The Sims 4\\ Brennan Estate\\ Build Tour\\ With Voice Over

The Sims 4\\ Brennan Estate\\ Build Tour\\ With Voice Over

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Hello. Everybody, welcome, to the channel, I am sim noob Zee and today, we have a built or so. Originally. This. House which. Is called Brennan, estate, um. It. Was supposed to be a speed build now I started. This build probably, a couple months ago and then I got it partially finished and then I, forgot. About it. So. Here. We are a few months later and, like, oh yeah. I've, got that build I need to finish so, here. We are with, a, build. Tour instead, of a speed build, so, I'm hoping that you're going to enjoy it I did, use some, CC. In this. Build but, it will be available on my tumblr for, download if you would like to get the CC that I used. Basically. What. I used that was custom content was um, there. Are some plants and a couple of, the windows, I, believe and I think I'm pretty sure that's it so. Oh sorry, see we're just getting started I'm already like all over the place with the camera. Alright. Well without, further ado let's, head inside. Of. Course you get closer and it. Like slows way the heck down okay we're gonna have shift so we can go a little faster, so, um. Although, this was really cute here. You can see some of the custom content flowers, that are used around the. Tree. Those. Are. The ones that are they're basically just recolors, of the ones that we already have in game and I'm pretty. Sure those are the ones from jungle adventure but. As you can see we have lots of. Trees. Around, the house I. Just wanted to have like well. Just you know a nice. Kind. Of forest you look maybe to, it I don't know but. I just really liked having all of the pine trees around it and everything and. Had. To use the get famous Pond, this time because it's super cute. So. Yeah. Alright. What's it the shift again there we go huh. Okay. Here. We are to. The front porch which I just realized I did not put anything on the front porch oh my gosh I never do, that, well. I guess now I officially have. Okay. So here. We are. As. You first walk in you can see we have a slightly. Different setup, for. The, living room, which. I, don't. Know why there's a couple coffee cups sitting there I'm, blaming the sim that I have living, there currently and, he. Needs to learn to clean up after himself, so, I. Also. Realized, that there's no TV this is like the second time I haven't put a TV into a build but anyway, it's not that important, so and. Here. Is our. Dining. Area slash, kitchen as you. Can see we've got things. For pets over here. Um. Yeah. We've got little pet station set up over there because. I imagine that the sim that lives here had a pet and oh my gosh this guy ah. Like. Seriously, does not clean. Up after himself he's got a plate sitting there too I'm, surprised there isn't green, smoke coming off of it yet oh my. Goodness what is it was the man seriously, they never clean up, I'm. Kidding, I'm kidding I know not all guys are like that my husband's like that but I know not. All guys are like that and. Anyways. Back to the build I. Have. A little bit of clutter mostly, it's just I've got things on the Shelf this time and, we've got a bar. Here. That is behind. The. Counter. Or built into the counter I guess oh there. He goes I always clean it up good job and. I. Put, an extra sink right there I'm not really sure why I did that but I did. So, yeah we. Have the mason, jar lights which I absolutely love, those are some of my favorites, um, hey. The SEM needs to go pee I think. He needs to do that there we go well, we won't go into that room right now well. His privacy. Let's. See so I. Guess. We'll come over this way and check. Out what's in this little tiny room here. This. In here, we have a, little. Laundry. Area. Very. Tiny very, tiny but, it is, accessible. By your sim so, despite. The fact that it's so tiny. Alright. Here we go and then he, should be done in the bathroom I'm assuming, yep okay so, we're gonna head into the bathroom now. As you can see there's this, different. Little like. A step, here. I know, we've got the, tub, which, I'm not sure why it's sticking, out so much I don't, know if I did that on purpose or, not we'll say I did because, I don't really remember, but, yeah so. That's the bathroom, I'll. Head over here. Now, I don't know. Why I went. So. Crazy, with. What. Is going on or some must be sleeping, because. Like, okay. There we go cuz the fish are they were freaking. Out oh my goodness, okay. Sorry. That totally distracted, me um anyways, yeah as you can see like everything's, got this.

Lovely. Brown. Or. Light tan. Paneling. Because, I was kind of trying to make it look like a cabin, a little bit and that. Was the best I could do so I have, a little desk here of the computer, and, then, nice. Little area over here which I totally, could have bought a TV over here I don't know why I didn't um, anyways. Nice little seating area and. With. A little bookcase here. And some CC. Paintings, on the wall that I completely, forgot about very. Cute though and then. This. Is my favorite thing that I did um I. Know you, can see the you can totally see the aquarium's. That are size down because I didn't really feel like hiding them so, I guess if you download this you are, more. Than welcome to, cover. Those better but. Yeah it totally. Gives the illusion that this is an actual. Aquarium. Wall, so, I. Know this is like a really random thing, to. Having a build like this but, I had all of this open, space right here and I didn't know what to do with it and I'm like you know what let's. Just throw. Some plants in here and here, it was my first thought and then, I, was. Like you know this. Would be really cool to try, to make it look like an aquarium so. Yeah so I put some water emitters in there and then I put the aquariums, in shrunk them down. As. You can see I do have some, custom. Mushrooms, in here that. Glow in the dark which is kind of cool so yeah, um. And. Then. We sized down some of the trees, that have the the. Lights on them and whatnot so it's, kind of like a faux. Aquarium. Wall I guess you could say I. Really. Liked it though I thought it turned out really cute oh that's, a bookcase okay here, is bedroom, number one. Where. I, see her some has, left some clothing on the floor which just. Reminded me I forgot to put laundry baskets, in the house, you. Might want to do that if you want to keep the the laundry stuff um, went. A little crazy with little plants over here cuz I just I thought they were really super cute so I was like oh we. Need to use these and we. Did. Yeah. This is the, main, floor bedroom the. One see. One of 3 if I remember right and. We have more custom paintings, on the wall. Closet. Over there I, love this painting over here this is so pretty so. Pretty, okay, and then. We're. Gonna keep going. Around here, we go, okay. Bathroom. Okay. More custom, paintings, and. Flooring. I just remembered, when, I saw that and then a little bit of custom, clutter, so. I mean it's it's. Not like. GameChanger. Type, custom. Content that I used I mean you can you. Can absolutely. Still. Use the, just, fine without it and just replace it with, you, know normal stuff it would not break, it, and. It would be totally fine. All. Right so, I think we're gonna go upstairs. And. Then, after, we finish the upstairs and we'll go, outside. I think, that. Will be the plan. So. We, are gonna come, upstairs. To. Do turn around there we go okay. I'm. Come up our lovely. L-shaped, stairs here which. Just an, FYI, um, wait. Why can't why, can't I go up. Where's. My, stairs. What, the heck. Why. Happened my stairs I. Am. So confused right now I don't know what's going on all. Right we're gonna. Why. Is everything looking broken, okay wow. That's. Fun. Okay. All, right we're gonna go home through, this door first I don't remember what's in here and we'll see oh yeah. This is the little workout room got. Some um. Custom. Curtains, up and, just. A just, a simple. Little. Workout room, nothing too terribly, fancy we, got Stevie there also we do have a TV a, TV. For, listen. That's using, the. Treadmill. Oh. Pardon. Me um we. Have the speaker, up there on the wall so they can have some music. And. Workout bench thing. And. We have a yoga man's. Gotta. Have a yoga mat, because. Yoga is awesome. All. Right and I think yep. Here is a second. Bedroom oh my, gosh walls seriously. Nice. Little red, theme going here, was. A few. Custom. Paintings. And. Custom. Dresser. And, flowers. There oh, and. Those little side tables as well and the lamp or the I'm, sorry not the lamp the. Light. Up here the light fixture that I can't show you right now, and. Those curtains. Figure. I should probably point out all of the cc's that way you guys can decide you know if it's something.

That's Easily, replaceable, and. You. Know that, sort of thing so if, it's not you know like I said I'm gonna have it on. Tumblr. A little, bit later today probably. Um. Let's. See eeny meeny miny moe okay let's do this one first, yeah. This is the next, bedroom, I, think, I kind, of planned on this one being like the master bedroom as, you can see they, have all. Of. These wonderful, giant. Windows, so. They can look out over the backyard and, they, can see, this. Lovely view out here. So. Pretty. Kind. Of paint around and, then I. Wanted. To give it like, kind of a little nature feeling, here so, that's, why I put the vines up um. Looking. Back I'm not sure if I if, I would have done that again oh. It's. It's, different, it's not bad but, it's different, so yeah. Size. Stuff bucker, curtain. Now sized up rug down. Here, as you can say use a lot of outdoor stuff um. But. Yeah this is this, is like the, master. Bedroom. We're. Gonna. Come. On over here. I'm. Not going outside yet, and, then. Oh two. Doors again okay let's go here. Hi. This is the walk-in closet, that I made we. Have the little box. From, get famous that they can stand on to get wardrobe. Change so I got the closet. Little. Bench to sit on and, for something different, we've got some custom windows here so, that way if your Sims up here they can you know holler. Down to whoever's. Down in the kitchen if they need to talk to them for whatever reason, because these are, actually, open a little bit at the top so, yeah, so they can totally hear you. Anyone. Got the little shoe racks down there. All. Right and, then other door must be the bathroom because I know I gave this one its own bathroom yes I did all, right Oh toilet okay right when you walk in. All. Right so this, is the. Master bathroom, which. Also has those windows in it just for something a little, different and. Again they can call down to the person, that's downstairs if, they need to. Hold. Little clutter over, here, okay more than a little it looks a little messy but, you know lived in will say that that's. A good a good term to use for it again. There's the shower there. Let's. See yeah that's. Okay. And then I. Guess. Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's it. For. The upstairs. You, know let me see let's come back out here real quick what was in here oh that's another door to the bathroom oh yeah. You guys didn't see this this bathroom, okay, I totally forgot there was an extra bathroom okay.

So, Here's. The sink, lots. Of clutter again, and. I. Thought this would be really cool to put this little water feature here I don't, know why it's just something different and, then, of, course my favorites of the seasons tub. And. Then over here yeah, there's the shower and, swar. Actually. These are not custom, paintings, these are by TIA 33. I believe. Which, oh my gosh I forgot to give her credit in the gallery, okay. I will be fixing that as soon as I get back into, game after, I get this video. Recorded. Oh my. Gosh I cannot believe I did that that, is just terrible I'm so. Particular, about making, sure they. I give credit to people so, that really upsets, me that I did that, I forgot. To do that but. All, right so here's the back. Upstairs. Deck and, we, have some custom. Chairs over here. And. Then we'll have more custom. Furniture. Out here too as well, yeah, he's lovely, looking oh, it's raining wonderful, lovely, looking um couch. And chairs which I think are just yeah they're just barely under the roof so, your son would not get wet if it was raining like right now. And. Then we're, gonna go ahead and. Check. Out the other side I'm pretty sure, the. Other sides the same thing yeah. Yeah we got the same thing on the other side, okay. Now. Let's. Go ahead and drop, down through, the floor there. We go, just. Cuz it's faster, I, love. That wall. Alright, where's the door. I. Mean, it's not like it matters we, can just go through but, I kind. Of wanted to you, know do, the real the. Real thing huh here we go all. Right going, off the back door a, little step there alright. Here we go as. You can see our sim has been hard, at work making, cheeseburgers. And. This. Is the, ooh, what's, thunderstorm. There ewwww nice, okay. So we have little adorable. Table. And chairs out here to, eat. Their veggies. Or, whatever it is that they make and my. Favorite plant trios over here, and the trash bin right there. And. Then, let's, see we got the grill over here and some more plants. And we got the garden hose there just in case it catches on fire that's. It's usable but you know that's, the thought that counts right. Now. Those, hollyhocks, over, here and some these plants, over here as well our custom, I have. More custom. Terrain. For, not trying paint but um. Flooring. Out here that I used for the deck area and. So, I guess I think he's a little more CC than I thought I did I apologize for that, um I. Shouldn't. I don't really apologize, for using it but for saying I didn't use very much when I actually did, I just, forgot that I had as that, I use as much as I did to be honest but.

Here's Another nice, little seating area, out, here. And. Of course it's covered because we've got the deck above oh, I'll. Get the bar out here. Honestly. Though I love these hollyhocks, they're so pretty in that color they, really are I wish. It was not, raining, right now though okay. So come. Over here. And we've got some, little chairs. To, lounge and. Nice. Large. Pool. Which. Of course I had to put the the turtles in because I love the turtles and. That water looks, gorgeous I would love to just jump into it seriously. Now. For my favorite, part of. The backyard is. This. Lovely, little, kind. Of party, space. That. Has a little, bit. Of custom stuff out here as well that plant, thing there. And. Then this furniture. Over here including, the table as well are, all. Custom, so yeah. I think. We, chose flooring. Is as well but. This, looks, so, pretty at night I absolutely love it out here and I, would totally, like. Want, to live out, in, this little spot right here because. It's just perfect oh I just realized I kind of doubled up on the bars whoops. Well. I mean, you. Know I kind of didn't. Really see this house as being one, for. People, that had kids I thought maybe it was more for like, young. Adults that, were grouped, together and, maybe getting started with a career, or something like that so. Yeah. But let me take it out of first-person real quick because I want to show you guys how pretty this is at night honestly I'm. Going to build mode. Iris, or in morning. Known. Evening. Nights, there, we go. Seriously. Though how pretty, is this, and. I, think I'm, pretty sure use the light at stairs from. Get famous but, yeah check, this out you guys isn't this nice, I am, so pleased with the way that this turned out I really am and, then, of course we got back, of the house I think yeah. I put some lights out there okay, hey. Allen this is the, view of. The, back of the house, at. Night. Everything's. Lit, quite well back here so that your Sims would have no. Problems, getting, around, and. Then we'll take, a quick peek at the front and then we're gonna go ahead and call it.

Because. That was pretty much everything so I. Just. Wanted to. Show. You guys what it looked like oh I. Didn't, realize that the pond, glowed. Like that, oh that's really cool, but. Yeah this is, what. The house looks like at night I've got. Some. Lights. Underneath, the, bushes in the front of the house just. To kind of give it that little bit of extra lights, and then it puts some. Lighting underneath, the tree that's in the middle here. But. Yeah I. Can't. Really see the roof very well but that's alright that's not important so but. Yeah anyways. That. Concludes. Our tour for today so. I hope you guys enjoyed. Brennan, estates this is one of my favorites, despite, the. Tan. Colored. Wallpaper. That I used throughout the entirety, of the house oh. I'd. Probably, go, back and change, that a, little. Bit later on if, I decide to play in this again, um but. Yeah because like I said I wanted to have that cabin feel and just kind of check over I guess. So. Ways. Thank, you so, much for watching you guys I really do hope you enjoyed it if you did hit that like button I, would appreciate that, also. If, you, would like to, hit. That subscribe button so that way you don't miss any of my future videos that. Would be awesome, because. I've been I've got a lot of videos that are gonna be coming up um over. This next. Time. Probably over the next month, really, because, all of a sudden I have a bunch of recording, time so I don't, know what else to do with myself when I don't have anything to do in the house so. So. Yeah it's lots of stuff will be coming if. You want to follow me over on Twitter that's. Where you'll find some channel updates and updates. For my twitch content. As well because I do stream over there Tuesday. Through Sunday every, 9 p.m. Eastern, every. 9 p.m. Eastern, yeah. Ok oh I. Need to drink more coffee alright, you guys I'm, gonna head out of here I will see you all next time bye.

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A great tour of a great build!! I love how the pine trees give the illusion of a forest and really play into that cabin feeling. The faux aquarium is one of my favorite features but can we talk about how stunning the glass windows are with the bedroom overlooking everything!! The porch deck at night is simply beautiful with those lights. And I like how it feels very cabin like but updated.

Thank you Erin!! Oh my gosh, I freaking love the faux aquarium lol At least the sized down aquariums will be easy to find if someone downloads it. They will need to restock them. I loved all the windows in that bedroom. I still feel I went a little crazy with that wallpaper on just about every wall. But, I still love it. I had to have the Pine trees, they just needed to be a part of it. I'm so glad you liked the build! I still need to get it uploaded to media fire. I already know the file will be too big for SFS lol

Nice Build!

Thank you so much!

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