The National for Monday August 27, 2018 — NAFTA, Pot Emergencies, Brooke Henderson

The National for Monday August 27, 2018 — NAFTA, Pot Emergencies, Brooke Henderson

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On. This Monday night Canadian, officials are on their way to Washington, trying. To save NAFTA, this, after, the United States and, Mexico reached, their own trade deal and Donald, Trump suggests the North American, deal is dead again, so, now where does that leave this country and the thousands, of Canadian, jobs on the line also. Tonight with legal, pot on the horizon, we discover an unexpected. Side effect of marijuana, emergency. Room visits, are spiking, and Shaun, Majumder speaks. Out about his dismissal from 22. Minutes what it means for him and the, show that's been running for a quarter, century, this. Is, the National. The. President has threatened to get rid of NAFTA before but now a preliminary. Trade, deal between the US and Mexico, has. Ratcheted up the pressure on Canada, and made that possibility, real, the, u.s. president, says a trilateral. Arrangement. Is possible, but not without major, concessions. From Canada, Katie Simpson takes a look at that deal and what happens next. In. A sign of how quickly, it all came together yeah. You can hook him up. Tell. Me what Donald. Trump hastily. Announced, the breakthrough, with, Mexico's president, joining in by speakerphone, we're gonna call it the United, States Mexico. Trade. Agreement, will. Get rid of the name NAFTA, has a bad connotation Trump. Says he's ready to kill the original NAFTA. In favor of this new deal and it will be up to Canada to join that pact if they'd like to negotiate fairly. We'll we'll. Do that you know they have tariffs, of almost. 300%, on, some of our dairy products, so we can't have that we're not going to stand for that I, think. With Canada frankly the easiest thing we can do is to tariffs they're cars coming, in the, preliminary, agreement changes. Rules for the auto sector, mostly. By raising wage, and labor standards, in Mexico, nearly, half of all vehicle, content, would have to be built by workers earning at least 16. Dollars an hour and 75.

Percent Of that would need to be built in either the US or Mexico. The, u.s. is also compromising. On the sunset, clause replacing. The deal killing provision, with a review Canada, will resume, negotiations, tomorrow. And Minister Freeland returns, to Washington we. Have our, positions, and we, will always argue our position, so that we have a good deal for Canada, the Foreign Affairs Minister is cutting, short a work trip to Europe to lead the Canadian, delegation it. Has been sitting on the sidelines, for more than a month while the US and Mexico talked through their differences, it's all reference. 24/7. You see a. Part. Of. Mexico. Is insisting. Canada, remain in the pact but, with the US and Mexico already, on the same page it will likely be difficult. For Canada re-entering, the talks I think they definitely have to play catch-up they have to play catch-up on a number of key issues that. Apparent, game of catch-up is already, underway Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with President, Trump by phone this afternoon ahead. Of the restart, of talks tomorrow, okay. So both Mexico, and the u.s. are pushing to try and get a preliminary, three-way. Deal done, by Friday, which, seems fast to me what are the chances of that Katie it's. Gonna take a lot of work Rosie, Canada right now has two real, sticking points one is the sunset clause and we already know there's been some compromise, there the, other is Canada, wants a strong dispute, resolution, system and it's unclear, where that stands right now but, one other thing that's important, to remember here, is that Canada said, it was sitting on the sidelines, for the last five weeks because, the US and Mexico were working out bilateral. Issues, clearly. These discussions, have been far more broad, so Canada could be in for even more surprises, when those formal, talks get back under way with Canada, again, tomorrow okay we'll find out then Thank You Katie appreciate it Thanks. Keep. In mind the deal with Mexico, isn't done yet but, during the announcement Trump, didn't really frame it that way so let's take a closer look at some of the claims the president, made from, the Oval Office. Comprehensive. Agreement so. Enrique. I will see you soon I think we're going to have a very formal, ceremony, the president, might be getting ahead of himself a bit Trump can't just sign a deal with Mexico, NAFTA was approved by the US Congress in 93. So any changes, to the agreement including. The president's, newest, deal with Mexico, will require, congressional approval, today. Many, leading Republicans. Cautiously, welcomed Trump's announcement while making it clear that they won't embrace, a NAFTA 2.0. That leaves out Canada, this, is one. Of the largest trade deals ever made maybe the largest trade deal ever made not. True NAFTA, as it currently stands, is bigger than a deal between just the US and Mexico and then, there's this easily. Debunked, claim, as, far as Canada is concerned we haven't started with Canada yet we're. Ready to go Canada. Has been at the negotiating, table ever since, trade talks kicked off a year ago this month and foreign, affairs minister Chrystia Freeland herself. Has traveled extensively between. Ottawa, Washington, and Mexico City we. Are actually, working on cutting tariffs, in fact President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau have spoken at least 13, times in the last year and they've, talked about trade and NAFTA, almost, everyone we're, starting negotiations with. Canada, pretty much. Immediately. I can't. Tell you where those negotiations. Again it's going to be it's. A smaller segment, as you know Mexico, is a very large, trading. Partner that's not true either Canada, is America's, second largest trading, partner only behind China, Mexico, is actually third, last, year alone US trade with Canada totaled, 50 billion, more than US, trade with Mexico. No. Surprise then tens of thousands, of jobs in Canada depend, on NAFTA you probably know that so we asked Diane Buckner to check in and see how businesses here are reacting, to Trump's assertion, that NAFTA could, be replaced. The. Armstrong, family has been running this dairy farm since 1828. Nowadays. Though Philip, Armstrong, is well aware his industry, has become a target, during trade talks we know President, Trump it's. Kind of singled us out even though they have a major surplus, with us they see us as the problem even though the facts say were, not the problem that is a big issue, today's, announcement of an agreement between Mexico, and the US certainly. Puts pressure on Canada, and there was another threat of auto tariffs, today, Flavio. Volpe represents, over 200, auto parts, firms he, started working the phones as soon as he heard the news I just called to see the, ask, the Mexicans, if what.

We Were listening to was hard negotiating, rhetoric or, whether something material, happened on the ground, his contact reassured, him they, told me they're committed to a three-party, agreement and three party negotiations, are looking forward to Canada coming back to the table the Auto Workers Union, says its delighted, to hear that the new us-mexican, agreement would guarantee higher, wages for, Mexican workers an indication, the US wants, to level the playing field the problem, with Canada, and the United States, were the low wages of Mexico so. I'm a lot more comfortable today that I have been over the last twenty four years to be candid with you but, until a comprehensive. Deal is done a lot of industries, could still be targeted, by trauma I think we have to give him some kind of a win on something. That he wants to give a win to this, trade lawyer says a sacrifice. Will have to be made somewhere, Canada, has to find something, to give, Trump right. And that's that's hard the Mexicans, have obviously swallowed. Hard to, give him something on labor at the Armstrong, family farm, we are very concerned that we could be used as a bargaining chip we've got six generations, my son has a young, one-year-old. Now and you know we're hope the opportunity, is there so that in the future that he can continue to, dairy farm into farm in. This community, Canadian, negotiators. Did give away three percent, of the dairy market to, get the trans-pacific, partnership trade. Deal done, dairy. Farmers, hope they don't have to take the brunt again, Diane. Buckner CBC, News wrap, Ontario. Here's. What else we're working on tonight on the national, just weeks before pot, is legalized, new, numbers reveal a spike, in Canadians, turning, up in the ER why, edibles, might be to blame, Plus, Shaun, Majumder is, speaking, out about why he's leaving 22, minutes and says, it wasn't his decision but, first the American, flag and the thorn in Trump's side that just wouldn't go away. The. White House faced biting, criticism, for raising, that flag, this morning less than two days after the death of John McCain he, was a man regarded, by many as an American, Hero but President, Donald Trump came under personal. Attack for his response, or lack, of it the condemnation was, relentless, and his Keith Bogra portes appears. To have struck a nerve. Through. Most of the day the White House flew the Stars and Stripes as usual, while, elsewhere in the Capitol and across the country flags. Were at half-mast mr.. President many thoughts on John McCain, Trump. Refused to say a word about John McCain when asked to at three different photo, opportunities.

Throughout, The day. The. Disparagement, of mccain has a long history in, 2015. Trump dismissed the Vietnam War veterans, heroic, reputation. As undeserved. He's, that a war hero he's. A war, he's. A war hero because he was captured I like. People that weren't captured okay I hate to tell you when, McCain cast the deciding vote against, the repeal of Obamacare last year the president's, belittling, of him became an upset and. Except the one senator. Who. Came into a room at three o'clock in the morning and went like that we would have had health care too we. Would had health care too, but. In a farewell, letter read by his former campaign strategist. McCain, seemed to fire back to directly, address Trump's, America, we, weaken our greatness when. We confuse, our patriotism, with. Tribal rivalries. That, have sown resentment, and hatred, and violence, in all, the corners of the globe we. Weaken it when we hide behind walls rather, than tear them down Trump's. Refusal. To acknowledge McCain's. Service to country only. Made him an easier target for his political enemies and, particularly. At a time like this losing, a hero. You. Ought to be appreciative, you ought to be humble, you. Ought to be trying to bring the nation together instead. Of dividing us suddenly. There were signs Trump, had, been chasing by the onslaught, of criticism his. Daughter Ivanka spoke. Of McCain as an, American. Patriot who. Served our country with. Distinction, for, more than six decades, just. Before four o'clock this afternoon the, president capitulated. The flag came down and Trump, allowed the release of a statement his staff had crafted on the weekend despite, our differences, on politics, and policy had said I respect. John McCain's service, to, our country. Keith. Pogue CBC, News Washington. Trump's change, of heart aside John, McCain, did have, one more message, for the president he's asked, specifically, that Trump not take part in his funeral Vice President Mike Pence will be there instead, McCain's. Body will, lie in state in the Arizona Capitol on Wednesday, then he'll be taken to Washington to lie in state in the US Capitol building on Friday with, a memorial service taking, place on Saturday at, Washington's, National National. Cathedral before. McCain is finally laid to rest Sunday, in the Naval Academy Cemetery. In Annapolis, Maryland. Now. It's only after that the decision about who fills, McCain's, Senate, seat will happen. And. The man who has to make that call Arizona's. Republican. Governor Doug Ducey whoever. He chooses will serve at least two years in office until the election in 2020, and there's, no shortage of candidates former, lawmakers. State officials, even McCain's, Widow Cindy, McCain has been mentioned one. Of the big questions Ducey, will have to grapple with is whether, to choose someone, with the same mindset, the same kind of Independence. McCain was famous for or does. He choose someone who will more consistently. Back Trump it's, a critical choice because Republicans, have a narrow 51. To 49, majority. In the Senate and it's, about to decide whether to confirm Trump's nominee, for the Supreme Court which, is another choice that will have consequences for years. To. A looming political, issue on this side of the border with legal, pot due in just over seven, weeks CBC. News has uncovered a disturbing, trend, emergency. Room visits are on the rise from, marijuana overdoses. Katie Nicholson, shows us how one form of the drug is causing, problems and spoiler alert it, doesn't, mix well with booze. After. 15 years pulling, pints at this blues bar Neal McIntosh thought he knew what to expect from, this usually, folder, crown. So. When one man in his late 50s, stood up and promptly, collapsed, in front of the stage he assumed the worst you, see this scene. You're like Oh God okay and instantly not on one turns. Out it wasn't a heart attack or a stroke it, was something, else entirely, the paramedics, came and it was assess, that you know he had eaten inedible.

And, Couldn't. Handle it McIntosh, says it's the third time it's happened this year. Drawn. To emergency, physician, dr. Michael Sabo says he's also seeing more cannabis, related emergencies, we're, seeing a lot of people out there who are accidentally, ingesting, huge amounts, of cannabis. They're. Not realizing, that what they're taking in is excessive. New, numbers provided, to CBC News by the Canadian, Institute, for Health Information show, Canadians. Are increasingly, ending, up in emergency rooms, because of cannabis, related poisoning. Or overdoses. Over. Three years the number of visits has nearly tripled in Ontario, and nearly. Doubled, in Alberta, shows, the, increase in well in. ER visits doctors. A boat knew the numbers were high but, not, this high so, your first thought when you saw that I'm, pretty shocked that it's, that yeah it's going up that much and, then I definitely, think that those numbers will go up even more so, how much of a burden and resources, is that what's, a huge burden they're occupying beds they're. Occupying nursing, time from. What he seemed cannabis, edibles are a big part of the problem they're widely available but, Health Canada confirms they won't be legalized, until sometime in the next year which, means they won't be regulated, I would, have liked to have seen public, health messaging, starting, as, soon as, the. Bill passed if not sooner than that, the, Canadian Public Health Association says, a quarter, of 15 to 24 year olds are already, using cannabis products, but, people of all ages would benefit from strong provincial. Public, health campaigns, for. People who perhaps, consumed. Cannabis. In, their teens, 20. Or 30 years ago they're, gonna find that cannabis is a very different product today it may be a much more potent, product so. You put the fat in here pack, this guy with your cannabis of choice, chef, Charlotte Langley uses this machine to make cannabis, infused cooking, oils it allows her to control, dosages, down to the teaspoon I highly, recommend starting, light there's. No need to over indulge it's. Meant. To be gentle. She. Has basic, advice to anyone cooking, with cannabis know. Where it's coming from research. To strange finding exactly what's going on with those strains and then, ease. Your way into trying small quantities agent. Health and back, at the Blues Bart Neal McIntosh is concerned, bar servers aren't getting any guidance like, they do for alcohol, I'd like to see a, little bit of support from. You. Know the agencies that tell us to manage alcohol, and manage people's experience, with substances, like, to see them reiterate. That there's a responsibility. Of the patron to you know to take care of themselves, until.

Then He fears people are gonna learn the hard way like. The man who collapsed, in front of the band that night. So. Katie what are we looking for what, what are these symptoms of cannabis poisoning, well they actually mimic, a heart attack so you're looking for rapid, breathing you're. Looking for elevated, blood pressure, and a rapid, heart rate in some cases you're looking at vomiting, and then there's a psychological, symptoms you want to make sure that somebody is is, present, that they're not breaking with reality, or or that they're paranoid, or exhibiting anxiety. Because that's when someone could actually self-harm if they're very psychologically. Effective okay, so it's. Terrifying. What, are you supposed to do if either you think you've overdosed or someone with you isn't really well doctor salvo says make sure if you're gonna take any of these products for the first time tell people what you're doing and make sure somebody is watching you and then make sure they're watching for those physical symptoms and those psychological, symptoms that you're not going to harm yourself if you start to exhibit these symptoms that are very serious that's when you need to go to the hospital especially if you have an underlying, health condition, a heart condition where, that that rapid heartbeat and and those other symptoms could actually end up in a heart attack a situation, okay, Katie Nicholson, thanks very much you're welcome. And now let's get you up to speed on some of the other stories were following tonight starting, with a damning, report from, UN investigators. On the raw anger crisis. The. Main perpetrator, of the serious, human rights violations is, the, Myanmar military. Responsibility. Starts at the top we. Believe that these individuals, must be investigated. And prosecuted, for, the crimes committed in Myanmar, gang. Rapes and mass killings, of Rohan NGO Muslims the UN team presenting, evidence today say at least 10,000. People were killed in the brutal crackdown, and it's, called out six senior, military figures, who it wants to put on trial for genocide, and war crimes the, UN Security Council could refer, the matter to the International, Criminal Court but for, that to work China, needs to be on board and in the past it's backed Myanmar's, government. That's, the man accused of killing four, people including. Two police officers Matthew. Vincente Raymond made his first court appearance today in Fredericton, facing, four counts of first degree murder his, lawyer said today that Raymond, plans to plead not guilty. Suspect. Clearly targeted to other gamers we're. In a back room Scot. Defeats are participating, in this game tournament, and. Police speaking, about yesterday's, deadly shooting, at a videogame tournament in Florida the motive for the attack is still unclear but we're slowly learning more about the suspect, 24 year old David Katz according.

To The Associated, Press he, was hospitalized. In the past for mental illness two, people were killed in the shooting police, say the gunman then killed, himself. Still. To come on the National, she is the first Canadian, to win an LPGA. Title on home soil in 45. Years a, little later I talked, to Brooke Henderson, about how she fell, in love with golf and the, secret, behind her grip Plus, Colorado, was the first US state to legalize recreational cannabis. So why is the black market there still booming we'll, revisit its lessons, for Canada and Newfoundland. Comedian, Shaun Majumder is, out at, 22, minutes, here's. A guy at the peak of his comedy powers, he's there's, very very few Shaun, Majumder is out there. Hey. I'm, Raj bender and I'm here at the roar, of the Rings curling, bonspiel. Tournament. Matchup, game, competition. And you know I've covered so many things football, hockey. Indonesian. Cobra fighting but, this game of curling I don't. Get it at all. It. Seems twenty-two minutes has no more time for Shaun, Majumder and, his characters, yesterday, we learned the popular cast member was leaving, the CBC's, long-running. Parody, show but, today, Majumder explained, he was dismissed, over creative differences so what happened and what, does it mean for twenty-two minutes the CBC is to Shana Reed has the details. For, 15 years Shaun. Majumder has, been making us laugh on this hour has 22 minutes, poor. Ladies been on the ice for hours, with nothing to eat. The. News he would not return to the show came, as a surprise this. Morning, the comedian cleared, the air, unfortunately. Due to creative differences between, the Halifax, producers, in myself the, decision, for my departure was, not mine, Majumder. Revealed, he, was left blindsided. When he was let go in June I. Was. Gonna have dhx, media the company that produces, 22, minutes hasn't, responded to our request for an interview and aren't, saying why Majumder was dismissed. CBC, released a statement part, of it saying this Shaun made a huge contribution to the success of the program but after a great run CBC. And dhx media decided, to go in a different direction. Vijender. Says he'd been trying to get the show to push boundaries, and take, risks, even writing a letter to his bosses shortly, before he was dismissed. Could. Be even, better and, by. Including. The cast including. The writers a lot more making it more of a. Collaborative. Effort, TV. Critics, like Bill Brio are wondering, what majumder Zab scence will do for the ratings, there's, very very few Shaun, Majumder is out there he kills and sells out he's very very funny I don't know anybody, else who does both stand-up, and sketch as. Well and those are two very separate, disciplines, still funny still. He, points out the show has survived, major moves like this one no one's irreplaceable you know and there have been folks on 22 minutes Rick, Mercer the most famous example, who.

Have Left and the show has done very very well on Twitter mark, Critch wished his pal the best I can't, wait to see what he does next because nobody breaks me up more it's really great to see all the love and the support that. Not. Only fans, across Canada, have for, 22, minutes but also for me is very nervous gender says the hardest part of all of this saying, goodbye to the cast and crew but, he's, excited, for what's next to Shana Reid CBC News. Still. Ahead more of John McCain's final, words in our moment of the day. We. Are. 325. Million. Opinionated. Vociferous. Individuals. We, have always, had so, much more in common with each other than in disagreement. Tonight. On the national actor and me to leader Rose McGowan is trying to distance, herself from another, prominent, member of the movement as Leah Argento, Argento. Herself, is facing allegations and, in, a statement McGowan, suggested, she wasn't telling the truth when she denied having sex, with actor Jimmy Bennett he's, accused, Argento of sexually, assaulting him when he was 17, and she was 37, in McGowan, statement she called on Argento, to be honest, and a quote be, the person you wish harvey weinstein could have been. This. Is some pretty dramatic surveillance, video of an apparent home invasion this weekend just west of Montreal it was around 2:00 in the morning yesterday a woman says she was startled, awake to. Find two men in her house demanding money. There. Was two men dressed, in black in hoods that were raped there one of them got me by the throat and the other one came behind me and grabbed me by the air and then they they, dragged me. After. Being pinned to the ground she says she convinced, the men to let her get up to get her wallet she, then made a run for the door and flag down a car on the street when, police arrived the thieves were gone an investigation. Is underway. And. A judge has sided with Tesla, in its case against, the Ontario, government Tesla. Had accused the Ontario pc's of discriminating. Against, them when the government cancelled, its electric, vehicle, rebate program, the, problem they argued was that other car companies were part of a transition, program which allowed customers to still, get rebates for a certain period of time but.

Tesla, Was left out the. Government says it'll make a decision, in the coming days on how to proceed. The. Wait is over for Canadian, fans and, the dream is now a reality for. What kenderson. Well. There you go that was a golden, moment for Ontario's, Brooke Henderson, yesterday, she, won the Canadian Women's Open the, first Canadian, to do so in 45. Years which. Of, course explains, the celebrations. So. That's dad and mom doing the champagne, honours and caught in the bubbly blast her, sister Brittany also her caddie Brooke, Henderson, has shot to prominence at, just age 20. But this was no overnight. Success. Good. Ball swing before, she, turned pro four years ago she, was the world's, top-ranked. Female, amateur, golfer, she, was named the Canadian press Female Athlete of the year for 2015 and again. In 2017. Yesterday's. Historic, win marked, Henderson's, seventh, victory, on, the LPGA, circuit, and it earned her just, under four hundred and fifty thousand. Dollars which means she. Is now one, win, away from tying, the record for, the most professional. Golfing. Wins ever by, any Canadian, she. Signed a number of sponsorship, deals with major companies, all signs point. To a brilliant, career ahead and. Earlier. Today I spoke with Brooke Henderson, from Calgary. Okay. So firstly congratulations. Brooke and, tell, us if you can what. Did the best moment. Of yesterday, actually feel like oh. Yeah. You know I have to say walking, up 18 after I hit my approach shot you know I kind of finally. Could take a deep breath and. Kind of relax a little bit and know that I had finally won this and you know the smile. On my face when I knew I had hit it that close was watching. It over you know what it just means, so much and I just felt so good because you know I wanted, this for so long and I jumped, in hosting up this trophy for Canada, and to finally be able to do it the. Way I did it yesterday. Burdine five of my last nine holes was, really really awesome and it, was just it. Was really a dream come true can. You tell us a story about, who, planted, this golf seed with you and when, the moment was that a little boy said you know this is more than a sport maybe this could be my life oh. Yeah. You know I'm very fortunate. Growing, up you know my sister played golf and my dad was always hanging out with her so I thought, it was really fun and I just loved being out, on the golf course with them for hours and you know just. Growing up like that we've kind of it's. Like a family. Tradition almost, just to go out and play a round of golf and you know to have my dad still as my coach and my sister as my caddy and my mom you know my number one Supporter, always, there cheering me on and you, know it's just made it they made it really fun for me to enjoy the game and then I grew to love it and you. Know when I was 14, I won, a pro event in, Quebec and earned, an exemption into the Canadian, Women's Open and.

As A 14 year old you, know playing against the best players in the world on, Canada's, biggest stage it was it, was a really, eye-opening, experience. And I feel like there, I kind of learned that if I continue to work hard and continued on the path that I was on you know maybe I could you. Know turn pro and play on the LPGA Tour as a living I think the thing is most young athletes dream of a huge scholarship. And you got one but you, said no to it why was it so, important. For you to lobby to go pro at that point oh, yeah. You know I love, the University of Florida and I was able to to, commit to them when I was just, 16 years old so it was really cool and you know when I was in grade 8 I painted my whole room orange, green and blue because. I was just such a huge Gator fan and then. They just came to the point where I was in the number one Amateur in the world and I felt, like there was nowhere else. I could really go in the amateur world and I needed to go pro to continue to push myself and, get to the next level Brooke, we have lots of people in the office who are total golf fans and they all said ask her about the grip why, does Brooke Henderson, choke. Up on that grip so much and how many coaches have tried to say you know cut it out. Yeah. For, sure a lot, have tried to change it for sure but it's. Just something that I started doing when I was really young that 3 or 4 year old little, girl that was trying to learn how to play golf I just did it and, nobody. Really changed it staying with my swing you know it hasn't really changed that much since I was that young little girl it's just kind of slowly. Got more consistent, and a little bit stronger but you. Know that, grip it worked it's a lot more accurate for me I've tried to lengthen it out a little bit but you, know what I'm very accurate with it consistent. And it feels good so I feel like that's all that really matters so. Over this weekend Bryson, - Shambo picked, up let's have a look at this 1.6. Million, dollars. Perfection. Shambo. So. Your win Brooke, less than that but but still huge, what's. It going to take though for the women's game to get the attention and the sponsorship, of the men's game I mean. That's a good question people, are always, asking that I feel like the LPGA, is doing a great job and, the, women's game is continuing, to grow every single year and it's getting stronger, you know the LPGA, I feel like it's the strongest it has ever really, been you know players. From all over the world they're coming out and competing and, we're, all pushing each other to be better and I feel like it's it's, probably gonna be a slow process but, we're we're getting there you, just got to kind of stay patient and, keep trying to push the limits I guess, one last thing what should we be looking out for for. The next time we see you play. Well. I'm hopefully, just finish the season off really strong. Maybe another win before it's over that would be amazing but, you know I feel like my, main goal now is race. To the CME globe which I moved, up quite a bit in that but as long as I'm in the top six come, November, I have a chance to win a million dollars that, would be pretty fun Brooke. Thanks very much. Thank. You. So. Henderson's, next big win could come sooner than you might think she's playing this weekend, at the Portland classic in Oregon a tournament, she won in 2015. And 2016. And. Now we, all feel like big underachievers, it could still be a while before Cape Breton family, will want to sit down together for dinner, the woman suing her nephew over a chase the A's jackpot, was in court today. Remember. This pair last month barb Redick and her nephew Tyrone, McGuinness split, the 1.2. Million dollar jackpot she, says she, paid for the ticket but asked him to buy it even getting him to put his name on the ticket for good luck and there's.

The Rub JC ace winners is going, to court I've, taken another card it was Mike Redick, says she never agreed, to split, the winnings I bought, the ticket and now, he's trying to lie and say we I said split. I said, split with the 50/50 today. A judge, ruled McInnis cannot spend his half of the jackpot until the case is resolved, Redick is free to spend her and outside, the court last month anger seemed replaced, by, sadness. The. Court set a settlement conference for. Next month. About. Seven weeks to go until pot, is legal right, across the country the dates coming fast but there are still so many unanswered, questions one. Of the big ones could, it really break, the black market, well, for a lesson or two briar Stewart headed to Colorado this, past spring because it was one of the first states down south to go legal yet all this time later four years on it's, the center of a drug war. With. The Sheriff's Office in Taylor County Colorado. This, is number eight. The. Eighth time this heavily, armed convoy, has moved in. Because. In the land of legal weed the, black market, is booming like it never was before. The, biggest pot bust in state history hundreds. Of pounds of pot confiscated. During that raid this was an apparent illegal, crow operation, with dozens, and dozens of, plans and most of that illegal, pot is being grown by highly, organized, criminal, rings and smuggled, out of state. That's. Quite nice is really tucked away back here nice homes good, people and, then right the mix you're gonna find a cartel operation, sheriff, Jason Mike self thought he was done with his days in law enforcement but says he came out of retirement that's, really what we're trying to get after is that that darkness, we saw just how much marijuana ended. Up in his rural community, after. Legalization. It was really build, in the beginning as it's a medical piece it's. Here to help people, it's. Gonna bring in a lot of tax money and it. Was going to stop the illegal black market trade of marijuana, then, what's happened what we've seen Breyer is. Now, that, illegal, black market, is so. Large, that, it's. On every street corner it's, in every, community. Sometimes. It's hidden in plain sight. In this never before Sharri do an agent, with the Federal Drug, Enforcement Administration. Goes. From room to room in a warehouse in Denver, that's brimming, with marijuana. Plants, all, of them grown under the guise of the legitimate, medical marijuana, facility, there, were official, looking clipboards, and schedules. But. Tucked away a bulletproof, vest. This. Is one of 13, warehouses. That was part of this operation and the group behind it was earning more than a million dollars each, month all. Of that pot was being driven and flown out of state in a private plane when police moved in they arrested, 32, people.

Colorado. Has basically become the marijuana, capital, of the United States where. You find drug. Trafficking, organizations, moving here from, all over the country setting. Up shop in Colorado, and then, sending. Black-market. Marijuana back to their home states where, they can sell it that incredible. Profit, DEA. Agent, Paul Roche says they've been able to do that by exploiting, Colorado's, laws. When. The state opened, the door to legal pot in 2012. It, introduced, generous, rules for growing your own and many are the Denver police estimate, that in the city marijuana. Is grown in one in ten homes the rules allow each person to grow up to six plants and, they could pool them together in, large coops medical. Patients, could grow up to 99. The, rules made it hard for authorities, to crack down on those growing, and selling, it illegally. We're finding many. Organizations. Are setting up shop in federal, lands in national, parklands and federal lands and they're, setting up vast, marijuana, grows we, find many of these but who knows how many we're not finding and, not, all of that pod is being shipped out of Colorado, even, in a state where there are more dispensaries. Than McDonald's and Starbucks combined. A cannabis, consumers, group estimates, that as many as 50% of, users are, doing through shopping, elsewhere some. Of those local, sellers, have moved online into. The murky world of internet, marijuana, sales where, they promised, lower prices, and anonymity. We. Contacted more than 60, people who were selling marijuana online. In Colorado, now, most of them didn't get back to us some of them did but said they'd only talk to us if we agreed to pay that in which of course we don't do but, there were a few however who decided to share with us just, how they operate, in the black market here. This, seller wouldn't, do an interview but had no problem, sending us a video showing, off his stash even. Showing, his face. Others. Were more careful, saying, they would only talk, if we didn't, identify them, this is G for I'd. Say indica. I mean I sativa hybrid. This. Father of two runs a delivery, service in, the worlds of a legal weed you could call it skip the dispensary. You know just like your your, pizza my. I go. Into less. Than an hour I've. Had nurses, that. You know that contact. Me via. The internet and they are, looking to you. Know it's a purchase and have a delivery brought, to their home or their office, or whatever, they feel comfortable just. Like you would have your. Groceries, or anything else I readily, accessible for, you some, of those people include truckers. On a day when he's going full out he can make between four, and five hundred, dollars on a good day that, I've ran. All. Day I mean there's been times where I didn't sleep you know I had my phones right by my here and. Rings and I'm up but, he says he turns down business, if he's suspicious, of the would-be buyer given. That what you're doing is illegal I mean how concerned are you about police. And investigators, and I'm quite concerned about it there's risk of cops but I've had people sit right there and you see where you're at what's the gun to my head you know it's, a risk it's, definitely a risk because. You never know just who, you're dealing, with I'm, not going to allow these organizations, to destroy my community.

Remember, Sheriff Mike so well, he, had an SUV that he wanted to sell so in December he posted it on Craigslist. And he got an offer four, pounds, of part. When. The buyers showed up to make the sale. Officers. Were waiting for them with cameras, rolling and, they were both charged with distribution. Of marijuana, that, was a very interesting case for us. It. Really opened, up an understanding of how big this market is using. It for currency using, this currency so. It's the new cash in. Taylor, County officials. Have banned recreational. Dispensaries. But illegal pot is still everywhere. Along, with a slew of trashed, rental, homes and weapons that the cartels, have also brought in never. Would we have thought that. We would have this issue, going. On in our community Sheriff Mike so warns other jurisdictions. Not to legalize but. If they choose to go down that road he says they, must learn from Colorado's, mistakes, make, sure that you have all your laws in place before you force, it in because. If you don't. The. Weight of what. You allow to begin, the way Colorado, did in the beginning will. Crush your state. This, year Colorado's. Government, introduced, new legislation to. Try to crack down on, all the illegal, growing, and smuggling, new, rules now restrict, just how many plants, residents, and medical, marijuana patients. Can grow in one place this, has given authorities, more power but it's difficult to play catch-up in, Taylor, County alone, we, know that we have another 60, to 70 marijuana houses, within teller County we haven't got to yet. On. This raid the sheriff's team was about two days too, late, inside, all they found was some dodgy, electrical, wiring row lights mildew, and mold there, was even a crib suggesting. A baby lived here but, everyone was gone and so was all that part still. Destined, to be sold somewhere, on the, black market Pryor. Stewart CBC, News in teller County, Colorado. Tonight's. Moment, is coming up next but first an. Update on 11 year old Sophia, Sanchez we, told, you about last week she, got one birthday, wish when rapper Drake canceled, the Toronto concert, to, meet her while she awaited a heart transplant, and now. To. Get a heart yeah. Well guess what it. Happened today you're, getting a heart. Congratulations. So. The transplant, took place this morning and, after a nine-hour. Operation. The, Chicago hospital, says it went very, well Sophia. Is now back in her room recovery. Dreamers. Change. The. Viscosity. Detective. Murdoch just gonna murder how's that possible I'm, not sure more, work is required, Murdoch mysteries returns. This. Fall on CBC. Earlier. In the program you heard some of John McCain's final. Message written in a letter the read aloud by Rick Davis, McCain's former campaign, strategist. We've, heard a lot of stories about John McCain since his passing this weekend, stories about his, will to survive as a prisoner of war about, his political successes, and some, of his failures, but tonight we want to leave you with McCain's own words, his heartfelt, message, of hope, is our, moment of the day these. Are John's. Final. Words. Fellow. Americans. That, Association. Has meant more to me than any other I lived. And died, a proud American we. Are, 325. Million. Opinionated. Vociferous. Individuals. We, argue and compete, we, have always had so, much more in common with, each other than, in disagreement, if. Only we remember, that, and give each other the, benefit. Of the presumption, that, we all love our country ten, years ago I had the privilege to concede, defeat in, the, election for president, I want. To end my farewell, to you with, heartfelt faith, in Americans. That I felt, so. Powerfully. That evening I feel, it powerfully, still. Do. Not despair, of our present, difficulties, we, believe always, in the promise, and greatness of America. And. So. In one of those final, shots we saw there that is the desk of John McCain in the Senate draped in black and with a Vaz of white flowers, that's customary, when a Senate die when, a senator dies, and and I think uniquely in these situations, we, see politicians try to set politics, aside as, well well, it's interesting he had so many friends we've heard in the last few days from Republicans. And Democrats, and you, know it's been interesting to hear Americans. Talk about how the one thing John McCain sort of taught them. Is that it's possible to respectfully. Disagree. With each other you can actually have these conversations which. Are you know starting to feel more and more rare I'm, gonna steal some words from the chief White House correspondent from, the New York Times Peter Baker who said yesterday it's. From, he was remarkable, not. Because he was perfect, but because he knew that he wasn't. That's. The national for August 27th, thanks everybody good, night.


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