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Back. Then none of the studios were actually soundproof, so. You could always hear, what, the others were working on, and. I was working, in my studio I was hearing, you know this. Piano melody, coming. From out into studios and, I. Remember. I thought wow, this. Is beautiful. When. I first heard the melody it, was a piano melody, but. It was really hard to imagine where every fit master. Goes we're, gonna make a dance track of him, then. We were turned on the radio and. Song. Was there that's. Why it really blew. Up like. Bang. We. We're on stage every. Single day and, every single couches. In the world. The, lyrics, really through awful lot of people the track was really, pushing, people's, minds, we. Wrote the song in, two hours but. This is only the beginning. That's. Me. Can. You believe it with. The mesh you know with. This kind of ice of Louisville. The. First time I met music. Was when I was 5 years old. So. For me music was always part of my life but, at, that time of course I, didn't think about music, as a job you, know it, was only up, something. Like a sports you know like a play soccer and that play piano always, play the. First time I know something, about please go I was, 18, and they. Were looking, for guys like me and, that's. When I first met Jeffrey. We're, headed to the. Bliss. Go studios. So. This, is where a great part of the magic happened, and. It. Still feels weird to walk down cuz it's. Been home for a long time. Disco. Was and is, a, big, studio and. You. Have different, kind of people working in it there were musicians singers. Producers. DJs. Mainly. To produce dance, tracks that would end up on compilations, and, somehow, create, artists, that would play the tracks if. It really worked out. At. The age of about eleven, I moved from Brooklyn to, Sicily. But. The singing process, came in a little bit later I was, I was a George Michael fan when I was a kid and. I was listening to Careless, Whisper sobs, like 17, and. I, came, into touring for. Vacation, I said the only thing I want to see is music ensure in the store and, I started talking to this guy, and he goes what, kind of music do you produce I was like you're not gonna believe it I have a tape with my song on it so. He picks up the phone it cost my sim a cup of tea and he. Says I got I got someone here I think, you could be interested in so. I hear some of his songs. But. The perfect English. Accent perfect, American accent, say is it is this you say. Yes. Come. On goes. Him Gabourey. Came to us and said. You, know they, told me you're, looking for DJ, and it sort of could play as well, when.

I Got the disc I wasn't able to find the C on, a keyboard I. Studied. Music afterwards, you know I went to Muslim and said look I would, like to be able to to. Make my own music so, next. Day 8:30. I was there man. This. Is where you know what fascinated. Me about the fusion of Massimo he understood, the, importance, of, J inside, his team, so. The original Bliss Co was a small villa. We. Had three studio, on the first floor, if. You come you could see a garden, that you could see kids. Going. Around and playing one, was Jeffrey the other one was Maori the other one was Gabby yeah, what was me as well. It. Was a very, creative, workspace. Also. One funny, thing is that none. Of the studios were actually soundproof, but. It turned out to. Be very useful because. Every. Time you heard something you like from. The next door you, could join. And take, part of the session and that's. Exactly, what happened we blue. Blue. Climb out and in. This way I was. Playing with his piano roads and these, arpeggio. Well. The, first time I heard. Arpeggio. Of blue that, me. Explain the situation my. My. Office, was. Nothing. Else than the singing, boot and, it was very near Maori. Studio Matthew, I remember that he had to pass through my studio even, also to go to the bathroom come, on let's make something yeah just. Transform. It in a song in. One hour we have something, like an arrangements, so, it's time to write. Some lyrics so, okay, we call Jeffrey Jeff is upstairs, so. I wrote like in, maybe. 30, to 40 minutes three, different lyrics to. The track I got. I go back to the studio to the guys and I said okay, guys I got, three lyrics to this there is one that's normal. One. Is so-so and this is totally freaked out which. One you want first and now he goes I want the freaked out one the weird one is, something. Like a coral. Color. Like one says something like I'm blue well. I'm, Lu you what. Upon means you're. Sad you're. Blue the color so you're a smurf yeah, you know you have, a lot of question, you can do just. One with one title, and, understood. That, everybody. Had their own way of saying things and I thought that the. Metaphor of a color would. Be great as if you had your own personal lens with your own personal color, that, you would filter the world and everything and that's, wedding what got me into writing the lyrics in, what we had basically was, the lyrics of the verse and of.

The Course of course which. Is the da ba dee da ba you, know the double D thing came in from massive egos why don't we just don't use words here and put. In something that is so international that. Anybody, can sing it so that gave my contribution. Which is something that can be sang, by a kid or can, be sang by. A crowd, of football. Fans they. Trust me I don't know why and. Believe, it or not what you're listening to you today is exactly what I recorded, that day we never sang, it again in. Fact death, day exactly. As it is is. One version which is called dog version. Then. Another version came out which was a little bit more elaborated. Which. Was called Glee, macaque. If. You listen to the glimmer me you. Can notice the many things are already there, it was the, version that inspired, me for many other things that I put it on the main reason, and. Um a few, days have gone by and I walked down to the, studio and I, I walk in and there's Maori, working with Gary on the track the. First time I heard blue, it wasn't blue yet one. Day I was downstairs and I. Was listening. To the track, and. I. Told. The. Arrangement, is wrong, so. I said hey guys I have. A different, inhibition. On how. This should sound I would like to work on it, me. And Gabrielle worked together at. The end of the production of the main version but. I don't remember exactly what he puts, it, was some little, decision, in. The arrangements, probably, but if I have to tell if you ask me but what he. Puts, that. Wasn't. In the tracks sorry. But I don't remember. We, sit down together, in, the studio, listening. To references. Sampling. Sounds, was. Like two. Days in a studio. Debris. Put, his hands with Maori and. It. Came out the. Diversion. Actually everybody knows us. Where. We got the old session. Of blue the original one and the original, version was something, like 15, tracks. Like. This. And. Then comes the percussion, for example, which. Was that Club a. Club. And, I had nothing. Else excuses. So. This is the. Rhythm session, of blue free free, elements, and. The. Vocals the vocals, are Jeffrey vocals, + vocoder, that, year in 1998. Share. That released, this beautiful, song called believe and. And. It. Has this peculiar. Effect, on their voice. And. We were like oh my. God how can we recreate, this effect, problem. Is that we didn't quite get there because it was the wrong effect you know. What. Shared used was that was altitude, we. Call it vocoder but it's not a vocoder as I told you it, wasn't, harmonizer. Playing. With with a with a MIDI keyboard that the voice of Jeffrey, you. Can notice that the piano do the same kind, of stuff as the vocal not, this one. And. If you listen to the Papa. It's. A little bit unnatural if, you listen to the verse. Blowing. Down the rear voice of chest blue is the color just. Here. Okay. It. Was a choice was an artistic choice when. We were done we, were so. Happy about, the, result and so excited, so, we wanted to test, it live so we, go to this club we. Play the track and, it was a disaster. Oh. My. God it. Emptied the dancefloor it. Was you know as if I scream that microphone, hey, people go to the bar drinks for free so. I remember we you know we looked at each other and, say. Okay let's. Move, to the next one, we. Press 1000. Islands, and. It. Was a flop, but. We saw barely, 200, blue. Was to pop for the dance floor and to, dance for the radios it, was in the middle was. In the middle luckily. After some time turned out to be also its greatest power. It. Was spraying. 99. Blue. Was out. In the stores, nothing. Was happening, so. Personally, I moved. On to producing a lot of stuff you. Would end up forgetting about it and a friend of mine from Sicily called me this is all I got your track blue and I'm playing and I was like blue what I didn't. Know I couldn't remember the track he goes man when I play this when when the chorus kicks in people, start jumping all over the place, it. Gets to radio DJ and it was the, first of april. 1999. I cannot forget it that's, when it really blew. Up it was like bang. From. The time that it hit the radio to. The time that we actually got, on. A stage, it was a matter of days we. Were on stage every, single, day we. Found ourselves playing, between, Destiny's. Child's, and Bon Jovi or, Sugar Ray, you. Know your, mindset is this, is a one in a lifetime, opportunity. You're never gonna have this again so you have to take, whatever comes in, 15.

Million Of copies platform, reps of diamond, record silver Rex combs records every single, couches either wherever. We. Would like to start, and say thank. You to our big family in Torino, and we'd like to thank them from the bottom of our heart thank you miss corporation. From, I thought straight to you. The. Biggest achievement I. Think the one that gave us more personal. Satisfaction, was to see this our song. Rise. To, Billboard, charts, and you. Know USA. Is a big market and, it. Was an alien market for, dance music, by there was, by wow this. European, dance music, the. First time is kind of making it in USA. And. Then the US. Tour considered. That the big dance and electronic, festivals, that we know today. Were. An existing, some. Of them were like, Ultra, Music Festival but, I mean, it was like, seven. Eight years before, guys. Like David, Guetta or Black Eyed Peas made it mainstream I realized. That we were totally, out of context. We, were dressing. Like I, can sa aliens, s trance which, was for us a way to our gonna say. Be. Different. We. Are on. The way to radio, DJ radio, dishes are is, one of the most important, radio stations, in Italy it, played a key role in the, story of blue a phone, 65. It's. A quick report it's a quick every point a. GTMO. Be invented when the SI parla Da Funk a, Maori. Jeffrey. Massimo, -. Group okay ah traditional, Perkis Mo Kio hey to. The chassis per que c'est qui DeMaio. Geo pencil, you in virtually in questa pickle icky icky erotic auntie beast okay some assistant, who know the foul Torre de, su Chi so di questo disco in Fatima, Sonora ketone key Oh grazie Eiffel, 65. Robbie. Two seconds of pain so deep in staccato sono, molto, Orgel. Eurozone oh yes totally Promotora, Queen Italia it does it a quick a party toe to toe you. Miracle don't Corolla data that, I mean let's see Robbie, Cano era, and I'll promote the Aprilia, the minimization tournament, anova record, open and. It opens artists are almost cat so I, pretty, much just freely in, which a player Arizona, Simone that the macula much Isola radio. Sure. Albertine okay. Blow. The Eiffel 65 Serato. DJ one, nation, was stationed accuser magazine Apple taught that the joy give it you know I remember. As. You, can tell in the video I'm freezed and taken, away and as. As. Being priest I don't know what's going on so it's like me playing. And all the sudden just waking up and there's a whole bunch of aliens dancing. And waving. Their hands at me ahead. Of me time Gabrielle. And Maori are trying to get to me we. Were just reflecting. On what at, the time where the video games we were playing no, Metal Gear Solid, or stuff like that Geoffrey. Was the one who told me we can use the the. Ambience at the atmosphere, of the men of Metal Gear Solid, and we can find a story inside. Of, 3d. World. I. Never. Read. The comments. Actually. Better. Than this Pacita. I'm. Blue I'm a bit. Of a guy, oh. My. God I would. Be on a guy I. Will. Need an apple pie. Very. Fun you know this WWII. We. Didn't, put the words and every. Single person in the world who's some words in the nonsense. Melody. Basically. For the record it's just a body double died we, got to Germany, and they said okay blue blue. Means trunk around here, the track was really. Pushing people's, minds into, understanding. Things that were not there and, in. England they said why are you writing that someone is sad I'm, not writing anybody, sad one, guy came up to me says do. You really say if. I was green I would die, he. Said yo dude. The. Name of the track is blue come, why the hell would I sing if I was green I would a. Drastic. Abrasive, oh you're bailing ciao. Mommy. Another tone Arabic if I want to read a little eh oh. Yeah. Okay. Finally. See a tea ceremony reminds.

Of Etiquette ce soir Inland Sea pylon, Oh miss cooter evolved on. Popular. War huh huh but we love olive oil, they. Capture motivo say. What, turtle to go a cat. Oh, Bella. Come on matrimonial, feature and. Well, you know, you. Have to see a band like a family. And. Obviously you can't always be you, know happy, you can't always get along together in. 2003-2004. We, were losing a lot of money why. Is because, Gabri. Had, a lot of intentions, to have his own personal career which, is great to. Work out but if Gabri was was gigging, on his own we. Could, not be gigging his iPhone and so. We. Came to the point where actually we, thought it was a better idea to have the gigs done with, Maori and I own but. I really don't know all the, real, in-depth, things, that could have been between why already and gallery I know that Maori probably doesn't like a few things that happened between Emin and gallery. You, know we we, got together by. Chance by total chance and. Also. When when blue came, out our artistically. Speaking our, personalities. Were. Not totally. Developed, yet so. I started my solo project, in, parallel. And. So. We kinda drifted. Apart but, we, never fight together, never, never, and then, life change you know life change money change popularity. Change the people and. For. Me in blue it, happened in the last to probably. One or two days of the last. Things, I did, if. I have to tell you one, details, that. I remember, really it changed in the end of version I don't remember, I brought. Blue with, referring mask so. We are the fathers of that, song I, never. Thought that was the father. Of the song of course on, the, other side if, you take a look at the first record, of blue and I mean with the original credits it appears. My name so I mean it. Must be reason why maybe. After some time you know somebody. Tends to forget. Some things you know 20 years of past but the. Truth is that a foe not, only blue but, a foe was, always, a teamwork this. Has. To be remembered we. Did something very big together this, is what I this. Is what, I believe I I'm not you know focused, on who did what I know. Exactly what I did and I'm very proud of it. As. A good career, is famous, here in Italy he. He got a lot of. TV. Shows. Be proud, of itself, for what, it does I'm. More. Focused. On having, my music more famous than me. We're. Going to the, live. Club personally. It's one of my favorites, loaded, with a lot of people I think. That the good thing about doing it now, compared. To back then is, that. That, all music, has, past generations. To generations. You. Know passing, it on to their kids. And. It feels like Google, just came out. I'm. A lucky guy I have. To say that I'm a real lucky guy. You, know things. Like this really don't happen often to people and when they do you really do have to understand. That it's not just a matter of talent it's, a matter of luck. What. Could be better. Than. Living, things. - my passion. If. I could say something about. The impact of blue. Maybe. Creative, generation of Italian, producer that the were aiming for the world not, only for the next disco. It. Obviously. Changed. My life, totally, I was. Just, guy, working. You, know in, a basement. Trying. To make music and so I'm very, grateful to. Blue, and to all the political, people for. That. Blue. Changed my life in so many ways, first. Of all makes. Me, proud. Of myself. Because. Before, blue for example me I don't remember how many signals, I failed. Before. Blue and. You have to mention them to. Understand, why, people like, me Jeffrey, Masson can. Brought a song in two hours. It's not a question of we, made a song in two hours but. We. Make a life that. Leads you, in those, two hours to make the song. Inside.

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What were the actual lyrics?

I'm blue I'm in need of a guy


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Im blue, I will scream I will die, I will scream I will

Im blue, Im in need of a diet...

+Deepak D'Souza heard a girl classmate say that. thought it was so the time.


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I’m blue, if I were green I would die. The FCC made them change it for the radio is what I’d heard?

Blackened is the end , Winter it will send, Throwing all you see, Into obscurity

I always thought it said "IM BLUE! IF I WAS GREEN I WOULD DIE"

----"iam blue, if i was green i would die" blue referencing humanity upon the earth But Green, referencing the greed that is killing it, green = money.

I’m blue if I were green I would die

I'm Blue, I'm a Dead Guy Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die

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24:05 *I'm blue and I would beat off a guy, and I would beat off a guy and I would beat of..."* I love this song...

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I'm blue I will Leave I will Dye, I will leave I will Dye..

I'm blue. If I was green, I would die.

I love to eat apple pie

+KingReynoso issa joke

You'll have to ask Satan

I am color

I'm blue, if I was green I would die!

forgotaboutdres that's my comment on the original video that got 1.6k likes

I learned the song on piano

If I was Steve I would die. If I was Steve I would die!

im blue, i would beat off a guy

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I've always thought it's "I'm blue, I believe I would die, I believe I would die". Sounds like a near death experience song to me.

I'm blue, I'm in need of a diet.


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i thought it was im blue abba dee abba die

I’m blue I will beat off a guy

I'm blue and how indeed I will die, and how indeed I will die, and how indeed I will die

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I'm blue (alienated) and I'm in need of a guide (direction)


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I always thought it was neat physics joke "I was blue, I'd beat up the light." Something that moves away from you experiences a redshift (the wavelength of the electromagnetic emission stretches), when the wavelength shortens it is blueshift. So the wavelength of light gets "crushed" = beaten up.

I was dancing this music when I was teenage. Saludos from Venezuela.

+Paul Wells Hey Brother! You're right. It was a great memory clubbing. You know, we got some Songs/Music that were "European" released first before conus. Germany was a great duty. Hope it was good for you. I was there on my 2nd tour, same time as you, stationed in Grafenwöhr as a PLDC Instructor. Take care!


From an Australian perspective : "and all day and all night he roots everything he sees"

I thought it was "I'm blue, I believe Imma die"

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Im Blue , Da Ba Dee , Da Ba Di , Da Ba Dee , Da Ba Di, Da Ba Dee, Da Ba Di !


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I'm Blue i will beat up a guy

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I'm smoking meth and it's effing blu. ... You want a puff you should smoke some tooo

A friend said to me it was something like: im blue and im in need of a guy, and im in need of a guy and im in need of a guy..

I’m blue if I breath i will die

im blue i would beat off a guy

I always thought the lyrics were "I'm blue, if I was green i would die, if I was green, I would die, if I was green I would die."

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Im blue. Ive oded ima die....

I’m blue I’d beat off a guy

I'm blue, I will beat off a guy!

di di di di di di di di move it all

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random youtube suggestions are random

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When I saw the thumbnail I thought this video was about Will Smith being the genie in Aladdin

The most shocking fact we learnt from this is that Hideo Kojima inspired the music video.

Hey, listen up, Here is the story about a little guy Who was a boy long time ago And day and all night all he did Was listening to Da ba dee da ba dai

Finally, a Vice documentary that unites everyone...

I remember as European when Blue played the first time, i did not like it. It's was to mellow for my taste as i was in hardcore more than mellow or house music in itself. Not long after i changed my "flavor" as i got older, and blue now that i am nearing 40 years old. It's for sure a song i play on the regular, it's playful and made and entire new type of music at that time. These guys were just on the edge of that change, and created a whole new generation with Blue. Especially for people like me, that were a active part of that generation (rave,house,hardcore parties and such) it's special. Very cool to see them do so well, and they still enjoy hearing their work being respected! The best gems in music are often by accident or being declined at first by the public.

Damn. I remember when I first heard this song in the summer of 1999. I thought it was so weird! I didn't actually like it until many years later. Crazy how fast 20 years have come and gone.

It was actually the most dabba dee dabba daa worst damned tune ever to assault my ears.

I guess after this we could expect a Vice documentary on Eurobeat, and how it started as italodisco, how it became a hit in Japan, and how it spread worldwide.

Italian Proud

The story of EddsWorld. An old youtube animated channel i loved watching when I was young. It would be great to get TomSka !


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oh hey, its Todd In The Shadows One Hit Wonderland show but unfunny, dull, and as "safe and sterile" as the usual vice content

Hears a beautiful orchestral piano melody... “LETS MAKE A DANCE TRACK OUTTA THIS!” ME:

The golden age of EDM and trance cant wait for its comeback and producers to make good beats once again.

I'll never understand it.

Blue really returns me to my childhood, and I still listen to the while Europop album to this day!

Probably one of the best piano lines in music history.

I still have the CD

Wow 1.5 million nice lmao

I love this song way more than i did when i was a kid :)

I remember my daughter was about 3 yrs old, we're at a CD/DVD store, and she asked for the "Blue" CD from the clerk, and I'm like "What do you want? Blue's Clue?" She said... "No... Blue". I have no idea what she's talking about, and the clerk handed her the Eiffel 65 CD and I paid for it. Played it in the car on the way home, and I'm like "What is this????" But she was enjoying and singing it in the backseat "da ba dee da ba dahh"

I prefer the piano version of the song.

Big thing to take away, Gabry said it loud and clear. "Teamwork, this project was made with teamwork" They might've not gotten along in the end, as it happens, but there is fruit for thought in the teamwork aspect. Thank you Eiffel 65 for your memories, I still blast you in my truck on the daily, the 1200w of speakers in my truck are happy to feed your roar.

Cool video about a cancerous song

I’m blue if I was green I would die if I was green I would die if I green I would diem

I had butterflies in my stomach and heart when the short piano passage played! It's lifetime nostalgia! ❤️

Hadn't realized how close the piano was between this chocolate rain and genie in a bottle

So you're telling me if you were green you wouldn't die? yeah

What song is playing at 3:02 ?

So to make things clear (and I'm trying to hate): The three Eiffel guys became temporary superstars by accident. And because this superstar status wasn't planned, they all knew that all they could do was to make as much money as possible now, because they probably wouldn't be able to recreate the success of "Blue". And this Gabry Ponte guy started to release his own tracks and he built his own career, knowing that Eiffel 65 had no future or wanting to do something different than just being the one guy on the decks of a famous dance project. Him leaving of course was not fun for the other two guys, but they weren't real friends, just workmates I think. Gabry knew he was talented, he had a couple of Italo Dance hits back in 2002. So he kinda left the sinking ship and did what was best for his career and finances. Who can really blame him? In the media industry it's often everyone for himself, because success is so short and money is tight.

WHAT? Vice is actually making interesting documentaries again???? This is the first Vice video I have watched in a long time that I actually genuinely enjoyed! I remember in the early days of YouTube Vice always had something interesting, I was a subscriber until things became politically biased and downright weird/gross. Its nice to see them make something that everybody (no madder what their political affiliation) can actually enjoy and connect over! Please continue in this direction and I will re-subscribe! (BTW I love the track blue, hearing the sorry behind it and getting to know the band was awesome!)

Nice background story of a classic dance song. I've been listening to it since it became a chart hit back in '99 and it didn't get old even 20 years later. It's a fun song with a bit of a melancholic vibe to it and fun to sing a long.

Can't believe they did my boy Gabry dirty like that

Such a fun song all these years - I love it so much!

As a club DJ at the time, this wasn’t even really a thing, ‘99 was an amazing year for Dance Music, Blue however was Europop, it was on the Radio, but hardly ever in actual clubs. Clubs were focused on Paul Johnson, Moloko, Dj Jean, Alice Deejay, ATB, Veracocha, Tiesto, Armin van Buren, Binary Finary, Basement Jaxx.

11:35 WHAT SONG IS THIS>>???

Ah, it makes sense now that the song from the birthplace of eurobeat.

Thank you for documenting this story. I remember when I was younger this was the first song that got me listening to music and opened up a completely different genre to me that I didn't know existed.

Music?!?! I barely know her.

Does anybody know the original piano song he sampled for this?

not a sample. its original

11:01 djm 2000 nxs? :O already back then?

What an AWESOME video

This was my childhood. I remember first hearing this song in 2003. Eiffel 65 broke the US market and became successful.

This beat never gets old.

and i thought i was 1 of 200 people that bought this album lol.. the 90s were awesome!

Name of the song at 21:50? Anyone?

I wanna hear documentaries on 90s house music... La Bouche.. Real Mccoy.. and even raindrops by Stunt etc etc.. stereo love.. DJ Sammy.. etccc

It is a quirky song... It was kinda eh but also kind of amazing... Ultimately it became a classic


This needs to be show at school around the world and not parallelograms!

I generally love this song! I used to think instead of "da be dae (I think)" I thought the lyrics was "I would die". Glad I looked back lol! Still a good song though.

Yo listen up. Here's a story about a song called Blue.

song 21:50 anyone?

What Mickey Rourke from Expendables doing here?!

Eiffel 65 - Cosa Restera

Now listen up heres a story about a little guy in a blue world

Gli eiffel 65 hanno fatto la storia. la loro separazione assomiglia per certi versi a quella degli articolo 31. Teste diversi, talenti diversi che non riescono ad avere gli stessi obiettivi... almeno non per sempre.

i never knew i needed this until now.

A flop? I heard it all the time on the radio as a kid.

Please do 'Crazy Frog' next VICE

Do Darude Sandstorm next!

I felt inspired after watching this, so I made an Epic/Trailer Music version of this song. It's on my channel if anyone is interested. Thanks!

Do Skrillex next!

"I'm blue is a deep metaphor and represents how people see through the lens of life. Let's add da ba dee da ba du. We got a hit!"

I actually have the CD of their album and they had some other pretty cool songs in there.


Every musician in the world needs to see this video. A reminder to the work behind "one hit wonders" and "garbage pop". Cool story. Lots of talent. Actual thought behind lyrics. pretty cool!!

So they only argue about money, sad

We gonna get a new album? :o we can only hope.

So what doez eiffel65 mean?!?!?

Moonshine over america!

3:01 Does anybody know what this song is? It's not careless whisper. I need to know.

yeah it was in germany.. we didnt like it.. but weeks later it came back.. americunts like it very much.. the 3d video in that time on mtv gave it the push imo. 3d was so popular everyone made crappy 3d videos xD today they destroy every track with the vocoder autotune.

Versione internazionale e ben fatta di un documentario già presente in italiano. Ma sempre bello

Next: Darude Sandstorm

Next up: Smash mouth - All Star

That music video has not aged well.

The end part made me a little sad. I used to be an Eiffel 65 fan since I was a child, I obviously was not there but the fact that the relation between the guys is end makes me a little sad, ok Gabry got Blue's credits even if he only worked less than the other, we all agree, but we don't have to forget that Gabry gave a huge contribute to EIFFEL 65 (I'm not talking about music), I can't remember (since i was born in the year 2000) how things were but photos, old forum screenshots, talking with people talks and express how Gabry made the group valued by all the fans (expecially girls fan of course). I still listen to Eiffel's old songs, I'm not asking 4 a new album (promised in 2004 and never arrived but ok), I'm just asking to leave the good memories we all have about Eiffel 65 just clarifying and reconciling between them., but there are many things we don't know so I really think that it will never appen...

The history of "Something" by Lasgo

This was my favorite song when I was in college and now it's my son's favorite song 20 years later!

So... Kojima inspired this? Fucking awesome lololol.

Yo listen up Here's a story...

+Austin Smith I'm Blue, Dahmer ate up some guy, Dahmer ate him deep fried, Dahmer ate up some guy.

+steppa money WINNER!

@16:47 Explained

without E I will die!

"I'm blue worship me with the blood of your children i'm blue.."

The story of "GAS GAS GAS" or just a bunch of Eurobeat songs (a lot are Italian!).

i'm a little bit Sad about Maurizio's thoughts: seems like he is a little bit salty about Gabry's growth... The DJ set/arrangement is one of the most important part of the project: the very first try was not as mindfuck as the radio edit!

Now next documentary that we would need is about the song "What is Love? Baby don't hurt me."

I am blue ❤❤❤

2019 still rocking the goatee

This was a much better story than the hack who sampled a video game melody to make a crappy remix.

Sandstorm - national anthem of internet Da ba dee- national song of internet

He write down three lyrics? Im blue.... Im yellow... Im purple...

i remember how blown away i was with Euro Pop when i bought the cd back in '99

22:02 song?

This song is the first i would call my favorite song and it has to this day a spacial place in my heart at this time i was 7 years old.

In sintesi: *grazie Maury per aver distrutto gli Eiffel 65!!*

+ChrisHH14 ascolta a 20:12 quale membro normale di un gruppo direbbe una frase del genere?!

hai sbagliato, Gabry si scrive G-A-B-R-Y

Could have made the april fools date joke/experience/event delivered in a much better way but even in his native tongue he is not very charming or witty or tactful.

"Believe it or not, what you're hearing is what we sang that day." Yeah... I can believe it.

Cool, now I can fill in the space between my consecutive 10 hr sessions of Blue (Da Ba Dee).


"we wrote the song in two hours" lmao

This is Italy Beatles

Now there's plenty of people, including members of Eiffel 65, who might say I'm a liar and this is all made up, but they don't really want the truth out there, for whatever reason... but I know for a fact, that the original lyrics were written in the early 90s, after it was discovered that serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer had been raping young men, then killing them, and eating their bodies. This made Eiffel 65, who was at that time performing under their original name, Waffle 69 (which I preferred), very sad to hear, and they wrote the following lyrics... "I'm Blue, Dahmer ate up a guy, Dahmer ate him deep fried, Dahmer ate up a guy." Ultimately, after they realized people were put off to dancing to a song about a serial killer rapist cannibal, who ate his victims, they changed the lyrics. All True... I still wish they would have stayed Waffle 69 at least.

This was really awesome! Would love to see more videos like this from artist way back when!

I always thought it was "I'm blue, I believe I will die."

gabry ponte is like the serj tankian (system of a down) of eiffel 65 they both started to focus on solo careers after pursuing success!

16:50 better than despacito! lol!

How is that guy not playing The Genie instead of Will Smith?

the first record I ever bought, I loved it so fuckin much.

The real lyrics is obviously "I'm blue,I'm in need of a guy". GAY SONG

What's the song at 4:07?

What we all been waiting for

"So where did it all go wrong?" "What do you mean?" "When did you notice the hair loss?"

song @21:50 anyone know?

The song really IS genius as much as it is stupid. One can't take away the kernel of human experience that the simple phrase "I'm blue" communicates when layers against an emotional and meditative club beat. It's a song that's packed with meaning and no meaning at all. It deserves to be in the history books.

Would love the story of Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce!

Yeah, when I saw that music video, I always thought "Metal Gear Solid".

That's really cool that at least they're still performing and having a great time with it.

To Eiffel 65, 'Blue' was my first song. And I don't mean that I had never heard music before this; I was seven years old at the time. But that track, which I listened to on a shared CD player with my cousins at a family reunion off of 'Now! That's What I Call Music Vol. 4', was the first song I ever heard that I decided I liked. I had listened to country, to the pop bands like Backstreet Boys and N'Sync, and though they were good, nothing had really spoken to me or connected with me. Until Blue. The first song that connected. And a song that has stayed with me ever since. So thank you, Eiffel 65. Thank you for giving me my first song.


I came back to con the old music video and read the old comments then this pops up lmao.

I was 8 years old when it blew up but I remember what a craze it was back then! Even here in America where that kind of music wasn’t a thing at the time. Good stuff

Good stuff. See, you guys can make good content outside of politics, and without having to shit out more retarded DIY smoking apparatus videos.

miss 90s house and edm

You all should do Alice Deejay - Better off Alone!

10:24 it sounds like his voice had auto tune

Orgoglio italiano porcoddio ❤️

so charged. powerful doc, one of the all-time best.

..I often forget, as a creator, the timeless projects that I admire from other artiss, they didnt get to the final version in one night. ..& if your local scene doesn't get it, outside of that small pond..we live on a massive globe of various cultures, that may love it, forever.

I love that song, glad Vice did a documentary about Eiffel 65!

3:53 that guy looks like barry benson from the bee movie lol

16:02 he's watching it on TMF! ha

How can anyone hear anything else other than "Blue da ba Dee"? I think everyone else is trolling honestly

"Perfect American accent"

"They trust me, I don't know why." Relatable every day at work

12:07 What a great story. It's almost april 1st 2019 20 years lator, still like this song so much. Classic Italo Dance. Grazie Italy!

Always HATED this track, don't know exactly why. But after seeing this, I still don't like it but I respect it A LOT. Scusate Eiffel65, continuate così!

I want the T-Shirt Eiffel 65!!!

It wasn't even a good song...

I have loved Eiffel 65 for a long time. I really hope they put out a new album soon. "Panico" was a great song, and I want to hear more like it.

Now I need to listen to more of their music. Great guys :P

the documentary that saved my life

Wtf ahah I wasnt expecting to hear about metal gear.

still an epic song

I would love to watch The Story of Bla Bla Bla, or L'amour Toujours :)

Balled guy looks like Vaas

"if i was green i would die" WTF HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Do gummy next

still played here in the radio ~

I distinctly remember hearing this song on the stereo at my next door neighbors house party when I was like 7-8.

It took two hours to write that song LMFAO

This didn't need to be 25 minutes long.

I remember when I heard the song for the first time... I was going to pick a girl from her home and she was watching MTV :D was a strange song but I like it.. if I must be fair Too Much Of Heaven is my favorite 65's song ;)

When Vice actually makes worthwhile content..

*VICE:* What the hell are we doing?

ahead of their time man


This song was the last definition of the great 90s that I got to be part of after thinking bout it 32 years ago... can’t forget my console was other sick

That 90s background ..good god

Well done Vice ! Next should be Spinal Tap.

Do one about Baby Bird "You're Gorgeous" - Truly tragic

Wait.. Did he just say Metal Gear Solid..?

Didn't they just sdmit to stealing the melody?

from whom?

I only watched this to find out whether any of the people involved were suitably ashamed of themselves for creating this horrific work of fart.

Europop is the first album I ever owned :) ... And obviously I wanted it because of this track.

In Russia "blue" also means gay)

Im more focused on getting my music more famous than me. Wow that was an eye opener

I have LP of this song :)

as far as i know guitar at the very begining was from a sample pack


initial D

Honest to God I thought it was "I'm Blue I Will Bleed I Will Die"

“Im blue who ate my fries?”

I'm blue da ba dee da ba dye Da Ba Dee da ba dye

they wanted to use auto-tune like "chair" but they choosed the wrong sound effect but it worked way better than auto-tune !

Mejor parte

But are they tied to the Blue Man Group? Follow the money! Sheeps!

Europop was my first album. Next level shit for a next level lad.

This song was a big part of my life

This story takes place in a weird world that's 95% male

Thank you VICE for this!

hahaha! so funny to hear this band again. what a blast from the past.

To be fair "if I was green I would die" sounds amazing

This song can be said to be my first favorite song. I heard it only a few time when I was very young and I would remember it for years throughout my childhood only for me to comeback and listen to again now.

They’re fans of metal gear solid? No wonder they also made a track called “my console” that features names of games like resident evil and metal gear solid

I'd like to hear from the person who made that original piano track next door lol...

I have blue bawls :(

This track is one of few the most retarded and iritating things I have ever heard in my life. Simply amazing what trash are people able to produce and consume.

It’s “I’m blue , in Aberdeen I will die” He died in Aberdeen....

C Specht interesting

Wow, thank you so much YouTube for recommending this to me.

Vice this is the stuff we fans want from you ... Not some dumb looking guy review bad business with 1 star review.

next video: darude sandstorm

There needs to be more of these one hit wonder documentaries

I would beat off a guy

A lot of drugs....yes they did

If i saw Eiffel 65 i would just say when I first heard the song It made me feel good about what i like and when I listen to it it takes me back to when I first heard it as a kid growing up

Why do short videos get put a few times back to back in one video on YouTube sometimes? Do people think they get paid by the frame or something? Or contractual obligation to fill X minutes? lol.

one of my all time favorite childhood songs :3

this song became popular when I turned 4 y/o and I remember when I first heard the song/saw the music video and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I remember it came on tv and it was dark, I was alone and it was perfect. With the aliens and talking about being blue made me think about the sadness and isolation I was feeling while my parents were getting a divorce, my family falling apart, feeling neglected, just starting school and not getting along with other kids or teachers, getting hooked on ADHD meds and getting bullied everyday. this song helped me say fuck it all and feel pumped up at the same time, thanks to the catchy tune. Then everyone made fun of me for liking it, especially my family, making me not want to listen to it when others were around. Blue was weirdly a big deal for me growing up.

It's strange because don't think there's a lot of people here in Italy that knows how much "I'm Blue" was and still is famous out of the Country and also out of Europe. When they put it in a movie trailer few years ago everybody was very surprised

Next up- The Chicken Dance: How it came to dominate the wedding scene.

Wow, just , WOW !

thats some real words aswell its not just a matter of talent but a matter of luck

its fascinating to think a small idea can explode like that

This was an unexpectedly charming video, I never thought much of them other than I liked this song when it came out. After watching this however they seem so down to earth and really nice people who got a chance to do music they like and run with it. So non pretentious and just nice guys all around. The reveal that the video was somewhat inspired by Metal Gear Solid...mind blown lol

Blue was more than a song to me, it was part of a movement into solid electronic dance and EBM in a post alternative-rock world. The song stands the test of time, spans generations, and is a friend to the ears of everyone in the family.

A great story about a great song! I can hear the words like they are in the subs. But I can also hear: " I'm blue, I believe I will die". "I believe I will die" part then repeated. Of which suits to the rather somber mood of the song. :) And Cher's "Believe" song talked about in this story... Coincidence?

One of the worst songs ever.

You need to do a docunentary on the group (The Immortals) who made the Mortal Kombat song back in 1993.

April 1st is when it blew up ? Man what a coincidence for YT to recommend this to me 2 days prior !

Im blue, double D, double die If i was green, I would die Double D, double die


My childhood :)

oh god the memes...

Yeah it was never that good

Massimo is definitely DeNiro's lost brother

It was in the middle... *WAS IN THE FACKING MIDDLE*

0:55 "Every single country in the world." Not North Korea, I bet.

I remember thinking it was "if I was green I was gonna die" when I was in elementary school. That's just what I heard.

And all the time you watch this video, you just want 1 thing, to watch the actual music clip xD

Still know when I was younger, we had a tv show called "Domino Day" and so we, me and my sister loved to play with domino stones. And each time, we did that, somehow, this song came up. And we always put the radio sound harder when that happened. Because oh well, we LOVED it. It's like childhood nostalgia. And I still love this song. This documentary, I didn't knew I needed it, but when I saw it on my Youtube timeline, I immediatly clicked on it, because somehow I wanted to see this. And even if it's almost a half hour long...I enjoyed it fully.

What was the other song that’s like this, but it sounds like lady gaga in the 2000s?

Please do one on Freestyler.

most of the chick on the concert at the end were not even born when Blue was made!

Eiffel 65, I'm blue is still My favourite song til this day. I know it's 2019 but I always play it, some people tell me dont play this song because it's old, that should play 2019 songs which I never like any of them. I will never ever stop listening to old songs NEVER

0:53 Man Iron-man changed a lot since infinity war

What is the song name at 3:01?

Aha! Just as I expected! This song was made in a dance music swaetshop.

kids nowadays dont know shit about this! hahaha

I was just listening to to BLUE this morning at work.............Coincidence?

Vice please make an Alice Deejay - Better off Alone doc

I didn't hear this song until it was cut up into a ten seconds loop to playon a virtual boom box i could add to my second life avatar that played music

i loved this song in my childhood, still a banger!

Damn they all are fans of Metal Gear Solid, Mad Respect for them!

As a kid I thought the lyrics were, "I'm blue if I were green I would die."

Story of Numa Numa?

Come to Canada, Eiffel. I will for sure come and see you. Even if it's on the other side of where I live. Europop is one of my all-time favorite electronic albums.

Quando Albertino ormai è cosi' vecchio che lo scambi per suo fratello Linus...

Fourth grade. This video just reminded me we used to have the bus driver blare certain songs on the radio, like this one. Omg we were ridiculous

Legendary song. Could it be played live without lip-syncing though?


Metal Gear Solid ??? Ok...

What's blue and doesn't fit? A dead epileptic. I'm here all week.

I actually don't think i need to know this story and am commenting without viewing it. God i hate that song. Rangers fans chant it neanderthalishly which makes me respect them even less, if that's possible, because although a Celtic fan myself, i harbour no ill intent towards Rangers fans, i have many close friends that are this type of retard, but supporting and embracing this music can surely only be the act of a collective retard. Anyway i'm going to watch it anyway. There may be a smart ass fact i can throw in their faces hidden in this unnecessary film. I'll bet i'm going to like this, because i don't want to. That's always a good way to enter things. Expect nothing, you'll never be disappointed. Unless it's the DMT kind of nothing, now that's actual nothingness...terrifying and comforting all at once. But anyway, i'm straying from whatever point i initially was making...oh yeah fuck anyone who perpetuates this audio assault on finely trained ears like mine. Ok bye now

The video of this song was cringy even for its time. And I am italian, so I'm not a hater or something like that. Just realist.

we need them on Genius

wait so it isn't "if I was green I would die?" my entire life has been a lie

TIL: Fred Armisen wrote the melody for the song Blue.

please do a documentary on Gigi D'Agostino - L'Amour Toujours

I used to own a single called Tower 32 - I'm blue (I will bleed I will die). Anyone else know about that?

Italian pride

weird side of youtube

16:50 Clip this 24:20 Prepare clip this

Aspe ma quello è Gabry Ponte!?!?!?

So they stole it.

Vai Alva bella lì

Was their concert just this song & various remixes of it?

I know if you sing the song at karaoke the lyrics they have is "if I was green I would die"

What was the name of the song around 22:00?

Remember this song from when I was a young one....did not think it would need a Vice mini documentary 20 years later :'D

Seem like cool dudes down to earth and just enjoying what they do

If I was green I would die

I always thought the lyrics were "I'm blue, if I OD I will die". I thought the song had a deeper mening where the person is really sad (blue), but he knows that taking the drug onces would lead to his death:(

plss make the history of l'amour toujours

Indeed I would die

+Marax I thought it was I'm Blue, I believe I will die, I believe I will die, Believe I will die, I'm Blue

I'm Blue "I believe I will die, I believe I will die" I guess?

Maurizio Lobina you are such a huge ignorant and arrogant asshole. We all know now by seeing this short documentary that the positive and constructive Gabry Ponte played a huge part in the final version of the song. Without his contribution your version of the song would be less than a shadow of the hit version.

If I was green I would Die !!!!

Такие славные ребята. И видео на высшем уровне. Молодцы!

Tomorrow 10 years on the radio

More stuff like this,and less stuff like "fluidgender drug dealers and their favourite sex positions",and we're gucci!


"Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?"

This is easily the best video by you guys good job!

I grew up in Australia in the 90s and we all grooved to this song! We were totally convinced the lyrics were "if I was green I would die" and also that part was sung backwards. I didn't find out otherwise until I grew up and it became possible to google things instead of just taking the word of that kid on the playground.

too bad they didnt show the analog hardware it was made on

Really it's the Beyoncé destiny's child story

I remember I got Eiffel 65's album for my 7th or so birthday, which was my burning wish at the time. Now I just want to thank Eiffel for inspiring me to pick up music myself. Thank you.

This was out of nowhere.

listen to the song and when it says “i’m blue da-bu-de-da-bu-die, think of “ i’m blue if i was green i would die , instead

someone go tell Hideo Kojima he's responsible for this song.

Because saying "If I was green I would die" is so much more fucking "Blue" than "da be dee da be dye". That's why you would sing it. Could have gone my entire life thinking this song was better than it is.

First album I ever bought. Helped me immensely through what feels like 3 life times.

Because their name was Eiffel 65, I just assumed everyone in the band was French until today.

I thought this was going to be a video about depression, I guess I blue myself for nothing.

I remember when I wash around 9 or 10 in 99" and listened to blue on the radio and really loved it and 20 years later I still love it and I can still sing along when I here it.. Great song guys love it

You didn't make a dance track you made a meme.

And used on soundtrack of Ironman 3

"The track was really pushing people's minds." Lol that was the ecstasy not your music.

Am die

It says I believe I'm a die

I used to always say this was my favorite one hit wonder. It also sounded very modern.

Proof that this *used* to be the best timeline.

Is that an ATARI ST at 5:37 ?!

I think I was the few people in the world to get the lyrics right from listening to it from Radio and CD.

Blue, Move Your Body and the whole Europop album was like magic to me when I was 7/8. Great memories.

I'd upvote, except it's Vice, so I downvoted.

Vice, please stay in Italy, heck even stay in Turin and do Gigi D'Agostino next?

"they trust me, I don't know why" we just found the italian Michael Scott, ladies and gents.

I really enjoyed this video, now if you made more of these and less virtue signaling tripe you could regain a lot of the respect you've lost in the last 5 years.

Voglia Di Dance All Night is their best song, fight me.

looks like some genuine dudes

Too much of Heaven > Blue

Va a corre !

This documentary is amazing! Good job guys!

Ah TMF, The Music Factory, the MTV of the Netherlands before MTV was a thing in the Netherlands.

11:26 "We pressed 1000 VINYLS" I can practically hear every vinyl purist grinding their teeth in a 100 mile radius from here...

So wonderful... The stories behind the scenes never cease to amaze me.

It's been like 20 years and this song still pops into my head like every week...

It takes time to make time .. , those two hours took there hole life’s of practice into action it’s not more so luck it’s all about timing they had a good concept an didn’t judge themself to try it out and see what would happen go us guys when I was born you changed my generation..

I'm blue if I were green I would die if were green I would die if i were green I would die

Vengaboys we like to party next? lol

I made a remake of this song

What did Gabry actually do on the track? Was he in the wrong here?

he wrote the vocals

okay,, I'm gonna listen to the ENTIRE album after I watch this! I know the lyrics and every melody and sound after years of hearing it, but I LOVE that album!!

Someone give that guy a dime

I grew up on this band and song. My favorite song of all time.

Yo, listen up , here's a story, about a little track that lived in a blue world, And all day and all night every thing we sing, is just blue like this inside and outside! ...... ....... ....... This song needs a re-release with an updated 4K video!

I was rolling on the fucking floor laughing when they said the music video was inspired by Metal Gear Solid of all things.

this was literally my facorite childhood song

Awful song, cool documentary

TIL that the video is based on Metal Gear Solid.

19:02 does a big rip hahaha

Thanks Vice, this is awesome.

wish i was fweezd

I still remember having DeeJay TV on my television platform here in Poland. They served great domestic tracks but also some non-obvious music from the US and rest of Europe

Very nice! Now do a "Spin-off" with the story of Move Your Body by Eiffel 65!

one song wonder group

kinda, but the fact is that it kick started their career in Italy,

I’m serious, thanks for this documentary. This was really what I needed about the song.

Didn't know Robert Downey Jr. made this banger!!! Solid work Vice, good job.

what a weird experience must it be when you hear i'm blue on the radio and think hey, i wrote that song

The whole album was my childhood like wrapped up into one

Man this Final Fantasy 9 run during last AGDQ was dope

This song got me through Law School. Over a decade later I was doing the school run and the kids started singing along to the song on the radio. It hit me right in the feels, man.

Idea: The Story of "L' Amour Toujours", by Gigi d'Agostino...

its so crazy as of the beginning of this month i go on a kick with Eiffel 65 just listening to it all and you guys come out with the first documentary that i know of that exists for Eiffel 65 , 21 days later. what are the odds of that seriously

I bet the people that were in the club feel dumb right now

Inspiration comes to these creators in all sorts of strange ways. Bee Gees once said they got the inspiration for "Staying Alive" while being chauffeured to a recording session and they crossed this bridge and the tires of the limo were hitting those metal thing on the bridge's surface and one of the Gibbs brother started creating the beat on his lap following the sound of the tires, and the rest as they say is history. Made them millions!

the glory of the 90s summed up in one track

22:09 They come out on stage and vice plays some new age bullshit instead of their music. F u vice.

Great documentary! Full-on nostalgia. Italian producers have been an incredible source of some of the best electronic music for the past 2 decades. Just view a video of Giuseppe Ottaviani playing live & it's clear of the absurd amount of musical talent, dedication & craft these producers have.

this needs to be a movie please!!!

In germany is "Ich bin blau" i am blue a term to say your drunk

I was 4 when this song came out, its nearly 20 years ago! but i still remember that in italy was a huge boom

Too bad they don't get along

5:00 explains it all.

+Mosshead How do you know this? PS. "I will bleed I will die" I never knew about that one. LOL "I would pee on a guy" I officially lost it. LMAO


"I'm blue I would beat off a guy" Are the only lyrics

the actual lyrics are "I'm blue (as in depressed) if i OD (overdose) i will die" how does no one seem to know this. The song is clearly about depression just listen to the actual lyrics outside of the chorus, they all hint at depression. It's actually a rather sad song, still a banger tho


I'm in need of a guy

+KingReynoso pretty sure they want what you have thought :P

It's like when you listen to some indie stuff and you think wtf is this? It sounds weird. Then you hear it on the radio 3-5 times and you think this is sick! I hate it.

Man, take me back to these times!

documentary more like this, less "political" documentary please

Coincidence I’m watch this on April 1st!

best doco in ages. very real

18:05 Mathame - Nothing Around Us (Afterlife)

Nice :)

I love how not only this was well-produced, but also how YouTube recommended this right on the first of April 2019. Exactly on the song's 20th anniversary day! the algorithm has done something right for once!

thanks to this video the value of the song rises up even more

Real banger ! not garbage! Classic !

when your watching this 20 years later on the day that blue became big!

I'm Blue I want Bieber to die I want Bei-ber to die, I want Beiber to die...

Im blue if I was green I would die, if I was green I would die


Thank you Vice! Now I know the truth after all these years.

that Metal Gear Solid reference

No mention of bloom06?? :0

Why a whole doc on one cheesy chart hit and not on detroit techno or Londons creation of drum n bass out of jungle. They were right that was not a cool track, just a radio friendly nonsense hit for kids.

I loved the part in MGS4 when Big Boss reveals himself as a blue alien at the end.

Vice pumps out a lotta shit, but this was good. Thx for posting

Today is the 10 year anniversary of the day the song blue up

I'm literally crying right now

Im bl.ue

OMG Kojima inspired this fu**ing video

Guy in the black shirt seems gay. Which makes the lyrics "I'm in need of a guy" even more plausible. lol

"I'm in need of a guy"

omg Metal Gear!

This documentary gave me a little closure after 20 years.

im blue, if i was green i'd would die

this is the content I signed up for

my kids love the song

Where's The Story Behind of "Played A-live (The Bongo Song)" by Safri Duo? The world needs that!

Today is the 20th anniversary of the day when the song blew up.

A legendary song back in the day

Which *Stand* is this? And who is the Stand Master?

3:28 Haha Is it seriously a big deal "to have a American accent"

The Story of _Um Tapinha Não Dói_

I'm Blue and i'm in need of a guy.

The clip on tv at 13:06 I remember watching that when it aired on tv!

This makes me feel less ashamed about how much I did (and still do) love that record. Hell, it kinda got me into the idea of making music - something about the catchiness, overly simple or otherwise, really hooked me, and without them I don't think I'd be making music now.

Great vid. 20 years tomorrow

I was 6 years old when BLUE comes out, watching MTV everyday efter school

OMG PONTE LET IT GO! I can hear it in your voice.... you totally care about not getting credit where credit is due... my god... it's been how many years?

Next one please about Music Instructor :)

Got to admit, "Europop" is a damn solid album in its entirety. Not a song that I skip whenever I pop it on.

Wow, one of them aged like shit

"In Aberdeen I will die." I was terrified the first time I went to Aberdeen. But I lived to tell the tale.

This is seriously sooooo sick, and April first is tomorrow! I remember when Blue came out. It was that time in my life and at my age where that was the song that played as the disco ball lit up the roller rink as you skated around. This song means a lot to me and it still one of my favorites to this day. Great documentary.

Under rated band! I loved their debut CD when it came out(still do)...Now is forever is one of my all time favorite songs!

Lol today is April 1st and I just saw it.. btw one of my fav songs..

I'm blue I would beat off a guy

they had 1 good song.....this was it....thank you but this was not needed.


Make one of this about Alice DJ - Better off alone

orgoglio italiano!!! (insieme a Gigi Dag)

sugar ray? i think you mean sugar gay

GG Vice, guess you guys do good work sometimes after all.

Respect to You!

Finally a Vice video without any politics bs.

I love seeing how these classic hits were made. More of these please! OZONE story ....Sad somehow.... good songs in that times anyway...

Nice documentary. I wish Gabry can reunite with them. Another hit dance hit like Bluetooth.

The single was the first CD I ever bought. I think I was 14 :-). EDIT: I still have it ^_^.

Good doc ;) Thanks from France :)

Please, make one about One More Time by Daft Punk too.

Well, I'm waiting now for the story of NOOKIE by Limp Bizkit

April 1st 2019 and this is still a masterpiece

_20 years later.._ *HOLY SHIT* has it been THAT long?!

Man, I love the song (nostalgia and so on) but damn. If this was being released as pure piano (or whatever instrument) track that would have been amazing. So much more beautiful.

My favourite song

I'ts only me or actually I notice some hostile act of Albertino toward Gabry Ponte?

But what were the other sets of lyrics?

darude sandstorm

Better than "Despacito" I lost it. LMAO

Do Zombie Nation next!!!!!!

"Yo listen up, here's a story" As "The Story of" appears on screen, clever

Clever to a child

Fascinating watch

I first heard this song when I was 7. It was 1999. It blew my mind. I absolutely loved it. Given that we didn't have internet back then and also given that I was so young, I never knew where the song came from or who it was made by. I just used to hear it on the radio and see the music video on tv, and love the sounds. It was always so mysterious and strange to me...

Better than Despacito

This is super cool....

Love their modern studios.

Made my day. Thank you so much. ❤️

I want to know how much money these guys actually made from this one song.

It blew up exactly 20 years ago !

There used to be a parody on digital sites. "I'm Pink (I'm In Need Of A Guy)". I'm pretty sure you would know what it was about. :D

I'm blue in Aberdeen I will die

im blue if i green i would die

"I'm blue I would beat off a guy"

it’s more fun to sing- I’m blue, dabbing bee’s gonna die, a dabbing bee’s gonna did...

turns out it was just daba dee daba dye 17:20

I'm blue if I was green I would die

"I play soccer and I play piano.. always play" classic italian there

*blue man group joins the chat*

*blues clues wants to know your location*

*avatar wants to know your location*

*will smith genie wants to know your location*

I'm blue i would beat up a guy I would beat up a guy Fck. Is that really a legit lyrics or I'm mishearding sht again?

I loved it when Iron Man 3 opened with this song.

I get emotional towards the end of this beautiful documentary, because this song fucking determined my life as a kid! It was one of the first music videos I have ever seen on TV and it blew my mind. Also it set my liking for europop Music in general. When I listen to this song nowadays I remeber this good old childhood and feel very comfortable and nostalgic. Also this song still brings people together and creates a WOW Moment everytime its sounds start to play during 90s Parties. Eiffel65, thank you for one of the precious things which will be stored at the bottom of my heart until I die!

Please make a documentary about who really let the dogs out please.

This was my favorite song as a child, like my 'let it go', thank God I had taste lol.

When you accidentally release April Fools video 10 days early ..

I'm blue and I'm in need of a guy!

Maurizio reminds me of Tony Stark..... and I like it. And my childhood is crushed when this got into the section about the internal creative differences-- I probably didn't need to know that.

this song makes me think of ecstasy, because i was high on e when i first heard it

Is the track at 21:50 part of an actual song?

Der Glatzkopf sieht ein wenig aus wie Xatar

yo listen up here's the documentary

Didn’t know that Hideo Kojima was inspiration for the music video

I want the story of webcomics and the loss meme. How did a mediocre and derivative web comic about dudebros who play video games lead to a comic about a stillborn baby and why has the internet turned it into a joke? I would write it for you if you want! Make the video.

12:55 . Keyboards are not plugged to anything, not even a wireless receiver.

so this is like Behind the Music

0:24 gives me such a HUGE goosebumps and brings back some really good memories from the 90s. Wow!

20 years ago to the day.

"If I was green I would die" - GENIUS!

I liked Heaven better, on their Europop album


"Wow, this is beautiful." 0:19 ... yeah it's not just beautiful, it just cannot be expressed with words.

I feel like Gabry just got money hungry and decided to forget and respect his group members.

Amazing video ! Europop was a great Album, I played that CD non stop as a teen. To put in context, this was the late 90s and dance music ( "EDM" ) was still a very niche market in America. Even Daft Punk wasn't known mainstream outside Europe and a few outlets like MTV amp and toonami. When Blue came out on top 40 radio it was pretty cool to see your "underground" music gaining popularity . Now EDM artist and DJs are dime a dozen

Song is hot

is it just me or does that guy look like he's from oblivion?


20 years exactly

Song name at 21:51? @VICE

My childhood put in one song.

The Darude Sandstorm before Darude Sandstorm.

Podrian poner subtitulos en español

Terrible music for terrible unemotional people. But we had even worse since.

I didn't think about it until now. But you should make a video about the Vengaboys' hit We Like To Party. Few people know that the album version (Airplay) isn't the original version. (The same thing with their hit, We're Going To Ibiza. The original version of that isn't the "Hitradio" mix you're familiar with.)

Blue gets the Lion's Share, but Europop was the real MVP. Every. Single. Track of that Album is good!

I still love the song to this day

I've had this song on my playlist for quite awhile. Just the other day my wife heard me play it and immediately she perked up and was really excited. It really is a great piece of music that makes people happy.

The creation of the most annoying song in the world!

It's very simple, if I was green, I would die.

This was made for me and me alone. Thanks Vice.

they were ahead of time :)

Great documentary! I remember this song coming on the radio in Chicago in 1999. Also that last concert footage, that concert was put together for this documentary :)

15:26 Ale Lippi sempre presente!!

I'm Buu, Bibity Babity. I want the cake, give to me. Bibity Babity.

never meet your heros

I'm blue, da pudding dab around, and dab a ding, dab a dang, dab a ding an' a dang

The ending is just the best. I can't stop singing it !!

Brilliant documentary

Gosh, I was in secondary school back then.... It was our time! Gone are those times, long gone.

OST of this Documentary is FANTASTIC

Dal 18:20 fino 18:37, si vede che Gabry Ponte sta male e che ci tiene ancora. E che gli dà anche un po’ fastidio, io lo apprezzo per là persona umile che è. Se ha fatto la scelta vuol dire che un motivo c’era❤️

E' bellissimo vedere ballare i ragazzi di oggi come quelli di 20 anni fa la stessa musica.

The only vice video i liked

Still one of the greatest songs out there

NOW youtube recommend something I give a shit about! YES!

So amazed this is a Vice and not a Vox video. Congrats guys!

@12:18 - April 1, 1999 - now 20 years later on April 1, 2019. Still love this song.

One of the best and nostalgic melodies ever

Amazing doc!

12:06 Blue what??

20 years today

Anti stereotype documentary, love it

WOW Metal Gear solid :D 16:23

do the song better off alone alice deejay next looove that one.

This is like their only hit song.

By a freaking mile the most annoying song ever created (or maybe it's the Crazy Frog song, equally epic in mind wrecking) :D


Incredible. 'Blue" went big exactly 20 years ago today!

I prodigy de noi artri

vice........actually doing good news when it's not related to politics

My kids were pretty young when this came out ... they loved it! The idea to make nonsense lyrics that anyone could sing turned out to be a smart one.

Why people that dislike this, are even warching that?

Dear Vice, stick to stuff like this. Stay out of politics. You're not good at it. xoxo Arbys

20:40 "The truth is that Eiffel not only blue... but Eiffel... da ba dee da ba da" Missed opportunity.

"I'm more focused on having my music more famous than me"


Blue is about living in a confort zone. For some this "confort" is a state of sadness, for others is living around his friends. Living in a bubble... Abdi abdai, whatever...

April 1st, 2019. This is the Blue Day, the milestone that changed a generation around the globe.


15:26 For some odd reason I LOVE how 1999 is pronounced in Italian. And what a track this is still today! Brings back childhood memories...

i was love the vedio so muche that was the best music i ever hered in my hole live and i have a littel sister she love a blue colore on every think and she was happy when i show here and she want to see the vedio every time! stay like that man your a great singer

I'm watching it on April 1st. Exactly 20 years. YouTube algorithm is working I guess.

I still love them

20 years later it's still turning

Phenomenal tune to this day.

20 years today.

Hahaha! So these guys were MGS fans, that's why the video looks like that. Someone tell Kojima about this

It's been exactly 20 years since the song was famous


this track really blue up

This style of music makes me ashamed of being Italian

12:16 *20 years ago today!*

i the disco you have to join the dancefloor and dance like a maniac if the songs of garby ponte are coming from the speakers ..tutto gas :D

"I'm blue, Ive the feet of a guy, yeah the feet of a guy. " Deep and meaningful lyrics I'm sure you'll agree

You asked for it, you got it.

Vice please please you gotta Do Crazy Frog Axel F

Watch the damn video.

In Australia we thought " I believe I will die" or " I'm in need of a guy"

24,00 i like when the override when the live sound goes over too the original sound. Just amazing!

You people will NEVER know what it was like to be an italian teenager in the 90's. Thank you God, thank you so much.

still one of the best songs in history

I could watch such documentaries about old songs every day! Love it

it blew up on April fools lol

I think it’s safe to say that his favorite color is *blue*.

I tip my hat to Vice for this one. They made one hell of a good documentary here. Maybe I shouldn't skip their posts from now on. Cheers to Eiffel 65 too.

my childhood :(

Next the story of scatman!

What's the song playing at 3.55?

‘’I’m blue- if I was green I would die, if I was green I would die ,if was green I would die....*IM BLUE*

Literally just grabbed the album from the Google Play store after watching this.

i agree who ever comment blu da ba dee is better than despasito

Please make a video for the story of bomfunk MCs "Freestyler"

This song got me into liking music of its genre.

if i was green i would die. if i was green i would die. if i was green i would die. if i was green i would die. if i was green i would die. if i was green i would die. if i was green i would die. if i was green i would die. if i was green i would die.

I'm Blue but is it Tokyovania or Tokyovania control? *Throws breadsticks to whoever got that reference


The piano melody is so amazing

Puerto Rico tru Boston Mass. This songs is a good memories of college partys and jang out with my friends. I dance this song soo much is addicted

This terrible track was the worst of 99 and the first thing the asshole dj played after the ball dropped in 00. I'll never forgive him for taunting my Millennium with it.

Yesterday made 20 years the first time the music played on Deejay.

I remember hearing this song on the radio when I was 6 years old, back in '99 when this first came out. It was my favorite song at the time and I haven't stopped listening to EDM ever since!

Im really glad this exists

If some giant head will ask for an original song, remember to reassemble Eiffel 65

I like the piano more

timeless classic, still sounds amazing :)

I'm blue, I've the feet of a guy, yeah the feet of a guy Genius lyrics

So interesting to see this. Maurizio seems like a really nice guy! I love his piano arpeggio, for me the best part of the song. And... somehow he reminds me of Robert Downey Jr. haha :-P Jeffrey seems like a fun guy. And I love his idea behind the lyrics. Simple but quite genius.

6:11 "You're blue, the color, so you're a smurf?" LMAO!!! Best line ever!!

Vice please please do crazy frog Axel F

lol, I remember a kid in school told me the lyrics are "if I were green I would die"

One of the catchiest songs ever.☺

Fantastic story! I'm also grateful for BLUE. Well done fellas, A timeless track indeed.

is it just me or Maurizio kinda looks like Robert Downley Jr ? XD

Where the f**** is youtube recommendations when I'm really interested in this kind of content?

I'm gay I would beat off a guy I would beat off a guy I would beat off a guy

the best worst song

Do the story of "K2 Der Berg Ruft"

Love this doc! I wonder what happens at the rest of their gig? With the greatest of respect for their hit, I'm not sure a 45-minute extended version is going to carry everyone...

Came from that Da Tweekaz remix lol

I personally think that Blue, daddy dj and one more time by daft punk were the three flagships 20 years ago. It always felt like they were competing at each other on MTV :D

Great vid, but it would have been nice to have their names pop up occasionally on the screen.

So blue 'blue' up during April fool's? Damn what are the odds

TRUMP , build the wall !

I never expected there to be a link between this song and metal gear solid I am very pleased by this revelation

My favorite song when i was little! Still a great song!

Get off the drugs. Dont waste your life and brains on drugs. Say no to drugs.

“I will eat, I will die”..

+子LOST r/whoosh... you took my comment seriously, didn't you?

+KingReynoso r/woooosh

Oh, very good story. Never thought about, what happened to them.

I'm a little confused... They toured and gigged the one song? Did they play it on repeat for an hour or did they literally set up, play Blue, then walk off stage and go home????

They speak better English than every Italian I've ever heard.

Thats amazing to see whole the process of making a recording, from idea, through tuning till the final product. Thanks!

I remember as a kid hearing this on the radio and loving it, I then later saw the music video and hated the song ever since...

I havent heard ANYTHING from them since that song!!! its 2019, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!

When I was a kid I loved this song. My Dad heard me listening to it and said "meh, it's better than that rap shit".

its my mobile ringtone

I still listen to this album.

This song its everything that I need in my life

1st heard it on Radio and thought it says: I’m blue, I believe I will die. And wondered why sounding happy about it?!

21:49 song name please!!!




I'm violet, no. I'm red, no. I'm orange, no. I'm yellow, no! I'm green, NO! No! No! Ive tried every color in the rainbow, I give up. What about this one. (both look up to the sky and then look at each other) Bingo.

5:21 don’t actually press this I’m just using it to get back to my spot

Best song

this entire album was incredible. best album to roll on e by far!

D-Devils - Dance With The Devil και τα μυαλά πουρές

20 yo later and I'm still falling in love with this masterpiece. Great work guys. You are legends. Proud to be italian.

Haha this is awesome, I had no idea how dedicated to that type of music these guys were.

Thats right vice, stick to music documentaries.

This song is 50% perfection and 50% garbage

2:56 omg he looked like Martin Garrix

i still like it when this song is played on the radio. i remember this song in the charts and then bomfunk mc's haha. awesome.

Sandstorm next

I'm blue, if I was green I would die if I was greeeeen I would die if I was green I would die.

Because of this song, my brothers painted their room walls as blue. Because of this song, those walls are still blue.

The Eiffel 65 band always give me 1990s C&A Clockhouse Collection realness.

Worst autotune in history. And first time it was played it cleared the dancefloor... Lol

"Eat the body, hide the body" theory debunked.

italy band named eiffel

so the guy that wanted the credit actually stole the song

Adagio for strings tiesto pls

I love eurodance

I remember hearing everybody saying "if i was green I would die"

17:47 LMAO "I'm blue, If I was green I would die"

I remember the memes after it hit youtube

thanks @vice please do more of these, specifically on songs from the late 90's early 2000's

Lo pueden traducir a español porfavor.

Really good documentary! Same type of video with Basshunter would be awesome

Awesome!!! Great song from my youth age.

I loved this song as soon as I heard it! I had the blue single and believe on single. I would play them on repeat to much lol.

there was a remake of the song in rock style and in the video tow blondies smashed 2 bmw-s. I was never able to find again that remake. Does anyone know about it?

Their track "Move your body" is pretty bangin

The poor guy that had to censor all the licens plates


One of my favourite songs. Thanks Eiffel

Do a video on Happy Hardcore! I think that's an under-appreciated segment of UK dance culture. An underappreciated genre as a whole. It sounds "cheesy" yet you just can't get that sound anywhere else.

Not where I expected to see a Metal Gear reference

A great documentary about Eiffel 65. I wonder who directed the music video to the Blue (Da Ba Dee). I remember the song also received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Dance Recording at the 2001 Grammy Awards, but it lost out to Baha Men song, Who Let the Dogs Out.

1:23 me playing this at midnight.

Singer looks like Jmac cousin

when this song was played in ironman opening, there was a lot of "woah" in the cinema, at that moment most of us probably felt how old we were while the younger ones were like, "what's going on?"


He kinda reminds me of j-mac


They still fill venues?

25 minutes well spent

So it *blue* up

From Memes to Movies, and some others. Blue (Da Ba Dee) is a legendary song

Epic buildup to a triumphant return to stage, small pause to say "and it feels like Blue just came out" before the drop AAAAAANDDD.. proceeds to play some generic chill step beat with cliche water snare and 4 chord-stab progression.

Italian dance from the 90’s...simply the best

The Story of "Freestyler" by Bomfunk mc's.....please!!!

Interesting program. My favourite version was the one they made for "Radio NRJ" singing "on nrj...:"

Next up : the story of Gucci Gang by Lil pump


Possibly the song of my Life and my others, I remember being a kid like 6 years old...Im 26 in june! This song still has the same effect it had back then and my 5 year old daughter loves it! Too much of heaven was another anthem followed by PlayStation, move your body...I could go on. Well done guys, big love from the UK!

This is basically a documentary on how these guys still cannot believe they composed the most bullshit tune ever and became worldwide famous, knowingly it was dumb.

cant believe i got to eight minutes before i remembered that its a proper snide tune and i dont even like it.... ffs...

Ojalá vuelvan a tener otro hit.

Thank you Eiffel 65 for introducing me to dance music

And to think that this masterpiece was written in only 2 hours

ok I am so happy this video exists because I have been arguing an untrue fact for years. I was convinced that in the chorus, under the "da ba dee da ba dye" there was another voice, singing "if that was me, I would die". Turns out I have been wrong about that all of this time. I still hear it, but that's only because I had convinced myself it was there when it was just the echo delay from the vocoder effect. I have a lot of crow to eat now

This song was the first ever single that I bought. I loved it.

You can feeld the tension between the two DJs, the singer is out of that beef they got...

But still sad to see that two of the three guys cant get together...great documentary tho!

I can't stand VICE, i just came to downvote and report them for paedophilia/

"A music... to surpass metal gear..."

They've popped out three albums

im blue... ive OD'd... i will die...

+Milt Nation first heard this song back in '99 while stationed in S. Korea

Gigi D’ Agostino (Best Italodance artist of the 90’s and 2000’s)

VICE Scooter next!!!

That's a stupid question. It was explained in the video lmao.

im blue da ba de da ba dai if i was Green i would die da ba de da ba dai Thats my lyrics that im sticking ith

+Alexis Boyer what?

+Alexis Boyer i found that way too funny


They're considered one hit wonders, but their next album "Contact" was even better than the first.

Hey, listen up here is the story .......

scusate pero' non ho capito come sono arrivati a sponsorizzarsi a radio dj? hanno mandato la registrazione in radio? si sono proposti loro o sono stati consigliati da qualcuno?

This song never gets old no matter how many times you hear it classic from decades ago

When I heard it, I would say, I’m blue, if I was green, I would die! Lol My best friends girlfriend at that time saw the video and she thought I looked like the guy that wears a cap! Since I was always wearing caps. And his facial features did resembled mine back in the day.

You guys marked my childhood. It was THE song! We were singing it every - single - day or moment. Thank you

I love that there was some sort of intelligence behind this song I thought it was just some odd track about being a blue person

Auto-tune in the right way

Who is the brunette chick at 13:20???

this music is legendary!

They blue up.

0:46 I'm blue I would beat off a guy, I would beat off a guy

I still have the CD yet.

"if i was green i would die" arrived to my family me and my cousins would argues saying that he said that

These late 90s dance tracks have such complex stories, very similar to Sandstorm. I've been lucky enough to see both Eiffel 65 and Darude in the past 6 months, something a 6 year old me who was dancing to their songs in kid clubs never thought I'd ever get to do.

That intro sounds like when you start a playstation 2

The turn of the century and the coming of the new millenium was such an exciting time and I feel this song really encapsulated that. And It brought everyone together, because you either loved it or you hated it. Its a truly iconic song.

missxchief, let’s be honest looking back at it now it’s an absolute travesty of a track. A slice of the cheesiest cheese

Good Memories of my childhood in the backseat of the oldsmobile opening pokemon cards while my mom n aunt jam Blue

Thank you Vice! Proud to be Italian

FINNALY I'm learning the origin about my all time favorite song I've been listening to this song since I was like 3 or 4 im 12 now going on 13 and still listen to it

2:47 "Somehow create artist to play the tracks live if they worked out" wtf so they produced tons of shit and then "created" "artists" to perform, kinda whats wrong with music industry

I m blue daa bee daa daa bee daa If ı was green ı would die daa bee daa daa bee daa

sexy boom boom

Dabadee dabada

I remember the release of this song so clearly from the time. My little childhood friends and I loved it, I'm sure our parents hated it lol

first cd I bought when I was a kid

I can't fuckn believe I clicked on this!

*The doc that no one asked for but deserve. It was one of if the THE worst videos for a terrible song i seen. And yet here i am 20 years later finding myself watching shuffle dance vids to the song*

OMG, this song is really 20years old? I was 16 back in 99 and we listened to E65 all day long. And on weekends we drove to Italy, to make party to the then popular Italian dance music. We had all these CDs like „Estate mix 99“. Big love for that video ❤️ saluti from Switzerland

Ted Mosby at 4:10

wtf i thought this video is based on abes oddysee but not on metal gear solid

This was awesome. Incredibly interesting. Awesome song & these guys are true artists. Not many around today.

soooo basicly the main melody is stolen? lawsuit incomming!

still russian singer Vitas will gonna beat them .. xD

Yo listen up, here's the story About a little guy that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue Like him, inside and outside Blue his house with a blue little window And a blue Corvette And everything is blue for him And himself and everybody around 'Cause he ain't got nobody to listen I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa I have a blue house with a blue window Blue is the color of all that I wear Blue are the streets and all the trees are too I have a girlfriend and she is so blue Blue are the people here that walk around Blue like my Corvette, it's in and outside Blue are the words I say and what I think Blue are the feelings that live inside me I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa I have a blue house with a blue window Blue is the color of all that I wear Blue are the streets and all the trees are too I have a girlfriend and she is so blue Blue are the people here that walk around Blue like my Corvette, it's in and outside Blue are the words I say and what I think Blue are the feelings that live inside me I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa

i remember my mate coming back from holiday in Italy and telling me about this song that kept playing in the night clubs..literally 2 weeks later everybody in England were giving it big licks in the night clubs.

This is really interesting.

2 hours for the lyrics ?

Blue and move your body was my favourite records from childchood

maxed out engine going to nordwest zentrum in Frankfurt Germany...................just rolling so fast ................maxed out on the autobahn. straight to my love.........................

I don't care nye 2000 at 12 oclock hardcore dj dropped his hardcore mix of blue and it's the only nye that I can remember from the clubs.. it was nuts.. blue is stuck with me forever till I die

Imagine a documentary on Italodance music from the 90s! Make it happen

I have a lot of respect for this song...!!!

Who's that with short hair girl at 13:20?

This song is soooooo INTERNATIONAL...!!!.

Everything good and so far. Great docu xD BUT!!!! And this is why it isn‘t a shame to miss bands like Pink Floyd and so anymore... because thr humans are getting so fucking egoistic. It is ridiculous. They shout and cry louder all together then any speaker system, they producemore energy with holding phones up at once then an atomic reactor... and u humans rly ask yourself why no intelligent lifeform likes you?.... fck thr humans lol...

Documentary about Mr Brightside?

my song during my childhood... love this song!

They all look like OG ravers goddammit cant imagine the mdma/xtc in their days, the mid late 90s and early 2000s

My son just turned 9 and he loves this song....then he learned to shuffle like dad

My favourite series on Youtube!! :)

I was there when they toured in Italy at Festivalbar in 1999. I was 6, I was there and that was the exact moment I fell in love with dance music. That's one of the reasons why I'm a producer very melody-oriented, because of those guys whose music I grew up with and whose music set the fundamentals of my entire career. As a producer, my aim is to create something remarkable such as this masterpiece, and as Maury said, I want my music to be more famous than me. Thank you Eiffel 65 for every single piece of art you put out there, and thank you Vice for this amazing documentary!


im blaming these guys for the dab

As a kid it was I'm Blue I repeat I'm a guy... But I soon realized that it's wasn't lol... Everyone sung my version at school I guess because I introduced it and they believed me

In the next metal gear solid installment they should make snake hide in blue boxes


In Russian "Blue" is "Goluboy" which in slang means "Homo" )))

9:27 the simplicity of something so beautiful is what we lack today

First narude now this, vice knows our true interests

I would thumbs down, but i want to keep it at 911. 9/11 was an inside job. youtube is removing all the proof from the site. who is paying them off?

Ma un ritorno degli Eiffel no eh?

I wonder if there is a documentary about the story of Rezső Seress' *szomorú vasárnap.* Yes, that song that made people kill themselves.

Iconic, where this times?! :(

I'm Blue, if I were Green I would die!

Grandi ragazzi.... avete fatto parte della storia della dance!!!!

Big respect, either way went, the fame, the power and the realness of a bunch of guys took the world upside down, thanks to a simple song, and let's not forget all the other records they did, they literally dominated the world dance music, and in Italy they will always be kings. All the best!


The best content vice has put out in years.

I remember watching the music video when i was a kid, and the aliens in the crowd would always scare me.

You should do Clubbed To Death by Rob Dougan!

One of my favorite song back in the days. Awesome!!

Pierwszy raz widziałem Blue w Club Rotation w czerwcu 1999 na Vivie, genialny utwór od razu wpadł mi w ucho. Słuchałem tego w kółko i wszędzie. Całe lato, jesień i zimę 1999 ciągle puszczali to na Vivie. Podobnie zrobiony teledysk miało Shanks&Bigfoot - Sweet Like Chocolate. 3.3.2000 Eiffel65 przyjechali do Czeladzi do klubu Ambasador na koncert, który bardzo miło wspominam. Wielka szkoda, że drogi chłopaków się rozeszły ale myślę, że w obecnych czasach kariery by nie zrobili bo obecnie muzyka schodzi na dno. Przede wszystkim nie ma teraz melodyjnych piosenek, im która jest dziwniejsza to robi większą karierę. Pozdrawiam wszystkich dawnych i obecnych fanów Eiffel 65!

Do one on Daddy Dj next

This kinda reminds me of Swedish House Mafia story...legendary.

YouTube stop suggesting me this shite.

Never EVER lose hope. Thats what i learned this 2Am morning bec i cant sleep thinking about my failures. THANKYOU GUYS

I can barely even play that song on my keyboard

They were the first CD I bought. Still have it too.

So proud to be Italian, thank you for this episode!

Why would they pee on a guy?

3:04 song please?

I heard this when I was like 6 or 7 years old and it felt like it littered activated my consciousness, its the first electronic dance song I remember hearing and it was trippy as fuck

"Blue" was my first single I bought as a child, we were dancing to it as children. Thank you for the memories.

I still love all the old 90's. When this song came out I was probably like 12, too young and ignorant about music to even appreciate proper music or how big artists were. Its cool to see the world was almost the same as it is now, compared to when I was young.

anyone know where I can find a version of the piano arpeggio at 5:03?

can't stand that fackin song

*The doc that no one asked for but deserve. It was one of if the THE worst videos for a terrible song i seen. And yet here i am 20 years later finding myself watching shuffle dance vids to the song. I guess over the decades i grew accustomed to it.*

Thanks Scatman

iM Blue, DaBADeEedabADIe

If i was green, i would die.

I'm blue daba dee daba die da ba dee daba dee daba dee daba die there's nothing about being green

Yo listen up up here's a story about a little guy that lives in a blue world and all day and all night and everything he sees his just blue like him inside and out of his house with a blue little window in a blue Corvette and everything he sees is blue I can sing it word for word when it's on from beginning to end more than 20 years later

im blue subscribe to pewdiepie

Im blue I would beat off a guy I would pee on a guy Im in need of a guy Apple tree apple pie If i green i would die I would bleed i would die Im in need of a guide Im blue I have a bee that'll die I would eat up a guy I would heat up a pie I believe i will die I believe im a guy I believe i can fly I wish Bieber would die Can you believe this guy

VICE I’m blue I would pee on a guy

ohhh you touched my dingdingdong

I’m blue if I was green I would die. If I was green I would die

Xatar war damals schon stabil

Old school my favorite

Hide the body, eat the body.

Yes, please. Thanks.


This was cool vice. More stuff like this please

this was so inspiring. as a dance producer this makes me want to keep going! thanks vice! favorite video by far

Til this day my neighbors love Eiffel65

This was my first EDM song

Before I had internet access I thought he was saying blue like my daughter she's standing outside but after I got access to the internet and was able to look up the lyrics I was shocked to find out that it's blue like his Corvette that's sitting outside LOL

Those guys are so nice. I love hearing how one of the biggest hits of my childhood was generated.

So this is where the blue tint in Battlefield games came from :P

The story of bomfunk mc's - freestyler!! That would be cool

I have to recon i have danced to this song in my 20s, but it´s just another one hit wonder. Thanks Eiffel 65 for making my feet move to the beat.

viva l' italia porcoddiooooooo

This is so interesting! I'd like to see more documentaries about how different songs were created.

Eiffel, proud of my hood.

What a top track. Very well done guy's, thank you.

I remember being in 5th grade when I this song came out on the radio in 1999. They played it everywhere constantly but It was definitely one of my favorite songs. Good times.

So much theft in the dance/electronic industry

The documentary nobody needed, but everyone wanted.

i have a girl and she is so *gay*

Besucase of "I’m Blue" I like Believe now..

Next do ATC- All Around The World “like it up if you agree”

This is a phenomenal documentary guys! so emotional! thanks!

anybody could do that cuz making electronic "music" is easy right?

No love, no friendship, nothing else. Just a dollar bill goin on into their pocket. Into their bank acount. Much much much much much much.

childhood days.. now I'm into metal music but still respect to Eiffel 65..

"That was me that would die, that was me that would die" sounded like to me


Youtube recommended, but I just came to say... Who cares?

VICE make a story about Dragostea din tei numa numa iei.

The Ten Masked Men cover of this song is absolutely brilliant.

My first album i ever bought was Europop. 1999. I was eight years old.

17:13 will reveal this life long mystery!

One of the worst song ever made.


VICE Can you darude sandstorm next thumbs up guys so they see

Lmao it would be April 1st. What a coincidence.

I was born 1990 and this song was a big part of my childhood! Thanks for this cool video about them.

Pleas do a documentary on PISS

Tom Pelphrey looks like Maury

Wow... this was so very uninteresting!

I always thought the da ba dee lyric was "I was beat, I was dying", LOL!

unos ladris jajaja

I was 15 when that song came out in 2000 back there in El Salvador, i didn't understand a single word, but i was in love with it and i still jam it in my car now in US

Next time chilling with the fam drinking I'm gonna put this song on for some reactions

so they just get off stage after that one song lol

I first heard blue from the hit list on ytv when I was a kid.

Great documentary, amazing and engaging! Thank you so much for this!

I always thought it was, I'm in need of a guy, lol! That was before I knew it was da ba de da ba da

shits gay af lol but it got my legs jumping not gonna lie

Do someone know what the beat/song at 21:49, please?

Wow this is a good video

Gonna go hear blue now

Wow I was only 7 and happy with this song ❤️ I still love it

Remember when I first heard it like if it was yesterday. An authentic storm took both clubs and radio stations. Golden times!!

Really beautiful song

this series are awesome, plz keep doing them

My favorite song as a teeneager.

Km. Blues

Also known as that HORRIBLE song that set the tone for the worst Iron Man movie.

That whole album for the most part is still a banger

Please do Daddy DJ !!

So listan up here is a story This song will never get old I love this song it’s the best!!!

This was so inspirational

Please make a video about Dragosta Tin Tei by O-zone!

To me it was always if i was green i would die.. cause he likes being blue

One hit wonder...

Please a documentary of Children by Robert Miles

This is the song that got me into electronic music. Had no idea the places this song would take me.

The singer looks a little like Xatar, a german rapper.

this is so great

crazy frog next

eat the body hide the body

Dang, the melancholy

as we say in Italy "brutta l'invidia"

I love the story behind them and this song.


One of my favourite



Jordan Wilson that would be freaking awesome

i am gay i am in need of a guy

strawberriesxo that’s how I found this song

I’m blue if I was green I would die

E adesso Gabry fa canzoni un po così.. spero torni come prima

Do not like this song at all.

best documentary, watched this at school while we were supposed to be doing something. learned more from this than the whole day of learning

Grew up with this song on the 2000s internet, I still love it.

Please do Better Off Alone next :)

"I'm blue, if I were green I would die." I thought this was the lyrics...

This feels like a documentarynow sketch

I want to hear someone use the piano version for a new song.

Not gonna lie, as a kid I thought Sinbad was singing this.. not sure why

I remember where, when, the weather when I heard this on the radio. Something in me moved, techno was born, I later recorded it off the radio on tape cassette - waited all evening for it to come on! Listened so much, my mom comes in all worried 'is he saying he wants to die? Are you alright?' hahaha, I was like 'I'm awesome! I found my music!'

They were truly ahead of their time

How did they do tours with one song?

Have u ever had a dream where u make/hear the perfect catchy tune/riff and hum it throughout the dream, just to forget it when you wake up?

such a timeless song, will always love this song. Thankyou guys @ Eiffel 65, ive had much joy from it. /hugs

2:46 Calcutta? Ma Calcutta quale?

Great documentary, anyway Eiffel 65 music goes a lot beyond blue.

I was a metalhead when this came out, looking back I realised how unshit the 90s were becasue of tracks like this. Pure innocence and euphoria. It was proper European culture. It was before it was ruined. It's incredible.

Is it weird that I got chills at 23:33


the song was too advance for the time it came out.

All the kids who were listeing to the song in their childhood now partying on the concert with their wives, fully grown up - to "child's music". I love this song.

If I was green I would die

I always thought the say "if I where green I will die"

Song at 21:52??

loved it


Yeah but the dance track is dope. Lyrics ruined it.

They already made it my guy

is it Im Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die?

forgotaboutdres nice one !

I’m blue and i’m in need of a guy.

In portuguese, please

I spend more time hearing that song that the time it took to them to make it.

Amazing! It's all started by giving credits to who deserves it!

This gives me flashbacks that are too far back and dangerous to think of

This was really cool to watch!

This is such a feelgood story, love the song

What's next, a documentary on Aqua - Barbie Girl?

help, help!, noooooooooooo!!!!! can I delete this!!!!!!

Oh crap, no I didn't mean that just kidding

Do a documentry on chiddy bang

i miss those old days..

Great docu, good job and thanks for this!


I really enjoyed at watching this documentary.

cool fuck yeah. dropped my first disco biscuit in 99. Thanks Eifel. You made it beatiful. for 20 years. awesome

I’m blue i’m in need of a guy.

A great story. I never knew about it. thanks for remembering a part of my childhood, adolescence.

0:45 maury looks like tony stark

Perché caZzo non è in italiano?

Una bella traccia rimarrà bella per sempre!! Non stancherà mai... E questa è una di quelle!! Il problema son quelle attuali.... Non c'è più religione.

Been waiting for this. One of the underrated electronic bands of the 90's. These guys knew how to make catchy hits.

Whoever doesn't know the answer to this question, OBVIOUSLY they didn't pay attention to this documentary.

Im in need of a guy

Blue Dana Daba die


Man I remember when the video had dropped

Well done

Thank God Eiffel stuck it out and gave us this song. I remember exactly where I was when I first heard it, became instantly hooked, and knew it would be big. And actually that whole album Europop got me thru my teenage angst too. Still have mad love for Eiffel ❤

It’s one of the greatest Songs and memes in pop culture history

Great Documentary! I learned more than my pop music class

omg i'm so freaking happy to see them again

So the song is not about blue balls? I'm confused?

There are movies about so many life stories of famous musicians, now one needs to be made of them! How they started, what their lives were like through out the years as E65 and Bloom 06 and where they are now

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