The Touring Fan Live Lets Tap VineYL All Those Yesterdays & Hail, Hail Pearl Jam

The Touring Fan Live   Lets Tap VineYL  All Those Yesterdays & Hail, Hail Pearl Jam

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oh [Music] then [Music] time keeps on changing [Music] is [Music] [Music] [Music] and we are back for a double dose of let's talk vinyl in the month of september i am anthony oh october god damn it you know god damn it just right off the bat man i thought we got wrong facts i'm wrong yeah well let's rewind double dose in the month of october as we enter into the spooky weekend otherwise known as halloween we are officially 250 000 downloads away from hitting a 2 million mark which will then put us in perspective of being a top podcast for music and wine so hold your horses we're getting there quick um but before we get into even any more topics let me introduce the wine expert pearl jam loving he snaps photos of his beautiful wife and posts online to make men jealous mr trey bush thank you buddy how are you i don't do it for that reason i do it to to promote uh promote her burlesque and pin-up sure but but let's do that let's listen your wife's beautiful and she's also beyond being beautiful because you know there's a stereotype of beautiful women sometimes not being the smartest your wife is so smart and so nice um it's it's it's always a pleasure you know have her around so i can't wait to we i can't wait till we get to actually hang out in person it's it you know once i find time i feel like yeah well i i feel i i you know with these last pearl jam shows back in september i was surprised that i'm like well you know first of all september i'm a little busy with harvest so uh you know the fact that i didn't make it out to see you um uh was you know what for see here now which looked amazing uh but i thought wow he'll make it for sure to encore weekend but uh i know you're i know your [ __ ] is busy so we're just gonna have to meet up next year uh with whatever dates uh are gonna work for both of us and sure we're gonna make it happen then for sure most definitely which i'm excited about yeah i can't wait it's you know it's interesting we've been i guess we've been doing the show is august of last year so it's been a year and two months we're doing the show um i first interviewed you almost god it's almost been it'll be two years and almost two years yeah so you know it was interesting because you know when you meet certain people you know and when i do interviews i always try to play like a casual conversation i don't like to overdo it and i like to connect and like after the con after the interview the first time we ended up talking after the interview for longer than the actual show was and it was just this great connection and that's when i knew it was like yeah man we have to do something together well part of it is that i really don't talk about pearl jam that much and especially if it's if we're not on tour or you know and so in just my daily life other than you know listening to them and stuff it's not like i talk about the band all the time and so when i have the opportunity to talk to another fan uh about things that we you know have in common and love about that this band and um that's part of what makes this community so great i think i couldn't agree i'm glad i'm glad i'm glad you reached out to me all those two years ago and here we are today it's pretty awesome so it is by the way you're watching this uh on if you watch if you're watching this on facebook live and you're wondering why anthony setup is so much more professional looking than mine i mean i'm looking at my lighting right now you can tell that it's getting dark in the pacific northwest like we're rolling into the gloomy period and this is this is where the best music is made right this is where this is where the grunge was born when the sun goes down at like four o'clock jesus and it's raining incessantly in the pacific northwest you know why they were creating that music um i apologize for that well listen first well unless you're listening to this on a podcast version and then i will describe trey as he is in a shadowy delight with his tan skin looking ever so fine so um let's let's move on so today we're actually doing a curve and i don't want to talk too much and take up too much to me because we have a lot to talk about we have two great songs i want to share a new favorite song there's a cover per se a cover song that was recently played by a very popular band up in seattle of pearl jam that we have video of we have so much to share tonight and uh let's just jump right into it so tonight we're not drinking anything out of your winery i believe because it doesn't say slight of hands on this you are drinking something out of our winery this is another label that we created this is called the renegade wine company okay and this label was born uh we started the winery sleight of hand back in 2007 and in 2008 was the beginning of that economic downturn 0708 when we had all those issues and um uh you know that was a big shock to the economy and our sleight of hand label and the wines that we make uh are not inexpensive wines and so our distributor in washington came to us and asked us if we could put together a red table wine program uh that would be ten dollars retail right and i said god i don't you know based on my fruit contracts and how much it costs us to buy fruit and just the time and all stuff to make wine well the other side effect to the economic downturn where there are a lot of wineries that were having issues moving product and they were selling off bulk wine bulk wine is wine that was already made it's in barrel but they're not moving what's in bottle fast enough and so they it's it's doesn't behoove them to spend all the money to bottle another few thousand cases and so uh you can go buy that wine bulk wine at a uh essentially a lower price point especially in those kind of times okay and so we launched the renegade wine company in 2008 buying some bulk wine from a neighbor winery in walla walla and that was the very first renegade red renegade wine company red wine and that brand has grown since then substantially now we make three different wines we make a rose a renegade wine company rose we make a chardonnay we make a cabernet and you're drinking the cabernet tonight and we've moved our model from buying bulk wine on the spot market essentially having to go look for it uh to uh basically vineyard to bottle uh and so rather than um relying on what's available in the marketplace we're now able to purchase fruit in a vineyard make the wine and get it in the bot and get into bottle for i think this retails on the east coast for about 15 bucks okay uh in washington you can find it for you know 12 something like that so this is an extremely affordable wine it's a very affordable wine it's meant for glass pours at restaurants um and it's just meant to sort of deliver classic cabernet character there's no new oak on this cabernet you know most of the time you drink cabernet sauvignon you can see a lot of new oak on it they're big and bold and oaky and delicious and all those wonderful things this doesn't see any new oak and so it's going to be more fruit forward okay you're going to get those classic cabernet characters there's like a green note almost like a like a bell pepper component which is classic cabernet you'll get like a cassis note in there as well um red cherries it's more red fruited than anything i will tell you this tray looking at first of all i don't know if you've ever made t-shirts with the logo like the the gen with the hat and the wine but you need to yeah i mean we've done it before we don't we don't sell that wine in our tasting room we make that for our distributors and so we you know we distribute our wines in about 20 states and so this is a way for them to um find some glass pours and uh you know they can case stack this and retail spots uh because it's so affordable yeah it's i love the logo my friend dave place did that my my my good buddy dave place who's uh bass player and graphic designer he designed the psychedelic label which you've had before yeah yeah yeah um and uh so yeah no i love it i love the the um the slogan glasses we don't need no stinking glasses i love it i love it now listen trey i'm going to tell you something in four weeks i've i've only had one carb and that was when we drank wine last time this will be the only second time i've had carbs in over four weeks and i'm only doing it for you all right well i feel responsible but at the same time i'm proud i'm a proud man what do you think thank you for also filling it up halfway in your glass not all the way to the top i'm learning i am learning yeah oh you know what is your white drink is your wife drinking cabernet is she drinking wine at all right now no you know with my wife my wife i have to bring her i think i have to introduce her to you and holly to get her to find one she liked she did like um uh what was the one we had a couple yeah the riesling she liked the riesling a lot by the riesling yeah yeah yeah so that's that's fine you just start them off there and we'll be a slow pace we'll get we'll get her there yeah no i like this one i like to be honest with you and not to judge one of the over i actually prefer this one over what we had at the last show i like that spellbinder correct i like how this one has the you were saying it's very fruit forward is that what the words you were saying yeah i can definitely taste it more that way and i don't any it's true because like sometimes you can taste that oakiness to it like you were saying and i don't taste it in this one i kind of like it and it doesn't it's not as um it doesn't hit the side of the walls as tartly as some of them does i actually i really like this one maybe it's because i haven't had a beer in four weeks and the only two times i've really drank is these two times and it's it's cleaned my palate a little bit but this is this is absolutely i actually enjoy this you're a better man than me for going a month without having a beer or a glass of wine so well the last time i saw you i couldn't fit in the shirt like this shirt was like it looked like skin tight now it's loose and baggy which is great um you know well i i appreciate that i'm far from where i want to be um but i'm glad to be where i'm at now so uh definitely but no by the way i'm just noticing i'm sitting here noticing your hat i'm just looking at it is that a my morning jacket hat yeah yeah i am uh that's a great looking hat oh i love this new album oh dude come on so is that i mean was that going to be your song don't tell me no no no no no no um the new my morning jacket album came out last friday i stayed up until midnight um you know it was just i was going through a lot so i was like i just need a new music i was listening to a lot of the same things and i listened to it and it is probably the most close to a pink floyd-esque modern album that you can get from a band i mean this this album is apps i mean it is it is as close to perfect as you can get for my morning jacket it's gorgeous it's absolutely gorgeous i thought it was a nice follow-up to the waterfalls too yeah which i loved waterfalls too uh and my friend matt gobell and ben oregon who i'm going to see this weekend he probably the biggest my morning jacket fan that i know he's also a huge pearl jam fan but i think those bands have a lot in common because of uh their live sets you know they never play the same live set twice they have you know their uh incredible performances they'll take a four-minute song and turn it into a 12-minute you know epic just crazy guitar solos and just incredible live bands so um and i i'm i was happy to listen i i listed that album on sunday you'll you let's do it friday night i listen on sunday and um it was it's just an incredible album and so i've got a bunch of copies coming to our our vinyl store so at the winery we actually started selling vinyl a couple of weeks ago and i've got about 260 titles now and so for sale coming to our tasting room for sale so we've got 3 000 plus albums that we listen to in the tasting room but i actually uh you know got us signed up with a couple of uh you know one stops to be able to start selling vinyl and i i pre-ordered my my morning jacket and they came in on monday yesterday today today's wednesday did you get it on monday did you get like the multi because like i know that they've done yeah we got the got the colored one oh yeah yeah if you didn't get a copy of that let me know your way i appreciate it you know it's interesting i i sold a lot of my vinyl uh i cut like i sold my entire collection about three years ago just because we had him you know financial at that time like work was slow and you know so i've and i've been and i have my record players so and i'm thinking myself like should i get back into it but let me just be more cautious about what i got because i used to just buy anything back and i think it might be more selective but yeah no that's definitely one that i'd want um so it's such it's such an amazing album um i would definitely if you if you haven't heard it i would highly recommend listening to it yes i agree agreed so before we start talking about any more new music or anything else we are here tonight to talk about two songs hail hail and all those yesterdays which interestingly enough i thought i knew a lot about them and i was completely wrong um oh a couple things are coming through uh matt says oh i guess almost cleared up uh tony says 2006 tour was great with my morning jacket opening one you were 100 agree with that yes yeah only time only time i remember walking away going god damn that first band may have put pearl jam and gave him a run for their money that is how i got hooked on him um i saw him i saw my morning jacket open him for him four times in 2006. um no no yeah and then i got to see him a bunch of times that no i'm sorry two times because there's that that other i swore in philly and they had some other guy open up for him that was terrible um or pittsburgh i'm sorry but no yeah mine weren't jackets amazing i've seen a bunch of times i love them but they were a great addition like a great appetizer for pearl jam at that tour i mean jim james has probably one of the most unique and perfect voices um in music nowadays uh so and then his uh his solo album the yemi ames solo album i think is absolutely gorgeous oh yeah he's he's know if you know that one or not oh oh gotcha i saw him solo in dc a couple years ago and it was just it it was it was just knock out the park perfect um matt says trade do you have the ament coming in i should be outside so i don't but um i'm talking to tim biermann uh about um i already have a decent selection of the pearl jam albums that you can get but some of the stuff that's hard for me to get because the one stops don't get everything that comes with the pipeline and they did not make a lot of copies of that um ayman album and so i'm hoping that tim will actually sell me a few copies of that so i can then resell them at the taste room so well maybe by the next show that could be something that you uh know a little bit more about and then matt we can uh hook you up with trey and then you can be able to purchase it from trey so just keep an eye out for that that's right that's right all right so now let's talk about the first song this evening hail hail which you know i don't i think i love that song so much more live than i do on the album like you know and i enjoy it on the album but live that is a song that that you know there's there's always the comments phrase like it just makes you want to run through a wall that song literally makes you want to run through a [ __ ] wall yeah it's another great driving song you know i i've got a driving song playlist and that song is on my driving song playlist it's just a fit of fury just coming straight at you and it it's like right out of the gate you know it's it's just it just hits you there's no build up to that song it just explodes immediately and it's just awesome and it's it encapsulates a lot of what i love about pearl jam just the raw energy and his vocals the way he sings that song and i know it's just it's a incredible so i'm gonna i'm gonna ask you a question i don't want you to answer it and everyone tuning in right now drop your answers in the comments below or if you listen to the podcast thinking about this and then afterwards we can talk about it how many times has this song been an opener think about that and after this after this after we hear it live we'll get those answers so here is hail hail in berlin in 2009 [Applause] is [Music] me oh oh [Music] as [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Applause] wow well well well so was that the opener for that for that uh show for that one no okay all right so how many times has hail hail opened in a show are you asking me are you i'm asking you less than five you wow and let's go to the facts shall we hail hail facts first of all four times as an opener we'll get to that in a minute it was first played in go ahead i saw that show 96 showbox so you saw the first time handheld was played at the at the showbox seal in on september 14th in 1996. there we go it was last played wrigley field chicago in august 18th of 2018.

weren't you there too no i missed the mist of chicago it was the only date of 18 i missed was the chicago shows it's been played 243 times live the show it's been an opener four times the first time was on november 14th in 1997 in oakland california the second time was in august uh 26 1998 in chaga hyuga falls ohio cuyahoga whatever that i don't know how i can barely read so that's a song by rem you know a song i do not know that song all right i'm like an rem fan but i like all the popular songs i never really dug deep i i you know i i'm being honest here um it was also played on september 1st 1998 in atlanta georgia and then it opened uh columbia columbia maryland on september 18th 1998. it's never closed the show cordoria is the most played song before it why 36 times and animal is the most played song after it being played 49 times after that do you also do you like my graphic i worked really hard on this one no that's a really good one i you're listen you're very talented man anthony oh stop it very talented so i uh i often wonder i can't even if we talked about this before but does eddie write a set list based off of his instruments or the band's instruments like he's got a specific guitar in his hand or mike has a specific guard guitar in his hand and he's like you know look for these next three songs i know that we use these so i'm gonna put these or does that even come into play i don't know it's gotta because if you think about this if you did let's say if four songs in a row were played in different tune different instruments different everything in retrospect it would just be so much work with a keep up on that on the side stage which in retrospect that's what their job is but but they all have their own they all have their own tech sure they're sharing one tech for all all the guys every single one of those guys has their own tech and so you know in three minutes that guy can get his next guitar out based on the set list and you know i don't know i answer the question that's that's one for the for the fans well brad says i'm sure he does tony says yes he does and brad says can people post set lists from texts that had instruments listed on the side i don't know if my set list i i actually have a set list i got from the uh sound board uh one show and um it's it's i was the same set list but the notes on the set list were written by the soundboard guy and in a different pin right because eddie writes him in a black sharpie sure and these are just written in a normal pin uh and so they're obviously making their notes as to what they need to do with each song coming up like reminders or you know whatever so yeah the only set list i have is the one my son got in baltimore from eddie um and it's funny because the i forgot what it was what song it was bring bring your kids to the show if you want to set listen to tambourine well during rear view mirror i saw him write something on it and on next to rear view mirror it says no balls because they were having technical difficulty with the balls dropping like from the c you know hate count so he wrote no balls on it it's it's hilarious so i have on the set list i i have to pull i wonder if i can grab it but it does it says no balls and eddie and his handwritings that's hilarious my stomach though i mean what do you think about that with hail hail so hail hail is definitely my top 25 favorite pearl jam songs easily um live i'm going to say that live off cd it's not probably doesn't it probably doesn't even break my top 40. um i just feel like this is a better live song than it's been an album song just for me i i don't dislike this song but for some reason there just seems to be more passion and drive in the song with eddie clapping with with mike feeling more into it stone's playing um it just the drums feel more more vivid and live a lot you know alive live i just i i really appreciate this life i feel like i feel like he's always um you know like a lot of songs you feel like he's singing about the crowd or you the fans and you know he's like you know talk about the lucky ones or you know i mean it makes you feel like yeah we're the lucky ones sitting right here 100 so even though that the lyrics may not have anything to do with with that experience it's what you're feeling when you're singing it and you're like you know sure are you my only one and yeah so you know and and in theory being played 200 and what was it uh 200 243 times they've played you know enough shows that they're just over a thousand so eleven hundred so there it's about a 22 chance that you're going to see that live so it's still a rarity in its own sense it's not like an even flow or alive or yellow led better or uh you know one of those songs and but it is still a rarity i mean it didn't make the four shows that were played this year so it wasn't you know that that's something to think about too because some of this i mean they played some rarities but for the most part they played songs that are are very much wanted to be heard minus the the new ones in the festival they play the festival sets correct um so you know this am i surprised this wasn't played no um i think this is still a very good like you know good it's a good song if you've seen him probably 18 times this might be a song you're still chasing so it's it's a great song though this is an amazing song live you know i've seen it a couple times live and i enjoyed it every time this is a song where it seems like they do mess up a tad more than others but it is a great song live yeah and uh you know it's off of a great album too so oh yeah i mean yeah is is this off your favorite pearl jam album it's off of one of my top 10 favorite pearl jam albums oh man all right so let's go right into the next song so we go not answer all right now we're going into one of my top 10 favorite pearl jam songs of all time um all those yesterdays is probably one of those songs that people resonate with it's almost like release in its own sense like people go to that for healing um you know it is it is a very special song in its own sense with that um i've had it opera this was a song i chased for a long time i didn't realize the rarity of it um until i did the research on i thought this song was played much more than it actually has been um so let's uh let let me ask you this how many times has this song been an opener or a closer don't don't answer i'll get your answer after we hear all those yesterdays in washington in 1998. [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] don't you think [Music] don't you think you are [Music] [Applause] [Music] don't you think you've done enough [Music] don't you think you got [Music] enough you to lay your head down [Music] so no one catches that we [Music] get them oh oh [Music] it's still time [Music] it's no [Music] is times so yes [Applause] uh you know such that's a that's a soul-searching song right there i mean that's uh that's that's a very much an introspective it it's it's like he's giving you um the uh he's giving you the ability or he's allowing you to um you know take time for yourself that's right that's what that song means to me you know it's like he's just telling you it's okay to take time for yourself it's okay to escape so yeah it's it is really such a beautiful song in its own context and i and the lyrics have always been amazing i just love the break that that changed in the middle of the song where it i don't know it's it's such a beautiful song and listen anytime you can see stone do that duck walk you know with a back and forth you know that's like early stone right i mean i feel like he doesn't do that as much stone just sort of hangs out and he does his thing and he gets like four guitar solos a show and he that's what he gets and he's happy with it but back then although he was he's always been a terrible dresser i'm not gonna lie that you see that show right there he loves that outfit i don't th that that was that was straight out of a kmart calendar from 1994. listen i mean he could in 1998 he has much money to buy whatever he wanted he could care less what he walked on stage with he's like what's comfortable this shirt looks good it's look good these shorts look great there we go i'm good so here let me ask this question out of everyone in the band who do you think puts the most thought into what they wear on stage i think mike i think jeff i mean i'm not going to argue with you there i'd say early jeff late jeff i don't know i think mike's a snappier dresser these days i think back in the day with jeff's hats and his uh i don't know just something about it so i don't think i don't think any of them give a [ __ ] anymore about what they wear on stage where the [ __ ] they want to wear so i asked you a question before how many times has this song been an opener and a closer what's the number all those yesterdays i don't think it's ever been an opener that's going to be my answer for the opener okay as a closer i don't know five times that would be zero and zero and surprisingly enough i think this could be a really good opener i think this but this if you think about how the song think about like if the band starts eddie's looking at picking up his book it's got the intro it's got a great like segue into other songs i think this could be a great opener for a show just saying so let's get to the facts i wouldn't i wouldn't be angry if they opened with that [ __ ] with that song but you know i wouldn't be angry if they open with any song because you mean you're just watching them live so that's right hey have they ever opened the yellow led better that's a better question oh i doubt that let me let me check hold on a second they did that what if they did that what if they came out and open with yellow ledbetter it would blow people's minds i don't i think i'd be i think i'd be confused because it's one of those things like really like i don't let's say yell led better it has been played a total of 374 times that's it 374. wow about a third that's about 30 33 chance of and it's been a closer 339 times it's never been an opener all right all right so i guess we'll never have to do that for a show because we already we teased everything so all right let's go all those yesterday song facts first played june 21st 1998 at the canyons park in in park city utah it was last played at safeco field in seattle washington in august 18 2018 i believe you were there i was there for that it's only been played 21 times live that's not a lot no yellow moon given a fly unthought known are the most played songs beforehand two times that's it i mean that's that tells you right there i mean if yellow moon is the song played before i mean 21 times live is not many so yeah um i mean i mean look this up how many times the yellow moon been played let me double check let me pull that up yellow moon is a great song i've actually had the opportunity to see that yellow moon has only been played 26 times actually five more times in all those yesterday yes it never that yeah crazy that is absolutely you know what that is though that that's that's a combination of um you know when that album came out they they probably played a lot of shows and they wanted to play a lot of the songs off that album yeah well it was 2013 well let me get that it was played 17 times in 2013 and five times in 2014 one time in 2015 two times in 2016 one time in 2018 it's not it was popular in 2013 and 2014 when they did that heavy touring for the album correct so interesting evenflo daughter and black are are the most played songs after it by two times and here is a real crazy stat you have a two percent chance of seeing it live if you go see one show a tour there we go that's not much no that's a low number that is a chaser now you've seen i know you we've talked with you you've seen it live because you saw it in at least we know we sort of in boston together in 2016.

um but that is that's a great thing i didn't i'd have to see the shows that they've actually played that live at uh see um yeah well listen here's a great thing yeah which we're going to jump into a commercial for them in a second because they have been providing our facts for this show since day one actually do you mind if we jump into a commercial for them real quick yeah let's do it let's do it there's a [ __ ] commercial break on this show oh yeah we have commercial breaks listen i i try to make this the most organized show ever you ready for this here what what ready nope wrong song i know take a walk down the hall follow those footsteps back to yesir or all the way back to the off-ramp live footsteps did oh what they had to to bring you a setless archive of pearl gym live statistics it's searchable customizable and personalized stats so you can find what you're looking for find that obscure songs play count debut its tags intros rarity index and much more discover setlist song and show stats venue and location breakdowns all at your fingertips check out to satisfy your pearl jam curiosity me and trey have been using now for over a year

since the incarnation of the show all of our stats have been coming directly from so definitely go check that out boom what do you think look at that now listen i want my cut that was that was a commercial break i know they're paying you big money anthony i want my cut of that money um we are getting paid zero dollars for that we are helping him more um how cool is that that that so why are you shining some light on this who is behind yeah so his name's dave they want to be outed you know like sure sure well here's the thing so tomorrow uh destined to remember it's a show that me uh randy from live on four lakes podcast and dave from live footsteps we get together and we break we're going to break down the entire tour go over stats we're going to go over like what albums were played what albums weren't played what songs were played what songs weren't played break some more information and we'll probably get into i'll probably bring the question up to randy tomorrow because he is a stats guy about instrument swapping like we talked about tonight during songs and is that heavily noticed if they play certain songs because of what instruments are but yeah no dave has built this site and i mean it is in depth like you click a song you go there dave let me jan j it's j-a-n-t-a-u-s-c-h i can't say his life jane tusk sure but he's a no he's an amazing guy um man it is dave i'm just going to thank dave right here for putting together all this information because that's a trove treasure trove of information from pearl jam fans to be able to dive into and geek out about and as i was we were watching the video for all those yesterdays and in my head i thought i wonder if you could find a stat where it's like from the most played song to the least played song and you just answered my question now live to go that's right so thank you dave for all of your work on putting that stuff together yeah i'll have to i'll have to introduce you i think you guys would he get along real well i got to meet him at uh see her now festival where does he live uh connecticut i believe or new york new york or canada there's nowhere near no it's nowhere near washington i live in virginia and move into kansas city you live in in washington and i think at some point our paths are gonna cross well it's probably gonna happen that's what i'm saying i think so i hope so yeah um going to the go into things uh was single video theory doc released before yield i believe so i remember the vhs tape was out before the album was wasn't that because i remember going to pineapples and getting it did you go you had to wear pineapples that was the name of the um not turtles you went to pineapples pineapples that was the name of the record store that's awesome and then pineapples bought do you remember the wall did you have a wall out there no okay so pineapples bought the walls yeah tower record in washington we had tower records yep in atlanta where i grew up we had turtles and turtles were where you went to go get turtles records and tapes that's where you went to go buy your tickets uh for for from ticketmaster we we would sleep overnight this is pre-pearl jam of course we would uh if there was a concert coming up tickets always went on sale on saturday morning and so friday nights many friday nights were spent on the sidewalk in front of charles records with lots of good friends uh and um and then at eight or nine a.m whenever

trolls opened and they would be on their keyboards whatever the hell i don't even know what it was in 1986 i mean whatever they were using that's what they were like punching their tickets up with right yep and so you were just like praying that they were the first one into the system and then they would hand you your tickets and you look at it and you're like you know yes you know second row motley crew or whatever it was right so it was uh that was an awesome time i kind of missed that because now we're keyboard warriors and with all the other you know the the bot that can come in and buy everything it's not the same feeling i'd rather have to go camp out for tickets i'm not kidding 52 years old i'd rather go camp out for 51 almost 52. well i'm gonna tell you something too and i'm excited about this my buddy brian who i went to school with um he wrote the algorithm for ticketmaster and live nation for that how to do the ticket sales nowadays he's coming on the show in january um i don't know if this show maybe there's no a show he's a pearl jam fan as well not as big as us but he's gonna talk about how ticketmaster changed and the algorithm and how you have a better chance of getting tickets if you do certain things well i mean let's make sure we have a brief conference call with that so we can you know figure out what those hacks are uh it's not hacks it's it's really like it's simple things i mean he's helped me out so many times um i got roger order vip tickets that went on sale last week and i literally had i'd filed exactly what he told me to i did exactly what i did and i was able to get tickets not a single issue sold out seconds later to go to go see who uh roger waters that's going to be amazing yeah i'm taking my son he's my son's starting to get into pink floyd so i was like well i'll take you go see roger waters in uh kansas city there's a you need to digest a lot more than that if your son's getting into pink floyd my friend so well i think i think the thing is with him is like i think he's trying to find ways to connect besides because i don't i don't i mean i appreciated soccer and stuff but i don't like i don't know nothing about it still so i think it's this is his way of like getting into and also like oh yeah but i also think like have you realized like every it's very popular now for kids to wear a band shirt of like bands they have no idea yeah it's it's it's my my uh 15 on my 16 year old is constantly stealing all my pearl jam t-shirts they're which is awesome i mean she's spending the pearl jam love amongst the walla walla high school kids you know so yeah yeah that's amazing that's amazing uh well let's before we move on from um uh all of those yesterdays um shannon joey says i saw yellow moon oh shock about yellow moon at acl 2014 magic the moon was rising as pearls and played the song just above the video screen that's pretty amazing uh tony says still chasing it it was scratched off of alpine pearl jam 20 ah that's right it was because yeah that was when people were getting pissed that chris cornell was there because they started scratching off some of these songs um who was pissed that chris cornell was at a pearl jam 20. are you serious there was a lot of people upset i mean i i i mean i love you to be upset they played like three temple the dog songs no they played more than three templar dog songs that night i we were th the first night we were we've talked about this before but i was with my friend dave place we were as far back as you could possibly get in within that venue we were almost to the fence there's no reason for us to be back there but you know that's just where we were we we didn't have uh seats that night we were ga we're like we're gonna be ga it's just look at the screen because it's no different than looking those tiny people on stage correct it's raining we didn't care we were just like we were just air guitaring and singing our hearts out by ourselves out the field out there and um but yeah i don't remember that's interesting that people would be upset that chris cornell was there singing those songs but yeah well people what like like jim morrison said people are strange you know that's what i'm saying people are strange now let's let's a lot has happened theoretically with news and pearl jam and so much recently um surprisingly a lot of rumors were going around that pearl gym was going to open up the new venue in seattle that wasn't the case and on the 30th anniversary of pearl jam playing their first show um coldplay played up there um were you were you there no are you a coldplay fan i mean you know it's a um it's a guilty pleasure band like i enjoy the songs that you hear on the radio sure but i haven't gone out and purchased any album to do a deep dive into them i did watch their cover um and yeah it was good do you now i have the video here do you want to watch it or do you just want to talk about it yes listen we're actually doing really good on time we're only at 50 minutes and we've gone through two songs already it's record time already i think so i think because you know it is i'm not drunk i'm not drinking as much so i'm not babbling nearly as much as i did in the past episodes all right so so this is the story and then the song it's about five minutes long let's listen to it and then i want people's feedback did you appreciate uh chris martin playing a nirvana a pearl jam song um that night or should he have just kept a coldplay what do you think of the song i want your opinions give them to us during the song we'll throw your comments up on the screen here we go so so because we're here in seattle um we wanted to pay tribute to all of the bands that we fell in love with when we were just young teenagers in the 90s and century so this is a cover this is a cover version this song but maybe don't upload it onto youtube because it's not going to be the best cover version it's really just a it's just a tribute you know what i mean it's this is not adele singing make you feel my love this is not what you're about to see this is a this is a 40 year old 44 year old man uh remembering how much he fell in love with pearl jam in 1991 [Applause] and if he told that kid he would be here singing this song the kid would have said he's sure that's a good idea and i would have said maybe not but we're doing it and so so for this please welcome um from the drum kit all the way down to the b stage here to play piano on a song that i only made him learn like 25 minutes ago this is our incredible anchor of a drummer mr world champion let's bring him down the catwalk so [Music] once divided nothing left to subtract some words once smoking can't be taken back looks on his own [Music] but in the past [Music] she never let it go [Music] nothing man [Music] nothing man [Music] isn't it something [Music] every story had to tell [Applause] [Music] one just escapes [Music] be destined to remember [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] isn't it something nothing man [Music] oh nothing man nothing man is [Music] [Applause] [Music] if eddie ever hears this i love you man thank you for being so important to our van [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so there's a lot of negativity coming through the chat room right now about this but i i wanted that's terrible i mean listen it's it's not covers pearl jam covers so many songs sure you can't you can't have a bunch of hate for somebody covering a pearl jam song it's not going to be if it's not as good as eddie is what they expect yeah but well and i feel like he made it he made it his own two in his own sense like it was definitely coldplay playing a pearl jam song yes and if you hate coldplay you're probably gonna hate that song correct so let me go that was i just feel like he was i feel like he was like being pretty honest about that like he said he was like he was a 13 or 14 year old kid in 1991. you imagine what you were like when at that same time frame listen to pearl jam like you're a fan so i don't know i mean so the story behind this is um a buddy of mine uh that i know went to the show and he knew that i was going through a lot on saturday and he facetimed me and he's like i think he's gonna sing a pearl jam song and he did and this song if you've ever seen big fish and the whole meaning behind it and then losing you know it was it really like a kind it was something neat listen it was the perfect song no i mean it's definitely chris martin singing a pearl jam song and trying to make it different in its own sense because listen nothing is a hard song to sing he couldn't hit the notes that eddie hits it's kind of like you know eddie can't hit the notes chris cornell can hit i mean there's people sing differently i don't hate it but i don't love it either but you know i appreciate the fact that he was honest in the beginning saying hey this is not gonna be perfect i wouldn't even put this on youtube enjoy this for what it is this is for eddie you are an inspiration to the band thank you that i thought from that i take it for what it is i i agree with you completely you know i mean and for everyone saying sorry right now to me don't you don't have to say sorry everything is good everyone i listen i appreciate your honesty uh about things uh and and you know i i'd rather you be honest with me than then then uh butter me up for no reason so uh it is what it is i enjoyed it i'm not a huge i think coldplay's new album is absolutely dog [ __ ] um but i like i i do love the earlier stuff so take that from what it is so talking about you actually listened to fact that you actually listened to coldplay's new album well here's the thing it's kind of like kings of leon for me like i i want them to be what they were so i'm hoping like the new album will give me like that a resonant of that like give me something you like old coldplay oh i do love old coldplay i still i start old coldplay quite a few times okay yeah dude like i mean i mean you're talking about like clocks i mean your parachutes i mean those are i mean those are songs oh god let me hopefully my wife's listening the amount of times those songs were used in my single days for women is countless like it those were perfect albums to romanticize a woman um you know it's uh it's good stuff it's it's good stuff i'm not even drunk and i'm still opening my foot in mouth um but no it's you know i did listen to new album and i it took me three listens to get through the whole thing and unfortunately three listeners to understand that it was dog [ __ ] oh no i didn't listen to all the songs three times it just i listened i stopped a couple days later i got me let me finish it and then i got through it like no then i listened to the whole thing i'm like [ __ ] no um it's just it's kind of like what kingslane went through they went too commercial too quickly and they had to keep that commercial fade for them to sell out to like if you watch that video no one's singing the lyrics to nothing man because those people don't listen to that kind of music they listen to what's on the radio and coldplay's numb songs that are off the album that are hits that's what they know word forward so you're that's a great that's a great analogy is that the people who show up for those shows for a coldplay concert want to hear what they know from the radio yeah people who go to a pearl jam concert want to hear the stuff they don't hear on the radio and let's be honest there's not much played on the radio from pearl jam these days anyway unless you're listening to classic rock you know what i mean like yeah new album isn't getting a bunch of play right so it's just that they happen to have a deep fan base so there's a reason grateful dead there's a reason grateful dead still sell out every show no matter where they are correct it's not based off their last five albums you know it's based off the fact that people know what they're gonna get and the fans know what they're gonna get and the fans are the ones who are supporting them yeah and pearl jam is that way these days correct um it's not to say that their last album isn't great i think the last album is great i really do i i really appreciate the last album shannon knocks out of the park coldplay is a top 40 artist that is correct and listen there is um there's nothing wrong with that nothing wrong with that whatsoever there's there's casey kasich made a living off that for 30 years oh 100 100 100 100 um his body is still being dragged around the world trying to wait to be buried um as his family and his ex-wife fight over custody of his dead body casey kasem i want to hear the story you don't know the casey kasem story oh okay i'll make a quick idea okay so casey kasem passed away i'll have to find out when it was hold on a second let me look this up because it was bad um casey kasem passed away he had been remarried um to somebody that like his kids didn't get along with um and uh casey kasem here we go so his wife and kids were battling over custody he died in 2014 uh battle over custody of the body to bury it because what happened was his will had circumstances in it that like whoever buried it got more money so his wife and kids were so like the kids would get custody and then wife would file a subpoena then the wife get custody of the body so the body was literally being shipped all over the country and then she's foreign i believe for remember and like was getting shipped so his body was literally just being shipped all over the world until finally i believe the wife cremated him and scattered the ashes somewhere but it was like a year and a half of the body totally being shipped all around the world for ownership of who owned the body of casey kasem how casey kasem's ashes weren't pressed into vinyl is beyond me yeah this is casey kasem i mean you're listening to oh god what's up see that's gonna be me so anybody wants to a 45 of trey bush ashes check back in with me in 50 years well listen talking about albums and top albums an article came out recently that talked about eddie vetter's favorite beatles album it was an article written about what his favorite beatle album was and why um eddie better said that his favorite album was the white album and that it was because this is almost a textbook for someone born in 1964.

are you are you surprised that his is his favorite beatles album i mean you know let it be is being re-released right now they're going through um i actually pre-ordered a bunch of copies of it um but for me even though it's the last beatles album and i know that there's going to be a there's a great documentary coming out right now i can't wait yeah oh i cannot wait it's going to be incredible um and i think you know if you're a beatles fan in any way shape or form you've all seen the live concert on top of uh apple studios yeah which was apple studios which is the last uh live performance um but just the and i think was it the guy who did king kong right peter uh yeah peter oh let's say frampton no peter peter no not peter green he's played with mac peter whatever p let's just say peter frampton because i think peter frampton sounds better not peter frampton not not peter peter pumpkin eater but um anyway uh so tony bounds likes the white album yep uh shannon's like the white album yeah your white and your wife said it but let it be and your wife says no lover to you being cremated into a 45 by the way well listen it's gonna what we're gonna oh man but but but let it be and that live performance on top of apple studios and that out this that album in general i know the stripe that they were going through to me that they're i love that album it's just it's an incredible album and i cannot wait to watch this documentary yeah peter jackson is the person who did it um and yeah you were 100 correct on that uh yeah couldn't you you couldn't be more right oh no to advertising the 45s i guess you could be cremated into them you can't advertise them by the way they're gonna be uh for sale for for the low price of two thousand and forty five dollars two thousand dollars no oh yeah yeah i mean there is and ryan is correct the white album's a double album so lot so much material to choose from you know tony makes a great point you know from helter skelter to blackbird while my guitar uh gently i mean there is that's a pretty damn perfect album um and then let's be honest let's be honest let's take the entire catalog seven years it's insane seven years start to finish right and they're the and they're they're they're recognizing the greatest band ever to exist in seven years here we are chasing a band for 31 years 30 years whatever we're at now 31 uh and um you know we like to think that you know it's our favorite band which it is it's my favorite band for sure um but to see the catalog that the beatles put out in such a short amount of time given the restraints that they had with technology right and then as technology advanced in that very short amount of time the things that they discovered and sure you know it's they they really were an incredible band tony bounds is a big uh rolling stones fan um and i know you've seen them already at least once or twice this year um and the stones are also an incredible band from the exact same time frame they're you know we're talking 50 plus years now uh with that band and you know we've got paul mccartney still around and we've got ringo still around um but see and why listen the rolling stones don't have a drummer on a basis wouldn't it make sense just to throw them all together like couldn't we just get like that mash up no i'm saying that's so good can you imagine oh that's a that's a billion dollar idea right there anthony i just thought of it just go go ahead throw ringo in on the drums and throw a paul in on the base and go on stewart and basically all you do is play beatles in stone song [ __ ] yeah i'd pay for it i pay 400 for that [ __ ] ticket you kidding me dude i'm telling you right now i'm telling you right now you could do a world tour one year thousand dollars a ticket no matter where you are forget about it oh 100 agree with you it's [ __ ] and the crazy thing about it too is right if you think about um about like that in general like they literally could play just new york and la and do a residency there for two weeks and they would sell out every night no issues whatsoever well people would travel from all over the world to go see the shows correct i don't know how dude just it just [ __ ] hit me look tony bounds holy [ __ ] genius ryan nice call i'm telling you i i let's email their managers i'm you know what get something going um paul what are you doing this weekend you have ringo's number can you give him a call yeah i think a good idea let's let's get you and uh you know mick and the boys um you know they got some holes in their band i think we should fill them all right thank you anthony anthony made first mistake it's maca come on oh god you know i i see jesus he hung up on you on paul i did you know [Laughter] all right so let me go you know with that being said i want to give you the other 12 albums of his top 13 albums for eddie better and then i'm going to throw a challenge out to you for the next episode the 13 favorite albums of mr edward vetter white album jackson five's third album the who's tommy this one was a surprise the ramones rude to ruin that is pr not my favorite ramones album so i'm surprised that he picked that because yeah it is what it is talking heads more song about buildings and food music and rhythm sonic youth daydream nation jim o'rourke insignificance fugazi 13 songs that's in my top 13. sound guarding screaming life mud honey mud honey tom watts nighthawks at the diner a dinner diner pixies uh surfer rosa yeah sure rosa yeah um that's how do you argue that's a pretty solid top 13 right there so i am going to challenge you next episode your top 13 favorite albums of all time my top favorite 13 albums of all time and we break them down okay i'm down all right it's a great one i thought listen i'm trying to be more topic driven oriented and more organized i like that and it makes it more personal and uh we can share some stories about each album so are we saying that we're not gonna next next episode we're not gonna break down a pearl jam song not two songs one song one pearl jam song bottle of wine and 13 favorite albums of all time okay what do you think yeah i'm down and then i am going 13 13. well that's what eddie did so i figured 13 unless you want to do 10 no 13 is fine okay and then i am gonna go to ryan blackwell and say i want you to pick a pearl jam song because you've never picked a song and you've watched the last couple episodes pick the song we're going to listen to and talk about for the next episode so as soon as we get that as long as we haven't done it already that will be the one for the next episode so i'll wait till that comes through and then we'll talk about that um so we talked about coldplay check we talked about the top 13 albums check um oh are you a ted lasso fan so it's uh it's on um what's the apple tv or apple tv we i think hall and i watched the first couple episodes and we just never dived back into it and then by that time we sort of we've like given up our subscription well you're gonna have great yeah here i'll i'll give you my username and login jason please do because jason sedakis on snl last weekend that was one of my favorite snl episodes of all time really and probably my favorite opening him coming out and just giving his opener and talking about how special that place was to i mean you know he laid it out he's like this is 40 something years of he's like john belushi walked on this floor you know just laid it out i i thought it was a very very well done opener and i felt like the entire episode was which is great i love jason's uh he's a great actor anyway he's very funny guys so well you're gonna have to get into it because in one of the more recent episodes ted lasso refers to competition talking to his team and asks his assistant coach can he give him some examples of competition and the examples were david vs goliath rocky versus apollo or how about pearl jam vs ticketmaster where ted lasso responds classic bottle of art versus commerce right there art versus commerce mm-hmm i love it so you're gonna have to check that out and yeah for sure you're gonna have to i will work that out and then on i'm keeping on the topic of tv shows i don't know if you're a fan of the show porn stars but recently a pearl jam item was brought in for a ridiculous amount of money huh say that say that again pawn shows porn stars porn p-a-n-w stars not the porn not like not this but selling yeah you know it's your accent and maybe it's my accent or maybe i just don't know how to talk i'm like what show are you watching yeah you know it's on i watch pawn stars until about 12 and then 1201 i go to porn stars so on an episode what came up well this is interesting so there's been an item on ebay for about two years of the show his name is dave is selling this hand-painted piece that glows in the dark says pearl gem on it it's a piece of art he's been selling he's been trying to get a ton of money for it um it's a one-of-one but the band signed it so he went to the store and tried selling for 20 000 [ __ ] dollars they had some appraisal uh like music person that didn't look at the autographs and the artwork and basically came back and said this thing's not worth no more than six thousand dollars which made me think like if that's worth six thousand what does a show post right signed by the entire band worth right just just a thought is your father a follow-up to that or because i i i've got a few of them well the the guy asked like i'm looking to retire i'm looking to retire anthony yeah you might because the guy has 20 grand but but it was appraised at 6 000 but even still six thousand and i know that recently the most recent full band signed print was purchased in new jersey for a thousand dollars i know the person who bought it and uh i know that was a steal because i still think a thousand dollars is very undervalued for a band signed print but yeah i mean six thousand also a lot of money for a full size for a lot of money but the the look pearl jam has signed over their entire career a lot of merchandise a lot you know uh box sets albums you name yeah tony bounds rub it in my face i know you got to go to rome to see pearl jam live because you want a [ __ ] concert i get it i know [Laughter] it was amazing i was i was so happy for you when you when you say when when tony emailed or texted uh our group and he's like holy [ __ ] i'm going to rome i won the pearl jam i'm like no way and he did it was amazing i'm so happy for him we're gonna have to get tony to tell that story one day yeah but look pearl jam has signed a lot of stuff and again that's one of the things that we love about this band is that they will sign stuff for you and you know if you have a i'm not saying if your elementary school has an auction and you email them that they're gonna reply but i do know that there's someone listening to that stuff sure and they are thoughtful in their replies and um you know they understand the impact that they're going to have and so um they support a company a non-profit in seattle called the vera project and our winery has sponsored the wine for their um gala they have every year and i bought a few things from the vera project non-pearl jam related um that lots of musicians have donated stuff to uh and so they're you know we know that pearl jam is in the giving spirit and um the fact that some guy's trying to get 20 grand for a signed prince that really has nothing to do with the band you know tells you i guess that guy appraised it at six grand i doubt he sold it at six grand no the guy didn't even buy it yeah yeah so so well let's get into something else because that's always funny so listen a lot i feel like this year's been a really good year for new music i've enjoyed a lot of new albums coming out this year what have you been listening to recently well the the two what did we talk about two weeks ago do you remember oh [ __ ] no idea all right so for me um the new strand of oaks album i don't know if you've gotten into that at all do you know that band at all a little bit but not heavily all right so strand of oh you know this is this goes into the sort of new band of horses by the way band of horses new realm coming out which i'm very excited about january 1

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