The Syrian War | Best explained in Tamil

The Syrian War | Best explained in Tamil

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Monochrome nonverbal, a serial, or not goguryeo porta potti number third world war video la path oh allah allah wa la putana open a new detail about in the video Syria America, today, yep Ahmad upon now I didn't only with Reema even their entire de petróleo Poznan layer America, open already September, 11, talk to Dell booting jay-z levar anger lay America. In their Syria, without critique on a plan a patron in fact so la puna I'm a September, 11th are cattle American, not a fanatic on economy. Release, layer go Korea Palin article are digital and addy capita, or not early liriko Cody at 11 a.m. to today America, in property, amy, coveno Matakana. September, 11 Tocqueville America wastage bunny other was AMA bin Laden Malabar you put so he knows all are in your body you know September, 11th Tocqueville mood injury levar angle caliche not doing moon ulta lever I hear whistling loud when they America, winter on whom I am I here Pentagon, Leonard on the put in the repair our not an opponent I apply another Nietzsche up into their big Jelena about. 10 days after 9/11, I went through the Pentagon and I saw. Secretary Rumsfeld, him and, Deb. Researcher Wolfowitz I went downstairs just, say all over some of the people on the Joint Staff who would you used to work for me and one of the generals called me and he said sir you gotta come. In you got to come in and talk to me a second I said well you're too busy said no no he says, we've. Made the decision we're going to war with Iraq this. Was on or about the 20th of September, I said. We're going to war with Iraq why. He. Said I don't, know. He. Said I guess they don't know what else to do. So. I, said, well did they find some information collect, connecting. Saddam to al-qaeda, and said no, no it says there's nothing new, that way they've just made, the decision to go to war with Iraq. He said I guess it's like we, don't know what to do about terrorists. But, we. Got a good military and we can take down governments, and he. Said I guess if the, only tool you have is a Hammer Every Problem has, to look like a nail. So. I came back to see him a few weeks later and. By, that time we were bombing in Afghanistan I, said are we still going to war with Iraq and he said oh it's worse than that he, said he, reached over on his desk he picked up a piece of paper he said I just he. Said I just got this down from upstairs means. Trade against office today and he said this, is a memo that describes how, we're gonna take out seven. Countries in, five, years. Starting. With Iraq and then Syria Lebanon. Libya Somalia. Sudan. And finishing off Iran. So, I put in there, the wooden layer but, in least layer could not. A galactic you know obviously America. Plan Munira on the air nautical Syria, wound rendered. Upon Allah serializable. Burn RMC day on the civil war ketubah the Gaza under, not the Taliban Assad when they under, not to McClay Kulu syndrome obtain a news media Lanka Sudan Syria, not a credible no civil work read yenna, America, and Syria, gula mercenaries. An EP on the mercenaries, of a chair caliber, don't agree trigger mercenaries. An IRA Nakula parade idea pronounced Aldrin a Breen are under the patent our Ebola America, when our cell where they are here Hillary, Clinton or a email a hot pan eaten hot penny WikiLeaks, against dung WikiLeaks, at the world where a publish Panetta and the email in, a year in DJ up Tina, America, an EP which a cool idea here. Rebels, hunger lagoon is a Steve Rother holic on America, weapons, supply panada led on the email so civil varna were not to McCauley and the not at 11 a London, not to government a here he did they pour an order today could a disturbance a Duda civil, worry Anna coolly, private, or not disturbance. Of a critic very civil work read so medium will tell you the kissable barber, new boy so Rana and then not to muckle and then at 11:00 is it to poor are America, me karateka impression. Of oregano, basil, row another one McGrady, a disabled. Worry Lebanon greedy Canaan or rather an AmeriCorps. The Pentagon Omaha Monday out of the support Monica troubles troubles and Assad, government relative, to pirarucu do Nana so media no so drama rebels, on the Syrian, or to mock Khalil Asaad government.

A Did put a, new media sold on a pre alumina. America. A sample. On guru Kuno yep arena America, at a Pentagon one day our other Italian, the wrote ng empiric, went a sampling, guru crateria a budget to propose paneer no so simple a soul upon I Omega Tamil, Nadu government to particular has analyzed any easier to port ringing in your part one cannot because opera ringing younger samba laser popping la are the coolly per day a bringer in Ellora and the samba longer pitch over. Thousand. Syrian rebels are on the Pentagon's, payroll, that revelation, coming from a US Defense, Department budget, request. Washington. Now hopes to increase that, number to. 65,000. Despite. The crushing. Failure of a previous, train-and-equip program. 65,000. This, pet, army, would be bigger, than the Canadian, or Australian military's, and don't, forget they're already three. Warring, armies in, Syria, the, Pentagon, is planning, on equipping, and providing, this puppet, force with everything. But their underwear. Tens, of thousands, of new, rifles. Machine guns mortars. Millions. Of rounds of ammunition, thousand. Vehicles and. Don't forget they're seemingly going, to pay their salaries. Two. To four hundred dollars a month, Eva, Bartlett in there were independent journalist, and open and Syria not to go visit Bernie Syria, not LaHood me away no not a checkpoint. Of the gang I'm gonna check Pawnee do and they will heal a report so long I was on a report Llewyn one day and the natural and not a co Korea this will work area so not long maybe not occur Athena a Brina, America, fun do Bernie Cooley per day which a I'm gonna rattle you a disturbance done the Nautica there potentially, well illa when they report on the. New York Times I was reading it this morning or, how can Democracy, Now which I was reading the other day maintained, until this day that this is a civil war in Syria how, can they maintain until, this day that they were unbuttoned, that the protests, were unarmed, and nonviolent, until say 2012, that, is absolutely, not true how. Can they maintain that the, Syrian government is attacking, civilians, in Aleppo when, every, person that's coming out of these areas occupied by terrorists is saying the opposite, hey, Samia, I'm gonna get congresswoman.

Are Here Tulsi Gabbard I'm gone there Syria, who give is it bunny cereal i interrupting. Checkpoint of the guy happening, we said when you pat the poor and the syrian at the McAloon delta in a salir gana the kaga America when the coolie per day hello in the rebels how okay, he could fund open e weapon salon could ground a potentially, Syrian article when the robber on TV Chiquita da in one day so now en, una. Parte McCardle Asuna, de America. Support on a Korean the Rebel Star hunger recovery a Brendan Gallacher pure grade-a I'm gonna repair a cauldron. And anatomically, America, congresswoman, are ya tulsi gabbard couselor, Ganga Tulsi Gabbard one day number Hindu, Marathas and on Syria India or is in Kampala, rumba the area man upon America, in RSL were the early rumba, money Dhabi mano male dependent, not Tulsi Gabbard how the cap around Tulsi Gabbard Annapurna the, America government owned a taxpayer. Dollar circular, other which a tea robotically. Fundamentally. The weapons I could cook good yet I haven't there near the Gaza Saturday, pass Penang Iberian. Anna stop arming, terrorists, opening dresser come on a covering. Drama Allah and, the sorrow, in the past when I want a I'm a legal under. US law, it, is illegal for, you or me or any American to provide any type of assistance to. Al Qaeda Isis, or other terrorist groups, if, we broke this law we'd be thrown in jail yet. The US government's been violating, this law for, years. Directly. And indirectly supporting. Allies and partners of groups like Al, Qaeda and Isis with money weapons, intelligence, and, other support, in their fight to overthrow. The Syrian government, a recent. New York Times article, confirmed. That rebel groups supported, by the US quote have entered into battlefield, alliances. With. The affiliate of al Qaeda in Syria formerly. Known as Al nusra The. Wall Street Journal, reports that rebel groups are quote doubling, down on their alliance, with al Qaeda, this. Alliance has rendered the phrase moderate, rebels meaningless. We, must stop this madness, we, must stop arming, terrorists, I'm introducing, the stop arming terrorist act today to, prohibit taxpayer, dollars, from being used to support terrorists, so. America, you do conde Syria Wed coolly pray Allah which agali panono retaining a batting in our AmeriCorps, Decorah cold Syria grade America, too critical Iran Iran attacker, at the community area with Accra a patina, Iran a cone Syria core mutual defense agreement in Turkey mutual defense agreement Anna here on a Buy America Tehran, Syria, up at a gold when they hear our notice in the America, via dirty tucum so Aden Allah fastest, we have a gallop on oh-oh breezily, stupid, girl Eureka, America, Iran otaku no Tina, Iran, owned a palaver, dangler hey I want a nae, America, dollar the Pennysaver relay Syria tikka Iran, America dollar companies. Americano. Be Takano how did about the inner america, dollar know to do a fiat currency fiat. Currency now yen due back in hungred, and the currency key backing, nana Marisol Rana Sanga T Berto illa Silva Roberto la enderpearl, a burrito and the currency cred, very, man I am paper a lot cheaper to do currency, noted so currency, in Sri trettel, Indo, resumes Delano fiat currency or the manipulate, in entrada sorry Tremec red abrir, Cambodia pure America dollar or a MIDI, penal 18 it kindred a training a batting an eye but at least not a girl I'm Rhoda yen a u.s., dollar come out to weaker than allah america Dollarama deep inhale 18 it came today yeah Middle East not even their own bro DNA US dollar attending.

A Patina, 1971. Let America, Middle East not Oporto, open the knot petro dollar and the petro dollar open the thin buddy Middle, East not even below dnaa, America, dollar cut to none will open a vein to added, Cuba deal are American upon owner Middle East not evil okay arms, weapons, upon, a security, as a long pro bono so in the open that the follow-up on accordion article area Saudi Arabia Qatar I inaudible ok America, friend Aragon so in the open that the follow-up another not agree like a Iraq Lybia, a poppy Iran I can article on thakura Syria the dampener so, year on a theoretical model, stupid, on Syria so all of that Syria America, tacky city, parish a good out. Inning a parting and not I share when this Syria order alight allowed a Torah may not another, Russia a one-day Assad, Goodman tequila romantically, together when do poetry so American, man oh no come on DOMA click a large interior MC Regina America, kurupi really poor Alan Allah America. And Nagendra I'm not a media power of it a BBC. Petrodollar. Open that a follow, up another an article attacker so he Panama on there you put it on order media which is number manipulate went wrong I'm player preeminent, bring grandpa tell your Papa. To. Break a break, from the violence between the government regime and rebel forces in, five, years of war more than 250,000. People have lost their lives that, includes, 4500. Children in Aleppo, alone millions, more displaced, without. A home now. That includes Omran and, what strikes me is we. Shed tears but there are no tears here he. Doesn't cry once. That little boy is in total shock, he's. Stunned. Inside. His home one moment in the next lost. In the flu and the flurry and the fury of war and chaos, at. Least three people were killed by. This bomb in this neighborhood. This. Is Omran he's. Alive, he. Wanted you to know I'm, putting a padding layer in the video one day America, laughs buying, drama of viral apana videos so, the river to Japan about a Roomba Pamela. Adays Mao and the TV reporter a Priora, Vernon can erode our aura Sharon, Karuna Muhammad Allah o Allah yet, canaveri, the, video patters omotola we, were naive up we Barolo Ilhabela, one, nerdy girl oh I put in your ass and a wrong angle ay Yaran. DJ yah hundred, yenna. Bootlicker. Katya. But the group in Qatar in Raleigh, Avenue Allah money. They yell billionaire, Tina. They Sunday, report with Allah Yuval, a num be evil. Lutein Imams, Erin deluded, on monitor, Yelp and Aradhana money they yell by misuse. Pani number. Like yeah Martin Abruzzo and a Yama - Valera even, umbrella paneer de en. Person. A dope we even, a Mormon re Olivia, marine Aditya, yep in Essaouira, of dinner the, video burner the video lady our base our arena and, our Roberta, PI an order up a visitor. Handle. A marginal, beat or. Handle, bit Celine oh. I. Shall. Handle. An, amine more. Now I should not than. Jitender Oh buddy but these are definitely solid, mark Lamech in three monotony, salihin will miss the smell of sooretama Don laughing, he must, be subtle smile. Someone. Who saw. Me tell you to be done more with our soir. Hello. Shadow after, Louis MO and, Shan Mei it comes with MCD to. A. Veritable sewer, I'm shiny couple times. Idiot. Li Hao elected. How. Do you feel about a Sunni able as mana. Yellow. So much developed. Beer per. Kg. B. Shaivism Maroney achieve as. You. Say other GB, isn't about. The. Power. Of Newsarama. Half. Of it was hidden and morose, and, the hang of she. Can. Almost infinite, now. Original. Ragna a divert, our road of Pioneer, Valley. Guitar and. America. Support on aku di rebels, rebels, Anna, and Syria. Government, a able to power of who yet Guto a do the rebels I wanna look. At I am i wrote a permission, Amiri a lot of pie an apology, related to kawaii photo, in video, in. America. Media ecology and, the media, are they useful propaganda. Veneer gonna be, because of propaganda contra la patina America. Roku : abran, la serie, event, 11 a conduit. And. America. In Papa teeny amico vendôme about, America, ventilate Obama a Syria. When kalayavana. Nia Maccabean, de Madrid America Oracle Ithaca, and the ADI but ini, media. Will can be adapted, carnem. And the North 11, Mossad where, you can do Porter's Arkana, karna, Medina solely America. McHale sympathy, ing and the, sympathy, with. America's. Soldiers Syria. Carnaby. Silly, italiana, Kahlua that kind of propaganda, rod today's Amir the pioneer of power and, the rebels and the cause, a good thing interview Araceli running the interval however when the Assad, government Adaro.

Tap IANA Brianna, the arena, solo solely through propaganda video crew, Pentagon. Anna in, the pain or Appa Miriam's. A leader in, a emotional, ICO Korea Allah in. The valley, easy of living well in the anglais yachty, humble, ability. I'm gonna carry this out Japan mridu in, an are a good man, so the ID but the pain order photo, in the world, media D'Amato, bowler polimedia. Send a player worry propaganda. Campaign open Anika nedeau partner, that, Syria is getting, a little bit of attention here, the. New York Times this, this picture, that. As the New York Times said this injured child has. Become the, face of of. Suffering, in Syria The, Wall Street Journal. The, same picture, the. Financial, Times the. Same picture, and you, know caddy as I was seeing these pictures and, and, glad that they were, putting. This on the front page and well-browned. Acne, she's five years old that, is a war crime sir the. American media Lama to Manila and the paya not afford OHA normal, rule and the Hindu newspaper again, I wanna get averaged a propaganda, banner on our modern ready, Indian, Express I won't need a propaganda, or not you, wanna Allah but the number again Allah dream yanha, ani era. Entirety. Manila, here a clever pens of mass destruction during a career journey the pion order pound, America propaganda, by exposed fanatic a piranha rusher Denise channel tricular RT, ha the, piano to photo which propaganda, upon America, journalists about their Ning a wound me away in the panic winning a caliber to Nina Nina cereal, a buoy and, not buying the painting, may I know not only T Irene Solyndra, burnin heard in so little anymore now is. Challenging, CNN, journalist Christiane Amanpour to, travel to the Syrian city of Aleppo with one of our crews to interview, Omron daknees he's. The little boy you'll remember who came to symbolize the, countries suffering, last August, after photos emerged of him sitting ashen-faced. And shell-shocked. In the back of an ambulance I redditor. In chief margarita, Simonian threw down the gauntlet, after arty exposed, how his story had been misrepresented, by. Many, outlets, the, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson also, said, earlier that she believes the CNN correspondent, was guilty of using Omron story to manipulate, public opinion we're. Learning in known or phenomena, and I Roberta P&O tarpaulin de Ville eleven the included. A prom in, America journalist. Guru. By directly, Yellen, cup chicken a silent, iron on Casa, Caribe, is running in Lonavala. Prostitute. Umm Salama Monaco. Numair you are they used cantata gay Anna, in, the prostitute. No. You are lying because everybody, here population, twenty million. Is. Like any country. One. Day and, the BBC report every day not on, BBC, laying an art uppity, pipe a string in, the not the Taliban asada English, you. Ninjalah, ray which is all wrong hablo put him in, the night at eleven a pas de cada una Conger pero a narc on outings or oh boy, even in Assyria relator I want to know be based on onion and I get in yet you ain't ya boy, pace it at the air on pour up our children, you paid up arena girl, for with Allah 1990. Silla under tie at Allah CNN. News reporter, the, Gulf or related our report on door opener. Report about marina. CNN's, carl rochelle is is here with me just came up pearl. I know we can't be very specific, given these restrictions but within those parameters what, see what, I say didn't. See anything here I look great, all those syllables there's. A vapor trail coming, from my right to my left and there's, a cloud, or something. It looks like it might've been an explorer's in the crowd there the, white say. So. My reporting, layer the, Bhangra, mummy say hello Perik romário by Ingram Abunda la verdadera maria factor who the Graham John laughs and they're recording Melinda the Gibran yovanna, and I went running in there look. At this. The. Top ten things about Saudi Arabia may, be concern was to five. Charles. Jaco CNN, reporting, live from, Saudi Arabia well. On Deuteronomy, Charlie, camera, but the three run he DN a-- now recept or assert to learn every day even la tarea, gulf war war zone lady Gremory pony, basically, to Donna I'm a series every Yara patisserie, on either woman, and num be in, your party doing English one girl about this original motive. Well yeah, that's another number, how bring grammaire is real burning, a padding layer in the video when the CNN, develop our own north on the very low in the league Panetta in the news media Allah who, does in the papacy to canola you wanted a latino guy Inga llama pretty here together Norway.

Not Let her go for a director, Annapurna, over video proper wanna and the video ler origin, opinion, or written upon man - Paki suetilley in the capital Mary in the video where prepare wanna prepare paneer the social media la port on social media La Puerta de carro en IRA opening, Ana getting here first in the video burn. Some. Iron is in the video and the video. -. Paki pseudo ready and open the, shoe, department glare, in the Norway not a director. When they even a Terrapin, here at the videos in the video via social media lo Porto to Capernaum in Nancy dreama the major news outlet sell our canola on the video party to a determiner edited a what, I never news article important, in a news article boat on Syria. Government, Agha the Assad when the under, not layer oh goody a rendition, Nicola, Nicola returns, would turn a potentially, new surgical a determinant, Malachi. In Kalama Marty Tunnell when a girl a news article a listen at the cap rock and the director anapana and the video and Ozma thigh reach a video as one McGrail potentially. Will 11 - Selita so in the video but their assassin, anatomical a cool dropped in solely news article there on Angela and they learn use media outlets he'll make a in Kalama mati Turner so is Lena Mina got to Crompton on the, chin up a saying Isetta Marie ill at dead bodies a cam J the Syria McHale moku drama ultramatic, amici, other patella. Parabolic, am cha hooligan now Siri, Syria Michalka stop Iran in, the newsreader the, number like a say Dassault Romano a dupatta Kosta piranha so you. Know. Aliens Linnaean an opinion obtaining, a Nana Cambodian now home, Laura critical, reasoning when reading a turn avoid critical, reasoning na. Boys. All wrong law you know we'll, go through co-op, bring her thinking anymore serum. A needle at the top of red and a lot money they will Anna I'm, upon. The period, beer in a year of deception. McCallum. Brainwash, a year ago could your period. So yep, Bree ownership and running of leaning a patina rich in Napa no latina, pornos Iran decrepitude. Newsreader, Lowry you to bleep s overall Kabbalah purga merry peasant will, come honest here and urdhva mukha manager, on above the critical reasoning, turn, of Agadir public, critical, reasoning turn away Tina on the turn upon an arat Allah on the newsreader, a YouTube lipase rinoa nozzle Wan under, not Italian Asada's, on an atomic elliptical, obtain Hollywood propaganda, a push paneer on so Ningaloo and the narrator and the monitoring gripping, here underneath Allah would relate to pull you, ela fraud o, yama. At Romulan Roku to Rubio opting you're overthinking Olga varada so Abu baraa the net Allah I want solo create opera attagirl an ambien, I'm beating up on you guys Syria Michalka and on blu-ray visa vomit easily even, and the Syria Mallika a car Neil will draw the order said the propaganda, mix paneer Anna as operating, sharpening, a sharpener, Botha put a viral of a spread of so in a given the number Lord many a drizzle number like a nun bun we're data layer upon I'm not letting any k then I believe it is allure Syria Janna allow, me brainwash I than, Allah and the Mario situation like a llama Colin Pataliputra go so no no deception, la materia game Ningaloo marketing an autumn tomorrow no soldier only bit so you Poe either what I say table number, load a thermal channel an area be ruined a assad is an anatomical one day we'd, even do a chemical, attack panic on ma up insulate Chamillionaire, a youtube channel run the base is now.

In. The then. I take, a to pour cereal, and, the government and uh potential jail decry the group, on. Up shoot a full and full water evenly create burning in the gas Quran, the sanema trillion, in the explosive, attack our, super nigga Damascus, of Dhingra Malcolm, when this random, output table easily settled Omar - Omar Arnaout. Ramallah. So, younger LaLaurie on America, isn't nozzle operon on credit so nominee, Ghana America. Asada Camargo, corrêa news outlet Leanne use a particular name so in the news a participate, as a mud two men and um be multiple, gunner on a panel, up Tina Rashad RT news and also opening, here a buckler serial in the NSA Deaver the bring Reza baccala Iran order channel a Press TV news another prompting Reza parklet independent, journalist an assault wrong engraving, upon Allah peace activist an assault wrong a buckler, so final evidence, in a wreck and the evidence is only they are putting every paper online so either if, a pond evening or not even in the patient has a basic motor so organ Allah research, running a full picture a develop on here poor poor not Agatha rendu Pokemon Sadie Galina new Pokemon to say they're getting in that tapana sadena para P Dominion Hagen Allah when the Pokemon say da killing her Ithaca prompt a singer so he theorem a steady banana, video poor ever having it sorry the ghana martin uncorrected doing, a lot of opt, into my room appears over Syria, not la pelea Michael said you'd run long as either they can occur on American Israel. America, or a propaganda, in Dana, Asaduddin. Automatically. In drama bring a resume record of propaganda, Jakub booty Cambodian ass American partner. Any. Command, to use weapons of mass destruction, against, anyone including. The, Iraqi people. With. Brutally. Repressive a popular uprising led, by his own people see how generally, design is impertinent Syrian. Government, committed. Chemical, weapons, acts against. Their own people I did, that Iran agree there's a lava running it simple as Luna you wanna know or not a petition or not a not to cooperate on acute on it coolly per day which and they're not too cool a disturbance a would walk on it uncle Paula McCullough kaluana Cunha do on the not Italian Malabar you put on as a couple number on a media which are not La Paloma calcitic record of my reach in the colonist Agra Maria a briella photo booted as a bazooka Nehru Rama in a DJ and the not at 11 and anatomical, I put a song called remembrance only propaganda. Bananana propaganda, open it a American, military and the not a canopy, and the not is alone oku not a and they're not on auto control cocoon. You, put it on Winona and I'm a record of propaganda where woman, and um be in a peso Moody and the tavern attagirl, McCallum Attila Peru and, the tavern at ago al McCrory, Matilda Peru Moody you're gonna be Celia McCulloch enugu Clare America, he's really gonna go, mommy get a better topic let our on a towel around each Anna and then I participated, more time rumba, serious an efficient Grenada suti come John you know sovereign, and I go and up so ninny baguette lon hoddan. The not to McCullough Cola LaBrie neh-nah his Altria attending a kettle on 2013, less cereal a chemical attack not energy and the chemical attack not under Title I UN investigation, not on the UN, investigation, the copper are you and investigators, in a sauna America. Support pinoke woody edibles how longer than the chemical attack opening a potentially. You and investigators, among so the Union Russia Katrina solder on happening resin in labor partner we, collect.

Some. Witness. Testimony. That. That. Made. To appear, that. Some. Chemical. Weapons were used in. Particular, nerve. In gas and. What. Was. What. Appear, on. To. Our investigation. That that. Was used. By, the opponents. By the rebels, and we. Have no, no. Indication. At all that the. Government Syria. The, authority, of the Syrian government have used chemical, will, he pay an area burgundy, in the 2013. UN investigation, petite ela obtaining, apotheon are I think about McHale one day America, okasada. Home on a news outlet leaned on news piranha, America, Quezada mine is older than a lie I went there in the Union investigation, order outcome in, anger on news lemon Xinhua D'Amato Janna at the news on mention on America, okay the body Punta Cana America, support when agreeable say the Kerry at the Penang, buddy neither America okay body punta allen ala america, okasada remark oh goody a news outlet edema, the padishah LaMotta hana if a McCulloch a yapper no Marie new salon 300 Brina yep AMA Calvin there I shared RT news Hill a year, on or depressed even use a background low up were an opposite, point of view all anterior younger. Than the cities alone today's a my own a mullah Hindu newspaper either, later on Al mooning about in our 2013. La serial, a chemical attack Nabu. - Lana Adisa may owe you an investigation, on the chaplain grammarian Porter Ghana Anna and, the 2013, Leonard under chemical attack decade he nailed it on your partner and the investigation, loud commit overlay Yahoo pan Antarian, drama real de la Mer ah Dupuis Jana, Jana, Pato. You an investigator, a son at the epitome number of employees, l ile de la Syria, burning, in the Hindu newspaper The. Indian Express a girl on de la Mary girl reporter. Dubaku. Newspaper at a Ximena serial, ax 2013. La Motta non-chemical, attack not Anderson grade a palaver, dangled on multiple times not on EJ and I are bond opting ready armies are he evidence provide paella so evidence Illinois are banana block include Burnham death Alana Yanagi, may induce, a journal own evidence, a patent on packet una semana, de viola, basura delicate, as a lagoon may obtain embody this, amino evidence, he do Manappuram in gather now Lucy a diesel a Breen our nozzle reasoning and embedding in Syria evidence, some mud to now eating in a pond you pull them in new YouTube channel recharging, and not your coach Amber's are getting here a coach Amber's not major, news outlets say no sora no Allah put even the channel, I repeat for Nadia Nina steady banana I was already doing man very feminine yet la become here could be information, I gather Bernie who may Michael igneous Luna McCullough, la TV lover a news of today YouTube, channel cover at the Cana oregano, nana TV, pie saw running holiday, YouTube channel karana non blowing that evil over and use a potato preying, on the repeat phenomena, and the TV news you can unblock me Jason red in a gulag Attila came, on a TV in every night investigative. Journalism in a lie investigative. Journalism our mother the summer with ler anatomical, okuru, broken Elena, alarm a moat Altamaha, endo, ruminate remover in the Syria borrowed a full geopolitics, oven they're not, a mundane, a video our here World War three video, lock our paneer ban allopathic, nosh. A opening. Real lemon will go put him in the video burning a download pani ohm load a YouTube channel layer Facebook, Lia upload front of the gate. You.

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his video worh for millon view..b somehow resriced i don' know..he said everyhing wih solid roof..i never seen like his video from any one..hasoff

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உலகம் முழுவதும் இந்த ஆராய்ச்சி எப்படி செய்கிறார்கள்....... இது ரானுவ துறைக்கு பயன்படுத்தி கொள்ள போகிறதா அமெரிக்கா??? மகா ஆயுதமாக இந்த நியூட்ரினோ இருக்கும் என்கிறார்கள்....

ஐயா நியூட்ரினோ திட்டம் பற்றி கொஞ்சம் சொல்லுங்கள்......

Nutrino திட்டம் பற்றி விரைவில் பதிவு செய்ய வேண்டும் அண்ணா இவர் சொல்வதை நீங்கள் கண்டிப்பா பார்க்கணும் saravana paranthaman அண்ணன்

Superb keep presenting with evidence... I 'll share this...

Ungala a srilankan issue reality sollamudiyuma

Saravanan proud of u machi

Bro israel yen ipdi panranga ..does israel planning for greater israel..athuku konjam video is saying at last israel will again become a country that covers a vast area

I covered greater Israel project as part of my world war 3 video. There is more to it. But would have to dedicate a video specific to it in the future.

Unga World war video va oruthar post pannunathukku Navin Krish Naai romba ovara pesuran avanapatri thriuma ji ?

Saravana Paramanantham ok bro

Paravaala bro. May be he is my subscriber. Nammalukkula sanda vendaamey bro. Let him know that I don't have any problem in reuploading my video. Cheers!

இந்த உலகம் தட்டையானது அல்லது உருண்டையாதா என்பதை கன்டுபிடிகலாமே சகோ. நீங்களும் நானும் படித்தது எல்லாமே உருண்டை தான் ஆனால் ஒரு சமூகம் மட்டும் உலகம் தட்டை என நம்புவது ஏன்? இதை கண்டுபிடித்தால் என்ன? என்னை போன்ற குழப்பம் அடைந்தவர்கள் தெளிவு அடைவார்கள் அது உங்களால் மட்டுமே தெளிவு படுத்த முடியும் சகோ நான் சொல்வது தங்களுக்கு புரியும் என நம்புகிறேன் சகோ

Saravana Paramanantham அவர்களே கோவை healer பாஸ்கர் சொல்கிறார் aliens என்பது பொய் அது இலுமினாட்டியின் சதி என்பது பற்றி தங்கள் கருத்து என்ன?

நன்றி சகோ

Check my video on global warming. I have detailed about the flat earth. Earth is a sphere and its not flat. Watch that video you will understand.

நான் எல்லாம் ஒர் இனம் என்று எண்ணுகிறேன் என்னோடு ஒர் கிருஷ்டீன் பணி புரிகிறான் அவனிடம் அமேரிக்கா காரண் இப்படி பண்ணுறான்னு சொன்னால் இல்லை இல்லைனு சொல்லுறான் கோபப் படுறான் அதனால் அவனை பார்த்தாலே பிடிக்கல

Bro make some videos about TN issues as well

Great work within this busy life, I know this with my little knowledge but I don't know how to explains like you. Keep it up.

Super nanba..... Ungaloda adutha vedios"kaka wait panren nanba

Kizhithu vitirgal madan gowri in arigurai thagavalai

bro please show the real face of halfboil fake tamil video creators... like madan gowri...etc..

illumunati pathi explain pannar Real face, madan goweri,parisalan,healer baskar,tamil chithanaiyalar yella tha vida ninga than vedio clips pottu explain panringa one day u will get accomplished by all tamilians in the world never give up let s keep doing i will share to eveyone we need such kind fellows in Tamil society

well said bro .....

How I contact you brother

Facebook page bro.

நீங்க சொல்றது சரிதான் நன்பா ஆனால் சிரியா அரசும் , சிரியா அதிபர் ஆசாத்தும் ஏன் நாங்கள் மக்கள் மத்தியில் பாம் போடலைனு சொல்ல மாட்றாங்க ? . . . .

Saravana Paramanantham Mm k bro thanks for your information

No. Go check Assad's interview in youtube. He has rejected those claims multiple times. If the media around you is not reporting you that, then that doesn't mean that he didn't speak about it.

Super sago neenga supera explanation panringa

Saravana Paramanantham - Expose American law, mid east issue, world war 3 Healer basker- Expose Medical field, Mid east, world poltics Paari Seelan- expose MID EAST, back to traditional culture, origin, Tamil poltics, Srilankan issue.. Those three of them vera level..

தெளிவான பதிவு

world war 3 கானொளி வயது வரம்பு கேட்கிறது பதிவிரக்கம் செய்ய முடியவில்லையே சரிசெய்யிங்கள் .

Youtube antha video'va paravaama irukka pala vithathula block panni irukkaan.

As usual Mass sago. I hate ppl who disliked this video.

அருமை, நல்ல தகவல்கள்.. தொடர்ந்து செயல்படுங்கள்..

TX bro,paari saalanum ithai than sonnaru

Great brother, I salute you

Too good... We supports you.. Well explained... Guys share as much as possible this link...


fantastic bro..

Hats off. Superb video and excellent awareness.

Vanakam Saravana, I dont know whether you will be seeing this comment or not , What i feel is all youtube bloggers are posting hell lot of videos, but what is the solution .. I dont think none of them can FIGHT against them(WW III BRING SOLUTION??) .. we can say we should fight with them but practically speaking we cannot do anything and that is the fact .. Can you please tell someone what should we do to have a peaceful life .. Someone is telling bunkers are ready nuclear bomb is ready if that is the case why should we get panic .. if world ends we will also not be there right ..

Saravana Paramanantham thank you so much nanba , I am overwhelmed for your response.

Good question. But in order to understand what we should do, we need to know what the problem is. And how they are using us. The next step is the solution. A person who doesn't know about the problem will never seek a solution. Because it is not something that can be countered by few individuals, the entire society needs to be brought about to understand the problem. There are lot of people around who still think that everything is fine. We need to wake them up. Tharchaarbu vazhkai thaan theervu.


Superah Filter pannringa bro! English pesurah Videovla Tamil vaarthaigal type seithu Kanpithal innum neraiya TN makkal padithu Therinthu kolvargal Tamil news channelai paarkka mattargal bro Vaalga valamudan!

Madan Gowri oru BJP Sombu. Thanthi TV la oru petti erukkum adukka aproma Avan sakarmala thittam pathi pesiruppaan. 2 kum oru thodarbu erukkum

Super bro

bro many telungu free masion secret socity peoples spoil tamil peoples life by brain washing videos......please show their real face....excellent work bro...

manja makkan madan gowri.... dai naye intha videova parra...echakala...arakora..

excellent bro... must see some stupid video creators like madan gowri....ext


அருமை சகோ... நன்றி.... அமெரிக்கா middle east ஐ அடிப்பதற்கு Oil மட்டும்தான் காரணமா ? அல்லது இஸ்ரேலின் விரிவாக்கமும் ஒரு காரணமா, ? அதாவது Great Israel...? சகோ அப்படியே Disease X பற்றிய ஒரு காணொலி போடுங்க...

Saravana Paramanantham Greater israel project thaniyaaa oru video podungaaa sago on political and religious view

Saravana Paramanantham Bro keep in mind to make Video about Disease X

America'vukku thevai control of Oil in middle east. America'vukku antha thevaiyai uruvaakkiyathu Henry Kissinger'in Petrodollar system. Antha Petrodollar'in pinnaniyil Israel irukka vaaippu ullathu. Aathalaal ultimate goal Greater Israel. Ennudaiya munthaiya video'vil pottruppen bro.

tank u post other video..can't wait to see ur video.. Saravana Paramanantham - Expose American law, mid east issue, world war 3 Healer basker- Expose Medical field, Mid east, world poltics Paari Seelan- expose MID EAST, back to traditional culture, origin, Tamil poltics, Srilankan issue.. Those three of them open my brain..tanks guys...

அருமையான பார்வை சகோ

சகோ அவன் மதன் கௌரி இல்ல Mad Gowri

Appo anga oru uyir kooda pogalanu solringla

No No... I never said that way. What I said is that they are using the death of Syrian people to do propaganda that Assad is killing them. This propaganda enables US and Israel to remove Assad from power and place their puppet. There is no evidence provided from both sides on who kills the Syrian people. If no evidence is provided then you can't conclude who killed them, that's it. However, the motive and history of interventions by US suggests strongly that the US backed rebels killed the people there and blaming it on Assad.


I'm fortunate to subscribed ur channel. So impressive narration n true content. Keep up ur sprit Bro! Cheers!

Super bro

Bro andha kichady Chanel romba alagha pesuvapula

Good explain

Gee neenge soldrathu seri thaaan...aaanaa syria le vaaldre makkale kitee neenge kettingana ungaluku puriyum oru aalte pesnathu vechu mudiv panathinge avenge shia vaage irukulam.....syria le 80% sunni muslims irukaamge...20% shia muslims...already shia vs sunni muslims ku prachane aatchiyalar syria le sunni muslims pudikaathu athunaale shia goverment adikavum senjathu athu illenu sollemudiyathu...aaana saatharane. Shia kum sunni sunde nadanthu irukum...but amerika syria naduvle poonthu. Innum sundaye perusaaki ullukule prachanaye athigamage kaaranam...neenge nenaikire mathri syria aatchiyalar hero vum kadayathu ithuthaan chance nu amerika mudichi uttu thanaku sathagama use pannikilamnu pakuraan...ullu kulle pale kolapam iruku ge...ithu mathe reethiya ulle pona pale visiyam puriyum... Gadafi last speech about amerika..

FANTASTIC BRO!!! Please do post your videos in STEEMIT contact me.

உங்களின் ஒவ்வொரு வீடியோவை நான் எதிர்பார்க்கிறேன்....

Bro, please explain more about Indian politics, mainly Modi. Is he really any good or making us a fool?

Nanbaray......unga channeli YouTube block panniducha nu bayanthutten..... valthukkal bro....

Sir great your

Theivame.. nenga epudi ithellam collect pandringa. Nenga Soldra Ovvonum parkumpothu allu viduthu. Unga yella videos um download panni vachuruken

Thanks for uploading this video for to understand the truth thanks we are supporting more.....

Madhan Gowri have to investigate more before posting a video

very hard work ,and fully explain Anna ,


Replay pannunga plz

bro thanks to your valuable information ,i am really excited and please research about mossad and cia ,they do all the thinks

Onga videolatha bro elame cleana puriyuthu. Please continue...

After seeing the censorship in YouTube, I noticed in some videos important words in between speech are destroyed so that we can't understand what they say, and making comments disabled and all.. then only I know they are showing people what they wanted to see and hiding the truth.. why are you risking yourself showing?!? Try to Be safe.. don't know I could tell this or not..

Happy to inform, you're not alone we ll be with you.

Never mind bro. If they have to take me down then they have to go behind hundreds of thousands of youtubers globally. That very act itself will expose them heavily.

செம information, I shared all my friends group yesterday... பதிவுகள் தெடரட்டும்... வாழ்க வளமுடன்..

You're the ONLY ONE can collect the possible videos and make us understand with your extraordinary way of explaining the TRUTH. Already expected your video on the Syria problem, now it comes with your hardworking.. hats off to you my dear. U Rock's keep on doing.. we ll always be supportive..

ஆதாரங்கள் தான் உங்கள் தனிச்சிறப்பே. நன்றி சரவணா.

Nanri sago! As usual great service you are doing. Ivanga panra attoozhiyathukku, namma alavula enna panrathu, Eppadi resist panrathunu thaan theriyala!

Desise x pathi sollunga sir

நீங்கள் கூறுவது அனைத்தும் பொய். உண்மையில் பிரச்சனை இஸ்லாமியர்களால் மட்டுமே. கிறிஸ்தவர்களால் உலகில் எந்த இடத்திலும் பிரச்சனைகள் இல்லை என்பதற்கு என்னிடம் பல சான்றுகள் உள்ளன. எந்த எந்த இடங்களில் கிறிஸ்தவம் பரப்பப்பட்டதோ அந்த அந்த இடங்களில் அன்பும் சமாதானமும் வெற்றியும் தொடர்ந்து வந்துள்ளன. எடுத்துக்காட்டுக்காக சில ரிப்போர்ட்கள் உங்களுக்கு இங்கே : 1. - இது world happiness ரிப்போர்ட். முதல் 20 நாடுகளில் எப்பொழுதுமே முதன்மையாக இருப்பது கிறிஸ்தவ நாடுகளே (குறிப்பு: 11வது இடத்தில இருப்பது இஸ்ரேல் நாடு, அது judaism என்ற மதத்தை majority ஆக வைத்துள்ள நாடு) 2. - இது best and worst countries for gender equality. இதில் top 10 best countries ஆக இருப்பது கிறிஸ்தவர்களை majority ஆக கொண்ட நாடுகளே. Top 10 worst countries ஆக இருக்கின்ற நாடுகளுக்கும் கிறிஸ்தவ நாடுகளுக்கும் சம்மந்தம் இல்லை. 3. - 13 countries where being an atheist is punishable by death ரிப்போர்ட். இதில் எந்த நாடுகளும் கிறிஸ்தவர்கள் majority ஆக கொண்ட நாடுகள் இல்லை. 4. - இது global peace index ரிப்போர்ட். Top 10 peaceful countries of the world கிறிஸ்தவர்கள் majority ஆக கொண்ட நாடுகள் மட்டுமே. எந்த எந்த இடத்தில இஸ்லாம் பரப்ப பட்டதோ அந்த அந்த இடங்கள் நரகத்தில் தான் உள்ளன. அதுவும் தங்கள் ஷரியா இயற்றப்பட்டுள்ள நாடுகள் மிக மோசமான நிலையில் தான் உள்ளன. 52 நாடுகள் உள்ளன.. இஸ்லாமிய மார்க்கத்தை பின்பற்றும் நாடுகள். அவர்களில் ஒருவர் கூடவா சிரியர்களை தங்கள் நாடுகளில் சேர்த்து கொள்ள வில்லை? ஏன்? என்ன காரணம்? முஸ்லீம் brotherhood கு இந்த உலகம் அனைத்தையும் ஷரியா வின் சட்டத்திற்கு கொண்டு வர வேண்டும் என்ற எண்ணம் உண்டு. அதனால் தங்கள் தீவிரவாதிகளை வெஸ்டர்ன் நாடுகளுக்கு அனுப்புகின்றனர்.. கரிசனை என்ற பேரில். உண்மையான பிரச்சனை இஸ்லாமியர்களுக்கு மத்தியில் மட்டுமே உள்ளது. முதலில் gulf நாடுகள் தங்கள் கதவை திறக்கட்டும். சுன்னி ஷியா போராட்டத்திற்கு முற்று புள்ளி அவர்கள் வைக்கட்டும். அதை செய்ய ஒருத்தருக்கும் தெம்பு இல்லை. மற்றவர்களை குறை சொல்வதற்கு வந்து விட்டார்கள் எல்லாரும்.

Video vaaa mulusaa 30 mins paathuttu sollungaa sago, neengaa paklaaayyu , illateee ungalkukku english puriya villayyu

My video shows you hard proof of the lies from the media. You are making a counter argument by citing sources from the very media which I exposed in my video. So you think you made a strong point? Good luck to you. However, I am not bringing the religion or community as a problem in my video FYI.

உண்மைதான் உறவே சரியாக சொன்னீர்கள் காப்ரேட் கைக்கூலி ஊடகங்கள் திட்டமிட்டு உண்மையை மறைக்கின்றது உங்கள் பணி அளப்பரியது உறவே உலகில் இந்த கொடுங்கோலர்களிடம் இருந்து மீள என்ன வழி

உண்மை, அருமை, எளிமை, நன்றி. வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

இது நம்ப லிஸ்டுலேயே இல்லையே, செம்ம .. you are awesome.. too much research and information...

Arivullavanga yedayum easyya nambamatanga but American tan world le no 1 theevirawadi

Nice expectation

Excellent video smart work. Thankyou.

Brother! you are the great!

Super investigation bro Soviet union உடைந்ததை பற்றி கூறுங்கள்

really very depth analysis bro. congrats for your big effort

thala suthudu bro

Tamil Youtubers , neengaa sollirukka yaarvathu orutharu ungalodaa video kku copyright infringement podalaam sago , Appudee potaaa, Total Channel Ban Aagara alavukku aaanalum aagum I am worry about that, Veara yaaravathu avangaa followers pota kudaa anthaa problem varum

Ivlo proof edukaradhu la romba kastam jii.... Vazhthukal jii...

Bro please speak about the global Vaccination issue. I'll even give you supporting facts.

super great job. u doing well

Good work Saravanan. Superb. God will be with you.

S US is a Drama Queen but Illuminati family @ secret society is the Drama Director Please check one world one order in Google and Illuminati family member ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^***********

Bro keep rocking

IT brother.

தமிழ் ஈழப் படுகொலை in Sri Lanka detailed video panna முடியுமா?

yeah,they're more than prostitute bro!!!

Please make video on north korea !!! whether it has hope for saving world from americans

Good one bro.. Appreciate your effort. Make more such awareness

late ta vanthalum latest ta varinggo bro....

Why GCC country separate the Qatar from GCC unit ...?

Annnna aaaduthu area 51 pathi konja solllunga... Illlarum atha patji pesuranga...... Aaaana ethu poi ethu unmaiyunu sariyaaaa thrla... Silla peru athu alienu solranga sila peru athu miltary base nu sollranga..... Naaa ethu unmaiyunu thrla... Neeemga konja nallla explanation kodupinganu namburarean....... I liked your talent

We need to put this link in Madan's video comment section and make most of them to get aware and to save from false mis conception.

Sema ji... very clearly explained...Master piece...pls go ahead with your research and reveal many facts.... Valthukal !!

Great bro..You done a great work..Please tell us about your research methodology..Give us about true sites and news details..God bless you

Super g

அருமையான விளக்கம் நண்பா. என் மனம் திறந்த பாராட்டுகள். உங்களைப்போல உண்மைகளை ஆழமாக ஆராய்ந்து சொல்ல திறன், தைரியம் வேண்டும். உண்மைமுகம், பாரிசாலன், சரவண பரமானந்தம் இவர்களை பாராட்டியாக வேண்டும் நண்பர்களே.

Saravana Paramanantham Thank You..Im sure We will meet one day bro..God bless you & your family..Take care

Follow Corbett report, We are change, RT, Press TV in youtube. You will get a fair idea.

Syrian President's Interview

Cheers bro!

Saravana Paramanantham அவர்களே இது உண்மை இல்லை என்பது பற்றி vedio வாக நீங்கள் வெளியிடலாம் எங்களை போன்றவர்கள் தெளிவு பெறுவார்கள்

Aliens is not real. It is a myth which is going to be used for forming 1 world government.

Really Great...

Neega journalist aairukanum.. But yes u r already Please intha video paaathu solllunga.. Ana ithukum ilunmunatikum ethavathu irukaaaa....

I don’t understand,why would government cannot stop it when people don’t like it

Now I could relate something...various protest in Tamil Nadu and various useless projects by govt and aim for spiritual govt all put together would create instability in tamilnadu i guess


வாழ்த்துக்கள் சகோதரர், சிரியாவில் நடப்பதை பற்றி ஆதாரத்துடன் விளக்கியுள்ளிர்கள், எந்தவித எதிர்பார்ப்பும் இல்லாத உங்கள் உழைப்புக்கு நன்றிகள் பல. உங்களுடைய பார்வை எனக்கு புதிய கண்ணோட்டத்தை கற்றுக் கொடுத்துள்ளது...

Goood explain

Kalakra thala epty thala vedio etukra super thala

Awesome analysis.. thanks for triggering our critical sense rather than we are again made to listen to YouTube vedios that simply televisions speak

சகோதரனே அருமை

Americans thevidiyaku pirantha thevidiya pee thingira kandaraolis. Ivanunga saanga arukanum bro if they do this to Tamil Nadu. CNN oru fake Brothal channel

Bro tamil natla illuminati oda contribution pathi sollunga bro... Tamil eelam padukolai ku pinnadi enna iruku

Israel.... Jews plan...

Very good explanation Thanks for the sharing All the best nanba

Bro super msg bro neenga viduthalai puligal patthina unmai thagavalkal video va kandipa podanum bro I am waiting so many peoples are waiting

Bro unga vedio link 404 error nu varuthu

great work bro...

அண்ணா உங்கள் கண்ணோட்டம் இன்று மிகவும் அவசியமான ஒன்று. உங்கள் சேவை தொடர வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

Great explanation bro will research

கிச்சடி சேனல்காரன் ஒரு லூசுப்பு****ட.

You are a great analyst...u making awareness along Tamils ...good job...peoples should know what really happening around world...don't fall in media manipulation

அருமை தோழரே நன்றி...

brilliant bro.... love your vedios...

Sir kindly investigate how illumunati controlls the Indian politics?

Bro.. Can you Talk about Somaliya!!!

Fact message

Very good Explanation keep it up very good Commitment and awareness to the people

Russian country politics Best

Super la nadakra matter soldringa oky...konjam India la behind the screens enalam nadakuthunu Solungale

Sema bro, nice video with details, ivlo proof oda iruka video kooda 15 dislike panna naainga lam enna than sapiduvangalo

Saravana Paramanantham good work

அண்ணா உங்களை தொடர்பு கொள்ளமுடியும்மா .8807798582

Nice video bro great explanation..

Saravana anna make video about certaint good media channel in our state and our country and news papers too

Silarku edhu unmanae theriyadhu..western media ena solranglo adhu dhan unmanu ninaikranga..muslimnalae terroristnu Ella makkal manasulayum vara vachitanga..idhuku pinnadi 5peria aalunga..ulaga varthagamae avanunga kaila dhan iruku..

Mothur fucker mediya

nalla pathivu

Super and Thanks Anna . Im proud to be your channel subscriber

BRO SUPERB!!!! Anna this unknown facts about Syria is it true. please tell me Anna. This YouTuber telling assad attack Syria

Sindhu Bairavi Romba Simple pa. America'ku Syria'va avan control'ku konduvaranum. Athukku avan Syria thalaivana konnuttu America'oda puppet'a vachitta mudinjithu. Ithukku ulaga makkal ethirpu therivikka koodaathunnu poi sollittu poraan. Assad Syria makkala kolra maathiriyum atha thadukka America anga pora maathiriyum kaamikkiraan. Anga unmaiyaavey makkala kolrathu America ulla anuppi vacha koolipadai. Antha kooli padaikku aal supply pannurathu saudi and qatar. Ithula periya business olinji irukku. Media ungakitta itha solla maattaan. Nee rendu pakkam news kelu. Russia'oda RT channel paaru. Final'a evidence base panni believe pannu.

Saravana Paramanantham Yes Anna I saw your videos, best video ever I seen. Well my doubts is " ippo America syria makala thundividerangana Bassad al assad , the president of syria enna panuvare ? Ippo syria current situation enna anna ? Naraya kelvi iruke na , assad is he a good politic ? Do more videos naa .

Sindhu Bairavi Did you see the evidence in my video sis? What do you think? That YouTuber is wrong in even telling the capital of Syria. He says Aleppo is the capital of Syria which is false. Damascus is the capital of Syria. He is just repeating the lies said by the media and it doesn't seem like he knows any facts about Syria.

அனைவருக்கும் விழிப்புணர்வு பன்னுங்க!!!!

சிறப்பான பதிவு

Clear cut explanation of the responsibility of a youtuber..thanks bro..keep going...

Only you and Paari are true!!


சகோதரர், தமிழகத்திலும் இந்த சூழ்நிலை நிலவுவதாக அறிகுறிகள் தெரிகிறதே??!!! உங்கள் பார்வையில் தமிழகத்தின் நிலை என்ன???

Anna neenga Soldradhu Ketkumbodhu bayama irku aprom enaku oru doubt syriya chinna naadu America powerful naadu but America oda nokam Iran ah attack pandradhu dhanu soldringa but syriya vum Iran num mutual defence agreement potrukunu solirkingala andha agreement la Iran ku yaaralayachum attack vandha syriya oda army Iran kuda serndhu attack pananum nu sollirkanganu solirkinga idhey pola syriya ku problem na Iran varuma ? apdi vandhirundha konjam indha pratchanaiya control panirkalamla Anna enaku indha doubt ah clear ponnunga.

+Saravana Paramanantham Anna apo US dhan Iran Ah Syria kuda Andha mutual defence agreement podavachitha apdi pathalum Iran syria ah va vida defence force adhigama irkum la so en kelvi Iran yen ipo vum syriya ku army force kuduthu help pannama ivlo perr sagradha vedikkai pakadhu?

lakshitha shri Neenga nalla kavanichirukkeenga. Syria'va first attack panrathuku US has below reasons. 1. They can undermine Russian economy by placing natural gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe. Because Russian economy is majorly dependent on gas exports to Europe. That gas pipeline has to pass through Syria that which the Syrian president rejected. So, US wants to take out Assad. 2. When Syria is attacked, US can pull Iran into a conflict due to mutual defence agreement between Iran and Syria. Because Iranian military forces will join Syrian forces. US has long been desperately trying to find reasons to attack Iran. I have covered this part in my world war 3 video.

Bro you are really great :)

I value your honest approach in giving the true angle of Syria..Well done..

Evidence semma bro

தவறான தகவல் பற்றிய தகவல் .......அருமை சகோ

+ Saravana Paramanantham இதில் பெண் செய்தி வாசிப்பாளர் அழுவதைப்போன்றே சமீபத்தில் இந்தியாவின் காஷ்மீர் சம்மந்தமாக ஐ.நா சபை மனித உரிமை கமிஷனின் அறிக்கை படிக்கும் போது, காஷ்மீரில் 10000 பெண்கள் கற்பழிக்கப்பட்டதாக ஒருவர் அழுகிறார். அந்த அழுகைக்கு பின்னால் உள்ள அரசியல் என்ன...??

Robert Xavier There are more rapes per capita happening in US than in India. So I am getting more suspicious of popularization of rapes in India recently. I guess they are planning to implement surveillance cameras or possibly RFID chip implantation on every person. Let's wait and watch. Both of these moves are towards that all seeing eye agenda.

Karma will follow US

srilanka war patri Oru video poodunga...

Very good Russia

Bro where is your sources of this, IAM still searching, help me .

If there is a real genocide against civilians like happen in Eelam war the same media will blackout everything. But the same media talk about fake civil war accusations to support American's (military) interference.

Super explanation bro.Really you are a genious .Keep doing. Reveal more truth

Saravana Paramanantham Any books other than you yube,bro I have a book THAKARCHAYUDE NIRMAANAM very shocking, in Malayalam,all about Illuminati and world politics.iam with you.

You can find all the sources from YouTube itself

18k view not enough

Surprised to see people even care to talk about this All my friends think I'm boring when I talk about it I already know all this


Bro greater Israel project pathi oru video panunga

Hats off

syria economy crash very much during azad period he done nothing for that crash unemployment increases rapidly rebels are nothing they fight against azad america is funding india we have law ,supreme court we can see how modi control democracy and edapadi shooted thoothukudi people syria azad is the law tamilnadlaiyum neriya rebels erukanga thirumurugan gandhi,seeman,vaiko,thirumavalavan,communist,so america give fund to them saravanan

ok got it

You are talking with your opinions. I am referring you facts. I am exposing the lies from media. You are taking the points from the same media that I exposed. I suggest you to go past these fake media like cnn, bbc and look further. Check Corbett report channel in YouTube.

brother.. sema! ua great

Mr.saravanan....abdi avanungha (BBC news)poi peasuraanunghana....@20:55..indha videova published pannirukka maataangha.....unakku ebdi indha clipping kedachidhu....NAAN AMERICAN AH VERUKUREN BUT REASONS IRUKKU. ...Aana idhu???



Wow awesome bro... Great evidence ... Post more videos ... Social awareness

Bro palastine problem pathi video podunga bro

anna ethalam romba mosam la

nice sagoo

Bro really awesome ur video

One of the detailed video.. hats off!

Bro you are awesome. pls continue doing this

உங்களது கணிப்பு எல்லாம் தவறு...

Really appreciate sir.solra ovvoruu visayathukkum proper justification oda solreengaaa super

All those channel s and newspapers that you mentioned in this video is owned by those secret family.. it's difficult to get evidence as their strategy is secret... but we get clues...if you see most of the logos will be in red and white letters or combination of red, bule/black

Super Bro Very nice video.... and nice explanation

Nandri bro உலகம் போற்றும்...


சகோதரர் சரவணன் அவர்களுக்கு நன்றிகள் கோடி... இந்த காணொளிகளை கண்டு கொண்டிருக்கும் அனைவரும் இதை உங்கள் நண்பர்களுக்கும் பகிருங்கள்.. சமூக வலைத்தளங்களிலும் பகிருங்கள்...

தமிழ்நாட்டில் எந்த அரசியல் கட்சி மக்களுக்கான உண்மையான அரசியல் கட்சி என்று தயவு செய்து ஒரு video போடவும்

super video saravanan

Kichdy..madan gouri..apram andha innoru paya....fake chanell

Inimea madan gouri matrum andha 3 pera yaru nambadhinga#28.40

Super nga. Ungala yaarum yethum panira koodathu....

Semma explanation bro...u proved it.

well done bro. Apdiye ISIS yaarunu evidence kidaicha sollunga.

sir 3 ulga pore paka mudiyala

sir hindu system pathi oru video podinga anna plzzzz

நீங்க சிறந்த மனிதர்... பகுத்தறிவு மிக்கவர்... இப்படி யோசிக்க 90% பேருக்கு தெரியாது...

Super Anna

Excellent young man , please continue ..your task

தெளிவான விளக்கம் நன்றி


New York Times also lies shamelessly.


Super Bro wow good bro

good work

அருமை ..நண்பரே..... மிக தெளிவான விளக்கம். இந்தியாவில் கூட இவர்கள் பாணியில் முஸ்லீம்கள் மீது பரப்புவாதம் நடக்கிறது. மும்பை மற்றும் கோயமுத்தூர் குண்டு வெடிப்புகளை தவிர பெரும்பாலான குண்டு வெடிப்பு வழக்குகளில் முஸ்லீம்கள்க்கு எதிராக ஆதாரம் இல்லை என்று விடுதலை ஆகி வருகின்றனர். இது மீடியாக்களில் வருவதில்லை. பார்ப்பனிய பயங்கரவாதம் செய்த மாலேகான் மற்றும் மெக்கா மசூதி குண்டுவெடிப்புகளில் கையும் களவுமாக காவி தீவிரவாதிகள் மாட்டிய பிறகு இப்போது குண்டுகள் வெடிப்பதில்லை. மும்பை மற்றும் பாராளுமன்ற தாக்குதல்கள் கூட இந்திய உளவு பிரிவுகளின் வேலை தான் என்று கூறுகிறார்கள். இதை பற்றி ஒரு வீடியோ தொகுப்பு முடிந்தால் போடவும். நீங்கள் இந்தியாவில் இருந்தால் இதை செய்ய முடியாது. வெளிநாட்டில் இருந்தால் கண்டிப்பாக செய்யவும். நன்றி சகோ.

Nice video

பிரச்சனை பத்தியே நம்ம பேசரோமே,.. இதற்கு தீர்வு என்ன என்பதை விவாதிக்கலாமே....அல்லது, யாரேனும் தீர்வு நோக்கி பயணித்து, தோல்வி அடைந்த அந்த முயற்சியை ஏன் கூட்டாக சக்தி திரட்டி ஒரு தீர்வை நோக்கி நகரக்கூடாது ??. நடுநிலையான மக்கள் அனைவரையும் ஒன்று திரட்டி உலகலவில் இந்த பிரச்சனைக்கு ஒரு தீர்வு ஏன் தேடக்கூடாது ??... "தெய்வத்தான் ஆகாது எனினும் முயற்சிதன் மெய்வருத்தக் கூலி தரும் "


Saravanan ji india mela why terrorist attack nadakuthunu sollunga????

Nice explanation bro... keep it up


Sema Explain Bro..

அருமையான விளக்கம், அண்ணா

I believe the TN media brainwashed us by telling negative things about our PM Modi.

This is too much

Sir really great sir I stopped following some useless channels no one like u r unique God bless u

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