The National for Wednesday August 1, 2018 — Epipens, Carbon Tax, Zimbabwe Violence

The National for Wednesday August 1, 2018 — Epipens, Carbon Tax, Zimbabwe Violence

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On. This Wednesday night concerns about a critical shortage of, a potentially, life-saving device. Canadians. Who need them might find it hard to get hold of an EpiPen this, month well. Look at why we're in this bind and how to overcome, it also tonight Ottawa, takes a step back on its carbon tax plan on an, issue that divides Canadians, everywhere we'll look at who's cheering and who's, not trying. To find the balance between the economy and the environment this. Is the national. You'll. Find them in handbags, backpacks. And briefcases across. The country EpiPens, deliver, a life-saving, dose of epinephrine against, severe, allergic reactions. And more than 2%, of Canadians, have a life-threatening, allergy, a daily, worry for some 600,000. People not to mention the, millions who love them but EpiPen. Auto-injector, czar, in short supply and as Breyer Stuart explains it'll, be weeks before Moore arrived. So. My. Daughter typically, carries this EpiPen. With her Bowman's daughter has a peanut allergy and with her potentially, life-saving EpiPen. On the verge of expiring, her, mother needed, to find another took, five pharmacies, to call between me and my husband until we finally found one during. The past year there have been shortages. Of epi pens, now. That you've been prescribed, EpiPen, previous. Supply issues, were blamed on a lack of medication, but this time is related, to the auto injector. In, a statement Pfizer, the, maker of EpiPen, says that stock that was scheduled, to be shipped in early August is currently, being inspected, which has caused a delay. With. The next shipment not expected, until the end of August pharmacists. Are urging, people not to stockpile them and keep, them around even, if they have expired it's not recommended, to use after, the compared date but, if you have no choice, you're better off injecting, something that actually, that.

You Have rather. Than not injecting, anything at all and if, someone can't get their hands on an EpiPen they could learn to fill up a syringe the, pharmacists, will teach the patient or caregiver how, to draw up the medication themselves. And then, the other option will be that the pharmacists will be able to draw, up that medication, for them to, take home and use in, case of emergency, there, are questions, about why there aren't other options, for auto injectables. In Canada, press. Mo8, against, the thigh and hold for five seconds, alternatives. Exist four, of them are even approved for use here but, they're not yet for sale we're trying to encourage them to to. Bring, those products to Canada and to distribute them so that people have access. To those medications as well. One of the companies we spoke to said it's working, to bring its product to Canada, because people depend, on these devices it's not, like a Tylenol, that you can take to treat a headache great so when you need an EpiPen you need to not be pet and not having one could be a matter of life, and death breyer stewart cbc news vancouver. For. More on this I'm joined by dr. Marc Greenwald, an allergist who practices, in Toronto, and dr., Greenwald I'm curious are there other reasons for the shortage beyond the fact that this country relies on just a single supplier I think, yes that the way we manage it in medicine at the institutional, level we, require, every, child in school for example has potential, for a bad reaction to have one, injector on themselves another one in the office when in fact the school could have a few on hand and each individual, can have their own personal, one and this would cut down on a tremendous number of extra. Not utilized, easily, expiring epi, pens and. So you know I suppose the question many, parents are asking themselves right now is if they don't have an epi pen that is up-to-date and they have one that's expired, is that, always a better alternative than, using. No epi pen at all absolutely the choice is between the, potentially, fatal, reaction. And giving what. You've got and what you've got is. Preferable. To be fresh and active and good but if you don't and it's expired it, is no doubt still has. Potential. Life-saving. Medicine. In itself and this, is no matter the, expiry date I it. Hasn't been studied extensively but, some of the studies that have shown it shows it does go, months and years beyond, when. It's dated and one, more question for your junior, epi, pen if you have one around is that also better than nothing absolutely, both. Of those doses junior, and adult are minimal. Doses that'll, be a little bit less so try to dr.. Greenwald thanks for time, thank. You so, some, good advice for all those people who have allergic reactions and at this time of year in particular consider. This 1%, of all emergency department, visits are for allergic. Reactions, that's more than a hundred and seventy one thousand, visits across the country some involving, life-threatening. Allergies, about a third of those patients are children and most, visits happen in the summer when bug bites. Still. Ahead Elon Musk has been promising, for years the Tesla would be profitable was, today the day and, a lawsuit filed in Winnipeg puts the spotlight on Canadians. Working in the so called gig economy will, dig into what this means for workers rights but first the federal government, plans to dramatically, scale, back the carbon tax. Industry. Leaders in Canada, say they hope the change will help keep them competitive abroad but as Salima shiv ji reports, environmental. Activists, say the, decision is a big step in the wrong direction. The. Environment, Minister witnessed the effects of climate change on Quebec eroding, coastline, she was forced to defend her government's, decision, to relax its carbon tax we. Have to do it in a smart way I've always said the environment the economy go together and and. We, don't want to drive, industry. Out of our country we want to have the most energy, efficient. Smart's. Industries. Here, that create good jobs, the. Easing off comes after months of lobbying, from big industry, they argued to stay competitive with companies south of the border they needed a break from the looming carbon tax, Ottawa, listened the, federal government had initially, set a line for a given industries, average, emissions that, line stays the same but, in the previous plan companies, could carry on as normal until.

They Hit the 70 percent mark after which they would have to start paying a tax starting. At 20 dollars a tonne now, that limit has been moved up to 80 and even, 90 percent for more vulnerable, industries. The. Minister says being flexible was always the plan but, for climate change activists, today a wave of disappointment at, perceived, inaction, industry, is saying don't go too fast well. I think the summer heat waves the forest fires the rising, seas the stronger, storms are telling us we need to go faster the. Calculations. May have changed but the politics, behind a carbon tax have not Ottawa. Vs. Ontario, and Saskatchewan, two, weeks ago Ontario's, new premier, jumped into the fight against, carbon pricing, it's a bad tax for families, and it's. A bad tax for businesses, both. Provinces, see today's decision, as progress still, they're not backing down we don't think any kind of carbon tax is helpful. In terms of the economic, write in, terms of businesses right now and, so we, are still going to be fighting to remove the carbon tax completely, the battle lines are drawn as the carbon tax is set to come into effect early, next year, for, those provinces, that don't already have an adequate plan in place to tackle, emissions, Salima, chef G CBC News Ottawa. Of. Course a big contributor, to the carbon footprint, comes from Motor Vehicles there are more than a billion of them on the planets roads about 25 million in Canada, so, and her Tesla's, electric, cars no. Emissions from the vehicles but lots of promises to disrupt. The auto industry, the, company has generated a lot of hype but so far no profit, today. Tesla released its latest quarterly, report second quarter losses were more than expected but the company burned through less cash revenue, was up slightly, as production steady our senior, business correspondent, Peter Armstrong, has been looking into the state of Tesla, and what. It needs to do now right. And in, I mean Tesla has loads of issues but it has three fundamental, problems. And the biggest among those is production, it's been this painfully. Long, excruciating. Process to, get to this fifty three thousand, cars a quarter, but even those numbers they pale in comparison, to any of the big US, auto companies I mean GM. Makes nearly 2 million vehicles. A quarter, and the math here is pretty simple Tesla, needs to make these cars to bring in money and even, with all of this progress it still expects. To lose 1.2. Billion, dollars this. Year which means it may have to borrow money and the question then becomes who's, gonna buy Tesla, bonds and at what cost I think. A lot of folks, that are bullish. On the stock are. Happy to get the company more money when. They ask for it and, so I don't, think there's an issue about access. To capital right now I think it's an issue of what price. The. Question now becomes whether maybe Elon Musk has lost some of his mojo he had this bizarre phone, call with analysts, after the last quarterly, report your, final. Day. Boring. Bonehead questions are not cool next, I mean. I think that if people are concerned about volatility, they should definitely know prior stuff I'm. Not here to convince you to buy our stock. Worse. Though musk isn't, exactly, winning over his critics right now I mean Ontario's, new premier Doug Ford just revoked his generous, rebate program, Tesla's, Model 3 cost forty five thousand, six hundred dollars Ontario's, fourteen thousand, dollar rebate made it a much more affordable car, but, that programs, been abruptly, canceled people. Have this misconception about. Tesla buyers that we're all rich and that we're all upper-class. Or whatever, and that's not the reality I'm a teacher my wife is a teacher I know a lot of people like. Me who are middle-class who. Are not gonna be able to afford this car if we don't receive the rebate, now. In Ontario, is a bit player but other jurisdictions, are looking at these rebates, and looking at revoking them as well and when you think about the market share that Tesla has it certainly can't afford to lose any ground so let's talk about that market share surprisingly. Few Tesla's, actually, on the road I, brought the stat in electric, cars make a point three percent of the cars on the road in Canada fourteen thousand of those are Tesla's, is not even the number one plug-in car let's the Chevy Volt so the question is are we possibly. At a turning point what are you looking for now well the three issues that are brought up production, cash burn and Musk's behavior, production, is certainly trending, more positive, cash burn as you said is looking.

Better And there's, a nice moment in the earnings call where musk actually apologized, to that analyst, that he was a little rude to and I think put all that together analysts, and shareholders are all looking at this and saying this is a good news earnings report and it's certainly a positive trend to this company wherefore thanks Peter you bet and. The, early indication, is an investor seemed pretty, pleased with today's report, Tesla, reaffirmed, that it will be profitable and it today's, close the company stock finished the day of just over $300 so, now it's up more than 9% in after-hours trading. Meanwhile. The traditional, workplace is changing faster, than ever before the, 9 to 5 grind is, now giving way to a burgeoning segment, of the work force known as the gig economy, it's a term by the way borrowed, from the music industry where, musicians move, from job to job or, gig, to gig, for workers it means they can make money on their own time doing the gigs that they want to like driving, connecting. With customers through, smartphone apps like uber in fact. Canadians, spend more than 1 billion dollars a year on services, in this a gig economy but. There are increasing, questions about the rights of workers who deliver the services, Karen, Paul's has the details of a lawsuit filed, by Manitoba, food delivery, driver that if successful, could force, big changes. Gary. Brown has been delivering food for skip the dishes for two years he knew what he was getting into and thinks, it's fair. But. Not everyone, is happy with that relationship skip. Is facing, a potential, class-action, lawsuit. Filed by, one of its drivers in a, statement of claims Charlene, picure nick says couriers, aren't, being compensated, fairly, because, they're actually, working like employees, not, independent. Contractors. She, says the company hires and trains drivers, supplies, the necessary tools, sets. The prices and pays drivers, directly, on weekly paydays, Plus, customers. Contact the company directly. Not. Being an employee means they don't get minimum wage vacation. Or stat holidays, or, overtime, I decided, that I didn't want to work for a company that was sort of hostile towards its drivers. Brina. Gervais doesn't, work for skip anymore but hopes this case improves, conditions. For drivers that. There's just some clarity, about what, skip the dish's requires, of its drivers and that that's outlined very clearly for, them going into it, drivers. Aren't the only ones watching this case this, restauranteur, recently, pulled his chain of cafes, out of skipped the dishes he's not a fan of the so-called gig, economy I don't. Think that we would ever take a look at that model of an independent contractor. If. A judge grants certification. To the class action all Skip drivers, across Canada, would automatically. Become a part of it and it would have ripple effects if, it's successful it would add to the the pressure on. Employers to you know not do this to people no, one from skip the dishes was available for an interview instead, the company issued a statement saying, drivers. Are private, contractors, and because. This is now before the courts the, response, or the appropriate, channels Karen, Paul's CBC, News Winnipeg. So. Why are people getting into the gig economy as, independent, contractors well, here's how one business professor, explains it it. Gives you autonomy as a, worker it, allows you, to. Determine. What. Work you will accept what you will refuse. And, what. Things. What. Passions, you want to pursue so there, is some, appeal, and the freedom, of it a. Recent. Survey found that 41%, are. Doing it to supplement. Their regular income, 47%. Won greater work-life, flexibility. And one in five say they still need to or want to work while, they're retired a Newfoundland. Tradition, regarded, as North America's, oldest, sports, event reached, an impressive, milestone today. The. Royal Saint John's regatta, turned, 200. To put that into perspective that, makes it 75, years older than the Stanley, Cup and over. The decades it's become Newfoundlands, biggest, annual party, with tens of thousands, of spectators lining. The shores of kiddie video a k-- to take in the rowing action now. The, rowing dynasty's, this festival produces, are really something and Chris O'Neill Yeats met one father and daughter who very much fit that bill combining. For almost a century of. Regatta, racing. Paul, ring is st. John's regatta, royalty. Rowing. Got in his blood as a boy, I my.

Family At the time my father my, uncle's. Were, participating, so I guess. It rubs off on me it. Rubbed off on his daughter Tina - this. Is her 30th year rowing, most, of them with her dad I remember. Back as far as my grandfather of course and uncles, cousins. Everybody. Growing right. From the time I was a toddler by the lake the. Regatta itself, is part sports event part carnival, once, called the poor man's holiday. Working-class. Men competed, in the races, and townsfolk. Enjoyed, a day out. Women. Started competing regularly. In 1949. These. Days the regatta attracts some 50,000. People every, year for, food fun and games of chance next. Stroke together girls but, for the rowing teams the regatta is serious, business, months. Of hitting the pond at the crack of dawn to practice. That. Hard work paid off for ring at his team in 1981. When, they broke an 80-year. Record. Rings. Father Jimmy was the Coxon the, steersman who coached their team to victory like. His father before him ring, steers and coaches his daughter's team he's, definitely known for his, turns at the bottom. Of the lake and keeping. Everybody focused, and motivated in, the race she's. A good listener and that. Makes the job a lot easier, I think, rowing is addictive, you, meet different people you know I made a lot of good people down here and. As long as he's able on regatta day paul, ring wouldn't dream of being anywhere, else but, here at kiddie vide named. Chris. O'neill yates CBC, News say, John's. So. At the end of the day today's landmark. Event attracted, a hundred and fifty-five, crews the most ever in the regattas history, and that, wasn't the only record broken. A. Crew. Called m5, broke the old woman's, race record, in their morning qualifier, and they beat it by a hair. Six tenths of a second, in a race just under five minutes then. After that they, won the whole thing being crowned this year's women's, champions. Okay. Let's update you on some of the other developing stories we are tracking tonight including, news of two separate, plane crashes, in Western, Canada one.

Of Them happened, west of Calgary in Canon asked his country, RCMP say it was a twin-engine. Plane that, went down and two men are confirmed, dead the. Other crash involved a float plane that crashed into a lake about a hundred kilometers west of Lillooet in BC in, that case police say one person is, dead and another person, is missing. Some. New details tonight about the man accused, of killing his girlfriend his mother and his stepfather in. Calgary, sources. Tell CBS e news that Dustin Duffy, told police, to, check two homes ultimately. To crime scenes his, girlfriend's, body was discovered at one home officials, think she may have been dead for nearly a week and, the suspects, mother and stepfather, were found at a second, home allegedly, killed yesterday, Duffy. Now faces three counts of, second degree murder, is currently in hospital on suicide. Watch. Also. Tonight lawsuits, against theater director albert schultz have been resolved. That's according to his lawyer he'd, been accused by four actresses, of sexual, harassment, Schultz denied the allegations, but resigned, in January as director, of Toronto's Soulpepper, theater it's, not clear from either side what, they've agreed to but Schultz his lawyer said his client is satisfied, with the outcome. Here's. What else we're working on tonight on the national, it, sounds like something straight out of an action movie beams, making off with crown, jewels, on a speedboat. In broad daylight, now, the manhunt, is on in Sweden bus. Violence, and unrest in Zimbabwe, protesters, wait for delayed results, and worried, an election was rigged and meet. The filmmaker, following, a caribou, herd on the, brink of extinction. That. Was a. It. Was tough it was. Okay. Jesus, didn't. Think I'd be like this. Tension. Has exploded, into violence in Zimbabwe, the country is counting, the hours until Monday's, presidential. Poll results, are released but opposition. Supporters, fear it's, all been rigged to ensure Emerson, Minh and GOG WA keeps his job as president and as Thomas daegil explains this, lengthy, delay is fuel. For the anger. With. The military, rolling, into the capital ISM, Bob way hardly, looked like a democracy, reaching, maturity. Two. Days after the vote opposition. Supporters, were primed, for their candidate, to win after. All Nelson, chammiya had tweeted Thank, You Zimbabwe, we have won the popular, vote, election. Officials offered some parliamentary. Results. But, they still couldn't, say who would be the next president. Protesters. Targeted, security, forces, and hurled, rocks at, an office of the ruling party. Officers. Responded. Aggressively, pushing. Back the crowds with water cannon. Beating. Some protesters, already, on the ground and filling. The air with the most frightening, sound, of all. Gunshots. That proved deadly, there, is no justification. Whatsoever. For. The brutality, we experienced, today, for. An election that showed a promising, start this, was a dramatic, turn shades. Of the dark days of President Robert Mugabe and, it's, all the opposition's, fault according. To the current president. And. It's. Responsible. For, this. Disturbance. Of national. Peace. Foreign. Observers, warned of suspicious. Signs the, election increasingly, appears, rigged for the long ruling, party the, longer it lasts, to. Count the. More. Lack. Of credibility. A. Spokesman. For the ruling Zanu PF party. Told us they've won and the opposition knows they've, lost. And. So we know our results but the law does not allow. Us to pronounce them. With. Official, results, due by Saturday many. People are worried the violence, that has plagued Zimbabwe, past could. Be part of its future, Thomas. Dagdu CBC News London. Still. Ahead on the National they trained ten hours a day six, days a week and if they're great they, can pull down a six-figure, salary will. Show you what it takes to be a top gamer, in the world of eSports, and an, NHL, champion pays, homage to his hockey roots Washington. Capitals, goalie Braden, Holtby brings. A Stanley, Cup to his hometown of flash, burn Saskatchewan. Pretty. Pretty, exciting, for our little town of. Caribou. Are one of Canada's iconic, animals they've, roamed the land for, thousands, of years but their, populations. Have been decimated in, many areas and efforts, to save them have been largely unsuccessful, take. BC for example or seven, local herds or at risk of vanishing altogether fire, Stuart met up with a filmmaker, who's seen the decline firsthand.

There. Are a few that know this mountainous, terrain, as well as Bryce comer, an Australian, who first ventured, into the forest a decade ago for, a project that began as a hobby. And. Turned into an, obsession I, would. Generally try and get up on the, weekends when, I wasn't working and and. Literally. Just spend hours. Hiking around I. Guess. In the hope that I would bump into the caribou, a. Carpenter. By trade he, liked cameras, after moving. To Canada, he set out to enter a nature, film contest, he thought he would document the local caribou, population. Because, after, years of being in decline it was starting, to rebound. To. Say it was an exercise in patience, is an understatement. The, first challenge was actually, finding the caribou, that took, months of crisscross, in the Alpine. When. He finally found them he set out to capture as much footage as he could and that took. Years just. As he was feeling confident. He would have enough material, for his film that, growing, caribou, population. Started. To disappear. Yeah. I guess it changed, from. From being this success. Story to, to. Trying. To tell the story of what was actually going on, up, here and and the reasons, why across, BC there are 54, separate, groups of woodland caribou more, than half of them are in decline seven. Are in such bad shape that, the federal government, has declared them under imminent, threat of disappearing. And two of those herds are very, nearly, gone, this, spring biologists, discovered just for caribou remain, in the purcell population. And as, for the SEL Selkirk, the only group that roams between, Canada, and the contiguous US the, one that comer has been filming for nearly a decade there, are now only three left all females. And none, of them are pregnant what. Was it like when you found out that there were just the three animals, oh, oh women, left in the herd that. Was a. It. Was tough it was. Okay. Jesus. Didn't. Think I'd be like this to. Hear, the news that there was only three left was was. Tough it was tough I'm. Sure, for for, many, people, so. The. Caribou, that roam in the southern mountains in BC need large areas of undisturbed, mature. Forests and they're under threat because that habitat, is changing, drastically, it. Basically, it, increases. The predation, risk to the caribou, leo de groot takes us through a section, of forest that's been logged near Nelson. He's. A wildlife, biologist and. Part of a team working, on caribou, recovery. For the province and yeah. We're in a. Logging. Block that was just logged in the last month and as you can see there's. Not much growing right now when, trees are chopped down all the lichen that the caribou, eat goes, to but, that's not the only issue. Powerlines, and pipelines create, a permanent, problem while the trees have been cleared away and plants. And grass grow in their place this, attracts other animals, like moose and elk and the Predators, soon, follow and. Wolves. And cougars will happily go after a caribou, if they come across one they're not skittish, skittish, as a deer, they'll. Often the more curious cells down there and look at you rather than deer will just take off so, if you don't kick, hard I like a moose they're, just likely, more vulnerable. Every. Year DeGroot and others do annual, counts, and the numbers are dwindling, since, Ottawa has declared some of the caribou, under imminent, threat the, federal government can move in and act if BC, doesn't moving, forward what do you think is going to be the biggest challenge in all of this it's.

Very Difficult, some, of the activities. That impact, caribou, are also major. Economic. Drivers, in the province the forest industry the. Tourism, industry those. Are all major. Parts, of the economies, some, communities, are worried, just what will happen, if huge swathes of land are, suddenly, off-limits, to, logging, and backcountry, users, but, if navigating, the territory, between development. And conservation is, difficult, trying, to bring these animals back from the brink is fraught, with obstacles. In. 2012, BC tried to relocate 19. Caribou, from the northern part of the province to the south but, within a few months 15 of them died so. They're now trying a, different approach. Consider. This the maternity, ward of the caribou, world this sprawling pen is on a mountaintop in northeastern, BC, and the, goal is to protect the animals when they're at their most vulnerable. Pregnant. Caribou, are captured, in the early spring and brought to this pen where, an electrified, fence keeps, out the Predators, sometimes. Waiting, nearby when. They calve a veterinarian. Is on standby. As. Well as Shepherds like Ryan Desjarlais, he's, with the nearby West Moberly First Nation they, were here long before a man came and started. Putting in roads and, cutting. Down all their force for. Habitat, and stuff and you. Know it's direct. Result of that they've numbers, declined so you. Know it was human error it's, only right that human do something about it this year 12 cows replaced, in the pen and nine calves, were born each, July when the pen is opened the animals gradually, wander, out the, main goal is you know when our kids get, older you. Know children start having children the mountains, to be thriving with them again. Well. This penny project, has been successful the, other one in Revelstoke faced, a setback this, year some, of the caribou, struggled, during calving because, of the hot weather after. A few of the animals, died they, all ended up being released early it shows, that no amount of money or effort can guarantee, these decimated. Herds can be grown again which. Is why Homer, says it all has to begin by, protecting, the forest the problem is we've been talking, about this for for, two decades and, nothing. Has changed, because we keep talking about it we're not acting, on anything. Cobra wanted to take us to a place he stumbled, upon one, day while trekking through the woods to make his film and this is what I did for.

Years, Basically. Wandering. Around trying, to find where the caribou, hang out he. Leads us to a spot that brings him some comfort I think, it's just really neat to have come. Across these. Antlers, the. Rattlers he found part, of the remains of a bull he once captured, on camera who either died or was killed here I think. It's nice to think that they're gonna go back into the earth here so. Such. A magnificent. Beast, what. Do our children gonna, say though when. You. Know they see that caribou. On the quarter and there's. None left you. Know why. Did you let that happen. Because. Even though there are still thousands, of them across the country, if the caribou, disappeared, completely from, areas, they once roamed he, wanders then just. What will go next, Pryor Stewart CBC, News in the Kootenay pass in BC. This. Isn't, just a BC problem, woodland caribou are in trouble across the country and not. Every, province has been eager to act one, particular herd, in Quebec similar to what you see, here is down to just 18 animals, but, the province has decided, the 76. Million dollar price tag to protect their habitat is too. Expensive so instead it's decided, to let nature run its course and to focus on herds with a better, chance of survival. It's. Still lots more to come on the national but first a glimpse at a c.b.c short doc airing, this Friday, it takes us into a summer camp run by black, lives matter Toronto, that's teaching young black students the history they, don't get in school. I. Think. There needs to be a massive, overhaul, of the education, system where it's self determined and we, get to decide what our kids are gonna learn how. They're gonna be engaged and who's gonna be in the classroom with them we, need to be in the classroom with them parents. Need to be in the classroom with them. We're. In for a really rough. Ride and, it's gonna get expensive it's gonna get dangerous we're in a a drought. That will. Continue. Tonight. On the National California's, governor warns, of more tough years, ahead as wildfires, continue to rage across, the state right, now 13,000, firefighters, are on duty, battling, 16, major fires one, of them the car fire in Northern, California has, now devoured more than a thousand, homes it's, become the sixth most destructive fire in California's, history, it, hits very close to home I mean there's a lot of people being uprooted right now, like, our whole camp is at risk of being lost and, communities. In Ontario still, on edge tonight as crews struggled, to get a hold of a major forest, fire burning near Sudbury, the weather did, help slow, down the fire it was humid, today with lots of cloud cover but, the parry sound 33, fire is still burning out of control a number of areas south of Sudbury in Killarney, are under evacuation order. In. The u.s. a direct call from Donald Trump to, shut down the, investigation into. Russian interference in the 2016, election, on Twitter, today Trump said Attorney, General Jeff Sessions should put an end to, the probe quote, right, now but. Responding, to questions, on whether that constituted. A presidential. Order the, White House said no, it, was just Trump's, opinion. It's, painful, for members, of the community to see her, face in this exhibition. And. The, Canadian Museum for Human Rights says it is removing, a reference, to Myanmar, leader Aung San su Chi, in one of its exhibits and it's, also dimmed, the lights on, a portrait, of her once, held as a champion, of peace suits she has faced intense criticism for the way she handled the rock Inga crisis her, critics say she failed to publicly, condemn what the UN has described, as ethnic. Cleansing. Pro. Gamers have long been on a mission to have competitive gaming seen as a real sport, and no, one can deny eSports. Have come a long way now an industry worth hundreds, of millions of dollars and it may be about to take another giant leap forward we. Want to get to know each other, we. Want to better understand. Each other and then. We will see, so. That is the president, of the International. Olympic Committee open. To the idea of including competitive. Video gaming in the Olympics, as early, as 2024. And if. You're shaking, your head right, now consider, that eSports, today they, do have entire leagues franchises. Sponsors, coaches, they, look an awful lot like traditional, pro sports in almost every, way so here. Again tonight we take you inside a professional. Team and a, game called, overwatch. So. Let's get one thing straight right away if you're not already a gamer this world is not for you it's.

For Your kids. Just. Like at a basketball, game or a football game, these, fans buy tickets, merchandise. Team jerseys, what is it's like like the NBA or the NFL like is this legit, my own family my brother's the other he's like that's not real sports I'm like whoa maybe to you buddy but we definitely follow it more than the NBA NFL any of that they're, here to take in live one, of the most played and watched, video, games on the planet. So. Why, all the hype well, overwatch, is a sprawling, universe. There are dozens of characters all with, their own backstories. At. Its, core you have two teams of six doing, battle across several different arenas, all with, a different goal. Win. The most levels and you win the entire match. I see. It as. The. People who are the best in the world at something right, so whether that is basketball, or. Overwatch. It. Is something that takes an incredible amount of skill to be the best at Rob, more manages, one of the teams the LA gladiators. He takes it so seriously because. If they win the league championship, the payday is 1, million dollars u.s. legit. He's, blinking it's blinding me there. Is a level. Of commitment and skill that is on display and so, if you are somebody who plays video games. The. Ability to watch the best in the world is, something that that video game players find really exciting. 35. Million, people, around the world play, this game and for the opening week of the league 10, million viewers this, is a sport, with professional. Broadcasters. Commentators. State of the art infrastructure, all, part of an industry that took in 1.5, billion, dollars, last year any. Kid in North America is between the ages of you know 19 10. And in, high school all they do is watch YouTube watch twitch they watch these things and what they're doing is they're watching other people play video games and. Make no mistake where, there are young people there's, big money consider. This the guy who owns the New England Patriots he, also owns the Boston, overwatch, team and, the owners of the LA Rams. They. Owned these guys the gladiators, and they're, up next today, we have a choice to be great today we have a choice to be a team be a team I know you guys have been working person. So. Who, are these guys and how did they get you. Well. It, starts bright and early in the morning the gladiators, play together but live, together to this, morning walk coach's.

Orders Part. Of the routine how. Would you describe this. Life. That. You've carved out for yourself pretty. Chill. We. Are playing video games reliving so it's kind of like a dream job in a way but, it's a job yeah, that's where the stress comes and. Can, he get to me now Lane, Roberts, plays for LA but he's from Calgary. He's been playing video games since he was a kid got really, good at them and now he earns a salary has, benefits, sponsors. And, responsibilities. None, of these guys seem like morning, people to me I myself. Am NOT a morning person. This. Is his coach David, I. Think. A lot of people would be surprised, that, the. Guys even have, a coach for what. To a lot of people would look like it's, a bunch of guys playing computer games yeah, I mean to be honest it is a bunch of guys playing computer games but, what is basketball would is soccer, it's. Just a bunch of guys playing with a ball indeed, our Canadian, star better known as sure for in the gaming world he's. Kind of a big deal sure. You. See before the overwatch League there was the overwatch World, Cup, and. Sure. For help Team Canada, takes second, place. Finishes. I've, heard, you described, as overwatch. Royalty. Like one of the best in the world at what you do in this game and yet, if, I were to walk down the. Streets of Vancouver and, say. Hey did you see sure, for last night, what, kind of answer do you think I would get who's sure for. Probably. Unless, they happened, to be a gamer that you just found in the street do, you think that's gonna change it'll, take a while, I guess safe to say you're, making like a six-figure. Salary, right. I make I make a good amount. They. Have a, regimen like any other athlete where they are having. Scrimmages, they're reviewing game film they're discussing strategy, they're. Practicing. They, have a nutritionist, they're trying to eat well so that they can be focused. It's. All in preparation, for game, days. Like. Today oh here, we go sir four takes one shot trying. To connect with Agility's can't quite two gladiators, get off to a good start, so good in fact they, might sweep the other team, now here comes faith gets there just in time to keep into a da ters will. Make, it a two Oh lead, in this series but then their, opponents, start clawing, their way back. And that, is it we are going, to number, five, it happens both quickly, and painfully, slowly. All at the same time you, can't possibly tell me that gladiators, are gonna flip this back it seems, like constant, again but that's it it's gonna be Federation. The. Opposing team snatches. Victory away, in a do-or-die tiebreaker. The gladiators, lose and, just. Like that it's, over for. Tonight there's. 35 more matches to go in the overwatch League this is just one of them we're gonna face them again later on we. Have to look forward we have to get better but, they, played really well they they have no reason to hang their heads. And. An update for you since that piece first aired the LA gladiators, that we profiled, they ended up placing fourth, overall, during their regular season that clinched, them a spot in the playoffs but. They were eliminated, first, thing in the quarterfinals, last month. Now. To a brazen, jewel heist that has prompted an international, manhunt, and left, a European, country fearing, it may have lost a key part of its history forever. Borrowing. A storyline straight out of Hollywood's remake of the Italian Job thieves, escaped, in a speedboat, after, stealing three of Sweden's crown jewels in a daring, daylight caper, they, took two crowns and an, orb after. Smashing, a glass display, in a Cathedral in a town west of Stockholm, items. Dating, back to the early 17th, century according. To witnesses two men used women's bikes to race from the Cathedral, to an awaiting boat the fact that they met, like that and the boat was waiting in the way that it moved away there was obvious to me that they were buggy so that's why I said call the police tonight. The robbers remain on the run despite an intensive police. Search experts. Describe the jewels as priceless, and almost impossible, to sell raising. Fears they may be broken, into pieces and melted, down. This. Deep into the summer you may not have hockey on your mind but the Stanley Cup of course is on, it's busy, annual, tour tradition, has it that every member of the winning team gets a, day with the trophy and Braden. Holtby the goalie for the Washington, Capitals chose, to spend his in lash, burned Saskatchewan. Hope. He played his youth hockey in the small town he wanted to give, back and Washburn.

Came Out and droves to see him their, excitement, is our. Moment of the day. He. Did the local, players, the. First hour. To. Come and meet him and he's signed some towels and different things for him as well and had a big group picture with all the last four minor hockey kids, that were there my favorite part was being, able to just meet. Him and have a bit of a commerce that's. Something he wanted to do for the for, the kids for sure and, just. Yeah. Give them that extra special, experience it was super, exciting to know that he, actually. Remembered. Playing hockey, here it was just a really cool experience, to be able to see the Stanley Cup in real life and, I knew, Braden growing up here so it's really cool to see them bringing the cup back to Lloydminster. You. Know I think when you when you meet one of your heroes like a Stanley, Cup winner, that you know you always want to try to get some some concrete, piece, of it some memory, right whether it's a selfie, with him or an autograph I'm most impressed by that young boy who simply said look the best part of that was. Just meeting the guy and talking. To him I mean that that's that's refreshing that's worth something yeah all of those clips were so refreshing, I have to say though the other thing is all kinds, of sports teams and companies try to find a connection with their fans, or customers, and the NHL, with the Stanley Cup has. Nailed, it doesn't matter where in the country in fact it seems like all around the world but especially in, places I've been in Canada after all these years this family Cup still, makes, people light up when they see it that is the national for August 1st. Goodnight.

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