The Skiathos Kittens: Part 1

The Skiathos Kittens: Part 1

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I. Love. Greece and the Greek islands that have been going on holiday to them for over 35, years the, history the food the people the, natural beauty and of course our relative closeness to England are all things that are made them my favourite holiday destination. But. It's something else that has made me come back to the small island of Skyros three. Times this year and that's, the cats, I. Made. A documentary at the beginning of the FF a dire situation, that. The charity who looked after the cats finally. But. After holiday in May I sort of things were not getting any better and I needed to come back and make a follow-up film little. Did I realize just, how much, of an emotional rollercoaster this. Trip would be. Come. On that one. Sorry okay one I can vote on, something, like that is very sick. Where's your sick brother, Oh sick. Mother mystic. Moon say Saturdays. So. Looks like the kitten is in here, somewhere. Cats. Have been in my life for 25 years I had no idea how much joy these little fur balls would, bring me noodle. Has been with me for 18 years and Bertie, and Percy for 11 years they. Appear my videos frequently and even, have got themselves their own Instagram. Accounts, I couldn't, imagine life without them and it's always hard leaving, them as my job takes me away from home for. Many months each year by. Percy by, Betty. I'm. All good by few pairs. Make. Your heart mate. Bye. Guys to. Be going back to skiathos, so soon after being there the holiday felt strange although. It has to either feel a bit like a second, home to me after going back so. Many times since my first visit in 2015. What. Makes the island so special, what, makes any people come back year after year is it's hard to nail down maybe. It's the size being, just 12 kilometers, across, maybe it's the lush green landscape. Maybe, it's the perfect beaches, really. It's all of these and much, more. Stray. Cat sucked everywhere, the Greek islands and for the most part they're, malnourished and. Poor health and unlikely, to have long lives on. Scaffolds. I noticed something different the. Majority, of them seemed well-fed, and healthy and, this is mostly down to the huge efforts of Charon hearing and, the charity, she started, scaffolds.

Count Welfare Association I. Got. Involved with them a couple of years ago when I donated my photos, that I'd taken of the island cats for their charity, calendar. Let's. Do it they're a charity who do an amazing job in making sure that the islands population is, kept manageable, by, trying to new them as many of the strays as they can and every. Single day a team of volunteers feed, the Straits across the island. What. They aren't though is a cat shelter. Despite. That Sharon, takes in kittens and other cats in need into. Her home to, look after them and give, them a chance. Bottle. Feeding the kittens without mothers, and, keeping, all the others fed and healthy in the hopes that someday. They'll. Be adopted. In. A box and. Treat. Her. Just, literally opened so, now she's moaning, because, you can see everything me. Buh, buh buh buh buh buh, holder's, do you think, nine. Days. Beautiful. Markings infinite. With the chances of survival, included at once our mother's. Very. Slim very. Slim. Just. Can never tell. You. Baby. But. Eyes I'd, like to get them better. You're. Eating you're, playing book. Is one of five and. Only two of them are survived. The. Back not. Only to present but get in there slowly but. Both eyes were closed I mean. It was just in a bad batch today we can eat when we drink. Talking. To bed a few times. That. I'm. In all of what Sharon does the amount of hours, she puts in every, single day he's. Insane, and, when she has the boss will feed the kittens she's, working through the night as well she hasn't had a day off in two years but. The biggest problem they're facing right now is they cannot, stay where they are Newell they have to leave the, house and the land they. Have to buy a new land and build something purpose-built. To, give the charity, a secure. Future but. It's not going to be easy especially as, they're completely. Funded by, public donations. During. This visit I wanted to do a number of things first. Off I wanted to be with Sharon, when she gets these call-outs for. When his kittens are found, because so, many had just, dumped. In the middle of nowhere or even. In dust. Bins I. Also. Wanted to find three, stray cats are really important, to me who. I met on previous, trips. Ginger. Nuts. Harriet. And. Move. Sarah. And I met ginger-nuts in the summer of 2017. And, he. Was, amazing, KUB, lead in the very first moment we saw him every single day we were there and. When I film the documentary in, January, he, was there as well a very. Lovely big, ginger, Tom became. Very special, to both of us he. Met Harriet on a, gay lady summer beach she, came out to us and again so. Incredibly, friendly. And cuddly. His. Poor one looks like is and, I removed, and stitched up recently. Very. Friendly, though beautiful. You okay oh. Poor. Thing, looks. Really recent. New. Friends. Sarah. Has made another new friend and moves. A strange on Mooney ever met her once in town, that, she made a huge impact she, was, beyond. Friendly. We. Didn't see her again though for, the rest of the trip she's. Now called mu because she's got a little bit of cowl markings, hi, mu. It. Didn't take long before I got my first phone call from Sharon about a kitten, who, were stuck says, off to see if we, could rescue it. So. I'm trying to find this one that mary says is. In here. Uncovers. A wheel somewhere. So. We. Need to get they. Need. To wrap these to. Get any a nose she's, one that contacted me to say is starving, it's, big dumped there but the problem is if it gets out there's. Two vicious dogs it's been eating, sorry. Killing, all the kittens. In. The boatyard that's why I feel pelican. Able. To. Climb. Over. Just. Look around there and see if. I've. Heard something. Since. A witch car. About. That one what's what's happening at the kiosk and the girls. Said. They found the kitten is stuck somewhere. In the kiosk mmm, not in the chaos for it next to club between Oh a rule. Or something right. So. I've come to triangle it symmetry and. Makes us to get back there. After. An hour of fruitless, searching and, with the news that there was another kitten stuck, in a wall back in town. Sharon, made the call to head over there and come back to the boatyard later. Some. Tourists came by in a sense two hours ago you was already there. Tires. A kitten inside. Behind, this electrical, box here but how, it got in then. How to, get it out we. Haven't heard that since we got here but um it's. Very noisy everyone, gets quiet or debtor who listen to try and coax it out.

Quite. How the kitten got in there you're, the mystery perhaps through this pipe. The. Black cat was meowing to him. Very. Small he. Could just about see the kitten in there but there wasn't enough space to put your hand through the try and pull, it out lots of different ways to try to try and get it to come out on its own but it wasn't happening, Sharon, thought the best thing to do was just leave, it until people left, and hope he'll come out on its own somehow. I. Came. Back a couple of hours later when everybody else had gone to, see if he was still there and if I could try and get him out so. Somebody's taken, away part this wall. But. The kitten still in there. Hello. Why, don't you come out. Come. Out come. On. Where. Are you alone, are still in they can't get out of a canoe. Your. Own. You're, almost out, come. On come. On, it's okay. Then. What's the best thing to do because I, don't, know if the kitten the sustainer, and by choice I'm. Thinking it can probably come out I can't see any way that's trapped but, definitely. A scared cat. Come. On, put. Some water now for you we. Need to get this cat taken. To showering so it can be looked after. And. There's gonna stay in there and doesn't. Want me to bring it out I think. It's not by choice at this point I think it's just been scared by the boys they are poking it and stuff. Where. Somebody come by in the morning and I come and check let's, see if it's okay poor. Little thing too. Cute, I'll, take you home with me. I. Woke. Up the next morning to, some scratching in my apartment, window and the ground floor and, there's his little kin so I did. What any normal person, would do I gave. Him some dreamers. If. You're gonna have an alarm call having, kittens come, into your room that's, not a bad one when. I checked my phone that's what it was a message saying that the kitten from last night that was trapped inside that wall was, no longer there it, had probably just come out on its own and nobody knew where, it was. So. My first port O'Call was, to try and find lovely. Harriet on Laney, Beach when. I last saw her in May the beach was very quiet and it was so easy to find her, of, course it is a hell of a lot busier than when I was here in may. Go. Beyond the lounges just. Just. Myself and Sarah hang, it really. I think, it should be busy in something, too hot I think, she's gonna be anywhere she's, gonna be in, shade, I know well. The other cats, heard. Last time Severus is always under the cars it. Wasn't anywhere near as what it is today so, I have. A look around if I can't find her I come, back for some time it'll, be a lot. Quieter here I got. A phone call from chat and telling me that a tourist, who was out hiking found. A large, number of kittens, in the middle of absolutely, nowhere clearly, being, dumped. Walking. Up the track and there. Was a cat sat here a lot, like a cat but it's probably a big kid and I just, wandered. Up and when I came back round, the walk around and there was the six little kittens but, probably, I. Knew, there's a dog place it yeah yeah, and then I googled cat. Country, and. Came. Up and then I got in touch to say like is, there anything that can be done yeah, and then a lady, called Julie put me in touch with Sharon. No. They've gone in that bit shy they've done it they've only starts to come out recently there's two. One. Two three four. Is. A for this size. There's. One little time, to.

You. Not see any female cats do you think there's. One other tiny, one. Well. Jeff. Sees two that would like this one we're very fair, not feral, but very, whereas, the kittens were very friendly. They're. Just sick one that size. Well. It's always difficult with, it because you, know, these. Won't in. My opinion I don't think these will survive. If one of them is dying and. The related and, they. Might have something inherited. From the parents, the. Cut, so. I'll take these own put them in the shed and. See. How they get on dfleege you woman all that stuff I think, need to go straight to vests and see, what they're going to do by that one because, I don't, think that one as. Jim says will make it. So. But, the others this, one is. Impact, looks like three litters one. Two. Three. I think, they've, been dumped, really there's, no way these cats gonna go, there's. Nowhere here which, walrus are or where. People. Live I think these, have all, been dumped. Here. I'm. Not the first I've seen you I've just been to make the people the tourists, sweep from this way. God. Knows finger, ups or somewhere like that in the middle of nowhere and. It's. Not been eating or drinking. No. The bench beating in all of them was seven I've got six in the car that are healthy. To. Like cut, the maxi. Mperatures. Will. Euthanize. It because. You. Cannot breathe properly. That's. Been the hardest part so far that's. What I asked is anything did save them. They. Know better than me. And. Squeaking, away. Let's, have the other fight make it I'll, go check out the Moon scenes. While. Sharon, took be surviving, kittens to our house I really. Needed to do, something to take my mind off of things, I really. Needed to find Harriet. So. I headed off again to. The opposite, side of the island and hope that. The beach had quieten, down. Fishies. Harriet. Palliate. Hurry. Up will. You. I. Have. Missed, the seafood, sorry, to fear. It, was such a relief, to find Harriet, she's. Such a wonderful, cat. Harry. If he's still hungry. Then, she looked great her I had healed up so, well do you want some. This. Is last, time I saw and she had those stitches but. Now she looked fantastic I wish, I could have stayed with her longer but, I got a phone call from Sharon saying the kitten at the old boat yard that, we couldn't find has, been seen again so, it was back to the other side of the, island again. So. Looks like the kitten is in here, somewhere. An. Indian. Need. To try and get come on or maybe. Get the engine get. The keys. You. Think he's in here up here. Sharon. Lee did the traffic is insane could be taken to safety the, best way to tempt. A very. Hungry kitten, out from something like this is, the palatal down some food, Sharon. To the side with. The, cage to. Try and. Catch it. There's, another cat taking the vid. That's. Not for you. So. Obviously. The captain scared by, the trapping, but, now it can be taken to, safety and be fed and looked after. Only. One. I. Know. Honey, I know. One. Of the many things that Shannon, is doing every. Single day of being pulled in, every single. Direction. In. Part two of the Skyforce, killers, we. Meet Simba the cat who was thrown in the dumpster, not. Once but twice. He'll. Come out the, kitten from the wall turns up and, finds a new place to hide. I. Find. Out how to five surviving kittens that were dumped or getting on it shines. My. Search for the stray cats ginger-nuts and mood continues. And. I. Find four gorgeous, little fur balls living and, the older.

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