The National for Sunday August 26, 2018 — John McCain, Brooke Henderson, Pope in Ireland

The National for Sunday August 26, 2018 — John McCain, Brooke Henderson, Pope in Ireland

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On. This Sunday night remembering. A maverick a war hero and a man who crossed party lines, Americans. Are paying tribute to John McCain's, incredible. Life but also the, politics, he represented. How, his passing may mark the end of an era of compromise. In Washington also. Tonight another, mass shooting in, Florida a state that's become ground zero for, the gun control debate this. Time it's an eSports, gaming, tournament, in Jacksonville. The gun fires streamed, live, to thousands. Of fans watching online and, the. 20 year old Gulf superstar. Making, Canadian, history this, is the national. An. Outpouring. Of tributes and, remembrance, in the u.s. today at a level not often seen for members of Congress but to many Americans, John McCain was so much more than a politician he, was a patriot, of the highest order, representing. A time before the angry, entrenched. Partisanship. Dividing, Washington, today from. Washington, DC to, his home state of Arizona, flags. Are flying at half-mast in, his honor McCain. Died yesterday just, days before his 82nd, birthday after, a battle with, brain cancer as, Ellen. Mauro tells us there's an outpouring, of respect, for the politician, who put country ahead of, party, a. Somber. Beauty marked the sky as the hearse carrying the body of John McCain arrived, at an Arizona funeral. Home. McCain. Was a rare breed in US politics, a man able to bridge the partisan, gap that so often paralyzes. The Capitol now, Republicans. And Democrats, alike are grappling, with what the loss will, mean I. Have. Admired him like I said my entire, life and. It's. It's tough to imagine a Senate without, him he's an example to all of us particularly in this moment of what it means to be a statesman, not a politician, country, over party willing to work with either side to get things done and not, afraid to criticize as, he did in his last speech in the Senate we're, getting, nothing done my, friends, we're getting, nothing, done McCain. Was also willing to rise above hateful, personal, attacks even, against, his opponents, including, Barack Obama he's an Arab, he. Is not. No. No, no ma'am no ma'am he's a he's. A he's a decent family. Man citizen. That I just happened to have disagreements with a far cry from the rhetoric, of today. Consider. How Donald Trump targeted, McCain during his campaign he's a war hero because he was captured I like. People that weren't captured okay I hate to tell you yesterday, Trump, tweeted condolences. To McCain's family, though he made no mention of McCain's decades-long, service, to his country. But. Just down the street from Capitol Hill Americans. Were mourning, the type of politics, McCain, symbolized, this, is a very great country, and for. Us not to be able to work together put. Aside some of our differences, I know, it's all politics, and just, get something done for the people of this country and, I, think he was he. Was integral, in that John. McCain will lie in state on Capitol, Hill before, his, funeral which she said he did not want President. Trump to attend McCain. Also requested, that Barack Obama and, George W Bush the, two men who stymied, his presidential, ambitions give, eulogies, for him, one, last act of bringing together both, ends, of the political spectrum.

Ellen. Morrow CBC, News Washington, as, element. In their John McCain did spend, decades serving his country in various, ways and he lived much of his life the achievements, the failures, in front, of the cameras so here's a look back at his defining moments this time in his, own words I've. Been in my country's, service since. I was 17, years old, I. Neither. Know nor won any, other life, before. I can find no greater honor. Than service. My. Country saved me and I cannot forget, it and. I will fight for her as long as I draw a breath so, help me God. John mccain. I found. Myself falling, toward, the middle of a small lake in the, city of Hanoi with two broken arms a broken. Leg and. An angry crowd, waiting. To greet me I was, dumped in a dark cell and left to die I didn't. Feel so tough anymore I. Just. Like to mention I'm, the only one on this stage that four. Years ago said, this is a failed policy in Iraq it's not going to work it's got to be changed tonight, I, have. A privilege given few Americans. The. Privilege, of accepting, our party's, nomination. For president of. The United, States. Senator, Obama and I have had and argued, our differences, and he. Has prevailed whatever, our differences, we. Are fellow Americans. And please. Believe me when I say no. Association. Has ever meant more to me than, that our, health care insurance system, is a mess we. All know it those, who support Obama care and those who oppose it something, has to be done. I'm. Going home for a while to treat my illness I have. Every intention of returning, here. And giving. Many of you cause to regret all the nice things you said about me and, I. Hope to impress on you again that. It is an honor to. Serve the American people in. Your, company. Mccain. Had been planning his own funeral over the past year there will be services both in the nation's capitol and his, home state of arizona the longtime senator will then be laid to rest in the u.s. Naval Academy Cemetery. In Maryland. Still. Ahead tonight on the national we shift gears to bring you the uplifting. Story of Brooke Henderson, how, she made history with a huge victory on the links plus, the Pope faces thousands, of protesters, in Ireland, and begs for forgiveness Margaret. Evans takes us there in this week's dispatch, but, first a shocking, and deadly mass shooting in, Florida caught on live, stream. It. Happened at an eSport tournament, packed with players three, people are dead now including, the gunman and a, warning you may find the audio you're about to hear disturbing Rene Philip Bonet has the latest. The. Moment the shooter started firing was streamed live to people, watching the videogame, tournament online, you, can't see him but you can hear the shots.

For. The people there it was chaos everyone. Running for their lives. People. Would being trampled, people, were hiding everybody, was screaming in fear, the. Video gaming bar was filled with players from across the u.s. part, of an eSports, league they, had gathered to play Madden 19, an immensely. Popular NFL. Video game it, was just supposed to be a nice weekend, supposed. To have a nice weekend enjoy playing, Madden, against some, people have played against online, the. Shooter was a competitor, at the tournament, people, in the gaming community say, he lost a match before, opening, fire it's. A simple, game it's nothing crazy. You. Played every day at home or wherever you play it. On. For it's really unfortunate nine. People were injured, three died including the gunman who took his own life we, believe the suspect to be 24. Year old David Katz from multiple. And. The FBI is assisting us, with that leg. Of the investigation, of Alton the. FBI is now searching his home in Maryland to get a better sense of what motivated, Katz so, we know that suspect, used at least one handgun to, commit this act and. We are working again with our partners at ATF, on, that aspect of the investigation. Gamer. Drina joka was part of the tournament and was injured on twitter he posted I am literally so, lucky the bullet hit my thumb and I will never take anything for granted ever again life. Could be cut short in a second, Electronic. Arts the game maker who sanctioned this event tweeted this, is a horrible, situation and, our deepest sympathies go out to all involved today. This, evening and. Tonight. Jacksonville. Is mourning, we. Have faced in the currents it, is all, too common it. Will require us to continue to do, the hard work of Public Safety to, make sure. Any. Sense of safety was shaken today not just for, the gamers but the community, with yet another example of deadly, gun violence, Renae, Phillip Oni CBC, News Vancouver. Now. Florida is no stranger, to mass shootings with, a number of deadly incidents, over the last couple of years the state has become a battleground, of intense, debate over, what, to do about gun control. On. June, 12, 2016. Alone, gunman killed 49. People and wounded 53, others at the pulse gay nightclub, in Orlando, at the time it was the worst mass shooting, in American, history, more, angry, that, this is happening with angry that this keeps happening and nobody's doing anything about it. Months. Later a mass shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International, Airport. Killed five and wounded, six others the, state of Florida says the Florida law enforcement, this day will not tolerate evil, acts and just this past February. A former, student opened, fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, High, School in parkland, seventeen. Students, and staff members were killed and 17, others were injured, how, many more folks, have. Died when. Is, enough, going, to be enough, it, was this attack that finally, produced some tangible. Change to existing gun laws in the state where children, you. Guys like are the adults you. Need to take some action and play a role work together come over your politics and get something done a movement, led, by student, survivors prompted. State legislators, to raise the minimum age for buying rifles, in Florida from 18, to 21 and, measure the NRA has called, unconstitutional. And is fighting in court that. Legislation also established, waiting periods, and background, checks for gun buyers but, it did not ban assault rifles the weapon of choice in, many mass shootings the, Parkland students haven't stopped there while today's shooting in Jacksonville, was taking place some were marching, against, gun violence in front of Smith & Wesson an American. Manufacturer, of firearms, and some, are planning a city in this week a protest. Of US senators who have accepted money from the NRA. To. This country now and some, happier news where a young Canadian made, history, today golfer, Brooke Henderson, helped end a Canadian, drought that, had gone on for more than four decades and. She did it with a swing, that was as steady, as her nerves Gregg, Ross has her story. The. Wait is over for Canadian, fans and, so, too for 20 year old Brooke Henderson, it's really amazing dream, come true Henderson. Has six other LPGA. Wins but none compared, to this, she becomes only the second, Canadian woman to win the national championship and, the first to hoist the trophy in 45, years, there's tons of history I. Was happy that I was able to you, know break that long stretch of without. A Canadian, winning on, the LPGA, Tour and. You. Know just to look at this trophy and read some of the names on it it's, it's really incredible, to be able to to, know that my name is gonna be added there as well.

Henderson. Came into the week ranked 14th, in the world but, she was the number one draw for fans in Regina attracting. Huge galleries, wanting, to soak in every, shot of this historic, day for the first time ever I was, able to embrace the crowd and and not. Really you, know I was really confident, playing in front of them Anderson, says the win was a family, affair. By. Her side the entire way her best friend and caddy of four years who, also happens, to be her sister Brittany Anderson and some were among those fans who Henderson's. Mother and father who, greeted her on the 18th, green for, a champagne, shower I. Think. Just. All the hard work that my family has put into this you. Know dad my coach my mom. My, festive. Border and my sister who was also my caddy um you know this, was a big dream and a big goal for all of us and I think it's just a human. Of effort, of all of us that, gave. Me the chance to be able to lift that in. The end all of the stars seem to align for Henderson, who fired a sizzling, final round 7-under, 65. On route to a four shot victory, I definitely, feel like it was meant to be the sweet you know everything just kind of seemed to fall my way. And. Gregg Ross joins me now okay Gregg what's next, for Brook Henderson, well Rozier celebration, was short-lived, today Henderson, went straight from the golf course to the airport, where she boarded a plane to Calgary, she's taking part in a pre-scheduled, panel discussion, at a charity golf tournament, there tomorrow, she's also scheduled, to go from there to Portland, later in the week for the Portland, classic where, she's a two-time champion Edie if the, third time's the charm she wins there again she, will tie Canadian, golf icon, Sandra Post for the most career LPGA. Tour victories, by a Canadian, at 8 Henderson, currently. Has seven, wins and for her efforts, today she, picked up nearly four hundred and fifty thousand, dollars Canadian Rosie, I'd, say that's a pretty good day thanks, Craig appreciate, it no problem and with. Today's big win Brooke wit Henderson becomes just the fourth Canadian, since, 1950. To win an LPGA, or PGA, Tour event on home, soil. The. Only other woman to do it was just in Bahasa in, 1973. At the first-ever Canadian. Women's Open no, then aslak, Canadian, Golf Championship, in Montreal on the, men's side Pat Fletcher, won the men's Canadian, Open in 1954. In Vancouver, then, in 1999. Mike Weir when the Air Canada, Championship. In Surrey, BC and, like Henderson's, LPGA. Victory, today, where's, Wynn and at a 45. Year low since, a Canadian last one a PGA, tournament in this, country.

We're. Keeping an eye on several developing stories tonight including. The dozens, of Winnipeg residents, left homeless after a fire ripped through an apartment complex. Residents. Watched in shock as flames, devoured, their homes early this morning, a visitor, in one of the units pulled the fire alarm and, knocked on doors to, wake up residents, officials. Don't know what sparked the blaze no. One was hurt. Canada. You know I love you Phil Mike Shaun. Majumder says, his 22, minutes are up he, made that announcement last, night at a festival in Newfoundland, the CBC confirmed, his departure today. Still. Ahead on the national the Pope begs forgiveness for, sexual, abuses at the hands of his clergy, but for protesters greeting him in Ireland that was it nearly enough Margaret, Evans takes us there in our dispatch plus, a terrible. One-two, punch in BC, this year's fire season is. Officially the second, worst in BC history after last year how the province, is grappling, with this year's crisis, while still, dealing, with the fallout from last. Summer and. Celebrating. One of pops greatest. Hits that's turning, 50. Today. Hey. Jude. Don't. Make, it bad. Take. A sad song and. Make. It better. He's. Pretty good I refuse, to see him hear more in our moment of the day later then you can start. To. Make it better. In. Ireland, today baby, shoes were used as a potent, symbol of the innocent, children preyed, upon by Catholic. Priests, elusive. Six was the, Pope made a rare visit, to the country to ask for forgiveness for, new revelations, of abuse by u.s. clergy, over the decades but, protesters were, unimpressed, I think it was an empty apology, it's. Not good enough and what we want is criminal, prosecutions. Today. Feelings, of betrayal are common, as the Irish come to grips with the worst of the church's transgressions, tonight. Margaret Evan takes gives them a voice in our dispatch from. Dublin. Dublin. Shawn McDermott, Street and a, building, with a past that casts, a long shadow a. Sense. Of malice, still. Seems to grow here. It. Was one of the notorious Magdalene. Laundries, work, houses, her so-called fallen, women the, Catholic nuns who ran them turned jailers, and the, inmates pawns. For a church playing, a game of broken faith. Everyone. Had their heads to the ground. Maureen. Sullivan was sent to work in one of the laundries after telling a nun at school that, she was being raped by her stepfather, instead. Of helping her she says the, church protected. Her abuser, and lied. To her mother when she was sent away and, I know she didn't know I know that for a fact my mother no she. Was heartbroken the nun told her I'd be educated, it does I'd get a very good, education down, there and she. Even went to buy me a pencil case before. I. Left, the. Pencil, case was the first thing they took away from her she was 12 at. 16, she escaped, and fled to London for, a time starting, to tell her story only, now it. Was very difficult to live in this country and bring that out about the church but. It's getting easier I think the people are starting to see, now that we're telling the truth. Another. Dublin Street this, one filled with the Catholic, faithful waiting, for a glimpse of the man who will ride down it on a white chariot, will, be at one with wheels and its own camera crew. It. Is a long wait for some, but, worth it for so many others, gladness. In their hearts along, with hope that, Pope Francis can. Heal the church discredited. In the eyes of so many this. Is about a systemic, willful. Deliberate, process of cover-up. By intent. No. Column. O'Gorman, is an abuse survivor and. Activist. Raped, repeatedly by, his parish priest he says at the age of 14, his. Response, to the Pope's visit has. Been to organize a vigil, in memory of, victims and survivors, the. Sins of the church are finally being called what, they are he says crimes. Now. They must be dealt with as such the, Vatican continues, to perpetrate, this wound and it's. A bigger wound than just the one that's felt by people like me were raped or abused as children it's. A much deeper wound than that. A senior's. Drop-in, center attached to the Our Lady, of Lourdes Church not, far from the old Magdalene, laundry, a welcome. Mat this week was, well and truly out for, Pope Francis, most. Of the women here, grew up in an era when it was simply unthinkable. To question, an all-powerful. Roman. Catholic, Church I don't, at my age Bridey, burn is 100. Years old, and I believe in the Pope and why, I was brought up to believe I, can't. Do haven't against camera. But. The current of anger running through the room directed.

At The church leaders, of today his. Testament, to the change sweeping. Ireland look at the amount of people, human. Beings have been damaged, by. So-called. Priests they're. Not priests, Joel. Macadam remembers, the last time a pope came to call on Ireland, John, Paul the second back in 1979. More. Than a million people came to hear him preach she. Was one of them. When. He came out onto the stage at the altar there, was a silence, I've never experienced, anything like this it. Was magic. Magic. Francis. Gets no such tribute, no, matter how long abuses. May have been coursing through the, church it, falls on his watch to deal with it. Apologize. On behalf of, all those dirty. Filthy evil. Men. Who will, burn in hell because. If you believe in God you believe in hell. The. Path to a secular, state has. Been underway since well before the, abuse scandals, started, to surface, divorce. Was legalized, in 1995. And, in, recent years, referendums. Have backed both, gay marriage, and rolling. Back a ban, on abortions. Ireland. Is changing. Fast, but. Can the church survive, if. It doesn't change with it. John. Gerard Acton, is a 24. Year old seminary, student. Keeping. The lights burning, at. The st. Patrick's College Chapel, in Maynooth, near Dublin it. Is home to the last Catholic. Seminary, in Ireland, north, and south and, Acton, is one, of just 25, students, preparing, for the priesthood. Compare. That to 1979. When, Pope John Paul the 2nd visited, the college on that, legendary, trip, greeted. In this Chapel, by, hundreds, of excited, candidates, for the priesthood. Their. Cheers have long since faded along with their numbers but. Acton insists, he's not daunted by his choices, or. The future of his church it's. Gonna be a new type of church like, we have to acknowledge that but, I'm excited for the future. Tomas. Surely, admits he sometimes, feels like the captain, of a sinking ship we, can't deny that the process. Of secularization for. Example in Ireland and in Western Europe has, been rapid, and it has been significant. So. To have. Been the crimes of the church allowed. To grow in dark corners, for. Far too long Margaret. Evans CBC, News Dublin. Still. Ahead on the national BC faces, the second worst fire, season, in provincial history, how, this year's fires are affecting, those still. Trying, to rebuild after last year stay with us. The. Pictures tell the story this, is now British Columbia's, second, worst wildfire, season. 945. Thousand, hectares of forest has burned just short of last year the worst on record as BC, premier John Horgan said last week officials are concerned this may be the, new normal, as the. CBC's Briar Stuart reports with nearly 600. Fires still burning crews, faced a serious, battle to keep up. Three. Weeks after residents, were first ordered, out fires still burn their Telegraph, Creek it's here where nearly 30, homes were lost part, of what's become DC's. Second, worst fire, season, on record. People. Affected this year in terms of evacuation, alerts and orders but, the, main difference of this area is that it's very spread out across the entire province, this one here's about 300, yards. Burying, Dawn's driveway, going to their home. Resources. Are stretched and in some cases tensions, are rising. There. Will be a, time where this gets reviewed and there will be a post-mortem, on everything, that's happened, yesterday, a few dozen, residents protested, after. Heavy equipment, was withdrawn, from Burns Lake. Officials. Say the equipment, was pulled out because it wasn't suitable, more, than 1,400, properties, in BC are under, evacuation order. And even those far, from the fire zone are, feeling, the effects, smoke, from the fires has drifted all the way to the Maritimes, will in Vancouver, the air quality advisory, that was briefly lifted, is now back in place in, the Okanagan, beaches.

That Are normally, full are now eerily. Quiet, nobody. Wants to go to the beach because it's so smoky and. Yeah, different, kind of blows right now for. This boat rental company business is down by about 50, percent this month a lot of people I find their lungs have been bothered by the smoke and they've been getting headaches so they've been doing more indoor, activities. You don't want to be at the beach which. Is why not too many are complaining, about the cooler, weather and rain that's forecast, for much of the province they're, hoping, it will clear out the smoke and help, crews get a handle, on what's, become another devastating. Fire, season, briar Stewart CBC, News Vancouver. Now. People who lost their homes in last year's fire are still, dealing with the aftermath many. Were forced to move in to hotels, and as Anita bath found out even now 12, months later some, are still, there. Ester. Spy has been living in this hotel, room for more than a year ok, don't know where you just pull around one circle to the bathroom back watch. TV, last, summer wildfire. Destroyed everything. She owned on the Ashcroft, reserve, as, she waits for a new home the isolation, is getting to her she, hitchhikes, most days just, to leave the hotel I want to be home I want to be on my reserve I. Would. Have freedom, for my pets but. It's not unusual for, Canadian, wildfire, victims, to wait this long can, you imagine being in a hotel a year later insurance. Often falls short of what's needed if the house cost 300,000. To build insurance. Came in at probably. A third, of that so we had to look for financing. To. Fill that gap. Slowly. Houses, are going up spy will get the first one finished I have another grad to, play card I was like apartheid, in there either that I'm just gonna make a girl cave out a bit down, the road it's slow moving for the owners of this cattle farm knowing. Their property, was doomed they spent three days straight, trying, to save the animals, before flames, arrived, one. Year later and there's still no room for cattle. That used to live at this part of the farm, as, you can see strides, have been made with, construction. Coming along but. The rebuild, still, has a long way to go. The street an eerie scene at the Boston flats trailer park remnants. Of destroyed, homes poke through the green grass, residents. Returned to look a few weeks back it's, given them perspective, and words of wisdom for this year's victims, just. Have patience, and everything, will come still. It's not easy after all this time big, lump comes in your throat and I don't want to go back there it's, just way. Too many, bad memories now. Memories. That are triggered this year, as they watch as more homes are destroyed in, new wildfires, I need, a bath CBC, News ashcroft. Still. Ahead on the national it's a comparison that's often made Donald, Trump and Richard Nixon on a week when federal prosecutors, tighten, their investigation. Around the president's men we revisit, terence mckenna's, documentary. Looking, at the parallel, president. In. Terms of temperament. There, is a volcanic, center. The. Ranting, the, anger, the, paranoid. Concerns, the. Hatred. Walls are closing in on him I've predicted that for quite some time Democrats. Are savoring, a week of misfortune, for Donald Trump for more of the president's confidants, are now poised, to be used against, him in Robert, molars special investigation, most, recent, Allen white albergue chief, financial officer, of the Trump Organization was.

Granted Immunity that. Could mean big, trouble, for Trump because. Mr. Wessel Berg knows where all the money's come from where it's gone and for, what purpose. Trump. Also lost the loyalty, of media, Baron and National Enquirer publisher, David pecker a longtime, ally and protector, former, Trump lawyer as you know Michael Cohen pleaded, guilty to, eight financial crimes, and his, lawyer says he's ready to talk and Paul, Manafort Trump's, former, campaign chair was convicted, on eight charges of his, own all of this has, striking, parallels, with a previous, white house under siege Richard. Nixon's fate was sealed when, his friends, and then his party, finally turned against him the, CBC's Terence Mckenna, talked to key watergate, players and scholars, to see what history teaches, us now here's. Another look at what he found. The. Very dishonest, media. Those people, right up there with all the cameras. How, does Donald Trump follow the Nixon, playbook, consider. This press conference from October, 1973, in the East Room of the White House I, have, never heard. Or seen such, outrageous. Vicious. To started reporting in. 27, years of public life what. Is it about the television coverage of you in these, past weeks and months that is so aroused. Your anger, don't. Get the impression that you arouse my anger. One. Can only be angry, with those, he respects. And. Here. Is Donald Trump last January, in the very same room tomorrow, they will say, Donald. Trump rants and raves at, the press I'm not ranting and raving I'm just telling you you know you dishonest, people but but I'm. Not ranting and raving. Here. Is President, Nixon speaking to Secretary, of State Henry Kissinger in, 1972. Echoed. By Donald Trump's infamous, tweet the, fake news media, is not my enemy it is the enemy of the American, people. There. Is a President, Nixon, resigned from the presidency, in the face of obstruction. Of justice charges, and now. Trump is being investigated, on the same alleged, crime. The. Watergate, scandal that brought Nixon down began, with a break-in, at the Democratic National, Committee headquarters in, 1972. The. Burglars were caught and tied to the Nixon campaign the. Key question, came at Senate hearings from a Republican, Howard Baker what. Did the president know and when. Did. He know it. Then. Came the news that Nixon had secretly, taped, all the White House sessions, in which, he methodically. Planned to cover up with his close advisers, including, paying, off the burglars to buy their silence. Yes. I appreciate that in the oscar-winning movie, all the president's men Robert. Redford and Dustin Hoffman play, Washington, Post reporters, Bob, Woodward and, Carl Bernstein who, won the Pulitzer, Prize for their Watergate, coverage, today. Woodward, is writing a book about Donald, Trump Nixon, famously said, on. Those tapes it's not the crime that gets you it's the cover of was he right Nixon, was wrong, it was the crime, of Watergate. It was the war against, the. System. Of justice in. The, United States this, was the clear obstruction. Of justice and, we. Have those, thousands. Of hours of tapes which, really. Defined. Watergate. And Nixon. And the extent, of the crimes. The. Nixon, presidency. Had. At its center an unstable, man, historian. Tim Neff Alley was the first independent, custodian. Of the tapes as director. Of the Nixon Presidential, Library in. Terms of temperament, there. Is a volcanic, center, to both men the. Ranting, the, anger, the. Paranoid. Concerns. The. Hatred. With. Donald Trump we have the tweets we.

Have The tweets that are often, just rants this, similarity. Leads. To the next big. Question, I think which. Is will, Donald. Trump. Engage. In Nick Sounion, activities. In, private. Nixon, wanted Teamsters, to go out and physically, attack protesters. Whereas. Trump expressed, the same attitude in public, if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato knock the, crap out, of would you seriously. Connecticut. Senator Lowell, Weicker became, famous as a moderate Republican. On the Watergate, committee who, eventually turned against Richard Nixon the scope of the committee's mandate. Goes, far beyond, Watergate. Today. He is waiting to see evidence before coming, to any judgement about Donald Trump I started. Out as a rich and Richard. Nixon lover. And it, was only after I had facts in hand that. I turned the other way so. I'm not willing to go ahead and impose, a different set of standards on Donald. Trump and, I just don't have those facts, but weicker is ready to judge arguments, that have been put forward by mr. Trump's lawyers in the Russia collusion, investigation. Such. As the notion that the president could not commit obstruction, of justice by. Exercising, powers, granted to him under the US Constitution, that. Echoes an old Nixon, argument, well, when the President does it that means that it is not illegal, nonsense. It's, nonsense, I thought. It was nonsense then, nonsense. Now the. Lawyers don't speak for. The Constitution, of the United States for. The people of this country. No. Man in. This nation. Is, above. The law when. You look at what's gone on with the FBI and with the Justice, Department, people. Are very very, angry Donald, Trump regularly, attacks the FBI and the. Special Counsel investigation. Trump. Said to the New York Times that former, FBI Director Robert Muller would, be acting improperly if, he starts looking into the finances, of the, Trump Organization. Now. Of course Trump is suggesting, that Muller would cross a red line if he starts looking at the finally, finances, that his tax returns, too. Bad for him. Mahler. Has every right to do that I think Muller has to go there and would. Not be like him or like. Federal. Prosecutors. To kind of say oh we're not gonna look in that corner, they look in every, corner that the work will, continue of course, there is widespread speculation the, Trump will just fire Robert Muller. Echoing. The famous Saturday, night massacre, when Nixon fired Watergate, special prosecutor. Archibald costs. Along. With the Attorney General and his deputy. In. The midst of what may be the most serious, constitutional, crisis. In its history the. Political. Impact of the Saturday. Night massacre, was giant, because. There was a sense, of hey. Nixon's, firing, the person who's investigating, him. That. Led to the. Impeachment, inquiry, well, I think a chrome fired Bob, mower he'd. Be in in. Deep, you know what is that what happened with Nixon yeah, by. The time the House of Representatives, met. To. Discuss the matter of impeachment his. Goose was already cooked. By. All accounts there was much more bipartisanship. In the Nixon era in the. End the evidence, against, the president caused many congressmen, in his own party to vote for his impeachment mr.. Cohen. Could, that happen today, the. Republicans, run the, house the Senate the White House the, best thing that we could have happen, is, in. 2018. To. Have the Democrats, take control of one, house so not me to one's, fine oh my, goodness if, the Democrats, take, one. Of the houses of Congress let. Alone both of them. One. Can anticipate public. Hearings, I'm. Not saying that you can anticipate impeachment. That's, a it's a tough political. Process that will require a lot, of Republican, support for it, to happen but you'll have public, hearings it's, gonna be on television, and on, the web 20, you know all the time and that. Would have an, eroding. Effect on. President. Trump's support. And thus legitimacy, just as it did for. Richard Nixon what. In, your view finally, kind of turned Nixon's, allies, against, him great, question, Nixon, the, from the Watergate burglary, to, the. Resignation. Was, two years two months and, it was. Continual. Drip. Drip drip of tapes evidence. Testimony. Memoirs. People, doing television. Interviews. It was a very. It. Was a giant, barrage, of. Evidence. If Nixon had burned those White House tapes do you think he would have survived he, definitely, would have survived. The. You. Need in, an investigation. Like this a path, to, proof, those. Tapes were proof. If. You, don't have that, path, it's it's, hard even. If the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, this year and is.

The House then votes for impeachment it. Would still take a two-thirds, vote in the Senate to actually remove Trump from office. With, today's Republican, Party that possibility, seems quite remote Chang, there is a president, waving, goodbye but. Considering, how fast, Nixon's support, from his own party melted, it's, not impossible. For. The National I'm Terence Mckenna in Washington. Next. On the national you know the tune. Hey. Jude it's fifty, years old today I'm sorry if that makes you feel old we asked some Canadians, to belt out their favorite lines to, celebrate, sing along if you want in our moment next but first the. Theater world is mourning the loss of a, prolific, playwright tonight, Neil Simon, hit the heights of popularity. By, making people laugh, that's. Not you promised you'd never leave me just. Till 5:30 just, until 5:30, corny. If it's a good marriage it'll last until 5:30, major, stars and major box-office. Marked, Neil Simon's, career in the 1960s, and 70s as his Broadway hits went Hollywood, again and again Simon. Started as a writer in TV's Golden, Age then, drew on his tortured, relationship with his writer brother to create come, blow your horn the first of so many hit plays for. Seven months in 1967. He had four, smashed, productions, running, on Broadway. Mr.. Cornell. But. Simon, also prospered. In regional, theater because his shows often, with small cast were, cheap to produce and broadly, appealing, bubbly. Frothy wonderful. For December, Simon, said his humour was universal, and travelled around the world and so that play is as popular, as in Japan, as it is in Russia because, you, find out that people in some ways are very similar. Am. I gonna be a writer unless I suffer. Actually. I give up writing if I could see a naked girl while I was eating ice cream but, critics often dismissed, him as more Joker than dramatist, stinkers, the best I can do and vulgar, and offensive and, patronizing. But as years past Simon's, work gained sophistication. And earned greater respect, including, a Pulitzer, Prize in 19 ninety-one four Lost in Yonkers Neil Simon produces his honors include, four Tony Awards and, a multitude, of stars Sean, brighter, by delivering, the words he, wrote Neil. Simon, died today at age 91. Here. Are some of the other stories were following this, week on the national the man accused, of a mass shooting in, Fredericton, will, make his first court, appearance tomorrow, 14. 8 year-old Matthew, Vincent Raymond faces four counts of first degree murder police, alleged Raymond shot his victims with a long gun from the window of his apartment, two police officers and two civilians, died Raven. Himself was, seriously, wounded by police. Ontario. The, day you've been waiting for is, finally, here, we're bringing back a, bucket beer to Ontario. Ontario's. Buck a beer program, is expected, to take effect tomorrow, premiered. On 40 introduce legislation that, would lower the minimum price for a can of beer by 25. Cents to 1 buck it's not mandatory, though for birds to drop their price and several. Breweries have said they, won't. On. Friday fans, will be paying their respects, to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. When she will be laid to rest in her hometown of Detroit, former. President Bill Clinton and legendary. Motown, musician Smokey Robinson are, expected, to speak at the funeral and among. The artists slated to perform Stevie. Wonder, Faith Hill and Jennifer, Hudson the, 76. Year old died of pancreatic, cancer, earlier. This month. Well. Fifty years ago today the. Beatles released Hey, Jude and despite, being halfway to 100. The, song isn't showing its age people young and old alike still, know the lyrics so we asked some Canadians, to, serenade, us or hey Jude's birthday, and that is our moment of the day. Hey. Jude. Don't. Make it bad. To let her into your heart, then. You can, start, to. Make it. Paul. McCartney, wrote Hey Jude on a drive out to see John Lennon's ex-wife, and son they divorced in May of 1968. But Cynthia, Lennon and McCartney, remained friends, the song was originally titled, hey Jules and was written to comfort, son Julia at any time you feel the pain Hey, Jude. Refrain. Although, McCartney, wrote the song for Lennon's son Lenin, himself viewed, it as a song written for him, a blessing. Of sorts from McCartney, on his relationship with Yoko, Ono then. You can start. To. Make it better. Hey Jude spent nine weeks as, number one in the u.s. the longest, of any Beatles, single and has sold nearly 8 million, copies. I. Don't. Think that was right at the end there at all yeah I can't believe how many people would stop on a street in Toronto, and sing, in front of a TV camera you couldn't pay me to do that so I'm not going to do it now that's.

The National for this Sunday, August 26, thanks, for watching it might everyone. You.

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