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Good. Morning you guys I just dropped Bailey, off at school Shay. Doesn't have school on Fridays so that is why you only saw Bailey this morning she was still asleep by the time we left Adam, doesn't have school on Fridays either so he is at home with her and Greyson right now and I was. Able to do the car drop offline, I am able to do that on Fridays because Shay doesn't go to school and, Adam, can watch Greyson so yeah, it's nice cuz I was so used to doing that like all last year because Shay wasn't in school yet, so. Now, when I have all, the kids with me I have to get everyone out get the stroller out and, it's a lot dropping, the kids off at school but, on Fridays Adam doesn't go to school so it's nice I can just like drive through and drop her off but I just pulled up to my workout. Class I have like 15 minutes until I have to go inside I'm still doing body pump three times a week however, I have not been going the last like week and a half because everyone, was sick as you guys know and, I, feel like this last week and a half has just been such a blur, everyone. Is starting to feel a little bit better so. Bailey, steroid, has. Totally, been helping her cough and. She's. Feeling a ton better so thank you guys for all the sweet, messages and all the prayers for her to get better she's, doing a lot better so she went, to school on Thursday and, then, now today so I kept her home Tuesday, and Wednesday and just. Kind of tried to get her feeling, better so, she's, doing a lot better now um but. Yeah, I am kind, of bummed though because my girlfriend that I work out with every single time Vanessa. She. Just. Had surgery last, week so she is not able to work, out just yet I think she said she can start going back to our workout class next week so, I'm riding solo today, which is kind of a bummer because I think I've only done this class once without. Her we, literally go every single time together it's like our Monday Wednesday Friday thing where we meet after we drop our kids off at school here in the parking lot and then we walk in together and we work out and then, we usually lately, have been going to Panera which is in the same a shopping, center right, next to 24-hour, fitness and we'll grab like a healthy lunch and a smoothie and just like have Girl Talk and talk, about mom wife and our kids and it's, just really refreshing okay, my camera to speed up me because my storage is too full on my memory card I had to delete some footage but. Yeah vanessa has quickly become one, of like my best friends out here definitely, consider her like a best friend to me she, and I have gotten really close over, the last like month and a half and. She's just such a sweetheart and her kids you guys saw in. A, couple of vlogs ago we went to church with them we went to brunch, afterwards, and you guys like all like flooded the comments with how well-behaved, her kids are and they, really are they're just like the sweetest family, and, they're. Also from California, like the exact same spot that I, grew, up in and we just have so much in common I just adore her and her family I think we're actually gonna go to the pumpkin patch tomorrow.

After. Bailey's, first soccer, game she has her first game tomorrow technically, her first game was last weekend, but she was sick with the stomach flu so she wasn't able to go to that so her. First real, game was gonna be tomorrow, so, I think I'm gonna vlog today and tomorrow, and then post this vlog like Saturday. Late afternoon, and a. Lot of you guys wanted to see like what I do on, the days that I don't typically, vlog so like Monday Wednesday Fridays are my upload, days my days are totally, different on those days so. Tuesdays. Thursdays, are. The, days that Adam is gone at school all day and so I'm just like tackling the day with the kids on my own solo. Monday. Wednesdays, and Fridays look completely, different from me and I. Never vlog those days so you guys don't ever really see what, I'm up to so, I don't know I thought it would be different for me to vlog, on a day that I don't typically vlog so that you guys can see what I do however. Today is a little bit different because Vanessa, is not with me so I won't be going to our, little, lunch date that we usually do every. Time after we work out but. Yeah. Tomorrow's, gonna be her first soccer game so I'm excited to vlog that for you guys and have that memory to look back on she is so excited and then I we're gonna meet Vanessa and her family. I'm Saturday. Like early evening for the pumpkin patch and then on, Sunday. Bailey. Has a birthday party I probably won't flog that though but I'm just so glad that everyone is starting to finally feel better so, that we can have a fun weekend but anyways. I don't know why I'm rambling so much I think because I have like ten minutes until I have to go into my workout class and I just realized like this, entire footage is like so washed out but, I'm gonna drink the rest of my pre-workout. And then head into the gym. Okay. I just got out of my workout and I am feeling, it ties my legs and my arms I feel like jello, this. Guy's like looking at me like what are you doing but yeah my arms are I can, like barely hold the camera, right now it's like shaking after. Like two weeks of starting. Body, pump I stopped, getting superstore, every time but when I initially started I was sore like every single day but since I took this like big long break, my. Legs and my arms just cannot, like. Function, right now so anyways. I'm gonna head home right now to go see Grayson, Shay, and Adam but usually right now is when I would head over to Panera and have lunch with Vanessa. But. Since she's not here I'm just gonna head home can I just say how excited I am to see this number on my dashboard. 72. Degrees right now in Texas, time. To break out the scarves. Ah. I. Missed. You. When. Did you get to be so big huh. When. Did you get to be such a big girl okay, you. Do it. Thank. You Bryan, oh yeah. You keep your diaper. Right. Okay, you do it, good. Job. Good. Job you, did it put, your socks. I'm. Gonna hold it yeah okay.

Yeah, I want you okay. Yeah. No. We gotta wear Park shoes. Aren't. Park shoes baby oh. Where. Are your. Shoes. Those. Are Bailey's, honey you know they're way too big on you. These. Are Bailey's. They're. A little too big okay let's put these ones on do you play these ones all by yourself. Good, job. I'll, be the other one. Your. Socks on backwards but that's okay. Got. It. Chloe. Oh almost. Oh Chloe. Got you at their tail. No. I'll help you okay. Already. Bye. Dad. Counts. But your water in here. Ready. Got. Your feet on the pedal. Okay. Cars. Come in we gotta wait for them to pax right. Okay, look both ways. Car. Coming. Nope. Now we can cry. It's. A beautiful, day out today huh. It's. Not too hot today. Okay. Hi. We're. Here. What. Do you want to do first oh, we. Gotta unbuckle, poom. Well. We. Got the park all to ourselves today. You. Want your water. No. Water okay. You're. Gonna climb the ladder. You. Are so, big. When. Did you get to be so big. A. Little. Bit of water down here -. Perfect. I'm. A fixie so that they don't fall off again. This. Girl is fearless. She. Will, climb that thing - and it terrifies, me but. If I get too close to her she's like no no you. Know. How to do it huh. You're. A big girl. Growing. Up way, too fast. You. Got it. On. Your mark get. Set go. Good. Job. Misha. Like. Everything's. Our. You. Guys watch how strong, she is, she. Did this for the first time she usually has to have me help her oh. You're. Getting tired uh-oh you pushed you. Is. It hot. Mmm. I don't think it's too hot honey you sit on your bottom. You. Have shorts on it's, a 9 your bottom. Okay. You ready, 1. 2. Go. Again. Again. Okay. Let's go really fast. Again. Okay. My. Second workout of the day. Dad-dad. Shay, got a little Ally so, we're gonna give her a band-aid you want PJ masks or paw patrol. Paw. Patrol just take one okay she's kicked her leg a little bit and she she, wants a band-aid. Just. A little ally. Not. The one you want. Look. Who's finally awake. Everyone. Is behind. Me. What, is he hi everyone. Did. You have a good nap I. Love. This color on him, this. Is still a zero to three month onesie, but this one's like super stretchy. I. Think. The I think this is the one from spearmint, baby and all their stuff is really really. Stretchy. He's. Long but skinny aren't, you. Yeah. You are. I missed. You, I missed, you. Can you count to ten. Jonathan. You can wash them up. Going. An extra mile good job. Okay. Rinse them off honey so you don't waste the water. Here. We go turn the water up then hey. Jeb, another customer. What. Are you eating. Pop. Queen shakes. It's ice cream. Yummy. Ice cream huh. Boy. You. Make a mess. Okay. Well Shay and I are back now from the park as you guys can tell I just sent her some lunch and put her down for a nap Adam. Just left to go run an errand, Grayson, is right. Here in his little bouncer I'm about to hop in the shower but, this is typically what our Fridays look like nowadays because Bailey's. In school Shay's, home from school and so I really try to spend like one-on-one time with her so I'll, take her either to the park if the weather is nice which is finally starting to cool off hallelujah. So today, we went to the park and if, the weather is too hot then we'll stay inside and do like play-doh, we'll. Read books or we'll color whatever, she wants to do she kind of like leads the way or, will play with chalk outside in the front but. Today was nice enough so we went to the park but. I usually, don't. Bring the, camera, because I don't walk on these days, and. Usually I'll leave my phone at home I did that today I left my phone here so that I don't really have any distractions so I can spend like really good quality one-on-one time, with her because.

Bailey's, At school so I don't really have any distractions. Because, Grayson's at home with, Adam, so, it's just me and her and it's really nice and we love that quality time together oh yeah there's just a lot that you guys don't see behind the camera on days that I don't film so I thought I would pick up the camera today and show you what, our day is usually like on the. Days that I usually, post a vlog so. Yeah I'm about to happen this our right, now Greeks is just hanging out right here I just fed him so hopefully. He'll let me take a full, shower we'll see. Well. You let me shave my legs so. If that's an indication, of how my shower went, here. This meat is boy. Are. You trying to talk. Are. You trying to say. You. Said that you needed me. Okay. No I just tried hi, I just tried putting him down for a nap but, he. Is still. On a nap regression, so he's. Just gonna hang out with me while I try and get ready Lacey's. In a good mood you just not sleepy. No. I'm. Just gonna try and multitask, like I normally do, and watch. Him try. And get ready really quick and then, in let's see in. 20 minutes I have a call with my management team to, go. Over a sponsorship. That I have coming up we, got like a brief call with the company so. I'm, gonna try. And do all the things right now okay, I'm done getting ready Grayson. Never, took a nap I tried again and he just was not having it so he's, still right. Here with me hanging. Out and Adam, is on his way right now to go pick up Bailey from school he finishes errands like just in time to pick her up so, they should be home soon and then once they get home and Shay wakes up from her nap we're gonna go over to Dick's Sporting Goods because, we have to get Bailey. Some soccer cleats and some shin guards for her first soccer game tomorrow and then I think after that we're gonna go to our, favorite teppanyaki, grill where they cook in front of you for dinner you wanna go get tip I'm. Does. That sound yummy. Oh. Man, you're, gonna give me some gray hairs this week I think between. The note I swear whenever I turn the camera on he's like oh I'm gonna be on my best behavior. Aren't. You. You're. Lucky you're cute. You're. Lucky you're so cute. But. What's with the no naps. He. Is like almost three and a half months, so if. This is like the start, of a four month sleep regression, oh man. Oh man, oh. Man. You. Want give him my smile, can. You give everyone it's Maya hi. We're. Just waiting for Shay, to wake up from her nap and she's making her friend a bracelet. Her friend at school bought her this yesterday. So she wants to make her one. What. Colors are you gonna do. I wanna. Pick a fight when. Everything. Seems. So good, I. Guess. I can't help, myself. Okay. The girls made everyone. And the family bracelets, including. Grayson, which. I'm not gonna leave this on him because it's, a, choking hazard. But. She made everyone one and, Shay you made, your own I. Love. It. Where's. Dad's he's, outside taking Chloe to go potty I. Okay. Go keep it's dad. Yeah. We're. About to head out right now to go get her cleats and then go to dinner we. Had to waste some time though because the, tap on doesn't open till 5:00 oh you gonna take my not. That. One's a little big yeah yours is beautiful you got a rainbow, and. Love it. We. Decided to come to this place Academy. I guess it's closer to our house and. It's, kind of like a Dick's Sporting Goods but, I've. Never been in one of these. Ready. To go find some soccer cleats. Do. You want to do pink okay, we, got to find your size though meat, size 8, look. For number 8 on here okay I'm gonna hold these. Thank. You look for number 8. Wait. Maybe they're like different. Let's. See if that actually is, the size though they might be different for sulfur cleavers, mmm. They. Are the right size oh, yeah they do they're all black though feel. My. Piece I think, she wants paint though. We. Gotta find in size 8 I don't know if they have size 8 babe oh look right here look eight, and a half might fit you. I. Think. Those are for, adults honey. I. Think, I, know, but I think these are for adults let's, see, yeah. It says women's. Do. You want to try on the black ones and see if the eight is even your size. You're. Gonna have big salsa. Where's. Your toes. Where's. Our toes up. An insecure. She needs to get a. Half. You. Want to get a pink soccer ball in some pink shin. Guards. She's. Wearing them right now you want to boss you yeah. They. Didn't have an, eight and a half so we're just gonna go to size eight but we'll. Get you a pink ball and some pink shin guards since we got black please, you.

Want One too. Hanka. What. Does the number mean three. We. Gotta pay for it first okay we got to bring it up to the counter so you can ring it up. Do. You think those are gonna fit. What. Is your extra, small. Don't. Know, how, to feel, about it. I hope, that. I can't, hold you right now I'm holding Racing Bob. Oh. To, fully sleep in the car. I mean. Yes. Please thank you. Who. Else like sashimi. My, favorite. It's trip. It's. Really hot though you got to blow on it. You say thank you. You. Check, me say thank you. We're, back home now from, dinner. And. We're playing with our new soccer balls, we. Got che one two I think she thinks oh. Okay. Okay. I, think. She thinks tomorrow, is her first, game -. Chloe's, gonna get it. Kick. It baby. Show. Us a little preview of what you're gonna give us tomorrow. Should. We take them outside. Take. Them outside oh. Look. Poop. Hold. On dad's gotta pick up the feet, keep. Out there. Whoa. That's actually pretty good family, hmm. I don't think I've ever seen you kick a soccer ball before. Chickasha. Kick. It I. Think. She's gonna be pretty good. You. Can't use your hands though. She. Got it all. Bailey. Is actually really good at kicking the ball show dad. It. Was actually really good. That. Was a good kick. Good. Job uh me show. Me your best kick. Nice. We. Should get like a mini goal for, our yard. I'm. Ready, throw. It. Throw. It. Good, job, now kick it. Ready. Set. Go, kick. Good. Job, good, kick Jay. Come, on Chloe let's, go, come. On. It. Was great some when she's up here. Don't put your clothes on underneath my purview. Okay. What book are you reading. The. Three little, fish oh this is one that we got from the Scholastic, book morning. You're. Gonna read it. Okay. I just finished editing this, vlog and I realized I forgot to end it but, it is already way too long so I'm going to keep this outro, super, simple. Thank, you guys so much for watching I'm gonna be vlogging the, rest of our weekend so you guys will see Bailey's first soccer game and everything else we do over, the weekend and my, next vlog but be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe if, you haven't already and, I will see you guys very soon, bye. You.

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Your videos motivate me to go much harder at being a mom, it’s weird

Aww I remember when it was baylee who was saying no I do it

الله يهديك للدين الحق .. الاسلام

I just love you Tara!!! You're so sweet & kind!

أدم اسم ولد

Love your channel ❤️ Inspired me to make my own channel w my 5 month old

I love ur videos ... i am Ur new subscriber from india just randomly ur video showed up one day in recommendations and i watched so many of them and u have a beautiful family love ur kids u r an awesome mom ... love from India

hi ilove you tara

Love tara

Byby nice وين الترجمه

جمال ونظافه وترتيب واهتمام باطفالهه مو ناقصهه غير الإسلام

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