The National for Sunday May 20, 2018 — Gun Debate, Brandon Fire, Stephen Fry

The National for Sunday May 20, 2018 — Gun Debate, Brandon Fire, Stephen Fry

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You. On. The, Sunday night an all-too-familiar debate. In the aftermath, of yet another school, shooting this. Time ten people losing their lives in Texas a state where guns are a way of life but. After Parkland, and Sandy, Hook and Columbine. Well anything, really be done to, control them, also. Tonight the Jets are out putting, Canada's, hopes for Stanley, Cup on ice for, another year and the. Day after the, big day in many, ways their royal wedding bucked tradition so. What's next for the new Duke and Duchess, this. Is the, National. Well. Among, the sad rituals, following. A school shooting in the United States learning, more about the young people who were killed a popular. Football player, an exchange. Student from Pakistan and an avid, gamer excited. To celebrate his birthday this weekend, they, were all just 17, and all among, the 10 people killed, by a classmate. But. Now for many the question is what if anything. Changes, just over three months after the mass murder in parkland, Florida what. Will it take to stop this from happening over. And over as Paul. Hunter tells us that is a game being debated across the United States tonight. At. The River Oaks Islamic. Center in Houston a prayer service today force Abeka shake the exchange, student, from Pakistan killed. Along, with nine others in Friday's, shooting. And. We both became very close and though. The service brought tears it, also emphasized. What was on the minds of many we, have to get past our fixation, with, guns and our obsession, with God, Friday's, rampage, at the Santa Fe High School has reignited a, familiar, back-and-forth. In this country, the push for action, on guns, and pushback. From. Many of those who can actually influence, change, one, response, to school shootings, from the lieutenant governor, of Texas, we need our. Teachers, to be armed we. You, know when you have when you're facing someone, who's an active shooter the, best way to take that shooter down is with a gun, but. Even better than that is four or five guns to one he, blamed school, shootings, on violent, video games moral, decay evil, in the world and schools with too many doors added. The NRA today, the problem, with school shooters, isn't, access, to guns it's society. And drugs. They've, come through a culture, where, violence, is commonplace, what. We need to do is turn on the TV go, to a movie if. You look at what has happened to the young people many. Of these young boys have, been on ritalin since they were in kindergarten, how, come. The. Gun manufacturers. Lobby is getting, so strong, that, we cannot keep our children safe in our own classrooms, back. At that prayer service, frustration. That lawmakers have failed to act and a, challenge, to those now, grieving. You, must solve your problem, yourself take. The lead from those students, in Florida, they, stood up and they said no more. And. It's worth noting Houston's. Chief, of Police is, on side, with toughening, gun laws this weekend he cited, inaction, by politicians. On that adding, if that, doesn't, change there, will be a next time in we. Know Paul this is complicated politically, but but in this case it's complicated, factually, as well because so, often talk of gun control is focused on assault-style, weapons, but, that's, not was what was used this time yeah. That's right in fact, the, pro-gun, side will often point out that assault-style guns, like the ar-15, actually account for relatively, few, gun deaths each year in, this country overall certainly. Compared with handguns so, they say why, bother restricting. Ar-15. But at the same time no. One talks about restricting, handguns. Mostly, because everybody, knows there'd be way more pushback, on something like that so baby, steps and, that's, why a lot of the gun control talk this weekend, was other stuff around the edges. For, example toughening. The laws on gun storage at home since it seems the shooter in this case took them from his dad bottom. Line say, gun control, advocates, just do something. To make it harder, for people who want to do bad things to get their hands on a gun but as the US has found, time. And again Ian's, easy. To say. Ok. Paul hunter in Washington, thank you. We. Are slowly getting a clearer picture, of the accused, gunman tonight, seventeen-year-old, Demetrios Bogaerts, is being described as a good student who kept to himself, he, also played on the football team police, still don't know the motive, for this shooting but one grieving, mother thinks that her, daughter was intentionally.

Targeted, Say. To your Drita has says her daughter Shana had rejected months, romantic, advances, from, the gunman she. Finally stood up to him because her younger sister was being bullied in school and she was showing her look this is what you do you got to stand up to him in settlement no it's not right. Shana. Fisher had just celebrated her 16th, birthday. Let's. Take a look at what else were working on tonight she. Says her vacation, came to a violent end and now she's going public saying the resort should have done more to help her and in. Winnipeg tonight elimination. And devastation. For Jets fans but while, the playoff run ends for Canada steam Vegas. Continues, to beat the odds, but. First the inferno, that devoured, a downtown, core. Firefighters. Was still on the scene today of a multi, building, fire that has devastated, downtown Brandon, Manitoba more, than a hundred and fifty people were forced, to flee their burning apartment building. Austin. Grabbers spoke with some of the residents today to find out more about what, happened yesterday and, how, they're coping, the. Flames are out but hotspots, remain this, sprinkler, on around, the clock to make sure nothing else burns, a chimney. Is the only thing left standing from this Brandon landmark, the. Christy's office building behind me was a historic, part of this small city's downtown, officials. Believe the fire started there. And then embers, jumped onto this apartment, building before, then jumping even further on to a vacant, nightclub in beer, store this, family fled their apartment as it burned yesterday not. That long ago they fled a war zone to get to Canada I'm. Alone no muscle a lot of machete in yeah. We've. Been through lots coming from Syria and what we have to evacuate there, and, now to go through the same thing evacuating. Here it's been really tough on us but, we thank God that there isn't anybody get, hurt or nobody gets hurt they, have no insurance like many of the families living in this apartment building run, by community agencies. 93. Adults and 57 kids were left homeless and, are now registered with the Red Cross is a vacuous. Justin. Behringer is one of them father. Of two couldn't believe what he was seeing I didn't want my kids to see that but, all's and there's like a huge explosion, in the sky and there's. Firefighters. And like a Manitoba, Hydro guy was like speeding, down the street and you could tell something was wrong stories. Like his have touched so many and Brandon within, hours of putting out a call for clothing, donations, volunteers couldn't take it anymore, it's, been amazing but at the same time this, is Brandon, and I sort of suspected, this is exactly what would happen as people would. Just respond, fire, crews had to be called in from several, neighboring Manitoba, communities, we, do have a lot of very tired firefighters. Evacuating. In a hotel for now and finding, new homes won't, be easy the, vacancy, rate here is low and the mayor admits that, will be a challenge, Austin. Gravich CBC, News Brandon. And. Residents, in the city didn't only lose homes and businesses, in those buildings they lost some, history to, the. Building where the fire started was, home to Christy's since 1943. And the office supply retailer, was one of Brandon's first businesses, founded, in 1881.

A Year, before the city was incorporated as. For. Massey Manor it was built in 1913. As an industrial warehouse once. Used as military barracks, during the First World War and in, the past decade, converted, into residential, apartments, a. Canadian. Woman has a warning tonight for travelers, headed to resort destinations. She, says her vacation, ended in a rape when a security guard working, at her resort attacked, her now. She and other women are speaking out saying some resorts, don't take reports of sexual assault, seriously, Erika. Johnson has our gold public investigation. My, guard was completely, down and, so. I. Landed. Against the wall and he had me pinned against the wall Kristine. Damon, was vacationing, with her family, in March at this resort in the Dominican, on her, last night she was walking back to her room and says a security. Guard raped her then ran. Off she, filed a report with the hotel but says staff didn't, take it seriously, they. Did not offer me police they did not offer me medical they did not offer me looking at his picture I could have identified him the only thing they offered me was late check-out, that is it once. Home Damon, posted a warning about the hotel on TripAdvisor. I have. To speak out because it's a matter of public safety there's someone employed there that is a predator. And, is under the guise of a security guard go, public has found other women posting social media warnings, of sexual, assault by resort employees, in various countries many. Saying hotel, staff did not contact, police. Medical, authorities told. One woman she should just, go relax on the beach this. Lawyer who specialized, in sexual assault cases for, three decades says, international. Resort chains need protocols, in place to, ensure, police, get involved, if that's what the guest wants if. A report is not made to the police in that jurisdiction the. Police here can't do anything other than take a report and send it there a person. Cannot be charged, in a jurisdiction, other than the jurisdiction, where the assault occurred the. Resort where Christine Damon, stayed declined, an interview request in a statement the chain said it takes any allegations. Of misconduct very. Seriously, it will conduct additional, background, checks when hiring and that, in future staff, will proactively, contact. Law enforcement. And. Erika's here in our Vancouver newsroom, a disturbing, story of course Erika and there's no telling how often. This happens there. Really isn't in because as you know so often when people are sexually assaulted they don't report, it but experts. We've spoken to in this field say we may be hearing, more about this now people taking. To social, media because, of the me2 movement a women, want to warn other female, travelers but they're also hoping the hotel industry will change and. And on this there's an interesting program underway, here in Canada yeah, there sure is the Ontario, Hotel Association, has just launched, a program called it's your shift it's an online training, program available. To all employees in the hospitality, and tourism industry. And basically. In part it's designed to help employees, identify. When hotel guests might be at risk of sexual, violence and then, to teach them how to intervene, a spokesperson. We talked to said the hotel industry needs, to recognize, that it's not immune that sexual assaults can happen, with hotel, guests, and employees, and. It wants to be a leader not just in education but, more importantly, in prevention. Thank. You Erica thank. You. Our. Go public stories come from you and tips that you send in so if you have a story that you'd like our team to look into sent an email to go public at The. Day after her wedding the new duchess of sussex has followed a tradition, of royal brides her, bouquet was, laid, on the grave of the unknown warrior, at Westminster.

Abbey. So. Is Prince Harry and Meghan begin life as newlyweds Britain, has already begun what it does so well tidy. Up and carry, on, Thomas dangler has the details. Even. The most regal, occasion. Leaves behind its own trail through the streets. But. With a little cleanup overnight. Today. Royal fans were lining up to see up-close what. They'd seen on screen I'm, excited to see inside, the castle yesterday, I came to watch the procession and it. Was beautiful, what queueing laughs and I was supposed to be worth it. To. Guarantee the story printed, today would be that of a picture-perfect, wedding, it, took months, of planning just. Take that she thought she dress the, product, of five months, of work in secret, in Paris. Claire. Wait Keller designed, it there she is even arranging, the 5-meter veil on wedding day I said, wouldn't it be amazing, if, we took the, 53, countries of the Commonwealth and, embroidered, a flower and some flora and fauna from each one of those. In. Those designs, somewhere. A little, piece of Canada, the, bunchberry. The unofficial, national flower, one. Of the many contributions, to, a ceremony, that broke, the mold. From. The soulful, sound. To. That stirring. Sermon. The. Bishop may have missed the perplexed. Looks on some royals he, says he was focused on the bride and groom we got to get you all married. Back. Through the u.s. they're, gonna have an impact through their lives and their, life together that's. Gonna make a difference in this world the. Queen was seen today as she headed to church the, only other family, members spotted, were William and Kate, with. Sunglasses, hiding. Any indication. Of last night's party in. The gardens here at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, the newlyweds will celebrate Prince, Charles's. Upcoming, 70th, birthday. It's. Just one of the countless occasions where. They'll pose for pictures and shake hands as the, new duke, and duchess, of sussex. Thomas. Dag CBC. News London. So. We know their first official public appearance will beyond tuesday but what, else is in the cards for the newlyweds. It's. Expected, there'll be a honeymoon but we don't know where, speculation. Is they may choose Botswana, the location, of an early getaway, and where, harry says they fell in love meanwhile. They'll continue to live in Nottingham, cottage it steps away from Kensington.

Palace And where, they'll, eventually, move into a large apartment as. For their first royal tour overseas, it's likely, to be Sydney Australia, hosted the Invictus games this October, a lot. Of people tuned in yesterday, for the big day we have the numbers for the u.s. audience seventeen. Point six million viewers and that was just on the three main networks, in the, UK, 18, million were watching, and while. It will likely be Britain's biggest TV audience of the year still smaller than the viewership for, William, and Kate's wedding. Ahead. Tonight on the national disappointment, in Winnipeg the Jets are out, of the playoffs and a, little later a national, dispatch from Los Angeles why, sex workers there say a new, law meant to protect them is actually putting, them in more danger, but. First award-winning, actor, comedian and activist, Stephen Fry sits down with the national to talk about the monarchy Trump, and the, case against. Political correctness, the, wrong. Way to do is, to alienate, those would look a bit on the edge I'm not quite sure. By. Telling, them they're speaking on they're using their own language they can't talk like that you mustn't you can't damn, you I want. To talk don't tell me how, to talk don't censor. You. Just. Mud, that. On. The National tonight some of the flood weary residents. Of Grand Forks BC, are back home and they're, cleaning up officials. Lifted. 175. Evacuation. Orders today in the region two, weeks after the devastating, flooding began, damage. Assessment, crews are working their way through the flood zone identifying. Which, houses and buildings, can be salvaged. In. Hawaii officials, are worried that lava flowing, from the Kilauea volcano, could, block the only escape route and as, that lava reaches, the Pacific, Ocean there's another danger to worry about laves. Gassy. Combination. Of lava and haze, when, it hits sea water it releases, giant. Plumes of hydrochloric, acid, steam, and volcanic glass particles, breathing. It can. Be not just painful, but. Even deadly. Donald. Trump continues to ramp up his war of words over the Russia probe in a tweet the US president, said that he'll, demand the Justice, Department, investigate, whether the FBI infiltrated. His 2016, campaign Trump. Maintains the, Russia allegations. Are politically motivated and, had, their roots in the Obama, administration. Intense. Negotiations, are still on between Alberta, BC. And the federal government over the trans mountain pipeline, expansion and the, protests, continue to on both, sides of the border today, in Washington, State some Americans, took their protest to the water the, CBC's, breyer stewart takes, us there. Just. Off the coast of seattle dozens, of American paddlers, are preparing, to protest, an increasingly, contentious. Canadian, project. We're. Taking to the water and we, have a rally going on on land to protest, Kinder Morgan's building of a new pipeline. Taking. Tar sands, product. Out to the coast. The, paddlers, are heading toward Kinder, Morgan's marine terminal. The. Company and its trans mount expansion. Pipeline, is frequently, the target, of environmental. Groups on both sides of the border, if it's built the pipeline, would end about 200, kilometres north of here so for activists, in Washington, State their main concern isn't, so much the line itself, but all the increased oil traffic, the project, could bring they're. Concerned about what impact a spill could have on the environment but, they're also rallying, around a much bigger issue than, the 1200, kilometre line it's, about Kinder Morgan and it's about the larger issue and how it connects, to climate change. For. Many the single project has come to represent the entire fight over the oil industry, and its role in global warming and, because of that this author says the conversation. Around the project, itself has, become convoluted. The alleged. Importance, of this particular pipeline I think has become a little bit exaggerated, in, particular, on the climate front it really is not you know a make-or-break. Point necessarily. For, for Canada's. Action. On climate change but those here see it much differently, and are quick to call out the Canadian government, for approving, the project, Trudeau, has promised a number of things to both, Canada in the world and calls himself a climate hero and if he's a climate hero he doesn't build a pipeline. Because. When it comes to the Kinder Morgan project, the debate has proved much larger, and has extended much further than, the pipeline's route briar, Stewart CBC, News Seattle. The. Kinder Morgan pipeline will, also be the focus of our national, documentary, tomorrow night we, wanted to know how people who live along the expansion, route really, feel so we sent, our nick burden to talk to them he, drove from Edmonton, to Vancouver, to take, the temperature and find out what's at stake for the, people and their communities here's, a preview, what.

Would The pipeline mean for your town. Jobs. Jobs. And more jobs I, know. They were thinking of bringing in a 500, man camp they. Came and they did a big open house Kinder Morgan did um told, us how. To apply, for, good-paying jobs. Patti, tells me how her town has fallen on hard time since the logging dried up, she's. Not worried about environmental, risks she's, worried about Blue River I. Love. This place it's, uh, it's. Just it's jewel of the Yellowhead Highway Bluebird. It. Doesn't get any better this whole valley needs. It we. Really, need it bad, the, jobs and just. The people and, everything. We need the pipeline, to go through in order to survive. And. You can see nick's entire documentary tomorrow, night on the, National up, next, tonight on the program the, world according to Stephen Fry the, British comedian gives us his views on political correctness, the advantages. Of having a monarchy, and of course Donald. Trump every. Single. Restaurant. Table, every single barber, on every single coffee, shop conversation. You could just into my tumblr and I, said he's lucky he's the Trump fellow he's like a dr. Seuss character the. More you say he's named the bigger he gets. I. Think. It's time for this toxic, binary. Zero-sum. Madness. To stop before, we destroy ourselves. That. Was British comedian Stephen Fry in Toronto, on Friday night speaking, against, political correctness, in the, high-profile, Munk debate alongside, Canada's. Polarizing. Professor, Jordan, Peterson. Some people may be surprised, that a self-described. Liberal like Frey would take that position but. He has his reasons and he, gave them to our Susan ormiston in a conversation, that covered a lot of ground Donald, Trump the monarchy, and why, he's been working in Canada. Take, a look. Stephen. Fry comedian. Actor. TV. Host, podcaster. We are working together advocate. Playwright. All of, that and more from. Black Adder you think should laugh in my face I'm too old too crusty, - host of Qi. From. West End to Broadway, plays - documentaries. Stephen. Fry has carved out a unique place in British culture and increasingly, in America. But. For the next two months he's taken up residence, here in Canada, at the Agora on the lake at the Shaw Festival, he's. Taken his latest book and. Turned it into a trilogy of one-man, shows exploring. Greek mythology, he, visited, us recently in Toronto, to expound, on, the world. According. To Stephen Fry. So. Greek. Mythology. From, your book mythos, you're, doing a world premiere, here in Canada at the SHA what, are you hoping to draw out of the Greek myths and put on stage, well. First and foremost story, I mean they are the most wonderful. Stories that I've ever heard and they. Are primal. In their absolute. Their. Deus their excitement, the fact that they're about people and they. Answer. Questions about why. And how we are, but. Always with. The use of a story which i think is they don't lecture you they're not moral tales they didn't say and this teaches you this although you can draw moral from it if you want, Steven, fry, fry.

Doesn't. Preach from, a moral high ground he. Has a healthy disdain, for Autzen, shoulds and, political. Correctness I don't, care what you call me it's how we treated, that matters, if the monk debates in Toronto he argued passionately with, U of T professor, Jordan Peterson, that PC, culture has. Gone too far. Resist. Fight. If, you have a point of view fight, it in the proper manner using, democracies it should be not channels, of Education not lack. So. What is it about PC, that. You don't like. Sanctimonious. Self-righteousness. Preaching, us holier. Than boundless. Piety. These, are all things I've always hated when. I was growing up you could argue that political, correctness was not. Offending. Someone's. Religion. By making a joke about it I'm not saying a particular word on television, because it was considered rude. And. Now. It's a different, set of things that is assumed, to be believed great but it's the same idea going. All the way back to what is heresy, and what isn't and, I like to think that I'm an ordinary sort of person a contrarian, if you like and that if I'd been brave enough in the 15th 16th century, in Spain I I would, have been a heretic, just because I'm headed and yes, of course the price of heresy, was much higher than it is now price, is heresy, now as to be D platformed, or two to. Suffer, a Twitter storm or something, but, my. Objection, is simply that if you want to advance the causes that I would like to advance in terms of inclusion. And diversity and, equality for everyone in the nice fluffy gorgeous, liberal way that I think about these things the wrong way to do it is to alienate, those who are a little bit on the edge you're not quite sure. By, telling, them they're speaking wrong they're using the wrong language they can't talk like that you mustn't you can't damn, you I will talk how I want to talk don't tell me how, to talk don't censor, me don't be a you, know you, can't be questioned, you're not saying oh. That's. Why I'm on the, same side in the debates or someone with, whom I probably share very little. Tasks, about Jordan, Peterson very controversial, yes. In, what way do you align with you I didn't, as. Far as I know with these views I'm simply, approaching, the debate according to its its. Proposition, and the proposition is that the other side you, might say are saying, political. Correctness is just a phrase, meaning progress, and, I. Don't.

Think That's right and what do you think about the price for some of those perhaps. To some heretical comments. Twitter, storm is real for, lots of people and you've been always an early adopter of technology, you love, the iPhone you said you'd never met a smartphone that you didn't. But. There's a big, price these, days what do you think of this whole community, of social media and what, it does to the fabric of our society and, what it does to our capacity, to think it's. A really good series of questions there then that takes a bit of unpacking, one of the ways I approach, it enough to come back to Greek myths when. Social, media happened, and, began, and. I rushed. On board very excited, I thought. You know this is it's, all gifted, this is the all gifted, world in which, connection. Information. Education. Art, you know this is going to melt down barriers, between people there'll. Be no more tribalism, no none. Of this sort of racist native, inside. And in, the Greek myths that the, gods punish man by sending, an all gifted woman and the Greek for gifted his Pandora, and she came down with this jar that was she was told not to open but, she couldn't resist and she opened the jar out flu, illness. Manslaughter. Murder, disease, want hardship, and from, having it been in paradise it. Seemed to become impossible. But, that's the world we live in a world full, of ghastly. Problems and the same happened, with the internet from. Having thought this is going to solve all our problems everyone, can communicate with each other there'll be no misunderstandings. Everything, will be wonderful suddenly. One, became aware that it was a Pandora's, box that had opened them out flu trollers. And all, kinds, of nasty been, terrible. Grooming, and all. The horrors that have come out of it and, one, then, think so maybe, it's just all worse now maybe it's terrible, I think it's settling down and I. Don't think people are thinking less or have less cognitive skills, or, less ability to relate than they did 10 years ago 20 years ago 30 years ago I didn't get. But. You've said it's settling, down it's, settling, down in America with, the first real, Twitter, president. Who uses that his personal, tool you, talked a lot about Trump how do you see America today, well it's terribly unfortunate but I do believe in the wheel of fortune I do things I think things turn. Wasn't. That long ago when it, was built in turn in, America, and Tony Blair Britain. And they were at the top of the wheel of fortune the rotor for two knives the Romans called it and, now they're right at the bottom and in 10 years time I. Mean. It sounds, as if I'm not caring about the misery and the absurdity. The vulgarity, the gangster. The. Gangster criminality, and corruption, of the Trump regime and all of that is unquestionable. We all know it's true and people.

Who Don't are just being blind and foolish but it's also true that he is achieving what he set out to achieve and that the American economy is probably going to prosper enough, for him to win the next election whether we like to hear it or not but. Isn't. It your view that you think that the. Media for example and many others are giving him exactly what, he needed. Of course there I remember saying. To someone's you know they. Used to say of Hitler. That he was the most photographed, man in history and I. Would say Trump is the most talked-about man in history every, single. Restaurant. Table every single bar room every single coffee. Shop conversation, you could just either wear tum tum tum well, I said he's like he's the trumple oh he's like a dr. Seuss character, the more you say his name the bigger he gets all. You have to do to defeat him is never mention his name just, don't, of, course because he makes money because he's kick bait because you see Trump says and you immediately press the click because, you want to know what Trump said and. That's our fault not his and particularly. The fault of if I help myself with a vaguely left dish which I do I don't, see the rise of Trump or the rise of brexit, in Britain I don't, see them as a triumph it's the right I see them as a failure of the left and that's about one of the reasons I think Chris. Has. Some, part to play in that, Frye, is fiercely, British, he, admires the British monarchy, and he's, close to the royal family, he considers, Prince Charles, a friend and it's reciprocated, I think that probably, Stephen, I may be entirely wrong is really a writer. Who. Was handed in in a rather you. Know rather, like a Renaissance, man the. Marriage of Megan, and Harry he says reinforces. The key to success, of the, Monarchs. One. Of the remarkable things about the British royal families is its adaptability, its ability, to survive, and, oh no they're it's preposterous. It works terribly, well now, if if you imagine that Trump every week had.

To Go up Capitol. Hill to a sort of white. Colonial. Building in which Uncle, Sam lived who. Was the embodiment of America. And Trump had to bow to him, so, Tom wasn't the most important, person in America this embodiment Uncle Sam meant more than, he did it would just show him that, he was the servant of his country, and that's what a British Prime Minister has to do every week they have to go to the Queen and it just keeps the politicians, in place because they've got this. Image. This, this, personification. Of the entire country in its history a living, flag if you like who, goes around in a coach and it's kind, of preposterous kind. Of say. It's completely, old-school. Well. Then you know that's like that's like political correctness should there. Are notions I think if it works it's, very foolish to get rid of it even if it's unreasonable, Stephen it's no wonder Prince Charles thinks that you're in I. Know. I'm fully aware of how preposterous disease, and you're quite right it is but it works it works for us it, adds, to the gaiety of nature and just making bring an interesting dimension. It's. Also reflection, on changes, you know it's not just like oh I suppose we better allow it it's kind of everyone, is thrilled, for an injection of new blood just, in the sense, of a new attitude. A new generation, or a new new, way of looking at things and I think that. Is what I meant about the adaptability, of the earth I mean it just somehow always seemed. To catch and it's it's really always the women I mean our best monarchs, have been Queen Elizabeth, the first and Queen, Victoria and Queen Elizabeth the second by far it's. Clearly maybe we should only have a queen rather than a. Head. On the national a new law in the United States has been to shut down Internet sex traffickers, Republicans. And Democrats, say it will save lives but sex, workers say well actually put them in greater danger, than ever you. Know you don't know who you're gonna get in the car with there's, no way. To report. Violent. People in that way if somebody throws, you, in a room with a bunch of guys and you end up you, know getting gang-raped. You, have the feeling that death. Is imminent. Canadian, hockey fans dreaming, of the Stanley Cup being raised north of the 49th. Parallel we'll. Have to wait another year the, Winnipeg Jets have, been grounded. Now. As much as today's elimination stings. It was a great run for the team and for the city I know may, not feel that way for Jets fans right now but as Aaron, Broman tells us it was a stellar. Season. Excitement. Was hide inside, the Winnipeg white out today as Jess fans geared, up for a do-or-die battle. With the Vegas golden, night. A. Record, number showed up again as they have so many times before, hoping. Their sheer energy would, help push the boys to victors I loved, every minute of it you know it's there's nothing better than walking into you, know the street, party and getting goose bumps or even, getting on the bus and getting goose, bumps and then you get in you know in the arena and you're you, got goose bumps for, you know two and a half hours but, as the game wore on the, excitement turned, to tension, even, fear the, Golden Knights drew first blood in the first period the Jets tied it up but Vegas went ahead again in the second period without. Answer, from Winnipeg and then it, was over. Bend's. Were crushed.

It's. A dagger in the heart but. There's, a lot of promise I. Still. Feel that the. Better, team didn't. Win this series the Jets are a better team top and bottom. But. Four Jets players it wasn't a loss, it was the devastating, end of a Cinderella season. The. Heart in the character and also do things you can't teach you have very daunting I think this team has it but, despite the pain Winnipeg. Can hold its head high the, Jets have helped to revitalize their, city ever since the triumphant, return to the league in 2011. But, this season was a true Cinderella, run they, smashed, through, the Minnesota Wild they, tamed the Nashville, Predators and even. Though the Vegas Golden Knights proved too much winnipeg. Fans are already looking ahead to, next year well, lick our wounds we're gonna come back stronger next year more, powerful, and you, know it's it's optimism, something the city has, been yearning, for for, 30, years while fans from the rest of the country offer thanks. And a salute for, a valiant, effort that, won't be forgotten. Aaron, Roman CBC, News Winnipeg. Well. You can decide whether the best team won but one thing is clear the, team that beat the Jets is having, an unbelievable playoff. Run of their own the, Las Vegas Golden, Knights will play for the Stanley Cup in their very first season when. You think of great teams that didn't make it this far you, can see that Vegas has, already done the incredible. Serious. Talk Vegas, getting a franchise, only started, about three years ago the deal signed in 2016. The, Golden Knights lacing, up for the first time in September. And they, have been setting expansion, team records. Ever since most wins most, points, first. Expansion, team to make the playoffs since. The Edmonton Oilers and the Hartford Whalers in 1980. And those were already established teams, those two they. Were the first expansion team to go all the way to the finals, since the st. Louis Blues in 1968. But he may remember the Blues only, beat other expansion. Teams to get to the final one. Last note. To point out Golden. Knights roster. Overwhelmingly. Canadian. Now. As many of you know all, too well it's, been two, and a half decades since any Canadian, team raised, the Stanley Cup that's when the haves brought it home in 1993. It's. Fitting perhaps the last Canadian, team to hoist the cup he's also the team that has wanted more than any others, but, back in 93 some fans spoil the celebration by, rioting the.

Last Canadian team to even appear in the finals, that was the Vancouver Canucks in 2011, they lost to the Boston Bruins after, a hard-fought, seven games and for, the second time in 17, years at Canucks lost in the final led, to a night of destructive, riots. Just. Over a month ago US President Donald Trump signed off on a Newt on new legislation, aimed at shutting, down internet, sex, trafficking, and protecting. Those most exploited, by the underbelly. Of the sex trade it. Was passed with overwhelming support. From Republicans, and Democrats. But that rare, moment, of cooperation. Has serious. Implications, for sex, workers themselves, with many, saying that will put them in even, greater danger, by driving them right, back to the perils of the street here's. Kim Bern Hoover with our dispatch, from Los Angeles. It. Was she says as though she'd arrived at work one day to, find her office, had burned, down so. Imagine, if you just lost your whole source of income, like. That you. Know Laura. Lee moon is a sex worker when. She started as an eighteen year old she found clients, by walking, the streets at night it. Was she says as dangerous. As it sounds, if somebody throws, you in a room with a bunch of guys and you end up you, know getting gang-raped. You, have the feeling that death. Is imminent then, over the last decade, the industry moved from the street to, the smartphone I, found it to be extremely empowering. To be able to go from being. Pimped to. Being. Like, my own escort online, advertising, on Backpage, being. Able to screen clients, I never had one instance, of violence. Until. A new bill changed, everything everybody. I know right now is just in complete crisis, this. Seems like the only thing both Democrats, and Republicans can, agree on these days we, are all together, politicians. Both Republican, and Democrat, this. In. April President Trump signed two bills with the aim of targeting. Sex trafficking, online, the. Laws made websites, criminally, liable for, the sex work resulting, from advertisements, on their sites many, sites like back page the most popular, escort, advertising, site was shut down because, of the hundreds of thousands of children who are trafficking 70, percent of them are online and because of what you're doing today that's. Already shut down eighty seven percent of that is already shut down you were saving knives, lamu. Knows all too well what it means to be trafficked, she says she was forced into sex work as a team before internet, trafficking, even existed, she, believes the law that's meant to make the world safer, is actually, making hers much more dangerous, I had, like at, least a hundred people texting, or calling me. On. A daily basis just based on my back page ad alone and that, gave me the. Security. To, be able to say like, okay I'm not desperate. I don't, I'm. Not in desperate, need of finding clients so. I don't have to do dangerous things like you, know have condomless, sex for, more money or. Take. On a client who's more dangerous, now, she says many sex workers are being forced back onto the streets and back, into the hands of pimps I've. Actually gotten contacted, by a pimp, as well with promises, of clients, many, sex workers acknowledged they have few political friends, in this battle so they're pinning their hopes on unlikely.

Allies The, tech companies and then also people like the ACLU, and people, who are in favor of like, free speech and, the First Amendment, and not having the government you, know monitor, people, and stuff. They're. Definitely our allies, the new laws have had another unintended, consequence. According, to Toronto, sex worker anis Annie not, all sites have shuttered some servers, are owned and operated in, countries outside of the US like Canada, I am, known saying that there are more. Clients. Coming from the US but, Sonny says that extra, business has been more than offset by the closure of the big US sites where she says many Canadian sex workers got the majority of their clients, we have seen, an. Uptick, of suicides. People, who are already, struggling, to survive they. Literally have like no means. Luckily I've grown up in the age of the. Web so, I have never engaged. In the street trade in. Los Angeles Danny Cruz is among a younger generation of sex workers who are wondering what, now, the. World of newspaper, personals, and of street walking is entirely, foreign, and terrifying. Those, web sites offered, some security, online bad, date lists, where sex workers shared information about whom to avoid many, of those are now gone too you know you don't know who you're gonna get in the car with there's. No way. To report. Violent. People in that way there's no, screening. Practices, at all like it's just luck of the draw if, prostitution. Is the world's oldest, profession Cruz, says trying, to shut it down as law enforcement oldest. Pursuit so, he says all he can do now is what sex workers have always done change. And adapt it's, gonna move somewhere if it goes from this smartphone back. To the street that's where it's gonna go and he. Fears not all areas of the street are as well lit as others. Kimbrel, uber CBC News Los Angeles. It. Wasn't that long ago the Canadian sex workers warned the new legislation, meant, to keep them safe would, in fact do the opposite. The. Previous, Conservative, government passed Bill c36. In 2014. It changed. The rules were on a dirt izing sex which, advocates. Call contradictory. It does. Allow sex workers to promote their own services, but it makes it a crime for publications. Including, websites to do so and sex. Workers say that that limits their ability to screen clients. Overturning. Bill c36. Was a liberal priority. During the 2015, campaign but. It's still on the books. You. Know you can go deeper on the stories of the day earlier in the day by subscribing. To our newsletter. Used on CA /, the national, national. Today, takes you inside our journalism, each, afternoon. Here. Are some of the stories we'll be following this week on the National WestJet, facing a looming strike by pilots, they remain in talks of the company and to promise they'll keep, working, over this long weekend. The. South Korean president moon jae-in will be in Washington on Tuesday to, meet with US President Trump they'll be discussing how the summit with North Korea, can stay on track Chong, yang is threatened to pull out of next month's historic.

Meeting Between Kim, jong-un, and Trump. And. In. Ireland they're gearing up for Friday's, historic, referendum on abortion, it will be the first opportunity in 35, years - overall the law considered. One of the world's most restrictive, voters, are being asked, if they wish to repeal, a constitutional. Amendment allowing for, a near total ban on abortion. Before. We go tonight a surprising. Turn for a group of Alberta men out enjoying the long weekend, they, were boating along an Alberta River not far from Grand Prairie when, they suddenly found themselves on a rescue mission coming, to the aid of a moose calf and their, story is our, moment of the, day. Unload. Our chairs and when. My cousin Ryan could, hear, some, muting, and then we could tell that it was just a calf moose and it was like almost completely, submerged in, the, mud I picked. It up basically and drugged it closer to the water out of the mud and then, we started washing its head and its eyes, and nose, off the moose was fully mooing. Like constantly. And walking around following us around basically. But it had a lot more energy think anybody else would do anything different, if they, found a baby moose stuck in the mud everyone would dig it out and clean it up and send, it on its way I think I. Wish. My coolest we're going to talk about that that is the National for me xx goodnight. You.

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