The National for Monday April 23, 2018 — Toronto Van Attack

The National for Monday April 23, 2018 — Toronto Van Attack

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I. Mean. Hanuman Singh in Toronto behind me the scene of a horrific attack. This. Is what it looked like along Yonge Street just after lunchtime first, responders. Tending, to people on the sidewalk, where a van jumped, the curb and mowed people down one, after another a beautiful. Spring day on, a busy, area of the city ending. In tragedy, tonight. We'll walk you through what we know about what happened also, what we're learning about the suspect, why, officials say there isn't a larger, national security, threat. And how, those vehicles, like that van are all too often used, as weapons, just as they have been here in London this is the National. Ten. Innocent bystanders. Killed 15, others injured the murder weapon, a rental, van, it happened just hours ago when this street became the scene of sudden panic and deadly. Destruction. It's. A horrific scene it's something, I don't think anybody can be prepared for height, of a 1:30, p.m. a white van jumped, the curb and plowed into a number of pedestrians, before speeding, away first. Responders, treated, victims on the blood-stained, sidewalk, and ten patients were taken to the city's major trauma center at Sunnybrook, hospital the, emergency department, under lockdown as, a safety precaution because, no, one really knew the nature of the attack it, happened, near the corner of Yonge and Finch in the city's north end police. Apprehended. The white van south of the crash site and arrested. The sole occupant in a dramatic, confrontation the. Name of the alleged driver is Alec Minassian he's a 25, year old from Richmond Hill Ontario north. Of Toronto his. LinkedIn profile, says he's a student at Seneca, College the. Government says the suspect, is not associated, with any threat, to national security, as, witnesses, took in the terrible chain of events their faces were etched with the grief and horror. CBC. News has learned a lot more about the suspect, more on that in a moment but first the, away normally Otis takes us through what happened.

The. Horn of the aftermath. Is in the details the discarded, paramedic, lumps the bodies still, lying on the pavement, Kenneth. Wu saw the van strike, a woman then, locked eyes with the man behind the wheel she was looking at me and he saw that old lady and he turned laughed a little bit or hit the lady on the sidewalk and then, he started driving down as soon as he passed my car he turned around he looked at me face to face that's. Why I saw it was a very angry and scared young, guy who. Says the van braked then sped off again, driving, on the sidewalk for several, more blocks hitting, one pedestrian after. Another castra. Ibrahimi, watched in shock I saw, the van it was a white van as. I remember it was under it. Was exactly in the side way and when, it gets because it was. Looks like a movies. Deputy, it hits a pillar and even like fly things. Like that it was super scary yeah Nana, Agyeman, Badu rush to help a woman who tried to jump out of the way and, the lady was coming north. Coming. Not beside, a bachata and she, saw the car coming and, she tried. To stand. Aside but, she was no, lucky she. Got pin into the bachata the, grass. And. She. She was pushed. Backwards. Lying, down with all the glasses. On. Top of her broken, glasses on top affair with with cats the. Terror continued. For, several more blocks witnesses. Saw a baby stroller flying, to the air saw, the van plow into a group of people before finally, stopping I saw, there like I don't know how can I say at the car course, it from a baby going, all like that, the, baby. Hopefully. After. A, dramatic police, standoff, the man was arrested at the scene this, is gonna be a long investigation. With multiple witnesses who, have a lot of chaos of it was cameras, hours. Later dozens, of officers and, the coroner, were still here assessing. The carnage the, victims still, here - and people. Continue, to line the streets call. And share of a lives around the corner I came, out here to just pay my respects to these people because it. Could have been me easily, this morning it could have been me if I hadn't had a doctor's appointment today if I if I my schedule but it's slightly different it might have been me walking in front of here I couldn't believe that, it was basically.

Our Doorstep. It. Made me really nervous inside, to, think that a lot of families have. Lost their loved one or they didn't know where they were and they couldn't i situate. Them so, I'm, just glad that we're. Safe but. Um yeah. Our, hearts are with all, of the families who lost somebody today. And. You Anna is here with us now the. Police chief speaking this, evening what's the latest well, the crime scene is still an active one and it's a big one it stretches that almost, a kilometer down. That way and we spoke to a couple of officers on the scene they're gonna be here for at least a couple of days and police are pleading, with the public to send in anything that they have any pieces of snippets of video any eyewitness, accounts because they literally do want to piece this and construct this timeline as accurately as possible the question of course so many add as soon as this happened and still do tonight is motive. What do we know about that they're, not speaking specifically, about motive they're not ruling anything, out yet but here's what the Toronto's police chief had to say about motive. We're. All putting our our pieces, together to see exactly what we have and at, this particular point in time there's nothing that does affect the national, security footprint we are looking very strongly to what the exact motive or motivation, was for this particular. Incident. To take place and at, the end of the day we will have a fulsome answer and we'll have a fulsome account as to what the conclusion, of this is I will. Just say to people, that I hope that, they will understand. As I know they do people, who live in the city who have come to city from around the world this is not this, kind, of tragic, incident is not representative. Of how we live or who we are or anything, to do with life. In the city on a day-to-day basis. And that I hope people will, reflect, on that will reaffirm, that will. Go to work tomorrow and perhaps, offer as sometimes as the case in church is a sign of peace to each other just in some small way to acknowledge that we're going to carry. On with heavy hearts but that we're going to carry on with a life that is admired. Around the world and that we will do that in the way that Torontonians. Do things people, across the country are thinking. About what's happening here in Toronto and are, thinking about the families, and the, victims so, I. Just, want to again thank everyone, who has been who. Has been so ready, to support and to encourage anyone who has information as the, mayor and the chief have said to come forward. So. Reassuring, words from, Ontario's, premier and, Toronto's, mayor but this investigation it, will take a long time and for sure there'll be more to hear about tomorrow ok thank, you very much. So. As we've heard officials, saying there is no national, security threat, at least none that they have found but CBC, News has learned more about the suspect, in custody Alec Minassian here's. And, what may have motivated him. Our. Senior investigative. Correspondent Dinah Swain has been looking, into that angle and Diana what, have you learned well, as you said there's no indication so, far that authorities, had that this was motivated by terrorism. Or by political, views, why, then so here's, what we've learned so far about the man behind the wheel and, what might have motivated, him to do this. This, cell phone video shows the driver as he steps out of the van into the line of a police officer who has his weapon drawn. That. Driver, has now been identified as, 25, year old Alec Minassian watch, as he gestures. Appearing. To try to provoke, the Toronto police officer into firing on him. And. Listen. As he yells, at the officer, to shoot him. Tonight. Minassian, is in custody as police, search for a motive one, possible, explanation is, circulating, online, suggesting. Minassian was, angry, over being rebuffed by women, in what appears to be a post on Facebook in, which a man with the same name and picture as Minassian refers. To the, supreme gentleman. Elliot Rodger. Fact. Rodger was responsible, for a deadly, rampage, in Isla Vista California in, 2014. Killing, six people and injuring over a dozen more tomorrow. Is. The day of retribution. The. Day in which I will have my. Revenge against. Humanity, a video, Rodger posted, just beforehand, raged, about successive. Women turning down his advances, because, girls have never been attracted to, me in, that video men, who always seemed to win with women were referred to as Chad's. Stacey's. The women who turned men down rendering. Those like roger in cells, or, involuntarily. Celibate. This posting. Apparently, from Minassian says, the, insel rebellion. Has already, begun, we will overthrow, all the Chad's and Stacy's. CBC. News has not been able to independently verify the, post as being made by, Minassian, there.

Is No indication so far that he targeted, any specific. Person as he plowed down the, sidewalk, but, rather aimed his vehicle at anyone, in his path. Sedan. A lot to digest there, tell, us more about what, you know in this case there's, not a whole lot more about him on social, media in what we did find was his LinkedIn profile, in which it says he's a Seneca, college student that's a college here, in Toronto, he appears to being a student there for some time it says from 2011. To present days we're talking seven years it seems he was developing an app an app that would help you find free parking spots, in Toronto. Beyond, that based on the footage we don't believe he was seriously. Injured in any way as he, was taken into custody. Alright, Diana Swain thank you. Diana. Mentioned there and herpes a group name that you've probably never heard of before in cells or, involuntary. Celibate, their brand of conversation, has been banned from web sites like Reddit and whether, Minassian really does count himself amongst, those so-called in cells isn't confirmed, but what does it mean anyway to brand yourself as one Ishmael, daro is a journalist, with BuzzFeed who's dug into some of this good to see you so so what what are what is this group of people if you were gonna break it down for us well, it's in the name right it's involuntarily. Celibate, these are young, people mostly, men who feel, that. They have, been forced into celibacy, that that they haven't, had success with, women. In romantic, and sexual relationships and, over. Time you know that can really curdle, into some really resentful. Sentiments, about women in general and does, it or has it I guess it has but does it normally take the form of violence well, I think for, a lot of people you know these terms there's, a there's a heavy layer of irony so it's, not uncommon for somebody to you know between relationships, maybe to jokingly, say you know I'm involuntary. Celibate. But, for people within, communities. Where they very seriously, self-identify, is that it, is a little more barbed and there's. Often very strong, anti woman an anti-feminist language, where, these young men often feel like they are owed, relationships. And they're owed sex. And and, when that doesn't happen they can they, can get quite angry so, would you say it's a subgroup, sort of marginalized. Young people or is it something slightly, more dangerous and, nefarious well. I think it's impossible to, take. This out of the larger, world, of online in, communities, where often, young men they, might join and. And not really have their identities, totally, mold yet but, over time you, see this on communities like reddit or 4chan. Posting. Enough in finding this community it can actually maybe radicalize, you further than you even realized, when you first joined this group where, you might only, have wanted to post some memes or tried, some jokes with other young men, you, use the word radicalize, which is an interesting choice of words here and I wonder is there chatter. Tonight, about this incident is there someone. Claiming responsibility. Or the group celebrating, in some way I think it's still very early and probably too early to say but I, wouldn't, be surprised if on. Some of these darker corners of the web where. A, certain. Kind of reactionary. Politics has developed, in the last few years if if, you were to look tonight I think you might see.

You. Might see some sympathy again. It's very early to say but I wouldn't be surprised if he, becomes an icon, sort of like Elliot Rodger became to the same community and again we, have not confirmed that this association, is, there on those on those web pages that Diana mentioned would, it surprise you to see that it was or is this maybe more common than we think, I. Think. Again it's too early but but the fact that this post that we're talking about did specifically, cite Elliot Rodger who, has become a bit of a strange. Martyr, figure in certain parts. Of the web I think. You can't see that connection okay. Ishmael daro thanks for helping, us understand something none of us really knew about until today Thanks. Federal. Security officials and leaders from all levels of government are keeping a close eye on the Toronto situation, Katie Simpson has more on the security threat in this country. Canada's. Public Safety, Minister is being careful, with his words saying. It is irresponsible. To, speculate, there. Would appear to be no. National. Security, connection. To. This particular, incident. Ralph, Goodale happened, to be in Toronto today to host a meeting of Public Safety, and security ministers. From g7. Countries, he says the incident is unrelated, to the meetings and there's, no need to raise Canada's, national, security, threat level I think it's important to state this there, is no, information. Available. To me at the present time that would, lead us to conclude that, there, should be a change in risk level, that. Threat level sits at medium which is where it has been since the 2014, shooting on Parliament, Hill after, that, attack major. Public, events across the country including Canada, Day celebrations. Now, involve, intense, visible, security, that. Level hasn't changed, even after, high profile, incidents like, the U Haul attack in Edmonton, the thwarted, Isis attack in strasser Ontario, and the mosque shooting, in Quebec, City our thoughts are obviously, with those affected, by this incident we are still gathering information as, soon as we can we'll share more information with, Canadians, the Prime Minister and national, security agencies, are monitoring, the situation and, cooperating. With Toronto, police as it, leads this investigation.

The RCMP will, only take over the case if, it is a national. Security incident. We are all unsettled. And and. Very, disturbed. By a situation, like this I think it's impossible not to be it's, frightening, tomorrow's. G7. National, security, and public safety meetings, will go ahead as planned and while this incident is not a national, security investigation. It certainly. Will be discussed, among these allies Katie. Simpson CBC, News Toronto. The. Prime minister has released a statement in response to, the attack that happened this afternoon it, says in part on behalf, of all Canadians, I offer my heartfelt condolences to. The loved ones of those who were killed and my, thoughts for a fast and full recovery to those injured I thank the first responders at, the scene who managed, this, extremely, difficult situation with courage, and professionalism. He, adds of course that they are and continue to watch the situation closely, Adrian, is in London and happens to be there on another assignment for us tonight but you are Adrian on Westminster Bridge and we saw a violent, attack there last, March. Indeed. Rosie Lenin's had to learn very quickly how to deal with these sorts of vehicle, attacks last year in. Three separate, incidents, three separate vehicle attacks a dozen, people were killed including a, Canadian, and so we'll have a look at how the, United Kingdom is trying to mitigate that threat in, a moment but first, let's have a look at how and sometimes, why, vehicles. Are being used as weapons go. Back, 2014. Martin, Cuchillo, sat in a parking lot for two hours before, stepping on the gas and ramming, his vehicle, into two Canadian, soldiers, Warrant. Officer Patrice, Vincent was killed another, person was injured the working thesis is that it's it's a deliberate act with, regards to how far away was it planned it's it's really hard to say could you follow fled, from police but, was stopped and killed a short time later vehicles. Have been used for decades to kill people but it was in 2010, when, terror groups started, instructing. Extremists, on how, to use rental, vans and trucks and the frequency, of those kinds, of attacks seems, to be on the rise very, easy to obtain you. Can steal, the driver's license if you had to instill get one of these rental vehicles so they're ubiquitous, it's, it's a white vehicle very hard blends. Into everyday Society, and it's. Just it's it causes, great great. Damage and not only that if you're the driver, you're somewhat, protected. Even. As police around the world are becoming more aware of the threat the attacks have been getting deadlier in July, 2016. 86, people were killed while celebrating, Bastille, Day in France when, a man in a rental truck plowed, through a promenade. More. Than a dozen people died when a man in a rented van rammed, into a group of pedestrians, on a street, in Barcelona, and London. Was targeted, three times at a local mosque on the London, Bridge and right, here on westminster, bridge and. So. After, the, westminster, bridge, attack, right here there was panic in the cities you can imagine and, there was an effort by Scotland Yard to look at some 33, bridges, in London, and put barriers, up on, all, of them a decision, was made not to put barriers on the London, Bridge that decision unfortunately, came, 24, hours before, the attack on the London Bridge so, there, are physical protections. They're undertaking rental, car companies, interestingly rosy, have said you know what can we do so they're looking for a way to do real-time, checks, of clients.

Against, National. Terror databases, to make sure they find out that they're not renting a truck to, someone who's on a watch list and the police have now been told that, they can shoot, at moving, vehicles, that's not something you could do here, but the decision has been made that you know it's too important, because if you're chasing a vehicle and it's still going there's a chance as part of an attack and you have to stop it so, those are some pretty extreme, maybe preventative, measures Canada, is also sort of being cautious, and trying to prevent this what what are people doing here authorities, here. Well. You're seeing it more often you know you're seeing dump trucks parked across pedestrian. Streets. When. They're big festivals underway at the start of baseball season, in Toronto a large part, of the downtown core around, the. Stadium were blocked off two cars that was new but this is part of that awareness that, police have that these are just you, know four attackers these are crimes of opportunity, and these vehicles are so easily obtained it's so low-tech they blend in so easily and all of that is just so frustrating. For. Police it's important, to note Rosie that we are hearing tonight from, the company, that that rented, that vehicle, today and that he's name is Ryder it issued a statement saying. In part we are saddened, by this tragic event and our, deepest sympathies, go out to those impacted, we take the safety and security of our entire fleet very, seriously, and we, are cooperating fully, with authorities. We. Have much more for you on this developing story tonight ten. Families, are grieving 15, more worried, about their injured loved ones will tell you what we know about the people behind those numbers we. Have more on the police officer, who took down the alleged attacker, in a remarkable, act of bravery. Toronto. Is a city where many are mourning, but also a city where tens, of thousands, of people have gathered tonight for, a hockey playoff, game we'll take you through the security, measures and the mood this, is the, National. You. It's, very clear just from a general perspective to, say that the, actions, definitely. Looked deliberate the. Latest from police as they investigate, today's deadly, van attack in North Toronto the left 10 people, dead police believe it was likely intentional. But what, they're still trying to figure out motive. What, the driver was thinking the, suspect 25, year-old Alec Minassian, but before today he wasn't on police's, radar and so, far officials, say there's no sign he's connected, to any terrorist, organization. Tonight. Of course there are many questions, about the suspect, but what likely matters most to the injured victims, and their families, right now is, recovery, ten of them were transported, to Toronto Sunnybrook, Hospital not, too far from the scene of the attack and that's where CBC is natalie Coolatta is standing, by so Natalie you've been there for a few hours now describe, the scene for us what's been happening there. Well. Injuries perhaps not, altogether, surprising, when, you're outside a hospital to see worried family members, running in to, the ER but that is what we have been seeing over the last little, while as, we, know. People. Inside, hospital, officials as well as police try and track down the family members, of those inside, who are being treated we, know that inside it. Was an emotional. Place we spoke to one man who said he knew at one point that there, were individuals. Who did not make it who had died that, had passed away that were in the ER here's, what he had to say take a listen. You. Could tell that they. Pulled the curtains. Around her after if the whole team was in there working on it, but. It was very very sad. So. Much going on. That, they were all the, doctors, and the interns were also cool about it was, was. What was amazing. And. Of. Course detectives. That we have been speaking to have told, us they have been trying, their best to communicate with those individuals, inside. Who, were victims, of this attack who can communicate try, and of course to get as much information as they can as they continue, in their investigation.

We Know that, there is a lot to go through we had the opportunity, as well to speak, to an acting, supervising. Individual. Who works with the paramedics, the EMS services, to talk a little bit about what, he saw on the scene coming out of the hospital here after, he had been here here's what he had to say take a look. Young. And Finch all the way down Shepard disappear. Carnage. Debris. Everywhere. Just. Areas of Cameron. You describe it it's just it. Just victims. Everywhere. No. Earlier, in the evening we, were told that, of the ten people that were brought here to hospital, to arrived with what they call vital signs are absent, and we're pronounced. Dead five, were at the time reported, in critical injury. Critical. Condition three, with, serious, in serious, condition, but that of course is expected, to evolve as the night progresses Andrew. All right Natalie collided, outside Toronto Sunnybrook, Hospital thanks, very much. And. Let's turn back to Ian because as is often the case when we're talking about survivors. Of a violent attack the hours and the days to, come can be a difficult time something, in you could also say it's true for, the whole city. That's. Ready to enter the city certainly pulling. Together tonight, take, a look at this, shot of the Toronto skyline the CN tower dark, tonight in the wake of the attack from a distance Toronto looks just the same as always. It, felt that way taking the subway northward, to this scene but if, you look closely especially, around here, a lot has changed that reputation a safe and welcoming place in doubt for many tonight, the. Attack shocking, so many people in his David Kamen learned it's shattering, an illusion, held by many residents, that such, a thing could, never happen here. With. An air of excitement Toronto's. Downtown would. Seem a world away but. The security, clampdown tonight, clearly, illustrates, the countermeasures. To a threat. Layers, of trucks, blocking, vehicles. From getting near crowds, of Leaf fans and a, much larger. Than usual police, presence, I feel. A lot safer than, I usually would and because. It's a leaf saw I'm, good I'm calling here and I'm gonna join myself, we're. Not gonna take, over the day so we're gonna make sure we're gonna go out there in that point cuz that the energy that that's, what the. Individual might have wanted to take away from us is that sense of freedom but we're not gonna die. Take. Over so we're gonna enjoy, the day over here words, can't even describe on. How awful, this tragic, event is but, if you look around this, is what brings everyone together so. As one we're gonna unite, and like, I said. We'll. Continue to be strong tonight. Security, tightening, is actually, round two because, less, than a month ago Toronto, Police announced that they were going, to be clamping. Down on security. Around big events, even, blocking. People from parking, underground unless, they, could prove they were residents. Security. Experts, pointed, to the threat of a vehicle, being used as a weapon the. Mayor back then alluded. To it too, it's. 2018, and we've seen incidents happen unfortunately outside. Of sports venues, and concert venues and so on around the world that would have caused us as we did we. Meaning the police the security officials and everybody else to review security. Ladies. And gentlemen please. Rise if you were able to and, remove, your hats, the. Leafs Bruins, game began, tonight in silence.

In A, big city an opportunity. To remember those, killed and a, reminder of the danger, that lurks. And, David is outside Toronto City Hall tonight a popular. Place for tourists. With local residents too, and this attack clearly has rattled some nerves and so what are people doing to to counteract, that uneasiness. Well. You know in you see that the landmark. Toronto, sign behind me is dimmed, but. On porches the, lights are in fact very much on particularly. In that young and Finch young in Sheppard area the area of this city the Uptown downtown. Where all of this took place so. Many people unable to get home because traffic, and transit was so complicated, this evening, some areas were shut down and so those porch lights are on, indicating. To people they, are welcome to come into that house to stay there if necessary, people opening, their homes opening. Their doors to. Help out one another on this, a day of tragedy in this city you know. Gesture. We've seen in other cities around the world thanks David. As. Toronto mourns, condolences, have been coming in from around the world British, Foreign Secretary Boris. Johnson, who's, here in Toronto for the g7 meeting wrote, on Twitter, very, sad to see the news of the incident in Toronto earlier today, as I was visiting, the city my, thoughts with those affected their families, and friends and the, emergency, services, personnel responding. And from. The French president, Emmanuel macron, his, tweet translated. From French reads I expressed. My profound solidarity. With the Canadian people after, the tragedy, that just struck the City of Toronto and, the, US vice president, Mike Pence writing the President, and I are closely monitoring, the attack on innocent people, in Toronto this afternoon, we, are with the Canadian people tonight as they, grieve the loss of life and injured. The, American people stand shoulder, to shoulder with, our neighbors in Canada. Still. Ahead on the national from those first 911. To, the arrests it was just 26, minutes we'll take you through the dramatic, timeline and the, takedown plus. Voices, of shock and grief will, bring you eyewitness, stories from the scene but first take. A look at this an impromptu. Show, of support just north of the attack strip at Yonge and Finch community, members, set up a memorial where, people can share messages of sadness and, condolence, on poster boards just, some of the messages, praying, for the block love. Trump's, over all and we. Will never, forget you. It's. Just some of the moments of grief this afternoon, in Toronto, the aftermath, of an attack that happened so fast but may times stand, still for the people who, were there. It. All started, around 1:30. This afternoon which. Was you know it was the police started getting calls about a van that had driven up onto a sidewalk fast. Mowing. Down everything. In its path, well just people call me off on the BMO bank and there start yelling - the best pedestrian, saying watch out watch out move out of the way because the guy just storming down Yonge, Street on the sidewalk I was going right by saying on the third lane the. Guy comes coming off from the second we're accelerating fast, cutting me over going, through what's this homeless guy board hitting.

Him And the guy flew up. Flew. Up from up in the sky the guy just literally flew. All the way towards that sidewalk. Here's. Where, it happened, young and finch as it's called is in the north end area of Toronto called, North York the, car mounted, the sidewalk, here, and drove south at what witnesses, described as about 60, to 70 kilometers. An hour they, saw him hit so many people and it all happened so fast. First thing I saw it was like it was one called car and they, were if they were with they're doing CPR on somebody and there was a group group were surrounded, and down, the street on more cop cars started coming and then fire trucks and ambulances in all bunched. Up so fast, I saw, people. Laying. And, being CP yard and stuff. Like that and, then, a short time later they, were putting, blankets. Over them the driver got away but he didn't get far less than half an hour later about three kilometres south, at points Avenue another, tense scene. The. Driver out of a white Ryder van waved would appear to be a gun at the officer, who chased him. Clearly. The cop knew it wasn't, a weapon and the driver was taken into custody, we, obviously don't have a lot of detail we can provide as yet but, we know there were casualties witnesses. Had reported, seeing bodies covered, with tarps it was clear people were dead but, it would be two hours before officials, would confirm, the awful, toll we, can confirm for you tonight right now well, nine people that are dead. 16. That are injured by this evening that death toll had risen to, ten the. Suspect, 25-year. Old Alec Minassian a student, at a Toronto area college, around. 7:00 this evening CBC, News confirmed, there was no terror linked to the attack. Now. Across social media there's been all sorts of praise for the officer, who arrested the, attack suspect the takedown was. Done without incident, not a shot, fired and it was all over in less than a minute the, CBC's vick adobea has a look at the special training officers, received, to keep dangerous arrests. From getting out of hand. It's. A tense moment an officer. Arrives on the scene alone. To, face a suspect, who appears, armed, and defiant. Ignoring. The order to surrender. Still. Ignoring the warnings Minassian, moves in on the officer, who, stays cool, realizing. There's no gun and the, suspect, surrenders. It's. Over in less than 30 seconds, with no shots fired and no more casualties, as, bystanders. Record. The whole thing the. Man was was. Not cooperating, well, he kept on taping steps forward, and it is at that point that the officer, I believe realized. That that was not a gun in his act so he put away his gun he, took out his baton, he, went forward the man saw that the cop, will not shoot him so he gave that right there and then. Police. Takedowns, don't always end so, peacefully. After. A series of high profile, shootings Toronto. Police's, use of force faced, scrutiny, and formal. Calls to change their tactics by. De-escalating. Standoffs. New. Regular, training, stresses, negotiation. To avoid using, lethal force when possible this. Retired officer, says the solo, arrest, of Minassian was. Textbook, perfect. He, acted. Smartly. Tactically. And courageously, a standoff. De-escalated. And a suspect, arrested to. Face the consequences. Vic, adobea, CBC, News Toronto. For. More on next steps for investigators, I'm joined by Phil Gorski in Ottawa president and CEO of, borealis, and a former CSIS analyst Phil, thanks for being here let's start with that last part what we just saw there were you surprised, at police response, and how quickly that was, contained, well. I think, hats off kudos, to the officer he clearly received, very good training he, followed that training, to the to the, nth degree and, he's able to neutralize a guy who had just carried out a heinous attack and and now the guy's alive he's not dead which means you can question them and you can hopefully. Find out why he did what he did so I think this is a tremendous. Kudos, to Toronto, Police Services the training to give their officers. And this particular officer, who did what he was trained to do okay. And one of the things police are gonna want to know is obviously motive, here although it appears from government. Sources and elsewhere that there's no national security threat so where, does the investigation go from here if that is the case well. You know I listen to Mark Saunders I listen to the Minister talk about this so what they're saying really rosemary, is that they don't as of now there's, no information there's no intelligence to suggest a national security link but you know we're what seven eight hours after this there's a lot that needs to be learned so what they're gonna do is basically you'll, ask him maybe he's cooperating, maybe he's not so maybe he'll tell them why I did what he did the look at his social media presence and to probably get a warrant to look at his cell phone to look at his email, the.

Papa Get a warrant to search his apartment or his house they'll, talk to family they'll talk to friends I'll talk to workmates, to see was there anything amiss was, this guy going down a certain path way and was anything noticed so it's, really it's kind of a concentric. Circles if you will yeah start with the suspect it go from there and see what you can find out you. Know off the top we talked about things that London has done to prevent these kinds of attacks with vehicles, because they have become all too common in that city things, like even a pre-screening, people when they rent vans is there a way to prevent, an incident like this a lone attacker in, a rented vehicle, I don't. Think so rosemary unless he's already on your radar he's under surveillance I was under investigation for, another purpose it's, really really hard and you know you talk about yeah rental places should do background checks well how, many vehicles are rented in Toronto on a given day hey how can you do that in real time and secondly you can put ballers up outside the ACC, or outside, you, know Parliament, or or or Queen's Park, you can put bars up up and down Yonge Street the longest street in Canada, so we really got to be a little more realistic as to what can be done in this case so, sure lockdown, and then put, a lot of security and the venues, where you expect a lot of people but. We can't make the city into a fortress and I think we want to go down that pathway so. The only way then is what sort. Of watch for and monitor chatter try and get it would get ahead of these people assess. Them out online even that becomes very difficult to monitor someone 24/7. Oh you can't you know we learn, that rate with with an. Instructor, or with, Aaron driver he was on a peace spot but he wasn't being monitored because they had other priorities the time and Canadians, don't realize how much time and effort it takes to monitor somebody so. Yeah if you're watching him great you might get lucky but the vast majority people aren't being watched 24/7, and endorsed should they be in in a democratic, society like Canada Phil. Gursky thank you for perspective, tonight appreciate it sir thanks rosemary now. For those who saw what happened it will stay with them for, life a mere Bohemia. Is a college, student and he was heading to school when he saw the van attack we heard a little, bit from him earlier in the show here's a little bit more of, what he had to say about it I, just. Came, out from like, solve. Decision. On, the shepherd and I saw invited. A crazy van, like a rental, van hitting. The people y1y. One after one and, there. Is like there, was like old I saw the old man going, up and going down. And, the, people like a scream, and going around the. Police like how to became. To help to be people and then they all I saw then he. Drove really. Fast and, like crazy, people and, I. Saw they're like I don't know how can I say at the car course. It from a baby going off like that I don't know the baby heating or know hopefully. The. Baby. Was followed. You. We'll. Take you back to Toronto, and the scene of the attack in a few minutes but first here, are some of the other stories were watching tonight. The. Suspect in yesterday's shooting rampage. At a Nashville Waffle. House restaurant, is in custody, Travis, Reinking was captured today in a wooded area after, being on the run for more than 30 hours, he's. Accused of opening fire inside. The restaurant and killing, four people the. Motive for the attack still, unclear. Also. Tonight former Ontario, Progressive Conservative. Leader Patrick, Brown is suing, CTV, for eight million, dollars his, lawyers filed a statement of claim today accusing. CTV of defamation they. Were the first to report allegations. Of sexual misconduct, against. Brown from two women after, that report Brown, resigned, as leader and was later removed from the PC caucus, but, he denies, any wrongdoing. And news. Tonight that former US President, George HW Bush, is in hospital. According, to a family spokesperson he, was admitted, yesterday just one day after the funeral for his wife Barbara. He, reportedly, contracted, an infection that spread, to his blood but he is said to be responding. To treatment. On. A day of difficult. News there was one, bright spot Prince, William and Kate welcomed, a baby boy to their family, and that resulted. In a mad rush to the bookies to get in on the latest, royal, name game Margaret, Evans has that story from London. For. The arrival of royal baby number three no, dress rehearsal needed. As. Soon as news broke that the Duchess of Cambridge, had gone into labour everyone. In position jumped. Out of the bed after, getting the news that, Katie needs, to be brought in. The centenary, I just, jumped, I've, not had my breakfast, Eagle.

Fans. Camped, out on the curb, great clumps, of photographers, peered through the looking glass and, royal, commentators. Commented. Well this charters gonna be fifth in line to the throne so not. Right, up there in terms of Prince George being in the direct line but still a very senior member of the royal family it. Wasn't long before the, ceremonial, easel, went up outside, Buckingham, Palace, announcing. The birth of a baby boy. His. Big brother and sister, arriving. For introductions, at st. Mary's Hospital in, central, London, with their father Prince William soon, after, for. Those who might have missed it there, were other less, formal, announcements. Before. You knew it though confirmation. Was at hand proud parents, emerging, through those mirrored, doors with their baby for, his first cameo still. Unnamed, odds-on. Favorite with the bookies, Arthur. Margaret. Evans CBC News London. And. We are going to take a short break when we come back more special, coverage of the attack in Toronto, ahead, on the national. You. The, future, seemed to expect was never, going to be you. Have to always fight, for your family, whatever is left you lose your home there, is no more time. And. You below that I do not say that I know that successful, I, have. What I need, life, is pretty. Good. Hey. I'm, Michele Parisi I want, to tell you something about my podcast, alone. A love story, when. I first started writing it five years ago it wasn't, a diary it, was a cautionary, tale a call, to arms we've. All been disappointed. Made mistakes, tried, to forgive and we've all believed, in love, clung, to hope more. Of all that in season, two of a loan a love story, stick, with me. CBC. TV app download, now. This. Is a tragic. Tragic situation. And our. First thoughts are with the, victims and, their families. Toronto. A city in mourning, tonight 10 people dead more than 50, and 15 more are, in hospital, after, a van plowed into pedestrians on a sidewalk in the city's north end the suspect, 25 year old Alec Minassian he, is in custody tonight after being arrested at the scene no. Word from police on, the, potential motive but officials say there's, no evidence to suggest that he's connected, to any terrorist, groups. One. Of the interesting things here and this is a big city as we all know is is leaving, the CBC coming, up here in the northern part of Toronto along, Front Street it, seemed like everyone was thinking about the Maple Leafs game on the long subway, ride I looked around and I had the sense it's almost as if people hadn't. Seen the news or it hadn't sunk, in yet it was so different from say Humboldt, or parkland, where everywhere you looked you realized people were mourning, and then, you finally get here and throughout our time here people are walking by solemnly. Some. People were bringing flowers a, big, city with lots. Of different kind of reactions, tonight and. Yet you, say that and I think about the days to come and we may very well see a call out for help I mean online I've seen at least one fundraiser, trying to raise a million, dollars this is to cover fund, refuel. Expenses, but also to reach out to help victims families, and also Canadian, Blood Services we've seen some folks on Twitter reaching, out to them asking hey do you need donations. In the wake of what's happened and they've said look, over the course of the year we get enough regular, donations so that we have supply for emergency, situations, such as this but if you still want to reach, out if you still want to help they, always accept donations. And. They're going to be call-outs - for. Someone to do something you know for police, to sort of tighten up the city I I was just looking at the bridge behind me Westminster, that has been reinforced. So many times for so many different types of threats including recently against, vehicle it attacks. And just yet one Street over and, you know you look at it again and it's wide open it's, so, frustrating for, police so difficult, to deal with and. You know after the Parliament, Hill attack they did make some security changes to. Make it more difficult for instance for cars to get on Parliament Hill but even, today even as, this was all unfolding, and the hours after there were tourists, and people wandered, around Parliament, Hill just just.

Like It has always been so. Keep. An eye on us there. This. Story is going to get a lot more gripping. And a lot more emotional, I think when we start hearing the victims names and hearing their, stories people who were just walking along these streets, at shortly, after noon when lives, ended, and other lives changed. That, is the national for April 23rd, good night okay. You.

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