The National for Monday January 29, 2018 - Bruce McArthur, Mosque Vigil, #MeToo

The National for Monday January 29, 2018 - Bruce McArthur, Mosque Vigil, #MeToo

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You. Ladies, Monday January 29th. And this is the National tonight an alleged serial, killer, five victims, and a disturbing question, how many more could there be what. We've learned about Bruce MacArthur and his alleged crimes plus. One year ago tonight a gunman opened, fire at a Quebec City mosque we asked what's, changed, and harassment. On the hill how Canadian, politics, is coming to terms with its me to moment. But. We begin here in Toronto where police are scouring multiple. Crime scenes and, appealing to home owners for help all to find clues about an alleged serial killer and potential. Victims. Mr.. MacArthur has now been charged with three additional. Counts of first degree murder landscaper. Bruce McArthur, is now accused, of killing five people, Majeed, kahan, last seen at a family wedding in October of 2012. Suroosh, Moody, who went missing in, 2015. And Dean Lissa wick a homeless, man according, to police who might have been killed as early as May, 2016. These, three, men are now in addition to the charges laid earlier this month for the killings of Saleem Essen and Andrew, kinsman, but, also new today word, of a gruesome discovery. Human. Remains of exactly, how many unknown. Their, identities. Also, unknown they can't be identified because, their skeletal, remains and, they, have been dismembered, so. We have to wait for DNA. Tests. What. Is clear now is that this investigation is far from over, UNR emilio de gives us a sense of its widening, scope, and the man at the center of it, police. Aren't mincing, words this, they say is an unprecedented case, and a chilling, one it's, a serial killer. Alleged. Serial killer killer and, where he's. Taken. Some steps to, cover his tracks police. Began to uncover those tracks here at this Toronto, home when, they removed two large planters, and in them found, the dismembered, remains of, at least three, people the. Expectation, is they, will find, more mr., MacArthur earned his living as a landscaper. Investigators. Have identified, approximately. 30 properties. Within Toronto where, mr. McArthur worked we. Have contacted, owners of these properties and if it have conducted, conducted. Searches at the majority of them the. Grisly, update comes, 11 days after police first, arrested 66. Year old Bruce, McArthur, since. Then dozens, of officers have been working around the clock, scouring, properties, that extend outside of the city just, to tackle one crime scene can sometimes, take days. Weeks especially, when we're dealing with found, human remains as opposed. To a. Scene. Contained, within a well. Or some type of a unit as. Police, connect, the dots between the victims Moore may emerge CBC. News has learned this, man skander, Raj never rat man who disappeared, in 2010, was, in a romantic relationship with MacArthur, and worked with him as a landscaper. MacArthur. Has not been charged in connection with his disappearance. Asked. For MacArthur a picture, of who he is is still, developing, MacArthur. Was married with two children in Oshawa Ontario when. He came out he moved, to Toronto, in the early 2000s. In October. Of 2001. MacArthur. Was charged with assaulting a man with an iron pipe and was later convicted part. Of his sentence required, him to stay away from Toronto's. Gay village but. He remained active on several. Online dating, sites up until days before, he was arrested at his, apartment in Toronto, police, are still combing, for evidence and residents. Are still reeling doesn't. Leave me with a good feeling I think it's it's pretty horrific back. At that house where police uncovered, those remains the, owner told us she is still in shock MacArthur.

Stored His tools there in exchange, he took care of Karen Frazier's yard Fraser. Has known him for years and also, spoke to CBC's, as it happens did, you have to understand, he, has been kind, helpful. Help. With our charity work doing, floral, gifts. For silent, auctions, he. Went, above and beyond, what. Our original, agreement was, to cut the grass, Fraser. Says she, wants to believe MacArthur. Is innocent but, as police continue. To pull back the layers of a suspected, serial killer she. Admits it's, getting harder you why narooma leotis CBC, News Toronto. Now. This investigation. Is expanding, two, of the victims named today have no known, connection, to Toronto's, gay village, but most of the victims do and some people in that neighborhood feel, the police failed. To act sooner because of who the victims were Ron. Charles has reaction from the village for, people, in Toronto's, gay village, today's confirmation. Of an alleged serial killer, is just starting, to sink in but, talk to anyone, on the strip here and there is little, surprised, at the news everyone's. Been saying that there seems to be a serial killer out there and you, know it's about time that. That. This person. Be found, so. I'm relieved, that that, person has been found but you know what took them so long what. Took so long is a question, on the minds of a lot of LGBT community. Advocates, some, wonder if it's because three of the alleged victims, are also from, immigrant, communities. I think racism has something to do with it homophobia, has something to do with classism, has something to do with it so when, you look at all of those issues they. All play a part in terms of how people are viewed, as credible sources, of information within, society, and who, is not and who is worth investigating, who is not the, ELISA wick one of the new alleged victims, had no fixed address and, lived in the city's homeless shelters, including a, couple of week long stays at the Good Shepherd Center. In the eastern, end of downtown Toronto as. Dean hasn't been here for a while we. Would have just assumed that he got a hand up somewhere and find somewhere, safe where, he could live, and work and and carry on is normal, another man is sarousch Mammootty, whose family, reported, him missing in 2015. The, third man Majeed kahan was the only one with clear ties to the LGBT, community and the village he, was a regular on the main strip particularly. The black eagle bar which macarthur, is said to have also frequented. Kahan. Son reported him missing in, october 2012. Police. Originally, investigated. His case along with early. Disappearances. Of two other men from the village Abdul. Bashir Phi C and Skanda Raj never at them were both reported, missing in 2010. To me it's very scary the whole thing is so staggering James, Dubrow is author of several books on crime in Canada, and also, has close ties to the LGBTQ, community he. Says police failed to properly link, the cases early on they should have put out a massive. Warning, they should have I. Would, say they could have mean, but it's hard to say this they, should have been hot on the trail a lot earlier certainly by 2012-13.

That Raises, a distressing, question, for people here in Toronto's, gay village and surrounding, neighbourhoods could, an earlier police warning, have, saved lives Ron. Charles CBC, News Toronto. Any. In that question, of who knew what and when it's, going to be central, to all of this moving forward well Andrews we just heard the question many are asking why, did when did police first believe they were dealing with a serial killer let's, take a look at how a missing-persons. Case turned, into something much more sinister. In. October, 2012, Majeed kahan goes missing, the following month Toronto, Police launched project, Houston. A probe, into disappearances. In the gay village it concludes. In 2014. Without any suspects, over the next three years four, more people disappear. Police. Launch a second probe project. Prison in August 2017, and, by, September they have already got Bruce MacArthur under the microscope when. He sells his van police, are at the auto parts dealer, within, weeks collecting. Potential, evidence they, had found some blood inside the van not. Not large amounts, but small traces on December, 8th police, updated, their missing-persons, investigation, and were asked about public, concerns, one, person, was responsible, here's. How the chief responded, there is not a. Serial. Killer based on the evidence On January 18th, just over a month later police, arrest, MacArthur, for, the murders of essen and kinsman. In, policing, what we do is we follow the evidence and and what I said at the time that I said was, accurate at that time it's, a media definition, for serial killer, telling you he's killed at least two people today, police are saying what some have been speculating, for months what, kind of case is it. It's. It's. A serial killer. Well. For more on this we're joined by Michael, Arndt field a criminologist, at Western University, and a former police officer, Michael. There are people who are upset that, the Toronto Police Service did not identify their, suspect, here earlier as a serial. Killer and I. Wonder do you think that, there's a reason for that could there have been a strategic reason for example, there.

Can Often be a strategic reason why the police would hold back information particularly. At that point in the investigation I, mean we. Have reason to believe that by that point the point of that press conference where they're denying the existence of a serial killer they had MacArthur the very least as a person, of interest if not under, constant. Surveillance so. Again. This isn't keeping sort, of a standard practices, you wouldn't want to tip him off at that point or ever so I'm. Not surprised that what held that but. Some people in the gay community for example worried, that if, there had been a serial, killer at large at, that point why didn't they get a warning do you think that suggests, to you that the Toronto Police Service maybe, had eyes on him all the time at that point, I'm. Satisfied and, I think it's reasonable to infer from the evidence that by that point they. Had him under the very least loose surveillance, if not electronic, surveillance and 24/7. Physical, surveillance and that no other, person was in any danger. So. Time. Will tell where, the investigation was at that point and what the rationale, was for making that statement and at this point I think we need to focus on these. Other crime scenes let's. Talk about the victims and I want to play a clip from earlier today from the lead investigator, on victims. As. I said the the last, two victims that we've identified. Don't. Quite fit the profile, of the earlier victims, so. And, as, I said we don't know how many more victims there are going to be but it certainly encompasses. More, than the gay community, it encompasses the City of Toronto. Are. You surprised at all that these, victims don't fit into a very narrow. Pattern. I'm, not we, see this historically, with a number of, serial. Offenders particularly, older offenders, and, where. They will, vary their victims. And vary, in their preferences, I mean most. Serial offenders have what we call the preferred victims someone that they will defer. To under, ideal circumstances but. Frequently. They're. Prepared do like most people compromise, and, experiment. A little and it's. Called victim polymorphism. Meaning, that and, going back to Clifford Olson he was a key case study in this respect he had younger. Victims initially, and then who, were female and then older male, victims so this. Is a typical, but not unheard of and, what about MacArthur's, age here 66, does that surprise you. It, certainly, is on the older, end I mean Albert. Fish for many years was considered to be the oldest serial killer in American history who began in his 50s, and they called him the gray man for that reason.

McArthur. At 66. I mean, we have victims. Going back about ten years but I would not be surprised given this sort of sophistication, of his modus operandi, if they, go back much earlier. Michael. Arndt field always, a pleasure to have your expertise, thank you thanks you Oh. Rosemary. Let's, move on to another story that's been developing, over the last few days this one in Ottawa, got, let's righty and after a week of sexual, misconduct allegations, hitting, political, circles today MPs. Are on the hill they, are starting, to speak up and starting to speak out. I'm. Tired I don't want to sit in this place and have this conversation, again I don't want another woman to come into my office this, needs to stop and it needs to stop now and every. Person's, job, in here every person who's listening to take on that personal responsibility, of putting dignity, and human, rights ahead, of abuse, or their sexual desire. It. Was just part of an impassioned speech in, the House of Commons today, during, debate on a new bill dealing. With sexual harassment a, bill that some might think can't, get passed fast enough especially. Given the latest allegations, and resignations. Involving, men in the halls of power David, Cochran now on the calls for, a culture, shift. It's a legislative, change but MPs say what's really needed is a cultural. One time, is up things. Need to change we, can't be bystanders any, longer the problem, people, who hold some of the highest offices, in the land committing. The lowest forms of behavior in, our workplace here on Parliament Hill it's, no coincidence that, we have so many of these stories of harassment. And violence Patrick. Brown and Rik Dykstra were forced out of their jobs in Ontario, provincial, politics, but, what they are accused, of doing happened, while they were conservative, members, of parliament, in Dijkstra's. Case he's accused of sexually, assaulting a young female, staffer. After a night of drinking in, 2014. CBC. News has not independently. Verified, the story but, Maclean's, magazine reports.

That Top conservative. Officials, knew, about the allegations, in 2015. And let, Dijkstra, seek re-election. Anyway they, should be ashamed of themselves and, they should have no role or influence, in this or, in any political party Kim, Purchase is one of those people who knew she, was a senior, Conservative, staffer, at the time purchase. Says the accuser, asked, her to keep it secret and. She. She. Asked me for my word that I, would not. Do. Anything further, on it but. I did, say that I gave her my word it was her choice. But. If she changed her mind at any time in the future. She. Could call me. That. Made in Ottawa, problem, has sent the Progressive, Conservative, Party of Ontario into. A nosedive, having. Lost its leader and its president, the party's chief of staff is trying to stop the bleeding in a, memo warning, if you have engaged in inappropriate behavior, you, need to leave and leave, now because. I will redefine the meaning of the word ruthlessness, in protecting. Staff who work for me unless. Aggressive, language that's, also the point of petty hyeju's legislation. You know we talk a lot about getting women into politics and if, we can't actually protect the women staffer. In our own workplaces. We, have a long ways to go to change the way politics, is done where even a feminist, Prime Minister, has had to deal with sexual harassment allegations. In his caucus his, cabinet, and right in his office, and to, change the culture of Parliament. Women. Are still touched our, hair is still stroked our, shoulders are still rubbed where, women are still treated, far differently, than, the often, more powerful men. David. Cochran CBC News Ottawa. As. For, the turmoil that David mentioned there inside, the Ontario, Progressive Conservative. Ranks party faithful and the province are anxious. To put it all behind them, including. This familiar, face. Right. Now the. Party needs strong leadership, someone. Who is ready to clean up the mess and lead. Us into, the, June election. Yeah. That's duck Ford brother of the late Toronto, Mayor Rob Ford he. Triggered the unofficial start of the Ontario conservative. Leadership race today by. Throwing his hat into the ring in, a, press conference in his mother's basement the, party has said a leadership, vote will, be held in March. Not. Everybody, likes me and that's. Okay, I accept that. Back, in Ottawa Green Party leader Elizabeth May said, she has asked, for an independent, inquiry into, allegations, of misconduct against. Her three, former staff members have accused, May of workplace. Bullying, which she denies May, says the results, of the investigation will. Be made public. So. What recourse do Hill staffers, have right now they, need to make a complaint, to the chief human resources, officer it'll. Then be resolved, in one of three ways informally. Like asking that person to just stop that behavior or getting some sensitivity. Training, mediation. Or through. A formal, investigation that's, when an outside, investigator, is brought in last, year there were six complaints, filed for harassment and abuse, of authority of, those, two, were formally investigated.

And No wrongdoing, was found worth, noting there were no complaints, to HR, for, sexual, harassment. And. Still had on the national major league baseball, benches, a controversial. Figure, we'll hear from those celebrating, the end of the Cleveland Indians mascot. Plus. Her death sparked calls for national inquiry, into missing and murdered indigenous, women four, years after Tina Fontaine's, body was found the man accused in her death faces, trial and, one, year ago six, men were shot dead while praying tonight, we go to the scene of the ceremony, to remember them and in the national, documentary. Hear, remarkable, stories of heroism from, that night. Put. Maddie C. Joy, possible, ABC News other. Have. You ever wondered how a police sketches put together well, we were wondering that too that's, why today we're visiting the Saskatoon, Police, Service and Sergeant. Terry Lafferty, this person look like, like. I said it was a woman. She's. Probably. About my age perhaps younger, if you could just go through it and when, you see something that stands out as similar. To that person, what you remember, just, let me know and we'll make a note of it okay she's, got that like. Angular. Like. The chin is pretty good you have to remember these sketches are not for straight, people, that, have never left their house and never encountered, anybody yeah, sketches, are free the police officers friends. And family of the suspect, really or, acquaintances. People, that know them that's. How we do it it's all a you're. Not likely going to and it's very rare that you would walk down the street and and. Walk past somebody that you saw on the sketch that's. Really. It's your, people, are expecting, to to match a photo with a photo sketch. It's, just an enhancement, of some, certain characteristics, where our friends gonna go you, know that guy kind of asks the same right. This, is a little, Joey here whatever. Well. I'll show you what I have so far and, then, we can go from there so. Right. Off the top what do you like and what do you would you like to change um. I. Feel. Like her, face needs to be thinner she's, my first reaction okay, around here, like I feel could. Even come, up scar is that it's, our meteorologist. Christine. I'm in Haga the. Funny thing for me when I went back and I looked at this I got her outfit completely, wrong so imagine just being that person who you're describing someone. Who. You saw briefly perhaps. In a traumatic events, yep, and you know I'm just describing someone who is on my news last right. Why. Does the word Islamophobia, make. Us uneasy. What's, because, it, goes to fears. It. Goes to the irrational elements. Inside of us, we. Need to. Challenge ourselves, we. Need to be better. Than. We are a. Message. Of unity as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined survivors, and the people of Quebec City to mark the one year anniversary of, the mass shooting, at the mosque. The. Vigil began with the reading of the victims names and that of their children. As. People. Remember the six men shot, and killed one year ago as they prayed in their Maus I know some. People that are amusing mad and I know they are not different. From any of our any of us hundreds. Turned out in the cold to condemn, the attack and most of all to lend support to the community we. Have to accept, each other and we, have to live together.

Brings. Up emotions a, bit but it's. A it's. Important. To. To. Learn, the differences, of other people, other cultures and. To. Accept, live together. But. A year later and many in the Muslim community feel, that something, has changed in, Quebec City but, not necessarily, for, the better as our, jailer Bernstein explains, the, city continues, to grapple with the issues of hate and Islamophobia. Claiming. Of hate. Its. Rise. In. The years since six, men were gunned down and, killed at, the Quebec City mosque the, center and its members have, repeatedly, in the targets of hate we. Talk about living, together and after that. There. Is no stop. Came, up I think there, was the deface Quran that showed up in the mail they received racist, letters and the car of the mosque president, was, set on fire outside, his home. It's. All in harsh contrast, to the vigils and solidarity, that followed in the days after the massacre, Quebecers, showed, unity, and politicians. Preach tolerance words. Can, be knifes. Slashing. At people's conscience and we. Have to be more cognizant, of this I hope that we will start by expressing positive, values first. Inclusion. Brotherhood. Working. Together despite, the Premier's words in the year that followed the number of reported Islamophobic. Hate crimes and incidents, and Quebec City doubled. And every, time the government is confronted, with the issue it, repeats the same line I don't think that Quebec society is any more racist, or discriminatory. Than any other society in the world but at the same time in order to defend our values, we. Have to emphasize, that. We live in an inclusive society. Lek, City police acknowledge, there's a problem, by the spring as many as 140. Investigators, will have gone through hate crime training. The. Mosque has increased, its security, - but, beyond safety, measures some say there's a need for a change in rhetoric one, of the survivors of the attack says to have an inclusive Quebec leaders, need to start setting an example. Above. The. Octi. Despite. The hate they face in the past year community, members are hopeful, they say many of their neighbors continue, to stand by their side.

There. Were indeed many standing, outside tonight. In the cold for that vigil and Jayla Bernstein was there too what, was the tone of the message tonight Jayla. Well. One of the messages, that came through clearly tonight. Was that never again do we want a repeat, of January. 29th, we. Heard from family, members of the victims also close loved ones one of the widows, of one of the victims said, that she wants everyone across Canada, to know how much their support and solidarity means. To her and her family as they grieve okay. Julie Bernstein in Quebec City again tonight thank you this, story is the focus of tonight's national documentary. How some of those shooting victims are determined, to rebuild their lives and take, back their community, we've. Changed to change color to change the ambience in the mosque I do. Forget. About. You. They. Were all over the forecast that we would have quite. A bit of rain in the short amount of time and unfortunately. This was one of those areas that washed over on. The National tonight an incredible, rescue from flooding, on Vancouver. Island a woman, saved after her car went into a massive, hole the, roads washed out from heavy rainfall downpours. Have caused flooding across BC south coast some of the hardest hit areas have, seen more than a hundred, millimeters. Of rain four inches in the, past day. This. Is quite simply a financial, dumpster, fire. Strong. Words for BCS Attorney General, after, the provinces, auto insurer, ICBC. Projected. A 1.3, billion dollar loss the, government says if it doesn't take drastic action drivers. Could face a hike in premiums, of $400. A year keep, in mind drivers, in BC can't shop around their, basic, auto insurance, must, be bought from the government corporation the, Attorney General says he'll announce a plan later this year to avoid increasing, rates. CBC. News has learned that two Toronto police officers, have been suspended after, allegedly. Consuming. Pot edibles on the job, sources. Say Victoria Domon le and another officer called, for help, when they started hallucinating, sources. Say the two officers were found in a police vehicle and later, treated, in hospital. Pick. Up the pace that was the message from the US Trade Representative, today as the, sixth round of NAFTA, talks wrapped in Montreal, Canada. And, Mexico says, progress, was, made but, the, u.s. says is not happening fast enough. We. Are progressing very, slowly. We. Owe it to our citizens who, are operating. In a state of uncertainty. To. Move much, faster of, course. Negotiating. Is a group of three is more, difficult than, bilateral. Talks, often. Issues. More cut become more complicated. And contentious. Some. Officials had feared the US would pull the plug completely. After this round. Hasn't happened yet, Canada, is optimistic, it won't. We. Have started.

To, Really make, progress on, the bread and butter trade, issues we, closed the anti-corruption, chapter, and we've gotten close on a number of others so we're moving forward on those. The. US wasn't happy with Canada's, so-called creative proposal. Around the contentious, auto industry. Rules of origin Washington. Also wants to dump the current dispute settlement systems, which, Canada, and Mexico call, a poison. Pill hortense, were scheduled for next month in Mexico City. And. On my weg families an indigenous woman worked, hard worked. Hard for decades and decades trying, to bring attention to this issue and to the epidemic levels of violence against indigenous women, and girls and Tina. Fontaine, was was, the was the the little girl that brought us all together. 15. Years old when she vanished from downtown Winnipeg, her body was found eight days later in the Red River her. Death shocked, the country and she became the face of calls, for a national, inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women, and today. The trial for the man accused of killing her finally, got underway Cameron. Mackintosh was in the courtroom. Tina. Fontaine's family, and friends wore red ribbons as they walked into court for, the first time since her body was pulled from Winnipeg's Red River they, heard her voice I like, to report a blue truck Dow stolen, earlier today a, 911. Reporting. A truck stolen allegedly. By the man on trial, for killing her do, you know who stole it. This, guy named Sebastian, the. Crown says Sebastian, is 55, year old Raymond, Cormier charged. With second degree murder, alleging. He wanted to have sex with fifteen-year-old, Fontaine, then. Killed her after finding out she was underage, worried. In part her call over the truck would, tip off police, it's. Taken almost four years to get here all along, this case has been under intense pressure and scrutiny, from, the very beginning, Tina Fontaine, was much more than just an unfortunate statistic. On Winnipeg's. Unforgiving, streets it. Started, when police found her body a 15, year old dumped, in a river I think. You know Society, we'd be horrified, if somebody but if. We found a litter, of kittens or pups in the river in this condition, her death led urgency, the calls for a national, inquiry into murdered, and missing indigenous women. And girls which, is now underway the. Minister who called it said Fontaine's death was a factor, I think. It did galvanize, a nation, Nahanni. Fontaine, is a Manitoba, NDP MLA. And mm IW activist, it, was a moment, for certainly. All of us here in Manitoba but for everybody across the country, to. Really get a more intimate. Understanding. Of the. Reality, and the crisis, while. The crime caused the country to look at itself it's just one man on trial what's, unclear is just how strong, the case against Cormier actually, is the. Crowd admits there are no eyewitnesses and that, most of the forensic evidence was, washed away yet. Insists, evidence will show Cormier, was with Fontaine when, she died and had. A motive to kill her Cameron. Mackintosh CBC. News Winnipeg. In. Saskatchewan. Seven women and five men have, been chosen to serve on a jury that, will decide the fate of a white farmer accused, of killing an indigenous man it, was really difficult to sit there today and watch. Every. Single visible, indigenous, person, be. Challenged, by the defense the. Family of colton bushi believes this case is a symbol, of the racial divide in Canada the, 22 year old Cree man was shot on Gerald, Stanley's farm in 2016. Now, the initial jury pool for this case was unusually, large seven 50, people but most didn't, show up and from, the 200 or so who did a third, told the judge they couldn't be impartial. Stanley. Has pleaded not guilty. The. Use of indigenous, caricatures. In North American pro sports has, been a hugely, controversial, issue for years but Major, League Baseball has announced a change that will see the end of chief, wahoo.

If. You don't know him by name you almost certainly know his face in a statement MLB, says Cleveland, will stop using that logo on its uniforms, effective, 2019. Saying the symbol is quote no, longer appropriate, for use on the field, and. They've. Been using that kind of imagery for a long time, going back almost a century the, chief wahoo logo, as we know it made its debut on team uniforms, in 1948. It's. Gone through some changes but, it's since been a constant, for decades, right, along with the angry opposition. To it indigenous. People saw it as an insulting. Racial, stereotype. And increasingly. Others, saw it the same way some. Cleveland fans have defended. The logo some even arguing that chief wahoo actually. Honors, Native, American culture and tradition, but the number of people who believe that has gotten, smaller and smaller over the years still, today, isn't a total, victory it's, amazing. To see, decades. Of advocacy, come to fruition with, them realizing, and recognizing that, they have to pull the. Chief wahoo mascot, which is like the most offensive, logo. By far in, professional. Sports I mean, I think it's kind of disingenuous just, to admit something is racist, and admit something is offensive, and derogatory to, the people and then keep it around for another year also, worth noting the, name of the team controversial, in its own right is staying, just the, way it is. But. Cogitating. On the foibles and vagaries, of the human species does, not come easily like. All truly, creative, minds Arthur, black, needs his space and it. Is here in his spacious CBC. Office, that he comes up with his most brilliant ideas. So. What is this swap meet thing all about swap, meet the second annual swap mean come on it in the hall I'll show you some of the goods we got a. Plethora. Of truly, unique. Items, carefully, chosen for swapping, tomorrow, on the CBC Plaza amazing, what you can do with dried apples. And. Then there's the other end of the spectrum. Classic. Ceramic, poodle in blue. This. Is my talking back scratcher. It. Doesn't talk there goes. That's. A good number and this is gonna be real hot taker, I think the trip Lewinsky, tapes I don't, know why they sent them to us but they sent them to us and the plastic is still on them I like to point out and well hey you, know what they say about beauty, and the beholder, and all not, my bathroom this is not for sale at any price so, this. Is my pride and joy the king, that is, bloated best the. Final, promo. Yes. Basic black is about to disappear but not before you hear our final show recorded live in Thunder Bay last week and what a blast you kid me Thunder Bay Las Vegas North City. I kid you not the final show. After. 19, years as, the host of CBC Radio's, basic, black Arthur. Black is retiring. Just. Felt like the right time to stop it I there. Comes a point I think where you stay on too long you know and I didn't want that to happen to ya, a tour, of his office gives you a sense of what, black and his show is all about the. King that. Is bloated best the. Wacky classic, ceramic, poodle in blue the, wild, this is my talking back scratcher and the, whimsical, Wow.

So. We had a contest on basic black we got people to send in the socks that they couldn't find a mate for and they sent them in by the thousands, so we. In a subsequent contest saying what are we gonna do with all these socks and a fella by the name of Chaz snow in st., John's Newfoundland said send unto me and, I'll give you a lump seat the, country is full of very, strange people love more, they. All seem to find this show you know, Arthur. Black got his start with the CBC 30, years ago in Thunder Bay that's, why he returned to that city to do his final, show, it's where basic, black was born the, show moved to Vancouver becoming. The most popular, variety, show on CBC. Radio attracting. 600,000. Listeners every. Saturday morning you know it you know what the big secret of success we, were ignored by the CBC nobody, tried to improve us nobody tried to bring, in focus, groups you know and and say say how we could have proven the real. The yield and the reach of the show they just left us alone and it kind of grew like a mushroom in the dark that's in there this is for Anna apart. From the obvious missing, his colleagues, Arthur. Black you'll, miss being, behind the microphone. It's. Been part of my life for 30 years now and it's. Going to feel very weird not to have I'm going to feel like one of those those old guys with the paper hats when their trousers rolled up you know for a while. Sooner. Krishna CBC News Vancouver. Let's. Go back to Quebec City now where hundreds, join together tonight for a message, against. Hatred and racism a big, turnout came alike last year to support the Muslim community, the. Mass shooting on this day a year ago ended six lives and dramatically, changed, many others we, spent some time with survivors. To see how much has change as they fight to reclaim, their, life. Soon. Midnight si si. Si. So it's only that, this. Has been a Mandir Bali's life for the past year, trying to figure out how to live in a broken body that.

No Longer does what he wants. Diwali. Was shot seven times part. Of the bullets still lodged near, his spine, paralyzed. With some ability to move his arms it is exhausting. To do even the smallest thing. Tikka. Tikka. Masala. Dosa. Is. A guarantee, people. Do. Whenever. Physic, Vermont. Psychologically. A gigantic. Deputy, of it. He. Was close to death in the days after for, two months he lay in a coma and despite, his weakened state he, survived and likely. Saved, many others from dying - a. Year. Ago a gunman, stormed, this place of worship breaking, the solace of prayer killing, six men and injury 19, others it, was a hateful and, targeted, mass murder and one, that Diwali almost. Missed. He. Arrived for prayers late that night somehow. Walked past the bodies of the first two victims past. The gunman, realizing. Too late what was happening, and deciding, to do what he could know, if. You. See them enemies in order to victim. No. Other victim. This. Apostle as revealing it is, no more a personal. Reason. That. Moment, allowed others to escape der, Bali's decision, to make himself a target means, he is now considered, one of the heroes of that night. The. Fear. Should. Occur MC, Jim's really see you, think have no publicity there. Was more just. Say come. On the ice. Joey. Law or put my V CE Joey possum, if we really see you soda. We. Put a flag up and. Start. Shooting. All. In all it, lasted, just minutes, but, the worshipers had their back to the door when the shooter stormed in and in the open space had little place to hide, we. Changed color to change the ambience in the mosque and, to. Forget. About. The. Bad. Ambience that we had, many. Days of shooting, you. They. Have cleaned and repainted and, repaired. To try and diminish the tragedy, but they have left one vivid, reminder, the, trees that, we give. Face. Of bullet 1 bullet hole fired into the bathroom door and the person behind it somehow still, survived, slow. Kinetic that. Person was, safe. Mohammad, Labadie says some things have improved over, the past year the, community's relationship. With police has changed, but, the racism, remains if you you. Go in the street and have. They. Look at you with. Hating, it's. Not it's not good you, will have not. A good, life. Will. Be said. That. If. Anything, racism. Seems emboldened, with far-right. Groups in Quebec marching, publicly, on two occasions since, the shooting. That. Comes. As no surprise to, Kareem LM ed who, was tired and decided not to go to mosque on the night of the shooting and so, was saved he, says he's never felt particularly, welcome, in this city we feel in, danger. Because. We. We. We. Face people. Who, are. Very. Radical. In their. Ideas, in their values and the. Their. Their, their. Values are they're, different from us. We, want we are here because we want to live. Together. Ella. Bet says he knows people who are now leaving because they feel nothing has changed, since the shooting and he, doesn't want to be part of any memorial. Of those events just, to protect myself. Because. I don't I don't. Need to. Remember this. Tragedy. Really. Which. Ticker she comes through. Not. On, the BAL Caribe Jamil at it I never lost. A John Tompa ban J Sheen oh my god, Syed. Actor was, there that night he arrived for prayers on time which meant he quickly became, a target, at first, he had no idea he was hearing gunshots.

He Hid and eventually, took a bullet in the shoulder. She. Wanted to switch the coma and. Couldn't. Cut oh oh. Stay. Constantly, or simply, thing, actual. Sauce fresh fall, that night and thought, he too might die. His. Recovery hasn't been easy but. He. Has been able to return to work part-time into. The parts of his life that, give him some joy. Decision. Let's, take you before a. Meander. Valley finds. His own moments of happiness with, his children on his weekly visits home he has not lived here, since the shooting, it is a fourth floor apartment and. Not adaptable, to his wheelchair, Canadians. Have donated tens of thousands. To build him a new home but it is still not enough. And. He. Has not yet figured out just how to be a father with his physical limitations his, son IU refuses. To believe his father will never walk again, never, play soccer again, we, never accept. Easily. Okay. -, J, you punk at least put on ABC or not / UK, curiosity, on, a daughter shows up, again, a daughter appeared. Issues. They. Don't forget it. Diwali. - feels, attached to this place this, city what he calls his community. It. Is still the place he wants to raise his children. And. Rebuild. His life. There's. Something else inside that mosque that hasn't been moved since January, 29th. 2017. Another, powerful, remember, of what was lost on this day a year ago and that image is tonight's, lens. The. Calgary Police test, track in southeast Calgary, this, is where police recruits, learn the art of pursuit, drive and. Where reporters, like me get, to find out what impaired, driving means I. Did. Some drinking and some driving under the supervision of the Calgary Police the. Test worked like this, first. I drove the skill test track cold, sober, now on the line I want my left wheels on this yellow line yeah, both left wheels at the same time okay, and now my right wheels have to go over this yeah, Don here the right front for the right rear okay, hope I hit it and. Now through this narrow, looking. Gate. Here then. I did the whole thing in reverse, gear, to. Qualify, a police recruit must drive the course in less than two minutes and 15 seconds. With, no more than three errors. Okay. Yeah, that is a qualifying, time is, it yep terrific. Then. It was inside, for a few drinks the. Amount was calculated, on my height and body weight I dragged, Crown Royal Rai good stuff with. Ice no mix and, I had something to eat. Constable. Dave Engelberg, ran, the test and played, bartender. Okay. Drink up cuz I give you one more than this. After. The drinking session I took the standard, police breathalyzer, test. Okay. Bobby result, is a hundred and twenty milligrams of alcohol per, 100, milliliters of blood the, legal limit be an eighty milligrams of alcohol your, 40 milligrams over this time okay. I've had ten ounces of Crown Royal and a couple of sandwiches in the last hour and a half two hours I feel. Fine, in fact I'm, confident, that I'll do even better than I did dead sober and I'm not holding up the car. Narrow. Gate. Looks. Like a pretty good approach here if I do say so myself there, we go with the wheels over the little yellow dot as usual, the wrong wheels. That. Was, after. The ten ounces after ten ounces. Oh. Hit. One. Okay. Well. Make. The best we can of it. Okay. This. Is a little dog gonna come out of retirement come, back rocki, rocki I'm, in the best shape of my life. The Olympic, Winter Games are. Coming, to CBC candidates. Olympic Network. On. The. National tonight the Philippines most active, volcano, continues, to spew. Lava and ash threatening. The villages, that surround it, more than 80,000, people have been forced to leave and the government is considering making the area around the volcano what it calls a permanent, no-man's land, to avoid future evacuations. The. President wasn't part of this decision-making, process and we, would refer you to the, FBI. The. White House reacting, to reports today that FBI deputy director. Andrew, McCabe is abruptly resigned, the, president, has been highly critical of McCabe accusing. Him of being biased McCabe, was set to retire in March so it's not exactly clear why he's leaving early, US, media are reporting he was under pressure from the head of the agency. I never. Allow it, sounds. Harmless enough the social media companies Strava uses, GPS, and fitness, trackers to show where people around the world are exercising. But now the US military, is looking at how that might be putting troops in danger, analysts. Say that service, members who use fitness, trackers, while jogging have, unwittingly shared, information, about their location, and activities, the, Pentagon, says it's reviewing the situation. And. President, Trump getting ready for a major speech tomorrow but according to some of the tickets to the event he'll, be addressing the State of the Union with.

An EM a number, of tickets are being recalled, due to the typo Trump, will deliver the State of the Union speech. Tomorrow night we'll, have the highlights analysis, and a reality check right. Here on the National. Alessia. Car. Well. I'm shaking. I've. Been like pretend, winning Grammys, since. I was a kid like in my shower so, you'd. Think I'd have like the speech thing down but I absolutely don't um she. Actually gave a terrific speech 21 year old Alessia Cara from, Brampton at last night's Grammys succeeding, her Justin Bieber Alanis Morissette, and Drake. Could not as the first Canadian, to ever win the best you are his Grammy Award. And. Of course in addition to her talent cara cara, will also have the benefit of has, had the benefit of growing up with youtube which, was instrumental, in, her rise to fame. Carr, has started posting songs to her YouTube channel when, she was a teenager. Though. At first it was more about overcoming, her own crippling, shyness than. Achieving fame you know I was a really shy person, right but over the years her confidence, grew and so did her fan base. The. Record industry took notice her, debut, album know-it-all, came out in 2015. Featuring, the debut single here. Sung from the perspective, of a shy person at, a party. It. Was a smash, hit. More. Hit singles, followed from the album which has sold more than a million copies in North America, his dreams, to be and. Then be so she's very. Cool. Well, speaking, of dreams coming true most basketball, fans can only dream of being able to play alongside, their, favorite NBA team, but one sneaky, fan took matters into his own hands. So. That guy most, definitely does not play, for the, New Orleans pelicans, his. Name is Tony Roberts he, hatched a master. Plan to get onto the court with his heroes and it almost worked, we. Tracked Tony down to get his story for our moment. Of the day i'm. Comedian 20, roberts out of Sacramento coming for you aka. The, Pelican fan. Of. Course I you. Know my boy the. Boss the, Marcus game just, say, because I after. Half time you're warming up I'm looking. At my my, top I got the same warm-up jacket they got on the Marcus gave it to me I'm like put, the hood on and went out there I'm a pelican what, would you do I started, getting what I did know is I'm gonna get the ball when. I got the ball it got real that's never got real my, god I got the ball so, I took the shot everybody wanted to make the shot when the police came, I'm. Told he got mad cuz I thought I play for the team, you like Mariel, Barney Fife daddy. Kicked. You out the arena he wasn't in his early thousands, like he was in the Bible hmm. So, that was it man I didn't know what's gonna go like that I did not know. You. Know the thing I found curious, about that footage is that you've seen pictures before people getting on the field of play like in soccer games and they get thrown down to the field and dragged off but, when you're sitting courtside it's, a whole different world, he. Stood out for me though, a little shorter. As. The other fellas, what, do you say good way. That's. All I'm saying I mean. On that note the thing I was most curious about is whether he made the shot because I'm, thinking if, it wasn't the stretching, that tip security off maybe or, the jump engines the shot yeah.

That's. For. January 29th thanks so much for watching good night good, night.

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