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What. Up england's hottest, new band here to perform their songs could have it new and kissed it these guys have toured with Guns N'Roses. Foo. Fighters, and the, Rolling Stones give. It up for let's try. We've. Been turned a long time and, the, strengths, of the Messer. Captivate, the audience to get them involved yet it's moving and jumping around. He talks from, there. Give. It up for the struts, and Ke$ha. Like, a spotlight, two. Eyes hide the Sun. Soon. Let's. Keep that you run it baby you've. Already won. What is me. While, yeah. I'm gonna be at tonight. What. A lovely introduction, hello, everyone. Thanks. For having us and thanks for checking us out as, well. Yeah. Lovely, this, is some. Cool body talks. Your. Eyes. Two. Eyes like, the Sun. Go. Ahead keep you distance from, me soon. Y'all gonna come when. You flick your hair you. Don't care and you're asking, we're up from. That. Came that you running baby you've. Already won. Honey tell no, no, no, whadya. Need. Need, need whadya. Like. Like, life, cuz. I'm gonna be it tonight you. Can be cool you're, gonna be shy say. What you want say what, you like but. Woo, your, body time see body tall whoo, whoo, get, my tits out. You, don't wanna know but. You. Don't need to say or what God. Your. Body talks, those. Lips our, conversation. That. Face is is so. It's. My imagination. Stop. Me if I'm row and. He done no no, no, what. Yeah, Nick meet, need, water. I like. You like lies, cuz. I'm gonna be it tonight you. Can be cool. Whoa. Your, body talks to my detox whoo. You're by the toes you can pretend, you, don't want to know good I'm exhausted and head to your toes yeah. You told me to say what, cuz. Your. Body talks yeah. Oh. Oh. Oh. Damn. Big. Round of applause Adams, lack of the lead guitar. Whoa. Your, body style, subha detox, your. Body to. See. You can be cool you, can be shy. Say what you want save. It to. Your. Body close to my toes, whoo whoo, get, my takasu. Give it ten you, don't know, but, I'll be the Sun Jupiter. You. Don't need to say. Goodbye. Buddy, but uh papa, pepper -, girl. Your. Body talks thank you very much, -. Did. You enjoy that. Present, on the ears yes. Kiss. This. Time. I said Stadium, get away from you, saying I was bad for you he got his way. Doctor. Good. Make. It up saris keeping, it secret. Taking, your upper truth you were bad for me so. I'm. Gone before. I. Did. So. Kisses. One, time. I. See. You. You're. Misunderstood. So. Kids is a, one-time. Thomason. Sorry, coming, back crawling, he didn't give it me pop he, stole from me. So. I'm gone for good. Getting. Back from this no second, chance is another phone calling not, y'all back for me. But. I'm good. I. Get. All that good. So. Kisses, one more, time, and I don't the girl I. See. You. Give. Me son mr.. Socha. Yes. -. So. Kisses, or one moth, someone. I. Did, all that good. So. Kisses, a one more, time, and I'm gone for good. City. You. You. Misunderstand. So. Kisses, a one last, time. Like. You. We. Recently. Recorded. A cover, and. Yeah. It's it's, it's a lot of fun so we're gonna play it for you right now and there's a video coming out fit really really soon which, was all equally, as exciting. Let's. Rock and roll. Yeah. This one's called dancing in the street. I'm. Ready bear. Call. It, now, round. The, world. Are you ready from brand-new beep. Summer's. Here and, the, time's right. Dancing. In the street, then dancing, in. The, street up, a New York City's. Music. Sweet. Music. There'll, be music. Where. They'll. Be laughing, swaying. Records. Frame. Don't, sit, in the, street. It. Doesn't matter, what. You wear just. It slow, yes, you, are. So. Come out every. Guy. Grab. A girl. Everywhere. Around. The. World every. Dancer. Destinee. The. Street. Yeah. This. Is an invitation. Across. The, nation. A chance, for close. To me. They'll. Be laughing swaying. Music. Playing. Dog. In the street, in. Adelphia. Mondesi, now. I. Can't. Forget see I'll leave oh. Sweet. Music. There'll. Be music. Everywhere. We. Love to, swear, red. Rocks. Dog. In the street. He. Doesn't, let out what, you wear. Just, as long, as, you, are there to. Come out every. Guy, grabbed. The girl. Everywhere. Around. In. The. Ocean. In. The streets. You'll. See thank, you. All. Right we're gonna love you and leave you thank you once again for having. Us and and. For, watching us as well it. Really would have sucked if we came and nobody, turned out say thank. You so much. We're. Gonna leave, you with a track. Called could have been me so thank you once again. Don't. Want to live as an untold, story, rather. Go out in a blaze of, glory I, can't. Hear, you. Hi. Hey. I. Live. Now who's the bad guy loves. Got. Your furnace with you broken, I. Hear. You. Silly, on the grill. We stop, elsewhere. I wanna. Taste. What. A field. I. Don't. Know weights.

Could. Have it. It. Could've been a. Some. Colonists. Agudo. To, me. I. The. Is getting my skin, crawl. I, don't. Rap. City our grid. Why. Don't we stop, and sweat. I, wanna. Teach them. Wanna, feel. I. Don't, wanna sing. I don't, wanna waste. It, could have been bad. It. Could have been man. Thank. You. Thanks. Like. A press conference yes, this, is an interview for you guys whether, you can make it to Google or not. Well. Welcome to Google good afternoon it's great to have, you guys here afternoon. Ooh thanks. For having us I was. At, or it's. Going really great it's, uh I think we, can all agree it's probably, one, I know so it's it's the best headline, tour that we've done so far in the, States so where. Every. Night is a new adventure and, the and the audiences, have been growing. And and it just feels great to be back out on the road awesome. So, why don't you tell, us a little bit about yourselves how, did the band get formed, how did you guys meet how. Long, how. Long did it take you guys to get here I'm, sorry gonna be a complete prima donna is the only chance I can get some room-temperature. Water. Now. For those of you who don't know anything about singing, ice-cold. Water actually freezes. Up your vocal chords which. Is what's happened to me just now, so. How, about you just hold this in between your legs and warm it up for a little bit. Where. Was I how the band go back right. Well. Me and ads have been working with each other for 10. Years, that's. Adam oh and. We. Were kind of we. Were both in separate bands and. We. Were kind of atom was being sort of like mentors, by. What would then, become a manager. For the time and. Yeah. Our kind of our bands were just basically, falling, apart and we were encouraged, to sort of meet up and then. From then on really it's just been ongoing. This. Was back in 20. 2009. 2000. So a decade yes, it's been a decade congratulations. It is I, guess. I mean honestly if my. Your old self was to you, know tell, me back then it's gonna take you ten. Years to kind of achieve what you've achieved I probably would have been, fairly. Disappointed. But like I. And. Now I know, that all great things, really. Take time and I. Think, I've, learnt now that it I know, it sounds super cheesy.

Proper. Cheddar but, it. Really is about the journey and, me. And Adams relationship sort, of like you, know proves that the, other guys in the band as well like the group, it is about the journey so, I'm glad it's taken this long got. It. Why. Don't you guys tell us what instruments. You all play and, what's. Your favorite instrument if you were to change things around in the group. I'm. Kind of stuck I. Mean. I could, sit back and be the piano player. Well, I sing and play and, play piano. So. I guess I could just stick to. Playing. The Johanna and actually. He's, being very humble he plays awesome, I don't play awesome awesome, I pretend, I can make it sound like I play very well. So. The, first day, I ever played bass was there joining this band but, I was a demoted, guitar player, essentially. So. Two less strings to strings are knocked off and. Yeah. I mean I feel like I don't, know I get to do my own little thing on bass pick out my own different melodies and it's, definitely. I. Could. Karaoke, sing it's very special, I do mr. Brightside, is killer, hey. Yeah. All right I'll be this thing. That's. Gonna sing I play. The guitar but I'd be a drummer, yeah. Everyone, thinks I'm the drummer anyway because the hair. But. I'm not. I'm. The drummer I play. I think I'm in saxophone. Yeah. That's. Great was. That you playing on dancing, in the street yeah that was me and that was awesome yep. So. What, kind of music is it that you make because you know we hear it's glam rock it's disco. It's, everything. In between how, would you describe yourself I think that the, reason it's it's called, glam rock essentially. Is. It's. Because of the way we. Present ourselves onstage, probably, more so myself. And. If. You look back in. A musical, history, there. Isn't sonically, like something that defines. Glam. Well. I guess there is in the United Kingdom when, I talk about glam I'm talking t-rex, Bowie Mott the Hoople, you. Know not motley crue. Called. Guns and Roses you know I'm talking about platform. Shoes I guess. Kiss kind of comes underneath it for. Sure but, that's. What makes the struts glamorous and I think what makes it cool, and, kind, of unique is that we. Don't really sound. Like. Glam. But. That's kind of like our all our whole ethos across. The board. We. We, want to push things in a different direction so. We're not afraid to use modern production, elements we're, not afraid to do. Things that as, you, know I guess some other bands do. But. What. Do I mean, if someone asks me what's the music like I guess, I'd. Say it's, musically. Has the fists of sophistication. Of Queen and the, swagger the Rolling Stones that's. What I would tell an uber driver every. Time they get me that is what's Andy you in what kind of music do you play how, would you describe it. And. I actually there there is a video if you're YouTube it where. Some. Goober, driver, sizing. Your music, use. Complimented, right, he was and I was very happy I was sat in the front and he was saying god this singer is amazing, I was like. I. Did right at the very end I was waiting for him to slag me off you. Know and then, be like I probably would have joined in yeah a bit flat there wasn't he on the other. So. You also distract musical. Influences. There's. Lots of times where you, know people would hear the band and they would say oh this is they sounded like Queen or they sound like the. Rolling Stones. How. Do you guys feel about that I, think. We think it's great. Here's. A PowerPoint. Presentation to, explain, the reasons, why I. Just. Don't know what happened that's rock and roll right there that's badly, that's a bad organization. Is. That meant to happen. Is. This. Is. Someone, gonna present the trophy or something. It's. Fine, this. Chap here gave us a lovely tour of your building, by the way he. Had all his notes down in, his mobile phone what. Was the question, yeah. They forgot oh yeah, oh I. Think. Look. What's. Really important. What. We find really important about this band is. You. Know to kind of take everything with, a with a big big pinch. Of salt and, it's. Only human nature for people, to categorize, things, really. It's, just because it's the way we do stuff so. If. You're gonna be put, in a box with a certain, couple of bands then, I'd, rather it be Queen and the. Stones then, you, know I, don't. Know blink-182 and. Maroon. 5 you know I mean like. At, least with at least then I'm like okay we must be doing something right you know so. I don't mind I don't think the bad minds you guys are doing something right because I, heard somewhere, that Mick Jagger brushes.

His Teeth listening. To the struts you. Heard that I did hear that okay. Which. Is not the most honest, about. Hey. I'm just a bit. I entertain, I. Fortunately. That was a lie. When. Did I say that there was a UK press, magazine, that's why I was back it's funny every, time I think every time I do an interview with a, UK. Newspaper. They're, so like. In the UK we're so gossip, driven it's like insane, you. Know it's, like good bad ugly whatever. It's like we got to have it so. I just take the piss like that last time I was, on the phone with I, think. It was the Daily Mirror or something or, the Sun in, their. Bizarre column. They call it and I told him I had had four Rolls Royces and like you. Know and I just, become. Like a multi-millionaire. And you. Know. The. First time he told them that they asked for about pre-staged, ritual, and he said that he likes to eat sushi, off my naked body. So. He now is the start of maybe, that's where it's all going wrong for us in the UK. Maybe. I, hope. That's untrue. Hey. You. Know. One. Of the questions that I was strictly, told not to ask you guys but, I think what. The hell who cares you, can also let, you ask it that way is is, something that my. Son, and I we call it to stratify, something, to notify, some things to roll your R's, where. Does that come from, where did it come from. Do. You want the truth, yeah, please hold true solution. Well. This is not the son this is not true I'm talking, to Google. The. Truth is when I was young. Probably. About your son's age I was. Cast. As the Pharaoh in. Josefina's. Technicolor, Dreamcoat a school production it's, a famous musical, by. Sir. Andrew. Lloyd Webber and Tim, Rice I believe on lyrics and, it's. Very good check it out and, while. We were doing that I I bought, the the. CD, to kind of learn the songs, with. The. Original, cast were Jason Donovan as Joseph, anyway, that's not important but what's important, is there's. A bit when Joseph's, father. Does. This bit in the song and it. When. Joseph's. Mother she. I can't believe a do this Joseph's. Mother she, was quite my favorite wife I never really. That, was it and I was like wow that's cool. And. Then, I'd rewind it and then I wasn't, even my part and I just I'd remember just doing it I'm just I was like wow and I remember teaching myself how, to, do I was a very strange boy growing, up I would, I would see and hear something, and then I would then lock. Myself away in, a room filled with dinosaurs, and. Teach. Myself how to do it. With. A prehistoric audience. That's. Pretty sweet yeah, so one of the things that you. Know so there's the stage, persona, of the struts and then, there's you know once you get to know the galleries you. Guys are very humble very down-to-earth I've known you guys for some time now. One. Thing that was, really amazing, that you did was. When one of the one. Of the bands. Got sick that you were you. Know touring with you, guys performed, a couple of free, shows for your fans it seems like there's an amazing connection with the fans there's. A lot of things that you do for them. Is. That like how does that like what what's. The thought process behind hey, the show got cancelled we got to do something well in that particular event we. We. Came all the way from. Did. We fly from America, yeah. That was the Australia so, we went I, can't remember none, of us remember but we went from wherever. To, Australia, you know a long, flight. And, we. Did the first show and it was fantastic, and it was great to. Meet our, Australian. Audience, and everything and then, yeah when the show the next show got pulled in the next one the next one in the next one due to the the headliners. Being, sick as you said it. Was like no, no. We're all you know like meatloaf said we're all revved up with nowhere to go and like we. Were just like we need to do something and you. Know with the help of my. Amazing tour, manager Alex Feld who was warming. Up my water earlier. We. Scrambled, together on numerous occasions, not, only a place to play which, would be like a proper. Ozzy. Divert. And, and and, we did a quite a few then we did one on ac/dc, lane all right. With. A bronze statue of Bon Scott right you, know very close to it so I was like yeah I, was like let's do this instead, you know. But. I think we all had a lot of fun and we we. Did a version of Highway to Hell which just took the roof off, on. Both nights with it did anyone else have any fond memories of that show, those. Shows, it. Was one of the few occasions that I seen you drink, before a show within the last five years which, is very entertaining, we, were like we've lost our lead singer and they're like now look look down at front row and he's sat on the bottom of the stage of his legs hanging off like a schoolboy just, with a martini chatting.

- All these Australian fans, it, was. Like. Seriously, when when, I found that we were going to be doing the small shows it's. Like. The. Own the. Funny thing is when I was doing it I was like oh my god I remember now I used to drink all. The time before we used to go on stage because, back in the day we were doing those kind of stages, and the, drum kits like, there. And the. Cymbals are here and you've. Got monitors. You know the. Size of my boobs. Which. Appear, to be large but they're not that big and. You. Can't hear anything, so. I, was, I was disturbing, to like, Jed said I was I just wanted to to mingle, say hello to all the fans and thank, them for coming because. When. The band pulled out we were like I, mean we could put on a show I mean I don't know if anyone's gonna turn up and there was there. Was people queuing, all the way down ac/dc, lanes, and back, again to you, know Beatles, Avenue or whatever the next one was and then, yeah. It was great it, was great that was pretty amazing that's, that's very refreshing actually, so, if. You, haven't been to their, live performances. There's, a thing they make you do you, guys should go tonight they're performing a really nice no, no I'm gonna do something, you. Know if you want to stay fit I think on average you burn what. 787. Calories. When. The guys are performing because they make you dance and sing, can, you describe, what is, it to see you, guys live and what they're, in it like Jane Fonda, fronting. A rock and roll band. Do. You remember the aerobics video she did I think. I do yeah. Except. That I don't have any massive, you know eighties. Attire that's, kind of it really, when. Alright. Well how would you describe her then I think for me it was you, know I felt like you're in a theater and you're seeing live performance. And then, you, know the, guys would just point. At you and then you would have to sing the song or dance. To it and you. Would become, part of the like you know the guy say you become part of the stress family which is which is pretty darn amazing so, I've seen people go all crazy and have a blast, yeah last night was particularly, crazy in where. Were we Portland. And sturdy. Crazy here tonight yeah. It was loud were, you actually we're, doing something where we're trying to find our loudest audience so. We're getting a DB reader yeah, and and. I and I sort of liked it everyone require and then, I go to the front the stage and then pointing. Like this. What. Do we get last night. Yeah. That's pricing our videographer, it's not a total stranger by, the way. Firing. Questions. How. Long does it take you because Luke or the guys don't look like this when they're performing how long does it take you to put, on the makeup. Not. That long. It. Depends sometimes they get fixated with my reflection, I don't move for a while. About. 40, minutes if, I get it right in one that. True there's, a forty minutes or more than that so about 40 minutes yeah. Okay. For, the rest of us is a case of putting on I mean I forgot to squeeze, into the nice leather trousers so, that's pretty the, most time-consuming thing, on my end getting.

Them Off is even more of a fee but. Yeah. Luke definitely, he, gets his glitter on his cheeks looks fabulous. Yeah the rest of us kind of we, still look fabulous just Suns glitter. On. Being, called the, saviors of rock or the future, of rock a, big, hand for the future of rock guys you, see the. You. Can see the nail marks in, my palms. I'm. Just joking, I'm, sorry do you remember when I said pinch of salt you got to take that with a pinch of salt as well I mean when it look honestly. It's it's lovely that people say that but I don't I. Don't. Take that seriously, it's, like we're. Just doing what we love to do and it's great that people like really resonating, with it but, for me the rock genre never, died which is why I think it's funny when people say that like, especially now like, with. With all these streaming platforms, YouTube, everything, like that if you want you can exist, within, a musical, world. Of. Your choice. Whether. That is soul. You. Know rap, rock. New. Rock metal, whatever, is it's. It's I'm very, surprised. You, know sort of radio has the power that it's it's it still does I mean for, me I. Kind. Of just live in this musical, bubble so it's it's never gone to me that there's records I always, come back to I keep listening to and and if isn't. That what defines something being dead if and if no one can remember it that's what truly dying is and and I think as long as people still listen to the music it never dies make. Sense beautiful. So. You, you mentioned YouTube let's talk about Google. Products, or any, other tech products, let's. Let's you know sell our stuff here what. Watch. What. Products do you guys use or any tech gadgets, that you guys use. I've. Got the the pixel phone yeah, yeah, which I that's. My my, UK, and Europe. Phone. Because, well. Very importantly, for the most part when we go there you know, Europe's somewhat quite older, than America, to, the architecture. In some, places is, a little bit more interesting, so. We end up doing lights, not, lots of nice photographs, and things like that and that's phone in particular yeah, the the the. Pitches are insane, and the video quality as well so I use, that one as sort of like my my memory bank and being, able to like look round and travel and and take, pictures for the fans and stuff. As. Well. I. Have. A Google home nice. Yeah. Pixel, 3 so I use in the UK. What. Else I was, gonna buy a Chromebook, but. Then I'm. Gonna wait for the next new one when's it coming out soon. Yeah, what. Date very. Soon I don't want to spend his money oh it's, gonna be before the Apple. Is. It's. Gonna be before the third album oh. That's. Years. Google. Sisters great asketh. Yeah. I, have. YouTube, red oh nice. I'm a big fan of YouTube that's pretty. Amazing, I'm on it you're and, this is gonna be going live on YouTube, soon hi YouTube. What, about any products, or any things that you would think that oh you know what if Google did this that'd be amazing you. Know, Google can do anything so. Nowadays, you want to be honest. We're. Gonna cut this out anyways okay. You. Need a messaging, service. I've. Seen some of your Google. People with iPhones. No. No that was a good answer what's, that's great. So. I leave outta, here. You. Got to find a new guitarist man I have, one in the crowd writer he's nine years old probably, better than me. Great. No. Leave. That bomb ship. Anything. That Luke you're Jan. You think that Google, could. Do, for. Musicians or, stop. Driving around the outside of my house taking pictures, for Google Earth. Your. Mansions, your mansion yeah. Is. There like a, DW. Like recording. Software, through. Google I'm. Not aware of or, is that so many oh yet so do I think there, is something that we have and, I think we were glory.

I Think we were gonna have them come over here and. Present something, to your demo something to you guys but we're gonna do it once your amount of you. We've, got something lovely Joe musicians, would love it Wow, there we go there so. You. Mentioned YouTube and social, media what's. Been the. Most fun. Interaction. Or most memorable, interaction, that you've had with a fan via. Either YouTube or social media I you. Know. It's. Hard to name one thing because let's be honest like the pace that everything. Goes at these days is just lightning. Quick I, think. Not. To sort of like not. Directly answer the question, but. What. I think we're. Really excited, about is, is, the change is, change and and I think the way things. Are moving is. Is. Really, special like being. Able to. Sort. Of like have these these, close sort. Of like relationships. Online. Through our socials, with our fans that's, incredible. And I, think it's probably something that bands at the pass would really, envy us for, that. There are sort of like people that kind of you, know turn. Away from. Social media and and. All. That. Kind of side of the music business and. I can see why but. I think me in the band and and and Bryson here as well especially who's been out with us and done some great content, we see, it is like a different. Sort. Of like book, if you were to sort of be creative in it's kind of like we. Have our, music, and, then. We have the live performance, and then your. Socials, are now if you have fun with it and your creative, become. Like a completely, new, way. To express, yourself so we, have a lot of fun as you. Can tell we're kind of like four. Giddy individuals. Who don't really take a lot too seriously, so. We have, a great time sort of like conjuring, up ideas and, and sort, of running to places and I mean, we was on a winery. The other day in Oakville, and. We're. Looking around and I was there for five minutes and I saw a rose bed and I was like oh we, should do some cheesy pictures, you know like with the roses because Bryson, thinks that floral, is really in at the moment, apparently. So. We. Were like yeah let's do that anyway, we ended up shooting a. Practically. A music, video and the. Way like technology's, moved. So. Quickly now, it means you can sort of like create, really interesting amazing, content, all. The time like while you're on the move and I think in terms of interaction. With the fans it's just it's, great to be, able to see in real time people. Like loving it appreciating. It so you kind of gain feedback as long as as quickly as you put the stuff out so, I guess, that's the most interesting interaction. We have that's. Awesome you mentioned musicals. And I, heard somewhere that you had you've been working on some, musicals I have, it's. Top secret no one's heard it no one's heard of PEEP I, mean. Actually, Adams had what, I've got already and and. Jed has a little bit of it but it was something that I. Was. Working on and, started like six. Years ago coming. Up to seven and now. I mean we talk so much all the time it's kind of hard to balance, between you. Know working as a group coming up with new material and then having like a passion project on, the side but yes it's, like. Harry. Potter meets, Downton, Abbey. There's. Gonna be lots of Google transfer, there you go I serve as you, know I can see by his face.

It's. Really good it's fun. What. About. What. About, googling. Yourself have you guys ever done that no. Oh. I would deal with my friend if I made 10 million oh he makes 10 million I'm, gonna give him a million and. He google it and I think I'm on 5 million, according to Google so he was like I owe me 500 thousand. Here. You worth this much and it says it also says I weigh 150. Pounds. Isn't. True. Padam, 5 for 8. Do, ya, so. I don't see, horrible photos myself we're gonna be. It. Is interesting to see. I think we've we've all done it you. Know at least once, to say like oh I wonder what first, comes out I have, some awful, cringy interviews, that, is literally the first video, result, I'm. Not gonna repeat the things I said in it but. You. Remember when I said I was drinking a lot before, get he. Was that period what was that when, you were in the Fluke store no, no no no no no no no he was when the struts were about but it was kind of like our first kind. Of like real. Interview. With like a like. With a real media crew and everything and I was, just trying to be funny - I was just trying too hard basically. Yeah. Now we've got this well this is latest one yes this is the best one this is gonna go in, this three pages yeah so I have one last question and then we're gonna have questions, from Googlers with. Movies like you know the dirt Bohemian. Rhapsody, the, Rocket Man coming out in, a few years you know we're gonna see a movie with, the struts. Which. Actors, or what actors would you like to play the struts. Would. You have playing me I think, you should play you I was. Gonna say that because. They know they should have they should have gotten you for Bohemian, Rhapsody maybe. Yeah, I'll just play myself, you should play yourself I hope you like yeah it. Would be like the room I'll write direct, it for Jesus. Ma. I. Would. Have Paul Rudd because, I'm pretty sure that guide is, actually my dad and I'm. Pretty convinced. I'd. Have I mean obviously is. Hollywood. So. Chris. Hemsworth. I see, the resemblance as an old lady I think it's I think. It's pretty good. Alright. Guys well thank you so much for coming we have questions, from Googlers but, you know a big, round. Of applause for the struts thank. You. All. Right we have questions. And the mics over there. Please. Let you pee questions. This. Is crazy. For. You guys okay first, one Dirty Sexy Money uh-huh. What was the inspiration that's. My favorite song I'm just curious the inspiration, musically, it was a song. By the sparks. I've just given that away. I'll. See you in court. And. Then. I, think lyrically. Sometimes. No. You give it away all the secrets man, I'm. Just telling you the process right. With. Some of those songs in particular it, would be a case of. Me. And ads being with the producer, and. We. Kind of just we. Would just riff and throw things out there Dirty. Sexy Money actually, that was I think that was one of the few songs that we had a title. Before. The majority of the, lyric was was done. Yeah. Stop. Saying it he's. Saying on the I said we've ripped off for that one song you know if it's. More than one then it's inspiration, so yeah yeah, yeah yeah it's a soup it's a casserole. It's. Music. The second question this is the second time you guys have been here that I know of is it or sorry, brother in Seattle oh right I was here last year's, I was just wondering is there any chance, you can make it kind of a summertime tradition come.

Back Every year and play for us I like. It here I like it better in the summer than I do in the winter. We would love to honestly. I think this. Man. That is why we've been on the road for literally. Four years now like non-stop. Because. We just can't get over this enough of this crazy, beautiful, country and. Its people and, its audience and and, and see how I was no exception. We. Would love to make this a tradition, actually absolutely. Make you, know the struts be a Google band yes. Google badges and everything we're, gonna adopt these guys they're so amazing we'll never bow down to sponsors. If you like that we'll have a giant Google, thing at the back of it there's. A G on the guest drum kit that you. Know. If. You want a drink before the show, can, we buy him for you, walk. Around don't tempt me Frodo. Yeah. Yeah what would you drink. Jager. Bombs made please, do. Jager bombs you, know yeah. Sorry, I'm, terrible, a British, I thought we invented everything say, oh. Thank. You thank you I was, brilliant to watch you play thank you I was. Wondering what's changed, for you as you've grown up as a band in. Your music in your show and in yourselves. Great. Question, earthy, question, deep, I. Like. That I think, we've all matured as you. Can tell. No. Honestly I think we've, we've, learned like I said earlier I think we've all learned to appreciate the now and not. Be so, fixated. On. What. Us, Westerners. Regard, as success. And. I think you. Know success, really, is happiness. And and enjoying, what you do someone. Very. Wise once, said if you can wake up every day and do it do, what you love that, truly is success, and I. Would you, know completely, second, that. How. Have you changed ads, apart, from getting, longer. Hair and. Looking. More like Thor everyday what else. Wish. I, don't. Know I think we've just got better as musicians, like. Four years of just playing, I don't. Know, over, 120. Shows, a year almost maybe, more. I don't know but. Just lots. Of playing got better I think writing music. Got better writing music it's just a case of. There's. Like a muscle song writing and so is playing I just think more you do it the better I'm strong you are it so I think that's. One thing two. Things even, yeah, and we matured. Yeah. If muscle. Was, touring, we would look like you know on a Schwarzenegger. Back in the day when, he was like pop-up, world champion that's how much we taught thank.

You Cheers. Hi. My name is Ginga and I'm from Mongolia, which is you know. North. From China nice, so. My question is how. Do I include my country as your world tour because like we have this rock festival, summer festival for three days straight every summer I'd spend for a decade now and we, have like musicians, from Japan and Euro but how do I include your, guys I'm. Gonna cool my Asia right, now on my google pixel. Straight. After this country, especially in the summer it's awesome, may I can imagine honestly we, we. Have. Been to some amazing places but, there is so much yet that we still want to do and see, and play, etc and. Yeah. China's definitely, wanted, them and. Mongolia. So. We yeah we would love to what's, it called again what's the festival so, it's called playtime, playtime, playtime, somewhere, okay it's just cool me. Who. Was headlining, was. Who, was who was playing who was per headlining there's no idea this year but, in, the past there was some like small, named people, but nothing, like you guys doesn't, care about anybody else except the struts. Yeah yes. Yeah we'll do it next year man right thank you very much thank, you I. Think. You kind of started touching on this in your previous. Answer. But. In this world where we have you know a billion, videos, on, YouTube how. Do you get noticed like a lot of people will try to do a viral video that's, very clever yeah, like what what did it for you would you say all. They see man like. That. Word viral. Guy. Gives, me a virus, like it's. It's, the same as the word hit. I. Think. Going. Sort of like expanding. My answer on another question. When. It comes to like being creative. It's. Always great to strive, for like, those things those things that get like a hundred, million views or, you, know that, song that gets played a hundred, gazillion, times in, a few days on. Spotify. Or whatever but. It. Sounds, stupid, it's the kind of, my dad would say but like if, everyone, knew how to do that then everyone would have a number one and everything, would go viral I think the. The only thing that you can do is is. Be, yourself and and, do what, is screaming, from within you and and do that to your best capability. That, that's the most important, thing and I'm, I'm a massive. Believer that if. You're, doing something which really comes from the inside you're. Gonna get noticed for it because, I think. One. Of the. The. Rookie, mistakes, for any artists, or any band is to. You. Know dumb, their audience down or just assume. Like oh no one's gonna no one's gonna notice or. Because. Don't get me wrong people see, through. Every. Day you. Know you can look at something and say that looks really contrived, or that. That doesn't feel real to that person, and you, always find that people that really stand out are always, true to themselves, so being true to yourself and and. And and being, aesthetically, what. Your. Soul cry out for that's, the that's I think how you stand. Out and get noticed that's, what we were doing you know when when bands were sounding. A certain way dressing, a certain way we, were always like, let's, do what we want to do and let's. Do the. Music that we think.

You. Know we, not only that we'll enjoy but you know IIIi guarantee. That people will enjoy this as well sounds, like that takes too long though, yeah. Sometimes, sometimes. But you. Know. Ten. Years a decade yeah. I mean. Like. I said the best things take take time you know so, I think, it's being original and true to yourself or, get you noticed. Great. Question, by the way I. Wanted. To ask you what's your favorite song. Oh. Ever. Wow. Which, week should we go round careful it start with you mate I. Would. Go with my. First song ever would be the Stone Roses waterfall. There's. So many. Do. You have one. I guess, one song know I always, remember that change. My life is, supersonic. By Oasis so I'll. Say that. Mine. Again, is another one these answers it can shop and change daily, but. I think one one, album, that got me into music was. The Killers Hot Fuss and, I. Think, smile, like you mean it on that album that synth, in shows very euphoric and, gets me gets, me in the fields every time I listen still 13. Years on. My. Favorite song of all time is, Nevermore, by Queen. It's. It's, barely two minutes long but. Yeah. It's a masterpiece. Alright. Guys thanks so much this was amazing thank, you for, making the time take. This over we're gonna make some time for. You.

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