The National for Friday January 26, 2018 - Sherman Murders, Patrick Brown, NAFTA

The National for Friday January 26, 2018 - Sherman Murders, Patrick Brown, NAFTA

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It. Is Friday January 26th. And this is the National tonight, singing, their hearts out can ruin their vocal cords how a changing. Music business is sidelining, major stars they're, supposed to be high-flying, family, fun we look at the sometimes, deadly dangers, at trampoline, parts, but. We begin with news in a high-profile, criminal case official, confirmation of what the victim's family, has been saying all along. We. Have sufficient, evidence to describe this as, a double homicide investigation and. That. Both honey and berry Sherman were. In fact targeted. The. Case began with confusing, messages from police and outrage, from the victim's family, but now six, weeks after the billionaire, couple was found dead in their Toronto home police, were finally crystal, clear this was a double murder. Investigators. Confirmed some of the ugly details of the case today in Lauren Doretta cop has the latest on their, hunt for suspects. Police. Broke, their 6-week silence, today and finally. Outlined, what they believe happened to the Sherman's at their Toronto home honey. And berry Sherman, were. Found deceased, in the lower level pool area. Hanging. By belts. From. A poolside railing, in a semi seated, position, that. Pool is pictured here on the Sherman's real estate listing their, home was up for sale and many, people had access to a key through the lockbox those. Are some of the people police are talking to because, there was no sign of a forced entry police. Say they've interviewed. 127. People combed. Through the couple's three-story, home and they. Have thousands, of hours worth of security, camera footage from, neighbors, police. Also seized, computers, from Barry Sherman's offices, and yet, we, haven't developed any suspects, out style outside. Of understanding, that people are outstanding, for or a person, is outstanding, for this offense the. Couple was loved by many they, had high-profile, friends, they also donated millions to, charities, Barry. Sherman was known for battles in the courts over the years as. Founder of the multi-billion, dollar generic, drug company, Apotex.

But. As for why someone, would want to kill the couple I'm not gonna discuss any motives friends. Just like the Sherman family were, sure from the start this, was a double murder I don't think very, many people believed, in. The rumor that. Was never substantiated, but, of, murder-suicide. That the couple's friend Paul Godfrey, owns a condo in the same complex, in Florida, as the Sherman's, police. Confirmed, today they also searched, that Sherman residence, longtime. Friend Marie Rubin had hoped for more answers I was. Disappointed, I'm. Looking, for somebody. To. Be. Involved. To a point, where they have a, a. Person. That they're looking, into, he. Also says he misses his friend I miss. Him every day, I. Miss, him all the time I think about him all the time today. Police officially. Handed over the property, to the Sherman family now. For the first time their private, investigators. Will, get their chance to search the home LaRhonda. Rhetta comp CBC News Toronto. The. Family released this brief statement, today this conclusion, was expressed, by the family from the outset and is consistent. With the findings of the independent autopsy. And investigation. The family continues, to support, the Toronto Police Services, in their efforts to seek, justice for their parents, and pursue, those responsible. For these unspeakable crimes. There. Was a question for police at the news conference why, are police now, saying murder when, murder-suicide. Seemed, to be floated, so early on here, was the response I've. Been the officer in charge of this investigation from. The moments that it occurred or certainly when we got contacted, and I don't know where that came from so where. Did that notion come from how did the family and police get so far apart so fast it. All seemed to happen in the first 36, hours. 11:44. A.m. December 15th, Toronto police get the call it's understood, to have come from the schurmans real estate agent handling, the house sale the, agent was also a family friend police. Sent, out a tweet two people found deceased in a home word. That those people were berry and honey Sherman's, spread fast. The, couple was last seen on the 13th, a source, close to the case told CBC, honey Sherman was still wearing the clothes she'd had on two days earlier, CBC. Has also learned she appeared to have been bloodied, and injured, before she died, 4:30. P.m. December, 15th the police first speak to the media the circumstances. Of their death appear, suspicious but. Other than not dying of natural causes, what, did suspicious, mean 8:00, p.m. another. Statement from police it was not at all alarming. We, did not observe any signs, of forced, entry to the to, the building and. So at, this point. Indications. Are that we have no outstanding suspect, to be, going after that's not directly saying, murder-suicide.

But It certainly left the impression police, were thinking, about that no, appearance, of an urgent, search for killers who might be on the loose, the, next date December 16th, media, reports quoting unnamed sources. Within the police floated. The murder-suicide. Theory CBC. Has learned it was the Saturday morning the Sherman children, reached out to private investigators, who would later have access to, crime scene photos, and a second autopsy less. Than 24, hours after, their parents bodies were found they. Were already, furious, with police. 4:14. P.m. December, 16th, they released this statement were, shocked and think it's irresponsible that police sources have reportedly, advised, the media of a theory which, neither their family, their friends nor their colleagues, believed to be true the. Family, was clear, the Sherman's had been killed it, would be at least another date before the homicide squad, took the lead now. Six weeks after the bodies were found the. Police publicly, say they agree the, Sherman's for murder, so. On the one hand Barry Sherman was a billionaire. Philanthropist. Described, lovingly, by family, and friends on the other he, was the head of a drug company who picked more than a few fights which, is why we've brought in Harvey Kershaw producer, with the fifth estate Harvey, I know that that. You're investigating, the Sherman story right for fifth documentary, coming up soon and that the, fact that that he and his company were so litigious is plays a big part of it extremely important part we know in federal court alone that there were more lawsuits involving barriers Sherman and his competition. Than anybody else in in Canada you know one of it my, sources told me that one of the strategies of very Sherman was to get all the law firms here in Toronto locked up so the competition couldn't have those good law firm so, we talked to investigative, journalist Jeffrey Robinson who talked to us about the. Cutthroat. Nature of the pharmaceutical, industry here's, a clip he, was the biggest and the most successful, and had, made a lot of enemies and was extremely litigious, and was continuing, to be so didn't. Care about making friends didn't care about making peace with anybody, he was gonna win at all costs okay. So he's, describing someone, who's a successful, businessman very aggressive about protecting. His, business, right all kind of understandable, none of this seems to explain a motive for trying to kill him no and let's be clear these were pillars, of the community they contributed, millions to charity they're a well liked and admired and respected in, the in the community but we do know in the pharmaceutical industry it got personal and for, example there was a name band company, in Europe that actually, discussed, putting. Him in compromising, positions panting cocaine, on him you know compromising, sexual, positions that kind of thing and when that didn't work they actually hired spies to go to the picnic tables at Applejack's dress, up as workers and talk to employees to try and get dirt on Barry Sherman, was. He ever afraid did you get that sense well, we do know that Apotex, once said that Barry Sherman did get death threats and when you talked to investigative. Journalist Jeffrey Robinson, he actually did sort of say you know I do wonder why no one has actually you, know whacked me that you, know word that he said it jokingly your honor serious he did think about whether he, could have been killed and the work that he was doing he. In, his paranoia. Wondered. If maybe. Somebody, should have knocked him off by now cuz that would have ended the whole problem for, the other side and he. Said, something, like you, know I for, a thousand thousand.

Dollars He, said for, a thousand dollars you can probably get somebody killed but. The way he said it. Didn't. Set off alarm bells, you. Know and. We don't know what, motives, that pleas might suspect of whoever did this what we do know is that Barry Shimon did Collette, you. Know a list of enemies that were quite extensive, not a shame okay Harv Eker sure thanks very much your documentary airs next week on the 50 states right. Meanwhile. There's been a change in, leadership at, the company Barry Sherman built Jeremy decide as. President, and CEO of Apotex, Pharmaceuticals, today in the midst of a lawsuit filed, by a competing, company that, suit alleges, he acquired, trade, secrets, from one of their employees and he, and you are following the latest fallout, today at the Ontario legislature. There's a lot of it in, Adrienne the Progressive. Conservative. Party of Ontario scrambling. To get back into election, mode after, the departure of former leader Patrick, Brown over those allegations, of sexual, misconduct and, the party wants to distance, itself even. Further from him. Together. With caucus, I am asking, mr. Brown to take a leave of absence from. The Ontario PC, caucus, while, he has a chance to defend himself. But. As the party aim to focus on the future the brown scandal, threatened to grab the spotlight again. One. Of its own caucus members, prompting, questions about, what the party knew about Brown's, alleged, behavior and, when. Here's. Ron Charles. This. Progressive, Conservative, politician says. She heard rumors, about Patrick Brown some time before Christmas, just-just-just, inappropriate. Touching or. Ottawa. Area MPP, Lisa McLeod, says she passed them on but, not to any Tory party officials, want to be very clear that it, was some. Rumours and it was an allegation, that, I gave, that was not completely specific. But I was unsurprised, when this happened, and it, was - it was - a friend, of mine Dimitri, sue Desmond Dimitri, sue this is best known from his role as a controversial, communications. Director, for former prime minister stephen harper, judas. Is now a consultant, who had been volunteering, on Brown's campaign, today. Sued his tweeted, confirmation. That McCloud came to him with rumors, and allegations. But, no specific. Details, he says he told her to bring them up with brown he, also tweeted that McLeod told him the rumor came from Eric Lindros, the. Retired NHL player, could not be reached for comment. All. Of this was a backdrop, to the drama of the Tories filling, their leadership void the, elected, members chose North Bay MPP, Victor Fedeli as interim, leader he. And some of his caucus colleagues. Argued that he should be the one to lead them into the June provincial, election, in order, to avoid a potentially.

Fractious, Leadership, race we, are smack dab in the middle of an election campaign so. What. I said this morning was you, know are we gonna spend time. In. Fighting, and shooting ourselves in the foot and then limping over to an election and joining an election, months, later but, under pressure from members and potential. Candidates, the party executive took the unprecedented, step, of planning. A leadership, race on the eve of an election I can assure you that when this is finished before the end of March we will be ready to take on government, he says the party is still figuring, out precisely, how the new, leader will, be chosen Ron, Charles CBC, News Toronto. Today. Brought an ardent defense, for the ousted leader Patrick, Brown from his sister, what, happened to my brother was disgusting, and make no mistake he is, the victim Stephanie. Brown said in a statement these completely, false allegations. Were, 100%. Politically. Motivated, applauding. Accusers, who remain nameless ghosts. To bolster political, capital, pathetic. CTV. Says its longtime Queens Park reporter, Paul bliss has been suspended, pending an investigation after, sexual, misconduct allegations, were, made online bail. Media which owns CTV, says it's taking the allegations very, seriously, and. In Montreal Concordia, University issuing. Guidelines now, to faculty. And staff in the wake of allegations against. Two English professors, the. University, discourages. In the strongest, possible terms any, consensual. Romantic, or sexual, relationships. Between, instructors. And their students, Concordia. Says it can't prohibit it but there, are strict obligations. For instructors, to disclose. Those relationships. Or risk. Disciplinary. Action. There. Is big news on the trade front today, nearly 300. Percent tariff that the Trump administration wanted. To slap on Bombardier CSeries commercial. Jet has been overturned. When, the US Commerce Department levied. The duty last year the sheer size of it was a surprise, more than twice what US aerospace giant, Boeing had actually asked for but today the US International, Trade Commission ruled, Boeing. Suffered, no harm from Bombardier, jet and struck. Down the tariff on Barty a stock price surged, by, about fifteen percent on the news and, the. CBC's Katie Simpson, has more reaction, to the Bombardier, decision, and the, latest on that other big canada US trade dispute, a. Sigh. Of relief on the front lines of canada's aerospace, industry, few, had predicted Bombardier. Would see a day like this it's, a great victory for us and it's a victory for innovation, for competition. And I want to thank everybody that supported, us in this while, the government is also pleased, it's not yet ready to celebrate this. Decision, however by, the for US trade commissioners, unanimous. Is not. The final stage in this process you, can still go up to an international. Tribunal, and then of course eventually end up at the Supreme Court of the United States so there's still more steps to go we'll see the, initial trade wind comes as Canada, and Mexico continue, to battle it out with the u.s. at the NAFTA negotiating, table some, watching, the talks hoped, the ruling sends a message to Donald, Trump and his negotiators. So, this is really about Trump his bullying tactics, pushing Canada, around same, thing that's going on in the softwood lumber dispute, same, thing that's going on at this hotel right now with NAFTA, Trump. Delivered, more ambiguous, messages. Today about NAFTA at the World Economic Forum, in Davos Switzerland will, it be renegotiated. We're trying right now with Bob light SR in the whole group I think. We have a good chance but we'll see what happens but business, leaders who met in Montreal, to discuss the talks appear, somewhat, optimistic. About progress, in this round after Canada, presented, a series of compromises, on the biggest challenges, at the table I think it would be premature to say that anybody is buying anything into. Anything at this point but I think what there is is at least discussion, taking place in all of these areas that. Proposals. Aren't being rejected out of hand progress. May seem slow here in Montreal, but there's enough momentum, that insiders, are now starting to talk about adding, new rounds, of negotiations if. Extra. Talks are added it would be a sign that discussions, are headed in a positive, direction, Katie. Simpson, CBC News Montreal. Some. Thought Donald Trump was going to Davos to chastise, the gathering, of global, minded leaders instead, today he seemed to charm, them, Trump. Speech the first from a US president of the World Economic Forum, in 18 years softened. The america-first, rhetoric. Of his. Stateside. Rallies. America. First does. Not mean. America. Alone. When. The United States grows, so.

Does The world. But. He didn't get much fire and fury from the Davos crowd, the, Saudis held a reception in his honor European. Executives, lavished, him with attention. There. Was one moment of discord, take a listen to this realized. How nasty. How mean how vicious. And how fake, the. Press can be as the cameras start going off in the back. Those. Were boos from the crowd during, one of his typical, attacks, on the media it's, so interesting that wasn't the first time he mentioned fake, news at Davos so he was asked, about the reports, that he actually tried to fire robert, muller the special council probing, among other things his, campaign, he, called, it you know you heard it typical, New York Times fake stories, but, the thing is that report has been independently. Confirmed, by several news outlets including. Fox. Well. Here's what else we're following on the national tonight as the. BBC struggles, with how much it pays its men compared, to women some damage control but not, everyone, is satisfied with, the BBC's, highest-paid, men taking, a pay cut. And. From, Celine Dion - Adele why are so many big-name, singers, being temporarily, silenced. By vocal, chord profits but. First we'll look at safety of trampoline, parks, in Canada and calls, tonight for tighter, regulations. You. Would think that there should be certain standards, in terms of the depth of the phone code ballon. Ding that kind of thing. But. First let's talk to one of the strangest men of our time artist. Salvador dalí his. Weird and wonderful paintings, sometimes per will to the public much, as he himself bewildered. Are seven days reporter. Mr.. Dahle some people, think, that, you were a crackpot, do. You know what a crackpot is. Cluck. Blown. A crackpot, a. Crazy. Person. Yes. But. He is more absolutely. Exact, because. Tell, many times. Bali. Is almost. Crazy. But. The only. Difference between, one. Crazy, people. And, a. Lien is, Valley. Is not. Crazy. But. I'm not some. Critics say mr., Dahle that you're not serious, about art. True. Dali. Is never, serious. Of, anything. Because. I am Spanish, and my. Character, is not serious but. Tragically, I. Know. Their, Dali. Neck. One joke. Never. How. Do you feel when people laugh, at your works and, some. People do sir a legit. Is a normal. Because. If the. Last thing is, little. Fish. Mechanism. Of death and, what. Do you think of pop art ah very. Good question because. That. We believe. Papa. Is. The consequence, of. Early. Darwinian. Idea. Why. Do you wear two, ties mr., dally pieces. Work, because. Today, is, Thanksgiving. Drake. Private detectives. Detective, Murdoch what's. The connection there's, your answer, smuggling. Kidnapping, murder. I like, to keep an open mind no, crime is unsolvable, some, simply take longer than others this is my favorite part rough to catch the culprit I intend, to prove it scientifically, well you like a challenge, times. Change. You. Think about. You. Know playgrounds. You think about diving, boards there's this stuff set. So that people don't get hurt and and for. For, these parks that just blow up one after the other after the other after the other and they're being. Built by the hundreds now to, not have a set. In stone you know regulation. Is insane. I think. Families. In Western Canada are raising concerns about the lack of regulations. Or safety, standards, for trampoline. Parks, in this country this comes after a fatal incident, at a park, in BC last weekend, and another, troubling, case near Edmonton last year Rafi, Buju Canyon looks at what's being done, it.

Was Supposed, to be a fun-filled, day at a trampoline, park not, unlike this one but. For Landon, Smith it turned out to be the last day he walked I thought, I definitely thought I was going to die and I Pitt Smith. Was attempting, to front flip into a foam pit at this Edmonton, Area trampoline, park but he says he hit concrete instead, that, split-second, my head life had changed forever. He. Isn't the only one in Richmond. British Columbia Police. Are investigating a. Horrific incident, last, weekend J Greenwood, died in front of his daughters after jumping, into a foam pit, Health, Canada says, that between 2012. And 2016, Canadian. Emergency, rooms reported. 563. Trampoline, park related, injuries, involving, minors. 3.2. Percent of cases resulted, in a traumatic, brain injury The. Smiths have filed a lawsuit against, the trampoline, park where Loudon Smith lost his mobility the, parks management would, not speak to us but in a statement of the fan that pointed out Smith signed an electronic, waiver denied, he struck his head on concrete, and said the facility was safe but, for Smith's lawyer there, are questions, you've got somebody diving, into something you, would think that there should be certain standards, in terms of the depth of the foam pit the, landing that kind of thing as. For Ladin Smith he spoke to CBC before, leaving for treatment, in the US, Landon's, always been the. Stubborn sibling, I guess over. Even myself so that was I mean if this is gonna happen to anybody and if anybody's gonna you. Know beat the odds it's it's definitely him their, question, now whether, stories, like Landon's, and green woods will prevent others from getting, hurt Rafi. BG Canyon CBC, News Edmonton. And. It seems like a lot of people are getting into the trampoline, business, according, to the International, Association of, trampoline, parks there were just three in 2009.

By, The end of last year there were more than a thousand, and it, appears there has been a corresponding. Jump in injuries. Researchers. At the Connecticut, Children's Medical, Center looked, at emergency. Room statistics. Related, to trampoline, parks in the United States it, found the number of visits rose from, 581, back in 2010, to, almost, 7,000. Just. Four years later. We. Have lots more ahead, tonight on the national, they, are pushing their voices to unhealthy heights big stars, are being forced to cancel shows because, of trouble, with their vocal cords we'll look at the medical, lengths some are going to to get their voices back, but. First more fallout tonight at the BBC over, how much it pays men, and women. I support. My female. Colleagues who, rightly. Said that they, should be paid the same when. They're doing the same job it's, just a no-brainer. Is. There anything that you, in. The way you approach your, work that, changed, after the staggering. Success of Pulp, Fiction is, there, something you do different now that you didn't do them is there something you want to do now that you didn't then what, I'm saying is that did that was that it's, that. Significant, a change was that a real fork in the road then no, it was an. Opportunity. To. Now. Be. Able to choose better roles or get. Scripts at a different level say. I now. Get things from the ground floor rather than once they've been conceptualized. Picked. Up put. A director on I get things now before, there's even even, the director attached to it or they. Even have a studio commitment, and it. Still amazes me that sometimes. People do need me to get that kind of commitment from other people so. That. Changes. In that, way but, the, way I approach the roles and the. Preparation, that I do to make the role happen for me and to make it happen for an audience hasn't. Changed that's, one of those things that I kind, of feel like you know if it's not broke don't fix it, and. I've. Achieved. I guess. This. Level, of success because of the way that I approach my work and I. Think that if I change it something else will change maybe I won't get the same results, and does that. That. Feeling that some. Movies need your name to, get this person to attach to it and does, that allow you to relax do, you feel yourself a line allowing yourself to relax a bit and not act anyway, so, you never agonized, even before that no I always, know that I'm I am going to work for somebody and, whether. It's, a. Lead, role or supporting, a role those, issues. Cease to be important, to me it's, mostly. About picking. A story that I think that's that's interesting and the number one I would pay my money to go and see because I'm essentially an audience member I love movies I pay my money to go and see them and when, I read a script I read it like an audience member what I said here and be interested, do I know what's gonna happen on page 75, and I'm only on page 12. So. I'm making those kinds of decisions and. Going. Into a role and the kind of people that I'm going to work with hopefully. The work experience is, going to be great I mean I've had like a great year this year I looked, up one day and I'm doing this great. Dramatic scene and I look across from me and you know that's Dustin Hoffman and I'm saying to myself oh my god I'm working with Dustin Hoffman but I'm in the middle of scene so I can't stop doing it to be in all of that and I'd do it and I get through it and it's. Great to look at him and see him looking at me like that was great you, know and that gives you another feeling, of accomplishment, because I watched Dustin for years and then, another day you look and there's Robert De Niro and I'm. Doing the same things like oh my god Robert De Niro I'm doing the scene with him and it's happening, and you. Know then, last week. Well. No earlier this week actually. I'm standing, on set and I'm doing a scene and I'm talking to this character, in the characters reacting, we're having this great scene and right in the middle of it I say to myself oh my god that's Yoda. I've. Had a great year I've gone from Dustin Hoffman Robert De Niro to Yoda so, things like that mean a lot you know I'm. Wondering if the, the.

Experience Of producing, Eve's, Bayou was, such that she wished to repeat it oh yeah. Well I have projects, that are in development that. Are. You, know short stories that have options and novels. That I've had option for me that are in development, and. Some, of those scripts are about to come in and. Not. Only will I be in them out being one, of the producers so that's a part, and parcel of what happens, and I, am now actively, seeking projects. That. Are, specifically. For. Me and I. Guess in that comes, the job. Of producing it awesome. On. The National tonight former hostage, Joshua, Boyle has been ordered to undergo a psychological assessment he's, also facing more charges they're, connected, to incidents, that allegedly, took place after, he and his family were released. From captivity in, Afghanistan, last fall among. The 19 charges he now faces sexual. Assault with a weapon and, unlawful. Confinement. The. Family of a Good Samaritan killed. Last month in Hamilton, has launched a 10 million dollar lawsuit naming. The city's paramedics, police and the hospital, where he died they, claim the failure to properly treat Yosef al-hasawi. Contributed. To his death police, say the 19 year old was shot while trying to stop an altercation. On the street, paramedics. Took him to hospital 38. Minutes after, they got to the scene. When. You look at the scope of everything. That's. The reason I made a choice to retire now and I hope that it has a little, bit a little. Bit of, helping. That healing process the. Athletic. Director of Michigan State University announced, his departure today, as the, fallout continues from, the Larry, Nasser sex abuse scandal, USA. Gymnastics, oz also announced that its entire board of directors will resign the, departures, come after Nasser a former, sports doctor, who worked at the University, was, sentenced, after admitting, to molesting, girls and women among, his victims were some of us as top, Olympic, gymnast, they've criticized, USA, Gymnastics, for failing. To protect them. My, family's, life has, forever been changed my.

Three Children are growing up without a daddy. No. Judgement will bring these men back, no. Judgement will ever make amends no. Judgement will ever make reparations. And. As the widow of RCMP, constable Doug large speaking, outside the courthouse in Moncton today where, the Mounties were hit with a rare half million, dollar punishment, the, force must pay out five hundred and fifty thousand, dollars to be exact for failing, to properly equip, officers before, that shooting rampage, in June of 2014. The. Mounties were fined, $100,000. The rest is being split up among agencies that help families of workers injured, on the job, University. Scholarships, and education. Funds for the fallen officers children. We. Can never forget our. Fallen ever and. We will never forget, three. Years after the Moncton murders, the RCMP. Was convicted, of workplace. Safety violations. Essentially. For not providing officers, with high-powered carbine. Rifles, against, a heavily armed man I. Feel. Very strongly that my husband would have been alive today had. Yet simply, done their due diligence the, Court did know the RCMP, is improving, its practices, this, is something we're going to continue to work on to. Ensure that our, member. Have. The equipment training required for, officer. Safety my. Hope is that the RCMP. Officers. In charge will put members. Safety, first. When. Making decisions so, that those RCMP, members that are out there today, that. Protect us will. Be bred will be better protected themselves. There's. Still more to be done. Lawyer. For the RCMP, says the force will decide within the next 30 days whether. To appeal the conviction and, the. Sentence a lot. Of attention has been focused on, the troubles, of the inquiry into the murder two missing indigenous women, and girls but the inquiries. Work continues. This week in Yellowknife. My. Sister, had, lots. Of friends, and we had like. One of the police officers at the time he, was a family friend of ours, and. How was remember, seeing him and when I walked in the door I I seen. Him and just. The way he looked at me I. Knew. Something, was wrong. To. See this police, officer standing, there crying I knew I, knew for sure. He. Told me of you again. It. Took. For. Me to actually go into the emergency room to see her she, wasn't, breathing that. That. Was Jada Andre recounting, the moment she discovered, her sister, had been fatally stabbed. The. Inquiries, work in yellowknife exposed, the wounds people carry the wounds they inflict, and also as briar Stewart tells us a vital. Need, whether. On foot thank, you. Or. In, a van. Lydia. Bardach is a familiar face to many in Yellowknife, as she tries to deal with all-too-familiar. Problems. This man was kicked out of the day shelter here and is trying to figure out where, to warm up in minus, 25, degree, cold in, Yellowknife, a city of just 20,000. Bartek estimates, there as many as four hundred people homeless and in, need of much more than just a place to live the, extent, and the depth of mental health issues here, in the North it's enormous. People. Are packing so, much, with them in. Terms of, trauma. Unresolved. Grief and loss. Those. Common, struggles, have been brought up again, and again at the inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous, women, and, girls families.

From Across the territory testified. In Yellowknife this week maybe things would have been different like, maybe. Maybe. We all could have got help sooner Jada Andre spoke about her sister Joanie who was killed by her husband, in the hamlet of Fort McPherson the Northwest, Territories, has one of the highest rates of domestic, violence in Canada which, is why Bardach, believes the inquiry can't, just be looking at ways to help women I know that, we're want to focus on the women but the women are asking for help for their men and. If, women are in violent relationships frontline. Workers say it can be hard to find a safe place to turn some. Small communities, don't have shelters, and others, are frequently, at capacity, physical. Health appear as a fee rate Jennings says this is supposed, to be an emergency, shelter but some women have been here for years so typically, how many people would stay here to give at night. 24. She. Says they stay because they don't have anywhere. Else to go a lot of women never give it up we, make, it hard for them and Jennings, says it can take a few months to get an appointment with a mental health counselor while, others are told they have to leave the territory isn't. Right that they can, choose between, accessing. The care that they need and being, in the north so, it's amazing, she. Says the social problems, here have been well documented, so she isn't sure what difference, the inquiry will, make in the end of. Course I'm skeptical but, at least they're asking the questions and, we'll have their moment to speak lots, of faith and articulate. For themselves the types of changes, many have been calling for three years Brier, stewart cbc news yellow. The. Next community hearings, for the inquiry are scheduled for February 20th, in Rankin, Inlet Nunavut and the, participants. Are likely prepared, the Rankin Inlet hearings were originally, scheduled, for December. But, were postponed. Some. Of the BBC's, top announcers, aren't just reading the news today they are in it some, men reducing, their salaries, we. Have to actually, push. Governments. And institutions and. Embarrass, them to, actually take action, and in 2018. Which. Incidentally. Is nearly 50, years after. This. Country's, Equal, Pay Act it simply.

Is Not good enough, it. Is a very public spat over equal, pay at Britain's public broadcaster, female, announcers asking why they're making. Less. Money for, the same work. With. Salaries, made public, and its staff in revolt it's all pretty awkward for the BBC, as Margaret. Evans explains. The. British Broadcasting Corporation so, much a part of the national fabric that even its headquarters, feels a little iconic, its, image, though is taking. A hit in, a scandal, over unequal, pay between men and women. Six. Male BBC, presenters, agree a salary, cut today, there was an effort at damage control and I am also on that list the BBC, announcing, that several, of its top male news presenters. Have, agreed to reduced, salaries. I support, my female. Colleagues who've, rightly. Said that they should be paid the same, when. They're doing the same job it's, just a no-brainer the great helms earlier, this month the BBC's, China editor Carrie Gracie resigned. After. Finding out she earned, much, less than her male counterparts. Adding. Insult, to injury was. This leaked, exchange. Between, a top paid radio host and the BBC's, North America, editor, she's. Actually. That you you you should lose money you know that Danny you've read this improperly yeah. Next. Week Carrie Gracie and the director-general of the BBC Tony, Hall are, due to appear before a select, committee of MPs, along. With the director of news and current affairs. MP. Joe Stephens is on the committee, she calls the BBC, move panicky. One, that will resolve. Discriminatory. Practices. This is not for individual. Male, employees. Of the BBC, to make a gesture or volunteer, to have their pay cuts you, know the BBC, management. Needs to solve this problem the BBC, was forced to publish the salaries, of employees, making more than one hundred and fifty thousand pounds that's, about two hundred and sixty, thousand, dollars last, summer only. A third were women and none, were, among the seven highest, earners, an. Investigation. Into the BBC's, pay structure, who will be released next week. Margaret. Evans CBC News London. So. How does the BBC's, pay gap compared, to elsewhere it's, actually about half the UK average in OECD, countries, women, earn 16%. Less than men Canada. Has its own pay gap women earning 87, cents for every dollar earned by male workers, in, 2015. With. The Grammy Awards, coming up on Sunday we're looking at an occupational, hazard for singers, next. On the national how their passion, for performing. Can put those golden. Tones at risk, singers. Love, to go on stage and go full-out, yeah. And I, always tell them on the, nights when, you're hurting maybe. You're fighting off a cold maybe you're fighting off a flu you. Have got to learn. Containment. And that, is one of the hardest, things for a great, performer, because they want to give a thousand. Percent every. Night. Well. Take that in, the world of cyberspace, a message, sent in capital letters like that one is a real no no it's like picking up the phone and shouting, at the person on the other end well. So how do you communicate emotion. On the Internet, well, those, clever, internet, cadets have come up with a special set of symbols, and a code of conduct called, of course netiquette. And. Joining. Me now from the mid day office to show us how to behave in the wired world is Jim Carroll author of the Canadian internet handbook. Hi Jim so. If I write, to you on the internet in uppercase letters a it's, really rude people, get stressed about it I mean it's difficult to read it's it's it's difficult to understand it's not easy to read and people get a little bit concerned, about that type of typing my, goodness, so I guess there's a whole way. You have to operate when you're writing, on the on the Internet can you give us a few of the basics, well the psychologists, have actually studied it and I guess the key problem is that you don't see the normal body language, of somebody, speaking when you're sending electronic, communications.

Through The internet so there's a few things you don't do you don't send capitals stuff, all in capitals people call that shouting, and. They do say it's difficult to use another. Thing is that when you write a note you shouldn't copy in everybody, it's it's very easy, to. Send a message to the president of the organization and, send them the same message to 300, people at the same time that. Certainly causes a lot of people stress because I mean people simply start to get too. Much electronic, mail it's it's too easy to copy into many people and, probably the third thing it happens to a lot of people it's a really strange, development, but what happens with people an electronic, mail is they. Can write something that they might not otherwise say, or ever put on paper they. Can get very angry very quickly and type type. With anger into the keyboard we. Call that flaming and. In inevitably. Somebody explaining, somebody does it at some point at some point somebody, using electronic mail will send something then though they'll really regret it later because they'll say things that they didn't mean to say so, you actually have a term for people, who are angry who are writing notes oh yeah and it happens regularly you can see messages from people you. Wonder why did they ever send me that boy they must have in a really bad mood when. They typed it out amazing, all right well is there a site on the internet where you can find all the things you should and shouldn't do and there's, all kinds of sites psychologists, are studying it sociologists. Are studying, it's it's it's really a point of fascination for a lot of people this, is an example site that we have here a beginner's. Guide to effective, electronic, mail and it gives you a lot of tips and pointers about, what you should be doing in your messages what you shouldn't be doing how. To write the message how to enunciate, the, some of the key points that you're trying to make the, fact that you shouldn't type in capitals just some of the do's and don'ts of the information highway now there are all these symbols that you can use for. Communicating. And what. Are some of those symbols, well people call them emoticons, I guess people came up with third message emoticons. And. It means emotion, icons, and and people, came up with methods to to, say you know this is this is how you can get across that you're happy that you're that you're sad that you're angry or. That you're winking at someone and what they do is they type in little computer symbols and, when. You look at them sideways they represent, something okay so the first one we saw there was happy, and this one when the, happy, one is on its side what does that tell us that tells, us it's a happy face and that means if you look at it sideways there's the mouth there's the nose and there's the the. Two eyes. On. The next heartland what do you care if I stay you're. Feeling alright dealing, with some serious issues and some, less self and back for our big reunion I'm helping to organize that the second throwback with two high school Heartland Sunday. At 7:00 on CBC. She's. Always dealt, with grief, oddly, when, my mother died she skipped school and spent, the day alphabetizing. My cosmetics. Like. A psychopath. Well. That's this I stumbled upon ten in the cafe this morning he seemed quite taken with the northern woman I can't believe he's still dating Heather Alexis. Came by this morning and, was really, adamant, that we go out tonight sometimes, in, life and in love risk must, be taken. And. The. Billboard, Music Award, goes, to. Sam. Smith. Sam, Smith was speechless when he won that Billboard, Music Award, he thanked people with cue cards, because he was recovering from vocal, cord surgery now. Smith is okay now but vocal strain can put a singer out of business Canadian, Michael Buble is up, for a Grammy Award this, Sunday, just 18, months ago after his own surgery he feared his career might be over he. Like last nerve wanted to know the cause and the cure so, listen up.

This. Is what fans of Sophie, Millman paid to hear sure. Yeah. And this. Is what she does to keep singing after, losing her voice due to vocal cord damage. Actually. Better better. Than it was four days ago in the exam room of dr. Jennifer Anderson the jazz singers vocal cords are getting, a checkup, Anderson. Is one of a handful of doctors in Canada who, specialize, in vocal. Cord surgery with. The special camera she looks to see whether the swelling, has gone down as the right vocal cord this is the left vocal, cord and what we've been tracking Anderson, shows us footage of Milman from last May when she was struggling, look. Closely on the Left cord this, little, bump was the beginning of a polyp. It's. Like a early, Paulette to take the swelling down brace, yourself. Anderson. Injected, a steroid, so, there you go two drops of steroid right into the polyp it may seem drastic, but Millman isn't alone Celine. Dion Shakira, Shania, Twain Adele, and Sam, Smith all canceled. Concerts and even tours due, to vocal chord issues, driven, by increasing, demands, on performers, promoters. And presenters, and agents, they, don't care that much about fatigue. And things I mean I go to Japan I play two shows a night night, after night after night jet-lagged, flashback. To the year 2000. Album sales were the music industry's biggest source, of revenue now with the shift to digital music, it's live concerts. Whether, it's Beyonce Guns and Roses or, Bruce Springsteen in. 2016. The bulk of their revenue, came from concerts, and touring. But. Besides, the business. The, other factor, in vocal, cords strain is the, big voice singing style if you put too much tension too much muscle tension, on your vocal cords then, you, end up with vocal cords swelling and it's often reversible so you might do that one night in the next few but husky it goes away but, as you repeat that then you end up with mobile cords feeling that's not reversible, in a short time the, voice starts to change we, hold a lot of tension, and the tension, from the back of her neck goes into, the vocal cord area, when. Singers start losing their voice they may end up a tea lane over holds piano many, performers, are. Thrust, out into the world, with. No training no even. Idea how to warm up no. Set of skills, she, says it's better to build up stamina rather than go under the knife you, don't want to have surgery if possible. Because it, can, not, always but it can alter the voice-over, Hotels. Students, to conserve, their voice not. An easy job for a musician on the road when I get on stage I start. Of I let, it all go and I, want to please the audience I want to make them happy so. I will push and do. Everything, I can to make them happy and just in the moment and then. I pay for it. Caught. Between performing. And protecting. Their most delicate, instrument. Ever. You. Like Lassner CBC News Toronto. Well. Freddie Mercury, refused. To have non jewels removed fearing, permanent, vocal damage some. Singers embrace, the raspy, sound that can follow surgery, like Bonnie Tyler, and this, guy. Always. With, me. So. We actually showed you this a few days ago Elton, John in his early, career years, before, his surgery in 1987. To remove nine growths, he has that. Are now called cancerous, how's, this for comparison. What. A difference, deeper, richer and according to the man himself better. Some, fans have told him they miss his fall setup John. Says he still sings his songs in the original key his, voice is just more resonant. Well. You can tell in his concerts now he does skip some of those high, parts some, of you across the country may be thinking of the legendary, Tommy banks tonight a renowned, jazz pianist, variety, television show. Host and a former senator bangs had a career that started young and earned respect around the world he.

Died Yesterday in Edmonton surrounded, by family. Tommi, banks made his professional debut as, a teenager, back in the 1950s. But it didn't take long before his, talents, took him from the stage to, the studio. The. Tommy Banks Show ran on CBC, Television from, 1968. To 1983, where. He interviewed hundreds, of Canadians, when you're coming down the ice if the goalkeeper hasn't get me a team right I can't even see where the puck is my. Off you got in your mouth or what and. Showcase. Great music. He. Was appointed to the Senate in the year 2000, and I'm also a political neophyte. As far as internal party, stuff is for journal but he never strayed too far from his first love a fierce, advocate of music, education music, should be a capital, a academic. Something it should be in every school and mentor. To countless, artists, Tommie, banks was 81. Was. Right. Call. It tommy mania, in. The very church where Tommy Douglas preached, his, adoring, fans many, old friends of the man gathered. To cheer him, on. After. Weeks of suspense, the, CBC's, greatest, Canadian would be revealed, there. Was no doubt who the People's Choice was here I'm, strong supporter, of Tommy Douglas I think he's done such a great thinker as Canada. He's. Amazing man. Douglas. Was Saskatchewan, premier, from 1944. To 1961. But. His greatest legacy, championing. Universal. Health care medical. Care is so important, that, it ought not to have a price tag on, Glenn. Rasmussen, worked on Douglass's election, campaigns, there's. Great Canadians, but I think he is one of the greatest, see. The greatest I think he is the greatest. It. Was time to find out if enough Canadians, agreed. Oh. It's. Right it's, absolutely, a one and he's. The right choice it's. Just absolutely, perfect that. People have really spoken and it. Shows, what. A great man he was. Tommy. Douglas never became prime minister but. In this contest, he beat three of them and, nowhere was. The victory sweeter than. Here. Pingu, tiles cbc, news, wavern. Didn't. Have politicians, arguing for politicians etc and, i thought it was great to see terry fox do, as well as he did so. But. Again i think it was a fairly predictable to see, someone. Like Tommy Douglas to, to win so, but, overall it was entertaining my, wife and I voted for Banting but, he came forth. So. No. It was good idea good good. Nice. To have a different. Perspective on thing and gives. You something to watch since there's no ice. Available. Well. I thought, it was kind of a big disappointment cuz Don Cherry didn't, win neither did Wayne Gretzky. This. March the Pyeongchang, 2018, Paralympic. Games are, coming, to CBC. Network. There's. Growing concern, over flooding, in and around Paris as the, Sin River continues to rise roads, along the river banks, were closed as was, a section of the Louvre but, things are worse in the outskirts of the city soldiers. Have helped hundreds of people leave their homes and thousands. Of lost power the, mayor of Paris says the flooding is a reminder, that the city must, adapt to climate change you.

Can't, Really see what's going on in all of this chaos but that is a horde of people going after jars. Of Nutella, in France, supermarkets. Across the country reported similar, scenes after the chain intermarché. A dropped, the price of the heavenly. Chocolate and hazelnut, spread the, promotion, had jars on sale for about two dollars Canadian, down, from the usual price of about seven dollars that, was all it took to send. Shoppers, scrambling. Who. Knows. If. Those big-budget American, ads are your favorite part of the Superbowl we have some good news for you tonight the, Supreme Court of Canada went all the way to the Supreme Court has rejected an, attempt by Bell to, block them from airing, on Canadian, TVs, during. The year's event those ads you'll still be able to see them if you're watching in, Canada on an, American, Channel. Hope, that you will welcome somebody. In. This chair and be as kind and generous to them as you, have been to me for a very long time thank. You I, don't. Have to tell those of you Nova Scotia that was veteran CBC radio host Don Connelly signing off today, for the final time for, 42, years his was the voice that woke up so many in the province on CBC's, information, morning all, today his friends, and loyal listeners, packed an event in downtown. Halifax, to, celebrate, his career. I. Have. The pressure pleasure, of listening to him when I lived in Halifax in the 80s he was already, legendary. What. A career. So. Here's something getting a lot of attention today, the 25th, edition of Vanity Fair's popular, Hollywood, Issue but, the star-studded, lineup is, grabbing headlines because of who is not, on a cover. Turns. Out the magazine chose, to digitally, remove James, Franco, after learning of sexual misconduct allegations, made. Against, him and that's, not all people were paying attention to online take, a closer, look at this there's Reese Witherspoon, leaning, on Oprah, and what, appears, to be Witherspoon's, third, leg, and there's more another, photo published on Vanity Fair's website appears. To show Oprah, with a third, hand. So. Odd. These, women don't seem all that bothered, by that I sort, of Reese Witherspoon and Oprah we're tweeting at each other I guess as you do and you. Know Reese Witherspoon, said I guess everybody knows by now I have, a third leg, I hope hope, you can accept me to which Oprah's said you know I accept, your third leg if you accept, my third and. Two. Things I would say Adrienne first of all it was a nice resolution to what I thought was going to be another story about altering. Women's images. On major magazines, that everybody had fun with it because really there's not an image about extra, limbs also, the next time I'm back in Toronto in the atrium I need to take a second, look at the picture of the four of us you, know in the lobby because I haven't counted limbs yet ouch okay. That is national, for January 26 good night think, about it good night.

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