The National, for Sunday, December 24, 2017

The National, for Sunday, December 24, 2017

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It's. Sunday December, 24th, and this is the National tonight, Christmas. Celebrations, in Bethlehem, we take you to the town revered, as the birthplace of Jesus a Montreal. Symphony Orchestra. Launches an investigation into allegations of. Sexual misconduct, against. A former conductor, we talked to a musician, who performed, during his tenure, but. We begin in the Philippines, where twin disasters have taken an awful toll, ahead, of Christmas. In. A country more than 80 percent Roman, Catholic, Christmas in the Philippines, is very much a national, celebration but. Now it is a season, of grief and terrible, loss on, the. Southern island of Mindanao, a fire, tore, through a shopping, mall killing, at least 37. People while, a powerful. Storm left more than 200. Missing, or dead the, CBC's, neil koch seoul has our lead story in. Mindanao. The, mud is now a grave the, youngest, smallest. Were swept up in the deadly current, the, flash floods fueled, by typhoon, tambon, their. War warnings, of the dangers and calls for evacuations. But. Not everyone would or perhaps could, leave people, here, are resourceful. Their, survival, depends, on it. The. Philippines, is familiar. With the brutality of storms, it is hit with at least 20. Typhoons a, year. Temping. Has been particularly. Painful. There. Used to be a hundred and three houses here, this rescue worker says all, their, homes and livelihoods gone. Rice. Fields, and the villages that survived on them wiped, out the. Red Cross says damage, like this is slowing, efforts to get help to those who need it one. Mayor told local media he, blames years of logging, in the region for leaving his people vulnerable to, these kinds, of disasters. Catholics. Make up the majority of the population in the Philippines millions, were preparing, to celebrate Christmas. The, country, is facing it seems calamity. After calamity. As. So many deal with 10 mins destruction. This. Was unfolding in Davao City, like. The floods also, in Mindanao. The. Fire started, in a mall busy, with Christmas shoppers, but a call center is reportedly, where many were trapped the. Flames and smoke killed, dozens, of people how, it started is not known president. Rodrigo, duterte, a man often described, as ruthless. In his war on drugs and drug, addicts, wept. At, what was unfolding in his hometown. There. Will be prayers, this, Christmas in the Philippines, but. Here celebrating. Is, impossible. To fathom. He. Cooks all CBC, News London. In. Fact about City has canceled, the traditional feasts, for Christmas, and New Year's the mood is simply too, bleak and here's, one example of why one. Of the call center workers caught in the fire sent heartbreaking, messages, to his brother according, to local media Joe. Neal at Lewan says his 22, year old brother Ian Kim texted, him yesterday morning to alert him that, a fire had broken out Joe Neal immediately. Called him and then heard these final, words brother thank you for everything I could no longer enjoy, the heat of the fire, one. Worker who escaped, the blaze said the danger wasn't immediately, clear some. Became trapped when, they took the time to go to their lockers, to, collect their belongings the. Call center is run by the US company survey, sampling international, it's a huge player in the global market, research, reaching. Into more than 90, countries it, is operated, in Canada, since 2001. Now. As we mentioned the population, of the Philippines is overwhelmingly, Roman, Catholic, and today, the Pope urged pilgrims. At the Vatican, to remember, the people of Mindanao, he's called for prayers to comfort. All those who are suffering from this calamity came, just hours before, his traditional, celebration, of Christmas. Eve Mass in st. Peter's Basilica. So. This is Donald Trump's first Christmas, Eve as president, and while his controversial. Tax bill has finally, past it's pretty clear he's not getting, everything on his wish list, Jacqueline Hansen has the details. Private. And protected. Donald. Trump is on his holiday escape. While. The White House is busy. Denying, fresh, claims, that the president made disparaging. Comments, about immigrants. In a, new report the New York Times detailed, a heated, meeting in June where, President, Trump discussed, the number of visas granted by, the State Department, reportedly. Calling it a flood of people that made a mockery of his attempts to crack down on immigration, the report, claims Trump, said immigrants, from Haiti all have. AIDS and, allegedly. Said that those who came from Nigeria, would, never go, back to their huts, White. House press secretary Sarah. Sanders, says The Times is publishing lies, from, anonymous sources and, she's.

Not The only one on the Trump team playing defense, I was not in that meeting but the people in the media say that those comments never happened and so I have no belief that that actually transpired, Trump has been bold in his language around immigration before, both legal, and otherwise, as president. We don't get the wall you. Gonna have a lot of very unhappy, people starting, with me we're gonna get the wall and, on, the campaign, trail they're bringing drugs they're, bringing, crime they're. Rapists. Yet, he struggled, to make progress on reforms, just, yesterday Trump's. Latest restrictions. On refugee, admissions, were partially, blocked by a Seattle, judge today. Trump, tried to direct attention elsewhere on, Twitter, he called out FBI, deputy director. Andrew, McCabe, questioning. His impartiality. But. At his final, appearance before Christmas, the only questions, Trump faced were, from children, wanting, to know where Santa, is a White, House tradition that's, keeping him tucked away in his, holiday, bubble, Jacqueline. Hanson CBC, News Washington. President. Trump has praised new, sanctions imposed Friday, against, North Korea by the United Nations, and today the North Korean regime had, its own reaction, calling, the sanctions, an act of war. So. That is North Korea's official state, broadcaster. Saying the UN resolution, was rigged by the u.s. the, Security, Council wants to limit the country's access to petroleum products, and reduce, the amount of money North Koreans working abroad can, send back home these, sanctions are in response to the North's recent missile. Test. The. World-famous conductor Charles. Dutoit now, faces, one, more allegation. Of sexual misconduct unlike, the others this, one originated, in Canada, Jayla, Bernstein, has that development, and finally, we hear from Dutra himself. Shaul, Dutoit has gray stages, around the world but now symphonies, are rushing, to cut ties or drop his performances. It's, all in the wake of allegations of. Sexual, assault, 212, was also the music director of the Montreal symphony for 25 years but, when allegations, first surfaced, management. At the all cast symphony, the Mejia said it had not received, any formal, reports, of that nature that. Has now changed on Friday, the OSM received a complaint of sexual harassment. And it's now launching, an investigation, the. Montreal Symphony says it's determined, to maintain and, intensify. Its unconditional. Commitment to, respect the dignity and fundamental, rights of musicians, and employees, it says, it has a zero tolerance policy. Mock. Beliveau a first violin, with the Montreal Symphony worked, there during Dutoit, tenure, I have a hard, time finding the words but and, I wish, I could have done more I don't, know who it is you know this point we we don't know who it is but if.

There Are others I wish we, can support them and then anywhere we can yesterday. Dutoit denied the initial accusations. In a statement he, said whilst. In formal, physical, contact, is commonplace, in the arts world as a mutual, gesture of friendship the. Serious, accusations. Made involving, coercion, and forced, physical, contact, have absolutely, no, basis, in truth, CBC. News has not been able to independently, verify any, of the allegations reported. By The Associated Press, Jayla. Bernstein, CBC, News Montreal. An. Update now on a story we told you about earlier, this week Delilah, Saunders, the young Anouk activist, whose struggle. With liver failure sparked, a national discussion, about transplant, policy, he's, heading, home to, Newfoundland, tonight, discharged. From a Toronto hospital a development. Her family and friends are calling a Christmas, miracle, I spoke. With Delilah Saunders in her hospital room on Tuesday, after, she says doctors, told her she was ineligible, for a replacement liver, because, she'd not abstained from alcohol for six months. What. Is your big, dream. My. Big dream is. Gonna, be ball I want. To I want to recover and. I'm. So. Grateful for my family. So. Saunders, will be home for the holidays she says doctors, seemed to think she is, doing well enough to continue recovering, at home. Prime. Minister Justin Trudeau has delivered, his Christmas message in it he, says all Canadians, have a role to play in helping to make the world a better place, here's, a portion of what he said whether. It's lending a hand to a neighbor or volunteering. For a cause we believe in let's. Give generously. And live, out the values that bring us together, let's. Also reach, out and listen, to, those next door across the, aisle and at, the dinner table building. A better world starts. With where we work and live in our communities, and at, home Merry. Christmas. Now. Midnight mass, has already happened in Bethlehem, which Christians, believed to be the birthplace of their. Savior Jesus Christ are. You told him no string nómine, dómini. The. Latin patriarch, of Jerusalem, led the Christmas Mass at the Church of the Nativity. Celebrations. Have been muted, this year after Donald Trump announced he will move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. As, always though some tourists, were determined. To visit the holy city no matter what and. The. U.s. is now not alone, in its determination to move its embassy, to Jerusalem, Guatemala. Today said it will do that to the Central American country was one of just a handful, to side with the u.s. in the face of a UN resolution to. Push the United States to reverse its recognition, of Jerusalem. As the capital of Israel and Guatemala, also happens, to be a major recipient, of US aid the. US had suggested, countries that did not side with it could, lose their funding well. Before, there was Santa Claus carols, and the marketing, of Christmas there was Saint Nicholas a priest, whose generosity was, legendary, and there doesn't seem to be much doubt about where he lived or what he did, but where, he is buried is another, story, here, is the okok soul again on the, search to reveal the secrets, of the famous st. nicholas church. Before. The, santa claus that so many of us know now that jolly. Man stuffed, into a red velvet suit, there, was Saint Nicholas and this was, his home this was his church but is it where he's buried, and why does it matter, the. Spirit of Christmas comes. With a dose of the McCobb, here. This. Is southern Turkey, it's, 20, degrees in December, not a snowflake, in sight the, famous st. Nicholas Church is almost entirely, swallowed. Up by the greenhouses, of this agricultural town. Nicholas. Was a priest, in the fourth century canonized. For his generosity, the. Frescoes, are faded, but, they still give a good idea of what st. Nicholas, was known for helping. Children and sailors, it's. That history that draws visitors from, around the world it's, quite remarkable to take the sort of the, very commercialized, image and take it back to like a real Saint that actually, they've I, don't know sixteen sixteen, hundred years ago and centuries.

After, His death in the Middle Ages this, church was as important. A stop for pilgrims, as Jerusalem, even. Today. Coming here is still, a deeply, spiritual. Experience. Dimitri, Posada is visiting, from Ukraine it's, his fourth, time, here for, all, Christians, and, for us as Orthodox, Christians part. Of the well. Most sacred. Place in the world but, the place where they're praying what's underneath, could. Make it even more significant, the Turkish team that's researching, the history of this church and it's been doing so for decades says. They found a structure, underneath, that. Place of prayer and what's. Underneath could. Finally, prove or. Say Nikolas is buried, it. Is important, the head of the Turkish team says for. Religious, history. Many. Beliefs st. Nicholas was buried, in one of the caskets, already, on display. Italians. Insist the Saints remains were stolen. Ago whisked. Out of Turkey and taken, to body beyond. The religious, significance. There are also tourism. Dollars at stake. Endemic. Were the Saint preached and prayed the faithful, like Anatole rather says. It's what Nicholas did not, where, he's buried that matters. Doesn't matter where the remains are but. The legend, of the Saints stolen, remains still. Pains them the idea of a soul ill at ease so. They'll be going to body next. Their. Way of uniting. Their patron, saints body and soul. Neath, cooks all cbc news dimness, turkey, after, more than four decades preaching. From the same church pulpit, a well-known, Canadian pastor. Delivers, his last Christmas sermon tonight but. Brent Hawkes is not your average Reverend. Lisa, Shing has the story. We. Have a Christmas Eve service for, Reverend Brent Hawkes preparing. For his final Christmas sermon comes, with mixed emotions, I think the church needs new energy needs someone with new skills that I've taken the church as far as I can this. Year his message, reflects, those feelings, tonight, the theme is gifts. And how I've been really blessed for the last 40 years to Pastor, this church over his career there, has been a monumental, shift in, the LGBTQ. Community in. Canada, and Hawkes has been at the forefront of change, Brent, Hawkes the homosexual. Minister, goes on a month-long, fast, to, protest, protesting. Toronto's, controversial, bath house raids in the early, 1980s. Dulli, married. And. In. 2001. Hawkes, officiated. The first same-sex weddings, in Canada, using. A legal loophole he pushed the province of Ontario, to recognize. Same-sex, unions. It paved, the way for a same-sex marriage. To be legalized, across. The country, the reality, is that most of the opposition, to gay rights around the world is religious based and, you. Know I've always felt that a religious attack requires a religious, response, the. Parkes is also known for officiating. At the 2011. Funeral. Of former NDP. Leader Jacqueline, a ceremony. He remembers, with great sadness and pride. More. Recently, Hoxha's personal, life has made headlines he. Faced sexual assault allegations, dating back to the 1970s. A Nova, Scotia judge found him not guilty in January I. Hope that I would be judged by, by. The work that I've done even. Though he's retiring, Hawkes, is continuing. His activism, in the LGBTQ. Community, the. Unemployment rate is very high for transgender, people can't, get jobs and. The poverty rate is very high, seniors, are worried about having to go into a seniors home and all of a sudden having to go back into the closet again the, pastor, who started, his career in Toronto, will be starting, an organization, tackling. Religious, based homophobia. He says it's especially, important. In today's political climate the, community, stays vigilant, in keeping. Its hard-won rights, Lisa, Shing CBC, News Toronto. Still. Ahead on the national since, leaving, office US President, Jimmy Carter has been devoted, to humanitarian, work around, the world he's still at it and still, teaching Sunday school president's. Lesson and, we. All know that iconic, Charlie, Brown Christmas tune but maybe not the tale behind it tonight, we'll fix that. He. Was just so among, us you, know and I turned around in there he was and I really I mean my heart was just going like this but. But. It just felt so comfortable. At. A time of year when words like, peace and goodwill are so often heard we, once again turn to a story about a man who has brought those things to public life since. Leaving office US President, Jimmy Carter has been devoted, to humanitarian. Work and despite, a diagnosis, of cancer in 2015, he, is determined, to continue that. Brings the crowds to his church in Plains Georgia so, they can all listen to the man they call mr.. Jimmy. They. Have to really want to be here to, be here a. Drizzly.

Hour Shy, of dawn wait Oprah. 24. Hours from the main event many, here quite literally, drove through the night to be the first in line for tickets did you, say that you slept in the gas station yes that right there. Right that 100 yards that way so, where are you actually from Nashville. Tennessee. From. There to, here the, tiny church parking lot in Plains Georgia often. Filled with hundreds. Of new people all. Here to see a man they so worried about how's he doing he came in our business yesterday Oh. Good. Man he is he. Is mr., Jimmy that's, what they call me what. I call. Not. Mr. president no mr., Jimmy, I've been Norton since I was about 10, mr.. Jimmy as in President, Jimmy, Carter and, this. You'll, see once the Sun comes up he's his church, Maranatha. Baptist Church, regular, congregation. About thirty-five, except. On those swollen days, when Carter teaches Sunday School which, he's done for years. But. Sunday is a full day away now. With tickets safe in hand time, for the extra souls and planes to have a good look around. And. So this is the place of pilgrimage and, just to give you a sense of it Plains is a place of seven, churches for, 600. People it's a place the locals describe is just, so flat water doesn't know which way to run and it's, a place of two forever linked, industries, peanuts, and Jimmy, Carter. Tourists. Have come for both four years to, hear the story of the farm boy from just down the road who sold boiled, peanuts, on these streets that may have grown to be governor, and then president but. Always called plains home, still, lives here you. Can get fried peanuts boiled peanuts parched peanuts, any kind of peanuts you want this, is a Trading Post you can get all, kinds, of campaign, buttons, and stickers. We, have the, plains, historic. Inn and, this, is Jill stuck another, Plains fixture, a friend of the Carters who works at the church a few, years ago when Carter announced cancer, had spread to his brain, an editorial. Cartoonist drew, a couple hammering.

An Old campaign, sign into their lawn with. A new slogan Jimmy. Carter for cancer, survivor. There's. An idea, thought stuck she. Hurried to get hundreds of signs made the, people of plains scramble. To get them on their lawns when, he first came home from the cancer treatment, his first one that, we. Wanted him to show. That everybody in plains was supporting, him and welcoming. And, you. Know what it used to Carter. Signs in planes so. It. Just, seemed perfect to, greet, him with Carter. For, cancer survivor series, word. Is the Carters were thrilled and suspected, immediately, it was her handiwork, and he called you yeah. He called. Me when he. Got into the house and. He you. Know mission, accomplished, he, he. Said it put a big smile on his face. Affection, for Carter is real here largely because he's, so, real the other day he was down. At the hardware. Store picking, up some screws, he was probably, working on one of his woodworking. Projects, are fixing. Things he fixes things around the church. One. Day he. Was at my house for for, a meal and I. Looked up and, he walked out of the house carrying one of my chairs and. The. Next morning about 7:30. He, was back at the house with, the chair he had fixed it so. He's. His, handyman. Neighbor. Fellow. Churchgoer, he's, just a citizen client. The. Well-dressed, capacity. Crowd lined, up in ticket orders all the better for the Secret Service to, keep an eye on them, thank, you once. Inside a little window into Carter's contribution. He. Made the cross made, the collection plates too a few, pictures a few, directions. And. Eventually. Class just, sort of start let's probably tell you I want to know whom I'm teaching so we'll, start in the middle this morning just tell me what state you're from the hood country. Kentucky. And California. South. Carolina. Ohio. Florida. Wisconsin. Illinois. Alabama. And Georgia okay, what. Do we know about Paul, first of all. Nobody. Knows anything about. What. About fall. You. Travel a lot, then. He walked and, talked largely, about lessons of leadership and, kindness, has. A responsibility, to. Take. Old. Talent, and ability, and our life.

And. To. Use. It, in. Order to exemplify. The. Finest elements, of. Morality and. Ethical. Standards, it's. Not just casual, tourists listening in by the way among, them the Browns you see in the 70s, Robert J Brown was Jimmy Carter's, Under Secretary of Labor, he's, so admired, Carter, that for a birthday present his, kids brought him here he, secretly hoped for a moment, alone probably. Everyone did. Forgiveness. Compassion. The. Alleviation of suffering, and. All. Of us are able to commit, ourselves to, that kind of life. For. 45 minutes, barely, Istanbul. Well just one he couldn't find a passage. She. Romans 6:23. His. Wife Rosalyn, Carter chimed, in from the pews. Ma'am. Rosener. Rosa. Rosa. Let me, teach. I. Was gonna tell him that later on. That's. Ephesians. 2:8. And 9 and. I'm not being. Short with my wife but, I was going to get to that point later on I was going to point out to you. Excuse. Me excuse, me. And. That's class thank, you very much for coming this morning. The. Carters have committed, to photos like they always have. Thank. You so much thank you so much for being here hundreds. Of photos everyone. Gets one. Okay. Everybody look this way there's, Jill Stuckey again in charge of snapping, smile. Don't, shake hands and risk passing him germs. Click. And then go. Carter. Is used to stand for this part his doctors have begged him to sit he, was 91, at the time she's. Not far behind. Finally. The Browns this, is undersecretary, Bob Browns one chance, to say hello to his old boss. And. Yet, he. Doesn't say a word. They, smile get their picture and leave we. Had to follow outside, to find out why. I. Don't. Know and I didn't I didn't, expect him to, I was, really, when. I first seen him come out I almost, started, crying, because. It's been a long long time since I've actually seen. Him you know and, he. Probably looked. At me and felt even any FBI, viewer. Tourists. Don't really, stay long and eventually. The pulse of planes slows, to its normal, resting rate. Around. This time near 6 o'clock there's, often another service, for. Usually just a couple dozen, of the regulars used. To be President, Carter and mrs. Carter would, walk to it faithfully, used, to be no, one really expects, that now he's. Tired at the, stroke of six no, sign they'll. All have to get used to not seeing him. But. Then a little quiet, convoy. And. There. He is, too. Weak to walk the whole way to church, but a man who clearly doesn't want to miss a moment, commitment. Just the Carter way. President. Carter is still teaching, Sunday school at Maranatha, Baptist Church. And his cancer, continues. To be in remission he has, also been busy signing, copies of his brand-new book the, craftsmanship, of Jimmy Carter is about one of his passions. Woodworking. Still. Ahead on the national a Charlie Brown Christmas is a holiday classic of course, people love that jazzy, soundtrack, but it took a Halifax, drummer years. To be proud of his work Tom, Murphy has that story. You. It. Was made on a shoestring. Rushed to air and the, suits at a u.s. network of you can believe it didn't like it none. Of that stopped a Charlie Brown Christmas from, becoming an instant, classic but, what set it apart from just about anything else on TV at the time was, that music, a jazz. Score, on a holiday. Special even, more special, Tom Murphy caught up with the drummer who helped write that now iconic, music, why. Do a little transition into it and then we play it christmas, time is coming, skating. It's. A holiday, tradition for, some as much a part of Christmas as, candy, canes and plum pudding the, kind of performance, it really, packs the house and, brings back memories of a more gentle, time.

And. To think all of this almost, didn't happen but. Before we get to that listen. Closely, recognize. It so many. Of us do. This. Is Gerry Grinnell II in his element. At, 76. A living, jazz legend, who's played with so many of the greats. American-born. Rock, and Roll Hall of Famer Buddhists, whose, work has come to represent the very spirit, of Christmas, that's, because, Gerry is the last surviving, member, of the Vince Guaraldi trio who. Back in 1965. Wrote, the soundtrack for the animated, classic a Charlie, Brown Christmas CBS. Wasn't even gonna write the next year it almost didn't happen at all in fact yeah CBS, said no, you. Know they said look that's not animation. That's. Not. You. Know we, don't want a little kid telling us what Christmas is and. It's, jazz music, and you don't have yet 64, you don't have jazz music on television and but. The proof of it is nobody messes with coca-cola, because. Coca-cola, said, we, paid for the time that's going on and CBS. Said well we'll, put it out because nobody will ever see it again and. They certainly were wrong about that they, were really wrong about that but, it took Jerry decades. To even be recognized, as the drummer for this iconic, Christmas music, and longer, still to get his first royalty, check. And. Even. Today this, almost. Didn't happen. Just. Last week, Jerry was in hospital, gravely. Ill with pneumonia he. Canceled, his cross-canada, tour but. Begged the doctor to let him out for this show even. If you're in the hospital let it go for a couple of hours and come back. Right. I'm, on the mend. The. Sunday's concert with the Charlie Brown was really good medicine, from, being. With all the people and playing, music, you know why was the good medicine it, was important. As. Medicine. To. Go, out on that stage and and. To play this I'm. 76. Albeit, 77, in a couple of weeks Wow. But. You know that's what I've been trained to do my whole life I could be near death and, I have, I have. This, concert, was as about as near death is gonna happen. Tell. Me about this how does an. A, buddhist avant-garde. Drummer, connect. To the Charles Schulz version, of Christmas. Well. You know Buddhism, is it is has, the same principles, as Christianity, except, that it's not theistic, but Linus's, speech is really important. Speech. Now. It's whichever. Gender. Wants. To do it but it's. Very important. This. Is what it's about it's, about family, about love it's about caring, for each other is that what the Charlie Brown Christmas does, I think, it does I mean that it's yeah, I just, would say unequivocally it, does because otherwise why. The hell would it be this. Big. 50. Years 50 something's almost 60 years later, you. Know I mean it, sold out every, every. Time. But. This concert, has taken a toll on Jerry. There is no encore, today. So. From the bottom of my heart. Thank. You all for shipping. Still. He musters, the energy, for this his, fans. They. Line up for him clutching their albums, CDs and books for an autograph or just, a quick word with Jerry. What. Is it about Jerry that people seem, to love so much my, first encounter with Jerry was at the Shambhala center where he wrote did. A creative, movement, workshop and. It's. Just there's, a certain magic and a certain joy they expect some people a childlike. Ability. He brings something out of us that. We. Didn't know was there or, that we thought we lost for. Me it just reminds me of Christmas when, I was growing up watching it on one. Of the three channels. Those. Were the days that was the base now we got too many channels so that. Many, people are still paying attention to this record that it's every. Christmas, family's, coming you know when I sign you. Saw me at the concert signing, records people. Like we're gonna play Christmas Eve this. Is what we do when we open our presents or, we, have you, know this. Is how Christmas starts for us it's. Got to be special it is you it is it's very it's really sweet. And. To think for decades, Jerry wouldn't even play this music all, the, more special now, for, man who found the joy in it once, again. Tom. Murphy CBC, News Halifax. Coming. Up what has become a bit of a tradition here, at the National, Register, in the story of the NORAD Santa.

Tracker And how, a typo. Is to thank for a now loved, Christmas customer. Santa's. Sleigh is moving, north toward, Canadian, airspace. We've. Never been sure how he does, it but we do what we do know is where, he will be tonight at any given point and for. That we can thank NORAD's Santa, tracker for more than 60, years this military-inspired technology. Has, just been part of Christmas but it's a tradition that only came about by. Chance here's, red Sharon with a story that has become a tradition, here at the National tracking. Santa. It's, here, in the shadow of the Cheyenne Mountain deep, in the beauty of Colorado, that you'll find Peterson. Air Force Base, gentlemen. Home. For over 50, years now to one of the most sophisticated, defense. Systems, in the world scrambling. Fighters to protect the entire North, American continent. It. Was here, one, December evening back, in 1955. That, the whole system, was successfully, infiltrated. By. A five-year-old, child. When. This red phone rings a four-star, general or, the President, of the United States is, supposed. To be calling he, is all military oh yes. Terry, van Kieran's dad was base commander, at the time dad. Answers it with this very best military demeanor. You know Colonel, joke it. Wasn't the President or a four-star. General there's. This long silence and. This. Little voice says, Santa. Claus the. Commander. Of the combat, alert center think, someone, is pulling his leg dad. Thinks somebody's played a trick on him you know this. Is Colonel shop the commander, of the combat alert center who's this in. This little voice now is crying. Is. This what a sadness helpers, that, so. Dad finally figured out this really was a kid so. That's the ad there that, started it all hey kiddies caught me direct. It turns, out Sears. Had, put an advertisement in the local paper hey. Kids give Santa, a call but. Someone, got one critical, number wrong, but. Rejith the military's, defenses. Were overrun. Colonel. Harry shelp, decided. If you can't beat them join, them, called the radio station, and said, this is Colonel shop the combat, alert center commander, and we. Have an unidentified, flying object, why. It. Looks like a sleigh. Well. Of course, crazy. Craziness. We. Can confirm that sentries, airborne at this time but. That one, wrong number, has led to a little, bit of military. Christmas, madness, at his touched millions of children we, had no idea that this, would turn into one. Of the largest outreach, outreach programs there is in all of government so this is it here and this is where the magic happens this is Captain, Jeff Davis director. Of public affairs for NORAD, says over 1,200. Volunteers are. Now mobilized, at this base every Christmas, Eve you, can track Santa all the way across the ocean Santa's. Sleigh is moving north, toward Canadian, airspace from, the website, has well north, of 20 million visitors well he'll be there around 11:30, tonight, but it's the phone calls the, personal, connection, just put one in that corner and then the other one in that one okay that keeps volunteers, like petty officer, 1st class Scott, peddle and his wife Linda both, Canadians, by the way. Volunteering. It's, that feeling, of such a special time of year we've, always made sure that it was a special time of year for us where. Our family, was always together and you. Know as we had kids and it's for Mom. And. Just, a short sled, ride away. You'll. Find Langley. British Columbia, and the, home of own Stephenson, 11, he. Likes to show his brother fintan around the site. And. He's. Been into it for some time in. Fact. Here. He is at the age of four hauling. In. Seven. Years later mom Shannon says he still gets as excited, he. Really is into this. Wow. Sort. Of how, many times do you check it out it's, hard to count. Man. A few words at you, sometimes. But. Make no mistake he's. Watched every, video the. NORAD Santa. Tracker is still, very, much part. Of his Christmas well. That's sad that he's a pretty nice guy. Back. In Colorado the, volunteers. Are going flat out by. The end of the night Santa, trackers. Will talk to over. 100,000. Kids from. All over the, world and. This one here looks like it looks like he's spotted, Santa, and over. The decades terry van kuren has, tracked, the success, also, and this is just filthy yeah. Save. The articles, all, started, by that hard-nosed. Career, military dad, of hers but. He must have been a softy, underneath he was a softy underneath he, just loved Christmas and he loved kids, when. You think of the millions of kids that, he helped. Put a smile on their face and Christmassy, it's, just. Yeah. Makes. Me feel so happy, the. Calls have, been pouring in, arriving. Here between. Sometimes. Says captain Jennifer Stadnyk, yet another Canadian, they. Can be quite funny a lot of the times they tell the children that Santa, won't come to their house until they're, asleep and then, all of a sudden they'll hear the phone drop and and.

There'll Be no there'll, be nobody on the line and and. Then, the mom or dad will pick up and say he just ran up to his bed and. It's. Been known to happen in the Stevenson, household. Sooner. To bed sooner. It's Christmas, can. I tell. Ya. Don't let mr. Schurr to eat those cookies okay. I, didn't. Read. Sharon CBC, News, in. Langley. British Columbia. Now. Nora takes the Santa business very, seriously. And although much of the information is classified. It has shared, some exclusive. Details about, Santa's, sleigh. It. Measures, 75. Ccs. By a hundred, and fifty LPS, in lengths, that of course is candy. Canes by lollipops, and it's, 55, CCS, and 110. LPS, in height it, also carries. Weapons, but the antlers are purely defensive that. Sleigh, can obtain a maximum. Speed of faster. Than starlight, and as for emissions, sorry. NORAD, says that is top secret. When. We come back as photos, go this, one of the world is one of the world's, most famous it. Was taken, 49, years ago tonight. So. Before we leave you to put out the milk and cookies there's one more image to show you it was 49. Years ago tonight that, American, astronaut, bill Anders, took one of the most famous photographs, in history, have, a look and a, listen. And. That is the national for this Christmas, Eve thanks. For watching good night. You.

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