The Ultimate Local’s Guide to New Orleans || Gatekeepers

The Ultimate Local’s Guide to New Orleans || Gatekeepers

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Oh my. God they. Can jump out the water too so yeah, that Gator bites you takes, him about thirty days to digest human, phone call. Occasion divorce so let me break it down for you in the past ten years I've, been traveling the world tour, managing, artists, and showing them the best spots I know. That, anywhere you go you need that solid connect, we've, taken submissions, from people claiming to have the keys to their city now, we're traveling the country to take them up on their word, I'm. Justin, Lezama and this is gatekeepers. So. We just got here in New Orleans nice and early here's my little sleeping trick I get my beanie pulled, over my eyes so that no one sees you sleeping so ugly now. Today we're going to meet Ashley Joan eek she is a private chef which I'm super excited about because, I love food. I'm. Kind of curious to see what, she can actually show me that I haven't done before welcome, to gatekeepers, new orleans. Part. Of look. So. Ashley pin, dropped me the lakefront we're on my favorite areas to come to visit while here in New Orleans as you can see it's beautiful and, there's actually now you'll. Say hi hi my name is chef Ashley joannec I'm a New, Orleans native and, I'm a private chef we hug anyone, my. Favorite thing about being from New Orleans is just the confidence that we have I just love the spirit the culture, is always a good time even when it's a bad time we, have fun I always forget how beautiful it is here this is where we come to basically get our minds together in a city full of beautiful, chaos the water kind of calms us down well, said so I've been here so many times I can't even count I've been down here for buku but down here for voodoo first, time I went to voodoo I saw Big Freedia really, my. Friend is actually traveling right, now yes the graffiti was amazing like proper, just, booty trap we have been is working yeah no actually. In Venice working close to my church oh really, New Orleans the home it's working, yes for, a person like me that's been here so much you sure.

I'm. Telling you that guys I know people, oh I'm so that feel really, confident about this no. Trips New Orleans is complete, without a stop at the French market oh yes this is a must this is basically, where you'll get some awesome food. This. Got. Some. Man. It's making me hungry already. Is there muffle out of here good. Yeah. Yeah hey, what's your favorite thing to eat when you come down here my boss's. That's actually, where I'm ringing you right now this is my friend Justin restaurant. A seafood, dock and he's gonna be big again Oh crab claws boy stirs. I. Know that you usually don't, but, here we get to you cramping, about it right Oh whatever you want I'm down for all the some oysters. My. Gosh jobs, going relax, take. It easy Lizzie fault oh yes, we. Need to get a drink. Golden. Anything green. Pickled. Everything, good we come to New Orleans you. Can't have a good time here and. If you can't find good food here you're. Up. To me I'd. Be happy to keep it in, no I'm say even if you beeped it even if you beeped it out people will get it you can do honestly, deep. But if you see, baby. Pea yeah you, see here here. Here, it's, probably best. If. You. Can't have fun here. That. Creole pad, all. Right c'est la vie as some soft-shell crab. You got some crab claws definitely. Smell the guys charbroiled. Oysters debris. Are, you kind of scooping up put on a cheese get, that sauce yeah sure. You get that sauce. Listen. Above, and beyond I think, I'm just like relearning, how good it's supposed to be. How. We get a shot shell crab is pork it. That's. A home run right there hopefully we can function heaven is probably, the best soft shell crowd I've ever had that, was unreal I don't even know what to say. So. How long you been coming to this spot. Really. Good friend about 80 people. Which is crazy you got a guy cooking seafood that doesn't even eat it yeah we use the kind of trade oh if I give them chicken and hear any noises so, Justin's, the Beethoven. Of seafood. Coz, this is insane. This. Soft-shell crab might be the best sauce I'll cover hey, I mean it yeah it's the best cooked shrimp I've had. I'll. Give it back. Maybe. I everything, my dude the, amazing, everything. I've. Never met anyone named Justin with a similar, mustache. So. I mean that that, was kind of freaky so how long you been doing this we've been having this about eight and a half years so. I heard this crazy story or this rumor that you don't even like seafood oh man, yeah you're right I thought we would do trade us are you taking it you like India. Let's. Go to the French market I'm like I've come to the French market so many times so. Many times. It's. Been my day it's still early. You. Gotta eat drink away from the wall isn't that what they see where did, you find these recipes or how did you guys create these no, just blowing up in the wall yes no, beer. Aiya grandma, yeah sitting up in the house everybody, spelling. Like gum boys. This. Experience, I know will be a great experience because of the food the person added age definitely needs to be on Thrillist, just. Top food list not even. Know. Jean rrah he's been here so many times so.

He Said well, I know that I live we still got a lot of time here huh, I'm. Okay with that. So. We're. The. Artists name is Brandon individual. Artist he tags buildings, I call him to innovate, Steve. Welcome. To Studio B hi. Come. In just any be might. Recognition. Hanging. Out was Brandon, how you actually explained the pieces was, absolutely, fabulous everybody. Should come check this out, we can use this art to impact, people in a positive way. I feel like inherently. New Orleans is that definitely. Are the inner beauty soul, it'll, always find a way to survive. We relentless we were there you cannot go it affects yeah we accept the authenticity of people this is a space where you can't be fake. No. Matter where I go every corner, of the city I still. Find inspiration, it still impresses me, I created. This room to talk about our relationship with water there's a quote from the, Prophet known as Prince all I need is love and water and I interpret that to mean you need both these things to survive via both these things to destroy you so this is conversation, around Hurricane Katrina in the, middle with the clouds above and the, homes, submerged. In water with. The rooftops emerging, Oh for. Anybody in the wall and who don't you see this as a piece of art but as a memory there's, a reminder, this idea right here that you are still here and what. Does it mean to survive you made it through that experience and this, piece right here this is like idea, of the water line that was in the midst of the homes as, the water it everything, below this line was completely, gone there was no redeeming it there was no saving it so it's almost as if it was erased a friend of mine said he said New Orleans is the new Atlantis we won't be here forever so. What do we leave behind. This. Is new it's cool it's inspirational. Everybody, should come check this out he's done an amazing job creating. And curating all, the pieces here thank you. As. Always yes. Ma'am preciate, job. Did. You like affect my fade away. Like. The number one so who's bad anymore let's. Go let's do it can I get you guys started with something to drink while, you wait I think I'm gonna. Okay. Are you ready for this hey. 80%, alcohol it, comes in that's a little cup so you're welcome to take it out with you if you finish it all by yourself you get another one for Half Price. You. Think you can handle it, I'll try would you like my water with that Oh a love of water you need it. What. Makes this restaurant, uniquely, New Orleans already - who is. The best, restaurant. That we have out here family-owned. And family horny. Red. Beads they're right that's me, Wow. I have, a shrimp creole and this is the bowl of gumbo we. You, think that we can I'm. Gonna do my best I'm a little late yeah, all. Right this is ship Iowa. Yeah. Gonna. Get me out of here then. Bow-wow. This. Thing's got some pop to it he, put in about 80%. Know what but he, can taste it. Later. This. Is great and like for me personally like I love the way the French prepare soup stocks then, you can tell like this isn't made in one day right this is a multiple, day. Feel. The love you can taste it you can say that these a good time with it it wasn't something that they just put together right now right I can't wait just to bring people to these places just, as shown, when.

You Had the food I'm, not gonna say the food a lot of experience, because. Don't. Forget about a drink. I'll. Get there. Mommy. Is really good and I'm hungry. Sister. All is really strong. So. We're we know this, is a jazz market, this is the place that I was telling you about with some goodbyes and, some, live music my, friend is actually gonna sing here her name is brandy this is where jazz, was born and, a, lot of young people they kind of don't dabble in jazz but I hear we're very into a music, this is like the place to be on Wednesday. Literally. Everywhere, we've gone she's, known everybody, and if she didn't know them she, knew somebody that knew them our, autosum wine kind, of get on my grown woman stuff just trying to chill out get a break in just have a good time New Orleans jazz market, is pretty dope like, I got some jazz roots so it's happy to come back in this thing here a lot yeah. Call. Me right now it's, free which is dope to. A. Lot. Of people here. Brandy. Here. We go. Right. They, won't be working. There. Brandy, did an amazing job covering, some erykah badu. Brandy's. Performance, was amazing. I knew that she would do a good job but, being able her early I knew that she won't want y'all because y'all weren't expecting, it a. Good. Ending to a good night. Where's. My wine I know. For sure Justin, had a good time tonight he say he's been to the wall and then did his thing but I know that you haven't done this thing like this I see y'all tomorrow. That's. Good I like it. This. Brunch spot is very. Dope and I feel like we, should start off with other food today just, get it started everything, that you see on this menu is gonna have some kind of craziness to it but I really want you to look upon it's probably you naked, it's even got a smiley face on there yeah because it'll make you happy right after all right if you say so french toast burrito, after, that night I think you get that right well this looks amazing, don't. Tell anybody. Everybody. Tell the right people hey guys how are you how's it going good I, think we're just gonna get a bunch of stuff to try it sure. Amazing, Bloody Marys I'm on a bloody marathon yes. Hey, Wow there's everything, that's, it, explorin, teen fried, oysters, over, potatoes. French, toast burrito it's a french toast, batter tortilla. Scrambled. Eggs bacon and sausage, inside, powdered, sugar and syrup on top crispy. Fried Brussels. Sprouts with, Korean. Sauce I'm, abuzz about connoisseurs. Okay patty melt with fries and, then we have you stuffed mirliton. Welcome. To New Orleans the, Church of food anything, else for you guys here, we go. Wow. Bacon. And sausage. If, I'm like watching carbs. Please. Try it is me. Get a buffalo sprout to, balance out the meat Russell, Cross is one of the things where you were growing up watching TV everybody, here yeah well I should grow up you're like I always. Think that actually I can saute, and I can fry them and put in the oven I eat, them a lot with smoked paprika because, it tastes like you put a seasoned ham of Turkey. In it but it's music so it's good for like meeting the vegetarians, okay meatloaf, patty, melt take. One. Wow. That's amazing. Meatloaf, patty melt it's like a party in your mouth. This. Is my first fried oyster the trip make sure you eat it with a potato and a little, we usually need deep an oyster po boys by now but, the. Barbecue lighter. Yeah. It's. Okay it's safe it's not good. I. Didn't, know what to do because it was so good and then even. Pushing on me this whole time. You're, like I need to eat during the holidays. You need something I'll ship you something I'm cool with the honor I, don't. Think I can take any more oh really that's it I definitely feel like we should hit a slice or swamp, tour ma is kind of typical right. It's. Like a keeper things trust me I would take care of you you trust me this whole time, I'm. Down let's check it out. But. What are we gonna do with all of this hey guys you. Want some. So. This one store is something, that more, lenient, agents. For your people do it's one of our things we may see some Gators, it's very excited, I mean I've been down here a million times and this is my first time out of the Bayou I learn about it first on this trip today you. Know that's, a good thing make. Money go bone come, at me bro. Put sunglasses on, it in post. All, right I'm gonna go a little bit faster, I'm. Not gonna go crazy. To, a prettier place. We got some cool stuff down this way. I grew. Up around this kind of stuff. I.

Thought, You'd like this that's green how long you been doing this this. Is my first day how we doing. You've. Been paying attention cuz I don't know where the hell we're at right now our tour guide was crazy just like everybody else in the city so he just fit right in with what we had going on what do you look for specifically, to be like wow I knew I get it maybe over here Oh some of them a real brazen, come right up to you oh this. Will hide out you don't know if there's one right there right now I. Would. Probably just die on a spot yeah. I haven't seen somebody died they, do jump out the water too so they jump yeah sweet, but Gator gets on this boat I'm getting off nah. Ain't. None of that captain goes down with the ship they ain't gonna happen. We. Can get one. Well. It's getting worried cuz I know a couple, times I've gone out and whaleboats to, see whales nothing. Happens and I figured okay well at least we tried we'll head back in the dock but then right. As we were about to come back in oh. My. God. Hey. Come here. Marshmallows. I stuff. He is like Gator crack, well. He coming oh I did, not know Gators, and marshmallows, but s'mores is probably my favorite dessert so you know it, makes sense Gators, love mellows they, do next time I do a dinner party for Gators I ask you bet in mind say. Pac-man earlier. This. Is sane, I was scared I'm not going to even front those guys can jump in the boat Gators. Probably got about 2,000. Pounds of downward pressure spike. Takes about 20, pounds of break bones in your hand, 80. Teeth 40 top 40 bottom so yeah that Gator bites you. Ain't. Nothing I can do if I be. Good videos bites or hammer I mean, they're being so big what do they feed on big guys alito the Gators they he'll you the turtle crush them, Alma. Diller fossil, fish frogs, snakes, birds, whatever. Makes a mistake takes. Them about 30 days to digest human. Bone, Caucasian. Divorce, come. On get. In it. I want, a little in his big big. Marshmallows. Don't hurt alligator. Doesn't have a pancreas. Okay. So, mama you can't touch me, legally ima throw. It straight down pop it hard oh hey. I. Need. These hands to cook oh my. God your sous chefs. So. What does the extra take. It okay, thank you crazy thanks. Crazy that you see their eyes creeping, out real quick the difference between a log and a gator eyes, then. This one has two biggest one we see out of his weight, needs about 14, feet she's right, I don't worry. Just. Making sure you don't drop your phone I probably die before the phone does a. Lot. Of firsts, for me on this trip so I impress you 100. 110, percent impressed the next time I want to cook please, let. Me know what you back in town and. Hey, friends, that's. A real gate keeper. I just. Do this like it is. If. You can't find good food noise you're a big jerk I. Had. An amazing visit to New Orleans Ashley, was a perfect, gatekeeper, I had a lot of firsts on this trip can't, wait for the next stop I'll see you there. Yo. Thanks, for watching this episode of gatekeepers, make sure you go to Sulis and subscribe, check, me out of next one peace.

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thanks for watching, lmk what you think of the other episodes

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Ashley Jonique I don’t know a single person in New Orleans that even talks like her or uses the term “finger licking.”

Hungry by Nature hahahaha. I agree and always said that growing up. Our accents are so shive and hard to mimic. I cringe when I see the popeyes lady

+Ashley Jonique I understand why!

Mo Lester hahaa. We get that a lot.

Lmao. Its crazy because he is like this 24/7 in real life

+Ashley Jonique FOH. Dont put that on the NO. ITS NOT A SKILL!

Jo Schmo actually ..twerking is a part of culture in New Orleans. No daddy issues here.. must be hard being a judgemental dummy. *twerks while high fiving my dad*

JaysonMejiaBro I had to google him hahaa; I do. E40 tlkn ahhhh

tamilynngsu01 thank you sis. I appreciate it

J P man thank you!! all that fake stuff takes too much energy. I mastered being me..and aint letting all that go to waste

d_tha_great 504 if you never tried Justins then you cant say that baby. Lol

Suga Cane waaahhhhnnnn

Alelie Hall come and make your rounds chile. Im sure itll be a good time

Check them out when you get a chance.

pink Fungi hahahaa. I sound like Im falling

Its just a New Orleans accent.. thats all I can say lol.

Chris Hansen hahaa. Ill take that as a compliment

Hector Mejia thank yah baaaaby!!


MrEfli thank you! I appreciate it

Joel Kelly thank yah baaaaby⚜️

ADDerall509 I need to be on Insta Chef too maaaannnn

Sir Smokee Fortwence he was DONE SON

This is probably my favorite New Orleans tour video out of all of the ones I've been watching.

What hotel was that?

She so dope!!

She’s adorable.... I’m ok with that


Love Ashley. ❤️

Wow. Had to pause the video to say how the Katrina memory installation affected me. I got teary eyed. “You’re still here.” ❤️❤️❤️ We just got back from a holiday visit to New Orleans. I wished I had watched this first!

Lol I get you!! I planned the day to make sure the had an authentic experience. I need to get on insta chef too man

Another clue is that your friend says "c'est la vie," as he serves his oysters. That says it all.

No one said it was a secret and that was my friend’s restaurant. His oyster are bomb as hell. He just happens to be in the French Market⚜️

Comments Enabled That was my first thought, too, but on the other hand why couldn’t seriously amazing seafood be served in plain sight? New Orleaneans need to make a living! Where better than the highest concentration of customers? Did you hear Justin say at breakfast not to tell anyone about that spot, and Ashley said, “Tell everyone!”

Ayee!! Ill take it. Thank you

+Ashley Jonique definitely got to be more creole in it cuz I'm used to the slower, drawn out talking. Still sexy tho

Drey W hahaa. I talk in cursive

+Ashley Jonique Hey. Do you normally show people around, N.O? If so, how much do you charge for your services?

Tritone mostly French and African

+Ashley Jonique I respect your dad but he has issues if high fives his daughter while she bends over and shakes her ass for everyone to see. Once again...FOH. I refuse to cosign the bullshit in 2019. If it is a part of the NO culture, its an idiotic part of the culture. You be blessed as well.

I never said it was a skill son .. I said it was a part of our culture. One thing my dad taught me was everyone has an opinion and how to exit a convo.. so Im not going back and forth on a fact.Be blessed lil baby

"Tourist Edition"

Back in the day, that is where EVERYONE hung out, did tons of swimming, jammed to Lynard Skynard, relaxed to Seals & Crofts Summer Breeze and cars didn't matter! In those days, there were no internet, cell phones, laptops, or even high crime. Back in those days, everyone got along and enjoyed the beach of the Lakefront, and the French Market was not filled with junk, it was filled with fresh off the boat seafood, fresh local farmers veggies, fresh raw and cooked foods, jelly made from scratch, it was home..I have no idea what it is now, there are so many people selling shirts, bamboo, and whatever else...I really do miss the old New Orleans....WTF HAPPENED? Ashley is adorable and I want to go with her to all the places she took him, especially Elizabeth's!!! Yes PLEASE! I saw they went to Westwego for the boat tour...old stumping grounds there...

I don't like the host for this series. Why was he chosen?

I live in Baton Rouge but I visit New Orleans at least once a year. I love it.

That was pretty tame for New Orleans. Newyows is legit though. That bow wow is the real deal.


"Can we order an ambulance." Love her!

+Ashley Jonique get on the gram and promote yourself as an official curated tour guide to the person's preference. You made this episode without a doubt!!

I guess they learned to put their people on too lmaooo

I'm from Baton Rouge and she was the perfect Gatekeeper.

Best episode yet, brother...pls keep it goin'...

Loved this video! Ashley is all that! Was waiting to see her twerk, though! Alright, maybe there’ll be a sequel. New Orleans is always good for another visit!

*Now THAT's how I wanna see & eat in New'Orleans!* Yeah, Baby!

I don't like how the show is using the word gatekeeper. A gatekeeper is someone who controls access to someone or something. Ashley is not a gatekeeper here, she is a tour guide, meaning she is introducing new places and experiences to people who aren't from here. And she is a very good tour guide. But she is not gatekeeping. Which, generally, has negative connotations as it involves an imbalance of power.

To each his own with what YOU thought was missing. The first thing you see is anti tourist before the video even starts. I was born an raised here. The ppl who are from nola were proud of what I showed them. It was for MY CULTURE.. not what ppl thought it should be. Second lines arent chaos. This wasnt a party episode .. it was the middle of the week and I had fun. So there. We can dead this. Because I dont get paid for pleading cases. I think the entire idea went over your head. There are a bunch of videos on here with your idea of nola is. I can tell you aren’t from here. But God bless you.

+Ashley Jonique i didnt see anything that said anti tourist and i thought there were second lines most sundays, but maybe he didnt come on the weekend. i dont think second lines are chaos. theyre fun! what about going to bullets sports bar to see the pinettes or seeing the hot 8. i dont know, i just think it could have been livened up a bit. new orleans is such a dynamic city, i feel they owed it a little more. it seemed all they did was eat food and see a gator which is fun dont get me wrong, we all know the food is amazing but i just think they were missing something.

It said anti tourist. It wasn’t supposed to be what ppl were used to.. we dont do second lines every single day in Nola. Its not always chaos. Had they came around Mardi gras.. it would hv bn difference. Thanks for your fearless feedback

+Ashley Jonique not suggesting they go to bourbon street, but no brass band or second line, no bounce music, they could have amped it up a little. seemed boring to me with all the city has to offer

conceptroller people are used to the wild and crazy nola. It wasnt about partying. It was about being a local.

PMA he is crazy as hell too lol . Dope to say the least

Elizabeth Barton hahaa. That was a lot of food. Im only 100 lbs. and I love ya back


I’ve been obsessed with New Orleans since I was a kid. Still have never been. Been planning a move down there for the last couple years, though. Even from a distance, New Orleans history, culture, natural environment captivate the shit out of me

Chris McGill no sweat. Thank you. And bring yo ass out here. Its always a good time

Cajun Plaisance We always say we miss the old New Orleans. Thank you!! After the hurricane a lot changed. Its def different now. Just happy I got to experience the REAL NEW ORLEANS growing up

ali G aww thank you

wobblegook thank you. The food will hold you hostage

Agree, he's annoying as hell. She's cool

Ppl are already emailing tondo it. I will as soon as I find time. Im a mom and biz owner. If God leads me to that Ill def follow his orders. Thanks so much

Nah. I put my ppl on because we are the wave. Thats what solid people do. Plus all of the spots are legit af.

Vincent Trujillo you wish. Im 34. Your ass probably still in high school

He's shit

Host is a try hard lame. Total fake

going to NOLA next week so I'm definitely excited to add some of the restaurants to my list! Ashley did such a great job and I love her accent!

“New Orleans is like the the new Atlantis, we won’t be here forever “ that quote made me sad

Dope episode. FINALLY someone actually from new orleans.

I wouldn't not watch a video of this guy getting hit with a baseball bat. This episode has great content, but he gives off such a bullshit vibe

+Ashley Jonique ​ oh wow i didnt realize you were the talent till now lol. it was great what you showed. sorry didnt mean to insult. im obviously a fan of the city. i love neyows, freedia took me there for the first time. (do you know pumpkin?) she also took me to my first second line. so thats where i was coming from with that. assumed she was pretty local. again didn't mean to offend was just adding my thoughts to what makes it great. big big fan of your city! hands down best city in america! will check out your friends place in the french market next time im in town for sure!

Stupid moustache

Justin “laissez le bon temps rouler”

as a La native (way older than her) NoLa is THE BEST CITY softshell crab should be a secret from dem yankees !! did I see a Rougarou at 8:41 ? GEAUX SAINTS ! on to da SuperBowl!

The host is a fucking asshole but the food looks delicious

I am a traveler, many places I have been to are 1 and done's but there is a short list of go backs. The go backs are places that draw you back for several reasons, those reasons being the food, the vibe, the people, diversity of culture, fun, beauty, feeling that there would be more gotten from another trip & etc..Been to NOLA before and always wanted to go back because it ticks all the go back boxes. The local guide reminded me why I liked New Orleans and why I have to go back. In Europe my go backs are Prague, Florence and Paris.

Well, the quarter is getting way better pre katrina it stunk to high heaven, It's way better now though... Still far too much graffiti, crime, homelessness (especially near the quarter and CBD ), and blight. And now they're putting that new park on Convention Center... that's going to be a pain for traffic (they're reducing it from 2 lanes in either direction to just 1 lane in either direction). That all being said, still love it here. The culture, food, music, and architecture are all increadible. Gotta take the good with the bad.

windmagelita only once a year and you live right there?

SHE is a tight little Firecracker... Bossy type.

Man....I miss New Orleans!

Ashley Jonique - wow! What a gorgeous lady!

I like the concept, but I don't think this show is living up to the promise and Justin is bit too hipster...

Is it me or does Justin look like Wally from an old episode of Leave It To Beaver with a 'Stash?

Basic Muskrat-looking White Boy Millennial with a Beanie and a Mustache meets sweet and authentic New Orleans lady

Those grilled oysters are the best I've ever had in NOLA!!

You should treat your crew better. Don't be a know it all RUDE ASS BITCHBOY!

New Orleans is a Fun \ Dangerous City.

I come to New Orleans about twice a year. Where is your restaurant located? I need the name & address please.

i can't watch show with that ridiculous curled mustache staring back at me....

Greatness in imagery

Not plastic straws

I LOVE THE NEW ORLEANS ACCENT!...Studio BE has been on my list of places to visit in New Orleans ever since I knew I was going.

Enjoyed that...I've got NO on my list to visit in 2019

I can’t wait to try these places

Done deal

J's Seafood Dock was a top notch recommendation! Studio Be was probably the highlight of my trip tho and of course, the accents.

The person that invented twerking goes to my church!

We will be in NOLA for the first time January 29th. Thanks for the tips. Now this trip will be even better.

I love her! The first spot they ate at, OMGGG! My mouth was watering!

Please don't support companies that feed the wildlife.

I love her accent!

She is AWESOME !!!! I seen a lot of people do New Orleans shows but not like this one. She did the Local.

+BlackHouse_TM demographic question

Going to New Orleans in two weeks. Definitely gonna check out Neyow’s and Elizabeth’s.

She was a great guide, she gave me so many ideas on places to eat and hangout.

i love the new Orleans accent

I feel bad 4 the frog

I love New Orleans but really wanted to hate this video because of the douchey mustache. That is some comically pretentious facial hair. But I have to give you props... this was a great video. Thumbs up, as much as I hate to admit it. Now, please... go buy a razor and put that thing out of its misery.

See in New Orleans if someone with his mustache moves into your neighborhood rent is about to go up, for real.

I was going to watch this, then I saw that fucking ridiculous mustache and now I'm done. Bye.

Damn she cute!

Love this episode


French Market is okay but very touristy. You can find much better food at much cheaper places elsewhere. And you most likely will not be dining against locals.

She is amazing, can you make her a host?

Greg Norton called. He wants his look back.

Best vlog of the city I seen so far

She lookin like a whole different person the next morning

Come on people!!!!! Shrimp with heads on at $12 a pound!!!!!! What a freaking ripoff!!! We live in SE Texas and buy shrimp without the heads and deveined at $3.50 a pound!!!!!!

Ashley makes me miss N.O. VERY MUCH! I very seldom ate at the French Market. We don't drink all day. Well some did but they ended up at Big C with liver failure. I never went to Westwego to take a swamp tour, and I don't know anyone who has done so, but it looks fun. I did live in Gretna for a while, but Gawd, Westwego? I take it back; the Westwego seafood market was heaven. What was that open-air produce market down Belle Chase Highway? As a local I mostly ate at home or with friends because we love to cook. The ones who ate out a lot, like tourists were either very wealthy and too lazy to cook. I used to love St. Bernard's seafood market, open all night. And Rocky & Carlos, Mr. Ed's in Metairie, Dragos in Fat City, and what was the name of that place in Bucktown? Their food was kicking. A lot of the restaurants my friends and I used to love to go to didn't re-open and the ones that did are tourist-price now. Did Carmines re-open? Does anyone remember where Fitzgerald's was? Getting hungry; I'd like to make a trip back, but instead I guess I'll cook.

That black dude with the locks was sexy AF

What a beautiful graceful guide who just radiates positivity

In love her

Shave the mustache and get out of the Quarter if you want to experience the real NOLA

Shes hella cool.

wow what a great guide to New Orleans! I loved spending a few days there and wish I would of had more time

Locals guide to new Orleans: first makes a pointless stop at the lake front where locals don't actually congregate and then the first stop is the biggest tourist trap in the city

Fuckin try a little bit harder dude lol

Terrible. He knows nothing about New Orleans. He’s a tourist.

Damn she fine as hell.

twerking lol no

When the food is so good you just gotta shake your shimmy. 3:56 Love her. She needs her own show here in New Orleans.

Ashley you so yummy

+Gairuntee My Dad lives in the Quarter- Just sayin!

Don't be a French Quarter hater. A lot of us live work and party there.

Justin was a house guest on Big Brother 1 year

Outstanding video...cute gatekeeper too!

im never gunna take advice from a hipster with a mustache that absurd, does he think hes a wild west barber or somethin?

Great content! check out and subscribe to my page at #NewOrleansScrapbook2019

I really can’t stand this dude.

Indeed...You're spot on! Been to NOLA pre & post 'Trina'...twice in total I can't wait to go, love this place.

Coming over from Australia in May 19" for my 40th. 10 days of food, music and at least one Bow Wow. Thanks for this video, it's getting me excited!!!

Give Ashley her own show!

She’s so pretty and I love her accent

This was BY FAR!!!!!!! THEEEEEEEE best episode. Wow man everything looked amazing and so much fun. So much so I’m looking at flights to N.O. #blackgirlmagic

if you have a mustache like that, "you're a fucking asshole" 3:09

I think she sexy.

this dude got a mustache fr

Wow! I’m a Jersey Girl who is going to New Orleans in April and I was looking for authentic spots to go to ( not all the touristy shit) and happened upon this video. Fell in love wit shorty and her energy! Wow! she is definitely the gatekeeper. I would love to link up and chill wit her when we touch down. If you see this hit me up me and my girls want to have a good time

shoulda stayed at the India House in stead of the Bourgeoisie place I saw at the end of this video ... so you stay there for your NEXT so the "gatekeeper" can cook for you

Her accent tho. I love it.

Just a heads up - she makes the best STUFFED SHRIMP Cheeseburgers ever. Look up DBLBLK if you make a trip to New Orleans and be sure to get the bacon ranch cheese fries too.

we don't "drink all day", we don't eat at the french market or any other tourist trap where there are signs for 16 dollar shrimp poboys, we don't go on swamp tours, ashley was kind enough to offer food to the crew which was nice of her, we don't pay 14 dollars a pound for raw shrimp...i mean are you out of your mind?

thank u justin lasagna ur the best

LOL "Whatever makes a mistake."

I laughed so much when she said the girl who invented twerking goes to her twerking came out of the church? Lol

The host is a douche. Can't watch him

Eating in the French Market may be fun and delicious, but it is going to be EXPENSIVE, so be prepared to pay out the @ss.

Sorry 'bout dat 'stache... Very sad.

Would have been nice to have known the prices of each of your stops /activities.

Good episode! Going to New Orleans next month so Thank u :)

When food is concerned; there is no better city in the world. NOLA baby

Spent two days in NOLA, I can't wait to go back.

She reminds me of Toya

Would be better without the host, just the girl

This is the ultimate guide to new orleans this is no touristy bullshit this is what you want to do to get the real NOLA experience, The air boat guide and the chick were vibing its like the instantly clicked on some Louisiana stuff lmao

I have not seen a restaurant tour of New Orleans yet where they visit Antoine's. But I have always heard that Antoine's is THE place to go in NO. What gives?

Chef Ashley should be the one with the show. See B-mike comment: "This is a space where you can't be fake..."

I've been wanting to move to NOLA for ages...this clip is breakin my heart! I wanna be there so baddddd... :-( That girl knows all the awesome spots...she should be a tour guide as well!

Wow she's gorgeous!

Jazz Market buzz.

I love this episode,Id love to meet Ashley!!!

Her accent is a vibe ❤️

Great down to earth host, makes it easier watching the whole episode when they aren't all about themselves compared to the city they are visiting.

I can't take this guy seriously. If you are taking advice from a guy who looks like the pringles guy, something has gone very wrong in your life.


definitely have to now visit: Studio Be. "New Orleans is like the New Atlantis"

Her Excellency Ashley Jonique Ambassador NOLA.

Hi Thrillist, First of all, We love your channel...We travel a ton and you're a go to! I'm looking to help my YouTube channel 'todd crane nola', which is dedicated to drone videography showcasing many of New Orleans stellar attractions, gain exposure. By exposure I mean anyway I can assist/collaborate with you. Thanks in advance yall! ...Just Subbed!

"beautiful chaos", there are no better words to describe NOLA.

“no trip to new orleans is complete without a stop at the french market” uhhhhhhhhhhhh

He has a mustache and now he has to act all upity smh

Definitely a great guide!

She's pretty af

Hipster Mark Ruffalo

The cook don't eat sea food ? COME ON MAN !!!

Feed your crew

GREAT INTRODUCTION TO NOLA, that girl is the bomb diggity, those black women are beautiful down there


I love her

my family is still in new orleans and i never ever get tired of hearing them talk


Here accent is ridiculously awesome!

Lose the mustache

Goddamn, this host is the worst kind of Dbag. Who TF decided to put him in these videos.

Love this show dudes. Keep it up!

With a moustache like that you need to be accompanied by three other dudes in striped shirts with straw hats or ride a bike with a giant front wheel. Other than that, no, bro.

I can never take someone with a mustache like that seriously lmao

How old are you, FIVE? Whats with the EAR MUFFS, you little sissy bitch?

Hey Geraldo, SHUT your pie hole, you ignorant dope.

Hasn't Ashley been on "Chopped" before? She was such a cool hostess and tour guide!

Omg that’s the exact word I was thinking!! His mustache is soooooo DOUCHY!!!!

i love how she exposed his ass but didn’t go out showing good local spots


Im from the City and my dumb ass was like well what kind of drank they got called a "Ambulance" ?!?!?! lmao 13:30 .....remind me of when Southern Jags had a football game in Shreveport back in early 2000s and I went to this spot and ordered a "call a cab". Needless to say it took me a while to get back to my Sister's house and I shoulda just Called A Cab!!!! lol

She sound like Joselyn Hernandez

Yaaaaas!! Itinerary done now I just gotta book the trip! “Laissez le bon temps rouler!”

I have never seen a more punchable face in my life. I would literally pay money to fight this man.

Did she get a bow wow too?

You need to replace the host, Justin, pretentious and insincere. The annoying person who thinks they know everything.

The host is pretentious and the mustache isn't working with his fat face.

I'm going to NO next month and I'm adding all of these to my list of " to do"

The accents are so forced in this

We are tourists in our own town We go to Mardi Gras and beg for beads every year .We frequent The French Quarter go to the same restraints we even wear new Orleans T shirts. and tip the street performers everyone else.I resent the NON Tourist vent it is far from being accurate .

I didn’t know you got the 2nd for 1/2 price!

Crab was only okay. Sorry...


I rarely ever see locals at French Market....intrastin. Dug the whole episode. Thx for the insight!

Twerking was not invented in New Orleans. Twerking was done by our African ancestors first.

As a New Orleans native...if Ashley don't wanna cook anymore, she'd be a great representative for the New Orleans Tourism Bureau. :)

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