The Power of Brazilian ARMY Fanchant (Part 2) + Solos Reaction | BTS Speak Yourself Tour in Brazil

The Power of Brazilian ARMY Fanchant (Part 2) + Solos Reaction | BTS Speak Yourself Tour in Brazil

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Hi guys it's Anna this video is going to be a part 2 to present our respect chance or the deal let's rock this but before I start I want to say huge thank you to present armies who gave me so much love and support on, my first, video I did not, expect. So, many people to, like, and watch that and your comments. Were seriously, the sweetest so, thank you to person Army's forgive me see, comments and watching. The video and giving, it so much love and support like I did, not expect, it also you guys don't need to thank me for rounding, their video I need to thank you guys for giving and, showing beaches so much love his report so props. To you Osiris. In comments then out of people were fluent English, and commented. In Portuguese. And I tried, my best to, reply back using, Google. Translate so, I apologize. If there were any mistakes, but to those who did not understand, what I said so far I wanna tell you guys obrigado, por su amor, audio, I apologize, for any pronunciation. Mistakes or if, the, sentence, was in grammatically. Correct, but I want, to thank you for your love and support and, I love, you, too, so. After a long intro in today's video I will try to 1/2, the threat and to fancams the first fan cam is for 2 mins turn to be and the second one is for youngest seesaw so we have 4 the ideal let's rock this I just put up the two threats and I'll link to it down description and let's, watch it I believe the videos in order according, to you the setlist and the. First video seems to be before. The concert itself so let's watch it. My. God. The. Arena is not even full yet, at all you sound. So, beautiful, already. I, don't. Know about okay. So this video seems to be H serendipity, fancams show let's, watch it. My. God I'm already getting instant. Goosebumps. You're. Gonna make me cry again. Not. All. Of you are, singers. Oh my. God the harmonies. All. Of you Wow. Like props, 2%, armies like this. Is. Absolutely. Beautiful. Okay I don't know what song the next video is for so, let's, just watch it. Wow. I love. It. Revolvers. Are armies bits, such, an. Amazing. Job. I. Love. The fact that. They. Sing and rap the whole song. My. Heart. My. Heart content. I, can't. Bruising armies all sounds, so beautiful and, I. Can't, even imagine how. Beautiful, and, emotional. It was for everyone in that arena you, can hear how loud they are from these videos but, that. Doesn't, compare to in, real life in, real life, and be like 100, times louder so, I, can't. Even imagine it. It seems so cool and amazing and, I. Really. Admire president, Ariz for, their. Passion. And their, energy, and like. How they, show their love to be just like I am, really impressed by that okay, so this video is a fan camp for seesaw which I'm super. Excited for like I love. That song and you, engage my bias if you guys didn't know. Yes. My. God the goosebumps, are so, real right now.

I. Can't. Hide. Our to watch the full thing under this because from this little snippet all of you already sound so, good like I love it okay this video is for, G hopes just dance and so. Many people send me links to this video and, G. Videos on YouTube and I. Believe this is for when. Everyone, chanted, j-hope, and we watch that in the first part but. Apparently. This. Video is much, louder and I can't, even imagine how. Loud it was but, let's. Watch it. This, is what our King deserves. Is. So, beautiful, oh my god I love you guys I love Brazil armies, I love Brazil for. Showing. Our, dance, King so, much love like God. Just see him smile, like that means, so, much to me so thank you guys so, much like, you, guys are. Absolute. Angels. Like you are the sweetest like, oh my god this is amazing. How, would, you guys do, that. My. God I'm getting, so many goose balls. The. Fact that. You. Can hear it outside, the, arena holy. Crap. Oh, my, god, that is insane. The fact that you can hear the fan chants outside, the arena is freakin. Incredible like. You, guys are amazing. And, insane. And props. Tubers, that I wheeze like wow. The. Heart. The. Heart event, that. You guys got incredible. Oh my. God. I. Love. The fact that person. Abbie's did the heart event like it, looks so, stunning, on, videos. And I. I'm. Not gonna cry today but, if. I was at the concert I would 100%. Cry. Like oh my god oh. I. Remember. Because. Before the concert. Like. God oh, my god the yummy part Yuki's right it's coming. Y'all. We. Just write in, this part like it's the easiest thing ever oh my, god. The. Armies, are not all singers, but, talented. Rappers, how. Do they do that. Wow. Oh they, just absolutely slide. You just rap like, what. The whole arena just, read his rap and, I'm. In, awe. Oh my. God this party. Looks, lame. But. Everybody, looks like they're having like, the time of the life like they're, having so much fun and that makes me so happy. Oh this. Makes it a very goes. This, is basically, a, collaboration. Concert. Of, BTS, and Army's. First. God I love it it's like this like watching this makes me so happy. Like. German. No I'm so, loud. Wow. My. Goodness, this, is so awesome. Oh. My. God the girl. Whistling. This veil is more, like. Me. Yes. A, girl. I. Love. This good ol. Love. Fortuna. I. Love. Hoppers and Arby's shows so much love to you every single member. Girl. Your. Slavers, I. Love. This. Like. She's, absolutely, killing none, to the part in tear. Yes. Oh. My. God I love, you I love watching videos like this because it shows how passionate. The people are at the concert and how much fun they're having so. Like, that, makes me really happy. Jimin, smile just makes my heart melt. Remember, said armies killed. It like oh my god I'm so amazed by that like they're like, because people, out, there I will love to come to Brazil to one of BT's it shows one, day like that would be so, amazing, like, that, is a dream, come, true I. Saw. This in Taiwan. Y'all. Are high, as. Before.

The Concert. Are. So, amazing. Like they always, rap, you can get sparked like it's nothing. Mercenaries. Can you please give me a lesson on how. To rap youngest, part please okay, so next it's not today which is going to be a hell, of wire so, let's watch it. But, god you're, so. Loud I, love it. Wow. I love. All of this I love always so much, I bet v10 loves concert, in Brazil because the energy, is amazing, like, it is off the scale and like the. Atmosphere. Is. So. Late. How, do they do that. Like I, bet. Everyone. Couldn't, talk on the concert. Get, ready. Wow. I. Want. To be there. My. God my dream is to one day attend, BTS concert in Brazil and party. The hell out, of it with you guys and, like just, have the, best time ever. My. Draw. I, will, forever love. With, your outfits, they look so, expensive, especially. Awesome. In this bed and, it. Was. Wrapping. Our armies let's, get it. If. They fade. Oh my. God. Farting. Ooh Brazil, armies must be the best. Field. Absolutely. Stunning, this. Bob, instant. Response, how is he real. My, heart, can't. Take these stairs, came to yoga. That. Was smart all right you know what you're doing. God. I've done we have two more bankers live and this video is already getting so long so I hope you guys don't mind okay so the first video you to watch together is trivet serve pity so let's watch it t1. I. Love. How he's in the bubble and there are flowers around him like the, stage looks, absolutely, gorgeous. Let's. Stir this up a little bit. I. Love. That, part, I like the bubble goes. By. To. Mean oh. Boy. I'm. Still, not used to it. I don't, know what, I should focus on like 2, min or you. Guys all, fans. Because, I love, seeing. Two, men perform. His. Dancing, is always so, beautiful, and, so elegant. But. Everyone, sounds so. Beautiful. Like. Bursar armies add this, beautiful harmony. My. God jae-min. Is not good for my weak heart. - gotcha - stop, exposing, your, abs like bad. Like. I'm trying to focus a prison Irish franchise, here so timid, calm, down. Smile. Oh. My. God. The. More I watch to be smile the more I fall in love with a book.

Are. You making, you weak. Hey. You said armies thank, you for. Giving, us the beautiful smile. Wow. This. Makes me so happy like, saying. Jimin, enjoyed, the states too much and smile. So much, boy. Ok, I'm back. I'm. So talking. Actually. Define. Chance for. The. Veterans, were louder. In the Twitter videos, but you can still hear, army, saying. Look. At those are meatballs. But. I've never, seen, Jimena. Smile. So, much in a served. Ability for. Men's. Like. I feel like this is the happiest, he's been in a 10-degree concert. I mean. Before men so what, am I even saying. Thank. You to, Brazil Army's for. Like. Putting. Such. A beautiful, smile of, Julian's face okay last, video for today they're willing to wash together and for, youngest, seesaw, so I was watching it date t1. But. Let's, go. Is this a new stage. That. Wasn't there for the, love, yourself. I. Love. How they always scream like, the person's, name you. Can. Hear, the. Fan chant loud, and clear I. Love. You Sparkle. You pink suit. Oh. God I'm so loud up. That. Outfit, looks, hella comfortable. We've. Got the whole arena, is. Screaming. On, top of the lungs. I bet. The, whole mean I was shaking. Like which was shaking, from, like the screaming, and like people jumping and dancing. And look the sparkle. Is in the suit I. Love. You need. Like. You give me my, bias for, such. A long time like he's my ultimate bias so I really have a soft spot for him. And. I. Am a seesaw, enthusiast. That's. It oh my god that was it. No. I'm. Not upset because I already saw like five videos, from. Caesar, but. Like. It is so I try. Not to get, unsatisfied. He was, like I was expecting, the whole song so. No. But seriously I absolutely, love watching, percent Army's fat chance because they. Are so, loud they. Are so, passionate and, I love the five that they. Say the whole song like, they, even rap like, you. Guys are on another level, how to be present armies like props. 2% armies like you. Guys are. Amazing i as always and so, impressed. By, bruising, armies like they. Always, do such a good job and they are known for and famous, for their, fan. Chants and their, basic support present, armies you, are, amazing. And, keep. Doing, what you're doing like, keep being so amazing and passionate, and energetic and, I. Would. Love to come there one day and part, of you guys and yeah. That, was a party 2% I was French and I won't be jet if you leave me should give it a thumbs up also leave a comment Dumbo to a bench prior to next and yeah I hope wonderful, day and I'll see you next time bye.

2019-06-15 17:24

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Legendas em português estão disponíveis! Espero que eles sejam compreensíveis porque foram traduzidos usando o Google Tradutor!

nha, que fofis.

obrigada anjo

Sua linda! You are marvelous, great heart.

@Daniely Coutinho é mas ela disse que só vai reagir se tiver muita curtida,no meu pedido.

thank you so much

por favor, assista euphoria e epiphany! em euphoria vc vai se divertir com o "annyeonghaseyo jeoneun bangtan sonyeondan hwanggeum maknae jeon jungkook imnida" e irá se arrepiar com epiphany!!!! euphoria: epiphany:

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Você é muito fofa será muito bem vinda ao Brazil

You are so cute, thank U for the portuguese subtiltes and your amazing react, we hope to see you at the next boys show here in Brazil.

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Thanks for reacting.: Please react to this video of this title is very beautiful and exciting, this video is perfect, but it has to be that title I wrote ( 190526 BTS in Brazil Day 2 _ Mikrokosmos + Despedida (Farewell)

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I'm from Brazil and i attended to BTS' concert on the 25th That fancam of Hobi smiling hearing us shouting his name is from the 25th (as well as the one from outside the arena) and girl, THAT WAS LOUD! Personally i was almost shouting my lungs out

Eu fico com orgulho do BRASIL por causa dessas coisas. Amei você mais uma inscrita

B-armys did a party to them, so much passion and love. It was amazing ! Hope BTS see the videos.

I'm a b-army, and it really was WAAAAAY LOUDER than the videos! I was there for both concerts and those were the best days of my life! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for all the love you're showing us and we would totally love having you here next time!! JUNTOS E SHALLOW NOW

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Thank you so much for react! Please watch another video of Seesaw D-2, Yoongi smiles too listening to b-armys singing with him!!

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I love you too! thank you for watching

Here you can watch a little more of the fanchants inside the arena before the show:

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I'm from Paraguay and I went to the concert in Brazil! The atmosphere was unreal and B-army is unique! The memory of the boys smiling and enjoying with Latin America gathered in Brazil will never be erased from my mind! You have to come when they come back! Greetings from Paraguay

I would love to come one day!

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Just to you know, our venue is known as one with the better acoustic of LATAM, so the sound is not supposed to be loud from outside the arena, but you know how b-army is, so all São Paulo heard our chantings HAHAHAHAHA (And YES, after the concerts not even 1 person had voice anymore, mine "returned" after 10 days hahahaha)

That's so awesome haha! Oh i'm not even surprised no one could talk! You were so amazing

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You say you're amazed by the b-armys, but giiiiirl I'm amazed by the fact the you we're able to hear Jimin singing in the fancam! Cause even I couldn't hear him singing properly, and I was there!!! But anyway, whenever BTS comes back to Brazil, I want to be the first to help you and guide you through an entire day with b-armys ^w^

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Meu Deus essa é a minha theard! Eu sou a @jhoseokvirus, não acredito minha theard veio parar aqui kkkkkkk. Você é muito fofa! Obrigada por se esforçar tanto para traduzir o vídeo em português, nós apreciamos muito isso. I Purple You

Ooh oi !! Sua discussão é tão incrível! Obrigado por asisstir~ I purple you too

Thank you for another video and thanks for trying to speak Portuguese, your pronunciation was perfect. Thank you also for the great caption in Portuguese. We Brazilians are very passionate and we demonstrate this with all our strength. You are very cool. One suggestion: to react to mikrokosmos and flag project

I'm glad to hear that my pronunciation was perfect! It was my first time ever speaking

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oh yeah i couldnt talk after the first day but in the second day my voice suddenly appeared again and I shouted even more louder HAHAHAHA

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Quando o BTS voltar para o Brasil,venha no show. É extremamente maravilhoso sentir a energia ao vivo. Foi surreal,eu fiquei sem voz por uma semana.

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Eu adoraria ir! Obrigado por asisstir

I went to the show on the 26th and I can say that I felt like I was fulfilled, I enjoyed the show and gave our best in the concert. The Brazilian passion is something that happens in all shows, Brazilians are very passionate, in all the shows we try to show love that we feel because the artist takes time to come to our country

We just wait for you here in Brazil in a next BTS concert!!!! Just love u!!!!!

One day i will come! Love you too

I only wish bighit looked at us the way you do... We know the boys like us,but we're not sure about the company. Anyways.. Thank you for the compliments. As i said.. It's once in a lifetime we get to see them, so each moment counts.

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I'm Brazilian and I was in the show, it was incredible and extremely hot, in the music of Jungkook everyone shouted "Annyeonghaseyo jeoneun bangtan sonyeondan hwanggeum maknae Jeon Jungkook imnida" with all the force, I will never forget that day, it was very special and unforgettable. I'm sorry if something is wrong, I needed a google translator to write this. Estou na espera da parte 3 :)

haha that is so cute!! don't worry, everything was correct!

please see the design of the flag of Brazil in "Mikrokosmos"

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You are so cute I loved so much watching your reactions. B-Army always supporting others armys.

you're so sweet for speaking in portuguese! loved the reaction

it's been almost 3 weeks since their concert here in brazil and my throat is still not great as it was before the concert KSNXKSJXKSJD and i can still listen to the crowd fanchant everytime i listen to the songs of the setlist

you speak portuguese so well, thanks for your sweet reaction

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i went to the concert on may 25th here in brazil and posted this thread with my videos and pics of that day, if you want to watch more videos.... xjnsjxnsjd there's some mvs before the concert (i posted the whole fire mv in there and even dionysus rehearsal while we were waiting outside the stadium)

Que graça! Adorei seus reacts! Parabéns não só para as B-Army's mais sim pra todas que fizeram da turnê dos meninos, dias inesquecíveis

Aaaa I miss them so much, just remembering I was in the first day at Brazil’s concert, it makes me so happy and nostalgic ❤️ (pls correct me if I wrote something wrong)


Yoongi my bias!!!!

okay but can we talk about how PERFECTLY YOU SAID "OBRIGADO POR SEU AMOR E APOIO"??????? GIRL THAT WAS SO CUTE!!!! sending all the love from Brazil

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19:11- o Jimin estava doente, e no show do dia 26 ele chorou e agradeceu as b-armys por terem cantado a maior parte da música Jimin was sick, and at the show on the 26th he wept and thanked the b-armys for singing most of the song

isso é tão doce e lindo! obrigado por trabalhar duro

18:09- eu lembro que o estádio ficou em silêncio quando a cama subiu e quando ele abriu os olhos todo mundo gritou ou chorou, foi hilário I remember that the stadium was silent when the bed went up and when it opened the eyes everyone cried or cried, it was hilarious

você poderia fazer uma parte 3, antes das b-armys entrarem no estádio elas já estavam cantando, foi lindo

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4:11-is something that we can not explain, it makes me want to cry and cry and cry and that's it algo que não conseguimos explicar, dá vontade de chorar e chorar e chorar e só isso

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Thank you so much for watching our fanchant

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8:15 in epiphany music all armys have lifted a paper heart for jin, if you notice the video well to realize Eu amei muito o show cara , sério , até hj n acredito q fui KKKKK


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O meu nome também é Anna

@TheFashionNMakeup I loved you and I also loved your channel now I'm going to watch all your videos and I'm going to show you my channel for my friends to sign up, thank you for answering me in Portuguese you're great and I loved it when you spoke in Portuguese more now that I and many Brazilian ARMYS are going to watch your videos will be that from now on you can start capturing your videos for us so it would be easier to understand you, I'm sorry my English is not so good, I love you!

@Park Lisa Claro! Obrigado por seu amor e apoio! Te amo

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Adorei seu react você é muito fofa ❤❤❤ eu não pude ir ao show mas assisti a live feita por b-armys nos dois dias confesso q chorei muito mas eles merecem. Aqui no Brazil o amor por eles realmente não tem comparação eu mesma amo muito todos eles. Afinal b-army é b-army não tem como eles não amarem o nosso BRAZIL. Beijos fofa faça mais reacts do show.

Muito fofa você!

Anna, poderia reagir a esses videos??? Esses vídeos possuem um áudio melhor. Desde já agradeço

Your portuguese is perfect Thank you You're so kind

Omg, your video is just too cute, thank you so much. Here in Brazil it’s actually very cultural of us to sing as loud as possible with the artist, to show as much love and support as possible, and with bts wouldn’t be different, in fact I think it was the boys choice to come back here, since it was the only South America country they visited, and that is not very common since is not very financially viable. Anyway, we know how to party gurl haha.

Uma princesa de verdade reagindo as B-Armys

Somos uma família não importa da aonde estejamos amamos 7 pessoas maravilhosas

Aah ela não viu a bandeira do Brasil que as b-ARMYs fizeram!!! Se alguém achar o link pede pra ela vê por favor

Hello aqui mais uma b-army escrita no seu canal , obg por reagir aos shows . Ameii teu canal ❤ espero que cresça bastante vc tem talento

Eu não sabia se eu gritava, cantava, ou fazia o fanchant. Não é atoa que fiquei uma semana sem voz. Kkkkkkk

A sua linda muito obrigada de coração por todos os elogios todo carinho e apoio de verdade obrigada,todo esse carinho em falar do nosso carinho nossa paixão e amor foi lindo e mais uma vez muito obrigada. Venha um dia num show deles aqui sim amaríamos te receber para festejar dando amor ao Bangtan,obrigada também pelas legendas pois meu inglês é fraco

Vem para o Brasil

Sorry Sorry, but we B-Armys are wonderful and incredible ... we already know that .. You're very beautiful and incredible. ❤

Você é tão fofa ❣️

Estarenos esparando por você no próximo show deles aqui na terra no Guaraná


*Nao querendo ser exigente kkk tu poderia assistir a apresentação inteira deles de The truth untold?* *Se puder eu agradeço, é tão lindo o vídeo inteiro*

A essência dos fãs brasileiros é sempre cantar a música inteira, independentemente do idioma, e isso é uma das coisas que eu mais admiro no nosso fandom (e em tantos outros que isso culturalmente acontece)!

*Tu é um amor* *Nova inscrita aqui* ❤️❤️


Ela pedindo pra gente ensinar como cantar a parte do yoongi hahahahah Eu conto ou vocês contam?

Por favor me diga haha

Obrigada por todos os elogios, Ficamos muito felizes! Quem sabe ano que vem no próximo show você não venha e veja nosso poder ao vivo kkk e já espero uma parte 3!!! Aconteceu muitas coisas antes dos shows rsrsrs

16:46 it's my dream too... I'm Brazilian but I never got to go see them :(


you will in the future! i'm sure

You're sweet! Yesssssss, You pronounced Portuguese very well. We were very happy, for you being so attentive to us, and for striving to legendar in Portuguese. This is very cool! I hope we can meet one day at a BTS concert here in Brazil.

@TheFashionNMakeup It would be really cool if you could come! Who knows in the next you can. :)

oh i'm glad my pronunciation was good! thank you for watching

9:30 ''B-ARMYs não são apenas cantores, mas talentosos rappers'' - Girl singing Cypher Yoongi's part - Cypher pt. 4 in Brazil TWT 2017

I almost died when you spoke in portuguese. SOOO CUTE OMGGGGG

aw thank you so much hehe

Thanks( b-army ) you guys are incredible too like all the army’s are but in diferents ways but we are a family( army)

everyone is amazing

FUN FACT: The arena was supposed to be soundproof so it wouldn't disturb people that are lviing close by or something, but the B-Armys defied physics. Everyone was super loud, I was there. At the end of the concert people were crying and getting each others phone numbers, people were hugging and thanking people they met for the first time few hours ago for making the experience better. Brazilians were super nice, but SOME people that came from close countries (such as Colobia, Peru and other South American countries) were super rude, they would tell Brazilians to shut up so they could hear the boys, one of them hit my friend head with the amry bomb multiple times (not making it general, just some of those people). I got a lot of friends that I still talk to since the 2017 concert that I also attendent in Brazil and still talk to everyone from the 2019 concert.

I'm so happy you got to make friends and celebrate with the ARMY family

The first jhope solo react u did was in the first day, the one in this video was in the second day!!!!! A GENTE ARRASOU NOS DOIS DIAS B-ARMYS AMO VCSSS!!!!!!


You are so sweet. I’m from Brazil and I went to this show... BEST DAY EVER!!! Please, come to a BTS concert here in Brazil

thank you

Ai Jesus

Nós somos incriveis, vocês são incriveis...TODAS AS ARMYS DE TODOS OS PAÍSES SÃO INCRIVEIS!


Foi lindo você falando em português

Haha obrigada o vídeo foi legal ❤️

I lost my voice for a week, but BTS deserves

16:36 you can see one of them went to the passage from the main to the secondary stage. That’s Jin, and he threw water at us. I’ll forever be blessed because yes, I was there

14:24 I was at their concert for the first day on the white soundcheck and we got there 2pm, they came in 2:35~, left at 2:50~ and the sow was only 7pm. They were passing their music videos, and the first time we all sang to it. But it repeated so many times we grew bored. So as the rest of the people came, out and the seated areas, they were singing while we were tired and sitting down talking to each other

Aquele dislike foram as francesas :)

Muito obrigada por tantos elogios as b-armys, espero que você possa ver um show deles no Brasil um dia.❤️

Que react fofo ♡♡ você é muito fofa ^-^ Adorei o React

obrigado por asisstir

Obrigada, vem pro Brasil ! Thank you, come to Brazil concert

One day!! I would love to come


I have a reaction on my channel for the Wings tour! Tem essa fancam de Seesaw do dia 25/05.

Foi incrível!!!!!!!

You're so sweet

I purple you too

Oooonw B-ARMYS Love you

And i love B-ARMYs!

Sua pronúncia do português é perfeita, parabéns! Obrigada por gostar das armys brasileiras, nós também amamos você! +1 inscrita ❤


Reaja o vídeo das b ARMYS gritando pra pomba

A fama chega para todos principalmente para nos B-armys

when BTS sings the 'you can stop me lovin myself' part we're chanting like 'Wooo Hooo' and they instantly begin to smile.


Thanks so much for your words! I was there in the show and was the most beautiful and amazing thing it happened in my whole life!!!! They are amazing and you are so sweet with us!

Obrigada você é muito fofa

You're so sweet!!! Brazilian armys thank you! B-Armys

I've been told that by a lot of B-ARMYs too! That is just so incredible

i hope so too! B-ARMY did such a fantastic job!

thank you so much for watching

thank you for watching! i can add that to part 3

@TheFashionNMakeup Thank you!!

@TheFashionNMakeup l

Well, deny lol now you know I exist, ok. There's a channel called mitsyhihi, there's the whole D2 show, but in parts, it would be cool if you reacted to the parts. I love you baby~ ❤️

não acredito que assisti o vídeo inteiro com a legenda em inglês para descobrir que tem em português kkkkkkkk obrigada você é incrível


Muito obrigado!!! Você é maravilhosa

Pelo amor de deus, venha pro próximo show! Love uuu

Lindaaa, perfect! This is BRASIL

I'm still crying every time when I whatch a fancam or a video of that day, really, was insane! I cried so much in the show and in the other day seems like a truck passed away on me and I still voiceless three days after the concert. HOSEOK LOOKS SO GORGEOUS IN THAT DIOR'S OUTFIT GOSH I SCREAMED SO MUCH WHEN I SAW HIM GOSH GOSH GOSHHHHHHH Howeva, pleaaaase come to Brazil if we get a new show here! will be a pleasure meeting and receiving you here ok? Thank you for all the love!

Oh não... Meus olhos...Quantos flash's em nossa direção

te amoooo, lindaaaaa, obrigado por ter feito outro

Espero que você venha quando eles fizerem outro show aqui


Awwwn Nunca vi uma pessoa de outro Lugar que Ama o Brasil Tipo eu ja vi coreanos mais nunca vi uma pessoa que fala inglês e vem dos EUA falar em vídeo que Ama o Brasil ksks


Thank you for give your love for B-armys!

Thank you for watching!

Girl I really hope someday you be able to enjoy BTS shows in Brazil Feel welcome to visit us~

Pessoalmente ficou bem mais alto, o chão tremeu, o palco tremeu foi incrível ❤️

Reagindo segunda parte do show do BTS aqui no Brasil , me escrevi no seu canal, pq né, você é maravilhosa, obrigada pelo carinho as armys brasileiras, bjos linda.

B-Armys São muito apaixonadas e dedicadas , melhor fandom

Muito obrigada por ter legendado o vídeo, a experiência foi muito melhor ❤️ Você é uma fofa, caso tenha oportunidade venha assistir um um show deles no Brasil quando tiver outro, a energia e as sensações do momento são únicas :)

Vc é tão bonita e simpática, muito obrigada pelo carinho com as b-armys ;3 Nós estamos muito agradecidas !!! Brazilian Army love you girl

the girl during seesaw is definitely me, but i was on the floor... but i was screaming as much as her

Obrigada por colocar legenda em português:)

Thank you

Você já é brasileira, falou lindamente hahahaha! Fofa, vem pro Brasil que a gente vai no próximo show e arraza!

Aaaah você é muito fofa!

Obrigado pelas reações e por todo o carinho

I LOVE you ❤

When you said "obrigado pelo seu amor e apoio" I really surprised because you said like us say, I am so grateful for your video, I was in 26.05 and was the best day of my life, I really love the armys and no only b-armys, all the armys, was so beautiful, all the armys was helping the others and giving hearts for me for the project to jin (I forgot my heart paper in home so they gave one for me, was beautiful) and when everybody starts sing "jhope, jhope, jhope" in just dance was incredibleeee, I didn't know what do in this moment, I only stayed looking for jhope and he was smiling and when I saw his smile i started cry and it seemed like I was in another universe, I never will forgot this day, was so especially for me, I really love my country and the b-armys

AI MEU DEUS TÃO FOFA, GAROTA??? VOCÊ TEM AS MELHORES REAÇÕES, SOCORRO! Eu fui nos dois dias de show, e digo que era MUUUUUITO alto mesmo! Gostaria que visse o projeto da bandeira do Brasil que foi realizado na Arena, foi tão incrível! -- OMG, GIRL YOU ARE SO CUTE??? YOU HAVE THE BEST REACT, IM DYING! I went on the two days of concert, and it was VEERY loud! And I would like you to react to the Brazilian flag project, it was so amazing! Sorry, my english is soo bad! XD

As minhas partes preferidas do show foi The Untold Truth,e Mikrokosmo,e quando o Jimin chorou em The Untold Truth eu chorei também,ah já estou com tantas saudades deles, essa tour aqui no Brasil foi realmente linda demais...

Im not Brazilian, I'm Panamenian. I assist to both concerts in Brazil, but I feel that instead assisting to see one bts performance I saw two instead army's and bts. It was so beautiful both dates I don't regret not even a second selecting Brazil as country to see them perform it was INSANE. the second date I don't sing because I have no voice at all. Unfortunately Is hard to find good videos because army's are focus singing and dancing for me the must beautiful and unrealpart was Mikrokosmo we did a Proyect of the Brazilian Flag (there's not good videos of that because we are using the cellphone lanterns) we place filters in our cellphones lanterns up was green, low yellow, PISTA blue soundcheck white. It was so amazing that I couldn't believe that moment. The stage, their singing, armys singing, the flag wave, the papers falling from the sky, the fireworks everything was soooo perfect and you can see all army's like dude ALL hugging their army bombs and crying it like a overwhelming feeling of enjoying that such beutiful moment that was so unreal. Sad because concert was over and happy because of the unreal EXPIRIENCE you have enjoyed. About the stadium shaking, YES IT SHAKE ALL THE TIME. Actually at the begging of Idol before they are on stage it was shaking even my purse fall from my seat. No one is sitting. We are singing SO LOUD that I can't hear them singing. And the Mic Drop beginning fan chant was SO LOUD that you think that the apocalipse is coming. Even louder than the JHOPE. I stick my fingers on my hears because it hurts. YES AT THAT POINT and we was really synchronized. We sing the complete concerts. Korean an English parts ALL tear and mic drop was so insane. Like sooo insane idol as well. Believe me if they do another concert in Brazil I don't know what I have to do but I will go there again. About you going there, Sis be prepared because that would be war. The first camp tend was from the 2nd of February. And the concert was 25 26 of May 3 months and 23 days Camping. The energy of that concert was out of this world they even fanchant to a pigeon that start waking trough the stage and to the officer above the boys van. Was nuts. But about going I don't recommend you pista. A lot of people faint even before the concert start, that was the saddest part and forget about people respecting your space at pista, that ain't gonna happen. Actually if they can, they would move you out. Everyone wants the barrier. That's why you see a lot of space back in pista is because everyone was packed in front that people even couldn't breath.

The whole world thanks Korea for these 7 wonderful boys. When we cry for them, it's because our hearts are overflowing with love!

Omg you are so sweet

Não tô sabendo lidar com a fama

E tao difícil achar essa gentileza com os brasileiros ... obrigada. Muito mesmo pelas legendas. #RoxoVoce

Obrigada eu chorei com primeiro vídeo e amei segundo ! Se tiver outros show e a BH lembra da gente no churrasco vem ver como é essa energia de perto ! Bjo. #RoxoVoce

Aaaah até que enfim o video com legenda manoo, assim que teve o video do bts no dia seguinte eu ja queria os videos de reaction.. e vey amei demais esse video! Sucesso gata ❤

Suas reações são tão adoráveis. Obrigada por reagir, espero uma parte 3 as b-armys gritando POMBA PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO ASSISTE AAA

Sua pronuncia foi perfeita

Mano eu tô com dor de garganta e irritacão até hoje KKKK

Thank you once again for being so kind and really enjoy our concert feel free to came to the next concert here we will be happy to have you singing with us :) We just give the boys our love and were singing with ours hearts ♡

Muito obrigada pelo vídeo e pelos elogios

The thing is that brazilians fanchant are singing the hole song loudest they can hahahaha...

I remember when they started selling the tickets. They had fans asleep waiting for the show. I'm Brazilian, I know that the level of perseverance of a Brazilian is high, but even so, I was shocked. I would love to hear from the boys what they felt about all this. Thank you for the beautiful reaction.

Your pronunciation was amazing !! Let me point just one thing if you identify yourself as a man you say "obrigadO" if you identify yourself as a woman you say "obrigadA" Thank you for the video, we B-ARMYs love u so much

@TheFashionNMakeup de nada (your welcome)

My Fantasy no don’t worry! I really appreciate you telling me! Obrigada

@TheFashionNMakeup yes!!! I know, I just thought you would like to know, sorry if I hurt you I didn't mean to :((

ah i see, thank you! google translate used “obrigado”, that’s why i used it haha :)

Obrigada pelo esforço de ter colocado legenda em PT ❤❤ Reage aos solos deles, sugiro as fancans da Tess, T-Army e Fábio Cabral

Obrigada pelo esforço de ter colocado legenda em PT ❤❤ Reage aos solos deles, sugiro as fancans da Tese, T-Army TKSSO e Fábio Cabral

9:28 thx, i am brazilian. I love you

Eu que estive lá é >impossível< descrever a emoção que lá esteve presente

You are very very cute, thanks for affection

His reaction was so cute too you're so sweety girl for cares about us, your pronunciation in Portuguese are perfect thx ~~❤❤

“Obrigado pelo seu amor e apoio” was the sweetest for real ❤️❤️❤️❤️

A parte do J-Hope foi arrepiante, como ele estava lindo e feliz. Suga também estava maravilhoso, contente, bem animado. Será meu show inesquecível.

Obrigada por compreender nosso amor pelo BTS. Adorei sua reação, você é fofa.

Aaaaaa muito obrigada


meu deus do céukkkkkkk eu sou a garota que estava fora de si em seesaw

"Obrigado por seu amor e apoio"

Well, I do not know if you ever get tired of seeing the b-armys but I'll recommend other videos of that again hahaha. This fancam from Boy With Luv is very good (to listen to the fanchant) And I recommend seeing the fancams of this channel

Como eu sempre falo:nois é top o resto é sutiã ksksks Sem desmerecer as Armys de outros países


E teve gente dando disculpa que em 2017 só foi alto pq o lugar era fechado ksksk coitados

BTS meeting of the girls of Manaus / Brazil. via Instagram please look.


Toda vez que vejo fico emocionada ♡♡! Sério não fui mas fiquei muitooo feliz B- armys na veiaa♡♡♡

it's been almost a month and I still have not been able to recover my voice completely, yesterday I went to the doctor for that, I think I sang very loud. It was insane, believe me.

Sem fotos por favor sem fotos, B-armys passando

Angel does react to these videos. his audio is great.

Okay okay B-Armys passando aqui beijos fãs aí sério amo e desamo um fandom

The best video

“I love Brazil ARMYs” Thanks

Vem pro Brasil por favor !! Eu quero você aqui sentindo essa nossa energia no show sei que você vai amar ! VOCÊ É TÃO FOFA obrigada por gostar tanto de nós b-armys! Vem pro Brasil que te ensinamos a fazer a parte do rap! kkkk

Eu amo quando nos B-armys encantamos ate nossa família Army internacional! Obrigada ❤

Eu so não posto os vídeos que eu gravei pq ta eu la doida cantando

Ksksksksksksks isso ae

Nossa amei 100% vc foi muito carinhosa com todos nos. Muito obrigado por elogiar o Brasil que é um pais muito apaixonado!!! E agora estou apaixonada pelo seu canalll... Bjs linda amei vc!!

Ai que gracinha ela falando em Português meu coração derreteu aqui

Aaa eu já amo vc

you're so cute :((

Ai gente não sei lidar com essa vida de famosa, sem flashs por favor Obs: TE AMO S2




Reage a pomba que estava no show do bts

Você é um amor de pessoa♥️♥️

iti que princesinha

On twitter I saw people commenting that they spent a month studying and rehearsing to be able to learn a whole song from rap-line... That's how insane the B-Army are. hahahadhfkg

Se você se interessar, Postei no meu canal Seesaw inteira, não tá perfeita, mas o áudio ficou bom.

Please, watch this video of Epiphany, you can see the heart's project, it's so beautiful!

Você é tão fofa (๑♡⌓♡๑)

in Brazil we have a saying that goes "if you don't end up a concert without voice, you didn't enjoy it properly". And singing the whole song is part of our culture, we sing all the songs on every concert of every artists. =)

99% Brazileiros aqui nos comentários 1% Ingleses

I hope they return next year and you'll be welcome

No dia do show o cérebro da gente não estava funcionando direito. Eu estava no portão B e dava pra escutar as armys do portão do outro lado gritando. A gente gritou até quando o carro da polícia chegou kkkkkkkk Foi um dia muito engraçado kkkkkkk

Parece que ficar sem voz, no final resultou em alguma coisa boa kkkkkkkklk Tô me sentindo famosa

4:11 foi tão lindo nessa hora q eu chorei muito


Ooh, you're so cute! "Te amo", This was so cute! I'm loving your videos!

thank you so much

Yoongi part 1:25:33

React to dove video please

aw thank you :')

TheFashionNMakeup make this as an invite

i would love to come

Karalho garota vc é muito fofa e eu te amo ok?


Obrigado por o vídeo sobre o Brasil (B-Armys)

fiquei sem voz por 1 semana mas valeu a pena kkkkkkk

Gente porque outros paises não cantam com eles?só o Brasil mesmo

quando chegou na parte que a menina tava praticamente gritando eu fiquei tipo: MDS É AGORA QUE ELA TEM CERTEZA QUE SOMOS DOIDAS KKKKK

Eu amo ser B-army Que orgulho gente

Eu literalmente tô toda arrepiada

Giiiirl I love u sooo much! Kkkk I feel so happy when u react to all of these videos of us singing! If u ever come to Brazil pleeease tell me cause I really want to meet u and talk aaaall day long about the boys show hahahahahha Thank u so much ❤️❤️ We would looove to have u here with us in their next tour hahahaha

please react the b-amys by yelling at the dove, and the guy's type moments when they played violin

you're so cute I was so excited about the first video reacting and thank you for supporting us, you have no idea how happy I was to hear your comments

Você falando em português é tão fofo

A tradução esta perfeita! Nos B-armys ficamos felizes em ver que nosso esforço de fã é reconhecido

You're so cuteeeee

u r so cute i'm from brazil and u r incredible and i'm so in love with uu

Obrigado por seu esforço ,amei o video❤

Obrigada por fazer o reaction e pelo esforço de legendar o video em portugues. I Purple u

I'm using Google translator, I hope everything's okay. I was 26 on the show and was very happy to be part of several people who put a smile on their face.

Me lembro que depois do show eu fiquei 5 dias sem conseguir falar nada, nem consegui apresentar meu trabalho da escola kkkkkk

Reage a pomba no show por favor

Tudo bem!!! tem uma pronuncia MUITOO✨

Que LINDAAA.... obrigada vc



Ai que fofa/ so cute

Come to Brazil

Thank you so much for this video!

So thanks for this video. This is very important for the B-armys. It's inspiring and we're so happy because we know we've worked hard on this show and you guys are being amazing with us. The truth is that everyone: (me, you, Brazil, USA, Korea and all the rest of the world) we are incredible and kind. I'm love yoouuu omg, what you doing with me?

Os fãs Brasileiros são os melhores! (Não que os outros tbm não sejam,até pq estamos unidas pelo mesmo amor) Cantamos errado mais ainda sim cantamos! Isso eh incrível! Pelo menos uma army que fica feliz com o amor das B-Armys! Aviso:Os deslike foram as francesas que não aceitam que eles falaram que somos tops ;-; Part 3 Pleaseeeeeeee

OMG SO CUTE! TE AMO ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

Muito obrigado por reagir a esse show dos meninos aqui no Brasil, e você é muito fofa e linda também.

I could feel the ground shaking, I was in the stands and the ground shook when we jumped

You need see a b-army singing yoongi part on cypher at the 2017 concert in Brazil. Did you see the flag project? We make a Brazil flag with the cell phone lights and it was so beautiful. I hope you understand what I want say, I'm a b-army and my english is very bad, sorry. Xoxo of the brazilian armys

The next concert you need to come to Brazil.... Vai ser bem vinda ❣️

Pq toda vez que eu vejo esses vídeo eu choro?? Não da mais

Vc é tão amorzinho izii


Você é fofa d+, depois do show eu cheguei em casa era 2:00 da manhã, e ainda tive que ir pra escola as 7:00 Kkjjkkk mesmo morta de dor, sem voz mamãe me obrigou a ir, mas pelo menos eu fui feliz por saber que realizei meu sonho hehe.... Você é maravilhosa, vou ser um inscrita apartir de hj

I'm in love with you, I wanted to thank you for the love you showed for us, and I'm happy to know that you felt a bit of our emotion in the show, thank you for capturing in Portuguese also hehe

thank you for so much love to brazilian army's, I’m a b-army and I was on the second day, we really sang very loudly (particularly, I sang the parts of yoongi

thank you for so much love to brazilian army's, I am a b-army and I was on the second day of show, we really sang very loudly (particularly, I sang the parts of yoongi

I'm a B-Army Te amo ❤❤

Eu adorei o vídeo e sua reação! Quero agradecer o carinho e dizer que você fala muito bem em português e que é lindo ver pessoas de diferentes países abraçando outras culturas e falando novos idiomas. Acredito que a mensagem do BTS seja exatamente essa: LOVE! Então nós te amamos e desejamos sucesso ao seu canal ❤️

Menina do tear eu te venero

A menina no show cantando seesaw... mds como eu amei isso! maravilhosa representou td mundo.

YOU'RE SOOOO CUTE GIIIRRLLLL, BRASIL LOVES YOU TOOOOO. Thanks for the support, you're amaziinggg


Fazer parte disso não teve preço, melhor dia da minha vida... b-armys merecem o mundo

Hey! I’m Brazilian, and I’m really thankful for you recognizing Brazilian fanchart! You’re so cute and your pronunciation was perfect!!! Love ❤️

Não tiro fotos no meu habitat natural.

In the arena where the spectacle took place there were devices from the arena that did not let the sound escape, but we screamed so loudly that we overcame all the devices to muffle the sound.....I remember this until today, lol

Você é muito fofa, adorei o vídeo

"como eles fizeram isso?" Simples,cantamos ALTO com todo o amor do mundo,aproveitamos cada momento que podíamos cantar ali perto deles

Você perguntou como que cantamos o rap do Yoongi, então... apenas pagamos de loucas e assim sai o rap kkkkkkkkkk

Kd as b armys nessa bagaça em glr? Que fofinhaaaa modeuso ❤

O melhor de tudo e que ainda tinha army que tentou e aprendeu a cantar outro tear no show já outros o que foi o meu caso eu não aprendi outro tear e não fui no show kkkkkkkkkkkk (cada "k"e uma lagrima)


O Brasil ama BTS e eu amo jhop demais ele e meu tudo

Tão linda! Muito obrigada por reagir a concerto no Brasil! Espero que um dia você possa assistir a um show conosco! Um bj para vc e muito sucesso!!


Agora que eu vi que tinha legenda bem no final a vou ver de novo


Você está 100% convidada para vir para cá ❤



como faz pra não chorar vendo esse video??

Você é tão lindaaaaa adorooo quando fala do Brasil, é tão gratificante ouvir pessoas de outros países nos elogiando

Serendipity foi perfeito e Epiphany também! O Jimin estava realmente feliz e ele demonstrava isso, eu fiquei muito emocionada quando o vi sorrindo daquela maneira. O Jin estava simplesmente perfeito em Epiphany e todas as Armys estava cantando junto...e ficou simplesmente incrível!!!

Come next year to Brazil watch the Concert with Us ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Was amazing

If do you wanna full watch to it here an link hope u enjoy!!

Thank you for reacting, B-armys loves you.

"BOOOOOY!" HAHAHAHA você e eu somos iguais, amei seu react! ❤

Ai q bonitinha ela falando em português

A melhor parte ela perdeu que é o floquinho rindo no final

Não precisa de tantas fotos, eu mesma tiro as minhas! B-armys passando

Bom eu não fui, mas sei que se tivesse apenas lá fora iria chorar rios....BTS é vida

omg! my video is the first hahahah! thank you

i love b-armys too

oh i would love to!!


I loved your reaction! I went to both concert days in Brazil (first day: Soundcheck/second: middle section sitting, they were the best experience of my life. Many B-Army does know the lyrics from heart, many know some and the English parts, or just the English parts, and many improvise according to the sound, so when this is put all together the harmony gets on point but the secret is not being afraid of singing I guess. Jin said to us that he does know if we watched them perform or if he watched us but I think it was a true collab not only a feat, lol. If you are interested to watch the complete show of each day search for: 1st day from youtuber iCanKnow: BTS WORLD TOUR 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF' IN BRAZIL - 2019 2nd day from youtuber pamela vitoria : BTS Love Yourself:Speak Yourself no Brasil 26/05 The first fancam is near stage so you can hear fanchants very well and the second is from far but in a steady position so you can enjoy the whole concert very well. They scream, react and curse a little but are expected reactions, lol.

Você é muito linda ☆ nem me sinto famosa não...magina kkk Tu es mt linda e fofa♡

Orgulho de ser B-Army me resume neste momento

ahhhhhh she speak in portuguese!!! thank you for affection and effort to brazilian ARMY!!! obrigadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

it was wonderful and exciting i was there❤️

Congratulation princess we Love your react

Moça você tem que reagir quando as b armys levantam as lanternas dos celulares ou army bombs e cobre todo o estágio de verde, amarelo e azul Te amo muito

gente, ela é muito fofa ❤️

ah that's awesome! thank you for watching!

B-armys tamos ficando famosinhas

@TheFashionNMakeup Will be amazing ❤️

*A gente sabe somos fodas*

Por favor, venha ao próximo show do bts no brasil

I don’t know if many people caught it, but when Joon sings “I live so I love” B-Armys answered “I live so I love YOU” and it was so loud and cute live omg I love concerts in Brazil

Mdss eu me acho muito de ser B-Army kkkk❤️❤️

Nossa amei muito vc

Vc deveria reagir a gringos x b-armys. Aí sim vc vai ver Oq é ficar arrepiado. Thanks for the love ❤️

6:53 Allianz parque foi feito pra oprimir o som só no estádio,até isso foi quebrado graças às B-armys

Só eu que não acho difícil a parte do rap do Suga?

Oi!!! Vc já reagiu ao show BTS TRB 2015? Foi lindo!!!!

22:18 kkkkkkk melhor parte

"I bet everyone couldn't talk after the concert" YOU'D BE RIGHT SJKFD i lost like 75% of my voice but it was worth it "aposto que ninguém conseguia falar depois do show" VOCÊ TÁ CERTA SJKFD eu perdi tipo 75% da minha voz mas valeu a pena

aah te amoo

omggg you are so lovely!!! kisses from brazil, te amo!

aww thank you so much! te amo

Esse Jimin um dia me mata....meu Deus que tesão de homem

All armys are amazing, but thank you for your support for we, brazilian Armys. We from Brazil purple you.

Yes every single ARMY is amazing! I purple you all as well!

eu também te amo!

@TheFashionNMakeup ❤

Adorei seu vídeos obrigado pela sua atenção Brasil



É PORQUE NOIX É FODAH TA LIGADO?! Por favor! Sem fotos meus fans UwU

Tenho orgulho de ser B-army

13:05 onde encontro esse vídeo? Não me surpreendo mas com as b-armys, elas simplesmente não conhecem os limites ksks

alguem tem o link do video q ela assistiu?

I love your videos thank you very much from my heart and very cute you! Kisses from Brazil!

que fofa

É quase 5 da manhã e eu estou aqui morrendo de amor você é tão fofaa kkk ai eu amo ser B-ARMY

I'm B-army. I love you!!!! ❤️

I watch this video every day, I always get silly with her reaction, and the compliments ✊

Reage aos shows antigos, como o de 2017 ou 2015 muito boooom

Me corrijam se eu tiver errada,mas fiquei sabendo que fazer show no Brasil em 2019 foi escolha dos membros do BTS! Isso se confirma!?

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