The Real Way to Claim Your Power

The Real Way to Claim Your Power

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The. Idea, of discussing. Empowerment. Or the. Real way to find our power you. Know this is I hesitated. For many. Years to really talk, about or address. The topic of power, or empowerment. Because, it's. Such an abused, topic, I mean it's it's nauseating you, know the the, whole you know in your, power you, know they took my power away and I know some of us on the watching, have said this so please be patient and hang in there for a minute but. There. This is such a buzz phrase and. And people on earth, I'm just going for it I mean this is just where, we're, going instead. Of more gingerly stepping in, this is just how it happens sometimes but, you. Know as I receive, the the ideas, and the topics, to share, it. Just sometimes is more just, forward, like this and. Honestly. The. Word power, or empowerment. Starts. Lending, towards people people, love to be victims on planet, earth and I'm not for or against the word or for or against people, that have been victims. Like literally, victims or psychologically. Feeling. Like they're victims I'm not pushing one way or the other because I always, teach stay in the center stay, out of the whirlwind, of opinions, on planet earth the, extremes. Of dualities, polarities. And conflicts. Stay, in the center the light of God beaming, down in you, know into our hearts and souls and let it guide us and illuminate, us so, that we can more clearly, address. Issues, that are out here more peripherally, or extremely, and, embattled. Just stay in the center and see the truth of what is and, that's, why a lot of times when I'm teaching I'm really really grateful that so many people will say you. Know when you're sharing, these things it's almost like I knew that I loved that you know a, lot, of teachers their, egos, need, to hear, wow, you're, an amazing teacher I've never ever heard anybody say that before it's brand-new material, and. Many times it's brand-new because it's ludicrous material. And it has no basis in reality but, some people are like they want new so, they get stroked, and then their teachers get stroked because it's brand-new there's, a different way of teaching yeah, new is good. But. What's beautiful is, when it's not, just new or old it's so, true, that, the students, can feel it the students being you me whomever, that we're, we're, feeling, it we can just tell wow. There's something. Amazing. About that sentence, that concept, that whatever it is teaching that whatever it is you. Can just feel it reverberating. And you know it's truth. Resonating. Reverberating, with truth like the tuning, forks ping and then it just all, of a sudden it starts creating a resonant, vibration in, another 24 so it's God's tuning, fork so to speak. Getting. That that chime, that that, ping and then we, feel it in our hearts and we go there's something really great about that and, that's what happens when when, when.

I'm Teaching I feel that and you know I love that and times. That I've seen you guys exchange, things on our Facebook. Pages or websites and blogs and and even in classes, that's why I stopped, and asked the students, that are attending or let's call them the attendees, I love. Even if it's live like this on or on a show. When. I when, I hear the attendees, sharing, there's such a most. Often, than not, more. Often than not there's, a love, an integrity. A desire, to be helpful and a humility, and that, makes all the difference because they're sharing from that place when you mix things like love. Clarity. And humility, and words, like that you, can't you almost can never go wrong because. The, the. Desire to be helpful is a way that we open up a desire. To be clear and effective is, almost like affirming, a filter, so that everything, is allowed to be clear and no garbage, coming through or or we're not tainting. The material, but. Also that, that humility, is like. A really, it's. Sort of like a foundation. A grounding. For the material, so, that it were we're never allowing, ourselves to receive ideas, or material, from each other or from wherever, it's. Not as quickly or easily going to get tainted because. There's. This certain foundation, of humility and if anything doesn't resonate with it we toss it that's kind of a picture, that I'm giving I've had, it in my life you, know. It's. Just like that if something, gets and, I know that there's musicians. That are like that historic, historically. Speaking that you know in John, Lennon was a little bit like that but and and Harrison, and certain, other people but they. They kind of felt a little sheepish, when it came to fame they said we didn't mind being popular, and we didn't mind being successful, but, the word famous, they didn't dig you know that they didn't want to be. Where. We're everything's. Just hyped and so far out of proportion and, it caused a lot of them to kind of shy, away or go underground, so to speak so that that. Humility, I think is really important. But it shouldn't it shouldn't, cause huge. Kind of reactions, to life but, I think it's important, so always remember that as a student a teacher a healer a counselor, always. Keeping in mind that we're here to serve that's humility. Watch. Out for, the. Games people will sometimes play to stroke the ego you know and so the you, know hopefully you get the point of that but I'm leading to this that. A lot of times you. Know we have misperceptions. And misuses, and. Overuse, really and misuse these were certain words buzz, phrases, you might call them but, one of them is empowerment, oh my god you. Know and we got to start with this. Many. Of you watching, will. Have heard somebody say or maybe, you. Have said these words that person. Took my power away, okay. First let me say this I'm really, sorry that that's happened, it's, a drag when people, just make you feel powerless, whether it's childhood, abuses, or adult. Manipulations. Or bosses that you know abuse, us and take advantage of us totally. Get it and and. Theoretically. Energetically. What we mean by they took my power away let's let's look at the potential. Authentic. What we really, mean is I feel. So bummed let's look, at it that way a righteous. Way to say they took my power would be instead. Of saying those words I felt. Really bummed from that experience, I felt confused from, that experience, see that's true speak. I, not. They took but, I felt. Confused I felt, really sad. Or whatever something like that. Talk about what, you were experiencing. What. Tipped you over and what help could it could or did right you you know and get you back back to Center that's. A healthy, way to say it I have, to tell you that the other way of saying it which is in, all kinds, of books popular. Books about people, disempower. Us watch it because people will take your power away it's. Very clear listen to this, first. Of all. God. Creates. You and I God created, us all. God. Did not create us, with. Something that. Can be unplugged, your. Power is not a stinking, app that, can be installed and uninstalled, it's. There it's a part of who we are come, on man our.

Power, It's. Not a software, that gets installed uninstalled. It's. It's a it's an actual, part of who we are our power is not a thing like, a software downloaded. It's, an actual integrated. Part of who we are I'm. Not, having. Power, I am. Power. Why, am i power oh because I'm a male I'm a female I'm tall I'm short I'm successful, whatever no, I'm. Power, because, I made, in the image of God which, means if, I. Say you took my power away it's saying you took God away and that is not even possible, because. God is actually, not. Only within me can't be taken it's, Who I am oh. Okay. There let's rest with that moment, let's let's just breathe, that in for a moment. I'm. Not taking, away from. That. You felt a certain way but. I'm saying let's get the words right. Somebody. Can't take your power away and, the. Only time it can feel like it even if you want to say yeah but it felt like man they took my the only, way someone, can even feel like they take your power away is, when. You give it away and. Even. That's not really happening happening, but we can we, can seem like we're giving our power away, a. Individual. Some of you will have heard of his Viktor, Frankl a nosh, wits survivor, and. I've. Shared the story before so I'm only being brief with it but you. Know this is a guy who was in Auschwitz. Most. Of us could think of a lot of places we'd rather be because, it was such a horrendous. Just. A senseless, and sick place in its. Inception and, it's in in its actions, and so on and yet, this individual. Held. His center somehow, not, saying he was never sad I'm not saying he was never confused, can't speak for him in that regard but I think he fairly. Well held it together what I do know is that at the end of the day this. Individual. States, shares, with, the world that what one thing he learned was they. Never had the ability to take his power. Other. Than when we give it in other words when you give up you. Can't really give your power but what seems, like giving your power or losing your power is when, you give up you, still haven't lost your power but you lose sight of it when. You give up I'm. Not saying it doesn't make sense if you're in Auschwitz if you're a child you know you. Have a history of child abuse I mean I'm, not saying that those people individuals. Don't feel, like, their. Powers been taken I'm just telling you factually. It's not possible. Because, your power is God, you, are made in the image of God the power is a permanent, part of us so. I have already said that but again, but, it can feel, like it's, being taken and for that I'm sorry I'm, sorry that we do things that make us feel powerless, what I will say is this Ashwood, survivor Viktor Frankl said but. You don't have to give up it is still a choice well, but after they did this and that and the other troop and it's. A test, but. You still don't have to give up and try, it another way I'm not demeaning, or belittling, the hurts that have come to you but, I am saying if one, any if even one individual, in all of history if only one person was, able to ever survive, something. That was ever worse than you or I experienced. It is, then. Scientifically. Proven, that it's been done if one person, in history pulled, it off it means it can be done and if, it can be done and I'm not doing it it just means I'm not, doing it I'm not, gonna say we should add to our shame or our guilt around that or to call ourselves failures. Instead. The opposite, let's just breathe and go, wow. I had the power all along I, to, really handle this I don't, mean handle it like like, pretend. It didn't happen or, something I'm saying to survive, it to say at, some point no matter what has happened to me inish, wits are at home no, matter what has happened to me I do, not have to affirm, that it has devastated. Me even. If it feels like it did I, just.

Refused. To let it be so I feel, devastated but. I'm still not going to make that the final, call I'm just, going to bounce back again and keep. Bouncing, back choose to bounce back how am i doing this bouncing back I wouldn't, try to do it alone I'll tell you that much if, you use your energy to bounce back and keep. Bouncing, back you will, you. Know eventually run out of the energy it'll eventually, be exhausted. Do your best to recognize, it's you, know but, through the power of God but through the by through the grace but through the grace of God I you. Know I do this I accomplish, this you. Know stay stay connected stay tethered to God man, connected. So that you have, a. Well. Spring, a complete. Well an. Unending, well, of a fuel, of energy, of inspiration. You, know it is possible and it's been done so the. Way I look at things is if. I can choose to identify with. The, the the person in my mind that. Collapsed. Versus. The person in my mind that survived. I can. Choose to identify with, one or another and I get I do get to make that choice so. This. Concept, again empowerment. How, beautiful, people cannot take your power away so when you hear that. Crap. Is the only word I can think of when, you hear that. I'll. Try to be really, really. Appealing. To some of the more spiritual, people that claim their spiritual, let me do this when, you hear such. Unspiritual. Eyes material. Being shared. Say. No you know just say no just don't, wrong people but, just say wow yeah, you think so you you know you know somebody took your power away hear. Them and feel for them but, you don't have to repeat that you. Can even add and teach to people, yeah. You know I used to think my ex you know took my power away but. Oh my god then I realized, I, was. Giving it too I was. Handing it out you. Know they would always make me feel ashamed they, would be the one that was an addict and they, made me feel ashamed they took my power away they, made me feel so small compared to them they they took care of all the money they wouldn't let me have any took my power away took my power you know all this kind of stuff they, were they always said that they were the good-looking one they, made me think that I would nobody would want me those, are always you know it's it's all it is is it's mental. Abuse but it's hypnotic it's it's a negative form of hypnotism when, people make you think you're something you're not nobody. Will ever love you, nobody. Wants you but me you. Will never survive without my money all it is is a game of hypnotism, a again, a negative, form it's. Not to be confused with self, hypnosis or. Therapeutic. Hypnosis but, it is a hypnotic, game and, that's what they're doing and so it seems like it because, that's consistent, conducive, with they, took my power meaning, they, put me in a trance and made, me think I was or, wasn't something that I you. Know the opposite so. They made me think I was less than I really am or they made me think I was flawed in some way when I'm not, so. What, do you want to do about that well they took my power so what do you want to do about it well are you gonna wait for them to snap their finger and say you are now back, to the room well, if somebody's got you hypnotized, in there they're sucking the energy out of you they're getting something out of that if something's, meant someone's manipulating. You which means seemingly. Taking your power away if someone's, doing that they're probably gaining, something from it how, many of them, what are the odds. Of you, know what proportion, of them are gonna say, God. I'm. Getting power, from you money, from you energy, from you whatever. You. Know accolades. From you I, I. Just. Don't feel it's right anymore let me give you back your power, most. People aren't going to do that you, have to kind of take it back, but, again the. Common, saying is someone took it from you now I'm gonna take it back and then they got these new agey people you know spiritual, people even the pop psychology. Followers. You, know they're gonna go I took my power back you know and if you come to me and you say that I'm gonna say good for you I'm not, gonna say anything to correct you I'm gonna say good job, but.

As A teacher when, I'm not being, asked. By people, or. To shared you know people sharing their story with me up success I'm not gonna wronged them but. When I'm talking like this it's my turn to, share my thoughts about it so I can kind of share it and say what's you know what I feel about this so when. Someone says hey you know I took my power back. Okay. Well good I'm glad you took it back I know, that, you couldn't have really given it away but you felt like you did you're taking it back didn't, really take it back it felt like you did so you felt like you lost it you felt like you took it back fine. Now, you're back to square keep, that's cool let's move forward now I'm all, for that. Now. On the same topic. Empowerment. As you've, heard me say about a lot of topics what, could empower you more, than. To connect with God, empowerment. Does not come from, you. Well. There's another another, talk we might have some day just like if somebody took my power there's another one you know I found my voice, they. Took, my voice away. You. Know unless they're a you. Know a virus, that affects your vocal cords. You. Know how. Did they take your voice away it's I'm, not dissing, the concept, it, all overall I'm just saying that be careful of the wording people, cannot, take your voice what you mean is what what. You mean is they. Would react negatively. When. I expressed, my feelings. Because they can't take it away and, what if they made you keep, it in you could have screamed it louder yeah I mean I'm not saying you should have I'm saying you could have so they can't, actually remove. Your vocal cords with. Behaviors, they can only oppress. You in behavior, and then we let them be you know oppress us, well. They took my power away well get, a divorce walk, away well that was my mother I'm, supposed to be nice to her the rest of her line Oh walk away but it was my husband, it was my children my, best friend since middle, school. Then. Your disempowering. Yourself, if you're gonna use excuses, to not walk away from somebody that treats you like you're garbage you. Know so. We. Need to take our own power back, but from our from ourselves so in other words we have to tear up our own contracts. It's, not about hating, those other people, or, showing, them a thing or two I'm gonna get my power back and you. Know tear, up the contract and throw the pieces at them all that sounds good when we're really pissed off or hurt by people it makes, good for you know for good dramatic. Representation, I throw, it in their face you know or I visualized, I was at a meditation, class and it was all about empowerment, so I pictured, slapping. The face of that person, that cheated on me or or I stomped, on the foot of the person that used to be mean to me. You. Know that's just that's just is still human. Based, revenge. And, that's, not empowering, because. It's it's a temporary revenge. But you haven't found, tranquility. Or inner peace have you you just vented. Which, feels good if, you're about to sneeze do, you, know your sneeze and let it out uh it, feels better but if you have a cold or allergy. Attain'd going, on allergies going on one, sneeze doesn't mean you're cured it just means you relieve this sensation, so, you, know you sneezed you vented, you, told them a thing or two in your meditation or, or whatever other form it was. But. Did you heal, and then, venting is not healing, venting. Can actually prevent you from healing, if you. Don't see what you're doing venting, can have like, five. Percent maybe even less of venting. Can be therapeutic there. Of it is non therapeutic, and unhealthy, but, there is a therapeutic, variety. How. Do you know if it's therapeutic. Or not one is if you're taking responsibility, if. You. Lay on a pillow, you know on a bed and you scream into a pillow some. Of your hurts. That's, venting, but are, you doing it, to. Cause harm in any way. No. Good, that is more likely therapeutic. Are you doing it because. You. Know you. You know other people took your power I or somebody has power over you know that you know you don't want to do it that way you don't want to do it for revenge, if, you're, doing it so that you can face your own feelings.

You're. Halfway there doing, it therapeutically, the other half of that is not and not only am i wanting. To see and feel and process my own feelings, but I'm creating, an empty space with which God can fill in. To which, God can fill me with its presence, you. Know in into that space I created I. Scream. And, then breathe. In something else you see so, it's, it's. Therapeutic, because, it's got that full holistic. Process to it so. Empowerment. People. Taking our power away you know just messed, up words so. As I. Get to the second half of this. It's. Interesting because I see sometimes, in talks I've done or people, that, write letters, you know emails to me or. Share. Things on Facebook, it's. Interesting because. You. Know people will. Take. Stands. On things, there. Are people who who. Seem aggressive and hurtful, and. You. Know they act out they they they. They kind of abuse, people they they diss, them they I'm not interested in what you have to say so there's there's and this is often made, to be a certain type of person, it's often, projected onto males, or. Republicans. Or certain, races or, whatever that are more owning. The rest of the world or aggressive, or the power people the money people that's, often, the group. That kinds of groups we we put, in that side of the field on the, other side, we. Have victims instead of victimizers, we have victims. Often. Softer. People feminine, people creative, people. And. And. It's amazing, because the world does make it look this way it, looks like this is a solid, case there, are the abusers, and the abused EES spirit. Cannot. See a victimizer. And a victim it cannot see that, spirit. Cannot see spirits, wondering, why neither. Of you are here. In the, center, your. Power is here. In your, Center, nobody. Else has it if you swung, over there, or over there to. One side or another or. Allowed, people, to affect you to you, know seemingly cause you to swing to one side or another I'm. So fed up with the world I'm gonna become a control, freak and I'm over at one side you're, not in your center you're not in power yes I am I control, companies, you're not at all in power not, spiritually, you're, behaving, in power to compensate for, your lack of power in the center then there's the victims that swing over here I'm not the ones that are fed up and took power, I'm the ones who are getting fed up I'm just broken, I don't know where my voice is I don't know how to how to thinker, or or express what. Do I do if, I even Express I get stomped on so these are the victims, and. They. Too just. Like the other they too have. Allowed something to swing them out of Center. So. We're responsible. Guys whether we swing this direction, or that we're. Responsible, for a losing. Our center which is also known as be losing. Our sense of power true. Spiritual. Power, you're not empowered, over there these people over here on this on the you know passive. Ultra, passive, side excessively. Passive, side are, often, you. Know talking, as though. We're. Healing we're we're finding our voice we're fed up with those other kinds of people in the world we've become spiritual. Sometimes. We even talk softer, and and. Look at us we're. No longer like them we we're gonna find our voice because we've been broken broken broken we're gonna find our voice but wait did, they find their voice and come to the santur know they found their voice by finding, other victims. That would support them in being victims, have you been hurt me, too let's empower each other and all you're doing is enabling each, other's BS. You. Did not you, did not you can't, find, your power without center which is God you. Can't do anything without God, only. God is real if you think you're doing anything real it's got to be here you, can't justify something over there or over there as being, God and these, people would not agree with that these the the hyper passive, people would not agree with this and yet. They. Would say that these controlling. People who have found what they think is power you know like I don't, need God I've shown I can have power by just ruling, good. Companies these, guys would never buy that and yet, they expect everybody to buy their version they're false broken. Version, of you. Know empowerment. So. You. Know I see people talk about this and, you. Know I've, seen it come up in my life, you. Know whatever the case may be and and, I, would like to say I can't, say that that my, movement, from center in all my decisions, I would, like to think that most, of them stay fairly close to center most, things that have to do with choices.

Or Power, or empowerment. Or whatever I would, like to think most of them are they might swing a little to the right or left within, that parameter that, is Center, sometimes. They might even break out of the line a little you know but I would like to think that most, of the time I can. Stay somewhat, in here at least that's my intention, my goal at least I know this, is where the truth is even if I flip to one end or the other I can't, do it for very long because I know this isn't the only one that's true and that's. What I'm recommending to you, so. We have decisions, to make and. In. My own personal life for example. Let's. Say I. Mean, God even though even the editors, and publishers and, people behind, a Course in Miracles they. Had a decision to make we're. Going to publish this material, which is great material right and somebody's. Offering money for it but they they, didn't feel right about the first person that offered to finance it they inside. Internally, they knew it wasn't right so they said no. Common. Sense you, know like. The let's. Pretend, that who was giving them the money was somebody way over here really, yucky, money, people and, aggressive. People that we're gonna try to rip them off for the material. It's. Right to say no to them what. If it was the other side, what, if it was people, that were like oh. Let. Us publish your material, because we believe in peace and love you. Know and we pray we wear, you know peace beads and pray to Bobby Sherman you, know so if these people over here wanted to publish it I would, you would also be right to say no to them because chances are they would never remember to get anything done they. Wouldn't remember to get it to the printer on time because they were being so. You, would be right to say to no the note to them just as well as the other extreme, but. Both. Are gonna complain, that you're doing the wrong thing how dare you this one will say how dare you this one will say and they're, gonna try to shame you out of your Center and this. Is constantly, what the world does so. What they're doing is. They're. Out of Center, the other groups out of Center they cannot stand the idea that you're in your Center when you when, you make decisions, that you know are coming, from clarity, from the, the, inner version. Of love not external. False. Versions of love but the really true centered, love, and peace. And guidance. They. Have to try to break you out of that because, and I've learned this many time over and over in my life. First. Of all misery loves company or. As they say water seeks its own level but, misery loves company so, they, don't want you in this Center, but. The more you're in your Center, the. More you're going to aggravate, them because you're going to mirror to them that they're not in their center and so, what. They're going to do whether they seem to be aggressive people or passive, people they're. Both going to attack, one. Way or the other they're, going to find a way aggressively. Or passively, I mean. Remember passive. Aggressive, is just as annoying as aggressive, both. Of them are going to find a way to try to make you. Wrong for, holding your Center. And, they'll try all kinds of things you, remember in TV shows they, would call this the good cop bad cop routine it's. Still the aggressive, cop that's saying I'm gonna get you and the good cop that says why don't we work things out they're both out for. Their same, purpose they're trying to get you to, not keep. Your story you're. You know in crime it would be your your false, story that your your lies but, in spirit, it's your reality, and they're trying to get you out of that, so. I've seen this happen you. Know in my own life. You. Know teaching. Touring. Writing. A book on on sacred sexuality you. Know there's people that you know got. Flipy about that weird about that and. Some of them were from this side some of them were that side and it, wasn't easy you know to to hold a Center I knew, it was right I felt, that it was right everything, in me, it seemed right, but.

When People are pummeling, you with you know the guilts and shames and all the crap about a topic, like that for example it like that just, like when. You set boundaries with a family member. Some. Family members are gonna say how dare you that's. Those over there the others are gonna say oh can't. We just all get along you, see they. Do the the softer. Version but, they're both doing the same thing they're, both trying to say how dare you have a third option called, your, Center you, need to choose be hateful like us be, falsely. Loving. Like them you, know like us and you're. Doing a different option, okay. So, your. Option is to in it's not easy but, it's like it's. Like saying like Auschwitz, survivor Viktor, Frankl to be able to say. You. Know in. This situation, there, are aggressive. People causing. Harm there. Are also people on this other extreme, that are saying we're. Just broken, were broken were broken by these other people, we're victims, were prisoners. And Viktor. Frankl said he could always tell which. People, in prison. Were going to die next in, the ones that, lost hope they had nothing to live for and I'm. Saying I'm not saying that what's been happening, to you is great I'm saying, when you lose hope, technically. I'm sorry ma'am but technically, we're, the ones who, chose, to lose hope well. What else was I gonna do I there. Was no hope there was nothing I could do externally. Sometimes, there seems like there isn't anything, you can do but you didn't have to give up internally. And if. You stay connected enough to God and you. Know we. Can't judge somebody just because they've given up that they're good or bad I'm not saying that at all I'm saying they, could do what they want I know that I have. To do my part to not lose hope spiritually. Even, if I give up on something externally. You know what I call that guys do, what you can and accept, what you can't so, I will kick butt and move forward and do what I can and somedays. Guess. It's not working, that, doesn't mean I have to feel hopeless I just. Externally. Accept something's not gonna happen today. You. Know so we, have to recognize, that people play these games these two extremes and I hope this metaphor, is making. Sense more than it is annoying you but this. Is kind of how this works and so it's. Really a brilliant, thing because it takes a really unique. Person, to be able to see through this usually. It's easy to see aggressive, people suck you know that one's easy you know aggressive people they're mean they're controlling a lot but, it's really hard, to see through, the, false, you know appearance.

Of Innocence, in these other people, because, they're gonna do the same thing they're still gonna equally, try to shame you blame you pull, on you they're just gonna cry. A little while they're doing it that doesn't mean they're more righteous than the other the others just harden themselves, so they don't cry they scream more but they're both trying to do the same thing trying. To pull you out of your, power or, act, as though they can do that so. As I'm sort of going towards a close here now. You. Know it's it's. An interesting thing I notice another example, in, my life is like. I have. Been at unity of Sedona for I, think seven plus years as a spiritual, leader and is very interesting. Because, Sedona. Is a town of enabling, okay, yeah it has Red Rocks - and vortexes. But they don't say Sedona, the town you know you'll, hear you know the town of vortexes, the psychic town. Or you know all these cool things but they don't say you know come. To Sedona the town of enabling, but there's a lot of that here it's. A town of a lot of. Unhealthy. Behaviors. And. What. They do is they have a contract, with each other this is my perception there's a contract, they have with each other - you don't call me on my stuff I won't call you on yours and we'll all just be equally, dysfunctional. No there's a lot of that there's also a lot of incredibly, sincere, humble that's how you'll know if there's sincere and good people if there's humility, you find. A lot of good, humble, people there they are sincere students, on the path a lot, of times they get taken by the people of those other two extremes, there's, people that will manipulate, tourists. Or manipulate. New residents, or long-term residents from one side and there's the other, that do this little game. Playing, you know. That. Enables, certain, things you know so, when. When when. You come to a town like this or whatever will you have a family, it could be your. Metaphor it could be your family or your example, could be your family for me I'm just sharing an example of having, come here and it's a brilliant thing because. There. Have been some overtly, people, overtly, hurtful, people in the town who have been teachers who, have been organizations. Or even just observers of it that we're overtly. Critical, about some of the people teachers in this town so, there's the aggressive, assertive ones overly assertive ones but. Then there's. Also these, other ones and. You. Know we see that at unity of Sedona they'll they'll come to unity, and they might say. You. Know aggressive. People, and. The. Same as I advise you we're. In our Center they're, doing one or the other the aggressive, people act out we, say that's. Not okay would, you like to work on that because we'll help you see you do what you can to help but. You draw a line the healthy people, know, how to draw, in the sand a line, that's. Relative, to the aggressive, a line relative, to the passive-aggressive ones but you draw a line in the sand and say here's, my center I'll, help you if you want to come towards, my center from, my Center I can help you if you expect me to walk towards your space you're extreme, over there can't do it would you like to join, me you say this to husbands wives partners children, parents you. Know whomever, whatever, wherever, this. Is my space can, this work and. You. Know aggressive ones would, just get more aggressive because they'd realized I can't, seem to I can't, seem to break through the walls you know because when your spiritual, man and you have healthy boundaries they're almost in basically, impenetrable walls, they're not really walls but they're impenetrable barriers. They, call it the shield law of the Lord you know you got this great energy so these people are hammering, away and it's, like whoa, and, you. Just hold your Center and then they get really angry so they go off and and do, more hateful things towards you and you know and about you but. Then there's the other side people. Will come to unity, of Sedona and they'll say you know would. You do this for me oh well, since you're so soft yes you know would, you do that too okay. In, this too and eventually you go huh. We. Didn't we already do that for you oh yeah, but but I'm gonna need more of something or other oh okay.

And We you know you give a little bit. Because. They're being passed if you give a little bit more you it's okay because they're less intense and invasive, so, there's less necessity, to as immediately. Set, a line here but you play with it but how long are you gonna play with those kinds of people and, eventually. We say no. What. Do you mean no I've been attending, here or what do you mean no I'm I don't have any money what do you mean no I have I have babies I can't feed then we say we'll stop having them you know like. Don't try to put that on us and pull us to, your problems, we'll help you if you'll come to the center -, to a good, healthy, center let us advise you don't just try to project your stuff on us and tell us we're responsible, but I'm homeless but I'm this but it doesn't matter I you know I have no limbs you, know it doesn't matter don't don't keep adding, stories, to it to try to get. What you think is called compassion. Which in fact it's actually just enabling, so. At some point we'll say no, and. It's. Amazing, because aggressive. People you almost expect they're gonna get angry and aggressive but. These sweet, sweet, people, some. Of them are your family members remember these sweet you know and then, when you say no you know Mom. No. More of this, you, know husband, wife partner, you know that's that's the end it's, amazing, to watch you. Know I love you they say on Christmas, they say on your birthday or their birthday or whatever you know they say I love you when you, do what they want as, soon as you say no the. Passive, people will either rear up and jump to this side and become overtly. Angry, which nobody expected, or they. Will just, play. A little bit more they the passive, it, takes a little more technique on their part to maintain a passive. Face when in fact they're enraged at, you, but. Some of them pull it off so we get this a lot we'll get the you know I mean when it happens it's just been a consistent, thing I've, seen this on planet earth throughout. My life throughout our lives and I've, seen it even in a town like this where. Because. Here you have the best of the best actors, so to speak, and. You, have to be really good at holding your Center to be able to say no you know I mean it, just, they. Have to recognize they're, not going to get that from you I have to admit. Coming. Here didn't, I didn't know the town and I didn't know or expect, this, level, of intensity, of these games. So. I can, admit that that. My, centers here but, the, aggressive, and the passive ones pounding. But from both sides that's called fighting something on two fronts it's not easy it's almost impossible so, you know we're fighting this on two fronts wondering. What is all this the, competitiveness, the ego that goes on in the town or in some, of the spiritual communities, around the world. Fighting. This on two fronts was very wearing, for. Many months it. Affected. Me energetically. It affected health a little bit I mean it really was breaking. Down. Breaking. Me down in a lot of ways but, they can't take, my power remember I said that so if I were to say gosh, and then they all took my power you know that it's not possible so, when you see what's happening, and you recalibrate. And you you don't try to kiss the feet of this group or this group. They're. Going to hate you they're going to act out they're going to voice they're gonna vent they're gonna and, you use you just hold your Center and.

Their, Some, of them are gonna go away some. Loudly and. Some, silently, but, they're gonna probably go away very. Few people when they see you hold your Center and you say I am committed, to not getting. My power back but being my, power when you say I'm committed. To being in my, Center with God people. Don't go oh, I. Was, aggressive in the old days but not with you anymore because because I see your centering and nor the other group they. Don't because misery loves company they, need to take you out of your Center if you. Get out of your Center only you allow, that to happen, so. Keep this in mind. The. People with the tears in their eyes that, say. You're. Not very loving, because. You turned your back on that, group or that group or a person here in a person they're what. They're doing right then is. Passive-aggressive, behavior they're. Telling, you what, you did was wrong wait, what, was wrong again you. Were turning your back on people and that's not very loving so you're telling, me, what. Love is for me you're telling me for me what love is instead, of saying did. That feel right for you and letting me say yes or no you're telling, me which means you're, judging and attacking. Why. Would you be doing that if you were in your Center you, must not be in your Center so, I don't. Need to hear that thank you and if, that person, does, that again and again you. Might have to turn your back on them as well and you're probably gonna hear it from them get, a letter an email or whatever it is oh you, know you're you're not very loving and so on and. You just have to say, you. Know don't, try to educate them most, of the time they're not going to be open to that if they open to it try but, most. Aren't going to hear that because they don't want. You. To change their mind they, don't want to know that what they're doing is a game they, have a self righteousness, to them these kinds of people and. I know for some of you it's hard to hear it because it's your best friend's sister it's, your child, it's your mom you know whomever these, are all just other versions of codependent, behaviors, and. In a way this talk is about code dependence and boundaries because you can't talk about empowerment. Or having, your power losing your power getting your power back without addressing, the fact that this is about about boundaries, you, know that these lines use of boundaries and codependence, when you let, go of these lines and allow. Yourself to be hit by these other people energetically, or you. Bargain, your Center away to get their approval it's all a lack of you, know it's a call codependence and a lack of boundaries so. You know please keep this in mind and I know that, you. Know for some of you it's hard to hear these things because, some of you maybe could say to yourselves wow I I think I've done a little of that here and there great, repent. If, you've done it to me or somebody else just say wow, I can see where I was you, know trying to guilt you into staying in a relationship with, me right I can see where I was you, know trying to shame you into this or that or whatever. You know to, make you feel lesser when you see those things if, it's appropriate. If. It brings more more good than harm, then, confess it that's, one of the terms for it right you, know apologize. And make amends, you can clear that up really quickly at least you make an attempt to do so but you don't sue do so if it'll cause more harm, than, good never, do, anything that'll cause more harm than good and sometimes. Even. An apology could, cause more harm than good because. Look. I'm just making up examples, but just as an example. Sometimes. An apology, to somebody, if it's gonna more, inflate. Their ego and they'll cause even more harm afterwards. You. Know it's probably not a good idea so once in a while it's it's not the healthy thing or making amends if, somebody's gonna just get more triggered by you saying listen hi it's me and you're, there to say sorry and yet they're like oh my god and they, get all triggered you're doing more harm than good and there's, another one where I've heard people say I was. Just trying to apologize I. Was. Just coming, from a place of love, and there's. A part of me that can go you. Know that I think that you did good you tried and you, know at least you tried a good job and there's a part of me that wants to say knock, it off you passive-aggressive.

Ass You, know because you're, trying to get me to buy into the fact that poor, you got shunned by them when in fact you knew I told you and other people told you restraining. Orders might have told you do not contact. That person and, then you go, out and you just have to do it because because. You were feeling guided, but, in fact when, it blew up and it. Caused more harm you have to own you, screwed up you, were trying to be egotistical, you disguised. It as some, benevolent, behavior and it wasn't at all it was just another you. Know venting, of the ego and it was your way of trying to get them to go it's okay so that you could feel better and so on and so there's all kinds of pieces to it um and forgive some of my languaging, sometimes and what, seems so disrespectful. But I'm just you, know in the mood sometimes so, bear. With and as like I said now closing completely. I pray. This has made good sense and that. That it feels applicable, even, if things make sense if they don't feel like you can apply them then I would kind of feel like a little remiss, like I must, have missed something and I could, have would have should have said more so if ever you can ask I hope, it's clear enough but before you do ask me or email, and say tell, me more about this so that please try to check out the videos there they're online they're easily. Readily available most. Of them for free and and. And at least do, your part to, to, study a little bit do your homework because, you'll find the answers are already out there that way I don't you, know have, to answer the same question numerous times it's just easier. For time and energy right, so. I like I said I prayed, that all that's made sense but watch the games if you're doing the games at all if you've ever seen that you've done the games try, to apologize, and make amends but only if that seems appropriate and, helpful. But. When others are doing it always. Love. And forgive stay. In your Center doesn't mean, put, on armor and fight them off because. You're, in your Center you're right that, one's wrong because they're aggressive, that one's wrong because they're passive-aggressive, and you're right cuz in your Center because, you're in your Center actually if you're if you're armed for, a fight constantly in your righteousness, you actually are slipping, towards one of those other two and not realizing, it at the end of the day when, I say you're centered, doesn't, mean you're, you're affirming, right, and they're, wrong it's.

Right. And right, and just. Stay in the right or a consciousness, that's what that word righteousness. Comes from right consciousness. Don't, right and wrong anybody. Else just I'm, doing, what I can to, be true to myself in, right. Consciousness. And people, will say you think you're so right just I only know that I'm doing my best to maintain, my, healthy, boundaries and that. Kind of centeredness, calmness, clarity. They. Won't always dig you for it I'd, love to tell you they would if you just say this they're gonna all be nice to you. It, doesn't work that way but, in your centeredness, it's. Kind of an amazing thing because you're this tree little. Tree at first very fine, roots at first not established, but, the, winds come and they, blow and every, it's amazing, thing because the, tree, although, the winds are blowing every. Time they do the trees roots actually, grab a little more into, the soil it's, what they're doing they feel something blowing so they actually grip and that's. Why they keep growing and extending, because they are not, only searching water they're, establishing. Their foundation, and that's what happens for, you and I at least what could happen we, can turn the winds, of the world and the wind's coming from the the hot air other these people complaining, at us we can turn that into just. Establishing. Better roots and not, even the tree doesn't sit there and get angry at the wind that blew last week. It. Blew we. Dug in more and we centered, more right, we just held and. Develop, more strength all we know is that we're stronger today that's all we know we, don't think about what wind blew or why or hate it we, just know that we're clearer and stronger so. The people that do try to push you one way or the other in, a way they're helping your roots to get more firm, more solid, and so in that sense we're grateful for all those kinds of behaviors are, they nice behaviors. No maybe not are they sweet do they make us feel grand. No probably, not. And it would be beautiful if. That. Didn't happen that stuff and everybody only lived loved but guess what it's not what's happening right now so right, now our job is to hold the center that height most highly represents, the only real world where there is only love, so. Boundaries. And clarity's. Are actually. Our little, micro cosmic version of heaven. For, now they're. Not hard, they're not defenses they're not hateful they're not holding, grudges, they're just simply my, little, heaven. Right here and now so. It's an amazing thing to imagine that your.

Your. Tenacity, when it comes to your power and your clarity, is your, way of establishing your. A little bit of heaven here on earth and by. Doing so you're actually teaching other people about it they may not act like you're teaching them they may not like it but. It's pretty amazing when. You can look back and say to people, you. Know wow when you set some boundaries with me here you know years ago I got to tell you thank you I mean there's friends that I remember from high school that might, have been getting a little out of line in. You. Know and I was a kid you know I only handle things as well as I did at the time but I remember, some older guy coming to a party with my friends and I we tried to stay pretty clean but, we're having a little party and some guy brought some hard, drugs there and he started giving him some of the younger kids you. Know. I didn't take kindly to it but when I told him no, he. Reacted. And, you. Know before, you knew it um, he, was out of the building let's just put it that way, you. Know you say no, sometimes. You have to be firmer about it I don't believe I ever did those things like if I had to take action I hope, I never hated, when I did it and that's, the hope of all of us let's do these things without hating how. Can I do this from love then keep praying. Take. Your actions but ask God to be with you when you're taking your actions okay. Thanks, again lots, of love to you all blessings. Thanks for your patience, and for your, willingness to keep learning join. Us because remember every, 945. Arizona. Time, just. About every Sunday of the year we're, doing the live. Presentations. And Facebook live from, unity of Sedona you can look. On my website if there's other things you'd like to learn about my five-day, intensives I've got one coming up on living, mastery, coming, up this, you know around June it's it's April, or May or somewhere in there that's, um once. A year and then in the fall Christ, consciousness of a five-day intensive, so I only do those twice a year if. You're interested, we're also going to take a group of people to. Visit John of God I think, is a wonderful humble. Varium. Amazing. Faith healer the number one faith healer on the planet but. Very, trippy. Spiritualism. Channeled, you, know kinds of healing for people and I think it's well worth it you don't have to go see them in person if, you or someone you love or know are sick and they're open to it you might recommend just contacting, them for a, one. Of the translators, or assistance there and just ask for a long-distance healing, its prayer its, donation. Basis, hundred, bucks or so on an average and you. Know I just love masters, I love masters, in you know of any kind and he's a healing. He's a prayer spiritual. Master and I love that you, know I love his humility and and the effects, he's had on. Probably. Now over. A million people and, and that's amazing, for a spiritual. Individual. Without an established, religion or whatever, thank, God you. Know having such an effect so I'm really really, amazed. At that person and and at, you for being on the path that you're on so, thank you guys and there's. Anything else you need to know subject, wise or material. Wise you can contact us for private, sessions with me phone or in person, and, whatever else you can find out details like that more more details if you like on. Our website okay god, bless you all many blessings and we'll see you soon bye-bye.

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