The Paid Traveller Presentation 2019

The Paid Traveller Presentation 2019

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Hi guys thank you for joining us in today's webinar, today, I will show you how you can live your life full-time travel. The world book anywhere. With anyone, at any time make, a five, to seven figure passive, income annually we just want to five dollars a day but I just want you to take note that income. Is not guaranteed, and our, results, is not typical. My, name is david chung i live in singapore, with my family, I'm a property. Agent. In Singapore, and I also train people in the real, estate industry, right. Now my team and I we are building a massive, Travel. Movement, across Asia and this, has become my, stable, second. Income, sauce, okay all glory to Christ Jesus for, His grace wisdom, and blessing, and I, just want to share a bit of my own story with, you know I started, not with a silver spoon in my, mouth, okay iced I came from humble family and, we had to do odd jobs not, apartment, not just to make ends meet, I can remember when I was a little boy that my only vacation, was to Indonesia. Right, a nearby country. And it. Got me excited about, travel, okay and I told myself when, I grew, up I need to travel more I want, to see the world I want, to do great things and my mom believed me okay, so like a typical Asian, you. Know I work, hard I study. Hard and I, make it to one of the best university, in Singapore, I graduated. As, a software, engineer I started to do programming, something I didn't, really enjoy doing, and I, was making quite decent, pay but it was always, again, meeting ends meet and I, decided to set it down when I was about 28 to. 29 years so I want to get married and that's where I become a property, agent I want to make more money okay. So I was working on the privilege to train many agents, and one. Thing I learned in business, right the hard way and can I share with you okay, that is one, of experience, that really feel. Is a few years ago I did, tuition. Business with my wife, okay. And it was high risk in. We. Didn't know the market, really well and the market was not very, big and we went in with a high capital, and that's. Where I was, constantly. Frustrated, and, angry, during this time, I was time bro I was money bro. Okay so I learned a lot through this experience, but I was looking for, a way out so I was looking I was seeking I was praying, and something. Happened to me on august, 2014. God sent a friend to show me a better way and that's, where I took massive action on this travel platform. Which I'm going to show you because, they have helped me to earn real. Passive income even while I am, sleeping, okay literally, okay and this is my result eighteen months later semi-retired. Migrated. My family, to. New Zealand where. We stayed for a year plus we, become permanent, residents in, New. Zealand but, right now I'm back in Singapore, okay, so all thanks to this travel platform able to travel more. Than 30 vacations, over the last four years and making passive, income every month.

I Shed is not too bright okay but hopefully it inspire you in the sense that if you're ordinary guy like me you know can do it you can do it too so the takeaway from my journey is that am I is like a parachute, it doesn't, work if it's not open and we, just have to learn right in order to earn more and more important. Take, massive, action, right. My friend are you in one of this situation, right now you've been saving up trying to go for, a vacation for a long time you, know and and, usually go for the cheapest, one alright nothing wrong with cheap cheapest, or budget but you want to go. For better one but just money is a concern right or you may have the money all right but you don't have the time to plan right oh oh. Are you in stuck in life situation, that your stress at work unappreciated. Underpaid, in a toxic environment you. Know basically having no work-life, balance so. My friend do you want this. Kind of lifestyle, able to travel better go more places more frequently, going, VIP, vacation. At wholesale, pricing, and also. Get. Involved in the global, business. We have from one to five dollars a day you are able to make, substantial, US. Dollar passive, income and get yourself, financially, free with. This platform you can work from anywhere with, anyone, at any time with, a smart device is that the, lifestyle, that you desire okay. Because if that's your lifestyle, you desire I want, you to pay attention to my, business partner my friend my, mentor, mr. Jefferson, Santo that, will show you how, to travel more right, how to be, a pitch traveler. And mr.. Jefferson has, a very, interesting, lifestyle, at the age of 20, years old he was totally, broke he was more than, $70,000. In debt not sure how he get into this situation but, right now okay, 13, years later thanks. To this travel, company that he helps to set up he's. Making a seven-figure. Usdollar, passive, income every year and he, and his wife would, take time to travel every. Month to some exotic, location. In the world and right now his number one focus is to paid for it right he's blessed and he wants to bless more, people so, sit back relax watch. This video, by mr.. Jefferson. Center on how to live, your, life full-time. So. What do most people want to do with their free time well, probably vacation. Right but the challenge is is time and money well, what if there was a way you can actually earn your vacations, instead of having to pay for them well, my name is Jefferson Santos I live in the Dallas Texas area with my beautiful wife Megan, and our two sons and we, had a challenge and it was time and it was money a matter, of fact this is the cash flow quadrant from Robert Kiyosaki's, book Rich Dad Poor Dad and here's. Where I was at and this is a lot of people right a lot of us were an employee we have a job and we're limited, on our income because we only get, paid when we work and so what happens is a lot of people they jump down and they say hey I want to be self-employed I want to start my own business or, my career I want to be hairstylist. Lawyer doctor, whatever but the challenge there is they. Only get paid when. They work and so, the key thing and we're ninety-five percent of the wealth is is on the right side of this quadrant, here where you own a system, or a team where you're creating leverage, for yourself and. Eventually. We want to have our money making, its money on his money's money as an investor right and so, I was looking I was looking for a way that I could leverage myself I was looking for a way that I can vacation and stuff and found, a company out of Plano Texas called, WorldVentures, it's, a marketing, and promotions company part, of the Inc 5000. Number 25 on the direct selling news and their, flagship, product is DreamTrips, basically what we do is this we get people on for in five-star. Vacations at, two and three star prices it's a private only VIP membership, travel Club and last. Year we did over 5,000. Plus trips we handle all the reservations and planning for our members and the membership includes. You and/or, a cific another and any. Children that might live in the household and so we get multiple, awards, all around the world and all that means is we're probably a ton of value in the travel space but specifically, for our members and so, what I want to do real quickly is not just tell you about it but show you what we do for our members. It. Can't be check-in right away it, was super, easy to had to check in desparate DreamTrips, only that, was right next to the front desk when we walked in we. Got a room key we got a gift. They had champagne for, us. So. We went to the Welcome Party we had amazing food, and, meeting. All the different people from different parts of the world was really nice and. We had a blast. You. Just did the ziplining.

Yesterday, And we did some of the zipline right into the cenote. Where we did some back flips and stuff one of the most amazing, experiences, I've ever been a part of I. Mean. This place is a zoo or five but it really should be a little ten because it's been top, notch ten service across-the-board. Restaurants. Top notch service. Top notch this is like one of the best DreamTrips we've been on and and it's my wife's birthday so what better way to celebrate then. Come to a june trip. We. Just had our dream trip to the Azul fives here and how was the food Dave it was awesome, the food was fantastic the. Service, was great everything, was wonderful had a great time yeah you should be here you gotta book your next trip here it's gonna be awesome. Yep. That's what we do and here are some more examples here's. Miami Beach Florida a cruise and sunset. Views four days three nights at a five-star. Resort okay. You can see the public price and then the dream trip price and you apply your points, which makes the member price 553. Now what, points, are there's several different ways you can earn points and, just understand, this they're a dollar per point one-to-one. Ratio all right and there's tons of ways we'll show you how to get points but the cool thing is that you can buy these already low wholesale, prices, down even, more and how, we do it is this is if, you went to the store and you bought a huge box of bottled waters and the, price per units can be a lot less than you're just going to buy just one bottled water right that's, how the leveraging buying works and that's what I'm able to get these prices for our members here's some more examples pilot Carmen Mexico the Azul 5 beach resort five days four nights look at the member price four. Hundred, and forty nine dollars all-inclusive. There which is really really nice but we also include, the airport, transfers, and at catamaran. Sailing as an excursion that's already included in there alright Santorini, Greece this might be part of one of your bucket list right eight days seven nights at a 5-star resort look, at the member price six, hundred, and forty dollars here's, another one New Orleans Louisiana you're, staying at the JW Marriott which is an amazing resort, they have a tremendous. Brand all around the world this includes a riverboat cruise and if, you're a platinum member to get VIP brunch experience, with reserved seating and champagne, look at this two, hundred and twenty-four dollars look, at this one Santa Barbara California wine. Tasting, four days three nights you're staying at the historic Hyatt centric. Private, wine tour two three different, vineyards make sure you pace, yourself on this one member. Price three, hundred and sixty four dollars it's amazing, and so look, at this one eleven days ten nights cruise this is the azemar quest this, Cruise Line prides, itself on staying in port longer, so you can really experience, all the cool things that all the different stops that it goes to and it was featured in Conde Nast Traveler and Readers. Choice all kinds of things this this trip was featured in but, the member price is, $3,600. Right they're saving a ton of money for, our members on that and so, one of the biggest questions I get is okay what if I can't go on a dream trip okay, what if my schedule didn't allow because these are pre-planned, trips, all around, the world at predestined. Dates right well what if you just want to go on a business trip or we can get away go see a friend at a wedding well we have net rates for our gold and platinum members and what net rates are is we. Negotiate. With the hotel chains we take out all the commissions and you get the lowest rate possible with, those hotel chains the other question, I get is okay. Can you give me a deal on airfare, well we all know the airfare is a commodity but our rate shrinker technology.

Which Is patent-pending is really. Awesome it works like this let's say you're going from Dallas to Miami for a long weekend, you, booked your flight you get your seat for most people, transactions. Over now you're just waiting for your flight but with our website and what you get with membership when you booked it searches, your itinerary, every hour up until the day that you leave ok if you're the rate drops below the rate that you booked it weari booked you at the lower rate and refund your credit card the difference so it's kind of like low airfare insurance, right so that's really awesome also when you go out to eat at our participating, restaurants in, the DreamTrips app here's one of the cool things that happens 30, to 50 percent of your food bill gets, converted to dream trip points and if you remember that's, dollar per points you can use those to buy down the trips which, is really awesome as well also. You get access to our DreamTrips rewards platform. So let's say you can't use your points on a trip because you're not traveling for the next few months buy, down Hotel, nights to over here in our rewards platform, even, cruises, and houses. As well so it's really really cool be able to do that in our DreamTrips rewards platform. We have a new division of our product DreamTrips called escapes and right. Now we're focusing, on Punta Cana Dominican Republic. But we're also looking, at also, Europe Asia Australia, different places like that but this is the presidential, suites input to Canada all-inclusive, five, days four nights for, two hundred and twenty five dollars per person after, points look at this one Casa de Campo European. Plan three seventy five after points per person but look at this you get your own golf cart the whole time that you're there and, look at this one lifestyle, tropic Isle look at this one, hundred and forty, nine dollars, per person, all-inclusive. Beachfront. This is awesome let's break down the memberships real quick so we got the gold we got the platinum so with the gold membership you get access to all those trips I talked about 5,000, plus trips he had access to a 24 concierge, service the dining program entertainment, discounts, online, shopping when you shop online it, through our portal you're gonna earn points as well and then you have access to the net rates and so the membership is not thousands. Of dollars a matter of fact it's not even a thousand dollars it's only 280 dollars one, time which includes your first month's fees and you get all that back in points and it's only fifty seven dollars a month and, on your one-year anniversary, you have all those points to use to buy down DreamTrips, now if you're one of those VIP type, people and you want to upgrade you, can become a Platinum Member you get access to all the stuff that the Gold Members do but also you get early access seven, eight early access to all the chips before they come out to all the other members extra. Platinum perks exclusive, platinum DreamTrips. We have an emergency evacuation service. It's kind of one of the benefits you never want to have to use. But you always want to have if you get deathly ill or really hurt on a trip we're gonna fly you on a private medical jet back to, the u.s. to get proper care for yourself this is amazing, this is a $50,000, benefit right here as long as you're a hundred and fifty miles away from home or more you'll, be able to use, this service you can apply fifty percent more of your dream trip points to buy down the trips even more we have access to telemedicine, doctor, on the phone wherever you're at and just call them up and ask, advice and those at the prescription wherever the nearest pharmacy is near you we also have international roadside, assistance, now that's, all packaged in the Platinum membership and once, again it's not even, two thousand dollars guys it's.

Not Even a thousand it's only a one-time fee of four hundred and eighty dollars which includes your first month's fees and you get all that back end points immediately and it's $100 a month for your dues and you get all that back end points on your one-year anniversary, we're running a promotion right now when we double, your points when you enroll so, you're able to use even more points on the platform, to buy down products. In hotel nights and cruises, and or, buy down your dream trip so that's pretty exciting so hey if you're gonna travel in the next few. Months then, it's, costing, you money not to get one of these memberships, now if you have some friends that love to travel to you refirm the gold membership you're in a hundred points you refirm a platinum membership you're gonna make two hundred points and if you roll four friends, you just refer four friends and they get the membership then, we waive your monthly, fees okay so if you're a gold you refer for gold your fees are waived if you're a platinum you refer for Platinum's, your, fees are waived but we still give you the points every single month which is really exciting, and stuff and so a percentage of every membership sold worldwide goes to support our kids with the WorldVentures foundation and, that were national, partners with the Boys and Girls Club and the Nancy Lieberman foundation. Working, building dreamcourts. All around, cities. Around the u.s., we also work with Huggett. Forward we're building bottle schools in Guatemala, over. 120 schools there now so it's pretty exciting so if you like to travel buy a membership it helps the kids so, what I want to do real quick is just transition, real quickly here and talk about this next piece that's totally optional but, how many people do we know that would love to, travel like that a ton. Of people right and how many Polly know that would love to make more money or more income if they could so, real quick I want to talk about it's the right opportunity. At the right time travels the largest industry in the world at eight trillion. Dollars. And it's, the perfect plan B to have in addition, to what you're already doing and so Mark Zuckerberg you know this guy found in Facebook right but who really built Facebook, we. Did right with our friends, our videos. Our post our likes all of that so he created its platform business similar. To Amazon's, and Netflix, and all these different other platforms, out there these billion-dollar companies, but how are we actually making money from that well we have a chance for you to make money here by becoming a representative with us it's, a one-time, fee of $100, one-time, and 25 bucks a month and we do all your Commission calculating, we, do we, tend to nine you at the end of the year and we. Could you marketing websites all kinds of cool stuff to build your business all right so we're running a promotion right now though were you can get the gold or the Platinum Plus the business, the, whole thing for a hundred, and forty nine dollars it's a limited time promotion right now so you want to jump on that as soon as possible those no guarantees of income you get out of it what you put into it these are our average incomes there on the right hand side from two hundred and forty five dollars all the way to over a half a million dollars a year and you can see that basically gets the 80/20, rule 20, percent earned a paycheck 80 percent did not so what does that mean that means January the gym is full February, the gym is empty all right you want to make a little bit of money show, a little bit of people you want to make an okay amount of money show an okay amount of people you wanna make a lot of money show, a lot of people so this is as long as you're, putting in the trainings and skill development and all of that then you hit these ranks then you're gonna earn those incomes, right there alright so here's how the money comes together we're gonna track the memberships, that are sold in your entire network and we're assuming in this diagram. Here they're all platinum memberships, and so if you go out and sell three memberships, yearning $20, per membership, so, you've got $60 in direct commissions right there and then another 320. On each one so now you're at 120, and direct commissions and so, at this point you're a two-star representative. Because those are platinum memberships, you're in a one-time bonus, of $200. All right so right now you're, at three hundred and twenty dollars so far you're in profit you're good to go all, right and so they can go out there and start building their networks and they're trying to waive their fees and their customers, and every time you have six membership, sales left six, membership sells right you, earn what's called a cycle you could cycle several times a month a week a day an hour the, potential, there is $25,000, per week and so it continues to grow so now you're, a 3-star representative, and you start to earn residual, income at this point and so your network continues, to grow they're, building their teams selling memberships and that you're starting in two other bonuses, and we have a car bonus that this starts to happen here not gonna get into the details right now but you can see that you're well in profit and you're well on your way and as your team grows they're, going waiving their fees they're growing their networks and the residual, income, potential, is up to $50,000.

Per, Month and so, as you build your teams you rise up in the ranks you, can see the ranks right there those are the average incomes, per rank once again it's not you by yourself it's your whole team working together, building. Those teams up to get to those ranks which is pretty exciting so you, have two choices whether you be a gold or a platinum and, or. You could be gold platinum and become a rep but just to remind you it's only 149. To be all-in, right now to get your membership and the business right, now for a limited time promotion it's, only 149, all right so the last thing I want to share with you that, I need to share with you before you in this video is this your friend is talking to other people but you have a chance to get the next best position in their team all right and let's say you lock that position, all of a sudden Bob comes in they told Bob after, you he watched his video after. You well, guess what he would be in your team and anything. He does for the rest of his life in WorldVentures. Will. Benefit, you but for some reason you if you need to go think about it that's cool you're, gonna go over there and to think about a corner and then Bob's gonna take your position, then when you do want to come back in you're, actually underneath Bob and see that Bob's selling, all the memberships what you're not benefiting, from them because. You, waited and so, here's the main thing if you, get in right now are you gonna have all these people on your team I'm not promising you that but I will promise you this if you don't get positioned, now you're promised to have zero people. On your team all right so with that said get back with the person that got you on this video, and. If you're an a B or a CC means hey thanks but no thanks truly not for me I'm, gonna keep on playing retail prices for the rest of my life kind of joking but kind of serious too all right if, you're a B that means hey I like you kind of figure out gold or platinum and just. Let them know that you're a B if you're an a you can't wait for me to shut up so you could sign up so let them know if you're an a B or C texting, back colomac because the shoes on the other foot you'd want to know as well right all right let us know if you're a B or C and we'll see you at the next dream trip. Awesome. Isn't it so, my friend are you're a a B or C a, means that you're really get started right, away B. Means they have some question, that you need to clear before I get started, C this is not for you and no, worries, so please let the person who invited you to see. This webinar. Tell, him, or her whether you're a B, or C and today. If you have to join us we have prepared, four powerful, resources. For you when, you enroll with any of our team members from, the pit travel group, so number one we are going to give you unlimited and. Free, access, to our Pitt traveller, Academy. This is a self-paced, learning, online. Program, where, you're gonna get full access right. To our getting started right and faster. Training. Okay, so I receive, all the cutting edge strategies shared with our top achiever, you help you to start the business to build the business as well as to scale your business and, the, additional, bonus is that you're gonna get proven. Internet, marketing, tips alright so number two we, are going to invite, you to join us for empower, Mondays. And this is our weekly, live, coaching, session. Online right, it's not a recorded, session it is live with our leaders we're doing cover strategic. Topics that will help you to build and scale your business and in, this session you are free to ask us any, question. And right. Now as a, newbie, when you join us you want to share your friend but you do not know how to share yet, okay cool never mind so we are going to ask you to just invite, your friend and we'll, give you a private, link each week, to our online. Presentation. So you can invite your friends your prospect, to, this online. Presentation. And number. For some of you are excited, okay, and you want to, get. Out right away to share, with as many people as you want so we do not want you to reinvent, the wheel or, spend, tons of energy or, time to create an own presentation, we'll give you a proven.

Presentation. Kit that you can deploy it right away to, share with your friends is this something that you want okay so the the regular, price to join this dream, trip club whether you're a gold member, or platinum, member, these other prizes all right so, what cool member is a four hundred US dollar every, month as a man defeat okay this money fee is packaged, together with, the business, representative. Account. Cost all right there's a business cost, okay so together, is eighty two dollars and, if, you are joining as a Platinum, Member it. Is six hundred dollars one-time, startup and one, to five every. Month, but right now you know we have a very, time-sensitive. Promotion. That is going on that. If you join us whether you take go member of platinum, platinum, member, for the first month you just pay one, six, eight u.s, dollar. Okay. And that, that will work out right with this new promotion to, be less than five dollars a day if you to take our. R.v, VIP, package, which is the Platinum, membership. And did. You hear, just now as jefferson's, was, sharing, that if you refer four members, to our Travel, Club okay, successfully. Do so sign up let's say you sign up platinum they, also sign up as platinum, you have four active, members, right now we, will waive off your platinum membership, for. The rest of your life okay you just need to pay for your business center cost which is about, twenty five US dollar every. Month, okay that, is your cost okay that's the only cost that you pay which, will work up to be less than one u.s. dollar a, day, all right and there's. No time limit to get your for you can take, forty, s you can use forty days or more, right there's no time limit as long as you get your fall we, will waive of your, monthly. Membership, dues okay, and even, when you stop paying your membership, you will still, give you your, dream trip points, every. Month okay and how, to make, some money. Alright a lot, of money makes people to join us you will have earned back, whatever. You're invested, in the first two months right so, we, all return you three, hundreds you have earned, okay three. Hundred and twenty, US, dollar, together, with. 1200. Troopship points that you can use right away every. June 3 points is like, one, US. Dollar and your s your team continue, the growth right okay, and your. Friend also want to refer for pay no more all they want to build this business, together, you, serious deal all right and any. Time you have six new members on the left and six on your right you make a cycle, bonus, okay you get a hundred US. Dollar, so, as your team grows okay, can you mention your team grows in the next week all right each of them bring in some member right now you have new members on the on your left in six new members and six, new members on the right team voila you make another US. Hundred. Dollars and this can go on to, infinity. And now, today. Your friend is sharing, this idea with. You and, giving. You the next best spot in this organization. We understand. That you are excited, and so you want to take this spot for some of you may, need to consider. And we are going to respect, you gonna give you a thinking corner and while, you think about it your friend is going to prospect, other people right so this. Guy may met me cameraman loves to travel hundred sixty-eight US dollar I can be a Platinum Member I can, travel. More you know and there's, people taking care of my itinerary I just need to go right so he got very excited so your, friend can you share and this time Maurice, came on board Maurice loved to travel and he's a businessman, and he, brings in five, hundred, people and right now your friend have, five, hundred, and two people and me, coming. On board he, has five hundred and one people just. Like that okay, and of course your friend will continue to build his the, other. Lake okay and getting some people and right now you are ready because you see that your friend is getting result getting, momentum making. Money and say that hey you, know can I get the spot that Matt is, having, right now the, answer is no all right you have to start from the bottom. Of the organization. And so. This is what, we call locking, in opposition, right it can give you a better, advantage okay. You can start you on this business, faster. Unfair. Advantage. So how much do you want to make in, this platform. Right, we are not limiting your income as long as you are willing you're willing to work hard you know you bring in the numbers, you know you you sell the membership you you, you grow your, team, right okay. You, can start off as a three star reps okay bring about your people in the organization. All the, way to international. Marketing, director having. A thousand, five hundred people, in your organization. And making, thirty five thousand, US dollars per month so which. Rank are you targeting, today, so. Philippines. Is right now open, welcome Philippines. To a big family is the 41st.

Country. Right. We are officially, registered. In the Philippines and, it's really very fun in the. Philippines okay this is our official business. Permit. And even. Before Philippine. Was officially, launched you know our team is already prospecting. In the Philippines, and many people have caught the vision that, the first mover. And right, now Philippine is just, open, right and. We. Are looking, for visionary, we're, looking for people that who. Wants to take, on this, huge, huge market, right, and to enjoy, this thing what we call the first mover, advantage and. This, first mover advantage season. Will not be forever right. I see that you will be about in the next six to charm, and spirit. Right so do take advantage of that and you will not just be Philippines. Right in Asia, we, have Asia. Plus Pacific, Asia Pacific, we have about nine countries, already open. We have been business in, since, 2011. And. We. Are gonna expend more and more right and Korea, or India. Thailand. Vietnam you. Know this country of this are also huge. Country, and do, the people that love to travel, okay. The answer is yes, for most, people. You see we are really. Sharing. A product, that most people, already won. Okay we have official. Representative. Office, in 41, countries okay. And these are just some of the countries that Singapore, Taiwan Malaysia. Hong. Kong. Netherlands. You know so today if you are watching this webinar you're from Europe you're. From North America, you're from anywhere, in the world right you can join in one, of these 41. Countries so, my friend let's get started, okay right, now get back to the friend that have invited, you to see this webinar as for, his or her, membership. ID all right and then come back and click on this button that say yes I'm in we. And this will, redirect, you to a secure, and Roman, web site thank you for watching this webinar as usual. All right you want to say to you, you should, be, here god bless.

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