The National for January 6, 2019 — Border wall battle, Canadian delegation in China

The National for January 6, 2019 — Border wall battle, Canadian delegation in China

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On. This, Sunday night we, have a crisis, at the border. Donald. Trump doubles down on his threat build the wall or he will declare it a national emergency, but. Does border, security really qualify. Everything. Here at escape news Canada is you're not escaping a room you're escaping reality it's, meant to be a game trapped, inside a room you need to solve clues to get out but after five teens died, in Poland we're asking, how safe our escape rooms. Has. There been a moment where you've been like Oh done. A rant on that he's off the air but, still, ranting I used, to have a million viewers now all just X throws Rick. Mercer talks, politics, pots and life after the reports in our Sunday interview. For. Donald Trump it's all about the wall he says he's willing to let the government shutdown drag, on until he has given the money to build but, why wait, as Paul hunter reports tonight the US president appears, to be giving serious thought to, a move usually, reserved for times, of war. As. He. Considers, taking the extraordinary. Step of now declaring, a national emergency along. The Mexican border and forcing. The construction, of a border wall Donald. Trump tonight made his case. Just. Read the papers, we. Have a crisis, at the border of drugs of. Human, beings being trafficked all over the world they're coming through and we, have a absolute. Crisis, and of criminals, and gang members coming. Through it is national security it's, a national, critics. Strongly, dispute, the severity, of the problem but. It's clear one way or another Trump, believes a wall is now imminent, tweeting, this image this weekend, styled. On the TV program Game. Of Thrones it's. Complicated. But if Trump. Were to declare a state of emergency it, could allow money already, committed, to the US military, to be diverted, to pay for building the wall of all, Democrats, have so far refused, to fund themselves, because in their view there, are better more cost-effective, ways, to secure the country's southern border, and, they. Underline despite, images, such as these also. Tweeted, out by Trump recently most, migrants, trying, to cross into America, are simply, fleeing, violence, and poverty. Meanwhile. Still caught in the middle of this hundreds, of thousands, of US government workers, still without, pay because. Of that partial, government shutdown, talks.

Today With the Vice President aimed at ending the impasse are said, to have made progress but, Trump has insisted any plan, to reopen government. Offices must, include, money for the wall something, Democrats. Insist. Is a non-starter. So. With the partial shutdown now, into its third week there remains no real end in, setting, aside whether he declares a national emergency at the border Trump, has said as far as he's concerned the shutdown could go on for months even, years, Adrienne. But, Paul to this idea, of declaring. A national emergency to get that wall built can he actually, do that, well. That's a question that's got constitutional. Experts here in a tizzy the, short answer is maybe, yes the, president any president is, allowed to declare a national emergency it's, his or her call no explanation. Needed but, typically, it's done in wartime, or after an extreme natural disaster. This is an atypical, moment. The. Bigger question is can, the president indeed then use the powers that come with the national emergency, to, build the wall that's much, more contested. And experts are split on it if he, tries it's. Almost certain, that he'd be challenged, in court like he was with the travel ban the truth is, presidents. Were given this authority with the presumption that ordinarily, it, wouldn't, be misused, but. Again these. Are no ordinary times maybe. All right Paul Hunter in Washington, thanks Paul a. Canadian. Parliamentary, delegation, is at this hour on it's trade mission, trip. To China this, while two Canadians, are still detained, there following, the arrest of a high-profile, Chinese telecom executive. In Vancouver. Sasha. Patristic is in Shanghai he's following the Canadian delegation this week Sasha what are the MPS and and the senator up to right now well, the four members of parliament, and the senator, are off to see members. Of the Shanghai People's, Congress. Lower-level, politicians. Here in China they, will also be doing some tours, of, of a, high-tech park, and really, the kind of thing that a delegation from Canada, comes and does under. Normal circumstances. In trying to foster, trade, and better connections, of course the connection, here is not, as good as it was and the circumstances, aren't normal and one. Of the members, of parliament on this tour Michael Cooper a conservative. Acknowledged. That this morning the, elephant in the room so to speak is. The arbitrary, detention, of these. Two, Canadians. So. We. Will be consist, simply in our meetings, with Chinese. Officials, convey. The. Canadian message to, those officials, to. Call for the immediate. Release. Mr.. Staver and mr. culprit, of course the big thing on everybody's, mind is going to be what, has been happening to the two Canadians, who were arrested, Michael spammer, who is an entrepreneur here.

He Lives near the North Korean border and does a lot of business with North Korea the other one Michael, khovrakh who, is a former Canadian diplomat. Now, a member, of a think-tank both, of them were arrested last, month and face very, serious. Accusations. Here, now, the former Canadian ambassador. Here to to, Beijing, geese. And Jacques has said that this. Is not a, normal situation and. This committee, should not be treating, it as a normal situation well, I think it's a. Because. It's an issue that could have such an impact on the bilateral, relationship, I think it. Would be normal for the delegation, to raise, our. Concerns and. To. Speak forcefully. So. Their trip obviously, really big news here in Canada Sasha how much attention though is it getting there in China well. It has been in, the Chinese language media, here, the, coverage has been in passing, and it's been quite neutral, but that in itself is interesting because normally. A delegation like this wouldn't, even be mentioned so the, fact that it has been means, that many, people here are paying attention, all. Right Sasha petrol SiC in Shanghai where it's already Monday, morning thanks Sasha, my. Pleasure, so. While the delegation, travels, through China spammer and Kovarik, are still being held in undisclosed, locations, where, they are reportedly, questioned, by authorities some, three times a day. Tomorrow. Will be four weeks since Chinese authorities, took the two Canadians, into custody in Beijing, and dang dong for so-called national. Security, reasons so, far they haven't been formally, charged with any crime how, human, yummy still China's top prosecutor, said last week there was quote no doubt they had broken the law khovrakh, and spammer have had no contact, with lawyers or fam members they've had one meeting with Canada's ambassador, and there's no sense as to when the next one will be the Foreign Affairs ministers office says as we, have said before we are deeply, concerned by the arbitrary, detention, by Chinese authorities of to Canadians, last month and call, for their immediate release. As for mung Wong Joshi has been released on 10 million dollars bail and is living in a multimillion-dollar, Vancouver. Home in advance of her next court hearing next, month and. There, are growing fears about the fate of another Canadian, missing overseas, this, time a Quebec woman who has disappeared in burkina faso her family, suddenly lost touch with her a few weeks ago. It. Stopped completely on the 15th of december, no, no, sign, of anything no reason both of them know, they didn't make. Any financial, transactions. They, didn't say, everything completely, stopped at that point, Canadian. Officials say today that they are now treating, the disappearance, of 34, 34. Year-old Italy, and her, Italian travel, companion, as a kidnapping. Burkina Faso is a country, that authorities, urged travelers, to avoid, if possible Global. Affairs Canada says it's treating the case as extremely. High priority. The. Designer, of an escape room in Poland has been charged in the deaths of five teenage, girls and with intentionally. Creating, a fire danger, because, of the placement of the heating system and no emergency, evacuation, route. And. Today a Polish town held a vigil for the girls who were all just 15, a memorial. Is taking shape outside, the escape room authorities, think a faulty, gas heating, system may have caused Friday's. Fire. Escape. Rooms have become pretty popular over the past several years for events like birthday parties and team building but, as Talia Ricci reports, the tragedy, is raising questions about, safety here in Canada, -, please. Play safe placemarks know being completely, safe escape. Rooms create, the illusion of, being trapped, or locked in but. It was all too real for those teenage, girls, in Poland, this, is something that should never have happened, it's very, upsetting and. Hopefully. This will make owners. In North America examine, their safety, systems a little better. Escape. Rooms have exploded, in popularity over. The last few years with. Hundreds, popping, up across Canada. The, players mission, to solve puzzles often. While fending off Erie foes, Sean. Fish Steen runs a large escape, room and says part of his mission is to push for more regulations. We. Can see where every customer is and if a customer is not where they should be we're on it within seconds, but, not everyone, is so safety. Conscious what. We don't, necessarily. See, is people, going above and beyond to ensure an extra layer of safety in, many escape rooms across Canada, there's usually a set up something like this where, game masters, will monitor, the players through closed-circuit.

Cameras, So, that they can offer the players clues but also, ensure that they're staying safe, serious. Designers. Don't cut corners when. I'm, designing escape rooms I try, to ensure that everything that goes into the game will be safe for the player so. No. Flammable. Items no, dangerous, items no sharp items I tried. To keep everything fairly, low-tech, Andrew. Parr has designed, games for hundreds, of escape rooms across the world and says, one important, thing has, changed, during the industry's, growth spurt. 2015. I. Was, locked in and we had to find a key to get out of the room and it wasn't long after that just a few months early. Mid 2015. I, noticed. That all games have the rooms unlocked if, you're game to play there are some crucial, questions, you should ask is. It locked and is there another way out that's not locked are there multiple exits, to the building if the building is over a certain size never engage in an activity where you're physically restrained Handclap, handcuffed, or bound. To an object or a prop or blindfolded. He says as someone, who's escaped, rooms around the globe, Canada's, are among. The safest, Talia. Ricci, CBC. News Toronto. It's. An election year here, yeah. The latest national opinion polls paint, a rather dim picture, for NDP leader jug meets Singh his party is hovering around 16%. Support. In the polls before the last election the party polled as high as. 34%. But. First things first singh's immediate, challenge is to win a seat in the House of Commons he's, running in the BC Riding of Burnaby south and rallied, the troops there today even though a by-election. Hasn't, even been called yet tonight, the CBC's tania fletcher looks at singh's uphill, battle. Judd, meet singh had hoped today would be the official launch of his campaign, no, such luck, it, looks like, Trudeau. Is again, delaying, calling. By-elections. Here. In Burnaby South and for the hundreds, of thousands of Canadians, who are gonna continue to not have representation for. Some Singh's response, is simply deflection, from a leader growing, desperate I think, there is quite a lot of pressure on him to be able to win in this in, this by-election a lot, of pressure because 2018. Was a tough, year for the party at least 9 of 41, sitting MP say they won't run again and then, there's the fundraising slump while. The conservatives, and liberals took in record amounts in the fall the NDP did its worst yet under Singh and until, he wins his seat he doesn't have a voice in the House of Commons a stark, contrast to his predecessor, the Prime Minister keeps referring, us back to the whitewashed, report, of the Senate you want to be in a position where you can be justing in the House of Commons where, you can be you. Know on the national news every night because you're part of the narrative, in Ottawa. As opposed to somebody trying to rebuild, the party or rebuild the, party under their image from, outside, he's. Also an outsider, in the riding he's fighting, to represent. Ontario. He only recently moved to Burnaby, but the NDP, says it's beat those odds before and Tommy Douglas is of course somebody. Who resonates. With people throughout Burnaby, somebody. Who is from back east but chose, to run in Burnaby as a national, leader of the NDP I think, there's a tradition, there as well that people respond. Very positively to, if. Liuzza's though the implications. Are staggering for. His, party, and his, career it just won't be that he didn't win this by-election or, he does win the by-election it's a further, test of a leader just be able to get, them ready for an election which everyone. Knows is coming at, today's rally a chalkboard filled with slogans like history, in the making and we got this all signs, pointing, towards a confident, candidate, who has everything, to, lose. Tania. Fletcher CBC, News Burnaby. Because. Of some new legislation that passed just before the Christmas break the Prime Minister has until, only January 20th, now to call that by-election, and he's got a couple others - in the Quebec Riding of Ultimo former NDP, leader Thomas Mulcair has, left, his seat the result there could signal if the NDP's Quebec base is OK or eroding.

The, Writing had been previously, a liberal, stronghold, and in, Ontario there's also a battle brewing in York, Simcoe, and that's where conservative, Peter Van Loon vacated. His, seat, for. Following several other developing, stories tonight starting, with a tragedy, in a lake near Ottawa. And. I could not imagine how terrible it would be to to go in icy water like that police. Say one person is, dead after a car sank, into Mississippi Lake, officers, found the car while investigating, a separate, report of an ATV falling. Through the ice in that same spot, everyone. Escaped, that vehicle, safely divers, will, go in tomorrow to retrieve, the victim from, the car. They, came zooming. Through the light and. I was going what the hell are these guys doing, what are they trying to do and that. Is a witness in Toronto describing, the chaos, in the moments after a shooting this afternoon it happened in a busy residential, neighborhood in the beach in the city's East End witnesses. Say two men jumped, out of the car after the shooting and ran off, police, say two other men in their 20s, were shot but are expected to survive. And. An. Update on a strange, police, related, shooting, in Dieppe New Brunswick this weekend RCMP, confirmed, today that, one of their officers, did fire at a 25, year old Nova Scotia woman during, an incident, yesterday her actions, at the time were described, as quote threatening. To first responders, the woman was then taken to hospital with non-life-threatening, injuries, the RCMP is not saying anything, else while the investigation, continues. Ahead. Tonight on the national the Canadian, teen who stunned the tennis world Adrian, got a chance to catch up with Bianca, and rich sq why, second place is still a dream come true and we'll, take you to Saskatoon where, the thrill of the hunt is driving, one man's passion project. To rebuild a war time fighter plane and because you might need a laugh either than I do today the Sundy interview, with Rick Mercer we talked politics, pot and, what he's been up to since we last saw I'm here on CBC, has, there been a moment where you've been like Oh to.

Have Done a rant on that sure, there's been tons of those moments then I get on the phone and I'm on the phone like with a friend and ranting. Away and they say no you don't miss your show at all do you because I'm just like my rep ever ever. That. Fighter playing on the left the messerschmitt, bf-109. Was, the backbone of Germany's air force in the Second World War it's been called the most produced. Fighter, aircraft, in history with. More than, 33,000. Manufactured, that means an awful lot of them were shot down over land, and over sea despite. Their notorious origins. They're, now seen as treasures, of aviation, history and some, people love, to restore, them a. Saskatoon. Man has spent years working. To get his bf-109, into, flying shape, lucky. For him he has a wealthy backer who shares that passion bonny. Allen shows us his work in progress so, this, is the the fuselage, of the aircraft as, you. Can see it's not a large aircraft, small. Enough to fit in his garage. Don. Bradshaw, is rebuilding, an iconic, fighter plane this, Messerschmitt, Bf 109, crashed. During, the Second World War so, in the cockpit of the aircraft. You'll. Be able to see that it's very cramped. The, pilots wore an electrically, heated flight, suit because, there was no heat, in the aircraft at all. Nazi. Pilots, used the BF 109, to take down allied troops armed. With cannons, and machine, guns it was fast and deadly it, shot down twice as many aircraft as, any other fighter in history they, were trying to get us before we got there unfortunately. Wars like that after. The war the Allied forces bulldozed. And burned most, of Germany's planes these, are some of the structural, parts, building. A BF 109 that will actually fly, would be a rare feat Bradshaw. Is an aircraft maintenance engineer, who spent 25, years inspecting. Planes for Transport, Canada now. He's. A treasure hunter, he scours, the internet, for old damaged, parts, this, is from a wreck I actually, got this particular piece through a contact, in California. And it, did come from either Austria, or Germany it's. Not a cheap venture, but Bradshaw is backed by big bucks. Kermit. Weeks is a rich American who lives off oil and gas royalties, he owns the, largest private. Plane collection, in the world. Weeks, isn't paying bradshaw to build the bf-109 but he is bankrolling, millions. Of dollars worth of parts so he can keep the plane, I don't, really collect any airplanes, I don't intend, to fly, but. For Bradshaw it's about passion even. As a young boy he built his own bicycle, and go-cart so you comb through thousands, of photos and then. You have to lay it out and actually build it that's, taken, five years already and, it's about half done Bradshaw. Has no plans to rush this, labor of love Ronnie. Allen CBC, News Regina. Up. Next on the National I'll go in-depth with Rick Mercer we sat down to talk about life after signing, off he's thoughts on the next federal election of, course and one of his favorite stories. From his old show I prefer. The classic, cone-shaped. Joint what. The young, people call, a colder, so. The, first thing to your Bertha said to me when I went to his house was did you bring the weed and the last, thing he said to me he, said leave the weed. First, though there are a lot, of sleepy, Canadian, tennis fans this week people getting up in the middle of the night to, watch Mississauga's. 18 year old Bianca under asq storm the courts of Auckland, New Zealand. She. Made it to the final ranked a hundred and fifty second, beating two former, number ones including. Venus Williams no, she didn't win the tournament, but she surely won the tennis world's respect I caught up with her moments, before she boarded a flight tonight for Melbourne Australia thrilled. But sore everywhere I, would, be lying if I said I was feeling okay I've been. Getting a lot of treatment, for my back and also. My leg hasn't. Been holding up so well but. Now, I'm gonna be flying to Melbourne, and I'll, be getting a massage I'll be getting. As much rest as I, can. There's. A lot to ask a young player who took on Titan's and became a fan favorite. A natural, question what, was her biggest pinch, me moment. Everything. Was honestly, a dream but. Probably, the victory against Venus, got to me I was, in off for, like, two.

Hours After. That that, night I really, couldn't sleep my. Adrenaline, rush was like about. Here, she was really nice at than that she told me that I played, very well and. It. Just it just gives me a very good adrenaline, rush when I, hear. My name in the crowd so that for sure helped to and. Now that she's given a Canadians a taste of a new great, in the making what's next, a jump, in her ranking, seems in order a couple, of people to leave that I would. Be around. 107. So. That. Is not bad. My. Goal my goal was to, go. Directly, into me and draw the French Open so, I think I'm one step closer tomorrow if, you don't play the game and wonder what it's like to hit a winning shot Andre, askew has a tip there, is nothing, better oh my. Gosh it's, the best feeling ever really. A, clean. Forehand. Winner, match. Point, of, a. Match it just the, rush is. Amazing. You get so many feelings. Inside. And, I really hope that this week did inspire, a lot of people and. I'm. Sure this, is going to be amazing for Canadian, tennis, fingers, crossed, alarm, set she next plays in a few days time and the qualifiers, of the, Australian, Open. Thank. You for joining me here on the CBC thank, you for welcoming me into your home every week let's, do it again I'm Rick Mercer I'll see, you around. When. Rick Mercer signed off from his TV show last April Canadians, didn't know when they hear from him again. Well. They didn't have to wait long right, girls, in November, he hosted the Giller Prize ceremony, a, week. Later he was given the key to the city he grew up in Logie, Bay middle Cove outter Cove New Zealand the highest honors a municipality, can award this, fall he also published final report a book offering, some of the behind the scenes tales of his show and some of his greatest rent from the past 15. Years I. Met. Up with Rick Mercer in Toronto, to catch up. Hi. Hello. What. Have you been up to I've, been traveling around the country I do live. Shows but of course I've got this book so I was, writing the book and then, I was editing the book and you, can show the book now and I. Was that about their slog in the book I think people, seem to miss you given how well the book is doing I think, that's, a nice sentiment, thank you very much do you feel that I think, sometimes people do miss the rants because on, certain, weeks when. Let's. Call them rant worthy, weeks yes I get a lot of email or social media activity, from people saying I would like to hear a rant on this or that and that's nice it's always nice you know that you didn't outstay. Your welcome yes. That's could be worse yes they could be emailing and saying just wanted to say. Glad you're gone. Every. Week yeah has there been a moment where you've been like oh could. Have done a rant on that sure, there's been tons of those moments then I get on the phone and I'm on the phone like with a friend and ranting. Away and they say no you don't miss your show at all do you because I'm just like whatever I regard I have received text message you had an hour sort of, yes. That's, a good long, I. Used. To have a million viewers now I'll just text Rosie. One. Of the things you also talk about is is marijuana, it is now legal yeah. I'm not gonna ask you if you've been, smoking. Well you can because I don't smoke marijuana. Because. Of my religion no I just don't I just never had I, find. It amazing that nothing happened I know it's just amazing nothing, happened, yeah the other day I'm at the airport, and the guy takes out his laptop he takes out his like little plastic container of cannabis lays, it on top of the laptop, puts his wallet there puts his coat on top goes, to the scanner nothing's, happened I kind of equated to you. Know finally getting your conditioning, and people say we should have done this 15 years ago this, is fantastic and, when. You ask Pierre Berton to roll a joint, was that 2004. It, was the very first season. Of the show and, I. Asked, Pierre Berton to come on the show and roll a joint and it's, one of my favorite stories and it's one of my favorite. Moments in my life because I got to meet Pierre Berton and I, can remember being. So excruciatingly. Ly bored in grade 9 detention.

Just Like so bored, that I actually picked. Up a Pierre Berton book and was like oh this is how bad my life has become and started, reading it and I didn't put it down and then I ended up reading everything he ever wrote and you. Know he had a huge impact on my life and turned me into someone who was, kind of interested in Canadian history and to, have him on the show was a real thrill and. Especially. Doing something like that hi I'm, Pierre Berton, looking. Back in my career you know I cannot. Count, the number of times a young, man or a young woman has come up to me and said hey, mr. Burton what's, the best way to roll a joint, hey. Let me tell you it's. Not that way, and, he was quite adamant that it be real that's the thing when it when I called him and I said will you do and he said yes he said you bring the weed and. I hadn't thought about that so I said well I've got a props Department, he said no no no no, no I'm not going on the CBC and rolling oregano, I look like a fool, and so. There was a young man in our office and I said Nick do you think he said already on it bag of weed tomorrow morning now the way you distribute, the mix will, determine the shape of your joint I prefer. The classic, cone-shaped. Joint. What the young, people call a corner, so, the, first thing Pierre Berton said to me when I went to his house was did you bring the weed and the. Last thing he said to me he, said leave the weed. And. He died no long after that that was like your moment yeah well he he basically told, me this is gonna, be my last time on television and, I said no sir you know you look great you're surely gonna be on TV many many times but yeah, that was his final appearance and, remember, Canada it's a loose joints, intend to fall apart leaving. Unsightly, toke, burns on, your chairs, or on your bow tie, it's. A tragedy, we all want to avoid don't we I'm. Pierre murky and that's. How to roll a joint. We. Are heading into an election year you right and this isn't you, know this I agree, with this that we generally throw governments out we don't suddenly fall in love with them that's one of your rants so. If, you think about that how, do you think the Liberals are doing I don't know a single person who, at, any point in their life has, voted. With great, enthusiasm, for. A candidate, and four, years later not being disappointed, now they still might vote. For them again but, I've. Never experienced, what that's like four years later and boy did was I ever right they've done a bang-up job whether. The country's getting ready to throw the Liberals out we usually give parties two terms right, now I mean there's a lot of factors as you know it's really it's it's all about the NDP it's all about how the NDP, are going to do and, how do you think he's doing jug meat yes truck mean he's got to get a seat you, know and so he's running in Burnaby and for, those Canadians, who have never been to Burnaby, either his drug beat like, it's, a tough sell yeah like he's not from there now that people have done this before Joe Clarke went down in Nova Scotia and ran and Brian Mulroney did the same thing but, that's a tough sell yeah. And and, ER Shearer you. Know I think their, entire strategy, is, convincing. Canadians, middle class Canadians, that Andrew share is like them. So, he's constantly saying, I'm like you I'm like you and and I don't like that approach well it's ridiculous, it's not true for starters, it's like my concerns of your concerns know you were the speaker for many many years you have Car and Driver. And a free house and a free house and you have a free house now and that's fine I don't begrudge him of that but don't go around telling everyone Mike my concerns, are your concerns because they're, not yeah and when the Liberals try and frame him as Stephen Harper with a smile what do you think of that well, I think he said he's Stephen Harper was.

Probably. You know doesn't take that as an insult, will that be difficult to be off the air during an election because you the. First time we met I have a photo of it I just I don't know that I want to show Canadians but I have a photo of the first time we met on the, 2008. Election. Plane okay, explain. I have a really bad haircut you look the same because you don't age and you. Came up and started talking to me and I was quite I was, quite taking with you thank you but, will you miss that I. Will. Miss that very much in fact anytime there was an election and I wasn't on the air I used, to call around and find a, news, organization that, would put me on the planes and I would very much like, to do that because I think you. Know I always like to pretend to be a journalist, but. I think anyone who's intrigued, with being a journalist, is certainly. Intrigued with covering, a federal, election and being on those planes and do, you worry. About people's. Engagement. Or disengagement. From, that world and and, well, I'll ask you about Donald Trump after but I wonder if it's related to that people sort of starting to you. Know I'm not sure they always, like politicians, but starting, to question things, in. Light of sort of the climate were in the, climate we're in is so unique because, Donald. Trump is obviously, sucking, the oxygen out, of the room and so, when, you're, talking, about issues that are affecting Canadians. It's. Harder and harder to have a Canadian, view of the Canadian issue because, there's this this, giant force, out there that some see as incredibly. Negative and there's just so much chaos and chaos, is going to draw. Everyone's attention if. There's a train wreck happening, so everyone's gonna go look at the train wreck but I don't think it's very healthy and it doesn't help us here when we're we have you know our own country, to run and we have our own leaders and our own decisions, that we have to make so it's it's a challenge for sure do, you think though that he has damaging political, discourse, and that that is leaking, into this country in any way oh I think one.

Of The unfortunate things I've witnessed in over my lifetime is people, have. Less and less faith, in these institutions and, political discourse is getting. Worse, all the time and it's. Always been incrementals, so it's been you know incremental. You didn't really notice unless, you were a real student but, now, it's, obvious because it's. Just, getting worse at such a quick rate of knots before. I came over I was telling one of the makeup ladies, at CBC that we were coming to see you and she said oh I miss him so much and she said but he was in here not so long ago and, I realized his accident was thicker. Yeah. Good. Oh that's been fantastic I've, been back every month since, I've gone off the air and I've only ever felt, that Newfoundland. Is home so, I don't think that's changed and I've always, wanted. To get home more I've just never been able to that's nice taking this break and being, home a bit more so, if people want to see you like do you have anything in, the, hopper, that you'd be willing to disclose right now. In. The hopper I there's. Talk of touring, and with. The book I really enjoyed writing those essays those stories about being on the road and now, what. I'm going to bed at night out I'm always thinking like oh why didn't I tell that story in the book or why didn't I follow up then about that there could be another book about, more. Time on the road because it was a lot of segments, well yeah one point you mentioned that you broke a rib but you don't tell anybody you don't say how so I was like well what's that story right yeah there's a lot of that yeah and I just liked that part of writing and and that was a learning curve for me so, I, think. There'll be more that. So. We saw there you two have known each other for a while what strikes you about him well. You know so that was 2008. With that bad haircut much, younger and well-rested, person, on the plane and oh it strikes me about him is I mean the reason we struck up a friendship obviously, is politics, but, as soon as you meet him he gets in your corner, and sort, of shears you along a little bit and I think that's why so many people were willing to talk to him because he he's, just a good listener and he's he's a lot of fun as you can I'm just gonna do that interview like every Sunday from well, that works for me, up.

Next On the national Canon new technology. Helps settle an age-old, debate about Canada's, first national, historic. Site and what lies below, its surface it. Sends electromagnetic. Pulses. Into. The ground this is important, to me because when I walk on these grounds I feel. I'm walking on the street. First. Though a preview, of a series, of stories we've got coming up this week on the National Health Canada, is preparing to unveil the, new food guide we'll, take a closer look at why they're doing it and questions, around who could be influencing. The process, the. Canada Food Guide is that something that you follow no have. You ever no, never. No after. Tax forms, it's the most downloaded, government, documents but who actually uses, it. Every. Morning every. Lunch all. My snacks were fruit and vegetables, who gets a say about what's, in it the dairy industry wanting, this the, legume. Industry, or whatever wanting their their advice that's. Not a good way to produce you. Know good public health policy, and is it really, making anyone, healthier, I'd rather the government be in our fridges than the food industry, I don't know that publishing a food guide is going to change people's eating habits so, what's going on your plate we go in-depth, starting, Monday here, on the National. Season. Two of little, dog what a disaster it's going to be a NACA. Unearthing. The past and caused a lot of problems, for a lot of people they're, thinking a problem. They. Recognized Canada, as an incredibly, important, market, and so, we expect that General Motors will, do the right thing here's some of the other stories we'll be following this week here on the National Tomorrow, General, Motors is expected, to respond, to the union's pitch to, keep the Oshawa, Ontario assembly. Plant open, unifor. Argues GM has a number of options like extending, the life of the vehicles produced there or even shifting, other production, from Mexico, to Canada GM, announced. Back in November, that it was winding down operations. At the plant and cutting close to 3,000, jobs. Actor. Kevin Spacey is. Doing a Nantucket, court tomorrow morning over, the alleged sexual assault, of a teenager, Spacey is charged with indecent assault, and battery stemming, from accusations. That he groped an 18 year old boy at this restaurant in 2016. Last, week a judge denied, a request from the actors lawyers, who'd asked if he could skip tomorrow's, court appearance Spacey, has pleaded not guilty. And. We'll be keeping an eye on Las Vegas where Consumer, Electronics Show kicks. Into high gear this week the, world's annual biggest, tech shows a good indicator of emerging, trends in tech so some ones to watch connected, homes driverless, cars and, 5g. That's the next generation of cell networks and, what we will to do with all of that when they actually finally. Arrive. For. Nearly 400, years there has been a fort in Nova Scotia's Annapolis, Valley the, place changed. Hands seven, times before Confederation. The Scottish, the English and the French all, had their turns but until, now a part, of for Dan's story has been missing the. Acadians, are another group who claimed for Dan as a place of historical, significance the. CBC's kala Hansell, was there as researchers. Used tech to, fill in the gaps. This. Piece of equipment could, be the key to uncovering, stories. Of the past so, this is, what's, called a ground-penetrating, radar. Consider. This a different, form of archaeology. It examines, what's beneath the ground without disturbing, the ground itself it, sends electromagnetic. Pulses. Into. The ground and if. There if it hits something below, the ground surface that will the reflections, will be sent back to the instrument. Together. With this drone taking, images from above the GPR will allow the team to do three-dimensional. Mapping this, is such an exciting project really, the, project started with map Annapolis, a community, based organization. Using maps to find out more about places. They care about in Nova Scotia's Annapolis, Valley this. Time they've chosen for, Dan Canada's. First National, Historic, Site, it's, definitely part of the, story of, Canada. And and, the story and the priest story of Canada before before. We became a country this, site is one, of the most hotly contested sites. In North American, history Parks.

Canada Manager, Ted Dolan, says for Dan is also considered, the birthplace of Acadian. Culture since. The governor of Acadia arrived in 1636. The colonists. That came with him. Within. Two generations stopped identifying, themselves as French and started identifying themselves. As Acadian, Allan. Melanson's, ancestors, were among them well this is important, to me because when I walk on these grounds I feel. I'm walking on history there. Are 234. Headstones. On the site but it's believed, 2,000. People are buried here Melanson. Says people in this community have always believed, the Acadian, burial ground is here, but, he says it's important, to know for sure I've. Read. Parish records I've, heard oral stories, but I find the arbiter, of history, as archeology. And, that. Brings us back to that ground-penetrating, radar. Collecting. The data is relatively, easy, processing. It is time-consuming, so. Weeks later we meet up with the archaeologists, again this, time at their office in Halifax, so, this is basically your surface we're looking from the top down this, is our ground surface when we see these spots of red what, does this mean it, means there's something, something. Physical down there and, when we zero in we see a pattern some, sort of anomalies. At the same depth in a row evenly. Spaced either, we could be seeing graves, has. These physical, anomalies or the. Spaces. In between. Could. Be grave shafts that have been dug out they. Don't like to call it proof without actually, do hanging up the site but they say it is strong evidence, of what Acadians, have believed all along their. Ancestors, are buried here at Fort an one. More level of authenticity that identifies. The final resting place of the Dead and keeps, a piece of Canadian, history alive. Kaela, Huntsville CBC News Annapolis, Royal Nova Scotia. Up. Next on the National amazed made, for the record books it. Was great, had fun running around chasing the kids hiding around corners and scare of them still, trying to find my son he's still running around, we'll. Take you inside Manitoba's. Newest biggest, snow maze in tonight's moment, but first while, we're talking about records. In. Case you missed it. This. Is or more accurately, was the, oldest, documented, person to have ever lived, Jean Kalmar France was born before, lightbulbs. And claimed, to have met Vincent, van Gogh she didn't like him by the way she, died in 1997. At the incredible age of a hundred and twenty two years and a hundred and sixty-four days or. Did she miss. Those Russian, researcher, Nicola Zack thinks it's all a great big lie, he, believes she, was already dead and that her daughter Yvonne assumed. Her identity back. In the 30s, to, avoid inheritance. Taxes, keeping. Up the ruse until, she died at, age 99, so what's his evidence, for, one he says that at 122. She should have been much shorter than she was to passport. Records lists different eye colors, and three he claims calomel purposely. Destroyed family, records now, his obsession, might seem a little dark but Zack has some supporters, there's even talk of exhuming, her body to, test her DNA apparently. Some don't believe in letting stories, rest. This. Johnny Rose baby. Let's. Go outside have fun go on a brother adventure, Hey but the house a brother adventure its brothers own adventure, this, gets weird at any moment we are out of here all right of course yeah say no more yeah. I. Feel, like there's been some sort of misunderstanding here. Well. Looks okay to me. Yeah. It's good. Jessica, no diarrhea, where's home together. The. Owners of a family-run, corn, maze in Manitoba, wanted to keep the fun going for the winter so they spent the last few weeks building, a new one this time out, of snow that's a totally, normal thing to do turns out it may be the world's largest in, its grand opening this weekend, is our moment of the day.

It. Was a lot more work than we expected. But we had to make all the snow required, about 300. Truckloads, we had to lay out a base of about a foot, and a half of snow and then we started constructing, about 4,200. Feet of snow walls if anyone. From Poland is watching there's, they, have a really big one but, they've never got it on to the Guinness World Book of Records so we can't say the exact square footage because we're trying to beat them but it's been a huge, excitement, to build it and we're. Just excited the parking lots filling up so that's actually, the validation, that we were looking for which. Were you want to go kiddo okay. It, was great had fun running around chasing the kids hiding around corners and scaring them still. Trying to find my son he's still running around I'm. Really amazed with it yeah I'm very proud, four of, Manitoba. To have this one where, we live we don't get snow I just hope that we can get over. I'm. As you know I'm from Manitoba, and. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to get out of that thing and as, someone, from Manitoba you don't want to be outside for 45, minutes to an hour doing anything, so I do I just don't understand, it well they thought of that they thought of you Rosie apparently, there's their fire pits throughout in case you get cold there there are snow sculptures, to look at in case you get bored and, there are emergency, exits in case you've added up to here with, the snow may so you know good, for that we'd need all of that it's like a snow escape room that's what, this, that is the national for, January at six good, night good, night. You. You.

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