The National for Tuesday, May 15, 2018 — Gaza, Royal Wedding, Tom Wolfe

The National for Tuesday, May 15, 2018 — Gaza, Royal Wedding, Tom Wolfe

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On. This Tuesday night a Canadian, doctor is speaking, out about tending, to the injured in, those violent, protests, in Gaza and how, he himself. Was shot the. Chaos and the carnage, now the subject, of heated diplomatic. Debate Israel. Standing, by its military as, the Palestinians. Mourn, their dead we'll, take you to the border a fence dividing. The Middle East also. Tonight a new trial for an Alberta couple convicted, in the death of their son they, treated, as equals meningitis. With natural remedies only calling. 911 stop. Breathing, why, the Supreme Court now says the, trial judge made a mistake, and the. Small BC, Hotel taking on Expedia, for telling customers it, was fully booked for, two years, this, is the National. For. 70, years Palestinians. Have spent this day commemorating. The Nakba when, hundreds, of thousands, of Palestinians, fled or were forced. From their homes as Israel, was created this. Year in Gaza the day was spent burying, the dead and, treating, the wounded, much, of the world continued. To express horror, at the bloodshed. In. Turkey there was anger, protesters, threw eggs at the Israeli embassy the. UK France, and the UN all called out Israel for, killing at least 60. Palestinian, protesters, including, children. None of whom actually breached, the border an, attempt to approach or, crossing. Or damaging, the Green Line friends do not amount, to a threat of. Serious to, life or serious injury and are not sufficient, grounds for the use of live ammunition, but. Israel, says the response was appropriate and, blamed Hamas the. Pushing, civilians. Women, children into. The. Line of fire with the view of getting casualties, we try to minimize go to casualties. They're trying to incur casualties, in order, to, in. Order to put pressure on Israel which is horrible. Yes. This. Is CBC's, Derek Stoffel spent the day in Gaza with people who experienced, the violence and death firsthand. In. Gaza there is still much anger, and, defiance. - with. Protesters, returning, to the scene of Monday's, bloodshed. The. Demonstrations. Today are much, smaller than what we saw yesterday but. There are Palestinians, out that's the border fence about 200. Meters behind me where the Israeli, forces are stationed, and they're using drones up in the air to send, tear gas down on the protesters, here below. Israeli. Forces kept trying to push, the demonstrators, back from, the fence. Medical. Staff treated this woman who appeared, to be overcome.

By Tear gas. Gases. Main hospital, was overflowing. Again, today some, of the wounded were transferred, to other medical, centers, inside. The corsa Pedic ward we found Ibrahim, Rahman, who, was shot, in both legs yesterday. He. Was still waiting for surgery and he came back from the protest and you saw his legs how, did you feel. I. Started. Crying he says this, is hard, to watch. Doctors. Without Borders says. 1300. People suffered, gunshot wounds, inflicted. By Israeli, forces we. Questioned, these. Disproportionate. Jews of the first we questions effect to use. Live ammunition, against. Young protesters. Funeral. Tents were erected, all over, Gaza today places. Where family, and friends can gather to mourn, lost, loved one's side. Abu, al-khair, was 15, shot. Dead while out at the protest with his grandfather, his family says adding. That the teenager, was, unarmed. He. Was lovely his father says he, never saw anything, never, experienced. Anything in this world. Across. Gaza there are calls for Israel, to be held to account for, the deaths of the Palestinians, yesterday, but. Few here hold out any hope that that. Will actually happen. Derek, Stoffel CBC, News Gaza. You. Saw there in Derrick's item that heavily, fortified fence, that separates, Gaza from Israel, that has become a flashpoint for, this conflict, it. Snakes, 60, kilometers, across the entire Palestinian. Territory, for, Israelis. It's a last line of defense, against, invasion, to, approach it they warned is to risk death. But. For Palestinians. To reach that forbidden, zone means defying, the country, whose block, keeps them poor those, who try to run the gauntlet face, this first. A crude barbed wire barrier, beyond, that just a 30-second. Dash away is the main fence a 10-foot. High barrier equipped with sensors, to detect trespassers. And. They're. On that front line trying to catch the wave of injured, protesters was, a Canadian, doctor Tariq Lu bonny and while trying to help he was shot in the leg he told his story to CBC's, as it happens with understandably. And a warning there's some strong language here. All. Of a sudden I heard. An, incredibly, loud bang I, ended, up on the ground and the. First thing I yell just as loud as I could was. The. Bullet didn't hit any bones but, damaged tissue Lu Bonnie says he was away from the protest scene at the time and, wearing clothes to indicate, he was a doctor because. I was a physician I dressed differently I was wearing, full Hospital, Green's London. Health sciences greens actually, from London Ontario which. Now I'm gonna have to explain to linen why they have bullet holes. Lou, bonny and his colleagues, were in Gaza on a special, project, they made tourniquets, straps, to stop limbs from bleeding out using, 3d printers a cost-effective. Solution he, was hoping to field-test, a. Cruel. Irony then, that he would need one though, he refused, we. Just had too few and I knew there'd be so many more worse injuries, so I said, no Lou bonnie is no, stranger, to rushing, into danger to help he spent weeks in jail in Cairo without, charge for, giving medical aid to demonstrators. There, he. Was lucky to have survived in Gaza the paramedic, who rescued, him Moussa Abu Hassan in wasn't, about. An hour after he rescued me he was on, another trying. To get another patient, and ended. Up getting shot in the chest there. Was so much fire live fire in that area that his, colleagues, weren't able to take him out for another about 20 minutes and unfortunately.

He Died. Lou, bonnie is now recuperating. Out of hospital. Justin. Trudeau was asked today for his view on whether Israel had used excessive, force, we. Are calling for, a a, stop, to the violence a de-escalation of, the of. The. Violence. In, in, the region right now we. Know that the only way forward, is through direct negotiations with. Between Palestinians, and Israelis. To. Get to a two-state solution. The. U.s. faces accusations. Of fueling, the already, simmering, anger yesterday. It opened its new embassy, in Jerusalem and, today, a top US diplomat waved. That aside, how. Is that justified, as our. President, said when he announced, the decision in December the location, of our embassy. Has, no bearing, on the specific, boundaries of Israeli. Sovereignty in, Jerusalem, or the resolution of contested. Borders it has, no bearing, on Jerusalem's. Holy sites it. Does not prejudge, whatever. The parties might negotiate in a peace agreement it. Does not undermine. The, prospects, for peace in any way, so. What could that peace process, look like now and does the u.s. still, have, a role in it if. You can't produce peace, in the, Middle East nobody, can for more than 40 years the US has led, efforts to broker that elusive. Solution, when Trump came into office he of course declared that he's gonna go after the ultimate, deal but, in his own way, Trump, named son-in-law, Jared Kushner as his regional adviser someone, with no diplomatic, experience, the ambassador, to Israel David, Friedman a fierce champion, of the Israeli, settlements, then, came Trump's announcement that, the US Embassy was moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem it. Broke, relations with the Palestinians, over the peace process but. Let's be realistic there wasn't much of a peace process beforehand, and so it did damage to kind of nothing so, some see a period, of stalemate ahead, as Israeli, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Deals with domestic, political scandals, others, see danger, in another Trump move threatening.

To Cut off funding, to the UN agency, that supports Palestinian. Refugees, and the Palestinian, Authority is trump, driving, a hard bargain or, putting, peace out of reach, I think. The problem, is that the United States especially with its position in the world needs. To have a clear policy it needs to signal to friends, unfolds, alike exactly. Where it stands. Here's. What else we're working on tonight on the national, royal fans, are getting ready to celebrate the newlyweds, for British media's obsessed, again today over, whether or not Megan's, father, will, attend and according. To Expedia, this BC in is the hottest place in town there's, no rooms available for. Two years how, the inn owners, took on the travel giant but. First a new twist in a tragic, story out of Alberta, the Supreme Court has ruled the parents of Ezekiel, Stefan should, get a new, trial. David. And Colette Stefan, were convicted of not providing, their 19, month old with the necessaries. Of life despite. Ezekiel's, dire symptoms, including, difficulty, breathing and stiffness they, treated him with natural products including onion powder and hot, peppers, today. Their convictions, were overturned Aaron, Collins has more on the ruling and the reaction. The. Long and winding legal, journey of David, and Colette Stefan took another twist today this time in the highest court in the land we, would allow the appeal cost to convictions, and order a new trial that. 2016. Conviction, for failing to provide the necessaries, of life stems. From the death of the Stefan's son Ezekiel, in 2012. The, 19 month old died of complications from, meningitis, after, his parents failed to take the toddler to a doctor, until the little boy had, stopped breathing instead. The couple treated their son with natural, remedies like homemade, smoothies, the prosecution, argued that choice, contributed. To Ezekiel, death, the, jury agreed, and the judge sentenced david stefan to four months in jail and Colet stefan to three months house arrest the. Couple was also ordered to take their remaining children to a doctor, once, a year today. In Canada's, Supreme Court those decisions, were overturned, because, the judge in the initial case didn't give clear instructions to. The jury a decision. Framed as a win by, the staphon's we. Feel very vindicated. We're extremely grateful we're. Grateful because. Moved in the right direction, and we, now the opportunity, to bring the whole truth forward and we're just so excited to, have. The the ability, to do that, however, this law professor, says that just because the convictions, were overturned, doesn't. Mean the Stephan's won't be convicted again what. Happened here is the judge did not give the jury the tools they needed to render, their decision both. In fact and in law for. Now the crown, in Alberta will deliberate on whether to retry, the Stephan's, in the meantime the couple now living in BC, will, remain free Erin. Collins CBC News Calgary. So. To be clear the Supreme Court of Canada wasn't, assessing, the evidence in this case or the validity of the criminal charges the, justices, decided the trial judge's, instructions, to the jury were improper, but as you heard David, Stephan, considers, this vindication. And even. After he was convicted he continued. To promote his controversial, approach to health care and alternative. Products, over, the past hundred 20 years we've seen such a radical, change in. Our, food, and the quality of it that. It actually put us in a position in February he was slated to speak at health and wellness Expos, in cities across the prairies but organizers. Dropped, him after sponsors, and vendors threatened, to pull, out in protest, Stephan's. Company true hope sells vitamin, supplements, market is helping.

Improve Mental, health in. 2003. And 2007. Health Canada issued, warnings, about one product empower, Plus it's said there was no evidence the product was safe to, consume. To. A CBC News investigation, now a small boutique, hotel, on Vancouver. Island is, accusing. The travel giant, Expedia, of keeping potential guests, away, from, their property, the. Owners claim the online, travel, company listed therein as fully booked when it was usually, half empty even. Worse they say Expedia, redirected. Travelers, to rival, hotels. Eric. Rankin has this CBC News exclusive. Perched, atop the malahat, summit, north of Victoria moon water Lodge promises, one of Canada's, best views. Looking. Late this weekend, but, co-owners, Laurie and Randy strand illan believed more guests, would have seen the view if Expedia. Hadn't told their potential, customers their 13, rooms were unavailable. For, two years, I feel. Like I've been robbed of, thousands. Of dollars of business it's, not about being, competitive it seems, it's about. Cutthroat. Business, practice. Expedia. Brings in billions, a year collecting, booking, fees from client, hotels, but, moon water Lodge isn't, one of them after, initial talks with Expedia in 2015. The, straddle and signed with another cheaper. Site a year later they, discovered this. Search. Moon water Lodge online, and up pops Expedia, dot C a is one of the top booking sites offering. Prices, and deals quick, easy and secure booking but, until recently any, attempt, to book a room anytime, was. Met with rooms. Are unavailable, for, your trip dates on Expedia, a dead, end link that redirected. Potential, moon water Lodge customers, to rival, hotels, so. If we, show as full, and a. Person takes, a different Hotel that's part, of the. Expedia. Group of companies Expedia. Will get their paycheck, after, being contacted by CBC, News Expedia, pulled down the rooms are unavailable, search result, for moon water launch blaming. A glitch and saying, this is the first time we've seen this particular issue but. In 2011 a French, Hotel Association successfully. Sued Expedia, over similar no vacancy, postings, the online giant, fined more than half a million dollars, for misleading, business, practices, and two US hotels, have launched a proposed class-action, lawsuit, in the States alleging. A bait and switch marketing, scheme that pushes, consumers, to Expedia, sneer by member hotels, in its, defense, the company blames technical. Issues that have been solved, the, Strand lands are weighing their, legal, options I'm. Just angry it's, so, wrong. The Strand illan suggest, others small Canadian hotels, should check to see if they're, listed as having no rooms available on, Expedia, and if, they are a class-action, lawsuit, could be launched here, Eric. Rankin CBC News Vancouver. So. Just how much choice is there, when you're shopping around for travel deals online, we, were surprised, to learn how multi-billion. Dollar mergers, in recent years means there's, actually less competition, than ever before. Survival. Does the work for you and instantly compares, prices, for over six hundred thousand hotels from over 100 different websites many, of those different travel, websites were actually owned by the same company trivago. The world's largest hotel, price comparison. Site he's owned by Expedia, Expedia. Booked a flight and hotel say, money three, years, ago Expedia. Went on an acquisition tear. And, gobbling, up its two arch rivals, Travelocity. And Orbitz. Expedia group. Now has 17, different brands, in its portfolio, including. Hotwire and hotels, calm and if. You don't want to go through Expedia, Group your options, are pretty limited. Rival. Online, travel agencies, like Priceline. And kayak, are all, owned by the one company booking, holdings in fact, Expedia, and booking. Account. For three-quarters. Of online travel sales worldwide. And, this. Powerful, duopoly, owns, 95, percent, of the market in the United States. Still. A hit on the national a journalistic. Pioneer, and a literary superstar. The legacy of Tom Wolf's next. Plus, a space designed, for and, by, women why women, only workplaces. Are taking, off and.

We'll Show you how people around the world are getting ready for a certain, wedding this weekend including, students, at Meghan Marcos old high school and a couple of Canadian tourists, who just, can't stay away I think. After going to the last wedding, Kate, wills on experiencing. That we just have to go back. This one. Tonight. On the national development, in the trans mountain pipeline dispute, tomorrow, morning Finance Minister Bill Morneau will, provide what's being described, as a major. Update, on the, state of negotiations. Over the controversial, project that's, according to a senior, government official, it's, happening on the same day Kinder, Morgan shareholders. Are gathering. For their annual general meeting, in Calgary Kinder. Morgan, has threatened, to abandon the project it's, given the government until May 31st, to, assure a clear, path forward. North. Korea has abruptly, suspended high-level. Talks with South Korea and it's threatening to scrap its planned summit, with the u.s. the reason. According to the north, our annual, joint, us-south, Korean. Military, drills, which. Began, last Friday, it's. Calling them a provocation, whether. It will actually pull out of the US summit is not clear, officials. In Washington say, they, are proceeding, as planned we. Are operating under. The. Idea. And the, notion that, the, president's, meeting is going forward with, Chairman with chairman Kim next month, that. Meeting is scheduled for June 12 in Singapore, if it happens, it will be the first time a sitting, US president has. Met with the North Korean leader. Some. New details from Toronto police today on their investigation. Into, alleged serial killer Bruce MacArthur, after. Months spent scouring, his apartment, police, say they've collected 18, hundred pieces of evidence and taken. 18 thousand, photographs it's. Being described as the largest forensic. Examination. In Toronto, Police history, MacArthur. Has been charged with eight counts of first degree murder many. Of the victims were men connected, to Toronto's.

Gay Village. The, Right Stuff radical, chic the Me Generation the New Journalism, all, of, them phrases, Tom Wolfe made part of the English, lexicon to say nothing of that white linen suit the, iconic, journalist and author died yesterday. Stephanie, skandera's, looks back at his life an, extraordinary. Career. Tom. Wolf shook, up the worlds, of journalism, and literature and, he did it all with it and a white suit he, broke the rules but stayed committed to telling the truth a real thing in this country there's so much more spectacular, than anything that artist's. His. Legacy, will be the words he leaves behind in articles, novels, and nonfiction books, including. The new journalism the style he helped create I really, believe in the technique of trying to to write from the inside and to do that you've got to have build. Your writing, whenever. Wherever possible out of scenes out of dialogue and. The. Kind of details that novelist, and short story writers, use to. Bring it alive, he was one. Of the most influential, journalists. Of the. Modern time for. This author and professor it, was Wolf's way of writing that got everyone's attention he, was a baroque. Extravagant. Writer who used exclamation. Points and, italics. Said ellipses, all over the page for. Many Wolf's soaring, achievement, was the right stuff the story of America's, pioneering astronauts. Hollywood. Liked it too. Wolff, embraced, fictional, techniques, fully with his first novel the bonfire. Of the vanities a, satirical. Portrait, of greed and excess in 1980s. Manhattan. On. The, surface, wolf was nothing but a Southern gentleman his famous white suit becoming the stuff of pop culture legend. He. Knew people were saying who, is that weirdo in that white suit and that you know weird blue the. Blue shoes with, the cane I mean what what what's. He trying to prove he, wasn't afraid of that and he he wasn't afraid of of. Writing. Controversial. Work that that still. Demands. Comment, today wolf, also wasn't afraid to examine. His own mortality it's quite, humbling. To, know that despite, all of your aspirations. All. Of your dreams and all the talents you think you have. You're. Made of clay, Tom. Wolfe died yesterday in New York City, the age of 88 stephanie skandera's, CBC, News Toronto. Next. On the national after a day of speculation. It seems Meghan, Markel's dad won't be there to walk her down the aisle I can barely keep up and need an employee there's an app for that we'll show you the latest gig economy tool, that's raising, questions about how to protect workers who depend on it this. Is great if you're a student it's great if you have another, major gig you're working on a business or you have a passion and you can bring in a little money this way it, doesn't work, so great as a model, if you're trying to make this your full-time job and that's. I think where people have difficulty, with. The. Queen welcomed thousands, of people to Buckingham Palace today for her first garden, party of the year she, was accompanied, by her son's Prince Andrew and Prince Edward and her daughter-in-law Sophie, garden.

Parties Date back to the 1860s, and, are a way of recognising, people who serve the public. And. There's, this other royal party that's kind of a big deal just a few days away the, National will have extensive, coverage of Harry and Megan's wedding tonight, and then really, all week including, some pre-wedding. Confusion. Will. Meagan Marco's father be there when she marries Prince Harry yesterday, we heard he would not attend than today, well, here's not now I had to take us through it all. It. May hang at the crux of wedding anxiety, but the dress is only the start and no. One knows, better just how fragile the, fairytale than, the bride herself the table plan working out okay. Speeches. Working, out okay. The. Weather I think I wasn't really nervous about walking down the aisle having, everybody looking. At me they, know, something, of what Megan Markel might be thinking the celebrity, news site TMZ, is central, to the story apparently. Blindsiding. Kensington, Palace first. Reporting, less than a week out her, father won't be walking her down the aisle as planned, embarrassed. Over this staging. Paparazzi. Photos the, actions says Megan's estranged, half-sister of, a man overwhelmed. By media, attention, I mean they've presented, him in the most horrible, ways highly. Inaccurate and the goal of those photographs, was, basically, because he was feeling defenseless. The, palace defends, him to calling, for understanding. And respect but, confirming. Nothing. It has backfired in the most appalling. Way I feel very, sorry for him I feel very sorry for Megan no bride wants this on the eve of her wedding a story, still, with headlines, that must include question, marks who, will walk her down the aisle Saturday, speculation. It could be Merkel's mother it, wouldn't, be the first time Queen, Victoria. Did just that for her two daughters, after, their father Prince, bird ID today. Megan's, father, changed, his mind to, catch up to the roller coaster, it's back to the website of TMZ. One. Last twist and finally, some clarity, according, to TMZ anyway. Thomas. Marco won't be attending the wedding because of heart, surgery hers. Is still a fairy tale but. It's meeting reality. Now. I add CBC, News London. Well. You heard mention of Merkel's mother there she will arrive in London from Los Angeles where Megan was born and raised today. Students, at her former high school held, a special tea and toast in her honor, we. Know that she went here and she, still, talks about the school that means that, this. School really pushed her to be the greatest person, she could really, cool that she's gone to do such great things with, her life and like we aspire to do those things when we grow up yeah it's really cool that she's like went here and like walked these grounds at, the same place. Lots. Of excitement at Immaculate Heart High School today hundreds, of students, union Jackson hand gathered. To sing dance and cheer on their, royal alumna, Megan, Marco graduated, there back in 1999. They probably won't all marry princes, though so while. Most people watching the wedding from home more than a hundred thousand, are expected, to be there in person for the big day Thomas Degla took a royal tour on a double-decker, bus as, the city prepares for. A tourism, boom. Boarding. Now a bus, tour with, a twist a tribute. To Prince Harry and Megan slowly, sneaking its way through London traffic. There will be a helping, of history, for these Royalists, but, first team. In, those spill-proof, cups, for the bumpy ride, then, of course fresh, scones served, with a lesson, in British, English stone. As in, gone all rhymes, were gone and that's the pronunciation.

The Menu, for this afternoon, tea was chosen specifically, in honor of Harry, and Megan, like, this avocado, and crab, creation for, Megan's home state California, traditional. English, finger, sandwiches, because we are in England after all and how about these maple. Syrup, cream puffs in honor of Megan's, temporary, home Canada. Don't. Mind if I do. With. The special menu come the bites of history, a view. Of Westminster. Abbey the sight of many royal nuptials. And. Later. A peek at the Albert, Memorial in, honor of Harry's, great-great-great. Great-grandfather. Surrounded. By the greenery, of Kensington. Gardens as. Close as we'll get to the couple's home. There's. Still time for some bubbly and. Wishes. For a long happy, marriage I like, to talk about the disasters, the, weddings that have gone completely pear-shaped. You know hopefully this one long I don't think this one's gonna go pear-shaped at all because they're quite open they're quite honest I think they actually are marrying, for love. This tour may be over, but there will be plenty more celebrations. On, the road to wedding day thanks. Hums dagger CBC, News London. It. Looks like a really tough assignment, for him among, those making the trek to London, two women from BC, we caught up with them before they left from Victoria, well, I think after going to the last wedding Kate, and Will's and experiencing. That we just had to go back to this one we met so. Many people and, I think the fact that we were wearing such loud. And proud Canadian Anna people, came up and said hey Canada. And, started chatting away and it broke the ice what we're gonna wear is these. Funny, little hats that I made and actually if you want to look at the inside look there, were a little lady bird from. The dollar store and. I'm. Red and white and our. Proud flags will. Be part of it and we have backpacks as well we may have to represent Canada. Since. There won't be any politicians. There well. Represent. The seniors, of Canada, what do you think I think that's a great idea. Adrian. Is in the UK tonight, as we get set to cover all angles, of the world wedding as we already have including.

Of Course though growing up in the shadow of, his. Mother's death and how it has propelled Prince Harry to follow in her charitable footsteps, even, returning to the same HIV, clinic where Princess Diana made such a difference. Diana. Is everywhere, here and. Now. That it's her son who shows up it's the spirit, of her he, sometimes, seems to look for he. Loves, to hear the stories, of, her, visits here Carrie tells of a miraculous, woman, who had met Diana, as an ill child but. Survived, Harry. Had questions for her she. Said to Prince Harry I remember, cutting, up to her on her lap and how, soft and uncomfortable. It was and, he said I remember, that well. And. Of. Course he would his memories, are the frozen, ones of a child just, twelve with those clenched, fists, walking, behind the casket, of his mother. Tomorrow. Night Adrian brings us the national from London. Thursday, and Friday she, will be in Windsor. Don't. Forget to set your alarms, and coffee makers Adrian begins bright and early Saturday. Morning we'll give you a front row seat to the wedding of the year beginning. At four M Easter unless of course you're getting married that would be your wedding of the year watch the rural wedding Harry and Megan cbc television's, cbc news network, cbc. News dot CA. The workplace, as we know it is changing faster. Than ever before the Monday to Friday 9, to 5 grind spent. At a desk is now giving way to telecommuting. Sharing, office spaces and working, on demand the. So called gig economy has, revolutionized. The way we work, connecting. Workers, and customers directly, through smartphone apps like uber people. Can choose when and where, to work and when not to and a, new Canadian app aims to capitalize, on this growing movement hire. Lets experienced, workers in the hospitality, industry, indicate. When they're available to work the app then connects them with a business urgently, needing, staff like when, someone's called in sick or doesn't show up for a shift the. Developers, say about 300 Toronto, restaurants, now use it and more, than 5,000, workers have logged in, hire. Says this is great for both employees and employers but, as Ron, Charles explains, some, are questioning whether this really is a win-win. Mandy. Magnin says this is how she prefers, to work picking, up shifts at restaurants, and bars through the hire app magnin. Says the flexibility. Lets her pursue her real passion acting. At least if something, does come up I'm not battling, giving away a schedule, and having that added stress for, an audition when the audition is already so stressful hire. Is the latest, in a slew of apps, driving, the gig economy where. Workers are called independent, contractors, and jobs, are called shifts, or gigs but, to those designations. Leave app users, outside, labor laws whose, the employer in this situation, is it, hire the app that's connecting, workers, to employers, is it the business owner who hires somebody for an hour through, hire is a. Business, using, the app to screw it around some of the laws and misclassify. That worker as an independent contractor. Still some experts, say like it or not the gig economy is, expanding, and society. Needs to figure out how to make it work this is great if your student it's great if you have another. Major gig you're working on a business or you have a passion and you can bring in a little money this way it, doesn't work so great as a model, if you're trying to make this your full, job and that's. I think where people have difficulty, with it hires, Canadian, co-founders seemed to partly acknowledge, the problems, like traditional, temp agencies, that take a cut of earnings higher retains, 19, to 30 percent, but, they also offer a point system towards, vacation, days as we, grow and hopefully by the end of this year instead, of you. Know vacation, day we're gonna partner with an insurance provider so, they could get health or dental benefits, or insurance, hire, is planning, a major expansion, over the next month into the retail, industry and, as, plans to eventually bring its app to any company. That uses, shift workers, Ron, Charles CBC, News Toronto. So. Why do Canadians. Want to work in this on-demand economy, a recent, survey found that 41%, are, doing it to supplement, regular income. 47%. Won greater work-life, flexibility. And one. In five say they still need to or want to work while they're retired and, it's.

Not Just working gigs, that's catching on more. Canadians, are freelancing. Or working remotely and shared, workspaces. Are rapidly becoming a norm they, provide a professional work environment and, can, break the isolation, of a home office and rene philip oni found out some spaces are now targeting a particular, market, women. The, beginning of the workday is well, different, here to say the least. Invite, you to just. Drop. Into your breath in your body for a minute. Before. Coming into stillness maybe, a little. The. Women draw inspiration. From something called a goddess, cart and then, they share. Start. My. Name is Jackie and, I. Do management, consulting, and. The. Card. That I have here is Irene. And. She. Represents, peace. And. This is she Co system, a space, designed for freelancers, and entrepreneurs. To spend their working, day it's. Designed, for women, by, Emily Rose and flick I was, going through you, know a hard time personally I was having some health problems I had a you, know an engagement. That was breaking up and. I there, just was no place for that at work they had spent you know years moving from job to job thinking there was something wrong with me but. I think there's really something wrong with the, dominant, culture of work for ant flick and the women here this is a positive, reassuring. Counter to, the typical male-dominated. Work world you can smell sort, of the with the vaporizer, you've, got some music going on it's different than what most people experience, in their show up at the office yeah, exactly it's this. Is our, co-working. Area men are allowed but primarily it's, women, who fork, over a couple hundred dollars a month to work in this space it's, not about collecting business cards you. Know it's it's about being. You. Know being. Supported, along this journey. It's. An idea that's already taken flight in New York the, wing is a high-profile. Woman's only Club workspace. By day networking. By night it attracts. Some serious. Star power. It's. Actually. The, best form, of revenge. By. Making, it clear you. Are not going to be stopped you're. Not gonna be disrespected. The. Space is designed so that every photo, is instagram-worthy. Members. Pay more than two thousand, dollars a year and men, they, are banned all together here. The. Wing has become so popular it's, rapidly, expanding, across the US and there, are plans for a Toronto, location, next year. We're. In a moment right now where we're learning how just how toxic workplaces, can be with the me2 movement and so. The. Fact that people are exploring these other kind of workspaces is may be a response, to that sarah. Kaplan is a professor of gender and the economy, she's, concerned, spaces, like these aren't, dealing with the bigger issue we're, not gonna change the economy with, women's only solutions, what we need to do is actually solve. The problem of jobs in corporations. You, know there's the question of stripping out the bad behaviors so yes obviously, no. Sexual harassment that would be a really good start but, and. Also equal opportunities, for most for. Promotion, equal pay all those kinds of things. This. Toronto, co-working, office, opened just six months ago this. No-nonsense, space, already, has nearly a hundred members our, membership. Kind. Of is all over the place we've got lawyers. CPAs. We've, got people working in fashion tack, writing. Food. Publishing. The list goes on for. The founder it's not so much about excluding. Men as it, is making a space where women want to be and that's why this young, entrepreneur. Signed up being, an entrepreneur, is already hard enough so having these kind of like societal, pressures is kind of like an extra layer so coming into here I just feel safe to, kind of like work on my business and you know get stuff done for. These, women it's about creating, a feminine, oasis, an escape. Yes and perhaps only a partial solution but. Still a concrete. Counter, to, an often cold male-dominated. Working, world. Renee. Philip Oni CBC, News Toronto. Okay. Before we go to break we have to tell you about, this online survey, that took over our lineup, meeting seems to be blowing up the Internet tonight and it, will remind you of that dress thing back in 2015 that everyone had an opinion on I'll remind everybody remember, that thing people, saw it is either gold and white or blue and black I don't know what you saw it as Ian. We'll. Get to that so, now there's an audio clip that's sort of doing the same thing.

There. You go. I'm. Just mesmerized by the dress I'm trying to remember which of the two colors that I remembered. And I'm kind of blanked it from my memory but. This one started with Chloe Feldman, a social media vlogger who posted, an audio recording to her Instagram story, in a question, Laurel. Or Yanni, what. Do you hear, but, the answer isn't obvious. Have a listen. Yeah. Gary. Gary. Gary. Gary. Yeah. Okay. Okay did you hear their well. I had that there I heard loora loora loora looral but earlier, when I was listening to it on my computer yes, I heard ya nee yes, that's all I heard earlier too so I think someone's messing with us now that's what I think, so, that's possible, I also want, to just reassure, the people who just turned on the national and they're wondering what's happening, so this has been on the internet it's been shared lots, and lots of like hundreds, of thousands of times and apparently. Some. People are, in the Laurel camp some people are in the yanny camp and and. Our young scientist, rosemary. Can explain why. Do. With the audio waves there so acoustics, or something, yeah, I did those frequencies, right so so the people who hear the higher frequencies, as I'm told here. Yeah and the ones that hear the lower frequencies, here, hear, the other one now Laurel but. Yeah you know what color are skeptical, whatever color the dress was color, us skeptical, that was probably the weirdest moment we've had on the National so far more, to come on yeah weird, a couple of the national or moment of the day we will hear from the Saskatchewan duo calling, on their province, to adopt the Las Vegas golden knights and whether fans are also feeling, the love we. Should be the official team of Saskatchewan, we started doing the math and said it absolutely needs to be Vegas if we had NHL, team of our own here and Regina that'd be a different story but I'm, cheering for the only Canadian team that's in there at the moment. You. Some. Dramatic details, tonight about an emergency, on board a Sichuan, Airlines flight, in China media, they're reporting, that the flights copilot. Was sucked, halfway, out of the plane after the cockpits, windshield. Cracked, and blew, out a cruising, altitude the, copilot, was wearing his seat belt he was pulled back in the, pilot telling local reporters, he then was able to land the plane manually. None, of the 119. Passengers, on board were hurt but. The copilot, was treated for scratches, and a sprained wrist, an investigation. Is now underway. This. Was the scene, today in Grand Forks British, Columbia that's about 200 kilometers southeast, of Kelowna parts, of the community, still underwater and officials. Say it is not over, yet with, on seasonably, warm temperatures. Melting, snow faster, than usual plus, rain in the forecast, people, are being warned that more flooding, is likely. This. Is not. The, wind is they give you us a line. Of severe storms is sweeping, through the US Northeast bringing. Hail wind and torrential rains, there, have been widespread power, outages, and reports, of damage and at, New York's Grand Central Terminal chaos.

After Service was suspended, on one of the region's busiest commuter rail services, hundreds. Of flights have also been canceled and this, is not over yet storms, now making their way south towards Maryland. And. The. Kilauea Volcano, continues, to wreak havoc on Hawaii's Big Island eruptions. Are now on day 12 and nearly, 20 fishers of open, since, the lava began, to flow these. Aerial images show just how much damage Kilauea, has caused the, potential, for more fissures, to open is high. Volcanologists. Are also expecting, large explosions. Possibly. Spewing, boulders, nearly, a kilometer wide. Saskatchewan. Hockey fans looking, for a team to make their own can, now look south all thanks to comedy, duo Greg. Moore and Justin, Reeves their solution, just adopt, the Las Vegas Golden, Knights they're, even calling on their provincial government, to make the Knights their team their reasoning, is our moment of the day we're. Not traitors we're, realism. We. Love hockey in this province and we don't have our own NHL, team so we're thinking about who should be the official team of Saskatchewan, we started doing the math and said it absolutely needs to be Vegas we actually have direct flights from Saskatoon, and Regina, straight, to Vegas that, are often cheaper than flying to Winnipeg or Calgary - it makes a lot of sense yeah and if you've ever been here in the wintertime when it's minus 40 do you want to go to Winnipeg where it's also minus 40 or do you want to fly down to Vegas where it's like plus 20 the VAE school nights actually have 58 percent Canadian players meanwhile, the Winnipeg Jets have 37. Percent Canadian players so, who's really Canada's team yeah let's take them they're a great team they're doing well Vegas is supporting them in a big way let's. Run with them I don't think that's gonna happen I think there's a lot more Jets fans in the province for sure if we had NHL, team of our own here and Regina that'd be a different story but I'm, cheering for the only Canadian team that's in there at the moment I would say initially it was a bit like are you guys serious and then as, we've hit the pavement since November, people are starting to come on board and they realize, wait a minute the a lot of fun it makes sense, they want us seeing. People, in another major city so excited, about our province, I just, think there's nothing better yeah how many major cities in North America can even pronounce the schedule and let them know where it is we've talked to the players like they gave us media passes to go to the dressing room we talked to the players and they loved it yeah the player said yeah I guys come on board Saskatchewan, get on board and not just braid mcnabb who's from Davidson Saskatchewan, but like the team is like we love this we, love having more fans especially Canadian, fans let's go like get on board let's do it. Okay. Good for them for doing this apparently you can get media passes to an American NHL team by you. Know trying. To have them adopt a province there's a huge problem with their plan we'll get to that in a moment but I love, the fact that Vegas is playing along they said that Jersey up the mascot thing as well, the Saskatchewan a lot of American teams couldn't care less about Canada, might not be able to find it in the map now, my, co-host from Manitoba yeah what's the problem with this the, problem is what they totally, acknowledged themselves, that Winnipeg, Jets are not only Canada's team but they are almost always Saskatchewan. Steam as well so that's not gonna work out for most people in Saskatchewan, so, decreed, by rosemary, yeah that just makes me better the whole thing I. Say. No okay that's it for the national, for Tuesday May 15th good night everybody good. Night. You. You.

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