The National for Monday, December 17, 2018 — Passenger Rights, Chinese Tourism, Opioids Frontline

The National for Monday, December 17, 2018 — Passenger Rights, Chinese Tourism, Opioids Frontline

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On. This Monday night delayed, delayed, delayed everything. Was delayed bumped, from a flight airline. Lost your bag, Ottawa, moons to make compensation, the. Law we are going to make sure that airlines treat, their passengers. With the respect they deserve but. Does it go far enough. He. Was being harassed while, he was in uniform a corporal. Takes his own life after he was bullied, on the job and a CBC investigation, finds he wasn't the only one who was harassed. With. Billions, on the line, Canada shelves, it's tourism ads as tensions, with China rise, why, the Prime Minister says it's too soon to step in this. The. Airline seats will be bigger the ticket prices won't be cheaper but the government says Canadian, air travelers, can, look forward to better customer, service across, the industry, it, released details today of the proposed bill of rights for air passengers. Except. In circumstances. Which are beyond, their control we. Are going to make sure that airlines treat, their passengers. With the respect they deserve and, live, up to their, commitments, and. If they don't they'll pay a price directly, to customers. 125. To one thousand, dollars for flight, delays and cancellations, but bad weather and maintenance, problems, don't count nine. Hundred to $2,400. For bumping passengers, due to airline, overbooking. Seats and up, to $2,100. For damaged, or lost luggage there. Are other new rules too that don't involve compensation. Such as clear, communication. About flight, delays and cancellations. Letting. Parents sit with their children, without paying, an extra fee for selecting. A seat and better, treatment, during long tarmac, delays with. Provisions, for food and drink as well as good ventilation, and working. Washrooms, a. Passenger. Who feels that their rights have been infringed, has a hundred, and twenty days to report, it to the airline and the airline, must then respond, within 30 days and from, there if it's not resolved, the complaint, could be heard by the Canadian, Transport, Agency. So. This may sound like progress, but what do passengers, and the industry, thing Jacquelyn, Hansen has the reaction. At. Canada's, busiest airport. Travelers, know firsthand, that flight delays can, have a domino, effect by. The time it. Gets here assuming. That that time is right, on the other end it's going to be worse it's terrible because once I lost, my, connection so I had to actually take another plane the following, day the. Proposed rules would limit, some extreme, cases like last year when passengers, on two Air Transat planes, in Ottawa boarded. And waited. To take off for, six hours it was like over I think 30 degrees from that airplane and they, ran out of water at one point and just. Got ridiculous, and you're just like how is as possible, under. The new rules the maximum, would be three hours I'm glad that the actions are being taken clearly, severe. Circumstances, can happen but like you. Have to think it was a passengers first, consumer. Advocates, are also hopeful, the proposed payouts, for bumping, passengers, could, incentivize Airlines, to stop over booking flights. But. A group that represents Canadian. Airlines says most, delays are caused by weather conditions, or safety issues and are out of the control, of carriers, one, of the problems, with the approach that the government took is to, you, know point the finger at the airlines create, this narrative, where the airlines are you know are wearing the black hat and pretend. That you can fix this through, legislation, and the. Cost of compensating, passengers, could, come out of the pockets of all travelers. Like any business when when anybody, Institute's, something new whether it's taxes, or whatever the consumer, ends up paying for for. Some fliers that's, not worth it I would, rather have my flight then, getting compensation. For it even though the bill is out before, the holiday rush this, is just the first draft, now Canadians, have 60, days to weigh in and the, new rules aren't.

Expected, To be in place until the summer Jacquelyn. Hansen CBC News Toronto. Perhaps. You've had a bad experience with an airline and you wouldn't be alone over, the past five years formal. Complaints, to the Canadian transportation. Agency have spiked, so. As the holiday travel season ramps, up we put our red chair out at Vancouver International Airport, and invited. Travelers, to take a seat and speak. Out. We'll, be to sit right. For. You. Air. Travel, dreamer nightmare nightmare. Air travel, dreamer nightmare, dream or nightmare it was a nightmare, air travel, dream. Our nightmare, because any consumer that that, travels frequently on Airlines you've had both horrific. And fantastic. Experiences. I love, it it's a dream. But. I did, have a pretty, bad experience, not. Too long ago well. We got stuck due to weather but, there wasn't really any weather I couldn't figure it out I. Was. Flying home I hadn't been home for Christmas in two years the the flight was overbooked and, I. Wasn't able to get a flight for another two days and that was really precious vacation time to see my parents instead of flying to Rome we, they sent us to Madrid, the. Madrid to Rome is a, nightmare travel. Dream or nightmare is a nightmare times. My. Nightmare, was a luggage. At. One point I was going to Australia and, my. Luggage got lost my luggages were transferred, to another airline it, got lost without any notifications. Should, be more compensation than, waiting for for two or three days they. Can't lose my bag I mean that is the worst thing ever don't, lose my bag but. If it should be lost it's got to be compensated. Totally, because the bag sometime is worth more than what. They compensate, before but not let alone all the stuff that's in there I think the really really important thing is for, the airlines is to communicate. Let, people know what's going on and. To provide those updates without interrupting, the movies that are playing too often. Ok. Good. And. You can still have your say on the proposed passenger, Bill of Rights on the Canadian transportation. Agency's website you have until February, the. 20th. Still. Ahead on the national more from our implant, files, the problem, with tracking and testing, medical devices also. Look inside an opioid, prevention. Site this at risk of being shut down but first the suicide, of a young Manitoba. Reservists raises questions, about his, superiors. Nolan, caribou, was a young man on the March for a proud, University. Of Winnipeg graduate. Proud. Infantry. Reservist on, his Instagram, he wrote you, have to keep going if you want to carve your Grand Canyon, and he seemed to be doing exactly that. But. The 26 year old took his own life last, year while on a training exercise, tonight, a cbc, news investigation, reveals that Nolan caribou. Endured harassment. And abuse at, the hands of fellow soldiers, and nothing, had been done to stop it Caroline. Barr gute brings us his story. Two. Days before corporal, Nolan Caribou took his life he posted this video of, insecurity. Suit, November 18, 2017. While at CFB Shilo, caribou. Excused, himself from a training exercise he. Said to take care of something personal, fellow. Soldiers, found him dead an investigation. Later revealed, caribou, died by suicide a, year, after telling his superiors, he was being bullied and, it's clear to me that he, was being harassed while, he was in uniform and, that leaders that should have taken action didn't, and that could, have contributed to, his death Caribous, death caught the attention of, Brigadier General Trevor, cadu who called the board of inquiry and then the military police they.

Found Caribou. Wasn't the only soldier being bullied at Winnipeg's, Minto armory court. Documents obtained by cbc, allege there was ongoing ritual. Hazing organized. Fighting, and harassment of junior officers and it, was all allegedly, happening, while some leaders turned a blind eye. Others participated. One. Master corporal is alleged to have instructed, soldiers, to harass a private, with the goal of making him quit. Five. Soldiers have since been reprimanded one, was removed from a senior command position, Kaju, says another was relieved of his military duties, altogether, pending, the results of the investigation I. Do not want that individual, around any of my other soldiers, and so I've removed him, from the environment the, military says it works hard at helping members with mental health problems but admits it's not always easy it's, a rare occasion where, the military admits, in fact they were mistakes, admits. A corrective step must be taken but military, lawyer michel dropo says more could be done he, says the public coroner's, inquest, should be called every time a soldier takes their life, graduate. Caribous. Family has asked for privacy but, a cousin tells CDC he was a kind sweet intelligent, man she. Says while the military's, investigation. Was the right response, sadly. It came too late, Caroline. Barr goot CBC, News Winnipeg. A Canada's. Minister of National Defense issued a statement today regarding, Caribous, case he says every. Member, of our Canadian, Armed Forces deserves. A professional, environment in which they are treated, with respect and, dignity I want to be clear any kind, of harmful behavior, and harassment is completely. Unacceptable, and will not be tolerated within, our Canadian, Armed, Forces. For. More than two weeks China, has warned Canada that there will be severe, consequences following. The arrest of Huawei executive, mong wan joe two, Canadians, have since been detained, and while they've been granted consular. Access ottawa isn't any closer to resolving this, diplomatic, feud now the brewing, tensions, appear to be souring Chinese investors, and tourists, Katie Simpson explains how Canada may already be, paying the price. Advertisements. Like this are part of a major marketing, campaign, to promote Canada, China tourism, sorry, Bob dooms a new unit for Canada the efforts are well worth it since, Chinese, tourists, spend, more than a billion dollars a year in this country alone. But, now the campaign, has been put on hold because. Of tensions, between Ottawa. And Beijing. In a, statement, destination. Canada says this, is a temporary, measure and we're continuously, reassessing. And that, it's not the first time this has happened there. Are exceptional. Circumstances, when geopolitical. Issues or tragic. Events, make tourism, marketing potentially, damaging, to the destinations. Reputation. Last. Week tourism Minister Melanie Joly also, postponed, her planned trip to China to, celebrate the year of Canada, China tourism, while. Tourism ties, are tense it is not the only industry, caught, in the diplomatic, dispute since. The war incident. Last. Week everything's. Been chilled flavio. Volpe, has spent more than two years trying, to get Chinese, auto parts producers, to invest in the Canadian, market it had, been going well he says until the arrest of Huawei CFO, Mong Wong Joe they've explicitly. Brought, that up and, have. Changed, the discussion to instead. Of immediate term they're, talking about well let's settle this first let's settle the uncertainty, first and we might be a couple of years old so I would say that Canadian, businesses just, lie low for the next three months this, University. Of Toronto, professor, says it's a good sign, China finally allowed Canada, to have consular, access to, both of the Canadians, it has detained, but, she anticipates, tensions, will grow worse in the lead-up to mungs next, court appearance in February. I think, if the Chinese authorities will, to arrest. A third, Canadian then, I will start to panic Canadian. Businesses, are now being warned, about possible. Boycotts, if anti, Canada, sentiment, continues, to spread, people, in China may consciously, avoid buying Canadian, goods until the tensions ease Katy.

Simpson, CBC News Ottawa. Justin. Trudeau told our colleagues at you Canada today that he has not spoken to Chinese President Xi Jinping, about the dispute or. The two Canadian, that. Are in China and when asked why not here's, what the prime minister said. Baskar. Policy. A internationally to show me the pussy deep our depression, a degree, see Germany's repeal is a fully. Legit, domain in the non secure. Mccoshen conversation. Tim. Guess confessor. Don't the commissaries. Ambassador kisser pal a vaguely ministership. Apple I see the Reg Lisa saw some, Metro pros depression, politics, you're in stratified. Politic. For. Its part Chinese foreign, ministry said, today it's maintaining, quote smooth consular. Communications, with Canada and it, says that the rights of the Canadian, detainees, are protected. In. Britain the new year will begin with a crucial, vote on the Prime Minister's plan to leave the European Union Theresa May announced, today the House of Commons will decide on her, brexit deal in the second, week of January as Thomas. Degla reports she's as determined, as ever to get the deal done despite. Growing calls for yet another nationwide. Referendum. If. Breck's, it's a circus, here's, the sideshow. Outside. Parliament everyday they're demanding a referendum. Redo. A tough. Pitch at first it's now gaining traction with, those making decisions, inside, it's only recently the middle of MPs are waking up to the fact that there's not really any alternative. The. Prime Minister's closest, aides were said to be making, backup, plans for a second, public vote in case, two resumes break, up plan flops. Joe, Johnson even quit as government, minister to call for a referendum on. The deal it's vital we go back to the people now and ask them whether they want to proceed with brexit, on this basis. The, Prime Minister still intends, to put her brexit deal to a vote here, in the House of Commons in January, that's plan a but, what's Plan B right, now the most likely scenarios, seem to be another referendum or.

A Hard, brexit, with no deal at all the Prime Minister, the calls for a public, vote have grown so loud today, May responded. With an emphatic no. Because, it would say to millions, who, trusted in democracy, that our democracy does not deliver, she. Says that now but, May's got rivals, on all sides, of this house eager. To prove her wrong once, again she said she wasn't gonna call general election she called a general election she said she was gonna put her deal, to Parliament for a vote and she didn't she's got quite a history of changing her mind and I think she must realize now she's in a dead-end today, the opposition, showed it to has tricks up its sleeve I'm about to table, a motion, which says the following that, this house has, no confidence, in the Prime Minister, Zhu. Mae's. Response, was, to leave in a hurry. But. She can only duck, the criticism, for so long. Thomas. Dag CBC, News London. Here. Are some of the other stories were watching the CBS television, network says, its former boss will be fired without receiving any severance, pay, the, American media giant, says there was ample cause to fire. Les Moonves over, accusations of, sexual harassment. And assault and, it won't be paying any of the 120. Million dollar severance, that's in his contract, Moonves, has denied any wrongdoing describing. The encounters, as consensual. In. Hungary about 2,000 protesters, clashed, with police in, front of the state television building, it was the fifth consecutive day of anti-government, protests, that were sparked, by the introduction of new labor laws that, the protesters, are calling slave. Laws these. New rules allow, companies, to demand, up to 400. Hours of overtime a year, and delay, payment, for up to three years the. Government says it's necessary to address a serious, labor shortage. Build. That pipe. In. Calgary there was a large rally in support of the oil industry, demonstrators. Are calling on the federal government, to build a pipeline to export, Canadian oil earlier. In the day Calgary, City Council, unanimously passed. A motion calling. On the city to push the federal government, to address the low price for Canadian, crude oil calling. It a crisis. Still. Ahead on the national sex ed 2018. Inside. An Ottawa workshop teaching, young men about consent, and, we'll take you to the frontlines, of the opioid crisis, inside, an overdose, prevention site, but.

Next When medical, implants, fail and the call for a Canadian, tracking, system. It's. Clear that this. Transparency. And accountability is. A big gap in, Health System. Knife in my crotch and I walked funny pelvic, mesh that came apart you feel betrayed. You, feel that your trust wasn't, warranted. You. Feel sick, a hip, implant that didn't properly, adhere to bone so this is data that we got from Health Canada adverse, events, and a, joint investigation, by the CBC, and the Toronto Star has revealed story, after, story of, Canadians, whose lives have, been forever changed, by medical, implants, that didn't work the, way they should have. Tonight. Our investigation, turns to possible, solutions. There, is a growing call for a national registry to track medical, devices and the patients, who use them it's. Doable the technology is out there the expertise, to even. Politicians, pushing. To make it happen, so why then hasn't. It the, Adobe explains. It. Was a moment behind the wheel that nearly, changed, everything, for Scott McPhee, my, daughter and I were driving on the highway and I, was in boom I, all. Of a sudden I went black I couldn't see and I, instinctively. Grabbed, back onto my steering wheel because I had the my, hands let go I went to my side and I struggled, a grab on and I turned around to see if I could see my daughter and I couldn't see anything cuz it was black an electrical. Shock, 51. Of them in all zapping. His heart as he lay by the side of a BC highway it, was a mechanical failure and I knew I had to survive, to, take care of my daughter so I went. Into survival mode these devices are traditionally, implanted, in the upper chest surviving. The malfunctioning. Wire connecting. His heart to a type of pacemaker, within. Months of the ordeal the manufacturer. Recalled, all the wiring that, same product was also shocking other patients. Wasn't. The only failure according, to McPhee. Well, it's automatic, ineptness, and it's it's another, bureaucratic, failure, there, are thousands, of medical devices implanted, in Canadians, every year and no, mandatory, national, system, tracking, their performance, leaving, doctors, with little direction to warn patients of emerging, risks, or recalls, it's, clear that this. Transparency. And accountability and, really important, communication. Mechanism. Is a big gap in our health system here's. How experts, told us that gap could be closed every, time an implant goes in or on a patient, the hospital, would register it along with the patient's contact, information, so if there's a problem they could be contacted, right away but, researchers, say if a patient's progress could be shared with them they, could also monitor, trends and flag problems, early which could be shared with everyone involved it's, the kind of complex tracking, this Quebec tech company, already does for its clients with goods like cocoa gold pharmaceuticals. And even dental implants, why not all medical devices asks. The CEO when, you get all this data its clinical trial in real-time, deployed. On an entire country, so it's very powerful, for. The manufacturer, the developer, of those, medical device to get this data that is worth so much for them to be able to design the right product, an innovative. Idea but, not new it's actually been kicking around Parliament. For 30 years, we, found at least 16. Different, motions, petitions, committee recommendations. And private, member's bills all calling, on the government to track, implantable. Devices. The. Health Minister says she will consider, a registry. As her department reviews, medical, device regulations, the, maker of the wiring that shocked Scot McPhee's heart says patients assume, the risk McPhee is now suing the company which, has already paid hundreds, of millions of dollars in settlements.

Vika Doe Pia CBC, News Toronto. CBC. News has put together a database of medical, device incidents. Using data from Health Canada so you can search by brand, name manufacturer. Even health problem, for information that's relevant to you just, go to CBC news dot CA /, medical. Devices. Still. Ahead on the National consent, 101, how, a student workshop, for a young man is aimed at stopping, sexual violence, but, next a day on the front line of Canada's, war against, opioids, we're, getting rare access to an overdose, prevention site. We, accept everyone for who they are and where they're at and, we, allow people to be themselves. There. Is no end in sight for Canada's fentanyl, fuelled opioid. Crisis, in the first half of 2018. At least 2,000, people died, of overdoses, across the country that is a slight increase over, last year, amid. All that death Moss Park overdose, prevention site, in Toronto is a place, of life the. National got inside access to see what, its work means. It's, getting close to Christmas and this is the time that everybody gets very depressed. And, people do more drugs and, things, like that because they're depressed it's probably gonna be a lot of overdoses, this, winter. Lonely. And I'm, disappointed. In myself and I'm sad and yeah. It makes me feel better. I always, thought I was gonna be you know a doctor. I really, did. My, dad instilled so much positive. Things in me and I feel as though I've let him down I really, have but I always thought that it was going to be a lot different for me. I can. Inject this extremely, fast but just. Like that and nobody can happen just as fast and if you're, alone then nobody's, nobody's, uh, nobody's. Looking for you. Yeah I don't want to die there. Essentially. What we do here is we watch, people. Inject. Drugs all. Day long. Tonight. Can, I bend this one huh yeah, yeah, and. There's, times that of course we would need to respond. To overdoses. We happen to respond, to an awful lot of overdose this year. So. This is analogue, soon so, each day before. We open we draw up a couple of syringes. So, that if, there is a an. Emergency, and. Overdose, that will have it already pre, drawn I. Get. To know. What. People's, tolerance is like so. And. You know. Know. Your tolerance, is grown but like yeah so. You know there's, been days that I've encouraged. Kevin to take a smaller, shot and. Then, the one day I wasn't here, to say no no no that's too much for you as like a day that he. It's. A community. It's. People helping people and people who actually care about us. Let's. Giving me a fighting chance it's giving me life it's. Giving me another. Day another, week for another month of being. Okay and, still surviving through it. Thank. God it was there thank, God because, it was anywhere else I would have died without, the staff here and everybody liked her you like that there if they're amazing we, need them we need more places like this. This is a Maine finder, to. Help with folks if they have a hard time finding. It they use their brain tissue you. Can kind of see there it highlights, what. We got under the skin right, we've. Got a whole, spectrum of folks that come in we've got people. Who are you know fully. Employed and then we have people who are more Street involved, who. Are homeless so. When people come here they. Feel safe they, feel supported. They don't feel shamed and blamed and stigmatized, people. Can, come here with no judgment, we accept everyone for, who they are and, where they're at and we. Allow people to be themselves. Was. A little kid I used to like to draw about as. I sort of doing drugs to stop drawing. Once. I found, harm-reduction, mr., Pichardo game. Before. I got, introduced a harm reduction I was very angry I wasn't a very nice person treated people badly you. Know I stole, I robbed they did everything. I needed to do to get my drugs I feel horrible for it now and I'm just trying to to. Pay society, back from my mistakes. Come. On I'm just seeing he coming. So. What I usually do is I usually go straight. Down - done - and I cut, through the alleys because. Now. These are where they're all tucked in and they're hiding. So. That's what I do and then I go through Allan, Gardens, right. Here last Tuesday, gentlemen we were going out to do outreach and gentlemen. Overdosed. In the alley so, we narcan demand CPR. Brought, him back before the ambulance even got here pat him on his feet. I've. Lost 11 friends this year and, almost. People don't lose that many in a lifetime so I. Don't. Know whose little fence. These. Sites are what gives, us the chance to save, these people these. OBS sites are endure everything. This. Is the hard job. Sure. The injection, service is at the heart of what we do but that's, that's. Just a piece of it a. Lot. Of it is actually. Nurturing. People and pointing out their, work and convincing, people that, that.

They're Worthy of love and affection. We. Need to create opportunities, for people to be, better, and. To be the best them, that they know how to be. System. Ringers. You. Got a guardian angel and the one that makes you smile it makes everything okay it. Makes everything a little bit better this, shitty existence. Everything. Will get better though okay, you guys. You. One. Reason Moss Park may be in trouble with regulators, is that it's, close, to another site there, are eight in Toronto, a total of 19 in Ontario, and several. More across the country in British Columbia, Alberta and, Quebec. And. Still, ahead we're, gonna change gears the merriam-webster dictionary has. Chosen its word of the year a lodestar, and feckless, they were close but not the winner that's, in a moment but before that we, take you inside an auto a workshop, on sexual, consent I think. It's really made me see, a, little. Bit more through, a, woman's. Eyes and. Tomorrow, on the national Adrian sits down with our panel of US political insiders. To bring you up to speed on politics. South of the border here, she is with the people a. Lot. Has changed since, early, November and, those midterm elections, which may feel like years ago the. Democrats took, back the house bringing, in a class of new faces and. While they don't officially take on their new roles until, January, we've, already been, given a taste of what's to come excuse. Me did we win the Senate. When. The president, brags that he won North Dakota and Indiana he's in real trouble and then, there's the molar probe, or the 17. Separate, Russia investigations. And let's, not forget the drama unfolding, over highway what. Is the u.s. political play, is there a way out for Canada, I sit. Down with our US political panel to talk about what is coming south of the border tomorrow, on the national. You. I'll. Come back here some of the other stories were following tonight the, man tapped to be the next chief of the Ontario Provincial, Police has, resumed, his job with the Toronto, Police Service brawn Taverner has withdrawn his, resignation as, superintendent. With, the Toronto Police Department, his controversial, appointment, to the OPP, was, supposed to start today but it's been delayed while all of that's being reviewed Taverner. Is a friend of the premier Doug Ford he, didn't meet the original requirements, of the job but the pc government said it lowered, the job qualifications. To attract a wider field, of candidates. Quebec. Are Aundre to mean has been sentenced for his role in a high-profile, drug smuggling, scheme that, ended in Australia. He was arrested along with two other Canadians, who made headlines after posting, photos on Instagram, of they're supposed, cruise, vacation. Tamim, has been sentenced to eight years and, five months in prison. And. If you look into the night sky you. Might catch a glimpse of a comet comet 46. P dubbed the Christmas, comet is making, its closest, approach to earth in centuries, and it won't be coming this close again for another twenty years it, is one of the brightest comets to pass by this time of year and one, we should be able to see with, your naked eye. Consent. And sexual violence against, women aren't really a popular topic of conversation. With teenage boys but. In the me to era there are efforts in place to change that starting, in schools and that's where men's leadership, groups come in Nick Burton visited a high school here in Ottawa to understand, what it means for today's generation to, man, up. Okay, well welcome, guys my. Name is mats I work with Ottawa coalition, to end violence against, women here's. What a sex ed workshop, looks like in 2018. I've. Been allowed to sit in as students, from a wide Jackson, High School in Ottawa learn about consent, do, you have a sense of what some of the women who go to the school have done today to prevent, themselves from being sexually assaulted, maybe. This, morning they put thought into what they were gonna wear, they definitely sometimes. Take a car instead of walking because they don't feel, safe walking in yeah, and there's a reason for that so some of the things that I hear people say is when I walk to my car at night I carry my keys as a weapon I won't, rent an apartment on the first floor if, I'm at a party or at the bar I would.

Only Go with friends I would never go alone and I would never leave alone most. Of the violence that women report it's men who are doing the harm why, is that but, why is so much of it coming from guys my. Chapter has spent most of his adult life trying, to end violence against women here. In Ottawa over the last few years he's given this workshop, to about 4,000, people there's. A lot of pressures. That were under too maybe, without realizing, it do harm to other people the, students here want to end the violence too that's. Why they invited Matt to, talk to their men's leadership, group they call man up Amir. Shukla explains what being part of man up has done for him I think, it's really made me see, a. Little. Bit more through a, woman's. Eyes. Another. Interesting, point, Adam. Telfer says every. Member of the group is committed to standing up to any kind of violence they witness at their school coming. Into grade 9 I didn't realize that rape and stuff like this was such a big, deal until you actually sit down and realize like this, is happening everywhere, and this. Needs to be stopped this is based on research and conversations. That I've had with, people. Who've been in the situation or whose friends have been in the situation and giving these workshops matt has talked to hundreds of men in the last few years like, doesn't. It feel like the stakes are high sometimes. And they tell them some of the challenges, to the face I sometimes. Hear, from guys that. Gender. Roles are changing. People. Used to know how to behave now. It's all up for grabs. It's, confusing to be a man I don't, know what women want I feel like I'm walking on eggshells alright. So we're gonna switch and look at the other scenario as well okay Matt hopes workshops, like this one can, help men clear up some of their confusion, on how to behave in a relationship, and the, stakes are high when you consider that most sexual, violence, is, committed by someone the victim is, close to your close friends. With Stephanie that's what the next scenario is all about she, tells you that her boyfriend, Emmanuel has, been telling her it's time to start having sex because, they've been together sick for six months he. Buys her flowers every month and gives her lots of gifts some. Of her friends asked when she's going to sleep with him he's, also feeling like I said something else for her right because those nice things for her because, he's trying to get something out of it right for him in that situation, he has power over her all. Her friends are, on his, side saying, that they should she. Should sleep at town so this exercise, sensitizes. Us to, the. Kinds of pressures that women feel even I could ask in the nicest way she's. Still gonna feel this pressure she, might actually feel like it's safer, just to go along with it that's what I hear people say is it safer, to go along with it, here's. The thing the, pressured teenage boys feel to have sex is part of the problem if you've been in a relationship for a long time it's kind of expected, they start.

Doing Things sexually, and you're kind, of weird, if you're not I think. What. Is, really, hard for, a lot of teenage guys now is knowing what is right and what is wrong to do what's that like for you it's it's. Difficult, it's I, really think our. Generation. Is going to be the generation of change and I think that puts us in an extremely. Difficult role, because. We have to be the ones who define. Those, lines which, lines the lines. That you can't cross alright. Guys here's how it works, matt says if you're gonna know those limits, you, have to get better at communicating with, your but. That's, what the next exercise is all about these. Are cards that other students, have created that are, like things they would say or do to check, if they're what their partners into. What. Do you want me to do to you. Realistic. Or not for, me that's not something, realistically, I'd say I probably go more with. Can. I put my. Of. Course, it's easy to make all the right choices and decisions, when you're with your friends and so as the workshop comes to an end Matt challenges, the group I think, we all know what's the right thing to say in this room right we, know the kind of guys we want to be we, know what our highest values are like we know what we should be doing but real, life's messier, than that and I, think the strength of your group is that you you have each other that's, really powerful, there's. No denying there's a will here to change things and. If we're going to solve violence against women that's not a bad place to start. Mick. Burton CBC News Ottawa. Well, that seems like a very smart, workshop. Okay, our moment of the day coming up and forgive us it's definitely on the lighter side tonight, because Alvin. And the Chipmunks are, getting a run for the money this holiday season. It. Is the song that's gaining ground on the Billboard, Hot 100 in a way we haven't seen in, decades but. First. In. Case you missed it merriam-webster's.

Word, Of the year for 2018, is justice. Turns, out a pretty common, noun has been a pretty common, search term online up 74%, this year compared, to the last now, why, would that be well, the dictionaries editor says just, turn on the news the, US Department, of Justice, has been dominating. Headlines with, Special, Counsel Robert, Muller's probe into Russian meddling and high profile convictions, of people tied to Trump there, have also been questions, about obstruction of justice following. Presidential, tweets, and who, could forget Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, the sexual assault allegations and, his, nomination, to the Supreme Court, any conversation, about these topics can naturally, lead to seeking, a clearer idea of what we mean when we speak of justice. Yes. Justice. Beat out other words in the top ten like lodestar. A word internet, sleuths, zeroed, in on trying to figure out which Trump, insider wrote a scathing, anonymous. New York Times op-ed I'm. A nationalist. There. Was also nationalist. Used by the president to set himself apart from, globalists. Do, something, about your dad's immigration. Practices, you feckless and yes, feckless, not the other word used by comedian, Samantha, B in a controversial, skit, all reminders. Says, merriam-webster's editor, that, words matter, through, the dictionary we can make these connections with words that tell us something about our culture our language and, ourselves. Tis. The season of, non-stop Christmas songs and Mariah Carey's, all I want, for Christmas is currently, the most popular of them all, this. Week it became the highest-ranking, Christmas, song on the Billboard Hot 100 in the last 60, years the, only, seasonal, song that charted higher was, back in 1958. Even I don't remember that the, novel II tuned the chipmunk, song so whether you love it or not we, thought we'd celebrate Mariah, Carey's, achievement, in our, moment of the day.

Whenever. You hear it just for those first few notes it it's so unique you know exactly. What it is and just, always feels good every time I heard it's. Been gaining steadily, for, the last few weeks this holiday music kicks in. What's. Different about Mariah's son is it. Just always leads to bunch it's the one side that, really is just firing away the, holiday. Song every, season I think one thing that also plays into this song is it's. Not a ballad a lot, of holiday songs are backwards you know for 30-something, years now holiday, songs have been able to be on the Hot 100 but only. In, date do they know it's Christmas has, even. Been really, a huge hit a couple by pentatonix. Again. Where I is the one that is, just, outperforming. Everything. So, there are two groups of people watching, television right, now those who are singing along with that song and those, who are muttering I hate that song because, rosemary, there are certain things in our society that seem to be very polarizing. Yeah. How. Could you be against more I care a frolicking, in the snow like that I'm saying there's, nothing wrong with that and and if you follow, in on Twitter and I'm sure you all do you know he has the same feelings about Love Actually and I also like Love Actually I'm, going, to admit it publicly I, just don't care what people think I guess the, thing I just don't get about it I mean Mariah Carey's fine way I'm pretty agnostic about her you know whatever it's, a fine song but I just. Don't understand how it like. Some of the other songs that it beat out right, on that the top 100, list you know classics like white Christmas. It's. The most wonderful, time of year there's so many other songs to choose from why that one it's no keep keep going Andrew what did some of the other ones going to go through though I. Jingle, Bell Rock. So. May I ask this question of rosemary first and then maybe Andrew you have a Christmas, song favor, should. I say baby it's cold outside or is that too controversial. Mariah. Carey's what do you think I loved it and I loved it it played a key role in Love Actually that's, a double win Oh God, okay, let's end it there shall we that's the national, for this December 17th have a good night be in trouble now okay. You.

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