The Spectacular God's Window in South Africa | Mpumalanga | Mawusi Bush Lodge | Hoedspruit

The Spectacular God's Window in South Africa  | Mpumalanga | Mawusi Bush Lodge | Hoedspruit

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yes finally oops what's this we arrive very homely magusi buffalo this is too big for us it's a very nice place very cozy very private and we're not going to eat that much so we're going to keep the kitchen clean we have noodle soup which you can put boiled water that's the one of the big vibes this is our giran [Music] lovely lovely bedroom oh they're so sweet and look at that we have these chocolates free albino like this last three slippers oh and then a-row i prefer this one the a-row very nice [Music] i'll show you around um i'm not really keen on the bed with my foot part facing the big mirror i'm so superstitious about it i always have a bad dream i think it's exclusive anyway you can see from outside you can their window it's tinted i'm still afraid i don't want to invite people down in here let's see i haven't seen this one yet this is close in the fridge we have a welcome drink look at that name after this lodge yeah is it yes what was her name she didn't say it no she didn't say liz i think liz i think so sorry you didn't register in my mind and the milk for our coffee we're going to stay here overnight we're not going out for dinner very nice portrait in here okay so we're just going to unpack refresh our dinner chicken seafood there's no spicy seafood gum spicy seafood adventure especially prepared with a secret ingredient [Music] look at that oh my god [Music] super food slice yeah okay and this is also by our special chef secret look at that all the ingredients superb you can never find this kind of ingredients in a restaurant yeah this is homemade i put it in the bowl i'm just trying to avoid washing this dishes bon appetit hello good morning good morning sunshine [Music] what a lovely morning the sun is up and the wind is cool can you stay here a little bit longer it's expecting on my left part um baboon queen of the leopards okay i don't have butterflies everywhere oh i know good morning you're right good we really had a good sleep yes [Laughter] and then this is the pool area i can swim today i think dina and survive you know what i mean beans where are you mr fab coffee sugar brown sugar recommended guest review awards 2017 9.7 out of 10 very clean and please gum very quiet where's the sweet dinner table number eight please come on number eight recycled bread recycled bread i thought okay fine brian [Music] forever see you need to avoid wearing dark colors black red navy blue okay attracted mosquitos so i need to wear this color with me oh [Music] oh and it takes a one and a half hour driving towards god's window so do [Music] belle [Music] hi guys you are here now in malanga going to see the blind river canyon [Music] we're going up and we are entering because window yeah please make sure all your car windows and doors are properly closed we did that so which way this way i think okay it's cool it's too hot thank you to my sponsor the venus for this hat actually it's a christmas gift mr fab the ring got that what's going on okay very easy bees and butterflies are everywhere where am i my god am i near to heaven got my god my false dirac where's that sound coming from a false okay be brave christine be brave wow somewhere in my balls the birds and the trees i don't think this butterfly it's a must another it's a must have south africa transport god's window really god's window you really feel like you're near to heaven next to heaven okay so we're going to go a friendship more thunderbirds and over that side i love this place there is so much south africa to offer foreign we're going to the opposite direction guys oh my god very nice this strong can you see the bottom where's my partner [Music] got okay there it is where are you hi lovely wave that wave see thank you lord for bringing us here okay guys so this is god's window look at that god's window was so breathtaking look at that see is it really you are at the top of the world that you're near to god to heaven i can stay here the whole day the whole week very relaxing this is one of the things that we need to be thankful to him that's great this is the best place to do your reflection just like me sorry for my sister and i'm saying sorry for the sins of others as well yeah okay i'm going to bring him to the rainforest okay well oops we have friends here [Music] the other one are you asking me let me see 10 30. okay so this is exercise oh wow look at that oh okay another ring last one wow it's all clouds so wow okay it's covered with this one okay mr fab happy we're going back to cougar park okay so oh so cool in here it's best namaka drama if you come and visit god's window early in the morning what's in here okay we're going down to earth i think it's more cooler here so rainforest okay ready to go back to kruger national park but before that we need to have our lunch that's a pollen sorry that's the first time i need to take my effects in okay so now walking back to work [Music] it's cloudy very beautiful we're going home now we wanted to buy is [Music] okay [Music]

2021-01-04 17:08

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