The old farm countryside map tour fs19 maps farming simulator 2019

The old farm countryside map tour fs19 maps farming simulator 2019

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Hello. And welcome, to farming, simulator 19. Map, tours, and, in, this tour today it is the old farm. Countryside. By. Shaba, F s, and. It's. A awesome. Awesome map. See. There's lots going on let's put this, somewhere. A bit darker, there, we go. There's. A lot going on. That's. A bit better so. We, start off on the middle. Well. You're fine sorrow is, and. All. In, all there's, 50. And 9 field I think there was 57. On missions. And. See everything is planted at the moment there's a lot put. A groove on. Yeah. Everything, there's quite. A stuff already and. It's. Your my toast our points on this, map as well as a, hell, of a lot of login got. A large, area there for login and another, area over, here and then, you've got lots of trees, dotted, that's, right the map but, it doesn't seem that bad it's quite nice. Lots, of different contours, on the lands. So. We will have a spin through and go through to all these sow, points. And. You see it is quite extensive like. Cost of land, this. Is the most expensive bit, 1 million we. Start off with field. Number 30 and. Last, 240,000. And then. This one I can't even see what number field is I. 134. Thousand now that is the cheapest, on the map, where, others, they. Seem to be sort of quite big, parcels, of land or. There. Are a couple of bits of fields, like that one for instance you got 54, 55, 56. 57, bump. Set the price quite. A bit but it does make it a little bit more challenging, like that so you can't just be buying up land you're. Gonna make your money first. So. We've got two port areas, as well we got Westport, over. That side and then. You go up to the east north. Port. But. Lots to see. Going. Onto the prices, of, everything the prices are sort of mainstream, that, yeah they're, all right right. Many some, of them they do vary, quite a lot you, see some flowers there we've got a, growl and. 1,500. And. Then. It. Dropped down to what, a thousand. At the, green. Elevator. 2051. But. We've got all these extra style, points down, here as well.

Seen. Us another low 1000. So. We've got lots and lots of different sour points now this is a beat'em, up so it is ongoing. Subject. To changes. But. So far what I see you know about it it's an amazing map everybody, is you. See we haven't got BGA, in there yet because I haven't bought that so. Let's go over to BGA. They've. Got BJ here, and the cost of it is. 397. So. Now we've got BJ, so, have a look at the prices. Let's. Crawl out the BGA, gas plant, and. Then you're out 809, which. Is quite, good we're on normal, setting so it will go higher than that if you want to put it onto it easy and. We. Also got a digestate. And. Salute, and when you're and a slurry. But. There's, another, biogas. Over. This side we've got the other biogas, plant which, makes things, a little bit interesting, I've never seen two. Biogas. Plants, on a map before now. This one is more expensive it's a bigger area. 597. Pounds. 456. Pence, so. Let's buy that one now. And. You see that's. It's. The one underneath and the, prices are a little bit more you know are gonna vary which, is great, it's exactly what you want you, you. Want them to be different, otherwise, what's the point you. Want them to be competing, for your business, so. Yeah that looks to be good, little moneymaker, on that some reason it. It's. Glitching a little bit there. Yeah. It doesn't want to meet you Scott oh there it is. Strange. When. I'm gone when it jumps. Up jumps down jumps, up, strange. Anyway. So that's the to boil, gases and, there's, a whole lot more to see now, you start off with quite a bit few bits of equipment and, it none, of it needs any maintenance it's, all brand new, brand, new. Going. Over to contracts. We're. Going to just start the game really so there's not loads of contracts but remember the fields. Aren't huge so you're not going to get a, lot. A huge amount of money but they're not going to take too long to do so. Like. Assembly, out so we own this part of the farm and then throwing, biogas gonna cost you bought by nine hundred grand. To. Have those. And. A lot of these other pockets, they're. Quite a bit money so. You can have to get saving. Or. Get cheating, whichever, way you want to play it, but. There's a whole lot to see there's this little country lane this is where I got sidetracked the other way which, goes all the way around, here goes. Down and the lanes do continue, you can go up here and then back down and there's. A, notice. Is that laying up the top they're. Really. Nice-looking Matt really, impressed with it to be honest, the Maps not what are coming out at the moment are awesome. So. You start off and, I. Think you are over here at, the farm ice. So. This farm ice I think that's for sleepin yes, you are not tired, and, then we got our, we. Got our chickens, going. On here, with. Your, that's. The chicken Aaron it yeah. That's. The feed for them and. Then. We got some storage. Was. We've. Also got a load of pallets, of, horse. Food pig food chicken. Feed and they're, ready to go a parlor saplings. Forklift. Truck. And. Yeah they're just there. To look nice and. Then. We have got a Fiat, in the, workshop, Bay so. We've got our customization. There we can sort our equipment, night. Comes. With the new Holland TX 32. We. Go into the menu on that in, a minute. Then. Over, in this shed we've. Got some more equipment. We've. Got another cedar y1c. To their. Spreader. Fertilizer, spreader and cultivator. This. Is one of the soil is we've got. At. The farm. Dropping. Point. Fill. Out point. There's. A hazard trailer and, a bit more storage I. Move. Rain there's another gate which there's, a little lane, which. Runs alongside. The farm. He's. Just staying there. And. Then, we've got more storage. Got. One of the trailers, I've. Got two of them I see oh no. That's the the, other one and, then. This water point here I get, I think that's more of a show I couldn't get that working. Well. I want to put the tank in out it didn't say, it was there now, at the top of this farm we've got this large. Open. Area which, you can do with what you want a little bit of storage here at the Manor is, a smaller solo, just. Here. The. Loads, of potential up at the top here I've. Got unloading, around it's quite high though.

More. Storage. And. We got storage here we've, got some fertilizer, ready. To go liquid fertilizer. And. That, that, might be for sure I, said. That the water was. It mainly. Down, at this pond I've checked that you can see where I've got me try, Aerodyne there and that is where I've been get an award from which. Yeah it's just a I. Haven't. Tried anywhere else because it was the sea, however some maps we can't do it but that is the only bit of water I can. Find on the map but. It works you can get it free from there. So. Yeah there's your front loader, attachment. And then this is the baqia farm, house, basically. Now. You can get rid of all of this and is. Part. Of the. Slot count and it is big. So. We go into the garage and, this, what we start off the far road the. 1300, DT and the, six one four five and, then, we got the t32, we've got four cliff a couple. Of trailers we saw and then a header and, everything. Else we see me even got a chainsaw or. Did. I get that no I might already know. I think I did but. We've got to start for two solos, and then you've got the countryside, farm and you see there the, slot. Count. 189. Which is quite high we're, only eleven hundred and nineteen. But. I have used I think it was about a thigh just, over a thousand, you started, off with and. There's. Quite a few other sheds, are. Those three other sheds, everything. To do with the animals, is built into the, map so, you can't get rid of any. Of that so the slot can probably go down to about 800 or, so, but. You do start off with decent, amount of equipment anyhow. So, let's go and see what's going on rain the rest of it. So. That is your main farm and then. We come up we own, this field at the moment over, on the right. And, we come on down I think this is the cattle, isn't it. No. Horses, of course it is its horses. Why. Didn't I just put, one in there well, I just come, down here earlier hosting it is that the cattle I can't remember, we, don't want to be in that one we want to be in that one. So. A fair sized horse paddock. Laughter. You lovely. They. Look at this map already. And, there we have a nice. Open area called, storage sheds Dania as well. So. This is Cayuse, isn't it. It. Should be our. Body. Point here, yep. Then. Your water. Life. Yet water, there and then, food trough here. And, then you slurry and you straw. And. The. Milk stain, just it there. Cool, something a bit different. I've. Got a bit of machinery going on in there. No. The tanks. So, we've got our first, biogas. Plant. And. This one's the one over on the left-hand side there. We've. Got a slurry there. With. The drop-off. Just. There. As, probably like the other ones and they'll only take 50,000. Litres, at. A time. And, over, on the other side here you see we've got loads of trees I, says. Soon your own biogas, you got plenty of trees to get rid of. Lots. Of money to be made. And. We've got a couple of so.

New Bunkers. There. And, on to the next. So. We're coming up to the, Westport. And, you got a couple of. Newsies, if you want to use them for anything other there, because. You actually have them as mods so. You don't need them they're there right. This. Point, here. That. Is the drop off for the milk. At. At Westport, and, then. Here is for your other commodities. Dana, in the great. And. Then over here I, think this, one was a ward. So. Yeah we've seen the wall. Yeah. There's everything else and this is sugar cane. May. Be sugar cane or sugar beet, a bit. Unclear I think it's wood myself. It. Okay there's a some boots going on I'm sure this traffic is meant to move because there's a, as. One. Of the boats stuck under the bridge. So. I reckon, that that's probably a bit was just not working at the moment. But, holy, detail, map. It. Does look pretty awesome. Very. Impressed with it. So. I'm moving on down to our next. Sell. Point which is the, just. In here, I. Think. This is the thread. Where. Are we a thread factory yep and this, is for your wool. And. It's got the sell, point, just there. And then we've got a another, it had quite a few petrol, stations dotted. Around I, mean. You see we've still got some of these barriers there's, quite a few of them dotted around if you wanted to use them I've got an idea and already there's a quite. A few dotted, rain spend, a half hour ago pick them up. Then. We move down to the shop. Nice. Big open area, so. There's for our customization. And. In. The scissor shop itself. Cash. Point over the back there. Is. That fuel, there. Do. I need a little bit of fuel. No. I think. He's more for show. Unbelievable. Right. We're at our next cell. Point and. This, is the North cooperative. And. That was another one here as well yeah we've got the line stationed. Lime, station, looks, like this on these maps. That's, not. Unless. The drop-off. But, unclear, about the lines that well that must be added line station, I think it's just because it's on the back of there is not recognized, that is, what else would be the line station, in, here, unless. It is there but now. That's. Gonna be. Alright. Let's get on with this because there's loads, to, see. Right. Move up to our next sell point which, is going to be. We. Will do to the a growl on first. See. It's also impose, did a, ground. And, we got a basketball, court with balls. There. Seems to be no wind no turbines. Running. So, here we have a golem. Unless. Our sole, point, just, there nicely easy. And. We've got more cash points. And, work our way down to. The next one which is the, sugar. Beet. Sugar. Beet sale.

Vote. On the map it doesn't show massive, fields they are quite a decent size you're gonna get a fair crop of each one. This. One is the, sugar beet oh. No. It's not I've gone past the wrong one this is dairy products, I missed, your beet, go. Back for there it's. Where the dairy products is so. Which is just one drop off up there and that's a lot. This, is the sugar beet, sugar. Beet sale. So. Many sour points is crazy I was thinking that well that was a pilot the sugar beet the last time yep, just, like that. And, here's a potato, sales. Did, show I think that's all for show isn't it really, so, we're dumping off our potatoes, in there. And. For. Some reason I can't turn they well, right. It helps glitch in a little bit. Now, I have this really all planned day and I just totally forgot. Everywhere. Where I was going was like what this. Doesn't look right so we, get back on track. Down. To the next cell point. So. A lot of, roadworks. Going on. But. More barriers, so, many barriers on this map. Then. We go down the hill. I think. This is the grain elevator, wasn't it yes. The green elevator. So. Do take manure as well so that's your main drop-off point and then, we've got your, manure. Point. Just. There. Well then next we have the animal, dealer. Which, is this Oracle I think no one yeah. Large. Whores part paddock, you see this is all the stuff you start off with you've. Got a lot of everything and these are all even built into the, game. So. If you like animals brilliant if you don't you, might not like that and. This. Is the the. Barn wasn't it no haystack. He. Just takes our point for you straw. Grass. Hay and. Bales. Basically. So. Now we come out of that now yeah I was meant to come down that road and then go across the bridge to, the. Sawmill which, the sawmill, is up, there on the right-hand side. Awesome. Trained. These. Maps at the moment are absolutely. Unbelievable. Exactly. What it should be. They. Say a bit more challenging than just flat open plains. Well. Good for getting, the money in. So. We're down at the sawmill, and. Last you would drop, off point there. And there's. That boat I said about it's just hasn't, moved. I'm. Sure that's gonna. Be a bit of an animation going, on I was just not working, and. Then we got the wood chip area. Drop. It off just there. Right. Now we've got a whizz over, to, the. Port, which. Is. A little bit of a drive so I'll see you there in a minute. And, here, we are at. The port. North. East port. Now. My vehicle. Is glitching, eight now at the moment it's pulling over to the right. What. Is going on. No. So, we've got the cotton, sour. Point. Which. What was that one called yeah, cotton, sale and then he got the North East port. It's. A drop off for that is just right in the back over here. There. It is there there. Is a hell of a lot of south points which makes it more, interesting you can get the maximum money, for it then. We take this bridge going straight right and. There's, a sawmill, oh. Well. I didn't lose anything. And. We come up to the next we've got our next biogas.

Plant, Which. Is just, over. This. Bank, all over the right. So. We've got the other biogas. Plant Nathan. And. This one is just got your solos right next, built. Into the campaign whereas the other one is 8, 8 sorry, - the compound. You. Got your slurry, point. Now your, digestate. Sorry I probably, said story on the other one but it is digestate. Because that's what comes out of there and that's. Why we're dropping off, straight. Into there, but. Loads of these barriers dotted. Around actually load, of them. Because. They're a modern, they are - one slot, for each one. Right. Moving on. So. We've got another fuel. Station. I'm, the green elevator. I think. This one was wasn't it hold. On no the co-operative looks. Similar that's why that's. Where we're dropping off. And. I don't think yeah is that our fuel come. We buy fuel. No. And, yeah lime station. So. The line station, is are either gonna be this, one. All. That, one I, think. It's gonna be this one although, I haven't got it seen it work and yet, pretty. Sure that is the line station, there's got to be. Right. Nobody, had our way down. To. The other, sawmill. They which way it was it. Yeah. We do want to go down that way. So, here we are over the next one. Which is carpentry. She's. A bit of a strange, entrance. There. Little. Bloody trees in the way. Yeah. A carpentry, which, is another style point for. Your wood and your. Sawdust. Chip-ins. Not Saudis. Such. You would sour point. But. Yeah it's a bit of this strange it's like whoa oh there's the other entrance, coming in I thought, well what is that way with, all those bloody. Trees, in the way. And. There's a sign for it I. Don't. Know what I says. Carpentry. We, caught there is a another. Fuel. Station. And. Where, are we heading, we want to go down. Over, this way. And, we come down to where, we have, our pig enclosure, which. Is just staying from sale, of sugarcane. So. It all looks a little bit different I like the way the the. Track you can drive straight through. Its. Annoying - it's gated off but this wouldn't isn't. Then. We can go to our next, sour. Point. Which. Is it's a lot of sugar, so. Sugar. Cane sugar, beet I think it is I think it might be just it should have came. Seeing. There's a lot of sour. Points but a lot of them only take one or two different. Commodities. Right. So we basically covered, the top right. And. Working our way down so, we've got the last couple of ones to do. So. I will see you there in a minute. And. There we go. Two. More sample, points, sale.

Of Straw and hay which is over the back there in that barn and. Then, this is the grain station. To. Get out of the trees. So. Yeah you drop off just in the grate just, there. So, all we need to do is carry on along this road. And. We've. Done a full. Map. Lap, but, there are so many different, little country lanes running off everywhere it's, really. On really, impressed with this Fair. Play Shabba FS good, bloody, job so far awesome. And we come to the last one, which. Is the Southwest grain elevator, and. Your. Drop-off point is. Just. What. Hang on a minute what is that there. So. The Southwest. Grain. Elevator, does. It. Does all your normal, commodities. But. Not all of them, wheat. Barley it, is or does barley, canola some, flowers, soy, beans and. Potatoes. So. I didn't quite understand, the boy on. There, then it's got a line station, which must be right. In the back that's going over look right in the back I. Have. Had a look down here already. That, must, be the line station, and is that your drop-off, point there, and. Then on the map no there's your line station, just there. Lime, station, and then you will drop, off point as well oh. It's. Done it again well. So, that one there is a, mystery. Because. They don't sell anything here. No. No what I was aware of so, unclear, on that one, really, am. Gives. That's where we're dropping off that, was the line station over the back. Let. Me know in the comments, if anyone knows what that is because I am unclear. On that one. And. That is a lot we've done. More. Or less right the way around so. Plenty, plenty. More to see though and loving. The terrain on this map pretty pretty, detailed. Awesome. Map fair play to, each other. Right. Well I think we'll leave it there for today I hope. You've enjoyed this episode and, if you ask then don't forget to leave me a like. And if. You haven't already subscribed, didn't want to see more content and hit that subscribe and you won't miss any. More, of my latest content. Thanks. For watching until. The next time, goodbye. You.

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