me. In. Part, two because. Like. I was one of those people standing. I've, never made total. Sense of that. Instinct. To stand and, looking around the room and looking at the faces of people who were there to support that family, I felt. Similarly, toward thinking like I also, am here to support your family and many of them were wearing sexual, survivorship, ribbons it. Felt very divided, the room with the people with the ribbons, who were there for, the kid and the people without the ribbons who were there for my dad and. I really felt this profound sense, of but. I also want to ribbon-like I'm not Pro sexual. Violence, I'm not endorsing, my father's actions, he's, saying he's guilty. Part. Of me wants, to know you, know do you have desire for, adolescent, voice is, that something you feel but, then there's a part of me it's like I actually don't want to know that I. Didn't. Pick my clearness like what if he you don't pick your attraction to boy. And. I wonder if my orientation, was truly, oriented, towards adolescent, boy like. How hard that would be in life. Anywhere. From 71 it's so savory to, 90 and Cincinnati. They. Broken, the sign. Are. You saying this valley. Is dying. It's. Hard to love someone who has done terrible things but. The, terrible things don't undo the love. To, still crave, connection to, still want them to participate in my life to still love him don't. Feel, like there's a lot of room in the world to have that conversation. I. Know. You worried that this movie is failing to do that. Yes. Maybe. That. Was, a shortened, version of between you and me you can see the full version and the series it's part of showcasing, work from the emerging filmmakers, online. Just at the / Short docks. On. The National tonight Mexico's, Navy says it has detained a Canadian, man in connection with a massive drug, seizure they, reportedly, seized 2.2. Metric, tons of cocaine, from a boat off the coast of Oaxaca, seven. Other people were also detained. The, only land route in and out of Churchill Manitoba is, finally going to be restored this rail line was damaged, by flooding in May 2017.

And Has been closed ever since it's, meant an increase in food and fuel costs for people living in that northern community, but, the federal government announced today the line has been purchased and repairs, are set to begin immediately. Criminal. Charges have been laid against, five Quebec, teenagers, for allegedly. Sharing, sexually, explicit, images of classmates, the, students, from a private school were arrested, back in May when they were just 12 and 13. Years old charges. Include sexual assault extortion, and, possession of, child pornography. There's. Been a settlement in a class-action lawsuit, over the expiry, of Aeroplan. Miles the case took aim at the company's decision in 2006. To cancel, members, accounts, if there, was no activity for 12 months under. The proposed agreement a set number of airline, miles will be deposited into the accounts of eligible, members but, it's not clear right now precisely. How many. And one, of Josh Donaldson's, most memorable, moments, there are reports, tonight that the Toronto Blue Jays have, traded the third baseman to the Cleveland Indians though the deal isn't official, yet and it's not clear what Toronto got in return, Donaldson. Has only played 36, games this season missing, almost a hundred due, to injury. Canada. Post and the union representing, thousands, of its workers are heading to arbitration, they failed to reach a deal last night and for workers it's, a disappointing. Development in a long-standing pay, equity dispute. Olivia Stefanovic, has that story. For. Two decades Nancy. Geeson has been driving these rural roads. Delivering. Mail to people in the country, and residential. Areas. She's. One of 8,000. Rural and suburban letter, carriers, with Canada, Post who. Are mostly women and earn, at least 25%. Less, than their colleagues in the city who, are mostly males we. Do feel very second-class. In the corporation, urban. Workers receive an hourly rate rural. And suburban workers, pay is based mainly on the number of deliveries stops, they make and how. Far they have to travel using their own vehicles, like, Parminder GTL we've. Been treated, we've been treated not equally, last, spring an arbitrator, found both types of employees, did the same job and set, a deadline for the two sides to negotiate pain. It's. Been a long struggle. Frustrating. That you're so close, close. But not quite there yet, a decision, couldn't be reached on how much employees, should be compensated dating back to 2016, and, what the wage will be going forward now, an arbitrator, is preparing, to impose, a decision, if, you can't stay, in the black as a business, as. Providing. A service without engaging, in forms of discrimination I, think it's time to rethink your business model the, crown corporation declined. An interview request but, in an email statement sent to cbc news interim. President, and CEO Jessica, McDonald, rates, pay equity is a matter of basic human rights and is fundamental to the values, of Canada Post we, therefore welcome the upcoming arbitration. Ruling. In anticipation, of a settlement the, Postal Service has built a 242. Million, dollar loss into its latest quarterly results to cover costs, although that number could, be revised, depending.

On The final outcome of arbitration. Olivia. Stefanovic, CBC. News Regina. Still. Ahead our moment of the day is the moment that British prime minister Theresa, May is having, on line oh. Dear. And it's the second time this week that May has busted a move on camera the full tape and the, best reaction. From, online and, comparisons. That's, next. On the national. Listen. Foreign visits can be tricky things for any leader but for British Prime Minister Teresa May, well. They've landed somewhere, between a nightclub, and, a nightmare her, fancy, footwork, is tonight's, moment. She. First cut some rug earlier, this week on her African tour with this attempt. At dance near, Cape Town. Prompting. A few jokes at her expense but she just couldn't help but double down yesterday, in Kenya, busting, out a new outfit, and some new moves. Not. Sure what you'd call that the, brexit, shuffle, the English channel, changer anyway social, media has since exploded, with, a series of hilarious, mashups. Parents. With toddlers will, love the baby shark version. Mommy. Checked it and. There's, even something for those who love weird old Eurovision, song. Such. Are the perils of international. Dance diplomacy. So. Rosa. Here's where as then I I have. I have a little unwritten, rule that I tried to live by which is not, to laugh at anyone, elses dancing, because lord knows it if I was in that situation I would not do any better and and maybe I would, even do worse, so I'd say good on her for try I have, an unwritten rule not to laugh at politicians, in case I want to interview them one day but there are two rules in politics, you don't eat on camera, and you do not, dance, the only politician I've seen who can dance may be Barack Obama, that's. The one, who's got a bit of groove. That's. The national for this Friday August 31st thanks for joining us have a good weekend and good night. You.

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