The only traveler from MYANMAR who lives in NORWAY and visited UKRAINE for food [+ENG/RUS SUB]

The only traveler from MYANMAR who lives in NORWAY and visited UKRAINE for food [+ENG/RUS SUB]

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Hello guys this is need for travel, channel, today we invited. One of his from myanmar. But now he lives in norway. And also he was traveling, around ukraine, last year. So today he will tell us about his experience. Of living in europe, and traveling, around ukraine, and maybe, his own experience, of traveling. Uh so, lavonna. And so how many countries have you been to, i think it's like basically, like around 35, countries, but like sometimes, you know, i don't really care like small country, like for example like makao. Like, monaco. Something like this what's your favorite country, so far, my favorite country, so far. I like a lot of country. I don't really have like, really favorite. Uh. It's. Tough to say what i like here you know every country is like so essentially. Yeah i really like iceland. And then. Taiwan. Japan, yeah like this how many languages, can you speak. I speak like, uh. My main language is the burmese. So i speak in my country. But, my second language is english. And then and then another, i speak like japanese. And. I can like, speak because i live in norway so i can be like norwegian. And i can communicate, with them like danish, and swedish, also. So, and then after, i can speak also like french, spanish. German. A little bit of greece and italian. And. Chinese, and korean. So. I don't know just for communication. Communications. And what do people, think when when you tell them the viewer, film, from myanmar, do they know about this country, how many travelers, have you made from myanmar. I think like people are really. Strange, you know like where i'm from you know like people. Say like right hey where are you from, say like i'm from myanmar, you know like you don't really know where is myanmar. Do you know there is myanmar. Write in comments, if you know where is myanmar, yeah where is myanmar, you know, it used to be called burma. So it is, a different country, and definitely, have different name for the country, so, uh, but i have never seen the people from myanmar and outside of myanmar, do you think you are the only one traveler, from myanmar. I don't think i'm the only one, that's a traveler, from yama. But. Like. Really a few. No chance i can see unique yeah very unique. So what what does your family, think of you that you are traveling. My family they think that you are not normal. Yeah, yeah, tina on this is like thinking about i'm like no i'm not normal, like they don't want to be like i'm traveling. And they want to be like i'm staying, home. With them. So. And, the problem and also my friends they're really. Like they don't really like. You know it's straightforward, then like you know i when i start trying to say like i really wanna i wanna go another country, and you're like.

For What. What are you gonna do. Why. Are you don't speak english. And you why are you going there so, it's for them it's training, for people is strange, like when. When i step 12 when i'm going to traveling. I mean. But uh. What was, what was the most difficult, for you when you just started, traveling and what with challenge. I think the first challenge. Is like for me the english, i don't speak english. So. Uh. You know you have to speak english when you're traveling. It's. Like a first language, but you know so, um. I when i started traveling, like um, i first got to singapore, so when i started traveling, i don't really speak any english. So. It's. So hard for me. Every time people ask me every time i want to say something, you know i have to use like dictionary. Like. Yeah like a real dictionary. Read dictionary, like book like, english to myanmar. Language, so i have to read that did you thank you alone i took it wait a long time with me like read this which war, i have to say. So i try to what they sometimes they say they're writing, you know i have to looking for which war. In the book what they try to say to me so when you travel, take a dictionary. So then you went to europe and. Did you, feel like europe is a different, world yeah i feel really different with europe my first country is, first french, in paris is my first country in europe. Like, uh. It was so strange for me plus it's really weather. So because i arrive winter time, so, freezing cold. Uh. Myanmar, is like, plus, four tip, yeah like we have like 38, degree, in the summertime. Sometimes 40 degrees. So. Yeah and when i went to. French, it's like um. Yeah it's like a shop, like a chopin's, like, you know. Yeah it was actually, october. So it became. Cold a bit. Uh, but like. Around i think like 15 degree, 10 degree i guess. It's still freezing for me like you know stay cold for me and then the people are so strange. And the architect, and everything is so strange food everything. Yeah, of language. I don't speak, french. Yeah, unfortunately. Unfortunately. And french people usually don't want to really, speak english english so. It's better you learn french when you go to french, so learn some, basic, things, when you go to a new country, just, just in case, and how did you manage to move to norway. I managed. It's like. You know norway, is like the most happiness, country in the world, i guess, yeah, because, the country, is like system, it's so unique, like, you know. Yeah this. Everything, is so. Very yeah you know developed, and you know, the best. Beautiful. Country, so far. And. Expensive. And, you can earn. Money. I'm freelance photographer. So i do. Uh, photograph, like. Waiting. Like a modded, fashion. Full protest. And. Also like fully making like video. And also, editing, photography, and videography. And so i teach the people, also how to edit. Even, you know my client, my. Like. When i like when i teach the people like my students. How to take like how does it take photos how do you make a really good photography, how to edit photography. The people are all the older than me you know like, or sometimes i was like ah. It's a little bit, hot you know, like, oh they're like. Eight years ten years older than me like, you know. Are they local. Yeah no region people. And. Some of them are some asian people also like you know they moved to norway also like live in norway. Steady in norway, so. Uh, yeah also from another country a lot of different countries like i want to teach my love, my client a lot of different countries. And which things what do you like in norway and what you didn't like, because, it's beautiful. So beautiful, so i really like it and then.

The Season in the country you know like. Uh everything, i really like it if i don't like it i see the weather. Yeah, yeah i still cook, it's too quick, in winter do you just stay home and, i think. Normally, in winter, i move around. It's like. Move to, norway, or move to some another country. Like, south of europe, yes it is for you to make friends in norway. Uh, yeah, it's like. Depend. On what kind of person are you also. You know, i think norwegian, people are a little bit cool. Ko is not the way that cool i mean they are like clothes like cool you know, like like a dancing, part stay in the face stay with you know with their friends you know they hang out with their friends like difficult. The first. They became, it's a little bit hard for me first time when i moved, a little bit hard for me to start. Friends with them, but. I can't understand, of course that you know we are all different culture everything, you know so. But i have. Already some friends so i stay with them, and then, so. They introduce me with a friend i hang i go in with them and they hang out with another friend so i follow with them so i can make another friend friends you know so now you have many people so i have, a lot of friends in norway, but. Uh. Yeah if you are like it's not like easy i think just go like a rundown, you know like, go to the street and talk to someone like you know, something like this. Did you try hitchhiking. In norway, yeah i did hitchhike, in norway, most time. Uh. It's, quite. It's not that easy, like. And it's not all certificate. I think depend, on the person, who picked up you. But it's not really common for hitchhike. Yeah, but free time, nice, and what about prices, like. How do you manage, to. Buy, everything. And what's like uh can you tell some examples, of really expensive. Things in norway. I think norway is everything, is so expensive. So yeah you don't have to learn. You know the country, is. You say you talk about. Deal with, the people, might think, like expensive, for example. If you talk, italian. Iphone, italy, people, just sings like. Food. But when you say norway. They seem, expensive. They say like oh no way oh expensive, yeah. So. You don't really. So where do you buy food, by norway, or do you go to germany. So there's a lot of options because i know we have, like a neighbor with. A. Neighbor country, i mean. You can buy more cheap sometimes. But, not that she's like another country also because it's swedish, and danish, it's like. Stay expensive. Um. So, the norway, when i leave the town is called trunghai. It's. The most, i think more expensive, than oslo. So, my town is, the one the top i live is more expensive, than oslo. And. Also we have like the largest the biggest university, in the norway. So it was really unique, and. Okay okay for example for ukraine if you go to eat in the restaurant. Uh. You will pay 10 euro. Of. 20 euro, you pay, if you have to pay in norway you have to pay 70 or 80 euro. So three or four times more expensive, than, what you think everything, like a lot of things like three or four times is like expensive. And one kg of banana, in supermarket. Or one kg or apple like something i did, uh, like. Three euro, something like this. I mean supermarket. Is the cheapest option i think you can get it, and, restaurant, is so expensive. Transport. Expensive. And, fly also expensive, actually. Everything is, apartment, expensive, but when i was in europe, when i was in norway, i was doing like, uh. First i stayed with my friend so i don't have to pay for accommodation, i don't have to pay for food, so. It's so, easy for me to know like to stay with them they just cooking for me, and i cook it with them, so i just have been in the house what they need, i just shopping sometime, with them but i don't have to pay for food and accommodation. So it was so cheap option for me to live there, that way, which things are free you thought that, they came from suffering, yeah camp in the street, it's like you can travel like cheap options, for example, you can get like free camping. Somewhere. I don't know, and then try to use hitchhike. And. Use tap water. And uh go to supermarket. And buy some food and eat. So. Yeah, it can be it can be cheap you know depend on you yeah you can make a lot of cheap options and use scotch your friend, so you can use. Free accommodation. Yeah after the after the borders. Open you can yes. Okay so let's move to ukraine. When did you go to ukraine, i went ukraine, last year this time, so it was, october. I think the weather, is. It's okay it's good weather actually, yeah i mean when i arrived to i have no idea about ukraine honestly. Which places did you visit in ukraine, okay the first flight to. Kiev. Yeah i was going around, in kia. And. Beautiful. Super beautiful actually, here is really nice. Uh today you you know a lot of people like this gift. Captive. You know when they're traveling, they arrive. They fly to the capital, in the airport. And then they just the next day they go to another place to visit, you know. Uh and then maybe they come back to the city later.

But They don't really spend in the city. But i think here you should definitely, go and visit around is so nice, and they have the the streetcar, also like, christ. Christian, krishna. I think yeah yeah yeah honestly. Ukraine. Polish. Czech. Like romania, and gravis. I think this eastern europe. Because. The, sea the pronounciation. The name of the. Like pronunciation, is so, powerful. You know sometimes you can pronounce, it yeah i have graduation. Can you pronounce. It's our city it's operation. What's it difficult for you to get visa to ukraine. It's not difficult, i just applying online. So you have like government website, you know just go through there and, uh. And you got blind for. I think like, at least hundred dollars you have to pay. And. This is expensive, yeah it's like for women, like hundred dollars. Is expensive. I think yeah so, facebook. And did you feel any culture, difference. In norway, and in, ukraine. I think that compared, countries. I don't think i don't feel honestly, that in europe the culture, is different in one country and one country. And generally, like you know, like for. Asia, is totally, different, but in euro, i don't think it's generally, like not really different, yeah well let's decide. And which, things you like in ukraine. I like to see in ukraine. And, the one is, wait is that. North or east, i forget it like. Living. It's the west west right yeah, okay was, yeah, west coast is near poland right yeah so. Yeah, the beast is. I think the most beautiful city in ukraine, you should definitely visit that's cute. I mean here is beautiful, both, both are beautiful, but i think the v is more beautiful than you go to hiking, in the carpet yeah. Mountain, yeah. Do you think carpenter, mountains, are more beautiful, than ella. I don't know i like a lot of mountains but if i have to see the most beautiful mountain, is norway. What do you think of ukrainian, food, uh ukrainian, food is the reason i came to ukraine because of food. Yeah because. Before i fly to ukraine, like i met, some friends. And then who been to ukraine. And they say, uh, maybe you should visit ukraine, like it's so nice, and really love food in ukraine. They talk about, i said. Wow, yeah i've never imagined to travel to ukraine. Maybe. Yeah she'll visit, and check it out the food, and, really good food you have. The soup location. Yeah. And then, dumpling. With cherry. Yes it's really good my favorite, i i think my favorite, is like. Uh. Namaste. It's like a pancake, you know. Yeah it's a pancake, right, the pancake. Like a little bit. I guess it's really really good you learn how to cook it yeah. But when i was in ukraine i don't think i. Even i don't even rise. You know most of the time i'm traveling i'm trying to be looking for rice yeah rice is different, nice and different in ukraine, and i don't think i try to. I got a rice in ukraine. Do you eat the indian, in. Myanmar. They have, tea salad, yeah did you try tea salad, did you try to make tea salad in ukraine, or norway. I tried to do in norway. Tea leaf salad we have in myanmar we are so famous, tea lip salad, but norway you cannot get, the problem, is tea leaf is. It's hard to find. Like the chili, special, no actually, i want to use. Hungary, we have a myanmar shop, and you can buy this, and what about, the, people, was it difficult, for you to make friends.

Yeah, I think eastern, uo are a little bit different. Friendly, but you will not see, asian, is more friendly i guess yeah, national, month of course, yeah. But, yeah yeah it's not i was in ukraine, like uh, i i got a lot of local friends. And. I use it because culture fame you know, stay for free. But even i'm going to start with on the street the people sometimes. Who talk who speak english. They quite frankly. I don't they know they don't know. They don't know, where is myanmar. Every time i say when i was in ukraine, like you know. Sometimes. I think i have to face sometimes the answers please, like you know like they they just they ask you, i think like where you from you know something like this, sometimes you're for writing. Yeah, and i say they're like, where is it. I have to open the map all the time you know i have to show my country. Yeah where is myanmar, i just got like oh. Something like that yeah yeah many people know. Yeah. So. It's okay, you know but. I can. Show. My country. You know you are the ambassador. Yeah. So did people help you when you needed help. Yeah. Ukraine, like. Uh, you know i was. Uh. I got a lot of half actually, but uh like hitchhiking. Stay in the local house. And, get a food also. Oh tell them about the experience. That you. Want to feel in every country, to stay one day for free, yeah. What was that try i'm traveling, i do like a challenge. Myself, like one day, i don't spend for anything. Like zero money. One day, but when i was in uk. And it was the time, i do, my challenge, in. South, i think the city is called, bodhisattva. Odessa. Is my second favorite, city in. Ukraine, so i just walk out on the beast. And then. Like ask to so many people. But, unfortunately. A lot of people are tourists. You know, because, i don't really know who is the tourist or who is to look at across the face, the face. More than 10 like 15 around prepared to get a food. And i have a bottle of water, and i'm working on this and i asked that, first, for that a little bit strange to know. Wasted. Right and i tried to it was suspicious. Like when i tried to talk they're like, what do you want something for me like you know, but. And when i was trying to speak uh, like you know. I apologize, like something like that and they are like oh okay so uh they're listening what i say, and they're like um. Yeah at first, in the end i found it somewhere like cup is like you want me to get a free food, and they say like oh what do you want to get like you want to take away. Something, you know and then. They bought for me some food for takeaway, and then they both found me also some drink. So. It's covered for my lunch, so i got a lunch so i would think about for stay, and, for. Dinner. So i i was go to, i was going around, great and then. And then, in the evening, i went to the bar. Like you know. It was crazy you hold on my backpack, like everything. Big backpack, you know go to the bar like. What's the pack, you know. Like and i went to the like b side and another place, the night life is me to go so i'm assuming, that and some people i saw, they invited me to come to the party, no, you say i want to come to party. Like, we didn't be there i was like, yeah sure. And a ukraine, party okay. Like, i think some tourists and you played okay you know like night parties or with their museum, and you know, so i went there and then, so, they have you know food and drink. So i just drink i get a food and i talk with some people. And they say like yeah, i saw. They say like yeah come to our place yeah we but, to be quiet, and then in the night. And we come quiet. And we stay in the, one night and the next day i woke up get a break represent.

And Then i left, so. That was really a great time in which country it was the most difficult, for you to have this challenge. Iceland. And do you tell people that you don't have money or you tell them this is the challenge. I stay the challenge. If i don't have money. I think they will think about you know. If you don't have money go to your grantee back you know something, right. This is me and marimba. Go back to your country, why you come to our county road already. Maybe, i don't know but i say children so they were like okay can adventures, to travel in ukraine, alone. No not at all. Yeah safe. Definitely, safe, what's the most dangerous, country you've ever been to. Dangerous. No i don't think the indians. So you told about, your favorite places in ukraine but what about myanmar, if people want to go to myanmar, which place and you recommend, to them. Yeah myanmar, is so it's going to be very much fun with recycling, there yeah she's been to my hometown. So she have a video. In the youtube, youtube channel so you can go and link my hometown, how is that, yeah, we will send you description. Yeah so my hometown. Is my favorite, city in myanmar, of course, but it's the second. I say bagan, is so beautiful. And, go. Not going, rainy season. Summertime, or winter time is better for you, to go. Not like we went, during, yeah. You cannot see balloons, hot and blues in the sunrise thai, so it's really beautiful but again it's my also freeway, and also the city called ping ulluen. Is like a little bit north of mandalay. Beautiful, city, ever like so far, like you should definitely should, return to myanmar, yeah yeah this place. So i, i, really. I think. If you yama is a big, country. And. You have a lot of. Place you can visit, if you want to hike mountain. Like. Snow clean, or you know like hiking. Tracking. Like. Hot air balloons. You know. Everything. Likes. A lot of different love nature a lot of things, it's beautiful, so.

And So, she's. I think the most, cheapest, country for traveling. After kobe. Yeah, i have also used to be, a british colony before, so we have a lot of many, many people speak, english so it's. Easy for you. Uh. It's also easy for you to travel into myanmar, is you don't have to really worry about to speak english. But if you go to small place, yeah of course people don't really, know english, but like normal city. It's okay like. Can you speak in ukrainian, words. You play, yes i don't, know. It's the, hottest language, for me, uh because. Ukraine. Tangaryan. Like police. Czech. Russia. This language, are so, hard for me. So yes, what do you call it it's lovely. Hungry, hungarian, is not hungry you're not hungry or not but, is this language, are so hard for me to learn but the reason why because. We, you guys use a lot of. Oh yeah. Yeah like. Oh something i don't know like when you speak you use. Like something like this especially, in poland, yeah yeah. Yeah, so. I have no sound in, like this you know it's not like french. It's not like spanish. So. Yeah. Yeah. It's different, yeah i i wish i could. So which. Tips would you give to travelers, who want to. Travel. First. If she start traveling. I definitely, recommend, like to learn english, first. And then. Justice. You really need that. I met so many people like who doesn't speak any english like when they're traveling, we have like. They don't really have a problem, but they use like poker translate or anything, and they have they met so many people. In from their country in another country also, so they don't have to speak english. You know they can speak their language especially if you're from a big country, i'm from yamaha. I cannot speak my language, to any country. Did you forget your language, i forgot sometimes. Right now i forgot, how to, write. Because, i didn't write for a long time actually. Can you chat with your friends here, in english. Which. We use like. English, we call in english. In english, and myanmar. Both we use and we use, english, so we type with yengali so we don't have to tag our language. So, more easy for us we use english. I've been in sri lanka more than eight months. So, can you go back to myanmar. So, i've been here more than eight months i kind of go back to myanmar. Because. There's no flight, so. It's, not so what's your plan. So. My plan is. Keep, traveling. Traveling is the best. If you cannot go back here if you're not gonna go fast. Just traveling. And trying to hitchhike. Let's use crosstalk. Walk away, west side. Is. All, the i think really cheapest way you're traveling, if you're looking for cheapest traveling. And, it's not really things like. That expensive, like where you thought this country, you know, they have a lot of options for cheapest way to travel. But in myanmar the people they have in their mind, so when they traveling. Like, they want to travel another country but they are thinking like in their minds like oh, it's so expensive, i don't think. It's not like really like this you have a lot of cheap options for traveling.

Around The world yeah. Maybe. Five or six countries, i slept on the street sometime. In ukraine, did you sleep from the street no no no, in asia. Asia, and some european, country i slept on the street. It's okay, no problem. Uh. I know some magic. So i'll show the people and feedback, invite for me to be here they say drink some trick. So i if you can show me a trick i can all fight for you freebie and say okay, so, for phoebe, i have to do like this, so this is also traveling in this video so learn some magic tricks people started, exactly. Maybe you can get some, free food over here. Do you think you have some followers. From myanmar. Who, after you started traveling, they started traveling, yeah, uh. I met somebody bear. Like, i know i met somebody, i mean, uh in, in facebook, like i was you have like a crew of. The who love traveling. In myanmar groups and. I want so when i say talk about people from yama i've been i'm from myanmar, i'm 21 years old i've been 35 countries in the world, right now so, they're like. Oh, they're so interesting they asked me how the you know so i share with them. So i think, something that i, really want to do but, because of coffee so they, they can't really do right now, but i wished after corporate they were due, so i wish. My experience so there will be, more. From myanmar. Please, talk if you met the people from yama. In another country. Uh. Like hang out with them, and they are so nice the people are so nice. Yeah. Thank you madam for sharing your experience, it was really interesting. I hope it will inspire, more people to travel around the world. Not only people from myanmar, but you also. So follow, our channel. Because just, make more videos, about, travelers, about traveling. About our cycling trip around shanghai. Bye. You.

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