The National for Sunday, August 19, 2018 — B.C. wildfires and deadly flooding in India

The National for Sunday, August 19, 2018 — B.C. wildfires and deadly flooding in India

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On. This Sunday night this year of, extreme, weather just gets worse here at home and around the world we're. On the ground in BC, this summer's wildfire. Season, is now one of the most devastating on, record plus, flooding. In India, there's been nothing like it in nearly a hundred years. Desperate. Rescue efforts are underway in Kerala, also, tonight. Maybe it's the me to effect a new film starring, disgraced, actor, Kevin Spacey it. Didn't exactly have a grand opening. Total. Take for the weekend, dozens. Of dollars, that's it this, is the National. Tonight. The air across BC is hot and smoky, the vast woodlands, is dry as tinder, four. Days into, a state of emergency the. Wildfires. Are ravenous. This. Map drives home the staggering, size of the problem that telltale. Red, spells, extreme, danger, for huge swaths of the province, the, largest, fire of note is the shovel Lake wildfire, it's nearly 15. Times, the size of Manhattan if you will and it's located, due, west of Fort st. James the, CBC's, refuge akane and starts our coverage in a, community, on edge, so. Far fire fighters have contained, the flames about, an hour away from Fort, st. James, but, for many that's too close for comfort, more, than a thousand, people have already left, the town and the surrounding area. Including more, than 300, people from glass then nation now confined, to hotel, accommodations. Two hours from home, for. Those who have stayed behind in fort st. James there are lots of questions about whether they will be forced to leave for. Fire officials, getting an answer is not always easy, not, when all this smoke hampers, their usual, methods, if we're unable to use our helicopters. Or our aircraft, to find the fire perimeter, we do our best to estimate the, size of the wildfire and we can do that with infrared, heat scanning, our crews are able to take GPS, tracks from the ground but, given the large size, of this wildfire it, can be difficult to get the complete perimeter, mapped, every single day some. Residents, have chosen to battle their stress by helping, the people beating, back the flames, Stacey. Bowman, could not believe her eyes when she saw the living conditions, of one group fighting fires they were sleeping. On the arena floor some. Of them have mats some of them are on concrete they. Were living off of granola bars so. She set, to work with some friends to give them better options, for food and accommodations. While. Residents feed, their protectors, others, work on starving, the fires we've. Rolled out one of the biggest mass water sprinkler, cannon systems, that North America has ever seen for municipal, protection, we're here to create an, impenetrable, barrier. Around. This, town if. That, barrier holds, it will help calm nerves in a town that's never seen fire threats, like it has in the past two years I think we need to do some interface, work and get, rid of that dead down material, that kind of encircles, our community, and reduce.

The Fire hazard and just put the citizens, minds, at ease the, whole province may need to ponder those protective, measures once, it gets a handle on the hundreds, of fires now burning. Rafflesia. Canyon CBC News 14, games this. We know is true where there is fire there's, smoke, a monstrous. Suffocating. Cloak that makes breathing, a hazard, it's giving BC some, of the world's, worst air, so. Right now colonna's, air contains, more, particulate. Matter than, what they're breathing in jodhpur, india a city the World Health Organization. Consistently. Ranks near, the bottom on a bad, day, the air quality index reaches, 183. There that's considered, moderately. Polluted. Kelowna now sits at 283. Which, makes it heavily, polluted now. The scale tops out at about 500. And in the past some, Chinese cities have exceeded, that but today China, has nothing, on Kelowna, as that. Cloak of smoke. Spreads, throughout, British Columbia and beyond it's clogging lungs and grounding. Planes the CBC's, I need a bath shows, us the impact. The. Smell of campfire, fills the air across much of British, Columbia, the, sky is hazy, and the famous views, are hard to make out you, live in a mountain town accounts, Mountains in, the Kootenai, region air quality, maybe the worst in the province, reaching, what's considered, hazardous levels. Hard. To, do. All the things we love outdoors, and. The. Smoke has forcing, people to change their plans that, was actually I suppose go mountain biking this morning there's, no way you just can't the air is no better in BC's Okanagan, visibility. Is so poor flights, have been grounded. To. Triathlons. Have also been canceled athletes. Came from as far away as Brazil. And Australia only, to be met with disappointment, halfway. Through. Impossible. To compete in these conditions it's, you can't say more than four or five hundred meters in front of yourself racers, say they could taste burnt, wood in the air similar. To the Blade Runner movies. Well. It's just the, world is covered in smoke that, BC smoke has pushed East to Alberta and Saskatchewan, hazy, skies forced, an early end to calgary's, ride to conquer cancer. I don't, want to put myself at risk for. Potential. Effects. Riding, in those conditions. Participants. Were supposed to pedal more than a hundred kilometers, halfway, through they, waited at a rest stop for buses to pick them up. Under. These conditions, masks, are common, sight but doctors, say they create a false sense of security.

Surgical. Masks don't, actually, block. Particle. Matter, the. Worry is breathing, in this air day after, day could, lead to dire health problems, long term a reprieve. Is unlikely, though the smoke is expected, to get even thicker in the days to come I need, a bath CBC. News Vancouver. To. India, now where it's not fires but, floods, that are wreaking havoc more, than 350. People have died in the state of Kerala, many of them in the last week as the, region goes through its worst flooding, in almost, a century. Heavy. Rains that began August the 8th have brought landslides. And flash floods that swept away entire, villages in. Some areas the downpour, has been more than double, that of a typical monsoon, season, over, 800,000. People are displaced, many, now crammed, into relief camps set up across the entire state water. Levels, have started. To decrease in some areas, giving rescue, workers a bit of a chance to airlift those stranded. On rooftops and. For, military helicopters, to drop supplies to, those they simply can't reach elsewhere. Soldiers, are clearing, debris and building, makeshift, roads. What's. Happening, in India is being felt here in Canada today across the country many, celebrated, India's Independence, Day while also stepping. Up to help Natalina. Now ski as that. Errand. Sippy is sending some of the money he earns serving, doses back. To India this is a place where I work and I some of my friends to donate something so that I can send to some, of the guys volunteering, over there this. Restaurant, owner is doing the same he's. Been watching his floodwaters. Destroyed, the town where, he owns a home, he's. Completely, almost. Imaged. In the water my friends, and family Saturday, night I contacted. And, they, were all sheltering. In a nearby house, which is on the high plains. Many. In the state of Kerala have been airlifted, out while. Others, have been forced, to cross dangerous. Rapids there's. An abundance of water but. None of it is clean, enough to drink. Toronto's. Global medic is sending water purification. Systems, to, prevent diseases, like cholera and, typhoid, they're already gonna be immunocompromised because. They're displaced because of the flooding and there's a really high chance, that they're gonna die because of the disease so, it's critical, the, road to recovery, will be long rice. And coffee plantations. Have been completely, wiped out India's. Consular, general and Canada, says, help is needed it's. Really unfortunate that kayla has to go through this this year has been unprecedented rains, anybody, wants to continue, there's a CMC penis, is really fun and also the Prime Minister Relief Fund India's. Prime Minister, toured the area by air and promised. To increase, aid while. Canada's, Prime Minister, tweeted his condolences, yesterday, in Canada. There are about a hundred and fifty thousand, people from Kerala, many, have mounted, a petition, asking Ottawa, to step in and send, aid, Natalina. Now ski CBC. News Toronto. So. With the water starting, to recede in some areas just look, at what was left on one bridge. A massive. Amount of plastic garbage and debris that had been filling the river was, spat back out by the floodwaters but, here's, the kicker in order to clear the roads trucks. Carry the garbage away but not far they, dumped it right back, into the river angering. People online who, are worried this, will just continue to pollute and, clog the waterways, now. To a different, mess of political, one in Washington, where, Rudy Giuliani doesn't, want his client, the US president, taking, part in Robert Wohlers investigation. But. A White House lawyer there since the beginning of Donald Trump's time in office reportedly. Has been, talking to Muller the CBC's, Paul hunter as that tonight. After. A weekend, at his Golf Resort in New Jersey the, question, shouted, at Donald Trump was about a White House lawyer.

Now. Known to have spent 30, hours telling. All he, knows of Trump to, special prosecutor, Robert Muller Trump. Waved it off his, personal, lawyers spoke for him on Muller's investigation. They don't have a single bit of evidence what's more said, Rudy Giuliani when. There are conflicting, versions, of events say Trump's. And someone, else's what's, true. Depends. On who's telling it a concept. That left journalist Chuck Todd. Gobsmacked. I, don't. Know. It isn't truth truth isn't truth the president United States says I didn't. Truth is a truth mr., mayor do you realize what I. Know. Thus. As a kind, of echo to the term alternative, facts. Comes, truth, isn't, truth all, of it after, the New York Times reported, this man White, House lawyer dawn McGann has indeed, cooperated. Extensively with. The Muller inquiry, with. The permission, of the president, Trump. Reportedly, believed McGann would. Defend him but says, The Times McGann, who said to have labeled Trump King, Kong, worried. The president, would turn on him so he testified, to protect himself in, a tweet Trump, slammed The Times article as fake. Adding. McGann, was allowed to talk because I have, nothing to hide Trump. Likened, Muller to Joe McCarthy, the discredited, 1950s. Senator who persecuted. Suspected, communists. In America, the, Moller inquiry wrote Trump is, McCarthyism. At its worst the. Big question, remains will. Trump, himself sit, down with Muller I'm not gonna be rushed into having, him testify, so that he gets trapped into perjury. Whatever. The impact of McGann's, testimony, adrien it seems clear he told investigators, plenty. Reportedly. Including. Stuff Trump's, personal lawyers. Know nothing, about all of it with the potential to hurt or, help. The, President and. I guess Paula I mean of course Muller, and McGann are, hardly the only people on Trump's mind this, weekend, I guess, Paul manna Ford is occupying, some territory, there, yeah you know it never stops down here jury's back tomorrow, just across the river in Virginia, for a third day of deliberations in. Paul Manafort trial, on tax, and bank fraud mana fort was of course Trump's campaign manager for some. Of the time that Robert Muller is investigating. But these charges are not a part of the Russia allegations. Per, se still, given. Trump's constant, tweets that Muller is on a witch-hunt Trump, will be watching, carefully for whatever the jury decides if, mana, 4 is found guilty it, sure take a lot of the wind out of trumps criticism, of Muller but if mana, forts found not guilty it's. Just the opposite, and, you can bet Trump would take full advantage of it on Twitter and beyond. That said whatever happens in this trial mana fort faces another trial later this year on more serious, charges we're observers, note there is significantly. More evidence. Against, him than there is in this one bottom, line jury's. Back at it in the morning Adrienne, as you say Paul it never ends Paul hunter in Washington, thanks yeah. Some. Of the other stories were tracking, tonight starting, with the celebration, in Winnipeg's Pakistani, community amidst. A political, controversy. Diversity. And multiculturalism, as Canadian, identity oh we're just here to promote diversity and culture multiculturalism. The. Event marked, Pakistan's, Independence, Day which was earlier this week in a park named, for Pakistan's, modern founder it's the same Park Conservative. MP Maxine Bernier singled, out in a tweet last week as an example of what he called extreme. Multiculturalism. Days. Later the park sign was vandalized. Torn, down tonight. People from all cultural, backgrounds, were invited, organizers. Say for a celebration, of diversity. My.

Feeling, Was secure a 50/50. And brazil's. Government is sending troops to a town near the venezuela, border after this clash yesterday. Residents. Attacked, venezuela, migrants, just fleeing their country's economic chaos, the. Violence erupted after. A local store owner was beaten, that, attack was, blamed on the migrants. Yikes. Well that's the scene of a scary crash that halted, an IndyCar race in Pennsylvania, today and it involved, a Canadian, driver. The. CBC's, renee pitts with pony watch is developing, stories for the national on Sunday so Renee whoa what the heck happened here well, agent the racing world was on edge today at the Pocono, Raceway and, it all unfolded. In the early stages of the race that's when Robert, Wiccans pulled up beside American, Ryan hunter-reay as they, were headed into the second turn on the lap and neither, driver would back down and that's when the cars touched wheels setting, off that chain reaction, of events and, Wiccans, car spun. 360. Degrees into the fence and a number, of other drivers were also injured, here, is one driver explaining. What it was like to be on that course, I just. Saw a lot of smoke ahead I was in the middle of the corner behind his head we, hadn't made a decent start in the race and was, just so full of smoke and when I saw I was going. To. Inch head-on, and I have to slam the brakes and try to get low. Crashes. Like these are so hard to look at what do we know about Wiccans, condition, now well. He was airlifted to hospital and, officials say he is awake and responsive and, suffered orthopedic. Injuries, which means broken, bones but they didn't say to what, extent, now the safety, cell which the drivers are enclosed, in remained intact, which is likely, what protected, him the, 29 year old from Guelph Ontario actually. Just got a permanent spot on the indie circuit this year even won the Indianapolis, 500 Rookie, of the Year award, today's, crash also injured, his teammate, and fellow Canadian, James Hinchcliffe, he. Was able to walk away from the car but Adrian, this track has made news before three. Years ago driver, Justin, Wilson died, from, a head injury following a race at Pocono when, a piece of debris from a crash bounced. Off the track and hit, him in the head, terrible. Rene Philip Oni and Vancouver, Thanks so. Here's. A look at what else were working on tonight on the national the, new definition, of a box office bomb Kevin. Spacey's, first flick after allegations of sexual assault makes, just a couple hundred, dollars on opening weekend Plus, 76. Years after the failed allied, raid on Dieppe we, hear from the grandson, of a vet who, wants to make sure memories. Of the war are preserved. And. One. Of 600. Shipwrecks, in Canadian waters is, finally. Being cleaned up 30 years after. It went down. Seals. Were dying on the ice birds. Were dying that. Hundreds, hundreds, of not just Wheatley untold. More. Than three decades after, its sank, a shipwreck, off the coast of Newfoundland is finally, getting cleaned, up the, Manila cell went down in 1985, but, only began leaking fuel, following. A storm just, five years ago, that. Pollution, poses, a threat to the fragile ecosystem and, a local economy, that depends on it so now more, than a hundred people from across Canada, and the US are on site, to help pump the oil out, the. CBC's, Chris O'Neill yeats joined, the Coast Guard for a first-hand view of the operation, near, change islands, and the provinces, northern, coast. In. This idyllic corner, of Canada the sea is life the. Engine that drives everything, work, and play the, fishery and tourism, people, from all over Canada, and the US keep boats here, for. Five years Carolyn. Parsons, has been fighting Ottawa, to, remove the oil in the rusting ship seals, were dying on the ice birds. Were dying that. Hundreds, hundreds, of hundreds wheat untold I mean that's just what we saw and you know there's a lot of the area that is not inhabited, right sitting. On the ocean floor 70, meters below the, Manolos. El with. Some. 150,000, liters of oil still inside, a leaking. Time bomb threatening. Marine life an industry. The. Salvage vessel sits, above the wreckage, over. The next four weeks its crew will complete the delicate, task of, pumping, that oil off the sunken ship. The. Coast Guard invited us along to show how it's being done it's. Important. To. The people. That live here the stakeholders, the local communities, and to. Ease their mind on.

The. Risk that it prove it exposes. Them to in their economy, and their livelihood they're, relying on remotely operated, vehicles, to attach hoses, to the ship to, pump the oil out, divers. Were just too risky but, it limits, the time. That you can spend on the bottom the amount of work that can be achieved be achieved in a specific day but, also there's a larger risk Coast. Guard vessels standby. At the ready they've, got equipment to capture any oil that might leak into the water during the removal process, they. Definitely played a large role in us being here today the. Operation, will cost fifteen, million dollars, and should, be completed, in roughly four weeks. Parsons. Is breathing a sigh of relief knowing. Their campaign, paid, off, we're. Feeling really good about the work we've done and we're, really pleased that it's, going ahead finally. After three, decades the. Threat of oil fouling this magnificent. Stretch of coastline will, be no more chris, o'neill yates cbc news of change. Islands, Newfoundland. The. Manoa cell isn't, the only derelict. Ship sullying, Canada's, coastlines, in fact, there are an estimated, 600. Abandoned, vessels polluting, our waterways, last, fall the Liberal government introduced, a bill that would for the first time make, it explicitly, illegal, to abandon boats, if the bill becomes law, Ottawa, will be able to go after the owners individuals. Can face fines up, to $300,000. And six months, in jail, corporations. Can be fined as much as six million dollars. Next. On the national to stories, about people, seeking, safety and community. First the, LGBTQ. Advocates, who spent their lives fighting, for their rights who, are now worried, about having to go back into the closet in old, age then. Meet, the indigenous youth finding, a path and the passion, in an extreme, and exciting, news. You. Feel good when you on. Top a horse I'll, make. All the time through even if I'm just at home I'm riding. Around in the field I can just picture myself like, in the track or something a big, crowd. Means. Everything to me. Thousands. Of spectators lining. The streets of Montreal and what organizers say is the, largest Pride Parade in the french-speaking world. Today's festivities cap. Off two weeks of LGBTQ. Celebrations. Throughout, the city among. The politicians marching, Prime, Minister Justin Trudeau we, need to talk about acceptance. We need to talk about openness, we need to talk about friendship, we need to talk about love not, just tolerance. Indeed. LGBTQ. Canadians, have fought long and hard for equality, in this country but the gains they've made don't, last for, everyone, and many worry that as they, get older, they're actually, losing ground, earlier. This summer our Nick burden met up with three seniors who fear that in order, to get the care they need going, forward they. May just have to hide their, pride, it's. My name, well David Bedell. And. Who am I, well. I'm an older gay man. I'm, having a hard time I guess making that transition to, from. Being. Young to. Being old when. I'm dreaming I'm young, to. My dreams I'm young when. You look in the mirror what do you see I see. An old man. I see, somebody that I didn't want to become. I'm. Not afraid of dying, I'm. What. I'm afraid of is the time from now until, the, time that I do die. And. The. Way I see it right now I. Going. Into a seniors, home it's. It's. It's not going to be easy and it doesn't it's.

It's. Not gonna be any fun I mean do you worry that people might treat you differently because you're gay I do. And. I think it's like would be unjustified. What. Is the worry. Isolation. That, they won't accept me. Imagine. Feeling that at the end of your life. Now. One of the problems and seniors will tell you this is that you become more and more invisible as you age, that's, why Leslie Lee kam does whatever she can to be seen I am a very, proud queer. Dyke, as you can see I wear my Dyke Kisha proudly. And this. Is my buddy Lily, who. Goes everywhere, with me especially I want to show you on. The. Dance floor. Leslie. Is a youthful 64. And one, of the things Lily her cane does for her his remind, Leslie, of the time she spent in a Toronto rehab hospital. A couple, of years ago this. One nurse came. In and said. To me look at you you're a mess. It's. Bad, enough that you're, one of those and, now I have to come and clean you up and, it. Was humiliating. Because I, had, no control and, I had to totally depend, on her and for. The whole time she was cleaning, me she kept making homophobic. Remarks. Saying you know you know you don't have a husband. You don't have children, where. Do you think you're gonna go in life. It's. It's, bringing tears to my eyes just thinking, about it if. I'm there for good health gates shouldn't matter who I am, right. What my sexual, orientation, is that, shouldn't matter when you provided, me health care, listening. To Leslie I can't help but wonder why ER and LGBT, seniors protesting. Well. Leslie points, out that it wasn't until 1969. That. It was even legal to be gay in this country, so. If you're 70 years old today, you remember, that many. Of us are afraid because we have been so, stigmatized for, so many years, at this age those. Of us who are 55, and 60 plus our, still, afraid to speak out we. Are people just like everybody else, but we have led, such, stressful. Lives and some of us still do we. Don't have the support systems, that straight, seniors, have in place and that's, why we are going back into the closet, after. Struggling to come out LGBT. Seniors get, to the end of their lives and face a horrible choice we. Are having to decide. Whether. We want to come out and be our whole selves, or, we. Want to get good health care would, you ever go back into the closet never. Never. Nope. It's. Gonna be a fight to the end. But. Here's the thing Leslie's. Not fighting by herself over. The years many of people in our LGBT, community have been wounded they've been wounded because they've been discriminated against. That's Brian Hobbs in, 69, retired. In. His passion today is to make people aware of the discrimination, that LGBT seniors, face going into care, everyone. In this seminar either works or volunteers, with senior and they might feel threatened, to come here and be part of things or and, they might hide they might pretend to be straight. And they're not the, reason Brian does this is deeply personal and it actually starts way back in high school the last when he was left to eat alone in the cafeteria every day. Nobody. Looked at me not even the teachers they walk past. And it's, like it didn't exist. What. If the same thing happened in a residence, what. If people. Didn't welcome me at their table what. If I was the one who sat alone at a table in the corner of the room at. 79. So. That happened, to me when I was a teenager but. I sure don't want it to happen again, when I'm a senior, and. In care. In. The seminar to help workers understand, that fear Brian. Uses an anecdote, that happened just a few months ago I, had.

Some Friends who were an. Elderly gay, couple around 80 years old and eventually. One of them became ill and had to be. Placed in a long-term. Care facility and one of the things they asked me was that you know could. You stand in the, doorway and. If. A personal service worker a nurse would go by. Signal. Us. Because. We don't want to be seen holding. Hands, or embracing. You. Know on the bed because. They were afraid if the, nurses caught them doing that they. Would discriminate against, them people. Sometimes say to us, okay. So what do you gays want and. What we want is to be treated with saint's dignity and respect and. Kindness. That, is, accorded, to everybody, else nothing. More than that but nothing less so. Thank you for listening. Brian's, hope is pretty simple that. LGBT seniors, could, be whoever they want to be when they go into long-term care would, you ever go, back into the closet. You, know. I'd. Just be who I am. I'm. Not flamboyant. I'm not I'm. Not one that I I don't think I'm one. That you can pick out on the street and say he there's a he's a fag I. Just. I just feel normal. Fix. Up I'm. Gay. The. Seniors, who are facing what David's up against are the same seniors, who, fought for gay rights for, all generations. It. Seems only fair they, should live how they want in their final years. NIC. Burden CBC, News Toronto. Community. And culture, are at the heart of our next story - but in a very different, way. What. You're seeing here is called, an Indian, relay, race an extreme sport that started, in the US and has now spread to Canada, there's plenty of speed and skill involved but no, saddles, no safety equipment and most jockeys, competing, in the race are under the age of 35, as, Olivia Stefanovic, found the sport is steering. Young riders onto, the track and away, from trouble. I'm. Here to race that's. My goal like warriors, preparing. For battle these. Horse riders keep a cool exterior oh God. As. They mask their jitters with paint then, head to the start line.

In. This relay, riders, make three laps, exchanging. Pointed horses, each, ride is bareback, the. Chaos is captivated. And it's. Indian. Relay has been taking place in the United States for decades but. Only recently, spread up to Canada for the indigenous gains. Now. It's become a weekly gathering of Nations. Fans. Packed the stands even in the cold rain what, makes us very so special, is. The. People in itself everybody's. Trying to win and. There's no fixing, any kind of races like I said the races, these, horses spin, us a couple circles that, guy's going bang. It's, the adrenaline rush I've not, known what's gonna happen, Tyson. Head is the reigning Canadian, champion, he's, training, new riders to take the lead they. Follow me around trim horses and like I said nails, they want to do it and. It's, a good inspiration having, to use do something with their time they're. Always here they, never go you can't can't, even leave them home because they'll find a ride here. Racing, has become a passion for many growing. Interest in this sport is an opportunity, to pass on customary, skills, to young people. Each. And all the boys back home or their eyes and everything well, keeps them out of trouble at least they're working on horses and you know they're going home every night. Making at least I know they're safe. But. The high speed heart thumping really heats can be dangerous. Cal. Jackson, is healing after being run over by a thoroughbred, during, an exchange this. Is what we signed up for you. Have to pay the price you feel good when you on, top a horse actually, make. All the time too even if I'm just at home I'm just riding around in the field I can, just picture myself like, gonna track or something a big, crowd. Mmm. Means. Everything to me I died. Doing this sport, he's. So passionate about Indian, relay because, it prevented, him from getting caught, up in the wrong crowd, giving. Him a purpose, and a new way to connect, with his culture. The. Risks though aren't dampening, enthusiasm. For, this revived, traditional. Sport that, many hope will inspire the, future, Olivia. Stefanovich CBC, News Soto, First Nation. Next. On the national this week's dispatch, for years, after, dramatic, and determined, protests, for democratic, rights in Hong Kong, Sasha Petro sick shows us a movement that is diminished, but, certainly not defeated, I, got. To be. Speak. Louder boldly. And I can't back down because. I am standing for freedom, of expression and, freedom of, press. But. First Kevin, Spacey, hits an all-time career, low, at the box office with billionaire. Boys club. Is. Worth a quarter of a billion dollars. And your lives. Will. Never be the same, it's. One of the last movies, spacey made before, allegations. Of sexual assault maintain, box-office, poison, extensively. Friday's. Theatrical. Release took in just a hundred and, $26, us total. Do you think people really get rich playing, by the rules. You probably remember the scandal broke last year, actor Anthony, Rapp accused, Spacey of, making, unwanted, sexual advances. When rap was just 14, and then, the dominoes fell more, than a dozen other allegations. In the US and in the UK Spacey, was fired from his hit political, drama house of cards and removed. From the Jay paul Getty biopic, all the money in the world replaced, by Canadian, Christopher. Plummer how, much would you pay to release your grandson, if not 17, million dollars, nothing. Nothing. So, back to billionaire, boys club released, on video, on demand a month ago often. An indicator, of low expectations at the box office but that dismal, a hundred, and $26.

Opening, Set, a brand new low the. Number of tickets sold, unlucky. Number 13 in, just 10, theaters, across the u.s. the. Movie made the most in Middletown Connecticut. $45. Over. In Antioch, California just. Nine dollars given, the average ticket price that, likely means just one person, in the audience the, truth is, the best month and, it looks like Friday wasn't, a fluke, last night's box-office take was. Only a hundred and sixty-two dollars. What. Are you doing nothing. Nearly. Four years ago students, in Hong Kong took, a stand, against, China's leaders and cried, out for democratic, reform, a yellow. Umbrella, became the symbol of their defiance, and a protest, lasted, for months until authorities clamped. Down hard, but, the movement itself was, never snuffed, out remember. Hong Kong was in British hands for nearly a century but, since 1997. China, has really tightened its grip today, to. Call for freedom is to, risk official, reprisal. In tonight's, dispatch, Sasha petrol SiC shows us who, is standing, up for Hong Kong. From. The fairies, in Hong Kong harbor. You. Get an eyeful, financial. Towers rising, from bustling, boat lanes. And. From, commuters, on board there's, an earful, on how China's, squeezing. This former British colony, definitely. Mail a China try not got Monday they like to control the pom-pom pusher, squeezing. Its traditional, openness, in, ways few, expected, you think you might lose some freedoms. That's. The fear prompting, Andy Chan to push for Hong Kong's independence. From China what. I want is that democracy. For. Most. Year don't support separatism, in, Chan's National, Party is a fringe, but, it's considered, enough, of a threat to Beijing, that it's on the verge of being banned, on national, security grounds, and Chan, silenced. Hong. Kong's foreign correspondents. Club was pressured, to cancel, his speech last week but. It went ahead of, in protests, from Beijing, supporters, and this, time I got to be. Speak. Louder boldly, and, I can't back down because. I am standing for freedom of expression and freedom of, oppressed. But not just about, my party, gradually. China has been chipping away at, freedoms most in Hong Kong take, for granted, Beijing. Supporters, have been organized, funded. And placed in positions of power anti. Beijing voices, have, been intimidated and, jailed, and any. Notion of democracy that could infect the rest of China has. Been blocked at a return. The, message from Beijing has been tough Chinese, President Xi Jinping came to deliver, it himself last year. He. Said Hong Kong could keep some special, privileges, but any attempt, to endanger. China's, sovereignty, or challenge, the power of the central government would cause a red line and provoke, sharp, intervention. At. The same time Chinese, authorities, have been working in more subtle, ways to limit dissent, using, Hong Kong's own legal, system, to, go after critical. Voices they're, clever in the sense that it seems to have a kind of. Facade. Of rule. Of law knock, is a professor, of government at the Chinese University of Hong Kong this, is a very dangerous precedent, in, in terms of opened. Up gates for, the government, to actually. Further. Constrict, the various freedoms, of Hong Kong. Not. So says Ronny Tong member, of Hong Kong's top level executive council he, says the former British colony, is just compromising. To help out its new rulers, and if, some of the given take is that we must not offend. National. Security, of China I, don't. See as too high a price to pay for the, rights and freedoms that we continue to enjoy I, think. People would have to realize, this. Pro-democracy. Activists. Like those who led mass protests. Here say Beijing is taking, away those freedoms regardless. In 2014. Tens of thousands. Blocked Hong Kong's roads for weeks to, try to win more democratic. Rights before, police, moved in four. Years ago during umbrella, movement. There's. Pure gas pepper. Spray Joshua. Wong was one of those student leaders. Protesting. Right on this corner like. Others he's since spent months in jail for demonstrating. Admits, many Hong Kongers, feel. Powerless, now we are, on a cry, hotline. Pressure. From. Beijing even. We can't mobilize people, so they do block the road tomorrow. But. That they. Will come. Except. The space for political protests here seems, to be shrinking by, the moment, Sasha, petrol SEC CBC News Hong. Kong. Still. Ahead on the national meet a man determined to, capture moments and memories with, Canadian, veterans of, the Second World War before.

They're Gone, about. Three, and a half months ago I left Victoria, and started, travelling east across Canada, trying. To meet and interview. As many, Second World War veterans, male and female I can find in our beautiful. Country on. The anniversary of the Dieppe raid he shares with us one veterans incredible. Story of survival, that day 76. Years ago, that's, our moment next. You. This. Is the place. It's. Amazing, what you've accomplished, get great opportunities. I would invest in you and a heartbeat Dragon's. Den Thursdays. At 8:00 on CBC. Go, BA Oh Watson. Net, freak sent that cheer sexy. How. Do you know that I do know that I don't know that you, is old young, people talk I, listen, Ilan and I told her. Quebecers. Will elect again a new majority leader of governments. Here. Are just some of the stories we're keeping an eye on this week on the National québec's provincial. Election, campaign, kicks off on Thursday, premier. Philippe Ouya is looking for a second, straight mandate. But, the provinces, center-right, opposition, party coalition avenir Quebec has, a significant. Lead in the polls, Quebecers, mark their ballots on October the 1st the. Truck, driver charged, in Humboldt Broncos, bus crash, will be back, in court on Tuesday, Jessica. Rhett Singh City of Calgary is charged with 29, counts of dangerous, driving he's, been out on bail since July with a number of conditions, including a driving. Ban and, surrendering, his passport, 16. People died, in the April crash after. A semi truck collided, with the Saskatchewan junior, hockey teams bus. You. Plan to take the cup to humble how much does that mean to you I mean you know I, knew a couple, of the guys on the bus so. You, know it's you. Know one. Of those things I want to do for those guys and you know the people humble and. So on Friday Saskatchewan. Native of Washington Capitals. Forward, Chandler, Stephenson will, bring the Stanley, Cup to, Humble traditionally. Every player on a Cup winning team is allowed to take the trophy to, their home community, for a day there, will be street hockey ring set up so the kids can have the to play with NHL, players and alumni. Now. 76, years ago today, canada's ken curry was, storming, the beach at DF the, failed offensive, was one of the bloodiest battles Canada fought in the Second World War, documentary. Filmmaker, Erik brunt is traveling. Across the country speaking. With veterans, he believes it's important, to collect these stories before it's too late the. Filmmakers, spoke with curry about Dieppe and his, story is our moment of the day when. I'm swimming there's little cheeks. Of water. Around. Me I thought they were fish and, they were bullets, they were shooting they could see me swimming, I. Guess. He gets taken by the current and he gets separated. From his group but I'd had brought me into Shore I hadn't got rid of all my clothes, and boots we're, involved in everything I had the only thing I had on was a pair of jockey shorts and my, chocolate. Ration which I had promptly ate. And. The picture of my wife Isuzu. It's the shore a German soldier comes he thinks that if he hadn't been just, in his underwear that, the guy might have shot him he's, brought to where the other prisoners, of war being held and, he's.

You, See someone he knows he says my brother here is my brother here he says both his brother and him were just in tears because they're so happy that well, it's horrible that they're now prisoners of war of Germany, but, they're together. His mom receives. This telegram, that says Kenna's death and Norman is missing him they they, cannot even imagine what, that woman must have felt when she saw that telegram there's something about hearing his trip from the mouth of someone that was there that just makes it hit, home. I think and make you feel those emotions and those experiences so much more, you. Know and it is amazing, that Kenan his brother survived, because 910. Canadians. Did not and those memories are also, so important, because of a weird quirk there was only one Canadian, photographer at, Dieppe and it was so chaotic he, couldn't get off the boat so most, of the pictures we have were, shot by German soldiers, oddly, that, is the National for Sunday August the 19th. You.

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