The National for January 15, 2019 — Brexit Uncertainty, Schellenberg Fallout, Gillette Controversy

The National for January 15, 2019 — Brexit Uncertainty, Schellenberg Fallout, Gillette Controversy

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On. This Tuesday night the world, is watching the city London after a day of some unprecedented, political. Drama the eyes to the right 202. The nose, to the left. 432. So. The noes have it the noes have it, Tereza, May loses, a critical, brexit, vote big, time now her country's exit, from the EU is. In question through governments future veneer. A UK, citizens living in the EU deserve. Clarity, on these questions as, soon. Why. No one, seems to know what, will happen next. We. Believe it is inhumane, and inappropriate. Ottawa, Appeals for clemency, for a Canadian, on death row in China but as both countries ratchet, up the tension could, their complicated, relationship. Cost him his life. Is. This. The best a man can get and. A, razor company's, edgy, ad takes on masculinity. Whose rewards, and sparks, a backlash, men, have fed out of this they, are fed up with being told how awful we are all day is a controversial, social, commentary. Savvy marketing, or, both this. Is the National. It. Was the largest defeat, for a sitting government, in British, history, Theresa, Mays brexit deal is dead now her government is set, to face a no-confidence, motion, tomorrow. She will find out if her days here at 10 Downing could, be coming to an end this is all uncharted, territory, tonight we're here in London to guide you through it, it. Is clear, that the house does not support this deal but tonight's vote tells. Us nothing about what, it does support, the, Prime Minister's soldiered, on in the house despite the stinging, final, tally, 202. Votes in favour. 432. Against. Explosive. Reaction, from a nation on tender hooks as a pivotal, moment past, their, future with the European Union now, more uncertain, than ever and from, the EU a more, pointed reaction. I take, note with regret, of the outcome, of the vote in the House of Commons this, evening, the EU commissioner, tweeted I urge, the UK to clarify its intentions, as soon as possible, time is almost up, that. Is a not so subtle nod, to the March 29th, deadline when the actual exit, is supposed, to get underway but. Let's begin at westminster the scene of heavy drama today rarely, witnessed in the commons thomas Degla takes, us through the vote. Hey, papers, very silence, the build-up to this vote has been huge.

The. Stakes enormous. For the future of everyone, in this country. Still. With that weight on their shoulders most. MPs, seemed to make an easy choice. Labour. Will vote against. This deal tonight. Even. Conservatives. Had no trouble blasting, their leaders plan this is our duty to vote against, it especially. The so-called Northern. Ireland, backstop, which, could keep the UK tied to European, trade rules for, years. It's. A decision at, the heart of the vote is this. 585. Page EU, divorce, agreement, supported. By Conservative. MP, George Freeman this is a sort of political civil war and I I'm voting, tonight because whatever. Else I think this, has got to end. Tonight. Theresa May received, a warm welcome. Perhaps. Out of pity ahead, of a big defeat this is a historic, decision that. Will set the future of our country for generations. MPs. Left the chamber to supposedly, vote, in private, yet some posted. Pictures to, show the staggering, size of the crowd voting, no the. Eyes to the right. 202. The, nose. To the left. 432. Yes. It's a brutal beating for, May but she had a speech ready just, for this listen to the British people who, want this issue settled. May, says she'll meet with MPs, from all sides to find a way forward, but not so, fast I have now tabled, a motion of, no-confidence. That. Vote will come tomorrow this. House is still, a mess, and. So Thomas a lot of the analysis, out of the UK tonight seems to suggest that Theresa May might just survive that. No confidence, vote tomorrow walk, us through why that days it comes down to numbers again the opposition, just doesn't have enough votes to, bring down the government especially, when you consider the Conservatives, allies, the Democratic unionists, have said they're, not going to vote to bring down the, government the only real effect, of today's. Result. Is that this country is no closer to the exit in fact it may be further away there's no clear path out of the EU there's no majority, in parliament one. Way or another this, is just a continuation, of the same Tory infighting, that led this country down the brexit path in the first place the previous Prime Minister lost, his job this. One may have lost control of Rexha today, Teresa, may back there has a lot of work to do he. Thomas. Thanks welcome. Across. The UK people were glued, to the vote large crowds, made their way to Parliament. Square to, be on the scene as their, future was plotted, only, to find it more uncertain, than ever. Please. Get off her how the police, were ready for trouble ready to separate, what they feared might, be thousands. Of protestors, clashing, for hours. Like. Most brexit predictions, though it was wrong there was noise and bluster. But. The defeat for may's plan was so punishing, and it came so, fast. Those. Gathered, in Parliament, Square barely. Had time to react. Those. Standing, here to watch what they call their Briggs essential. Vote we're, mostly from the remain can I. Just. Was. Watching you as you were listening and. Your slow clap what's. What's going through your head now. I'm. Thinking, towards, the future. We. Must. Flawed. It's, completely, irrational but, it's you should have one vote you, may need to take stock of the situation the. Original vote didn't even ask on what terms we, were to leave. So. That's, the essential this goes back to the people these two had planned to come to the square to watch but it was all over by the time they arrived four, three two two two my turn. Others. They put in the pub clutching, both booze and smartphones, some. Glued, far, above it all. Touching, the, brakes it. I'm good as a, technical. Genius. Realize. That you can actually do that and see the catastrophic. Defeat. He's, getting perhaps a little bit ahead of himself because back on earth. In. Cory Young's living room in Scotland, the realisation, it's more complicated, than that.

No. It's definitely not over, the, cold setting, in the smaller group of brexit dears wandered, away knowing. Nothing has been sorted personally. I'm glad. Because. I didn't respect my stable in the first place. People. On the leave and remain side are both happy tonight I, think. It's weird, at all I think. It's an obvious expectation. We. Wanted a real proper, brexit we, couldn't move what may. What. Are you getting at now though. Who. Knows. 25. 25. Because, I became a millionaire. And. This is how we left them tonight barking, at each other on the street, settling, absolutely, nothing, gearing, up for just more arguments. A head, so. High emotion, tonight but the day will break on a hazy, future, there's no deal but, Briggs it is still on track to commence March 29th, assuming, May does win the confidence of the house what, could happen next let's. Run down the options. Make. Could go back to the EU she, could ask them for a better deal for Britain concessions. That would, need to be swiftly, negotiated. Before the deadline or she, could ask to have that deadline pushed, back it's, an unlikely option. But may could roll the dice by calling a snap, election to try to gain more support in Parliament or another. Referendum, something. She's vowed not to do, failing. That Britain, could leave on schedule but, with no deal for, a sense on how this all might, end we've turned to Anand Menon an esteemed, professor, of politics, and foreign affairs he, also heads an initiative, called the UK, in a changing, Europe, so. On a Menon thank you for helping us out here we know there are a number of, scenarios that are possible, what. Do you think is most likely I think, the key to British politics at the moment is that all the outcomes are quite unlikely, one of them will happen it is far too soon, to say yet because actually we're just starting. That process of, parliamentarians. Having, to make choices they said they don't want the deal now, they've got to decide what they do want and I think the three options are general election unlikely, because and conservatives don't want one another.

Referendum Unlikely. Because there's no majority in there No Deal unlikely. Because there's absolutely no majority in there what we have to wait and see is how MPs, start, to evolve in their thinking and if something, becomes more popular amongst them it's, been interesting watching this country, tie itself in knots and then looking at the 27, countries of the EU speak. With sort of one cohesive, voice so, looking. At that block do, you think there's any incentive, for them to, open up renegotiation. I think the EU will be looking at this thinking should, we waste time and energy try. To make concessions given, the scale of the defeat so I think the scale of the defeat matters in that way ultimately. I think what's going to happen is we'll have the vote tomorrow Theresa, May will talk to party leaders then she'll go to Europe and say I reckon, if we, can do this and this I might be able to squeak this through at that point that I think in your opinion you will talk to her but not before what, is there to be afraid of with a hard brexit, because you hear so many people say they are afraid of it well. This is a question that's really misunderstood, in the event of no deal the, issue isn't trading. On world, trade organization, terms the issue is that the legal infrastructure. That. Governs, our interactions. With Europe whether its flights whether it's travel whether it's trade whether its medical certification. Ceases. To exist all of a sudden were in a legal vacuum at, that point you're going to have chaos, at least in the short-term and that's the real danger of no deal okay. See what happens thank you very much thank you all right, so. We're expecting another day of frustrating. Political, plays here in London tomorrow beginning, of course with that no confidence, vote yeah no kidding Adrian busy times ahead and we are gonna catch up with you again within the hour with more on tonight's drama, on our moment. You. Bet. Now. It's, not just the UK struggling, to find its way out of a political quagmire tonight. Canada's, relationship, with China, is, deteriorating. As the Trudeau government, tries to get clemency for convicted drug trafficker, Robert, schellenberg there's, a very real chance he will be executed. After being hastily, retried, and sentenced, to death all. This as two other Canadians, sit behind bars in China accused, of violating that country's, national, security their. Detention, apparent, retaliation for. The arrest of China's Huawei, executive, hmong juan jo evan. Dyer walks us through this deepening, diplomatic crisis. With canadians caught in the middle. Canada. Has asked for clemency for robert schellenberg we, have already. Spoken. With China's. Ambassador, to Canada, and. Requested. Clemency, a tough ask as the relationship, only seems to get worse evidence. Today by China accusing, the Prime Minister of malicious, slander and, after, Canada changed, its travel advisory, China, has responded, in kind warning. Of the arbitrary, detention, of a Chinese citizen meanwhile. Schellenberg's, family can only watch Foreign. Affairs Minister Krista Freeland spoke to his father today it, was a very emotional, conversation. For him he, and his family have asked the government to do all it can to save their son from death row but, that may be an uphill battle we learned today that two, Chinese, Canadian dual, citizens, have been executed, for drug crimes in China in recent years suggesting. That even in normal times it's, hard to stop a Chinese, execution, Prime, Minister Harper wrote a personal letter to see Jinping asking, for clemency, and they. Proceeded. Anyway, the next day with. The execution. Candidates. Then ambassador, says the only way forward is to get other allies, on side I think I would, hope that the government will come here with this strategy because we, have to attract, as much international, attention to this China is concerned about its reputation and it may make. Them think twice a message, seemingly, echoed by the Foreign Affairs Minister today we now have Germany. France. The. Netherlands, the EU, the, United States the, UK Australia. Estonia. Lithuania, and, Latvia. Publicly. Coming, out and speaking, against. These arbitrary. Detentions, none of which has been lost on China I have, noted that some Canadian officials have been going all-out to encourage more of their allies to side with them said hua but, these several countries, cannot, represent the international, community, I think we need to persuade China, that it is, not in their, long-term interest. To, detain foreigners, right, for whatever reason, so, far the Canadian government has stopped short of the prime minister directly, reaching out to China's president, about Schoenberg, or the other two detained Canadians, of entire CBC, News. Meanwhile. Canada, is caught in a very different, sort of crossfire in the conflict, between Russia, and Ukraine one.

Of The Kremlin's most prominent. Propagandists. Is making an incredible, claim, that, Ottawa, is being manipulated from the inside, by Nazi, loving, Ukrainian. Nationalists, it's on Russian TV Chris. Brown shows us. If. It's poroshenko. Sorry, tricky Slav has a special, place among Russian, propagandists. He's the only Russian, journalist, sanctioned. By Canada, for, disseminating, what the government considers, to be Kremlin, lies. I gotta live in Maidan Nezalezhnosti and. For his first primetime. Show of 2019. Caillou's kicks nuts and Ollie's though he zeroed in on Canada. And it's million-and-a-half, strong, Ukrainian. Community masseuse. News in Turkish. New file it's coca madam they're the ones that dictate Canadian. Foreign policy, said, the woman who's listed as a director, of the russian congress of Canada, a group seen, as being very Pro President, Vladimir Putin a voice SS, nuts, escaped get a mind you he's loss program, visited, a Ukrainian, cemetery, in Oakville, it's filled with the graves of Ukrainians, who fought with the Nazis against. Russia during. The Second World War. Which. Appeared, to be the central themes that, Ukrainian. Nazi descendants, justin through to a hold political power in Canada, Foreign, Affairs Minister Christie of Friedland, and liberal, MP Boris, SHIVs Nevsky and his family, dressed, in their traditional, Ukrainian of, leash Ivanka's, we're, singled out and it was seen as a sign. Of oh, my goodness. See, we, told you they're infiltrating. There you, know it's just ludicrous. Controlling. Ukraine, is central, to Putin's goal making. Russia a global, superpower again says. She was Nevsky. Without. Ukraine. Russia. Ceases. To, be an empire the. Anti-ukrainian rhetoric. Has intensified, here, ever, since Russia's, Navy shot at and then captured, Ukrainian, warships. And their crews near the disputed Crimean. Peninsula, now, with Ukrainian, elections just, around the corner the Kremlin's propaganda. Machine may be turning its focus to, ukraine's strongest. Allies, Chris. Brown CBC, News Moscow. It. Also tonight on the national we are following a deadly and terrifying, militant attack on a hotel complex in Kenya. The. Siege started with an explosion, targeting, vehicles outside followed. By a suicide, bombing in the hotel lobby then, armed, gunmen, stormed the complex, and started shooting those, who could escape ran, for their lives many of the injured had, to be rescued. After. Eight hours, government, officials said, the situation was finally, under control but, gunfire. And explosions, continued, more than a dozen people have been killed among them an American. And a British citizen Somali. Militant group al-shabaab, has claimed responsibility. In. That terrible auto a bus crash the Department of National Defense, confirmed today that four, Armed, Forces members, and five of its civilian, workers were among those hurt on, top of that three, people all public servants were killed when that double-decker, bus plowed into a shelter, investigators.

Are Still trying to figure out what caused that crash. The. Saudi teenager, who fled her family, is starting her new life in Canada with, hired security, the settlement, agency working with her half Mohammed, in Toronto says there have been numerous threats, made against her on social media but speaking. Through an interpreter today, and despite the security concerns she says she counts her blessings I, am. One of the lucky ones I know. That there are unlucky, women, who, disappeared, after trying to escape. The. 18 year old added she has no, regrets. Still. Ahead on the national keeping more than 600, British MPs, in check is no easy gig and so, the hard work of the common speaker, shouting, them all down could, not be ignored today you're, going to want to stick around for that yeah, indeed Plus goodbye, dolly the Great White Way pays, tribute to the legendary Carol. Channing, and is, Gillette's, controversial, new ad about making, better, men or just making. Money. Bullying. The meat tournament, against. Masculinity. Attention. Is the oxygen of marketing, you want to be out there you have to pick a side. Bullying. The meter against. Masculinity. Boys, will be boys boys. A. Lot. Of buzz over this new ad from Gillette they're selling razors sure, but also a changing, idea of masculinity, and it's that second, part depending on who you ask it's either a sign of the times or an insult. To men so can. A company turn a profit, waiting into something as controversial, as this you'd, like Glassner takes a look, is. This the best a man can get, the. New ad cuts to the idea of what it means to be a man, whisperer, tweaking Gillette's taglines take a stand against, toxic masculinity, back online the, ad quickly wrapped up millions, of views and a, backlash actor. James Woods tweeted about the razor company, jumping on the quote men, are horrible campaign, in, London, TV personality Piers. Morgan, added his voice. They. Are fed up with being told how awful we are all day sorry. Soon customers, who don't like mixing politics, with smooth Chin's started, chucking their razors tension. Is the, oxygen of marketing, you want to be out there you have to pick a side former. Ad executive, Tony Chapman, says Gillette expected. A backlash, he, says the way the ad confronts, the brand's history, is brilliant, you know clean shaven faces, your pathway, to having.

Sex And getting kissed by a beautiful women they, felt they had permission to play there and in, doing so they're taking a very hard pivot for the brand and with that because, both risk and reward it's. Pretty smartly done a like author rachel giza is skeptical, when companies, take up a social cause but. She says the one they've chosen speaks, volumes, the, fact that this ad exists. Suggests. That this critique, and. Rethink, about masculinity, has. Become, so much a part of the cultural, conversation, that, a company, thinks, that an ad like this will resonate with men again, Gillette is just the latest in a string of brands to challenge, customers, when Nike launched, a campaign around NFL, player Colin, Kaepernick customers, set their shoes on fire but, fall. Their share price their sales the. Affinity, for the brand all of these things have been very positive since, they made that move, believe in some in fact in the quarter Nike released the Kaepernick ads sales, rose 10%. To. Act the, right way and. While the new Gillette campaign, is rubbing some men the wrong way Chapman. Says the company is actually targeting, women who, make the majority of household, purchases, he, liked last night CBC News Toronto. Let's. Pick up on that about that female purchasing. Power women in Canada account for 60%, of, primary, shoppers, and women, drive up to 80 percent of all consumer spending that includes their influence, over other, people's, purchases, that's worth mentioning that Gillette, has been steadily losing, its market, share from 70, percent to less than half it's. Partly, because they're, now competing with shaving, club subscriptions. For one and more, men are keeping. Their beards. More. Men not, all of them though next. On the national as deadly. As smoking and increasingly, common, in Canada you enter Emilio tiss begins a series here on the national about, loneliness and how to fight it plus, saying. Farewell to Carol Channing, after a lifetime of laughs what. Is it about being, on stage that, that. Keeps, you going. There's, no other excuse, for my existence, I. Have. No choice. You. You. I. Just. Have two friends but, I don't, I don't told the world lots of stuff remember, people, used to whisper cancer. Yeah. I don't, even know if loneliness, is, is, whispered. Sometimes. I can go to three weeks without a phone call even the, answer. Is, blowin. In the wind. Those. Are three faces, of loneliness. And we're going to explore, their stories because it's. More than just a feeling we sometimes have in our lowest moments, it's been described as an epidemic, and it is killing, us, feelings. Of loneliness have, been linked to a higher risk for, depression anxiety. Dementia. Heart disease and diabetes put, plain and simple you're more likely to die it's, the equivalent to smoking 15, cigarettes a day the.

Percentage Of Canadians, living alone has been climbing for, decades now it's, 28%. And one, in five Canadians, identify, themselves, as lonely. That. Last number is important, because loneliness. Affects, the young and the old those married, and single, and the, feeling itself is the, problem insidious. And invisible. Yo, NME leotis gives us a glimpse into this quiet, grey world and the people who are fighting to escape it. In. The noise of childhood, loneliness. Can be so quiet. Homestead. Elementary, school in Brampton every. Month here all the kids gather to celebrate each, other on, this. Day there's, also a surprise hello. Everyone, my, name is Trinity and I'm here today to talk about some of my personal stories, of anxiety, depression, and, bullying, a 12, year old visitor talks about her struggle, to make friends, and something. Profoundly. Simple that helped a. Friendship. Bench you. May have heard of it it's a place where a child can take a seat and send the silent, signal they, need a friend. Angelo. Carey Adi is the vice principal, here, it. Doesn't feel good to be lonely so we want to give the children the tools to seek, that out and, put. Themselves in the other person's shoes how, would I feel how might I feel, if that was me sitting, alone on the bench or alone. In the schoolyard. Childhood. It's, easy to assume it's carefree, but. Hundreds, of schools around the world have, one of these we. Set up a camera to capture the, unspoken, stories, the, ones kids, rarely, talk about until. They're asked. So, I thought, they'd. Come. And help me, they. Sat on a bitch. It. Doesn't take long before, someone, does and before. It's clear that reshawna jack Erin's sense of solitude runs. Deeper, I. Belong. Sometimes. And. Describe, it what does it feel like when you're feeling lonely. It's. Revealing, and heart-wrenching. This. From a ten-year-old, who does have friends and yet. Already feels how, fleeting these moments of connection can be how. She already, treasures. Them. The. Simplicity and the complexity. Of a child's, developing, emotions, can be surprising, so. Is what they carry alone I just, have two friends. Their. Name is Veronica he's under my best friends, so. They never be rude to me they're like they, sparked, me to a lot but I don't I don't told her well lots of stuff, sue. Quran pander doesn't, tell them about the moments he says he spends crying alone, he was one of the first kids to sit down on the bench. We. Can sit here and, some, student, can come and help us like that's, the crying like stove Andy you, can get calmed, down and yeah you can tell her your story whatever, happened, and just. Take a look at what does happen. This. Is the first time he's told anyone, other than his parents, that, he's been bullied since the beginning of the school year. We. Told Kerry Adi about that moment it. Was one of those things where you, couldn't have planned. That it's. A child who instantly, felt a connection with, the. With. What came out of the bench so now I know as an educator that wow that's. Great we do have a tool of error but now I need to follow up to make sure that he's going home and feeling safe and coming back to school and feeling safe.

Extraordinary. What a moment can reveal when. There's a place to see. You. It's. So shameful, and. It makes you feel vulnerable. Sometimes. I have a tendency to feel. Disconnected. And, not part, of any one community. Or. Tribe. One. @r I'm a place, to belong to. Marcy. O'Connor may find in him at a Navy base in Montreal. You're. All wearing the same uniform, you're all eating at the same time you're all participating, in the same task I find. Something really comforting, in that. This. May not look like comfort, a grueling. Test to see if she has what it takes to get into the Navy but. In the drills and demands, Marcie, can see it a place. For her a seat. At the table of her life. It. Starts by breaking, the stigma. Remember. People. Used to whisper cancer. Yeah. I don't, even know if loneliness, is. Whispered. It's. Like I don't even know if it's there yet. Marcy. Says ever since she can remember she's. Felt a separateness, a child. Of divorce and, now divorced, too there was no one moment, more, like a collection, of broken, threads that, wolf into a yearning. Marcy. Moved to Quebec from Toronto, when she got married life, with kids got busy she drifted away from old friends and two years ago when the marriage ended, she, lost the community, that came with him. I lost. A, sense. Of my, identity in a way I wasn't, really sure. Who. I was, or, who I was going, to be, who I was connected, to who I could reach out to, a. Busy, life suddenly. Got quieter, and as the outlines of her new life in her forties, emerged, so, did empty spaces and a, sense, of guilt I'm, not alone, right, like I have my mom and my brother gonna have my kids in spite of having them in my life. I still, feel lonely. Loneliness. Is defined as a state of mind a state, of soul and why, people can feel lonely, even when they're not alone, and as. Marcy, turned inward, the, questioning, became less, about why and more, about now, what. The. Changes, seem, subtle, how, old was he when you Marcy. Used to walk her dog alone now, she takes her to a dog park to find people to talk to a. Freelance. Writer she's used to working from home. Now. She's landed a longer contract and that means going to the office every day the feedback is really interesting, and helpful, developing. Work relationships. That already feel less, transient, it's all deliberate, and liberating.

As She, exposes, her loneliness she diminishes. The pain tangled. In it I won't, try to push it away or question it or feel embarrassed, or ashamed, of, it and. I. Just, let it sit there and see where it takes me to and it wouldn't have taken me to the Navy if I hadn't just sat with, that feeling for, a little bit. The. Navy maybe the most life-altering, with, its construct, of unity, of home. Marcy, passed that first test. And. Got, one exhausted. Step closer. Oh. Can. I be. Just, your. Friend. The. Quiet can, be unbearable. So. Melvina alderson sings. It away. It's. Like you're not alone, and singing, is one of the best ways of getting. Rid of depression, the answer. Is, blowin. In the wind, you. Can sing along with, it it'll, bring you out of anything. Melvina. Is 73. And lives, alone with her solitude. You're. Always feeling lonely, when you're by yourself you're, always eating, alone. You're. Always spending. The evening alone, when, you get through that door, there's. Nobody here, loneliness. For older people especially can. Feel like the world is busy moving, past you that, it doesn't occur to anyone, to stop, Melvina. Copes by, making light of it sometimes, I can go to three weeks without a phone call even there. My, daughter and I were talking, the other night. There. She says I'm, just gonna have a shower. Gonna. Call you. Did. You see the date on that no. Anyways. Just a couple of days ago I'm still waiting for that phone call but. She was too tired I know. That's why she didn't call me back she went. Right to bed but. With with Carol, she's, phones, I know it's there. Good. Morning Carol good. Morning lady Malvina how are you, that. Call Melvina, mentioned, with a volunteer, named Carol, it's, a lifeline I look. Forward to that phone call okay. Matter. Of fact they know downstairs, I go downstairs for breakfast every morning on Thursdays, I have, my alarm set for a 9:20, I gotta go upstairs I got my conference, call you. Said you went to see your doctor this week so how. Did that go okay. It wasn't the flu I had I have bronchitis that's, that's something I was concerned about because. You were saying you felt last week like you were actually, fighting for embrace and I did not like that at all Carol Bailey is with a home health care company, that checks in on lonely, clients. She's. Often the only call they can count on, good. Earring in my friend will talk again soon, I noticed. That a lot of it was just, chit chat yes. And that's really what it is we don't try it's. A companion, call so you're talking like you're talking to a friend so. We. We. Go into whatever, the, mood is for that day but. That, call is only half an hour once a week and, there are so many hours to film, Melvina. Has limited, mobility and, she, races to fill them all by, volunteering, anywhere, she can. $5. The annual poppy stand at a nearby mall, is one of her favorites, because, the shifts can be 12 hours long have, a good. Melvina. Has outlived partners, and a son. There's. Time here to connect even. If it's over losses. It. Does help with loneliness when you see that somebody else is lonely it helps by. Saying. Well yeah I'm here I know what you're going through but you know and you feel good too, okay.

You Have a great day a. Moment. Like that it's. What keeps her going and, so, she waits for the, next one. Joanna. Roumeliotis CBC. News Brampton, Ontario a. Year. Ago the British government. Appointed, its first minister. Of loneliness. And tomorrow, we're going to show you one of the many programs it's, launched, at the center of it the Royal Mail it's trusted, its mail carriers, know their neighborhoods and that makes, them ideal messengers. Of solace, through the solitary, very, special, delivery, tomorrow on, the national and. Next on the program changing, attitudes on and off the ice and NHL. It reaches out to a young player who faced racial, slurs during, a game my. Grandparents, thought it would be different. When you know when I'm this edge all, I can hope for is you know my, kids and my kids kids still living in. A world that this. Stuff isn't happening stuff but. First the lights on Broadway will, be briefly dimmed tomorrow, night in honor of theater legend Carol Channing, she died early this morning at her home in California. And. May be quite, continental but. Diamonds. Are a girl's best, friend. Channing, rose to fame in 1949. When she landed the role of Lorelei. Lee in Gentlemen. Prefer Blondes. Hello. Louie. But. It was her portrayal, of matchmaker, dolly, in Hello Dolly that came, to define her career she won a Tony Award for it in, 1964. If you want to be a success, in anything, just stick to it, and she followed that advice to the letter Channing. Would reprise the role of dolly more than 5,000, times over, the next three decades. Her. Last national. Tour was in 1996. When she was in her mid 70s. Dolly marinade. Inside. Me during those years and I, didn't know I was thinking about her all the time but. I was. In. Film. - Channing, saw success, earning an Oscar nomination for Thoroughly, Modern Millie and she, also guest starred in dozens of TV shows but she, always came, back to junky, back. Chanting. Was 97. Ask. Any hockey loving, kid there's nothing, like watching your NHL, heroes on home ice but for, these kids last night's Washington, Capitals, game was extra-special. They were invited, by the team after bravely, standing, up for one of their own in the face of intolerance. When. One of these kids was subjected, to racial insults. And mockery on the ice his teammates would have none of it and as Paul hunter reports that courage, made, them heroes. To the Cape's. Game. Night in Washington. DC capitols. Vs., blues with fans, pouring. In and. While. Caps placards. And, jerseys. Are as ever all the rage check, these fans, with. Those buttons, and that. T-shirts. A hockey, stick crossing, out a single ugly, word racism. A team. Of Bantam, players from, Maryland, invited, to this game by the Capitals, because, of what happened at one of their games last month in, Pennsylvania. Opposing. Players shouted. Racial, taunts and made, monkey. Sounds, aimed. At one of the players from Maryland Devine. Apollon, 13. Years old targeted. For the color of his skin I read, the story. And you. Know it's pretty it's. Pretty sad to read it. Prompted, capital's player Devante smith Pelley to bring Divine's team to DC so he could offer up some hard-fought, wisdom. Maybe I could talk to him what I want and, share. Some of my, experiences. With him indeed. Smith Pelle born in Toronto and last year a Stanley, Cup winner, has. His own tale, of racial, taunting, in the NHL, in Chicago. Last, February, they were escorted. Out of the arena. Getting. Involved with Smith Elliot a couple guys are you. Know telling me to go play basketball and, yeah I don't know if you saw the footage but I was pretty upset and confronted. Them and it, left Smith Pelley determined. To always, battle, back on this the message, he'd soon give to divine don't, let those, small-minded. People. You. Know kind of try and bring you down and, so, - last, night it's, with Kelly fires tips. Save Allen, while he skated up a storm.

Devine. Was, the star of the stands, featured. On NBC's. Broadcast of, the game and then, afterward. In. Hockey heaven. He and his teammates, were brought to the caps dressing. Room in awe, awe. Awe. Graphs for all but for divine some, private, words of encouragement from. Smith teller grateful. For the goodwill divine, told us truth is he, wonders, whether this world will ever get past the ugliness, of racism, now, I'm not sure but hopefully. Got. Your fingers and, so. He does the. Capitals ended up losing the game last night but in their dressing, room nothing. But, winners. Paul. Hunter CBC News Washington. Up. Next on the national, calling the house to, order unlike. Anything we see in our Parliament the, speaker who couldn't, go unnoticed, is, our moment. The. Eyes to, the right. 202. The, nose. So. If you were watching the brexit vote of the British Parliament today it was impossible not to notice, how much work the speaker, was doing. Brexit. Has a habit of bringing out the worst in, British MPs are always an unruly Bunch but the Speaker John Burke Oh kind, of has it all the moral indignation, of, a schoolmaster, the, Lightspeed, elocution. Of an auctioneer, and the, bellow of a raging grizzly. Bear his control over the Commons is tonight's, moment. I. Know. What I'm doing the key, point is persistence, if the Honourable Jota order. If, the Honourable gentleman wishes to press his amendment. He is entitled to do so oh yes, he is oh you see is I'll be the judge of that order, the house was calm itself. Zen. Restraint. Patience. People. Talk about respect. In this house but, there's a minister, of the crown. Shouting. Stop. It you're capable of much better than that this, matter order, I'm not interested in people chattering for a sedentary position to the obvious benefit or purpose I'm ruling on a matter and I require no assistance, in the process of doing, so. Clear. The lobby. Okay, that's good okay, so he. May be he. May be a new face and a new voice a lot of Canadians, not here he is known, for, infuriating. Members of parliament, and there was a guardian article recently, that said he has inspired more fear more anger, and more, adoration. Than any other speaker, in recent history yeah I'm not so Brett well I find. Him very entertaining, but, the theatre of it all right I mean boy that is really something I guess given, the stakes, of the matter of we should only expect things to get more, and more animated. Over the next hill what. And. Don't think he doesn't enjoy it that, is the National for Tuesday January 15th. You.

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