The National for January 16, 2019 — Lac-Mégantic Netflix, RCMP Oversight, May Survives

The National for January 16, 2019 — Lac-Mégantic Netflix, RCMP Oversight, May Survives

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On. This, Wednesday night. Scenes. From a real-life, Canadian. Horror put to casual, use in a popular Netflix, movie how bird box resurrects. The haunting, memory of lac-megantic. So. The nose of it. Theresa May wins a parliamentary, vote of no confidence so. Can her knack for political. Survival help, or bring dregs at home. For. It is a long. Term. Glacier. Moving process but, at least it is a process and thousands. Of women in the RCMP, have called out harassment. In the force well, a new government plan make, a difference this, is the net. First. They were used to depict a nuclear explosion, on the streets of London then, they were used to illustrate a town under attack the same fiery, images, in two new Netflix, productions, but, these scenes weren't staged, for dramatic purposes they, were real-life, footage of an actual event and not, just any event they show lac-megantic right. After, part of that small, Quebec town was incinerated. Alison. North car looks at how these haunting, images were used for, entertainment. Images. From the Lac Megantic rail, disaster, are dramatic, and unforgettable, the, 2013. Tragedy, killed 47, people and, devastated, an entire community. So. To see those images appear, in two recent Netflix, productions, has hit some viewers hard when. Guillaume Bouchard, saw them in the show travelers, just avoided, the military, he, says he couldn't believe it, the fiery footage, was purchased, by the show's production company, Peacock, Alley entertainment. From a stock footage site pond5, which, also sold images of the disaster, to the Netflix movie bird box for. Lac-megantic residents. Who lived through the tragedy it's unsettling, Tobler, it's, troubling, he says because it brings back the pain the, production company behind traveler, says it didn't realize the source of the pictures and in a statement said, we sincerely apologized, and had no intention to dishonor, the tragic, events of 2013. Our team, is working diligently, to replace, the footage in the show but. For the wildly popular movie, bird box Netflix. Says the lac-megantic images. Will stay, the. Stock footage company, says even though it can't police how its footage is used it didn't want it used like that there's something as sensitive as that and as tragic is that, we. Should have taken greater efforts to make sure that the truth the true character of that story was was, represented, and we. We, didn't. Live up to our own goals in defense of our own values on that we. Could have done more it says it will now make sure its clients, understand the context, behind the pictures it sells I would, think it's in the early moments after, the crash where Pascal, mouths Shaw makes a living selling news, footage to production companies including. Footage from Lac Megantic he. Says using real news images is an easy way for producers, to get dramatic footage, for cheap let's say they need a shot, of a car on fire yeah. They can you know hire a team of firemen production. Crew you know the cameraman sound guy, buy. A car set it on fire vining, this cost like so much money thousands. And thousand as opposed to if they go online and buy a clip of a car that's burning for. Only $200 he has no plans to stop selling, his footage but some companies are now taking a closer look the, way they get theirs, Alison.

Northcott CBC, News Montreal, and, as Alison made reference to the lac-megantic footage. Wasn't, used in an obscure, film Netflix, says more than 45, million account holders stream, the film in the first seven days of its release the, company's, best first week showing ever. When. Mohamed Abdullah Mohammed went to fight with Isis, the toronto man seemed to vanish into, the fog of war torn, Syria but. New video has emerged showing him, captured. In the hands of Kurdish forces tonight. Our senior investigative, correspondent Diana. Swain explores, what we know about the Canadian, Isis fighter and what, could happen next. The. First we saw of Mohamed, Abdullah Mohammed, was this video, he, was purportedly, captured, by Kurdish, fighters, in a gun battle in Syria sometime. Over the weekend in, Arabic, their prisoner, identifies, himself, homeland. Of Allah, Mohammed, he now appears to be in the hands of the Kurdish LED Syrian, democratic, forces who. Are working with the u.s. to fight Isis, in Syria and in this video released today he speaks in English I'm originally from Ethiopia. And, I. Came from. I came, to Syria in, 2013. Now. Sporting, some injuries, he explains he's being with Isis, for about five years until his capture by the Kurds on the weekend, I was captured by them. But. At least one man who's followed, the story of Canadian, fighters who've left to join Isis, believes, Mohammad, may be more than a simple foot soldier. Reached. Out to me. And. Told me quite a bit of information about, his. Childhood, amaur, amaur Singham, is a Canadian, who's done extensive research on, foreign, fighters and believes, Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed, is also, the man who goes by the name Abu, ridwan, he, says the friend who knew Muhammad when they grew up together in Toronto, saw, the video and recognized, him right away and claims. That as Muhammad's, religious, convictions, grew he, adopted, the nom de guerre Abu ridwan, that's, the same name Amara Singham says other fighters, he spoken to as recently as last fall claim. Is the voice on some of Isis most chilling videos, the, fighting, has just begun the, flames of war videos, were released back in 2014. Meant as a recruitment, tool they, also showed extraordinary. Violence, the. Following, year, Isis, released an audiotape claiming, it was behind the bombings, in Paris, that, killed 130. People, targeting. The capital of prostitution, and vice at. The time many, including, Amara singham believe the man's voice was distinctly, Canadian. Now. Taken, together that. Voice the, name the, friend who recognized, him from their days in Toronto, and Amara, singham believes Muhammad, is the faceless, fighter on those chilling, videos yes, yes the, Syrian democratic forces just. Released. A set of three videos where he's speaking in English for. The first time, and. If you compare the voice of, that to flames of war I'd. Say it's pretty, identical, a hunch, but, at this point not conclusive. Though, Amara singham also believes Mohammed's, capture, says something else about his role within Isis the idea that he would travel with. With. Some of these with, the leadership to the last remaining pockets of Isis shows that he's very, likely I mean it's not definitive proof but it's at least very likely that he's not just an egg just a regular fighter who was being used as cannon. Fodder or something like that, so. Andrew easy at him that still can't be known with any certainty but you hear him say on the video himself, his name Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed and that he's been with Isis right interestingly, he's, asked, by, the interviewer. If. We say from the from the Kurdish. Side that has him how, are the Isis fighters feeling, about the fact that they're being pushed into an ever-smaller part, of Syria and he, concedes, they're not fighting as openly, as brazenly, as they once did that, morale is low and he says that some, of them want to go back home and and on that front I mean what about Mohammed himself if he wants to come back what what, kind of issues would that raise for Canada we've reached out to Global Affairs Canada and we haven't heard anything concrete. About. Him yet but we can say this that at, the moment we're not aware that he's facing any criminal charges and if he still has his Canadian, passport, in theory he could still use it in the past the Canadian government has found it difficult to do much with these returning, foreign fighters, without, hard proof that they've actually broken, the law somewhere, else this, case could be different because as we all heard him say he, was captured, in a fight with, Kurdish forces okay, our senior investigative, correspondent Dana, Swain thanks so much thank you now.

Isis, Itself, made its presence, felt today, in the most brutal way a suicide, bombing in Syria killed, 19. People four, of them American. It, comes just weeks after the u.s. president, declared Isis defeated, in Syria, vowing to pull troops out and as Ellen Morrow tells us the White House seems to be sticking, to that plan. The. Site of the explosion a, mangled, mess and blood-stained. Facade. This. Was the blast as it went off Isis, has claimed responsibility. Vice. President Mike Pence condemned, the attack but insisted, we are bringing our troops home, the, Caliphate, has, crumbled and Isis. Has been defeated. Now. We've won it's, time to come back Donald, Trump's move to pull US troops out of Syria has, been widely criticized. Triggering. Fears that a u.s. vacuum, would equal a resurgent, Isis, it. Appears right now that the president, is simply, hell-bent on, withdrawing. Forces. From, Syria because, he wants to fulfill the campaign promise, do you think that today's attack will change the, calculus here in Washington, at all. We. See a very stubborn, posture. Right now from. The Trump administration President. Trump was already under pressure to, rethink pressure, that's growing after today's attack, recently. A trump supporter Senator. Lindsey Graham veered, off track at a confirmation. Hearing today. Delivering, this message my, concern, by, the statements, made by President Trump. Is. It just set in motion. Enthusiasm. By the enemy, were fighting every. American, wants our troops to come home but I think all of us want to make sure that when they do come home we're safe a group, of senators came to the White House today for a meeting, on Syria, the group included critics, as well as senators who support, president Trump's, plan to withdraw applauding. Him for keeping a campaign, promise and as of now the president, has shown no, sign that today's, attack has changed, his decision to, pull out Ellen. Morrow CBC, News Washington. Today's. Attack is being called the deadliest, on American forces in Syria, since they were deployed there in 2015. Just. A week after calling the by-election, in burnaby south the liberals are suddenly without a candidate, to face off against, NDP leader jug meat sing karen, wang quit the race today after references, she made about sings, and her ethnicity surfaced. Online renee, phillip oniy looks at the reaction. It. Doesn't, matter. What. Language, you speak. What. Religion, you believe in that, was Karin Wang just, a few weeks ago at a debate for the liberal nomination in Burnaby South today, she, is out of the race over, words of a different, kind posted, on WeChat a Chinese, social media platform, her message in Chinese pointing, out to voters that, she is the only Chinese, candidate. In the riding that could beat Singh noting. That her opponent NDP, leader jug meat Singh is of, Indian, descent the, strategy, politically, to actually, mobilize. Chinese. And then highlight, that, the opponent. Is Indian. Really. Illuminates. Many, complex. Issues. At. Her campaign, office today Wang wasn't, available to comment but, in a statement said my choice of words wasn't, well considered, and didn't, reflect my intent and for, that I sincerely apologize. To mr. Singh I think, that when it comes to politics we should always be finding ways to bring people together so any sort of message that is dividing, people and particularly. Dividing, them along racial lines is not the type of politics that we want the Liberal Party says, Wang's comments, do not align with its values but that wasn't strong enough for the opposition, conservatives, the Prime Minister frankly, failed to condemn her, comments today and that was disgusting. The. Stakes are high for Singh, who has been campaigning, hard, here and today's, news can only help a bit of a boon, to drug meet Singh but perhaps not the end of the world in terms of the long game or the big game for the Liberal Party either, the clock is ticking for the Liberal Party to, put someone up against Singh it has until, February, 4th to nominate a new candidate, the, by-election, is scheduled, for February 25th. Renai, philip Oni CBC, News Vancouver. The. Burnaby South by-election, is likely to be a topic of discussion on, the sidelines, of the Liberal cabinet retreat, in Sherbrooke, Quebec and that's where David Cochran is tonight so David let's begin with what you know about how. This happened. Yeah. And the Prime Minister Erna staff found out about Karen Wang's comments, last night between nine and ten o'clock when the star published, this store and I can tell you the Prime Minister was not happy when he heard what his candidate have had to say that, led to some high-level conversations earlier. Today between the Prime Minister staff and top party officials, where they made the decision the Karen Wang simply, would not be allowed to run for the Liberal Party this, was then communicated, to her by campaign, staff and British Columbia so, while the official line is a karen wang resigned, the truth is she, got resigned, and.

What Are you hearing about what, the Liberals are gonna do, now in their writing. Well. The scramble is on to find a candidate at one point this afternoon they weren't sure if they are even going to be able to run anybody but that now appears to be the plan there, may not be enough time to run another nomination, so the Prime Minister hat might have to appoint, a candidate, it's obviously not good for your by-election, chances, when you lose a candidate, to a race related controversy. But you know I have to tell you there's a strong school of thought in Liberal ranks that having, jug meat seeing win this seat and stay on as the NDP leader is in the long-term interest, of the Liberal Party in fact when I was talking about the Karen Wang story today with a senior cabinet minister they looked at me and said good because, I want judge Mead Singh to win, David. Cochrane in Sherbrooke tonight thank you, welcome. And. Rosemary, was in Burnaby South today the interview jug meets thing they spoke about a wide, range of topics including what, could happen if he lost the by-election. Hey. I'm in beautiful Burnaby. British Columbia I, don't even need a coat out here we, came all the way out here of course because this by-election, is really a do-or-die, moment for. Jugg mate Singh he, not only has to win it of course but he has to try to sort of convince Canadians. That. He's ready, for the next election, that he wants, to be Prime Minister that he has clear positions, on a lot. Of different issues so we talked about some of those issues the pipeline, which he has come out against it's part of the reason why he's running, a Burnaby climate, change, immigration. How. He would approach Donald, Trump all the issues that really. Have to be asked of people running to be Prime Minister and we, of course asked, Chuck meet Singh what happens if you don't win, this by-election because. It's always a possibility, well. He says he's not going anywhere yeah I will be the leader that leads the, new democratic party into the 2019, election I'm caught, we're gonna do well in this writing we're connecting. With people we're getting a lot of support and we. Are we're, we're, providing. Solutions, to the problems that people are faced with so, as we get ever closer to the election that full interview with jugman Singh will air on Sunday, we're going to talk to all the leaders about where they stand on some of these same issues in the meantime though you don't have to wait too long for all analysis. Of the craziness that's happened this week the same week there was a cabbage shuffle a liberal, had to quit from this by-election here, in Burnaby we'll dig into all of that with the at issue gang, on tomorrow. Show my favorite night of the week. Turning. Now to another big story in Ottawa tonight a move to address the bullying, and sexual, harassment of, female, RCMP. Officers, that's tarnished, the force for years, for, the first time the force is bringing in civilians. And advisory, boards specifically, for transparency. Credibility. And an independent, perspective. There. Can be no, room and no. Tolerance for, workplace. Harassment bullying. Or, sexual, misconduct Public, Safety Minister Ralph Goodale calls it a meaningful, beginning. Acknowledging. The need to, change the culture of the force I started. To, normalize. Their. Harassment. Because I didn't, know what else to do, since former constable Catherine gala furred came forward to CBC News in 2011. Many more women have shared their experiences, there was a class-action lawsuit, that led to a formal, apology from, the RCMP, and a, multi-million. Dollar settlement also, Ottawa. Has tasked the RCMP, s first female Commissioner, with, modernizing. The force the way it thinks acts and, behaves. We. Want to be a more modern, a more effective, a more healthy, and more inclusive. National, police, organization. Now. It's hard to argue with the intention, of the move but what kind of change, it'll amount to that's, a whole other question, and a tricky one Catherine, : explains why. To. The commissioner watching, today's announcement, cherie benson patrol truck is filled, with hope this, is a step forward this is something that they've never done that, in my lifetime I never thought I would see in her 20 years with the RCMP she, knew the pain of bullying, and harassment, she says colleagues, gave her cruel sexualized. Nicknames, and that someone left a dead bird, in her gym bag bullying, is a slow, and painful death. She later sued the force and in 2009. Settled, out of court, she hopes bringing in outsiders, will help change the, culture of the RCMP. Historically. They like to keep everything in-house, they don't like to let anything go. Out into the public change, is certainly the government's, hope this is an innovation, in the structure, of the RCMP, that has never existed before, in a hundred and forty five years but, the 13 member civilian, board won't look at individual, harassment, claims just, recommend, general, procedures.

And Ways to improve the force lawyer. Emma Philips co-authored, one of the reports recommending. Civilian, oversight but. She questions just how much bite, this, board will have to, what degree will the, RCMP. And the senior leadership feel, that they really are accountable. To this organization what happens if they don't, you. Know follow the the guidance, of the. The. Advisory, board a group representing, some RCMP, members says this is a positive, move but. Doesn't want the civilian, board to, overstep, cops, should be cops and. Administration. Should be administration. One thing everyone, seems to agree on any real. Change, won't, be quick this is not a, band-aid. Fix this is not wow miracle. Cure it is a long, term. Glacier. Moving process but at least it is a process when. She hopes will restore, trust, in what, she believes is a broken. System, Catherine, Cullen CBC, News. Here. Are some other stories were following tonight on the Nationals second Canadian has disappeared, in the West African country, of Burkina Faso, it's, believed Kirk Woodman, was abducted, by several, gunmen on a mining, site in, the country's north he works for progress, minerals, a BC, based mining, company that owns the site in, a statement his family says we have faith and trust in Canadian, authorities to, bring our husband, and father home safe. His Foreign Affairs ministers also commented, we. Are in touch with the authorities in Burkina, Faso and the, relevant. Canadian. Agencies. Are very much. Engaged, in, this. Difficult. Situation, just. Last month a 34, year old woman from Quebec disappeared, along, with her Italian companion. Canada's. Travel advisory, for burkina, faso says to avoid all non-essential. Travel because, of the threat, of terrorism. St.. Michael's College School in Toronto has reinstated its, varsity, basketball team, the, private school was rocked by allegations, of sexual assault by students, late last year as a result, the basketball, program was canceled and the school now says it's completed, an internal, investigation that. Cleared, the remaining, team members of any wrongdoing the. Football program, for next year remains canceled. A. Short. While ago Bianca, andreas key was eliminated, from the Australian, Open tennis tournament the, 18 year old from Ontario, lost in three sets in her second round match fellow. Canadian Milos Raonic is, on Centre Court now against Stan, Wawrinka grounded. Has just lost the first set 7-6, in a tiebreaker also. Playing later tonight, Denis chopped evolve and Eugenie Bouchard who takes on Serena. Williams, and. Still ahead on the national an important story for women planning a trip south this winter, remember, the Zika virus all, the threats not over and a. Fix for, loneliness, Thomas, dangler rides along with postal, workers delivering, a little company along, with the mail, but. First we have full coverage of the UK's dramatic, confidence, vote from here in Parliament, Square prime minister Theresa May hangs on to her job by a hair, so, what happens next. Now. Over, two and a half years later it's. Time for us to come together, put. The national, interest, first and deliver. On the, referendum. We'll, see right, after this. We. Are here tonight in front of the British Parliament where hours, ago Theresa May narrowly, escaped, political, catastrophe. One, day after her brexit, plan was killed by a vote of historic, proportions, May, has secured, the confidence, of the house but, barely. The. Nose to the left. 325. Just. 19. Votes felled, the difference between GAMEOVER. And playoffs, having, passed this hurdle may must now work at the Parliament, still fractured, and a, European Union, growing, impatient. The, time for playing games is over the, German Foreign Minister insisted. Today adding, that the EU might, consider, postponing, the March 29th, deadline to begin brexit but it's not flexible on the terms late.

Tonight To resume, struck, a tone of urgent. Resolve, it. Will not be an easy task but. MPs, know they have a duty to act in the national interest. Reach. A consensus, and get, this done the. CBC's, Thomas degler was watching, closely as, May dodged, her, political, demise in a country growing. Tired, of endless, drop. Even. In a place that seemed, this much history, there's, never been anything, quite like the battle for brexit. The. Tension, outside, parliament, rising, to a fever pitch last night as the, country wrestled, with its future. Today. Came the glum realization. Nothing's, changed, and brexit. Is still, stuck here we are almost three years on no. Nearer to, knowing, what, the hell is going on, Westminster. Is in chaos they can't, agree on the best way forward either but the opposition thought, they'd start by, driving out the Prime Minister. On. The world stage today go shake this deal. Ultimately. She. Has, failed. Tourism, a facing, a no confidence, vote still, not offering, a back-up, plan to her failed brexit, deal still. Hanging. On we do have a long way to go, but, I don't believe a general, election is the path to do that. Simon. Horton trains negotiators. Using, simple, steps that he says would apply to brexit, talks to his called the behavioural change Stanley step 1 listen. He, would advise made to do more of that and also Wu number 1 in negotiation, is have a clear outcome of what you want to achieve and, unfortunately. That just hasn't been the case. She. Had been expected, to overcome, today's challenge. In Parliament, the eyes to the right. The. Left. 325. What. Was likely still relieved, to, hear the result. Tonight. She chose the grand stage of Downing, Street to address the country once again we. Must all work constructively. Together, to. Set out what Parliament, does want yes. That's a pledge to listen, more then, by Monday she's set to return here, with a plan some. Way out of this mess. Ok. So Thomas, the Labour Party obviously, failed to oust her can you walk us through what ways, it, still has to maybe limit her options, yeah well some in the labour party see this as just the beginning they want a series, of no-confidence, votes, to embarrass, the, Prime Minister there's also a movement within the party for what they call a people's, vote that second, referendum in fact 71. Labour, MPs, signed a letter to their leader Jeremy Corbyn, today demanding. He pile pressure on the prime minister for, that second a second referendum so far he is refusing to do so if. Anything today, has shown that not only does, the Prime Minister not, have control, neither does Jeremy. Corbyn and no one's willing to take ownership with this. So. How to explain, the Unsinkable, to resume how does she carry on chasing, a goal that borders, on the impossible, and wearing the blame for, a kingdom stuck, in crisis. Again. With the derision, the Prime Minister, has, no answer she has failed that. Mr. speaker alone should. Be grounds, for her, to, go isn't. It the case mr. speaker, that, with every, other previous. Prime Minister, faced, with a scale of defeat last night they, would, have resigned, that is, a very good point why no resignation. Why did tourism a politically, survive, this day how did she become the, gravity-defying. Prime, minister, Joey, Jones who used to work with her saw, those questions, start when she called a general election that didn't, go as her party, at Hope from that moment she said she was basically serving. Based. On whether or not the party wanted her to serve so, it's a really weird situation in, which she finds herself profoundly. Weakened, every, time you think she can't go any lower her.

Authority Is shattered, still further in the, fall her own party, tried to oust her an insurrection by Briggs appears in her midst this is not brexit, this is a failure of government policy, the Prime Minister, she survived, that quasi coup, attempt, as well an easy, explanation, people. In this country are quick to cite her doggedness, she, just keeps pushing, the. Prime Minister has heard that wielded. As compliment, and complaint, suggesting. To BBC Panorama that. She knows how and when to use her, stubbornness, we, bide your time and. He will. When the time is right, on, what it really nothing but persistence, alone doesn't explain her staying power this is the most turbulent, Premiership. In. Political. History 400, years in, Britain prime, ministerial biographer. Sir Anthony Selden, who also wrote the book how Tory, governments, fall says. There are nine basic steps. To collapsing, mais government, has done all of them and yet it still stands, why is she still that partly because she is very resilient partly. Because there, is no alternative. Waiting. In the wing a plausible, successor, around, whom people can rally and partly because there's. No other plan. To. Be viewed as the least worst option is, hardly praised but it might not be wrong no. One else seems eager to steer the ship into, waters quite this rough. If. Brexit. Is a disaster. She'll wear it certainly. The papers seem primed for that already but. In the end if it works wait, for the praise for the brave brinksmanship. The references, to her being underrated. Not. Yet though now, let, the cartoonists, take the temperature, this, morning's, offering in the Daily Telegraph winter. Is coming, me treasures, along and alone. Who. Better to comment, on May's longevity. Than a fellow conservative. Who tried to bring her down. 20. Of us vote, against, the Prime Minister yesterday it's. Been reported that Jacob, Riis MOG held, a champagne, party, last night after the crushing, defeat of May's brexit, deal I'd, look at it more as a meeting with a drink rather than a grand celebration as. You just saw he was behind that conservative, revolt against, me in November so famous. For slamming. The prime minister he's shown here in effigy, booting. Her Briggs it busts over a cliff many. Siri Smaug as having, his own sights, set, on 10 downing his ambitions, are openly mocked but make no mistake he is popular, in his party and his, vision of a Britain ruled only by itself, has, strong, appeal, I met, him earlier for his perspective, on brexit, and, his frequent, target, tourism a it's. Interesting watching as, someone. From. Teresa mais own party who, openly. Challenged, her in the fall, how. Do you explain her staying power she survived that boat tonight well. The. Vote. Was. On whether she should be lead of the Conservative, Party the vote tonight was whether she should have a Conservative, government, understandably. All conservatives, won't have a Conservative, government because. The, country being led by a hard, left Marxist, Jeremy Corbyn would be disastrous, do, you think she has some remarkable staying, power though because some people think she survives, tests. Others, absolutely. Know she makes the drawer sell Bunny looked like a lightweight that she continues, going when, all others are left standing it's, very impressive but come March 29th, if if, Briggs it happens without a deal with what some here call a hard, Rex it if you will there.

Is So much talk about what to be afraid of in that moment as a hardcore. Brexit, ear what's. One tangible, thing people. Should be looking forward, to if. We leave without a deal we save 39 billion pounds of taxpayers money which we don't have turned over the EU and we, can cut tariffs, and non-tariff barriers. Say we can import all sorts of wonderful things from Canada, that, we currently restrict. That's, a good attempt to speak to the Canadians, I appreciate, that but, for the people of this country well they'll be good for the people of this country because the pound in their pocket will go further because, the goods they buy, from abroad will. Be cheaper, do, you want to be prime minister of this country me, no I'm the backbench MP if there were a change, of leader tomorrow. I would support Boris Johnson for leadership. I'm. Trying to look deep into your eyes here because I'm not entirely convinced, I believe you I think a lot of people look, at you and see, great ambition, there in. Our, constitutional, system you. Don't go from being a backbench MP to being leader, of the party when the party is in government and I, have to be realistic about that so doesn't matter whether I want to or not, it's not going to arise and, that was sensible for me to support somebody. Who I think could lead brexit. Effectively. Thank you very much you're very much, that's, a great, pleasure so. What's next for Theresa May here's a reminder, of what she might be considering, make. Her go back to the EU she, could ask them for a better deal for Britain concessions. That would need to be swiftly, negotiated. Before that deadline or she, could ask to have the deadline pushed back it's, an unlikely option. But may, could roll the dice by calling a snap election to, try to gain more support in Parliament or another. Referendum, something. She's vowed not, to do, failing. That Britain, could leave on schedule but. With No Deal so. As Thomas mentioned it's, always possible for the Labour Party to introduce, another, motion of no-confidence. If May is finally, toppled, a group of MPs is, said to be waiting, in the wings hoping, to make a play, for control, of the House. Still. Ahead on the National a side, gig for postal workers is the UK's, clever, fix for loneliness Thomas, dangler continues, our series, and hey folks in Ottawa, if you see Elizabeth, say, hi she was on board that OC Transpo bus, that crashed in a horrible way last week and now her family's asking for the public's help to encourage, her back on, but. If you're, on that bus and you see Elizabeth. If you could just reach out to her and say hi Elizabeth I heard you were you, I see you're upset.

Have To be a war who have to fight against, the most evil, the news a few years ago led to dire warnings, there, is no immunity. Expect. Huge. Numbers. Of infections, Zika, was spreading fast the mosquito-borne, virus, harmless, to most but in pregnant. Women could, cause severe, birth defects, police are permanent, two pharma t's and resultant death and a lot of children Brazil. Was hit so hard there, were calls to cancel the 2016, Olympic Games governments. Including Canada's spent millions to, fight it and issued, warnings, to at-risk, travelers, stay, away from, Zika hot spots but then, the, warnings subsided, and Zika fell out of the headlines, but the virus wasn't, gone, in fact as Canadians booked winter holidays, Christine, Burak checks in on where it has spread. Tickets. To Guyana for grandma's 80th was, the plan until Layla, passed found out she was pregnant and, thought, whatever. Happened, to Zika virus oh you think it's something that because. It's not in the news it's not really a threat, here, anymore that, it is not thought about and, it is a concern for you. Know people who are going away because I, mean, it takes one, bite that's, all it takes a, warning, edge in her memory because bast was also pregnant three years ago when, the World Health Organization. Declared Zika. A worldwide, emergency. Pregnant. Women bitten by Zika, infected mosquitoes, were, giving birth to, babies, with a brain, damaging, condition, called microcephaly. 45. Pregnant, Canadian women were infected during travel, or through, sex with an infected partner, and as, many as five gave, birth to babies, with severe, abnormalities, but. Now even. To bring it up to my doctor, she was quite shocked when I asked, him to look into it for me there, are currently more than 80 countries reporting, risk of Zika including popular. Tourist destinations. The. Overall burden of the disease is likely much lower now compared, to what it was three. Years, ago during the epidemic but it's certainly not 0% in many places so, here's the CDC world map and you, can see obviously Mexico. Oh yeah. Along with countries in the Caribbean and Southeast, Asia including Cuba. The Dominican Republic. And India, places. Pregnant, women are advised to avoid and couples. Who are planning to have a baby should, be cautious about I think these are very good conversations. To have with health care providers every, major outbreak, and threat that's happening around the world right now is is here on this map, dr. Cameron Khan has been tracking Zika, among other viruses, for years even predicting. Zika would arrive in the US six months before it did India. Zika transmission was, occurring you know in the fall he, and his team used worldwide data, real-time monitoring, and artificial, intelligence, to fuel this early warning system he says Canadians, shouldn't, panic over Zika, but the risk of infection, is real, this, is one of those situations where, the likelihood may, be quite low but the consequence, may be quite high oh.

My. God a risk, that fast, simply. Isn't willing, to take Christine. Burak CBC, News Toronto. Next. On the National a fix for the loneliness that can be experienced, by elderly, people who live alone we, go back to Britain where postal, workers are delivering, more than mail, how. Is your health this week keep. An salafi is, it that's just just the same between. 1-10. Overall. How happy do be in this week, 8. This. Week the national is taking a look at the distressing phenomenon. Of loneliness, in Canada it is a growing problem that's. Also a public health risk the, UK is facing, this issue head-on actually. Naming a minister, of loneliness, and launching. A government-wide strategy. Government. Research found that 9 million people in the UK described, themselves as always. Or often lonely, and. 200,000. British seniors, haven't had a conversation with, a friend, or relative over. The course of more than a month in a way it's a kind, of solitary, confinement and, that's. Where the Royal Mail comes, in they've, been tasked, with delivering more, than just letters and packages a pilot. Program to fight loneliness. Here's, Thomas Tygra with the fix. Twice. A week comes a welcome, visitor, always, dressed, in red and here, to check in on the 93, year old living, alone, behind, that door. A. Chat, with the mailman brings, a smile it's, simple. But effective. It seems infighting, loneliness, it's, nice, for someone to knock you know and have, a word with you. For, British postal, workers the day starts, much earlier, sorting. Tons of letters and parcels to, get out the door pronto. Yes. Even in this era of texts. And social media Royal. Mail delivers, tens, of millions, of items of regular. Old mail six, days a week there. Is a must at time issue with. With. The job because it's getting so busy no Billy. Giblin, is among a dozen mail carriers, here in Liverpool trying, out a project aimed, at, the older, customers, named on those envelopes for. Him the main challenge, is finding enough time in a constant, race against, the clock I, come, away feeling as though I've done, a good z3j. With. Today's mail sorted. And his van loaded, it's, time to hit the road, even. As temperatures. Drop, Giblin, keeps those shorts, on because. His job involves. So much running around. It's. Just a quick drive to North Liverpool, where he's been delivering mail for more than 30 years, he knows the neighborhood and the, neighbors know him. Spots. That uniform. On the street and there's no guessing, what he's up to, part, of the reason British mail carriers, are uniquely, positioned, to walk, up to just about anyone. Customers. Eager, for their mail for. Those at risk of feeling lonely, I'd like to think that people source the Royal Mail I mean, being. Around for a long time with a friendly face thank. You take care see, you later workers, are being assigned to no more than two seniors, each to, drop in a couple times a week on their mail run this, is a pilot project being tried out in three areas across, Britain, until March after, that it'll be up to government, officials to decide whether it's worth the funding and whether, to expand it across the UK, we. Tried to keep up and chat. About the project, but on, his. Mail run gibbelins. Not easy to follow what, kind of questions, do you have to go through they. Go through him a question. About the health. And about the social connectivity and, whether or not they getting out about. Problems that might be arising in the area and. About whether or not they need to see someone on a regular carriage, am.

That's, Why. This. Country's, population keeps. Growing older. And officials, expect, as many as two million seniors, in England, could soon be suffering, from loneliness an affliction. Associated. With greater, health risks from, heart disease to dementia, the principles of tourism so campaigners. For Senior Care say loneliness. Needs to be tackled urgently. Got, a huge growing, and healthy time bomb in. Terms of possible. Demand. For health and care services, that may not be there so, along. With a bag full of mail more, letter, carriers, could soon be delivering, reassurance. To seniors how's. Your health this week compared. To lofty is, it. Dropping. In on customers. Like Margaret, heenes these. Be 110. Overall. How happy to be in this week thanks. Asking. Those pre-planned. Questions and, sending, the answers to experts, using a handheld device so. You have been having selectivities, getting those happy. Now yes oh no problem, afterwards. We couldn't help but ask mrs., he's what. She thinks of it all oh good. Idea, definitely. A good idea yes. Should. Be advertised, as. I said before you, know. How. Does think it's really good how. Does it help well you feel more confident, yes. I don't think you take it and with, that the postman is back on his route again he'll, return for another chat on Monday, I I'm. Getting out of breath yeah I'm glad you're now jumping in your pan oh no, that's. If. You look at me van I mean that's that's. My that's, mine. Through. Every, piece of mail gibbelins, touching, somebody's, life in one way or another and he. Still got plenty left to deliver. Thomas, dag CBC, News Liverpool. What. A great idea elegantly. Simple, but, yeah it looked tiring. Our. Moment is next, we meet an Ottawa family, who turned to social media to help get their daughter back on the bus after surviving. Friday's, deadly, crash, we. Want her to be a strong, independent confident. Woman that she is and to be back. On the buses on her own. Like. So many who were on that auto a bus last Friday or nearby Elizabeth. Langan is having a hard time getting back to her routine the, 25 year old has Down syndrome she, was in shock after the deadly crash so, her parents turn to social media for help their, simple request to others is our, moment if you're. On that bus and you see Elizabeth. If you could just reach out to her and say, hi Elizabeth. I read your yeah, I see you're upset, and, that, you were, on the bus accident, and I'm here to help you would you like us to call your parents she, may just need that or she may need a phone, call to us we, want her to be the, strong independent confident. Woman that she is it's actually, overwhelming, all the responses. Were just. Incredible. Like so supportive. And loving if, they don't take the bus they're like my husband, takes that bus you know and I'll. Make sure he sees this and he sees her picture and he'll reach out to her and it's been one comment. Like that after another that. Have. Reached out to us and I just feel really blessed. I found, really happy, and. I wanna say thank you, for. The hugs. And, the. Hearts, you know, gossip, brother.

Hung Giving me they. Find it overwhelming Andrew, it is touching, obviously one small point that Facebook, page is is actually a neighborhood, community, Facebook. Page I wish we had one on our block what a great way to connect yeah no kidding yeah and so as you heard I mean that that's kind of where they've. Had the best response people apparently replying, in droves saying like yes absolutely, we would love to say hi to Elizabeth, and to to console her or to support her if, they see her out and about riding the bus and and you know Elizabeth's, mom has talked at length about how, important. That you, know being able to ride the bus alone, is for her sort of key to freedom in a terrible. Thing to lose because, of a singular, you know terrible moment in time but boy what a what, a response, and I dare say she's gonna be perhaps, a minor celebrity after, this story plays across the country thanks, for joining us folks that's the national for this Thursday January, 16th, good, goodnight. You.

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