The Search for the Mysterious Mothman

The Search for the Mysterious Mothman

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So, we're on our way to Point Pleasant West Virginia home, of the Mothman I think you're gonna really like this town we're. The moth nests and we're gonna find a Mothman it's gonna be out here. Goes. Beyond belief are you scared. Man. This. Week on BuzzFeed and saw if we travel to Point Pleasant West Virginia as we dip our toes back into the cryptid pool again to search for the famed creature, the. Mothman oh very. Impressive you see that that's good you'll see firsthand when we travel to West Virginia which. We're gonna we're gonna do soon after ice, what. Do you mean these will. Assist these my Mothman gloves I use. These to catch it look at the grip a gripping. By the talons evils to read them yeah, let's. Get into it the, Mothman is, a crypto zoological, creature that, is thought to have made its first appearance in. 1966. Witnesses. Have described, the creature to be man-like, in stature often, seen walking on its two hind legs the. Mothman is, spotted, primarily, at night and its color is tough to discern, sometimes. It's described, as gray other, times as brown however. The, gigantic. Frame of the Mothman is, largely, undisputed. Across. All accounts. The Mothman is a physically. Imposing specimen. Ranging, from six to eight feet tall as its, name would suggest the. Mothman is, capable. Of flight sporting. To enormous. Wings with, a monstrous. Eight to 15, foot wingspan. One. Chilling detail, that is reported, in many sightings, is the, moth man's unforgettable. And haunting. Red eyes a red. Described, by one woman as, quote red, like you never saw red. Wot's, aren't even scary, people say Mothman, and I don't I don't shiver. I think, he's called Mothman, not, because he looks like a giant moth a giant moth would have like almost butterfly, you wings right if he doesn't have butter fuel it's kind of more like like. Like Batman's, wings well they shouldn't, call them off my it we'll take it up with whoever, made it up the sky beast sky beast you just literally put together the two things at its moon monster, it's, pretty dumb the, cloud fiend. No. As he said what let's go through some other ones what did you wanna see money what are the other ones you got the evil eagle. Dr.. Sky shadow, mr. wind biter. Mr. wind biter oh you, know he's flying through the air you. Said it out loud you're still gonna stand by it teeth gnashing. That's. Good what about like uh no. It's bad what do you got no no it. Was really a was I was gonna say wing a Tron waiting up truck that's that sounds that sounds like a robot is like a robot yeah it was in Point Pleasant West Virginia where. The Mothman became, famous hence, our presence, in the town now in fact, a statue, of the famed creature sits in the center of town for those seeking a face-to-face, encounter. Stop number one Mothman. Statue, it looks very ornate, you'll be able to stare at it right I. What's, that supposed to it means you're eight feet tall - tall Chuck get, it. Look. At its eyes the. Other a beautiful, amber, or something, I was gonna say they're pure terror, I could feel it coursing through my veins oh my god he's got a full six-pack look at that this guy definitely p90. Accent he's like a George Clooney Batman. Hopefully, this isn't our only face-to-face. Encounter with the Mothman maybe we'll find one. In the woods and he'll look nothing like this and we'll have to contact. The board of West Virginia and say you need to change your statute because the boys have solved it yeah I certainly don't think he's gonna have GI Joe, Armour on. These, guys ass by the way oh my, god the. Purpose of our pilgrimage, to Point Pleasant is to catch a glimpse of the Mothman but, if that effort proves to be fruitless we, can still enjoy the influence.

Of Moth mania, that is ever-present, across, town for. Starters, there's, an annual Mothman. Festival every, September, and Mothman. Souvenirs, it's docked on shelves, ready for eager tourists, year-round at, the, coffee grinder, you can order various, Mothman, treats, including, chocolate Mothman, droppings, Mothman. Coffee as, well as a delightful. Mothman, cookie, complete. With, red eyes this. Is a coffee grinder this is one of the many locations, around town where you could pick up some Mothman, treats you. Excited yeah they got a little moth man lives here he. Dies he's. Sort of like the funny little mascot, of history. Good, mascot. Man. This. Is a nice and cozy and look at that. Yeah. Feels, right, do you think he'll look this friendly when we see it probably, I don't know if it will be smiling like that like yeah. That's better cool stop. That do you think it's boys it sound like so. What me the moms man no it's probably it's, me there you go man judge yeah. Mostly you boys from out of town. Shall. We eat some droppings mm-hmm. Look. It it feels weird I don't it feels. Right. Mmm. Sweet, starter, and, a nutty the. Crunchy finish let's we have the adult here and. Then, the baby yeah, I'm, greatly enjoying this moment there's nice really soft this is good. Mmm. Now. Let me take a sip. This. Is good is this what those worth it boys feel like. No. No gold. Finally. At village, pizza you, can order it the delectable namesake. Mothman, pizza, oh you're going through that door I was gonna open the door alright. This. Is Christ this. Mothman, pizza, honors, pedestrian. Toppings, with, the responsibility. Of mimicking. The look of the famed creature the, clever arrangement enlists. Blood red cherry tomatoes, for eyes bell. Peppers for feet and spooky. Mushrooms, for wings so this is very fun for them he is without, a doubt a big part of their Commerce in terms, of tourism huh, if, I'm going to Point Pleasant West Virginia I would go there for the Mothman yeah, and these people are onboard I just like that the town can rally around it some people have a positive, that the people of this town have made Mothman, up as a, beacon. Of tourism, oh right. Impossible. I don't buy for a second, no, nice. Knit for, foolproof, past, their garrison, ill test I don't trust that test one bit I do. All. Right there it is. Thank. You he's, looking at me right now it. Was a little eyes look. At me now she what. Do you think of me I like this guy I like his vibe oh thanks. We got the wings right here the, torso it's, a little bell pepper Fein legs that's amazing if I saw this in the woods I wouldn't necessarily be. All that scared actually the eyes would be pretty terrifying yeah those are actually pretty creepy oh I, like it I dig it I can't wait to eat his body I call one of the eye pieces there's, only two of us here so I'm gonna obviously get the other one. That's. Good. While. At village pizza, the manager sat with us to share a story of a Mothman sighting, what's the scariest tale you've heard from someone in terms of sighting the Mothman, Danny. Strawberry's mother. She. Said, that one, night she had to fight him off cause he come in to get Danny. She. Was like six months old was in her bed and she, had to fight, the Mothman off because he was trying to grab the baby he was trying to steal her yeah I mean. That that was her story but I mean she very she was very convincing and it's sad to say she's dead and done now but that. Was a very scary she fought them off man oh my. God oh. She. Didn't actually fight him but I mean she wrestled and, does her baby from him oh yeah that's her story. Well. That was educational good, got my souvenirs, it, was good. It's. Time. These. Two weirdly, optimistic, pilgrims, are ready to embark on our menacing. Mothman, mission, let's, begin at the main sighting, that started, moth mania, as we know it all right so this is the McClintock, wildlife management area this, is the area of the main sighting, looks. Like the kind of area you'd see a Mothman, the Mothman exactly, right sparse, no. A lot of people out here yet, there's parts that are densely wooded. Seems. Like a good road to be terrified, on during, World War two 8,000. Acres of a wooded area near, Point, Pleasant West Virginia are, employed, to manufacture. And house explosives. The explosives. Were, housed in concrete, igloos, dispersed, across the, land after.

The War the, effort was abandoned, and the area. Was, partially, converted into, a wildlife, preserve that, is now known today as the McClintock, Wildlife, Management Area in the 80s, it was uncovered, that byproducts. Of the explosives, had critically, contaminated. The land and yet, to, this day the igloos. And some of their hazardous, materials, remained, some, speculate, that this contamination. Mutated. Local birds into, what would eventually become the, Mothman. But, that's. Purely speculation, I don't think that's how that stuff, works I, think usually if you come into contact with maybe something radioactive or, something you. Die or you, turn into the Mothman I mean what, are the odds of it they in zero. Will. Park here and then we'll make, our way out into the wildlife preserve. It's. Daytime right now but, whatever. We're doing nightfall, is gonna come soon yeah, and. You know I always come prepared. Yeah. I mean there's hunters around here I want to get shot no, I know we don't want you to get shot so I'm, breaking out Old Faithful. No, helmet this time no I don't, have any reports of Mothman hitting people over they have it rock so I don't think it's necessary, this time around I guess, you know in some, sense you may be making yourself a better target for Mothman to just well, maybe grab. You by his talons, maybe he'll be a lot like Bigfoot and be like oh what a colorful vest you think we should try and bro down a little off man - oh yeah, I didn't, bring a beer frame he doesn't strike me as a beer type he strikes me more as a wine guy I he, struck me as like a like, a field. Mice kind, of guy despite. The dangerous, materials. There in years past in, 1966. This, area, often called. The TNT, area was. A popular, destination for, local, youth as such. On November, 15th. 1966. Steve, and Mary mallet and Roger, and Linda Scarberry were. Enjoying, a leisurely drive, through the TNT, area. Unfortunately. Their, amusement, would come to a screeching, halt, when, the two woman Lynda, and Mary spotted. A figure, near the TNT, plant the, figure, began, to move towards the building's, entrance in a shuffling, manner and providing, them a fine, opportunity, to observe the creature while. They initially, thought it looked a lot like a man it, clearly, did not have arms or a head. It. Had massive folded, wings high on the back and perhaps, most, noteworthy to, beaming. Red eyes so. My guess the couples were, somewhere. Around here maybe on that road over there yeah and. I'm not sure of the exact location, but, this. Is where they saw him stumbling around, they. Just saw him. Kind of shambling, yeah, the sampling man. Kind of I don't. Know maybe he was just taking a walk I mean what's, it to you why. Would you take a walk okay working creature he could do what he wants after being spellbound, momentarily. By the creature the, couples came to their senses and took, off in their car, terrified. Any, any thoughts on that so far nope. Well years at, 6666. A few, teens out there probably smoking, a few funny, cigarettes. You could say wait it's 2018. Some, grass as they, made their way towards highway 62, in, Rogers car Berry's, 1957. Chevy they, saw the being, appear. In front of them and rise directly up into, the sky the. Creature had a gargantuan, ten-foot. Wingspan and, the couples noted that it did not need to flap its wings as, it chased the car at speeds, of up to 100.

Miles Per hour quote, gliding. Above and behind the vehicle, end quote, the. Creature made a noise similar to a quote record. Played at a high speed or squeak, of a mouse end quote. Not. Exactly the most terrorizing. Sound and this is why I think maybe these people aren't lying because if they were lying that, seems like a weird detail to make up you, would say it, opened, its mouth and the mountains, moved, with the force. Of the roar yeah, and they went no it's it's squeak like a little baby mouse. That's. What happened I was terrified it, was easy to do the Bigfoot call it a very loud volume but it's gonna be hard out there to give me your best Mothman squeak. If. You were this is the the noise you're gonna make to try and attract another. Moth. Person. I'm, gonna try two different approaches to this okay I can't wait to and it's gonna be an exhale, and then. One's gonna be an inhale, so my first one is. That's. One my. Other one is gonna be a little more high-pitched because it's gonna be the inhale. The. First one was alright I'll give you that the second one kind of sounded like you were smothering a dolphin, also your eyes kind of rolled back hill it's just a weird performance, all around it's a gift I guess, I could try one yeah, just try and inhale it. Sounded, like a pig giving birth I thought, mine was rather good sound, off in the comments who's who screech I'm off let us know fortunately. The, creature stopped, chasing the couples and disappeared. As the couples, near the populated, area of town Linda. Scarberry wanted. To report it to the police but, they were concerned, that they would not be taken, seriously, as a result. In an audacious move, they, decided, to return to the place of the sighting, to confirm, what they had seen to. Their affirmation. / terror they, once again saw the creature, this time stumbling, around in, a dark pasture. This. Spurred the couples to head straight for the Mason County courthouse, to, file a report first, off by the way most, of the time people, naturally will just run away and then tell the story very, few times have I seen a case where the people would then return to the site and try and confirm that they weren't going crazy and that they actually saw what they saw and that's what these four, people did yeah that's very noble yeah, and they did that they saw it they're like okay we confirmed now let's go to the police, deputy, Millard Halstead, was on hand to take the report due, to the size of the town, deputy, Halstead knew the couples and believed, their claims to be sincere, the handwritten, eyewitness, police reports, from the mallets and the scar berries is actually, on display at the Mothman museum the.

Couple's Claimed that the police put all four of them in separate, rooms and asked them each to write down what happened, nice all, of the accounts, match, I mean, they're gonna write you. Know, okay. I'm, gonna ask. You to possibly, incriminate, yourself a little bit yeah that's fine think of any time you've had partaken. In the smoking of the ganja, yeah, yeah don't, do drugs don't do drugs first off whatever legalizing. Not sleeveless how you do it. California's, least anyways, think, of you are smoking, it with three, of your buddies yeah. And now, imagine, that you were so out of it that you imagined, a giant, moth creature and, then, after that you, go to the police one of the worst things you could possibly do when you're high and then, you all tell the same details. Of a story the only way I feel like you could tell something with, concrete details that match everybody else's story is if it in, fact happened, at least when you're under the influence that's true okay. I'll give it to you this is a point for Mothman understand, I want, to believe in Mothman, so is this the part where when I made a good argument you're just gonna go well I believed in anything I said at the top of the show you say that yeah. Watch. Yourself you watch, yourself why don't you write about some point mentions the. Gliding. Just. Cut it off why battle. Through Pleasant eventually. The couple's and deputy Millard Halstead, made their way back to the sighting area where, they heard strange noises saw. Strange shadows. And an. Unexplained. Dust cloud a hoof. Like footprint. Was also, found in the sand around the area Linda. Scarberry was, treated for shock following, the events, and reportedly. Experienced. Some, unnerving, phone calls as well as visits, by the men in black who, would intimidate her, mmm. Not like those guys yeah. Our old pals, Will Smith the Tommy Lee are back what. Are you doing there hear that yeah, you made a cameo on this one nothing, to say about about this one huh it's, weird he only moves when he wants to.

The. Morning after the Mothman sighting. The Mason County Sheriff, George Johnson, held a press conference and from, there the story started, trending in local, and national news eventually. The, creature was dubbed Mothman. By the press, inspired, by the Batman, series people. Actually got, he looked very much like Batman, I read a report where a guy said there's Batman on my neighbors roof he flew up into the sky yeah the, utility, belt I don't know if he had a utility dad but I will say if I was a kid and I saw what I thought was Batman on my neighbor's roof I wouldn't, be scared I would try and go get an autograph yeah you'd be like Batman. You're my favorite. Superhero. And he go. Never. Mind, looking, at this is actually pretty serene and beautiful in the daytime but nightfall. Is almost upon us and then that's when a it's. One of the boys come out that's when the Mothman will come out and. Then we'll have them. Sightings. Of the Mothman began, to pile up police, estimated. That over 1,000. People were looking for the Mothman each night, until, midnight and tonight. History. As it, so often does will. Repeat itself as we, attempt, to find, the creature ourselves. You. Genuinely believe that there's a Mothman, out here I'm not so sure I'm sold on the Mothman and here we are but I will, say we're in the area where the main sighting happened where a lot of the sightings happened if, we're gonna find a Mothman it's gonna be out here after. The Scarberry slash Mallett sightings, a Point, Pleasant woman, named Marcella, Bennett, her three year old daughter her, brother Raymond, and her brother's wife encountered. The Mothman while, visiting, family friends, Marcella. Explained, in an interview with researcher, and author Andy, Calvin. He was shaped like a male, the huge wings the, way he was standing, the head like a bird I'll never forget the way he was standing, it was like he was just relaxing. Like he was just waiting for that moment for me to walk up the. Neck look, like it went down in like, a bird, way, down in the neck to, me it wasn't of this world end quote. Like, Linda Scarberry Marcella. Suffered side effects after the incident, including. Anxiety. Paranoia, and. Nightmares. If, I'm the Mothman and I am NOT I don't. Think anyone was saying I'm not going to make people feel paranoid. And afraid I'm, gonna make them, think. Yeah, love that Mothman, I'm gonna walk out into the woods naked, and serve. Myself up to the Mothman so he can have a little feast assuming. The Mothman eats people I mean I don't know if that's what his game is but, all I'm saying is that what you need to gather from this is that he has an effect, on people's psyche this Mothman, is a complicated. Character what does he sound like what is he sounds like the blood bird. Flappy. Spook stirrer that's. Come on, the. Wing a trench, tire. Say that mister says fright terror. No. Just. Calm a bat man why is that hard after, encountering. The Mothman Marcella. Bennett, also said that she could often feel mothman's unnerving, presence, and like other witnesses, developed. The ability to have premonitions and, psychic, visions, this, is vaguely what I remember about that stupid. Richard Gere movie forget about the Richard Gere movie for a second I will never just think about this the, Mothman is apparently, able he, affects people's. Psyche. In a way where they start to they start to wig out a bit and paranormal. Events follow this thing so it makes you start to wonder what the hell this thing actually is it may not be a cryptid it may, you know they may be an. Alien Linda. Scarberry. The witness from the first Mothman, encounter, claimed, to hear disembodied. Noises, and see items, moving by themselves which. He attributed to, a poltergeist. Simultaneously. Other strange, phenomena, occurred, around the time of the sightings, interrupted. Police dispatches. Malfunctioning. Electrical, appliances, doors, mysteriously. Opening, and shutting an increase. In UFO sightings, and malfunctioning. Cars with, no apparent, explanation. Seems. Like they're just kind of lumping it all in though right or if he isn't an interdimensional. Being he would obviously bring with them maybe chaos if, you're an interdimensional. Being are you gonna make a scene like this if you could jump between dimensions, why not, around a little bit oh he can jump back and forth yeah kind of like a Cheshire Cat or Q from Star Trek or Rick, and Morty if you could jump between dimensions, why wouldn't you have a little fun it's not gonna have any effect on your dimension, coming, around to this guy now this guy's kind of cracks me up he's in the cave somewhere he has like a local, antenna set up he's watching the news doors, open and closed in the neighborhood UFO, sightings.

I. Thought. I've got to give me the Heimlich okay. So. Right now I think we're about to come up on one of those hidden igloos, the. Ones that would hold explosives, back in the day what. Kind of explosives, that they hold new TNT, aren't. You excited to go into one of these little bunkers it's a world war two bunk it is pretty neat how much action. Did Ohio see in World War two, dome. I. Okay. Well. Is. It alternately, an. Echo. Is it. Oh it's, very icy yeah. Hello. Oh. It's. Temporary. I. Could. See losing your mind in here. What's. This string right here I. Don't. Know pull it no, I'm not gonna pull it you pull it what. If it's a trap. Would, like a mod with the Mothman saying of our gorgeous, revenues, palms together hoping, that we spools a little straight I was thinking like a grocery. Bag full of, like, he's Kevin McCallister, from ha Milania. Hold. Something. I'll hold your flashlight I haven't won one hand pretty, confident, there's no heat signatures in here oh. God. I'm after scared. It's. Just a. Skipping. Forward to modern times in, 2016. A man, who would not provide, his name claimed, to have taken a photo of Mothman in West Virginia, the photo shows a two-legged, winged creature, flying, over the trees however. Most. Did not believe, this is Mothman. I'm. Not terribly impressed, that could just as easily be like, a hawk, I don't think it's a hawk I don't think it's now I do think it's a hoax what year was it 2016. Chopped I. Gotta. Hand it to you this. Is these are some woods yeah. Look. At this you. Know this is this, is a giant nest I. Think. We're in the moth nest man. If we just saw a silhouette fly over our heads right now I'd, be thoroughly, all. Right I'm scanning the trees right now I guess that's what you would do right. That. Mothman hospitality. Huh I mean, to has it responded, to calls yeah, well we know what it sounds like you would think logic, would say if you make the noise maybe he'll be deceived, let's, go deeper into the woods okay strangely. An outbreak, of sightings, occurred, in 2017. In Chicago. According. To the Chicago Tribune, there. Were over 20 reports of a quote winged, humanoid, end quote between, April 7th, 2017. And July, 29th. 2017. Alone, the Tribune reports, that the sightings are almost always at night and near a body of water. For. Those who don't believe some, have offered, alternative, explanations. For Mothman sightings, some, believe that Mothman, witnesses, had seen sandhill. Cranes a species. Of bird, that can have a wingspan of 10 feet though. A sandhill. Crane had never been officially spotted, in West Virginia, at the time although. Some. Unofficial reports had, been made I see. Those a lot sandhill. Cranes was, a lot in Illinois did they sound like a little little mousy it sounds kind of like oh. Maybe. Sandhill cranes were with the people in Chicago saw, but there is none of those in West Virginia officials sandhill, cranes look them up a fascinating, bird I'm gonna own one someday a taxidermied. One and it will be in my room some. Had pointed out that some birds eye's such. As owls appear. Red when hit with light from a flashlight or. Car at night the. McClintock Wildlife, Management Area which, surrounds, the TNT, area is a bird, sanctuary that, contains, owls owls, aren't. That big no I can see someone may, be mistaking, an owl for something else they're seeing an owl and being confused, by it one, thing I will point out and I don't know if this is confirmed but I've seen it in a couple sources, that Linda Scarberry when she saw the the Mothman she, did claim that the eyes were only red when she shined a light at it it, would make sense either, way she also did say this thing chased them in their car so, pretty. Sure it's not an owl we should bring a gun. It's. Not joke you, know what this is a perfect time for us to cut back to us investigating. Let's. See where we are I.

Thought. I was getting carried up into the trees. As. Predicted. This is. Horrifying at nighttime. Mothman. I guess, he wouldn't respond to that would he he. Doesn't even know his name is Mothman yeah I mean I don't know how intelligent, is if it can communicate things, to people oh yeah maybe all, right are you gonna do your I do you're a little uh well, that's not a bad idea you go, first I'll go second how about that okay, yeah I got you here. Start. Again. That's. Record, being played quickly I guess here here we go you. Look like a nun. Do. I a little bit in this of you yeah. Yeah. You, look like a rave nuts. What the, well those are coyotes. Or. Dogs, or. A, large pack of something. Holy. Coyotes. Are you know you know armed right now are, you scared. This. Goes beyond belief that was a pack of whatever. The, that was it was coyotes, is that our cue to leave I think maybe I'm we've been out here for quite a bit yeah I don't know if we're gonna find anything today I don't want to be in the mouth of some coyote leader that's not how I want the picture wrap an old Vergara to be all. Right well another good cryptid hunt where, we roll for two but I think next time the. Odds were stacked against, us on this one there's no way to catch this thing we're. Giving up. Your. Win this time Mothman but, I'll be back okay you know what's funny though yeah, is our, Mothman, call actually, attracted, the coyote so it worked for something you think that was us I think the call will it proved it really it wasn't all for show we it. Had value both of us are masters, of the Mothman call, oh yeah, we're basically we should be Animal Planet whoo, I'm, just gonna pause here for a second yeah, give, it one last go how about that. Last, chance, I think. You've offended the Mothman in the end nobody, truly knows what, the Mothman is let, alone if he actually exists. Some, have suggested that, Mothman, could be of demonic, or angelic, origin, others. Believe that Mothman. Could actually be an extraterrestrial. Connecting. Mothman, with bright lights seen, in the sky some. Even believe Mothman, could be an ultra. Terrestrial. A creature, from, another dimension as for. Me I'm, not quite sure what, I believe but. I do find the voluminous docket, of sightings, to be curious for something that is not real nonetheless. As. Our efforts have proved today the. Existence, of Mothman. Continues. To elude us and will, remain for. Now. Unsolved.

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Flappy Spookster is the one. That’s the winner.

Suddenly this turns into Worth It

if this thing is real and not some bored teenagers' story then its probably just some form of a rare bird

I absolutely love these two and this series HOWEVER this is pretty sorry for a season premiere... They started off strong last season with Jack the Ripper but this season with... "The Mothman???" Come on boys...

Looks like Mothman skips leg day

Who else got jumpscared by Ryan at 25:48 ?

I'm honestly surprised they haven't touched on Slenderman.

28:30 woke me up from my nap and I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to sleep again

Have they done the Jersey Devil?

the boYs are bAck

"You look like a rave nun."

I am surprised the Mothman survived Chicago. 12 people a week don't.

If he had bird qualities, as a result of radiation affecting a bird, then why not call him Bloodbird (what with red eyes)? That would be profitable.

14:19 shane becomes ted cruz.

7:23 the scariest thing is that they're using straws.

Can you do the one that Silent Hill is based on? That. Would. Be. AWESOME

In the last worth it video they said one of the fun facts in Ryan’s mystery voice and in this episode they eat . Am I the only one noticing this ??

Ey mothman its me ya boi

the true crime ones are better

Do you think the mothman is the t real Jeepers Creepers?!

Bro them getting separated in the police station doesn’t mean anything. I watched a National Geographic show (I think it was brain games) the witnesses of a “crime” convinced each other of the wrong appearance of the criminal

That coffee shop completely missed out on the opportunity to call their Moth Man coffee "Mothee"

Moth man got them cakes tho...

The “It’s me” at 5:16 I genuinely thought that was a woman speaking.

23:07 and this is where we The wild Shane and Ryan’s mating calls. As you can tell they are trying really hard to get laid tonight. However their efforts are vein. . . Because Ryan is to short and Shane is to Tall and has a really big head.

Hey, just so you know the reality of a coyote attacking someone is pretty unrealistic. Coyotes are tiny compared to wolves. Wolves will kill while coyotes look for smaller animals to kill and eat. Also they don't run in packs. Wolves run in packs.

The description of the mothman is so specific

U guys should do the dark forest in west Virginia

Three things a lady a bigfoot and a wolf

Anyone else think Shane’s calls sounded like a squeaking balloon?!

its just a nest of moths that get togheter and fly

It makes me giggle when Ryan tries to say "Mothman cookie" in his serious voice. EDIT: AHH, he also tried saying "spooky mushrooms" in his narrator voice and it's adorable

If he has'nt head,how come he had Red eyes :-D

Mothman is Ryan because they both wheeze

I was more scared by Shane's terrifying mothman noise than anything else in this video

8:56 - 8-58 look in the top left corner!! Im not sure what it was but I flipped out

Just A Large _Bat_ ??

Y’all should go to south Texas/ Mexico and look into la llarona and la lachuza (not sure on the spelling of either of these)

23:10 both go crazy ....chaos brought by mothman

I looked it up. Unless Scarberry is a very common name in Point Pleasant, Danny Scarberry is the grandson of Linda Scarberry.

if that is owl why is so big and following he car huh! :P

I think the "Mothman" is just a mutated bird from the stuff in the bunkers

There shiuld be 3 people there right? Cuz whos holding the camera to record them

Reminds me of a chimera ant in hxh

Yeahhhh!!!! ❤️

Isn’t the 60s when the government gave people LSD without them knowing? Ryan sounds like the guy from down periscope imitating a whale

you both sound like jerks doing the mothman-sound but i'm glad you're back

shane’s screech was better

Question: Who's the camera guy??

T H I C C Statue B O O T I E S

Virginia Demon

Do the John Lang mystery next season on true crime!!!

I snorted when Shane made the noises

the mothmanissy a pack of mothman

I'm just picturing Man Ray from Spongebob Squarepants...

Go to a haunted circus or fair.

mothman x mermaidman fanfic

10/10 would smash tho

Slow the video to X0.25 and hear Ryan talking about the mothman. DO IT

how can ryan say “cryptozoological” but not “february” ? ? am confusion

Im already scared because i hate moths

"he only moves when he wants to"

I know the story of the mothman in ww2 there was a soldier that was bitten by a moth and he turned into mothman and thats the story

you should do one on that weird creature that some lady gave birth to she said she’d rather give birth to a monster than another child and she did

Y'all should have live GoPro helmets so you guys tint have to risk having a camera man cuz you guys usually are in danger. I Love these 'shows' though so don't think I'm hating on you guys I LOVE BUZZFEED UNSOLVED

Shane -Angel of death

Y'all should do the mystery of the north Carolina submarine next. Basically it randomly sank during the civil war. It's very strange and only just now opened to the public viewing.

The laughing killed me

Make slender man's mystery

Moth man ok for me but math man noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Well, At least "motorman" had the courtesy to lend himself to tourism and memorabilia - Mothman gets kitschy. Also, Shane's inhaling noise was more interesting by merit of its strangeness.

"Are you scared?" You shouldn't be Cuz youre on Scare Tactics

It was soo funny.

Two guys more better that detective sherlock holmes



That 1986 video might have just been a fly

Shane you sound like Beaker


Everyone be talked bout the statue and how T H I C C he is and legit mothman be like WTH IM NAH THOOT BAD >:O

Or the coyotes were howling because something big was moving in the forest around them....

rave nun

I'm waiting for someone to make a Dubstep remix of all their sqeaking.... Who's with me?


PLEASE do the murder of Hae Min Lee. It's still unsolved. Her ex-boyfriend was excused of the murder but the state did not have any physical evidence against him. He says he didn't do it. The only thing they have against him is what other people have said about this story,their breakup, and him. There are a lot of people who could have done it. It is a really cool story. PLEASE DO AN UNSOLVED ON THIS!!!!!!

k but Ryan got so much braver

Radiation and garbage causing mutations ...not possible? Chernobyl ....... ?


I would love to give Ryan a private tour of my haunted town.......

"he only moves when he wants to" Shane: smirk Ryan: wink wink We get it. You staged it.

My home state

Robert is shook

Hey! I'm in Chicago

Marijuana is not a drug, my friend...

When Linda Scarberry shone the light, the eyes turned red, but the 2 giant owls are Balkiston Fish and Eurasian Eagle, but both live in Europe, Balkiston's eyes do turn red when lights are aimed at eyes, but Eurasian stays a reddish orange all the time.

was that coyotes??? any coyote experts??

Do Malaysian flight 370 next!

If you really have guts. Next season go investigate the Jersey Devil. That cryptid is terrifying.

its batman

New Jersey Devil!

DANG IT!!!!!!! I live in VIRGINIA!!!!!

The Terror-dactyl

18:50 reminds me of

This show is never allowed to end. Take inspiration from supernatural. 14 seasons strong

Shane's mothman calls sound like O from MIB3 when she was talking about Z

mothman seems like a friend

The sounds that came out their mouths were the scariest thing ever

I fucking hate moths. Yeah moths are terrifying to me.

This episode is not as scary

Can you guys talk about the man from taured or the dyatlov pass incident?

Sometimes I wonder, if Shane and Ryan are the ones on drugs

Do a episode on the Wendigo!

Thank fucking god bro

OMG, I never laughed so much in a supernatural video! hahahaah

Watch 23:04 - 23:12 at half speed to see Shane become a demon and Ryan's face of pure horror right after

3:25 they split that pole, bad luck

The narration on these videos is nearly unbearable. It's as though he's trying to sound creepy and sinister, and humorous at the same time.. ? It's not working. Also considering that people's experiences with the alleged Mothman are absolutely terrifying, the jokes are so far falling pretty damn flat. Maybe get to know your subject matter a little bit better before doing a 30 minute video next time. Trying to give this a chance, because of my interest in the subject. But almost five minutes and I can barely take any more. We'll see.

23:10 lets watch this out of context

dont moths eat clothes tho

I took a picture with that mothman Staue my dad is from West Virginia

look at the buns on that mothman

Dear Buzzfeed Blue The only reason you have 7.9 mil subscribers Is because of Buzzfeed unsolved so please get these beautiful boys Their own YouTube channel

Is it weird that I used to obsessively search up mothman?

Is there literally nothing else to do in West Virginia

10:22 .... uhhh

Oh hellllll no!

"Just call him Batman why is that hard"-Shane 2018

Reminds me of the Jersey Devil

I am a true Shaneiac but I must say Ryan's was the better one. Shane's scared me.

No, it’s obviously a barn owl! PleasetellmesomeonegetsthisReference

Why is ryan out in ohio looking like pete wentz 2012

Those screams tho

I hate the beginning things, cause you know if they actually find anything, it’s be on the news

Why don't you guys go to Puerto Rico they have a bunch of spooky and scary legends

Malfunctioning cars, electrical appliances and other technical issues happen all the time, but when something occurs (like the Mothman sightings, or ghost ecounters) everyone seems to pay more attention to them and overestimate their value

Go to bachelor woods in Illinois !! There’s a “house” that gets farther amp farther as you walk towards it and if you get into the house you can never get out

the mothman sightings have stopped after a bridge collasped

The cloud fiend

Shane sounds like the zombies from world war z

lmaoooo ryan at 14:17

1:15 why does he sound like Burger King foot lettuce guy

(Fart Sound) nope.

16:22 - The phenomenon you're talking about is 'collaborative storytelling' in which multiple witnesses discuss what happened before they go to the police (in this case the drive back to town) and as a result produce a similar story when asked about it. This does not mean that the fact all four stories matched the evidence is stronger or even mean that is what really happened. It's a psychological process in which people remember things differently when talking about an event with the other witnesses. People tend to (subconsciously) form their memories to the stories told in the witness group.

I absolutely love these videos and I've seen them all, but I refuse to subscribe to buzzfeedblue


what if someone is camping there and they saw these two guys screeching like a monkey and screaming "mOTHMAAAANN"

shane trying moth man's voice lmao

I don't know why but, "Just call him the Batman. Why is that hard?" gets me hahaha.

Anyone else think the try guys should do an unsolved ?

I actually go to point pleasant all the time

10:20 I like the idea that a wildlife preserve is a really nice meaty jam (or jelly for americans)

"spooky mushrooms for wings"

hey guys, I love your videos. can you guys do some research on monkey man. you probably never heard of it. the monkey man has onec time terrified many urban city in india. Indian media had covered the story for some time and it became quite popular.

There are these things called "Aswang" in Filipino mythology that feeds off pregnant woman and are said to have gigantic wings and when they turn, their torso detaches from legs and they fly away lmao

The only reason I'm subscribed to BuzzFeed.

"sPOoky mushrooms"

light up a giant bonfire and he'll come for sure

“You sound like a pig giving birth” I’m done I laughed sooo hard!!!!

who remembered moth man on cyanide and happiness :))))

mothman probably died of laughter from their mean girl shrieks :( rip

Investigate the amityville house plss

conspiracy: mothman is actually a new, legendary pokemon that has never been discovered before and its main goal is to be caught but everyone is scared of it

Scooby doo episode

"eeeeeeee lastchance"

Good to see you back boys!

I love how they mentioned the "worth it boys" from another series of buzzfeed. And saying that there wasn't any gold in their food, it's not up to the standards

Some of the stories don’t match up, stories are never going to match in these cases but they are too far off to be true. I think it was a prank someone played on night with a costume and went with it.

Yeah, I believe it.. and now I’m fucking terrified. I was already scared of the dark, this is a lot worse.

he had no head but he had two red eyes WUTT

Man moths?

They’re confusing mothman with Castiel or Gabriel like send them back to supernatural please they’re missing


Lw sounds like the creature from jeepers creepers to me

"...worth it boys..." My friends Andrew, Steven and Adam

" is this what those worth it boys feel like?"

why does deputy halstead look like bob duncan at 15:59 omg boB'S BUGS BE GONE VS. MOTHMAN HAHAHAHAHAHA

extraspicycurlyfries good luck mothman

funny cigarettes it’s 2018 u cn say weed some grass

Batman ' son.MOTHMAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the mothman took over shane's body :3

OMG! I almost peed on the part where the two started looking as if they were laughing like an person from another dimension! Also, it's around 4AM which makes it even funnier!

I almost pissed my fuckin pants. 23:04

13:46 it squeaked like a baby mouse Lol XD

You guys should have played this while investigating xD

Mothman takes "buns of steel" to a whole 'nother meaning.

There was a story that mothman called a man and was talking weirdly mothman said get a book and I'll guess the word your finger is on and he hang up the phone it didn't work and he unplugged it still didn't hang up

*SpOoKY mUShRoOMs*

Am I the only one who thinks that Shane looks like Theo from pitch perfect three

is mothman dtf??

Why no mention of the bridge disaster and how it seems to be a harbinger of doom? That's a pretty big part of the story.

18:33-18:58 OMG I'M DYING!!!

No babies were harmed in this video.

Can you guys do a solved Golden State Killer!! ?


Supernatural on steroids?

Was no one else singing the mothman song the whole time?

Dan Howell is quaking in fear

If there were giant flying demons spotted by the Chicago river, everyone would just think that it was a demon form of Donald Trump, laugh​ a little and continue on with their days

“Is it what those worth it boy feel like” “Nah not enough gold”

This was fucking ridiculous

Shane: *makes loud squeaky noises for mothman call* Ryan: how are you even making those noises with your mouth

Do investigation on Bhangarh fort.

you should go where the conjuring happened.

I love these videos so much.


I would call it The Star Lord, get it? as in the Marvel Comics one.

This is like a Scooby Doo villain

26:56 Shane impersonating cardi b

ryan's voice in the voice overs is the best thing ever

what type of crazy do you have to be to agree to go into a WW2 explosive bunker in the dark hours of night

Shane's mothman noise is absolutely terrifying

I wonder if the radiation caused delirium and that is why people saw the mouthman. As well as the other signs of delirium.

Batman? is that you?

*Mothman here looking for a single good looking Mothwoman... Hit Me Up!*

*Spiderman , Antman , Batman Finds an orb that summons a superhero that is stronger than any human and can save the entire universe from Thanos... MOTHMAN!*

Some grass lol

Worth it

23:04 are shane and ryan okay

Come to San Antonio and stay at some of the 'Haunted' Hotels we have downtown and the Alamo where some claim to see ghosts

“these two weirdly optimistic pilgrims”

Mothman... sounds like a superhero attempt gone wrong.

okay but the town is literally called point PLEASANT and the legend is anything but pleasant lmaooo you would think the town is the point of pleasant

Reminds me of a water-downed version of the Jeepers Creepers creature

You guys were so close to me and I didn’t even know it :,(

“eeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE” *pause* “You look like a rave nun”

I know I'm late but I actually have family from point pleasant and kinda grew up around there, during holidays and all. Lowe hotel is haunted and it would cool as hell if you guys checked it out. Actually, a lot of the properties there's are haunted and it's really cool

Yall should do the bell witch story

Mothman reminds me of the creeper from jeepers creepers

Everytime you do the screech mouse noise it kills me

...they gave mothman a statue? nothing but respect for MY president.

You should go to the devils tramping ground and spend the night.

Do the desoto hotel in galena illinois

The adult cookies are literally made with an angel cookie cutter.

I kept replying at minute 14 and I keep dying of laughter omg

ghost are fake

How does he have eyes but no head???

Shane what were those noises

Spooky mushrooms

unsolved or worth it???

Awesome tale. Not sure if this season is just about Supernatural, which would still be great, but if not... The Jimmy Hoffa tale would be awesome to see The Boys cover.

They set off the wolves

"red like you never saw red" what a detailed description

Ryan's reaction to Shane's mothman squeak made my day

“Is this what worth it boys feel like?” “Well not enough gold”



I wish guys would look at me the way Shane looks at that pizza (7:03)

flappy spookster i'm


Was it mothman from creepypasta??

For me, Moth Man is Batman’s sidekick.

They didn’t include the fact that the Mothman is also known for bringing death to people. And that the mothman is also the reason for the fall of rhe bridge in Point Pleasant Virginia, killing hundreds of people.

23:09 killed me

is the narrator purposely reading it like that or is that his real voice? i like the hosts but the narrator is fucking annoying

29:04 can anyone else hear the high pitch?

I'm terrified of moths...i don't know why I clicked on thisngs...

My mans in the beginning sounds like “Number 15 Burger King foot lettuce” dude

14:14 though

Great name for the mothman! Flying Devil or Flying Demon

Is it at all possible that this Mothman is similar to Owlman except he doesn't do it for YouTube views? Owlman is also a physically imposing man-like creature who lurks in office buildings at night, cemetaries, abandoned churches and hospitals. He appears to visitors and then swiftly disappears never to be seen again. And then uploads the footage to his horror channel... I think Mothman has the same idea but doesn't have a horror prank channel on YouTube. Owlman -

what if someone else was looking for Mothman at the same time & heard Shane + Ryan squeaking and thought it was actually Mothman lol


Watch from 23:03 till 23:20 with no context at all

*(fart sound)*

they r so funny

LOL is it what those "Worth it boys feel like" HAHA

It sounded like a pig giving birth

I can't wait til one of they find one of these things legit one day and Ryan faints and Shane freaks the f*ck out

Shane’s mothman sounds like Kenny from South Park

“when the two woman, Linda and Mary”

I can smoke a whole ounce of weed and will not hallucinate, it makes you see stuff "sharper" so you would know every little detail, also does that Men in Black statue actually move when it wants to? I cant tell if you were joking or not but on one of the old episodes it actually moves.

Ryan: Is this how the worth it guys feel like?" Shane: "not enough gold"


I'm hoping you're going to do skinwalkers at some point in time.

*The mothman got A

Is anybody gonna talk about how Shane and Ryan made those faces after Ryan said "Eh, he just moves when he wants to" talking about the "man in black" statue thing behind them. THEY'RE TRYING TO MESS WITH OUR MINDS! Does no one remember that thing turning its head straight to the camera in that one video! Am I crazy?


So happy. Been asking for this since season 1

As of now, I am fully convinced by Shane's inhuman screeches that he is in fact an actual demon.

What if Shane is actually a demon from Hell whose job is just to distract Ryan from uncovering the dark secrets of the world because Ryan may very well be the only individual who was specifically born to solve the mysteries?


5:51 "This is good, is this what those Worth It boys feel like?" And suddenly i want them and the unsolved boys switch place for once or sth...

the Mothman statue has buns and pancakes That is cool!!

i think The camera man was scared


Hell yea! Wingatron!

please buzzfeed make another video on Royal Nepalese Massacre

Bannanananana MOTH MAN

Shane hands down had the best Mothman voice

29:44 look at the bottom and you will see a red dot move towards u guys, if u cant see it turn your play back speed to .25 29:46 aswell, wtf

Shane and Ryan’s Mothman laughs made me crack up so hard

I broke out laughing at "rave nun"

things not to watch when you have to keep your windows open at night - this fucking series

your mothman call also attracted my dog (a husky), she lost her freaking mind


this slowly turned into a Tasty video lmao

you guys should hunt for the jersey devil!!

I have never heard of this “moth man”. This is a strange town

ryan's mothman call was definitely the highlight of the video

The Mothman’s secret identity is obviously Kim Kardashian according to that statue

Shane: “If I am the mothman.. and I am NOT” Ryan: “I don’t think anyone was saying that” Hahahaha

The 23:00 mark starts the greatest 20 seconds on YouTube right now.

those mothman calls will haunt me in my sleep


am i the only one that thinks the “growling” or “biting” that shane was doing around 3:00 sounded exactly like walking on gravel


Keith? Is that you?

28:29 I die every single time


shane all the way hahaha

They should do the Gonjiam Asylum

(spiderman) moth man moth man not a moth or a man spreads his wings moth man can watchout here comes moth man (batman) mamamamamamamama mamamamamamamama moth man moth man moth man! (superman) its a bird! its a man! no, its moth man!

I couldn't stop laughing at Shane's mothman call!!!! OMGGGG


ryan's mothman call sounded like me attempting to call out to my friends..


Missed these guys

A delightful mothman cookie complete with red eyes- lmao!!!!

the four people's description of the month man is that he had red eyes but no head?

Sister Ryan here for all your demonic needs

11:39 "When the two woman"

mothman is real he's my boyfriend and he kisses me softly in the forest while the fae sing hozier

Jeepers creepers

I live in OH, so I am going to ask to go stop their on our way to vacation!!!

Maybe call Mothman WingDude?

This reminds me of Blair Witch Project

What an odd way for Ryan to get out of a van... 10:17


4:30 BuzzFeed Worth It

The noises Shane made

Have you look at the russia sleep expérience?

O mothman é tipo o ET de Varginha dos Estados Unidos, então?

I love the boys

I liked riyns calls the best.

Y’all need to do the Beast of Bray Road or the Michigan Dogman

On this episode of Unsolved worth it we will be trying 3 different Mothman treats at 3 drastically price points, to find out which one is most worth it at its price.

Why does Ryan sound so excited talking about pizza and coockies

Can´t you do a video on the beast of Gevaudan (le bete du Gevaudan)

That pizza looks way good...look at the delight on Shane's face when it just arrived.

Jeepers creepers Where'd you get those peepers? Jeepers creepers Where'd you get those eyes?

I see supernatural,i click


22:55 I guess they are the real mothman

Mothman is Djinn

22:56 to 23:18 I CAN'T BREATH

this episode is too much for me

I love these investigations that you guys do!

This felt like an advertisement for Point Pleasant for so long.

"you look like rave nun"

Why don't we have Shane go and touch Robert the Doll/Anabelle?

i cant believe shane and ryan did a video on keiths boyfriend??


Sky beast sounded the best outta those.... And that sounds like Megatron's relative

IF this thing is real, it definitely sounds like descriptions of demons that I've heard/read from exorcists. Not the appearance, so much, but the psychological reactions and paranormal phenomena happening to the women that encountered it.

partake of the pizza of the mothman

“Ee mee ne ne me” -Shane

This has to be the funniest episode I’ve seen

Hmmm a demon maybe??


ummmmmm my grandma's maiden last name is Scarberry, and Linda Scarberry sounds familiar to me. But I don't know about any of my family living in West Virginia.


I was watching this and a moth ran into me in done, just done.

So wait It didn't have a head but it had eyes?


Go to riddle house or Alcatraz

Please do an episode about the Michigan Dogman

g o u f o h u n t i n g

Shane making those weird noises..... I know I say it on most vids, but... Shane is a demon. He's the best XDD

(Batman theme song) *MOTHMAN* dunuhunununu *MOTHMAN*

25:21 “SHOPPED!” lmao.

If I ever text "heheh" Ryan at 23:03 is what I sound like

I think those sounds they heard when they did those noises those might be loons the birds loons search it up.

who let Keith Kogane direct an episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved?!


i love how this went from silly to serious in a matter of minutes

Who are the 1.8K people who disliked this? Keep doing what you’re doing boys entertaining and well researched as always!

Shane is the best screech

The squeaking sound could easily be a owl carrying a mouse it just caught. Mice and rabbits scream pretty loud when they are frightened and would explain the red eyes

"How much action did ohio see in world war two" gotta love shane

Do a video on the Oklahoma unsolved Girl Scout murders

“Those worth It boys” I’m shook

Omg 11:40. That's my b day Different year of course tho

28:56...lmao... ....mothman probably feels embarassed for all humans..

two boys in a car, searching monsters, makes me nostalgic for supernatural


The moon monster is the best thing I ever heard lol

The Mothman laughing scene has me dead

wow shane threw some shade at worth it LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

"those worth it boys" amazing

Shane and Ryan, you both have to investigate in Ireland! There’s loads of haunted and freaky places to go to like prisons, schools, heritage centres and castles. Even the town I live in has an eeire atmosphere to it. It would be amazing if you tried to unsolve different places in Ireland!

"You look like a rave nun"

Light finder

“Is this how the Worth It boys feel like?” “Eh, not enough gold.”

If you speed it up to 1.25 it's the actually the funniest

i am so scared of moths

Some grass

I just keep thinking about that film jeepers creepers for some reason

This episode is so legendary largely due to Shane and Ryan's Mothman call.

yo Shane is legit the mothman how did he 1: know what the mothman sounds like. (or do a good imprestion) 2: HE legit said "if i was the mothman, which i'm not" it seems like he is trying to hide it. 3: that perfect mothman laugh to. oooooof exposed!!!!!!

Geez, I thought that the mothman was European (Northeast), and here I am finding out it's American... Of course. Also has anyone maybe thought that if these creatures were real they'd be dead by now?....

If he wants to squeak like a mouse..just say Eeeee or eeeeeek or squeeeeeaakkkkkkkk..or even better..just scream

Ryan almost gave Shane a "hind-lick" LOL

You guys should do slender man

Oh great now when I'm eating their cookies, I can remember that I'm technically eating a moth-like hybrid :D

Shane: Batman you’re my favourite superhero! Shane: Mnewmehemewmemm Never mind......



Shaniac and PROUD

wait Maybe the batman I mean ''mothman'' is an alien? because of the increase in ufo sightings and aliens have advanced technology so they could be the reason for the weird things like the cars and stuff.

Moon monster (moth man) is a insomniac

He sound like the guy who said “number fifteeeen, Burger King fooot lettuce”

2:01 You should ask Daniel Howell about that

Monthman is *THICC*

I low key want to see them investigate Skin-walkers

A wild squeaking rave nun

Wasn't there a Sherlock Holmes episode where they saw a giant dog monster because of a radioactive infection in the forest and it was all just a mental disturbance caused by the radioactive-ness? This sounds pretty similar.

I love Mothman. Mothman deserves the best.

“Is this what those ‘worth it’ boys feel like?” "Not enough gold" LOVED IT!

Gogo Ka One could say that joke was Worth It!

I’m just waiting for the day they actually find something XD

You guys should do something about the Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City. It was one of the bloodiest prisons in the world and is also supposed to haunted, but the whole history of it is interesting and crazy.

Found the song in the car :

24:13 if u listen carefully you can hear the mice squeaking of what Mary said

12:05 so he has no head but “beaming red eyes”?

*When I see a new video* 14:51

Ryan screaming mothman at 0:19 made me laugh a little too hard...

_"night falls almost upon us."_ lmaoo

tfw you select the wrong mic audio for the camera interviews

You guys should have checked out the Lowe Hotel while you were in town

Dream Daddy’s Robert is quaking.

Shane was way better than Ryan

I didn't know it was back I'm shoook

Finally! Thanks guys!

The worth it boys. LOL

Welcome to the comments section you are welcome to stay here as long as you want :)

Flappy Spookster

Keith kogane would have a field day

This went from buzzfeed unsolved to worth it

nananananananana nananananananana MOTHMAN

Imagine buzzfeedunsolved feat Shane Dawson

12:20 mothman doesn’t have a head but two beaming red eyes lmao


By far the most terrifying episode purely because moths freak me out. Before you ask... I think it’s the noses that get me.

Mothman or Jeepers Creepers ?

Ryan hitting us with the alliteration

I thought it was buzzfeed worth it

Am I the only one that feels like this thing is like the same thing in jeepers creppers??

3:22 That is literally the most out-of-place statue I have ever seen

I bet mothman is actually just a bunch of birds in a trenchcoay trying to get attention

Shanes reenactment was beter

you guys should come to north texas and come to look for the bogey creek monster

That mothman thicc

29:00 I am deceased

Shane’s moth call has me laughing so hard, I can hardly breathe

yall should do one about the la chusa lmao

"Marvel's Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover ever!" Ryan: Is this what those Worth It boys feel like?

Princess diana or kendrick johnson!!!

the moth call.

Shut up, Shane, I’m scared of moths

Ryan's motorman call was clearly better. Thems just the facts

18:53-18:59 i lost it

@ Keith

during their mothman calls at 28:50 he sounds like Phoebe in friends when Ross is playing bagpipes

“Some grass”

i want their mothman calls as ringtones

just spray some fucking raid on him and be done with it already.

Good Lord Shane!!!!!

7:32 That cameraman must be crying.

Wtf this is the weirdest one ever. omg! haahhahah!

Wait ok hold 12:01 how did the mothman have no head and arms but still had 2 beaming red eyes???

Y'all should go to the Paulding light in Paulding Michigan. It's been unsolved and is pretty fricken terrifying and confusing.

Both noise were asome

If you’re in the woods in the night and see a neon yellow light. You know that’s Ryan

“This feels good, is this what those ‘Worth It’ boys feel like?” “Eh. Not enough gold.”


You guys should do more true crimes. Those are my favorite (not that it’s all about me)

Point Pleasant is lit. That is all.

Nobody cares that the couples are related... anyone

mothman reminds me of that monster from jeepers creepers

Oh, Shane's impression is by far, the best.. Sorry Ryan ;)

at 23:00 I think they turned into the mothman themselves 0.o

23:00 - 23:18 LMAO

The manequin in the backrounds scares the sh** out of me

soo, the mothman doesnt have a head.. but has eyes? nice

"You sound like a pig giving birth"

what is up with the voice-over voice it's horrible just talk normal

I think it’s actually mothra and some time soon the Godzilla will come and fight it

mothman is a thicc boi


Shane's squeak will give me nightmares for years to come.

I'm from West Virginia, I'm sorry you had to go there.

Creeper from Jeepers Creepers


This started turning into a Worth It episode

firestone and autozone are right next to each other wowza

"is this what those worth it boys feel like?" "there's not enough gold"

Do the human foot discoveries

“Only two of us here” Isn’t there a camera guy? Nice video though!

So basically mothman is a vigilante like batman

How the hell do you have eyes without a head

Do la Llorona Legend (México)


The moth an made an appearance on the teen titans

Cant Wait for an episode where they die

stop with the fuckin noises!

Hopkinsville Kentucky Attack.

Keith is fucking shook.

This is something that actually was reported.

Hey on Next Buzzfeed Unsolved I think you guys should do the “Hopkins Alien Attack” very weird very unsolved and lots of aliens.

“you look like a rave nun” hahahahaha

Does buzzfeed unsolved normally have this much alliteration?


Best series .. try to find ghosts more often

Shanes mothman call sounds like the obituary for Zed in Men in Black 3

Missed you guys doing the supernatural series!! Enjoyed the True Crime but damn, love me some spooks. #theboysareback

Buzzfeed unsolved just gets better and better with every season!!!

They should add Shane to this series

How about gothman, cause he looks like batman, batman is from Gotham :)

i died when shane did those imitations

I'm not sure why they didn't mention the Silver Bridge collapse.


Who agrees with me that the Mothman looks like Big Chill from Ben 10

Sounds like jeepers creepers to me

Lol tf are you guys calling out doodlebob

Steve (Mallette) and Roger (Scarberry). Where my Captain Americans at?

I cracked at the call part lmao.

Lmao did Shane’s roar remind anybody else of doodlebob lmao

THERE’S THAT ALIEN THEORY. Ryan, thank you for not disappointing


I watch this video every single day since it came out just for Shane’s mothman squeaks

1. Shane: sound number 2 sounds like minilla 2. The radiation thing sounds like something right out of a 50s kaiju film

I don't understand why so many people are afraid of coyotes.

Most funny episode ever kudos for the mothman calls LOL

Every time i hear Mothman i think of Karl Pilkington confusing a Mammoth for a Man-Moth

omg when shane was doing the moth man call at 14:40 i couldn’t breath

This was the most pleasant unsolved episoed ever

Play this video while playing lofi hip hop at the same time it sounds magical.

I just watched the video at work and almost lost it at 23:05 ... Almost laugh and had to hold my mouth shut xD

ffs im always watching these vids in the dark

Alcatraz Prison! That's what its called lol

If possible, have you/can you guys do an unsolved episode about the.... Crap I can't think of the name of the jail thats on an island.... The one that has only had like 3 people escape from it....

ALSO, anyone else catch when Shane said something like how he wonders how many times Ohio was bombed during the war?? Uh, doesn't he mean West Virginia since that's where they're at???

LMAO!!! I absolutely LOVE the Logan Paul reference. Gosh that is SO DAMN TRUE!!!

Half of this video was just Shane and Ryan screaming in a high pitched inhale ahhaha

LMAO Shane at his unflappable best! "Mothmaaaaaaaan!" If Shane EVER sees anything, he'll just say it was just Ryan conjuring up something for his benefit. Side note: discovered you crazy lot a couple of weeks ago. Let's just say it has been a binge and a half. Absolutely loving it.

I didn't know Shane was a crackhead.

imagine the mothman just watching this, laughing at Shane throughout the video.

Please make video on robert the haunted doll

This episode = gold. Loved the casual shade Shane threw at the Buzzfeed worth it guys xD

i'm pretty sure that's jeeper creeper's my dudes

I've seen the mothman when i was 10

how did Shane even do that lmao


Is it just me or does the Mothman statue looks like a comic book supervillan?

keith kogane...

I live in Parkersburg like 45 minutes from point pleasant

*Why would be be walking around * Why not he's a fucking creature

Mooooooooooth meeeeeeeaaaaaaan 1:06 Ryan and Shane in 70 years.

Jersey devilllllll next place


The death of Jonbenet!!

you guys should check out Amityville

“you can say weed it’s 2018” *some grass*

Since moths are attracted to bright lights has anyone tried to make a some sort of a beacon of light?

I laughed so hard when ryan said the mothman got sickpack

I don't know about the four witness testimonies being the same is proof. Eyewitness accounts are usually taken with a grain of salt. In most cases when a crime has occurred a group of say 10 people will each give a differing description of the perpetrator. One says tall, another says short. one says stocky the other says lithe, blue eye or green eyes or brown eyes or sunglasses. The fact that the four from 1966 all have the same account is most likely attributed to them getting their stories straight. I don't know why that would be the case, but that's what it seems. To me at least.

This is THE funniest video so far

You guys are scarier than the mothman with those noises

You guys just made me more paranoid. Every time I watch one of your videos that mannequin in black terrifies me cause I keep expecting it to move...ugh, why!?

do dogman!!!

well, I'll get the popcorn

What if these readioactive marterials made these people see and think of Mothmans existence Like hallucination,

Worth it meets unsolved crossover. Supernatural food Bonanza.

You sounded like a pig giving birth Me- (wheeze)

23:04-23:18... i died

the bard owl. case closed

I missed this so much

watching supernatural unsolved vids at night, in a room with the most flickery lights in the history of lights... oh dear

Ryan’s face of pure disappointment when Shane did his Mothman calls

My guess is its a massive owl

14:17 i fucking fell out of bed wheezing, i cant

Maybe he’s just birdman

Mr. Windbiter sounds like an old heavy metal song Dio would make

You should investigate La Llorona or La Tepesa. Its a latina american legend - The shadeeeeeeeeeeeee

*Shanes impersonation of mothman is truly beautiful*

14:58 They both were marvelous!

*shane- are you scared?* *Ryan- shhh!* *shane- MOTHMANNNNN!!*

Why my country has no moth man or goat man? I'm sad!


just the fact that it's called moth man cracks me up

I wonder if this thing were discovered, would that town defend it?

is this a worth it episode?

Next week on Worth It $5 mothman droppings vs $120 real mothman droppings

i feel bad that y’all had to go to west virginia though. literally the worst state

mothman was spotted in Chicago a couple months ago!! where are you now, mothman?...

Did anyone else think jeepers creepers

do the bunny man

ryan did u eq your voice it sounds oddly diskant, also i read somewhere that ryan is 177cm which is pretty tall in my book but he always look so tiny here, probs bc of shane

Them mothman impersonations

People way back watch to much jeepers creepers

By far the funniest episode y’all have ever done

i was so tired i heard "teen n tea area" instead of tnt area like yeah obvs THAT makes sense smh

Spoiler alert: Mothman is one of the new characters introduced in Avengers: Infinity War

True crime pls

It’s Jeepers Creepers PEOPLE

I don't known why ,but this reminds me of Jeepers creepers

as a west virginian, i will say that mothman scares me shitLESS

If it is black, its demonic but if its white then it is angelic. They're racist

Well “interrupted technology and ufo sightings” just screams secret Government experiments to me

Well if I'm ever at seaworld and someone is smothering a dolphin, I'll know what it sounds like

That "Mothmaaaaaaan" part of the intro is the best

Keith Kogane

Im so sorry that i stop watching you guys by the time i got sleep paralysis i got it about 8 months ago and now im feeling better so im back watching you guys

It's said that a mothman sighting commonly happens before disasters. In Point Pleasant, he/it was spotted before the Silver bridge collapsed, dumping cars into the river. Indrid Cold is also sometimes associated with mothman.

Ryan’s Mothman noise sounded like he had a lot of practice hahaha

28:54 his call reminds me of majin buu from dragon ball z

Visit the Poveglia island in italy!!!

Man the guy who is REALLY trying to be creepy voice lol its just pissing me off plz don't try so much

Mothman is bird person from Rick and morty

Shane’s mothman calls were amazing!!!

Why did shane say "how much action did *OHIO* get in WWII"? Are you even in WV?! LIES. IT'S A SOUND STAGE. ITS A STUDIO! #BUZZFEEDUNSOLVEDTRUTH

I honestly think that the moth man was not of this world. I truly believe that he was an inter-dimensional being that was more than likely brought here by humans. Once he was brought into our reality I think that chaos was bound to follow.


29:01 after he says "sh" listen a high pitched noise is heard in the distance or is that just me?



I can handle ghosts, I can understand Big Foot _BUT _*_MOTHMAN?_*

Mothman thicccc

Any other people from west Virginia in the comments

Shane and Ryan are like Rhett and Link.

"Flappy Spookster" - Shane 2018

10:20 made me fully realize how fucking small Ryan is....... such a tiny man

spooky mushroom

Well Shane’s was a good noise but Ryan’s had a great performance

I bought the same gloves for 2 bucks on aliexpress, the tag had words misspelled :l I think I know where Ryan shops.

You know what just strikes fear into your heart ? King Coco from Kimba the white lion

Gloomy version of Worth It

go México Sinaloa mazatlan there is a cave called la cueva del demonio(the devils cave ) there is many stories one goes that there was handsome man that would go out and make women fall in love with him later he world take them back to the cave and they would never see the women again many people would go in to find them but would never come out later they sent a search team they had walkie talkies and the last thing they Heard was "join the fun" followed by screaming -so yea have fun

18:55 just play it

I mostly just want to see BOTH of you try your Mothman sound impressions!!!!

There is this old abandoned cell phone tower is Nevada county CA and there has been sightings of satanic things on it. It is super freeky.

you should go to white enamel

I'll do you better, why is Mothman?

Shane's Mothman Call is priceless!!

$1 Mothman Droppings vs. $100 Mothman Droppings.

Shane sounds like doodlebob from Spongebob

Y'all need to come to Ohio and explore the Athens Asylum "The Ridges".


There freak out at 23:10

Probably a Alien got stuck on Earth, that probably why she got calls from government

Yes season 4

“You boys from out of town...” I want merch with this please

You should come to Louisiana and go to New Orleans and find the Madame Mulort

point pleasant sound like pleasant park

*i can’t wait to eat his body*

Please come to the bell witch cave you guys can stay at my house in Nashville

why dont yall just shine a flash light


Jesus Christ that moth man call was terrifying


imagine driving home 2 am in the night and seeing a giant mothman statue in the middle of your town...

I have a phobia of moths and butterflies.. so the thought of the moth man gives me chills

“How much action did Ohio see in WW2”

Please do an episode on the Winchester House! My fiancé and I saw the movie based on the house this past winter and loved it! I’d love to see if there are really any spirits trapped inside!!

I kissed the statue mothmans butt anybody else live in wv

Okay but Mutations in animals due to radioactivity is rare. They generally just die. Or they have small mutations that would take centuries to actually evolve into another species

Shane's impression of the mothman had me dying!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao!!! omg! aahhaa!!!

Try la llorona the urban legend...

20 seconds in and I've already liked the video. The opening montage got me good.

How the hell were they under the influence when they drove the car out of there and saw it when they came back

I'm gonna have to go with shanes squeaking. ryan you did sound sort of like a confused pig in labor.

A great noted point would be that someone saw "The Mothman" multiple times leading up to the Sliver bridge collapsing. ~"Mothman sightings came to stop after the Silver Bridge collapse, leading to the theory that the Mothman and the bridge disaster were directly related. Some claimed to have spotted the Mothman near the bridge just before it fell into the river." ~

i got a name... "The Flightmare"

Season 4 finally!

My favorite boys

Is there not a moth man in Batman?


the cLOUD FIEND~~~ I love it

Shane your mothman was so cute

A guinea pig and a weird human... Nice.

I already couldn't take this case seriously.. and then their Mothman-mating-call-bludgeoned-penguin-squealed-pig noises happened

Are you mocking Worth It?

maybe the coyotes got to mothman

This sounds like the Hounds of Baskerville from Sherlock. It kind of makes perfect sense, this was a dumping ground for chemicals and weaponry; we sure that those chemicals didn't just give people the illusion of seeing a large creature, with heightened and exaggerated senses as a side effect?

My cat was so alarmed by the mothman calls that Shane was making

Did anyone else see the mannequin in the shop?

When you don't know about a crime What do you do? CALL SHANE AND RYAN THE CRIMEBUSTERS . MOTHMAN IN ARIZONA??

If my mom were watching, she'd say my laugh would be the perfect Mothman call.

Channeling Erik talks to Mothman They are wonderful beings please don't harm them. Thank you

fat tears rolled down my cheeks when I listened to Shane's mothman screech, that is probably one of the funniest and creepiest noises to come out of a humans body, god bless


I want to smoke whatever these two are smoking.

They should add Shane to Worth It lol. Shane and Andrew are top tier Buzzfeed baes

Please visit Diplomat Hotel in Bagiuo, Philippines.

I just watched a video of two grown men squeaking in the woods

what kind of scooby doo case is this. a town obsessed with the monster myth, a festival for the monster, an unsolved story?.. this is right out of scooby doo.

Now we know they could do Worth it just as fine

22:55 - 23:20 why is no one talking about this?!?!?

Sounded like pig giving birth

I couldn't stop laughing throughout this thing

Is it a bat?

You can't go looking for Mothman. There have been sightings of him all over the world, around the time when a major disaster happens then sightings just stop.

You boys from outta town?

ryan- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me- (wheeze)

Nooo shane is better

Shane had the better screech

Ryan u made A very good voice

i jus keep picturing the moth guy from spongebob

ME: “alright rango (my lizard) gear up we’re going on an undercover operation me and you were going to assassinate the moth man My lizard: *grabs fortnite minigun* Me: oh yeah and grab some meme grenades preferably the rreeeeeee


boy: Batman your my favorite superhero! mothman: *makes mouse noise* boy: Never mind.

I’m mad because I live in West Virginia and I could have met them

I heard another shriek after yours in 29:00

When they recreated the moth man laughing looks like mental kids having fun

Im always in sleepy hollow i would die if you did the headless horseman/legend of sleepy hollow

So an Ultra beast from Ultra space

Shane did better

I laugh so hard when they imitate the laugh of the mothman :D


Batman doesn't have wings!

“ya look like a rave nun”

The camera man for this show goes through so much! Poor camera man! #giveunsolvedcameraguyfreedom

Yuuuussssssssss, ever since you made the goat man video, my friend and I tell people we worship goat man but my friend claimed him so I claimed moth man as my god XD

You didn’t talk about how it’s a possible omen and had been reported at Chernobyl :(

Is Mothman a new Marvel superhero?

I thought Mothman only shows up when someone is goin to die/something bad is going to happen??

Mothman isn't evil he's a messanger who gets blamed for the destruction of things for instance the bridge he got spotted flying over he didn't do anything. Also mothman would not try steal a persons baby maybe if he knew the Bab was gonna become a terrorist but still no.

Yes yes yes yes supernatural yes yes yes I am a Ryanach

this is one weird scoobydoo episode

I was rofl at their mothman noises. Ryan’s reminded me of the Jeepers Creepers monster lol. Not sure what to think of Shane’s, both entertaining for sure

I picture mothman being jeepers creeper like.

Ryan: *unhesitant makes strange noises* let’s go deeper into the woods Me: *cries* so proud he’s getting over his fears

At 23:00 they’ve finally lost it

People in Virginia are a different breed

That mothman statue looks like he been eating his rice and cabbage


you guys should do moth man part 2 in chicago

He a writer, He a fighter He’s the wind biter.

Jersey devil would be fun too

you guys need a crossover with worth it

Did anyone else notice that orb like light above their heads at 24:49 ?


“I thought I was getting carried up into the trees”

Watch out, he'll eat your clothes and you'll be NAKED AND COLD AND DIE OF PNEUMONIA.

This was a request of mine! Thanks guys!!

It makes me think about the hound of Baskerville from Sherlock the BBC Serie, maybe there are some gaz under the earth that make some people allucinate ? It would be a natural cause and it going even to Chicago could mean that there are movements underneath, that it change idk

When animals come in contact with radiation they learn to adapt with it and can become mutated. It's like Chernobyl Where the animals have been known to grow two head some birds ance extra wings

Just saying the sightings are mostly around the 60's so maybe the mothman died if the theory of birds being mutated is true.

If you want a terrible representation or video of a local legend, call Buzzfeed.

Why is that statue gender neutral


Shane’s moth noises

This sounds like a lechuza


oh my god.. the thought just occurred, but Ryan and Shane are the real-life, more meme versions of Sam and Dean


Funniest of season 4!!! HAHAHA


That statue looks like the tick

Shanes was better

I'm already creeped out by west virginia because of the wrong turn movies

I’m surprised they didn’t mention the bridge collapse

Do the windigo!! Lol

fart sound ( l )


What if the mothman was real but it already died? And the body was not seen?


Okay, I've decided that Shane is the mothman

This has to be the funniest episode by far! LMAO


The two women described the Mothtman to be without a head but it has two red eyes? What

"He's a fucking creature, he can do what he wants". I live by this motto now. please make this into a hat or hoodie please

i always watch the whole video when they are Making vids like this

Keith would love this

Please do el Chupacabra in Mexico. It is constantly killing farm animals. Pleeease

maa maa ma am maaa MOTHMAN!,sorry when i heard/batman i had to

"These two weirdly optimistic pilgrims, are ready to embark-" Omg I swear you guys become funnier every episode

You should do the "Beast of Bray Road" next. It's very interesting Cryptid.

So nobody’s gonna talk abt Ryan’s attractive wink at 18:15?

Ryan why does your voice sound like that when giving info

Another great episode!

You should go to jersey and do the Jersey Devil

Shane made the better mothman call

mothman is a....MARKETING STRATEGY!?

You should go to alcatraz

Shane's squeal, though

this is the best show on youtube. please make more supernatural vidssss

They caught oga mid fight lol!!

23:03 - 23:20 that's a whole mood

My family had a sighting back when the bridge fell down my gmas brothers were goin to the store and he saw something huge and a few seconds later the bridge collapsed one survived and told the story just to die a few days later out of nowhere


I don't know if anyone has proposed this yet, but here I go. My theory is the Mothman was just an average Joe in the town who had was very dedicated to his Fursona. Maybe one day he was off in the woods as his fursona, a moth, and crossed paths with some people. Instead of revealing that he was just joe from the market whos got a fetish for moths, he goes "oh shiz" and goes along with the whole "Mothman" mutant to avoid embarrassment. (I'm kidding fyi)

Cannot believe ya'll were here and I never heard about it. I'm so sad lol

28:00 - 29:00


Sooo Much FuN

16:45 My new screensaver lol

7:33 sorry cameraman

Okay but that part between 23:03 and 23:18 that made me laugh SO HARD


Those noises Shane was making sounds like proof that he's a demon.

Shane makes me feel good and Ryan scares me with his fear

I think Shane's scream was better

Love these episodes

how about the hound of the Baskervilles

my dogs freaked out when u guys tried to do the “mothman call”

can you do loch Ness and Nessy

Is this what the worth it boys feels like? Not enough gold... LMFAO

Dr tried the fly experiment

Mothera needs Godzilla

The moth man noises by Shane were amazing

10:38 Ryan just failing at putting on that vest

6:00 Ryan with the doors hahaha xDD

ok why did they not blur the license plate :/

So the women said he got no head but beaming red eyes Ok then...


someone tag Keith Kogane NOW

"dip our toes" i (wheEzzeD)

I'm confused... Are these episodes supposed to be weekly???

Maybe it’s a fruit bat

This is why I watch thee vids during the daytime!

Capable of flight, wow who would have thought

ARE YOU THE MOTHMAN?!??!????!!!!!!!?!??

I nominate Shane to play Mothman in a movie if that were possible.

Keith Kogane just fainted from the title

Shane, when Ryan is looking through the thermal camera, you've gotta try and do some Predator clicking noises.

You should go to Akershus festning in Oslo it is believed to be haunted

Woah how do you get that Persona i have been trying to get Mothman

God please protect me and my family from this video Amen

10:36 “yeah i know, we don’t want you to get shot” real cryptic voice there shane

cause of death: 18:15

commercial episode?


almost chocked on my coffee at "flappy spookster"

4:15 what are you doing shane

Red eyed raven

"Is this what the Worth-it boys feeli like?" *"Not enough gold"* OOOOOOOOOOOOH

I want this as my job

to the moth mobile! m-m-m-m-m-m-moth man!!!

Who is the camera man?

Shane be looking like a supermodel

On the new season of Mountain Monsters it gets more educational


23:00 had me deaddd

I’m literally only here because of Klance. I do also like Shane and Ryan, but like... Keith stans mothman.

I can believe they brought Raven skin from Fortnite to real life!

That Mothman statue is high key a thicc bih

Try saying "pilgrimage to point pleasant" 20 times

the Mothmans new name (that I came up with) is now the red-eyed man your welcome

It’s like a travel channel at the beginning “Mothman.. a beacon of tourism”

I think they saw him/it. Ryan never used to look so disheveled and and beside himself during the wrap up shows. They saw something that night and are under some gag order to not tell us about any of it. The coyote wails could also probably be added up later on in the studio. I could imagine Ryan running around in the field scared shitless while Shane was trying his best to not crap in his pants. As the crew were leaving, the cameraman stayed in focus in the backseat recording the trail or whatever was left at the scene to his best. Those were some of the sounds none of them will ever forget for as long as they live. Coyote my a$$..

"some grass" lol.

“We don’t want you to get shot” ahhhh

Omygosh, the hiatus broke Shane. Fix Shane, fix him! 14:15

Ryan opening the door for Shane

lmao, when Shaun is like"rawwwwr rawwwr in the windbiter.

The TerrorSaur

It’s so weird to think that this is the 60’s. That’s the setting of “Hairspray”. It’s so weird to think about girls in those types of dresses and 2 60’s Zac Efrons Scooby Doo-ing it up in the woods.


spooky mushrooms

Shane’s interpretation of the calling is my kink

talk about the jersey devil next please


*Oh look it's Keith's boyfriend, Mothman*

Ok I was with you until you defamed the Richard Gere movie! It's like my favorite movie!! Yall are fired! Lol

28:30 Kenny?

Extra terrestrials = out of this world. Extra extra terrestrials out of this demension

I think that the mothman would be trying to protect people. It seems like hes trying to drive them away from dangerous areas. He also shows up before disasters and he scares people away so.

26:56 Cardi B was spotted

Ummm, mothman? Gender neutral mothperson.

Their mothman call attracted coyotes because it sounded like a dying rabbit.

I had this video running in the background until I heard Shane's Mothman's sounds...What the heck? hahahahaha

23:05 - 23:18

14:30 hahhahaha



OK somebody PLEASE I'm *BEGGING* you to make a Voltron parody of this in SOME shape or form!

I'm cryinganssdjdjdks


the chaotic energy in these episodes has reached a new high

You never talked about when the bridge collapsed and he was sighted just before it happened!!

Is it possible there are multiple mothman and that is they are not what it's coler is


I love Ryan's face when making the (mothmans call)

7:49 that's some good asmr

at 14:13 there is sounds of animals getting killed.

Beast of LBL, German town werewolf, Beast of Bray road,


when Ryan started doing the noise to call the Mothman in the woods, my cat woke up, looked at me with a 'wtf is that' face and then went back to sleep

14:50-14:55 “You sounded like a pig giving birth”


Shanes noises had me in TEARS.

Do one on cat man in ggow

"It sounds like a pig giving birth" DAMMIT SHANE

Pause at 14:29

Millard Halstead has a very nice last name .

These ppl were high

The smug white lad gets the win on the moth mating call.

the fact that ryan thinks weed could make you hallucinate a moth monster

I think they did wanted to call the mothmen, the Batman. But they couldn’t, because the name was already taking and they didn’t wanted to get sued. Or at least I remember seeing it on Lost Tape. I’m not sure.

Y’all didn’t even mention the collapse of the Silver Bridge

Probably one of the funniest episodes to date

23:06 WTF

How can I be afraid when they are squeak screaming

i missed my demonic daddies

Sound off: SOrry but Shane wins lol

How in the world did i not see this video? They literally were a few hours from my city.....what even.

23:04 me thinking about my future

Mothman you're a man who's a moth I said Mothman you're a moth who's a man i said Mothman your pretty wings are so soft as they flap against my lamp shade Duh Duh Duh Duh Duh It's fun to be a moth who's a man it's fun to be a man who's a moooth

I feel like this is just one of those traveling food shows

Its just the cosmic owl from Adventure Time

Okay, but those sounds that Shane was making were actually not human. I am very perturbed.


Omg y’all should get someone to dress up as your “men in Black” mannequin in the background and scare Ryan at a really tense moment

Hey ryan your freind look like pachulia

It’s so weird How point pleasant never looks like point pleasant in videos lmao


mothman: hey there, it's me ya boy shane:(WHEEZE)

Eeeeeee last chance mothman

The howls were from a pack of Mothmen, His name should just be Birdguy

when u said mothman , i remembered the dude from cyanide nad happine xD

Creepy video about Mothman and two wheezey bois making moth noises.

Ryan: This is good. Is this what those Worth It boys feel like? Shane: Not enough gold. I LOVE THEM AHHH

According to that statue,Mothman was some kind of flying personal trainer.

mothman is fake dude watche billschannel's video

*RAVE NUN* *in theaters may 20*

Knowing that you guys were only 2 and a half hours away from me makes me sad

moths symbolize death and my boy mothman is a harbinger of disaster. FOOLS

You guys were only out there until 7:30? LOL @ 30:16 you see the dashboard time Love the series! Hilarious

If I ever wanna go on a ghost investigation or any other. I'd wanna go with these guys

Its the man whos a moth

I’m watching this in the dark to see how long I can last before I have to turn on the lights lol

Wows mothman thicc

Dan Howell is shook

Well... somebody read Franz Kafka

You had me at Rick & Morty

30:25 lolol

Please trust me and jump to 23:10 with no context I am cackling

He sounds like jeepers creepers

Nov 15 is my birthday

Heyyy I live in Chicago Ima go downtown and look for dis du


None of the two sounds Shane made were human. Maybe this entire time Shane was a supernatural entity and is trying to convince Ryan to back off because he doesn’t want to be found out? ...Nah.

There called bankers.

I was dying watching this! The spooky flapster? Winged wretch?

A grocery bag full of sht. XD

Out searching for the Mothman, aka the Sky Beast, aka the Moon Monster, aka the Cloud Fiend (and 50 other amazing names from Shane).

You guys should do the Winchester house after!

if they the only two there, then who holding the camera?

I honestly feel bad for the cameraman who has to be dragged around or agreed to walk around at night, following these two men tryna look for supernatural creature xD

What year was this, 66... he was driving his 1967 car

robert is shooketh


I think is the chupacabras men.

Making me so *h u n g r y*

You Can hear him at 29:05


mothman from spongebob really upgraded

mothman story and you didnt mention that bridge collapse , WTF!! wasnt there a photo of him on the bridge before it fell ?

There was an urban legend saying that a woman with alotb of children said that the next child they had would be a monster and she got pregnant and the child was a monster long story short mothman ate all the kids

i think you should up your quota to at least 2 or 3 demonic places a season as nothing ever happens to you , you should be getting braver by now, with chest hair like that the mothman statue really needs a medallion

you never talked about the silver bridge he was on before it collapsed.

When mothman is thiccer than you

"Okay say I'm the moth man, in which I am NOT" 23:05 *Mothman intensifies*

I swear everytime shane or ryan made the mothman noises I questioned what I was doing with my life

1957 Chevy going "up to" 100mph, with 4 people in the car, in 1966. Alright. What were they in exactly?

I'd like it if you ever come across it. Hate stories like this. Bad as Mountain Monsters, all talk, no action.

Omg my name is in this!!!!!

Kiya and Max A who cares

Moth daddy

It feels like a Tourism Video....

"you look like a nun" hahaahha

U guys should do the smiling man

OMG!! I spotted pterodactyls at 23:00

I wish Shane and Ryan would go on an investigation and run into Steven and Andrew during a 3 price point food-adventure.

“is this how those Worth It boys feel like?”

I like Shane’s mothmans screem

Over time animals can mutate when exposed to radiation because their offspring will be deformed and so on. Edit: but mothman might be a bit of an over statement ;)

29:04 i can hear another screech

Those were wolves, not coyotes...

the moth man kinda reminds me of jeepers creepers


how about mothman and birdboy?


23:15 my two only neurons trying to connect with each other

23:10 the madness begins!

Whay about slenderman

22:54 that *laugh* 0.0

Anyone here love Mountain Monsters with Trapper, Buck, Huck, Wild Bill, Willy, and Jeff? I remember they investigated Mothman. Edit: Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams are shook. They need to be added to this series. Edit: also, y’all should have checked power lines. He travels along those because he is attracted to electricity


23: 14 I'm dead I can't and it's also cute it made my day ❤


research Greenman/Greenman’s tunnel in South Park, PA


Shane is a professional

so glad I watched this! you guys are hilarious and i loved the mothman impersonations. Haven't laughed that much in ages. you made this really interesting. thanks

Ryan:this is good, is this what those worth it boys feel like? Shane:not enough gold

Mister mothman Man me a moth Make him the mothiest that ive ever mothed

What did this episode become


Did i see something?

What about when mothman apparently made a bridge collapse?

All of those sounds like getting killed very slowly

The Mothman sounds a lot like Jeepers Creepers lol

Ma dudes he mothman fan gloves

That pizzeria manager wearing a goatse shirt?

*In bill's theory, if mothman is real, it was unknown*

Not the rock over the head excuse again

These two are perfect geeky friends. “Soul geeks”.

ok but like maybe the friendly cryptids and ghosts and other spirits don't want to be recorded so what if you guys turned off your cameras for a bit in some episodes and then recount to us what happened then ?? Like write down notes !


Mr wind biter

I live there with me nan

Some of these make my skin crawl.

I'm surprised that you didn't talk about the bridge. That is one of the biggest mothman legends

Why does this whole video feel like I giant commercial for Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Maybe it is just a turkey vulture? Those can get pretty big.

is no one going to talk about wtf happened during 14:14 and 14:27

It was just jeepers creepers


mothman gets the mots only true irish people understand

Wind bitter... I like that.

23:14 The scariest part of the video.

The scariest part of this video was when the screen turned black and I saw my reflection.

give them a show on netflix plsss

the chances of those chemicals being able to mutate animals are very slim and even if they could a creature as out there as the moth man evolving could not occur over a few years time.

I realized they made Ryan's voice deeper when he's narrating, bc if you put it on 1.25 playback speed, it sounds like a high pitched chipmunk lol

23:10 onward is me.... thats all i have to say...

aw, you didn't mention silver bridge, and the collapse,

Shane’s exhale of the mothman sounds like when spongebob got the boots from mister Krabs HAHAHHAHAHA

Can you talk about the Hinterkaifek murders?

definitely Ryan did better

"Q from Star Trek"

Is this how those WORTH IT boys feel?




Shane sounded like the World War Z zombies

Love the creepy sound in the end gives the exorcist movie vibe

Oh my god! Buzzfeed is searching for Social Repose!!!!


Do Slenderman maybe??

Mating call them

'heheheheh, shut up.'

I know who Mothman is He is .......

rave nun ryan

The screech off killed me

FAKE: When He says they were drunk how did they drive at a 100mph whilse “drunk” and how did they not crash the car and how did the police not tell if they were drunk...

Do you know the Mothman, the Mothman, the Mothman...

im so happy they did a west virginia location this time! i travel to point pleasant all the time and i live in wv too!

Doubt they’ll find it. Reports stoped appearing when the point pleasant bridge collapsed. Mothman could have been an angel or a figure like the grim reaper. Maybe it was trying to warn them.

Btw th bridge collapsed in the 60’s I was just scrolling down from a video and fond this.

This is just like Justice League

i think when you turn the flashlight to the owl it makes a shadowy figure

They found the Mouthman its the statue lol

I can bet that by the time they started doing these videos, they could never imagine that someday they would be in the woods imitating a mouse

this proves that maximum ride is a true story and max is alive with everyone else

Can I just stop for a minute to appreciate Shane's fashion and how gorgeous he's looks at 10:23 I mean, god damn, looking good, bro

shane’s squeak was better

weed, i mean the car prolly squeaked cuz t was old.

Ryan was better

"some grass" I can't

Blood bird, that one is decent!

the soundssssss

I’ve been to the mothman festival and it’s crazy. You got Bigfoot believers, werewolf enthusiasts, and psychics everywhere, it’s a big supernatural gathering. Also the museum dedicating to mothman has things like hand written accounts that were mentioned and some pictures taken by citizens, it’s pretty neat. The museum I think is only open during the festival.

West Virginia fam wya

Investigate Lake Una in Palmdale, California !!!

don’t forget that mothman caused an entire bridge to collapse

"is mothman real?" Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

y’all didn’t even mention how the silver bridge fell after he “landed on it”

Did they took down the video on the Winchester house? I can't find it !!!

What a perfect idea for a road trip (I’m from Jersey) Thank you for this! Also I checked out Village Pizza’s website and it looks delicious!

Ryan kept saying he was scared, like he has in many other episodes, but he came off, actually a lot braver than usual. He was all like, "Wanna go deeper in the woods?" just trudging along. lol

Go to billchannel Real Fake Unknown

is this normally?cuz i rlly found it right now.

dude,i found an death moth on my table...

I love when they do videos about where I live. My teachers use to make us watch videos about the mothman and everyone would just make fun of the whole situation lmao

So one time I went to the Mothman museum right next to the statue and they had like a napkin holder from a movie about Mothman on display, and because this is WV it isn’t exactly high security, so I took a napkin bc I felt special to have a movie prop. I still have the napkin.

Ryan sounds like the top 15 guy

I like Cloud Fiend xD

I love this video heck

How can the mothman die if its old

If you havent already you should do the jersey devil.

Mothman has some nice butt cheeks lol.

You shouldent let the townspeople know what your doing they might mess with you for one reason or another!!!

I just want to take a moment to appreciate the alliterations in this video.

How would Mothman have "two beaming red eyes" if they described him as not having a head? (11:58-12:08)

I laughed so hard at 18:12


they never thougth of calling it the Killer Batman

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee mothman here! Oh my god man I can’t stop laughing

The Mothman reminds me of the creature from the movies Jeepers Creepers

“forget about the richard gere movie” “I will NEVER” same

Am I the only one who gets Edward Scissorhands vibes from the Mothman?

I live in Virginia Beach. I'm Fucked.

Aliens are more probable than a fuckin moth man

23:06 - 23:18 is actually just me whenever I see people I hate fail at something

'Flappy Spookster' I think is the best name I've ever heard

U guys should do the Jersey Devil

This sounds like killer moth from batman. Also you should come to virginia and look into the bunnyman


mothmaaan na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na mothman.

Shane: Few teens out there probably smoking a few funny cigarettes. Ryan: You can say weed. It’s 2018 Shane: Some grass Me: Lol. Shane always can make people laugh.

Nah. They dropped acid. And she dropped a little too much one too many times leading to the issues.

Omg they went to West Virginia. How cool :)

that mention of worth it made my day better

imagine post malone in one of these episodes


12:05 "He DIDIN'T HAVE A HEAD, but he had red eyes."

Rhane for life!!!!! (Shane+Ryan=

If I was the mothman which I’m not

Ryan's going all out with the theory voice this season.

it’s a school night and i’m watching these at 12:47am in the morning. how pleasant.

Watch out. The Dolphin and the birth-giving pig are coming.


shanes was better

I live in WV and I'm pretty confident that we don't have coyotes

@8:17 shane is not convinced hahahha

My father told me that when he was living in Virginia, he drove on the road in the night. He said it was very foggy and that my stepmom (who was preggo at the time) was sleeping in the back. He said that suddenly something hit his car. He thought it was a deer because that was common. He said suddenly the thing leaned over the front window and stared at him. He said it was very tall and lanky and that it was the mothman. He said it had dented his car. He said that he climbed on the roof and that it seemed like he stopped above my stepmoms area but stopped. Then it took off to the sky screaming a high pitch like "a woman was getting murdered". Idk whether to believe him but everytime he tells this story he seems super adamant of it being truth so idk.

The flappy spookster

that pizza is so out of proportion.

28:27 you sound like Donnie from wild thornberrys

I LOVE when you guys do more cryptozoolozy themed things other then actual ghosts. Please please please do something on the jersery devil or Michigan's dogman.

Supernatural- hehehehehehehe Sammy Dean

These are my mothman gloves

What if it was Eating a Mouse! And that’s where the sound came from

She told the mothman to link up

Why didn’t ya mention the bridge

I mean come on, the wink at 18:14 is


“Is this what they worth it boys feel like?” “Not enough gold” I’m deeeaaadddd

Daniel Howell's nightmare.

this whole video is one big scooby doo mistery

8:24 - 8:30 Shane

Low key Ryan smoked a fatty blunt

Shane’s noises left me tearing

Should do an episode on the death of Avicii​


I’m certain Shane is the moth man! After the Shane’s impersonation going off in this episode, makes me positive!


I used to be OBSESSED with the mothman

When they’re sitting at the Coffee Grinder in the beginning I was getting hardcore Worth It vibes.

Mothman is like the Creeper from Jeepers Creepers for me.

If mothman WAS real it’s a huge possibility that’s he/she is dead it’s not immortal and with the size it was might of been an adult meaning no more real sighting in the modern day !

Most sightings were during the night right? Well when there's not a lot of light your depth perception can get kinda skewed so is it possible that they did just see an owl, that was close to them, but because they couldn't see well they thought it was something giant from far away. And the affects they had on the witnesses psyche can just be cause the people went through a traumatizing situation and never got a proper explanation for it rather than the story actually being true and the moth man having ~magical Powers~ ooOooOOOOoooh

Mothman is basically the towns way of robbing tourists of their money lol

I live in Illinois and I did not hear about any of these. However yes we do have sandhill cranes, beautiful birds.


did anybody saw slenderman in the backround at 2:48

Everything about this video screams Keith kogane


22:55 i can't stop laughing!!

CarlaHDXD the fucking sounds tho

I’m here for the food reviews


The sky beast! Moon monster ........... *THE CLOUD FIEND*

Ryan: “if you don’t mind, I’m gonna ask you to incriminate yours-“ Shane: “yes.”

They will eventually find something.

Those noises they made made me laugh so loud lmao

23:16 trust me

14:48 you can thank me later

Not that I believe in this stuff but why do I always watch these episodes past midnight, the music is more creepy than mothman

It was prime if the 60s, more than likely on drugs and found a person living in the forrest who chased them to leave or something, also if it was the talk of the town, someone could have possibly dressed up as the mothman to freak people out, thank god the clown craze is over.

Shane did a better Mothman call

I bet Mothman would have died of old age by now.

Mountain Monsters did an episode on this one

Least scary episode yet

I wanna smoke funny cigarettes with the boys

Shane is valid

These episodes best never stop coming

I wander when someone scare of mothman and saw the food

Shane #1

the mothman is THICC i need to squeeze dem buns

*fart noise*

Shane kills me everytime with his humor lmao

Keith isn't real but he saw this

The high pitched ‘MOOOOOTTTHHHH MANNNN!’ Made me burst out laughing omf

Virginia's Slender Man and Keith's childhood hero.

Its just jeepers creepers

I guess you can say she was SCARRED

I feel bad for the camera man...

Jersey Devil


Your making me hungry

you should do an episode on marilyn monroe's mysterys suicide

"You boys from out of town?"

the theory about the contamination and mutation is crazy. like it would take hundreds of years for the birds to evolve into a.. well, "mothman." and there's natural selection to consider. idk sounds fake. but this is still some quality content

Do a switch, you guys do worth it episode, while they do unsolved episode XD

do lawang sewu indonesia next

Yes y'all give me life

I wish they would make another try guys and buzzfeed unsolved crossover.

Kinda feels like they created mothman just to attract people, kinda like Bigfoot

14:54 you guys

i got a book on this once and i thought it was sooo interesting that i read it about three times.

shane's sounds better, I say. HAHAHA ^^

29:05 a possible squeak back??

Ooh! Special episode of Scooby Doo!

One thing not mentioned was the Silver Bridge in Pt. Pleasant collapsed in 1967. Lots of people like to connect the two, as Mothman was supposedly sighted nearby at the time.


What year is it, '66? Few teens smoking some "funny cigarettes". It's 2018 you can say weed. Man I love this channel



Right, the Voltron fandom brought me here I don’t know how to feel

“You look like a rave nun”

Mothman might be it and Stephen King wrote about him after encountering him and not knowing what it was so he called him it

Weed doesn’t make u hallucinate

you guys should check out superstition mountains near apache junction, arizona. theres the legend of "lost dutchman's gold mine" and over 600 people or something have disapeared and are suspected dead after trying to find it. theres a whole bunch of theories and stories and it's really interesting!

I live in West Virginia

“ Ghost aren’t real” is what Shane always says yet he’s still here

At exactly 29:00 Ryan makes a noise and it sounds like a farting noise (like if you agree)

great stuff but did Zack freakin Snyder do the color correct? damn. a gal can barely see

Shane is so funny I love it lol

And evening if you guys don't smoke weed doesn't coincided it as a drug and I respect people that don't smoke weed but also way before it was legal or not weed would not make you overdose from it or kill you let me say this its as harmless as a butterfly and harmless as other plantes that's not made in factories like cigarettes and chew

sometimes i think they really lost their minds

If you smoke alo t of the ganja wound not make you see things like that. Shooting coke up your nose and maybe Molly or just pills like that would make you see things like that bizzare

do we really know if it's male tho, it could be a female that looks male. huh huh

"you sounded like a pig giving birth" DWIWUBbAHAHAHAHHA


I LOST IT AT 14:16

Is "field mice" an actual drink or did he mean real mice?

What about the Chupacabra?

Every time it cuts to Shane my eyes are locked on that mannequin in the background, daring it to move again

People Have Said Its Last Sighting Was At A Bridge That Collapsed While He Was Standing On It And May Have Killed It...

Shoot a flair= moth man comes to the light

How can someone have no head but have eyes

very najs kep up the guud work, from danmark

16:25 “Naw mmm” What noise is that

Fuck... I live there

Mothman lookin thick

I've actually always heard that Mothman is not a bad guy. Supposedly he's just a warning for when bad things are going to happen. There are stories that people saw him in the sky before 9/11.

Some grass

I hope mothman is real

I love this vids but i am waiting for them to find something one day

they should def investigate the jersey devil

Mothman T H I C C

Why is this oddly terrifying

Ryan screaming Mothman at the beginning of this video is my favorite thing ever

is this comedy? hahaha

Sounds like jeepers creepers to me:/

This looks like a job for C.C Tinsley

“Is this what those worth it boys feel like” haha


The local radio thing had my dying oml

Why are the buzzfeed unsloved supernatural more funnyer than the regular unsolver mystery's

butterfly bro

Why didn’t you mention the bridge collapse?

Only two of ya? What about the camera man?

I went to that town and I didn't even know about mothman

By far one of the funniest Unsolved episode.

That moth mania thing, man, talk about sellout LUL

you guys aint attacting the mothman you are terrorizing the moth man or woman


It's candor or a bigass vulture

So practically the moth man is a giant big bird from Sesame Street

[ wind blows intensely ] ryan & shane: [looks at eachother]'s time i fucking choked

Me: *Has a slightly good voice thing (i can sound like a baby, and other things.)* Shane: *Weird unholy demon noises* Me: *Inhales quite squeaky* Me: *Exhales can't make a noise even though she could make a high-pitched squeak before*

he should be called mouthman

Well there is West Virginia for y’all I am from here

28:59 this is hilarious, it sounded like a scared monkey lol

6:00 Since when did unsolved become Worth it? Coming for their brand i see

I didn't know anyone could make those noises

Hitlers day, Weed Day and My birthday, this couldn't get ANY better

"Is this what thoes worth it guys feels like?" Oh Ryan

You guys gotta get a shotgun

*I thought for sure they would mention the Mothman being sighted repeatedly right before the Point Pleasant Bridge collapse.*

OI, we’re watching Richard Gere right now.

The statue reminds me of the Monster In Paris Monster

why does the narrator sound like the narrator from Lost Tapes?

That mothman has more cake than I do


If you guys ever go back to the dallas-fort worth area, about and hour and a half east, there’s a hotel in mineral wells, TX that’s been called the most haunted place in Texas

Omg the squeaking in screeching they did made me burst out into laughter

That pizza looked good I'm hungry now thanks boys

Shane’s MothMan Voice’s had me crying

23:04 probably the funniest part in the video.

*eating mothman droppings* “is this what those Worth It boys feel like?”

They posted this on 420

Shane was better


nah i really laughed when ryan said “mmm is this what those worth it boys feel like”


That demon laugh at 22:54

Keith kogane is quaking

please please please do the jersey devil

I actually hate the new voice they did for explain the history

Worth it x Buzzfeed Unsolved Mothman food

You guys should do Panteón de Belen in Guadalajara, Mexico or La llorona!!

FXT 9357 nice license plate m8

As a MothLady I give it to Shane that his call was the best.

14:06-14:57 is the best 51 seconds of my life

"There's only two of us here..." then who's filming? o3o;

sounds like Jeeper creeper to me

small town people be like: 7:55

What a screech.. lol..

Shane isn't even scared I love it

The creature would've went on vacation knowing that two BUZZFEED idiots are trying to take my place." These HUMANS"

Shane: “few teens out there probably smoking a few funny cigarettes.” Ryan: “you could say weed. It’s 2018.” Shane: “some grass.”

stop laughing you idiots

are you sure this isn't a comedy because Shane and Ryan trying to mimic a mouse was the funniest thing I ever watched

Is this buzzfeed unsolved or buzzfeed Shane and Ryan eat food

Brother Tells a Joke Me: hahahahaha. Shut Up.

"Concrete igloos" The word you're looking for is a bunker

Should've dressed in a mothman costume to blend in.

As i am watching this video from outside the window i see a red single light hahahh sktechy! Im sure its someones car from the house behind the yard its hilarious though

the ending when Shane points i can only imagine him messing with Ryan with a "look! There's the Mothman!"

mothman be out here lookin *thicc*

shane looks so amused while ryan is scared out of his mind


you guys should investigate the bray road werewolf. i live five minutes away from the sightings.

My dad doesnt believe in stuff like this but he was driving home one night around 1 am and when he got home he was shaken up saying something human sized with wings Jumped/flew out in front of him. But my dad doesnt get scared easily and I believe him so ya NC :p

If you write a comment on a new BuzzFeed unsolved, expect 1K likes within a week

"spooky mushrooms"

I feel like you guys should’ve gone to the location where he was most recently sighted.

you guys should look into the blair witch project!!!!!

s p o o k y m u s h r o o m s

Animal planet? Hell yea!

I love when Ryan says unsolved

What should you do next well have you ever heard of LIZARD MAN My Family has claimed to see it, My grandpa said it was 10 feet tall! But i personally don't believe it But i think it would be a interesting thing to investigate.

I sound insane lmao

Could you imagine if the boys caught the mothman on camera

what if it's already capture and is in area 51. Random thought

So we’re going to act like Ryan doesn’t look like Baker Mayfield at the slightest. 0:14-0:16.

“You boys from outta town?”

Plot twist: the unnamed witness is actually Keith Kogane

Fuckn squares

14:14 Shane's Calls, Can't stop laughing !

Call him Birdman

hey shane and ryan could you tell me where were the sightings of mothman in chicago becasue i live in chicago and i want to learn more of mothman also last time when i was doing the mothman noise that you guys did i got a response

pause at 23:10...... ur welcome

I don’t think Ryan realizes that coyotes are really little and don’t travel in packs

Come of Worth it Lifestyle we need a cross over

the alliteration!

i come here for answers and you give me nothing. worthless.

0:19 That, my friends. Is 100% pollution.

Lol that intro though

Stay tuned the news story in snap chat has a story/ news thing about the mouth man kinda you can see it in the surveillance video they have of some dudes house and don’t know what it was



Shanes gonna get ripped apart by a demon and in his last breath he's gonna say "I don't believe it", bro.

Video starts @ 9:00 ✌️

The one thing that I know about this cause I’m only a state over is that one time the moth man landed on a bridge he was spotted flew away and 3 minuets later the bridge collapsed and so so many people died


Shane is such a witty person.. my fave.. and Ryan with awesome detailing of stories.. they're perfect duo ❤ just discovered them last week and i won't ever ever be disappointed for binge watching their episodes.. i'm a fan now

Investage the jersey devil

Other news