The National for Monday, June 11, 2018 — Singapore Summit, Auto Tariffs, Donald Trump

The National for Monday, June 11, 2018 — Singapore Summit, Auto Tariffs, Donald Trump

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You're. Looking live at a luxury, hotel in Singapore, where an unprecedented. Meeting is taking place right now, US, President Donald Trump is behind closed, doors with North Korean leader Kim jong-un. Take, a look this is the handshake, that was seen around the world the question now what will it mean for global security and Trump's. Self-image. As a deal maker. We're. Live in Singapore also. Tonight standing. Together against. Trump's tariffs, Ottawa, plans to strike back if the trade dispute, escalates, and Brian, Mulroney speaks out about the extraordinary, attack from Trump's top advisors, and why. So many Americans are, saying thanks. Canada. This is the nation'. Trump. Has a talent, for chaos an appetite, for risk and fresh, off of attacking trade, deals with America's, closest, allies he's aiming to forge a peace deal with one of its most bitter, enemies. The. Two leaders briefly, shook, hands in front of the eyes of the media and the world Trump. Then seemed, to lead Kim inside, or they exchanged, a few words through, translators. Herd, right there Trump saying it was his honor that was apparently, a hit and Kim, pointed, out there, were obstacles to, get to the summit but, quote we overcame, them to do. So. Joining us now with more live from Singapore's CBC's, Asia correspondent sasha. Petro six so we. Saw that moment. Kim jong-un and Donald Trump together what. Impact do you think that scene had. Well. That was, the scene Andrew, that kim, jungeun and his father have been working, for for really a quarter, of a century now, they, have been trying to be accepted, to be seen on, the world stage, as a nuclear. Equal, to the United States, previous. US presidents, have refused. To give them that scene to give them the victory, of. Being. Seen as an equal that way Donald, Trump did it and he. Was criticized, for that just, for that very handshake. And that little meeting in front of the flags, because. That is, considered. A victory for North Korea something, that American, critics say Donald. Trump didn't insist on anything in, return so, in, the zero-sum game, of summit, diplomacy that. Was seen as a North Korean win just those pictures we saw and, so whatever, the, world ends up making of that moment that handshake, they are down to business now what, are they likely talking about. Well. They did go for about 45 minutes into a. What. Was called a private, meeting just them and their, interpreters. Discussing. Things you. Know Donald Trump over the past few days has said that in, the first moments. In the first minute, he is going to be able to size up Kim Jong moon and decide, whether this is someone that he can do business with and, very much in his art of the deal kind, of approach we, don't know what he actually said. Or thought about that but, when they came out afterwards, he said it was very very good an, excellent. Relationship so. That part of it at least seems. To have gone by well as. For the substance, that's, something, that we, can only imagine what the conversation, was like Donald Trump probably, said Mr Kim are you going to give up your nuclear weapons probably. A very vague, answer, to that and Kim, jong-un probably turned around to Donald Trump and said are, you going to ease up economic.

Sanctions And most importantly, are, you going to promise me that you're not going to attack North Korea those are the two things that North Korea wants, out of this. Negotiation, out of these meetings and, it's. Not clear whether they're gonna get it or not reportedly. Last, night the officials, from both North Korea and the United States were meeting all night and and, trying to come up with some, way of bridging. The gap on denuclearization, which, the two sides are still quite far apart on not, clear whether that has happened, but we should find out within the next, hours. Perhaps now, that all the officials are meeting as well okay. Thank you Sasha Sasha, Petro, SiC in Singapore. Now. Negotiation. Especially, the way Donald Trump tends to describe it is about, power so, who has the upper hand in these negotiations. Well. We're past presidents. Might have said something like all options, are on the table Trump has been more colorful, they, will be met with, fire. And fury, that, threat. Of force from an unpredictable. President, creates leverage, so. To do tighter sanctions China, has helped with this just look at how North Korea's exports, plummeted. Last year. And. North. Korea has already handed Trump some minor concessions. Releasing, three American, prisoners, I think, that we're. Gonna have a success. And. Blowing. Up parts of a nuclear testing, facility, with lots of fanfare. But. No, verification. From arms control experts, and the, reaction, to Trump's brief cancellation. Of the summit suggests, he has Kim right where he wants him at, least according to Trump's personal lawyer kim, jung-han, got. Back on his hands and knees and begged for it which, is exactly the position you want to put him in thing. Is North, Korea has wanted to hold a summit with a US president, for at least 20, years eager. To be treated, as an equal but. Past presidents, have never felt Pyongyang, was sincere, enough closest, thing before Trump was, a secretary of state business, in 2000. Nobel Peace Prize I, just. Think that president. Moon was very nice when he suggested, it I want to I want, to get piece Trump. By contrast, responded. To North Korean overtures, with blinding, speed so. What's changed. Kim. Jeong-hoon is now believed to have dozens, of nuclear warheads, and missiles, that might be able to take them to the US mainland, that's his, leverage. And the clearest sign of success so far Kim. Jong-un has barely budged an inch and, he. Already has the US president, at the table. Goes. Without saying the stakes for both countries are high but there's also the show of what's, happening, the optics.

This. Is just 12 hours before the. Meeting Kim jong-un busily, was he busily preparing a, walking, down with his advisers of strategizing, no he was doing a little sightseeing touring. A Nature Park even snapping selfies with, local officials then. Surprising. Guests in a nearby hotel he, made his way up to a 57th, floor observation deck. To, take in the views, so. What does each side really. Want out of this summit we, have two guests, here to take us through it min taro Oba is a former US, State Department, diplomat, specializing. In the Koreas he joins us from Washington DC, and Tina, Park is executive, director of the Canadian Centre for the responsibility. To protect she's, joining us from, Toronto hello, to the both of you and Tina maybe I'll start with you barring, any any massive, development. You know I'm thinking along, the lines of what Sasha was saying has Kim jong-eun already, won has, he already gotten, out of this meeting what he's wanted all along, well. It's true that Kim, jong-un is maximizing. The PR opportunity. To, be seen as an equal who, can meet with the President of the United States but, it is also important, for us to remember that the, ultimate, objective of the exercise, is to convince, North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons, for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula so. Whatever it takes to bring them to the negotiating table. To find a diplomatic, solution, to, resolving, this crisis, and the constant. War. Of words if, we've seen lately, between President, Trump and Kim jong-un and. To move towards, a substantive, agreement on denuclearization, as, well as eventually, a peace treaty on the Korean Peninsula would. Be a very constructive. Development, well. Of course I mean we can look at denuclearization, as, the goal here min taro what. Is success, though for, Donald Trump himself do, you think what is he really after. Well. You know I think for, President Trump it's primarily, about his personal, image he, has constructed this, image of himself as a great deal maker and success. In this summit will really reinforce, that for, u.s. domestic audiences. And that's really what he's after and that's a major contrast, with what his, subordinates, are laughter which, is substantive progress on denuclearization. Right. And let's flush that out because I think, it is worth separating, the man from the administration. Particularly. When we look at what's at stake I mean realistically. Min. Taro what do you think we might expect to see from the North Koreans, in terms, of concessions, or offers, if any. Well. The North Koreans really have the upper hand here because, they really need to give.

Up As little as possible in this summit whereas, the United States wants, to get as much as possible so, time is on the North Korean, negotiators. Side, and. There. Is little of substance, that we can really expect. From this but, ideally, we would see the beginning of a longer term diplomatic. Process where we can hash out these more complicated. Issues of denuclearization, among, real experts. Tina. Would you say that is the likely, outcome. Here that this is simply the start of a series of future, diplomatic, talks or or is there a risk perhaps that, this could end badly. Absolutely. I think we have to see it as a long process because, North. Korea and the United States have, a track record of, calling. Each other enemies, over. Not, just on, public, forums like Twitter but if you look at the education system in North Korea children. Are taught to hate that the United States so the, fact that the two leaders got together to, have, substantive, discussions, on nuclear. Weapons at which North Korea justified. As key to their survival is a big, deal already but, the details, would have to be hashed out by the experts, in the months and years to come and I think we have to be patient and keep our expectations, low in terms of what this one summit, could accomplish, in. Tackling. A very difficult challenge, and. Montara, you know you look at the way this summit has come together usually we see it used to seeing these things happen in Reverse where the groundwork gets laid years in advance by by, folks who are operating at lower levels. This is the opposite, you have two leaders meeting straight, away and and we're, waiting to see what flows out of that could this approach, actually work. In this case, well. You know the bottom-up approach to, summits, is characteristic. Of countries. With whom, you have very developed, formalized. Ties but, as you've seen from things. Like Richard, Nixon's 1972. Visit. To China a top-down, approach can, lead to something substantive. And I think that this, summit can set a broader mandate that career diplomats, can later follow on to make substantive, progress on denuclearization. Tina. If I could ask you one last question I'm, curious to know what. Are you going to be watching, for I mean the two sides are expected to talk for a couple of hours then we'll have a media availability, from the President himself, what.

Is It that you're keeping a keen eye on I will, be looking out for the very definition of, denuclearization, because. Both, sides I think came into this meeting with different ideas, of what is expected in terms of timeline and concessions, I would, also be looking for, any. Signals. On ending. The Korean War formally, and moving towards a genuine peace agreement, that will tackle some of the root causes of North Korea's insecurities. And if they are able to make, any form of political agreement, on that that would be very positive for the future of the Korean Peninsula, I would also be looking, for the actual dynamics of, relationship. Between President Trump and Kim. Jong-un because having, a personal rapport will be very important, for this set, of negotiations, to move forward, and it won't be the. Last time they meet if all, goes well, and I think the, hope is certainly very high for. 51, million people in South Korea and 25, million people in North Korea whose lives have been affected by the Korean War yeah, well from what we've seen so far it's been relatively, warm and and cordial and that's where we'll leave that discussion, thanks, so much both of you Tina Park and Vint ro Oba for joining us well let's take you for another live look at the capela, Singapore. Right now just, after 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, morning we're gonna keep you posted over the next few hours as the bilateral meetings continue, and as we await updates, because we're also expecting, as I mentioned a live news conference, from Donald Trump that's slated, for around 4:00 a.m. Eastern Time. And, one. Other thing Donald Trump sent, a tweet from Singapore, just before meeting Kim jong-eun about, big news from back home the u.s. president's top economic, advisor Larry Kudlow reportedly. Suffered, a heart attack you, may recall yesterday, in an interview on CNN Kudlow accused, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of betraying, the u.s. president, for comments he made at the g7 summit in, tonight's. Tweet Trump said Kudlow is recovering. At a Medical, Center in Maryland and, according to the White House he is in good condition and. Rosemary. I you, have more on the fallout today from those extraordinary, comments. Yesterday and Trump's, tweets yeah, that's how quickly a day goes by so, much happening weigh in what you're covering but along with those insults, that the president threw at Justin Trudeau on Twitter he also added a new threat to Canada this time auto tariffs, it all led to a very public display of solidarity on, Parliament Hill and our Katie Simpson, got some insight, into what's actually happening, behind the scenes. Unity. Is rare in the House of Commons reserved. Mostly, for when the country faces moments, of grave danger times.

Of War a terror, attack all, questions. The Honorable opposition, House leaders today, the, trade dispute, for the United States joined, that list we, are all Canadians, first and we will stand with Canadian, workers and the families impacted by this escalating, trade war while, Canadians, stand together President. Trump stands alone mr., speaker will the government work with all parties in this house to, present a unified response to. Trump. The. Gesture, of respect, was gratefully, accepted, we will always stand with Canadian workers and thank our colleagues opposite for their support cross-party. Support may, become crucial as, Ottawa, prepares, for the worst case scenario, senior. Government sources, tell CBS News officials. Are drawing up a list of ways for Canada, to retaliate, if Donald, Trump follows, through on his threat to impose new tariffs, on Canada, the, White House is considering, additional, 25%. Tariffs, on imported, vehicles on top, of the tariffs already, in place on steel, and aluminum, sources. Say one way Canada, could fight back is by, putting even more tariffs. On more, American, goods President. Trump can go off and have, his tantrums, and say what he wants, we, shouldn't respond, to it I think it's beneath. Sources. Say the Prime Minister will now try to bring a level of professionalism. Back to the trade talks but, the open hostility, is a point of embarrassment for, some Americans, I'm, gonna say one thing Trump. The. Day after, his profaned, announcement, of the u.s. president actor, Robert, De Niro was in Toronto with, this message for Canadians, I just. Ottawa. Is not expecting, any apologies. From the White House, Canada's, focus now will be to try to prevent any new tariffs, from being imposed the, Foreign Affairs Minister will lead that effort when she heads to Washington later this week, Katie, Simpson, CBC News Ottawa. It's. Not just Canadian officials, and businesses, worrying, about this escalating, trade dispute have, a look at what the US Chamber, of Commerce sent. Out today basically, it's a big red flag the, number of US jobs it says are at risk thanks. To the Trump administration here's, the first one six, hundred and twenty-four thousand, that's how many American jobs could be lost if Trump does go ahead with those auto tariffs, again according to the US Chamber of Commerce four, hundred and seventy thousand, they say the number of American jobs already, under threat because of those steel and aluminum tariffs Trump, imposed those on most countries now including, Canada and the big one one. Point eight million, that's, how many jobs top US business leaders say will be lost in the first year, alone if Trump, walks away from NAFTA okay. So if those numbers don't move Trump or or worried anyone, maybe these images, will this, map it's been doing the rounds on social media, shows how many states rely most on Canada, when it comes to importing goods there's about fourteen of them and these, are the states for, which Canada, is their number, one partner, for exports, more than half of all US states, sell, the bulk of what they sell to Canada. One. Canadian who knows the president personally former, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Mulrooney as you probably remember negotiated. Both the original Canada, u.s. free trade deal and NAFTA and he's, had been advising the government this time around I caught up with him today for his thoughts on the, White House's attacks, on Justin, Trudeau. I know. That the government called you yesterday for some advice though and they've been and you've been helping them so what it, seems like things are, deteriorating. Very quickly so what are you what kinds of things would you tell them to do well these are Lakes. Serious. Summer squalls, and, they. Come on you abruptly, and they. Dissipate. Just as quickly, serious, I think, it's serious but. Because, it's serious doesn't mean it's lethal, so. I think we've got a. Great. Relationship, and. We've had it for a hundred and fifty years and. I think that we'll have ups. And downs like this but things. Will improve well you know mr. Trump pretty bow what's your sense of what, part.

I Wasn't, there so I you know I think you'd have to have been there to see the. Dynamics. Of it I I don't, know what. I saw the product Prime Minister Trudeau say that. Was I thought fairly, benign and. Certainly. Didn't warrant, any. Attack. Because. In all mr. Trudeau was going was in, the rather gentle way was articulating. The. Position, of his, government which. Would be the position of any Canadian government, in these circumstances. So. I don't, view it as lethal I think. These are these. Are things that come and go would, you revise them to refrain from responding. In kind. Our. Side oh, absolutely. They're. Just not and get it get engaged with them well, we shouldn't, engage on these things you. Can't win that kind of a contest do, you think the retaliatory, measures, make sense yes, I do, somebody. In this business somebody puts. A tariff on your products, you put a tariff on theirs, now. How. Its received and the other side is is. Something, else but that's. Life so, do, we just have to be patient I've spent or what liquid we just wait for him to come back no I think the reason this. Will take its normal course this. Is international, negotiations. And they. Have their abs and flows and, and. This is an AB but you admit this is unlike anything you've seen before, I've. Never seen language like this least of all from. Subordinates. Of the president, directed. At. The prime minister, of their greatest friend and Ally this. I've never seen before, you, have nor has anybody else. Well. Hernia later told a small crowd at the event he was trying to get to when I bothered him that negotiating. A free-trade agreement with a protectionist, administration. Is quote pretty tough and he suggested Prime Minister Trudeau wait until after those talks in Singapore, to, give the president a call. There. Was a moment, of political, compassion. Today in a situation, that was growing more desperate, it was Spain saying, yes where Italy, and Malta had said no Spain. Agreed to take a ship packed with more than six hundred migrants. Each one rescued, from the Mediterraneans. Deadly, waters as Margaret. Evans explains as, the number of new arrivals, grows so. Does resentment. Within Europe. Cries. In the darkness, on, a journey that, will already have been full of Horrors, second. Line. Rescuers. Struggling, to see and. Bring to safety, panicked, souls in the water one by one. This. Was one of six separate, rescue, operations, off the, coast of Libya over the weekend, according. To those aboard, the Aquarius. The rescue, ship run by Doctors, Without Borders and, SOS. Mediterranean. There. Is not enough room more. Than 600. People on a vessel with, a capacity, for 500. A week. Is. A huge operation. And, one that takes its direction, from the maritime, coordination. Center in Rome but. Italy's, new rulers, came to power promising. To put an end to the country's migrant, crisis, and this, was their opening, salvo. Refusing. The Aquarius, permission. To dock, Malta. To refused, to take the ship leaving. It stuck at sea until Spain. Intervened. It's a welcome, development and. A great display of solidarity, from. Spain, with. Refugees. But. Italy's, new interior, minister, saw, it as a show of solidarity with, Italy, he says he'll deport, more migrants my, problem I see solved, the problem has been solved, thanks to the generosity of the Spanish government who's sailing the, European, Union, cannot, go on this way. Italy. Has become the main entry, point for migrants, crossing from, North Africa to Europe, Roland, resents, its EU partners, for, refusing, to share the burden ad, agencies, agree it's not fair but, say that can't trump a humanitarian. Response, what, we're calling for is the priority to be put on you. Know the people on board and, the. People that are forced to make the sort of dangerous, crossing in the first place and. None of this addresses, the question of what happens, when the next boat is rescued, and the, one after that. And the one after that. Market. Every CBC, News London. So. How dangerous, is it to attempt to reach Europe this way well the central Mediterranean, is considered, the deadliest migrant, route in the world more than, 14,000.

Deaths Have been recorded, there since 2014, two. Years ago one out of every 88, migrants, attempting the, crossing, died last. Year the odds worsened, to one in 36. So, far this year, 785. People, have died a number, doomed, to grow. Still. Ahead tonight on the national a raging, fire in BC, claims the lives of a parent and child, and leaves 70, people out of their homes and a little later a broken, hip needs to be treated fast, why doctors say waiting too long is putting lives at risk and as, Donald Trump makes history tonight, the national documentary. Looks at the US president's, foreign policy I, consider. It in the end and honor and it has been a liberating, experiment, that honor yes, to be fired an. Honor to, be let, go by, a president, who has shown such, contempt. For, professional, diplomacy. You. Right, we're keeping a close eye on Singapore. Where right now Donald, Trump and Kim jong-eun are meeting, face to face third, visors, present, as well this video taken just a short time ago shows the two sides sitting, down following, a private, one-on-one meeting. So, far the tone has appeared. Cordial. The talks are scheduled to go for another hour or so then there's a working, lunch we'll, be keeping you updated on this historic, summit throughout the night. And. Other news we're watching tonight thousands, of people in Colorado are, being ordered to leave home due, to a fast-moving, wildfire, the, fire has been burning in the southwestern, part of the state for nearly two weeks but today a dangerous, mix gusting, winds and hot, dry weather made, the situation, much worse more, than two thousand homes are, currently under an evacuation order. Once. You're out police are investigating allegations, of, excessive use, of force it, happened during an arrest on Saturday, night and it was caught on tape. So. You can see right there a police officer, pepper spraying, a black man in his car the driver is pulled out he, accuses, the officers, of racism, and when, the person shooting this video questions, police he's pepper sprayed - police. Say the, driver was honking, excessively, and hit an officer's, bike the, driver was arrested and given two tickets police, also say he'll be charged meanwhile, the mayor of Montreal has called the video worrisome. And says, she spoke with the police chief. While. We agreed on both of us is that it was not acceptable, to see those images but, we need to know more. Mayor, Valerie plant says police will decide on the next steps once the investigation, is complete. Back. Here in Canada in North Vancouver a mother and son are dead following an overnight fire, in an apartment complex some, families, were able to escape about, 70, residents got out but their, homes are destroyed and, as you'll hear from Breyer Stewart even those who made it out in time very, nearly did not. For. Those who woke up to the sounds, of screams and sirens, one look at the fire confirmed, just how bad, it was I knew. It was bad because it's, terrifying how would you get out that fast it was so fast. In. The early morning hours the fire quickly tore through this wood frame townhouse, complex, sending, people running, for their lives and trapping. - inside. A mother, and her young son died, when, they couldn't get out of the burning building the, father and older brother from, that same family were able to escape by, jumping from, the second floor the dads all burned all over the shoulders, and his, feet and he lost a few teeth and his, son the oldest son is safe and he told me like how it happened, Dorsett, paid Rood and her mother know the family and spoke to them in the hospital, she says the father jumped, off a balcony and the other son had tried to get his mother and young brother to go out the window with him but in the end he jumped on his own toward, a trampoline, that was below. Moe. Jage enema, bogie said the family had been living in the building for a few years and were originally, from Iran she didn't jump out because of her, son, you know he/she wants to take his son and coming. Out together but the fire locked the door and everywhere, and she's stuck in the fire sixteen, other people, were sent to the hospital this morning and dozens, are now homeless clothing. And donations, are being collected and, distributed fire. Investigators, are looking into how this building burned so quickly, and will stay at the scene for at least a few more days but. The memories, of what this neighborhood experienced. This morning will, last much longer it, was all just so traumatic like I still, can't get the image out of my head like we, were at the hospital and, any noise that I heard was like my, mind just went to like it's the propane tank and the windows exploding, a, terrible. Ordeal that's devastated.

This Neighborhood, and shattered. A family, breyer, stewart cbc news vancouver. Up. Next on the national why doctors, now say a, broken hip should be treated just as urgently, as a heart attack first. Though as Donald Trump puts, America, first where does that leave the rest of the world, Keith Bob takes a closer look at Trump's, foreign policy. If. The American, president, can so easily pull. Out of any agreement, that. Previously. Committed the United States to anything, of what. Value, is, the signature, of the President of the United States. Making. Sense of Donald Trump's foreign policy, is an, exercise. In frustration especially. For. Diplomats, whose wisdom he treats as worthless, tonight. He embraces a despot, days, before he lashed out at allies it's becoming clear that putting. America, first comes, with global stakes and one clear, danger the, CBC's, Keith Pogue examines, how Trump could get in over his head. We. Assembled, here today are. Issuing. A new decree to. Be heard in every city, in every, foreign, capital, and in, every Hall of power in, the very first moments, of his presidency, Donald, Trump with the world on notes from. This day forward. It's. Going, to be only. America. First. America. First. In. The broadest sense every, national, leader has a responsibility. To protect the interests, of the country he or she leads but, Donald Trump seemed. To be warning of more, than that every. Decision on, trade, on, taxes. On immigration. On foreign. Affairs, will. Be made to benefit, American. Workers, and American families. Within, months Trump, made it clear he intended, not only to defend America's. Interests, but, to personally, define, America's, interests, and to do so without regard for foreign policy expertise. And advice or for, the complexity, of international, relations, all. Of us were shocked when we heard that statement. Made and. He. Basically said, and I think the direct, quote was I'm the only, one, who, matters the, one that matters is me I'm the, only one that matters because when it comes to it that's what the policy is going to be you've seen that you've seen it strongly the breathtaking. Quality. Of that beyond, the, autocratic. Tendencies. That's. My I, am, the state. Beyond. That it reveals, the extent of, ignorance. About how, our democratic. System works. Nancy Michael Downey former, US ambassador to, Bulgaria former. Director of the Foreign Service Institute is, just one of a number of senior diplomats, who have left the State Department, because. Of Trump I will. Not be, a part of what this president, is trying to do she, resigned from the State Department, last year as did, former ambassador, to Panama, John feely and now that I'm retired and, out of the service I can say as much, as the underlying, values, and principles, of much. Of this administration's. Foreign policy bother. Me, the. Amateurism, bothers, me quite a bit to the. Accidents, from the State Department, has not been entirely, voluntary. Some, of the most experienced. Diplomats, have been forced out Tom. Country- was Assistant Secretary of State for nonproliferation. He has a deep understanding and, support the, Iran nuclear deal he. Was fired just days after Trump took office I consider. It in the end an honor and it has been a liberating, experience an, honor yes. To be fired an. Honor to, be let, go by a president, who has shown such, contempt. For. Professional, diplomacy, he. Wants. He, wanted then he wants now an amateur, foreign policy, and that's, what he's getting. America's. Allies seem perplexed and, uncertain, about how to read truck, the French have experimented. With flattery, and cadeau Larry. When, a manual macro visited, Washington, in April both he and Trump seemed, to bend over backwards for each other in fact I'll get that little piece of dandruff oh they.

Came In here and he did indeed flatter and they had all of the pomp and circumstance. Of a of. A marvelous state dinner this, is this. Very special, relationship. The next day he went and, gave a, speech, to, the. Congress. Of the United States for, maybe. A day or two a number, of folks around the world and analysts she thought uh-huh, he, figured it out as long as you flatter him personally. You, can kind of get away with, the other stuff but the specific, thing macron wanted, was for Trump to agree to keep America, in the multilateral, agreement, over Iran's nuclear, program, but nothing Mike Ross said appears, to have mattered. He. Barely left the city when Trump made his decision, I am announcing today that, the United States will. Withdraw from. The Iran, nuclear. Deal, the u.s. didn't withdraw it. Violated, the agreement doesn't, say you come withdraw it, says you can respect, the agreement, or you can violate it and this president chose to violate it so the money energy. As he a few, days ago Iran's, supreme leader said, he'd ordered an increase. In uranium enrichment, capacity in, case, Trump's decision led to the complete collapse of the nuclear agreement as, Trump's, critics had predicted his decision, seems to have given a boost to, the most reactionary, forces, in Iraq if. A trump doctrine, is taking, shape, it looks more like withdrawing. The u.s. from the world than anything else in 18. Months Trump has pulled out of the trans-pacific, partnership and. Said he'll do the same with the Paris climate change Accord, he's, declared he might pull out of NAFTA, and begun, reversing, the u.s. opening, to Cuba his. Decision, to impose tariffs, on his allies in Europe and Canada is viewed, by many even in the US as an outrage. His. Senior economic, advisor warns, that the u.s. might not respect, the institutions. Of the global economy that the u.s. led the world in creating, international. Multilateral, organizations. Are not going to determine, American policy, all, of that will confirm to Kim what Trump has said that, he is the only one who matters, he sets the policy he, is the deal maker and the, deal breaker it, will be hard for me to argue to any country, on earth that they should sign. A bilateral or, a multilateral. Agreement with the United States if. The American, president, can so easily pull, out of any agreement, that. Previously. Committed the United States to anything, of what. Value, is the. Signature of the President of the United States the, president of the United States has as much information and, expertise, about the world available to him as anyone, in the world he has direct access to other world leaders their, thoughts and advice it. All comes with the job the Turks have a great sort. Of proverb, and it it, goes the. Head that wears the crown grows. Smarter. Meaning. That as you take on responsibilities. Most people rise up to. That responsibility. And they, become more judicious, and more prudent I believe. What we're seeing with, Donald Trump is the exact, opposite, he's, been very open about the fact that he, doesn't read he's, not interested, in history he's, not even, getting the basic, information, that most presidents, do through the intelligence, briefings, that are provided, daily in fact Trump said as recently as Thursday, that he thought that attitude. Is more important, than preparation, for, his meeting with Kim I think I'm very well prepared I don't think I have to prepare very much it's about attitude. It's about willingness. To get, things done but I think I've been preparing for this summit for a long time as. The. Other side. Preparing, for a long time also so this, isn't a question of preparation, it's a question of whether or not people wanted to happen and we'll, know that very quickly Secretary. Of State Mike Pompeo, only, a month and a bit into his job has been preparing, meeting, with Kim and making. Sure Kim understands. What Trump will be looking for when they meet what a real denuclearization.

Agreement. Would mean when I spoke with him I could not have been clearer about the, scope of the verification, work that would be required all of the elements that. Would be necessary, in order for America. To understand. That there had been real, denuclearization. But. The president, still has to be prepared for what's unknowable. When. President Ronald Reagan, met Soviet, leader Mikhail Gorbachev. At wreak havoc in 1986. To talk arms control and always after mr. Reagan, expected, to talk about arms reduction but Gorbachev, surprised, him with a proposal to eliminate all nuclear weapons within, 10 years it didn't happen, possibly, because, Reagan was caught off guard it was, a lesson in how unpredictable, leader-to-leader, summits. Can be a lesson, learned by a young State Department, staff member with Reagan Nancy, Michael Downey there's, always a surprise there's, always a twist there's, always something that you didn't think through and you do have to think on your feet. From. Staunchest, supporters have, allowed themselves to believe that, simply by meeting with Kim jong-un Trump, has put himself in line for a Nobel Prize a small, group of House Republicans has nominated him, for the honor and Trump, is not discouraged, any of it as Trump, himself would say we'll, see what happens it, would be foolish to bet against it in, these extraordinary, times. He. Spoke CBC, News Washington. That. Helped me understand the past few days just ahead new research highlights a risk to seniors, there is a push to treat, broken, hips with the same urgency as a heart attack with. A large bone. Broken you can get a blood clot and, get pneumonia you can have a heart attack. First. Though as we go to break a look at an investigation. You'll see here tomorrow night on the National. The. Story begins with the plan to show you how easy, it might be to break the law in the, name of making a point all, right you take mines enjoy. Look. Like Indian status cards, are being passed off is the real thing, to secure tax breaks merchants.

Don't Know the laws so, they'll take anything that you know being pretty sanded for the, Government of Canada does not recognize this card as being legitimate for, tax exemptions, our. Card is not a tax cut these, are all fake cards every single one of them the cards are one concern, those using, them quite another because, many rely, on DNA, tests, that, raise questions of, their own in. Any way does, this call into, question the, legitimacy. In, your mind of, anyone, in your membership, no the, card carriers, tomorrow, on the National. Researchers. In Ontario, are warning that current guidelines for hip fracture surgery, can lead to dangerous complications, even an increased, risk of dying they're, proposing changes, they say could save many lives Christine, Barack, explains why, the risks, are so great. Excellent. Excellent. I can't, complain for, someone who just fractured, her hip Jerry, Clark is feeling pretty good she, fell five days ago in a coffee shop I've, made a terrible, terrible noise, I knew something, had broken that's for sure. Clark, underwent, hip surgery, just a few hours after, arriving in hospital, making, her one of the lucky ones a new. Study has found two-thirds. Of patients in Ontario, don't receive the urgent, surgery within 24, hours and, that can have serious, consequences, after. A hip fracture, 35. Percent of patients die within one year because, when you're waiting around with. A large bone. Broken you can get a blood clot and, get pneumonia, you can have a heart attack so, these are the kinds, of things that were happening and they're not necessarily the. Result of the fracture. But. The result of waiting, around, Canadian. Guidelines say patients, should wait no longer than 48, hours. Ahead. The study author says changing, that recommendation, to 24, could, save lives and, this cardiologist. Agrees to, a large extent it's, tends to be at much older patients, who don't have a strong voice so they would typically wait longer. At, 90, Clarke received hip surgery in less than six hours as part of an international study, called hip, attack it, treats these patients, with the same urgency as someone who's had a heart attack freeing.

Up Space and staff, in the emergency, room so we're trying to reverse this and see okay what if we actually really, treat this like a heart attack or stroke and we, really quickly reverse this can we then substantially, improve the outcomes because the outcomes are terrible but. Ontario researchers, found wait, times for hip surgery, largely, depend, on which hospital, you go to and how, that emergency, room and doctors. Prioritize. Patients. In pain are very. Very grateful I was. Done so quickly yeah. Absolutely. It. May have even saved her life, Kristine. Burak CBC News Hamilton. Ontario. Remember. You can get more from the National every afternoon in your inbox, the National today is our newsletter, we take you inside our journalism, and, then dive into some other stories that we find interesting today it was India's deadly, rumor mill how fake, stories, on social media are triggering, hysteria, and claiming, lives subscribe. At CBC News CA slash the National. On. The, National tonight we're keeping an eye on Singapore. A historic, summit between Donald Trump and kim jeong-hoon, underway. Here they are about an hour ago giving, a little wave before heading into a meeting with their advisers we. Will be watching it all night on the National, also. Donald Trump's former campaign chief Paul Manafort will be back in court on Friday on, charges of, witness tampering at the same time a hearing will be held over whether his bail conditions should. Be revoked which means he could be sent to jail the, latest charges against Manta for it will filed last week by special counsel robert muller who's, in charge of the russia investigation. Also. Tonight the Vatican says Pope Francis, has accepted, the resignations. Of three Chilean bishops it's, fallout from a sex abuse scandal, that has rocked the, Catholic Church in Chile the, clergy there is accused, of covering up sexual abuse, cases, last, month the Pope promised, Chileans, affected, by abuse that the, church would never again ignore them.

And. One, month after being fired by the Toronto Raptors Dwane Casey has a new job the Detroit Pistons announced. Today they've, hired him as their new head coach their, reports he signed a five-year deal with, the team Casey, was fired as the Raptors head coach after this year's disappointing, playoff run but, he left as the most successful, coach in Raptors, history. Well. President Trump and his advisers recent, comments, about trade have put this strain, on US Canada relations some, Americans, are actually finding reasons to, thank us which makes us feel good the hashtag thanks Canada, is trending, on Twitter has been all day we reached out to some Americans, and their message is our moment. Thanks. For being such a great neighbor and such a great friend, to us. I'm. So grateful for their, brothers and sisters your. Sensibility. Creativity. And genuine. Kindness is so much appreciated. Thanks Canada for your majestic, Canadian, Rockies and how, well you treat your visitors, and take care of your beautiful country thanks Canada, for all the kids in the hall for, Leonard Cohen Steve Yzerman thanks. Canada, for dealing with our temper tantrums and loving us through it Thank You Canada for my grandfather, Francis, O'Donnell who, was born in, Edmonton. Alberta and, thank, you also for poutine. Thank you for being a great neighbor we, love you. Well. You're welcome, this. Really started, when American. Music critic David, wild on Sunday was watching. This sort of that the fury, on the Sunday morning talk show is about Trump and Trudeau and a few hours after those shows just decided to tweet, out the suggestion, that his American, neighbors, start. Thanking, Canada, and they trending, hashtag, was born see, though that was really nice to listen to I was kind of hoping that the video would go on and on because I heard thanks, to for a Steve Yzerman Leonard, Cohen for the Rockies I was thinking what about thanks, for poutine. Thanks. For great, bagels, that. You. Just wanted them to thank the things that you like is based on. I. Send to a very tense weekend, I'm not sure it's gonna change anything but, we, can revel in their admiration for us for 24 hours although that story's already like yesterday's, news with everything that's happening now anyway.

That's The national for June 11 good night good night. You.

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