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I have you. Mihal. Right. Australia. Brad. Everybody's. Friendship. French. All. French girls I'm. In trouble now, I'm intro. Come. On y'all it is eight. Nine. Thirty, eight, o'clock I don't even know the time I'm gonna try to one. Of the two is see my. Even, though I'm not feeling 100% and. Bring. You on that excursion, so, let's, see what I can do. To, explore hi. All. Right just sign up to do the one-day, tour around, Pike are, the parts of Springs. Waterfall, bamboo bridge land split, all. That. Basta, who's loose from Francia, who's from France. Friends. Friends, friends, Thailand. Australia. First. Stop is the white that. Way. Somewhere, I hope, you. Mahi. L bread, Australia. Everybody's. Friendship. French. All. French girls I'm. In trouble now I'm, in trouble. Some. Girls. Amazing. Buddha. Alright. Let's go to the cave let's, do something fun. You're. Such a static. How. Everyone, so distracted. Lately. How you be acting like. Everyone, is imagine. Around. It's. Time for the hot springs, Avery, for the hot springs. Hot. Springs. Time. For the hot springs. Ready. For the HUS rings. Ready. For the hot pots burries that's what's, hot springs in French. Shoulder. So. Shoulder. Sousa. Sousa. Should. Hot. Springs this, is nice. I don't wanna feel, this war between you, and I. What. You go. Under. And if, you did would, it break me. I. Want. To please, let, me down. This. Is really nice, welcome. To the hot springs. Do. You have this back home no. No no, no. Hot Springs and France. Ah yeah. Yeah, it's rich. By, rich by. Rich. You, got me wish. One. Night we're just us to, put, a blanket. You're a fun now. My, friends just at the hot springs here in PI and. Very. Very nice orders, beautiful and. Yeah. One guy and seven Frenchie's. French, girls let, me just clarify. That. Yeah. So just have a chat it's good hung. Out for a little bit but now I'm still getting aboard so I want to take the train out for a bit of a spin here. And. Just see what it's like this. Is it right here. I, don't. Think there's gonna be much to see but we'll try and. Get some good footage here from. The from, the air so, feel. A little bit better now is really sick last night this morning but some people better, right. Parasites. Are padrone up have you enjoyed that footage not much really just, some. Little grass patch, thing. With a house, straw. House which. Look pretty cool considering. It's the middle of Lake nowhere, and there's. A hot spring behind me so. Hopefully. You enjoy that little piece but I, think we're moving on now I think we might have a lunch, we. Don't finish this tour until 6:30, tonight we watch the sunset from. The canyon so. Yeah. That's it we're, finishing up at the hot springs all, right we're still at the hot springs just. Moved. Out the hot spring area check. This out check this out. Look. How many mirrors on that thing how. Many mirrors. It's. Very it's very ordinary, okay. Ladies. We're. About to jump in the taxi, bet. The jump in the back, are. You ready. After. You after. You. We just whose just, finished lunch and. We're heading off I don't even know where we going where. Are we going. The, viewpoints. The. Viewpoints, this, should be fun. So, where, are we, what. Is this. The. Viewpoints, bird. The viewpoint. Quick. This motorist, coming, there's, motorists. All right let's go let's go that's good. 32. To. 33 degrees. But, I never gave cold. Viewpoints. Okay. So at the viewpoint right now here in PI and. Nice. Use as. You would expect being, a few points. And. I'm. Inclined to get the drone out right now. Get. Some aerial perspective. Guys. Ready for this, liftoff. There are guys. All, right hope you enjoyed that the dried up this before and did, a bit of a Passover, fly, with. The drones so it was good. Fun so I hope you've enjoyed you see, the couple of french girls on to be part of that so, there. Hopefully, you're gonna be part of them this show I'm not sure how the video is going to turn out that I think it's turned out alright so we're leaving the viewpoint now not. Sure where we're going but hopefully. You enjoyed that drone footage and. Off to the next place I don't even know where. We're going the. Time is. 20. Minutes to 3:00 in. The afternoon. Beautiful. Pie. Follow. This mess. Where. Are we right now where are we this. Chinese village, check. This out. So. This is very random guys a. Chinese. Chinese. Disney World. This. Amazing, castle. Guys. Don't have to think about this place let's just, it's. Not my favorite place it. Just seems quite random to have. This beautiful place pie and they, just have this, castle. Like, this Chinese castle, it. Just seems unusual, like it just doesn't fit. Hey. Did you know you. Can actually rent a room here. There's. No sign ups busy son. There's. A sign upstairs. We've. Begun a firing range here, in. The Chinese village.

Hello. Bowen, arrows how. Much how, much is it. How. Much 20. Baht, for. How many. How. Many, three. Four. Six four ten ten. I'll. Do that. Wow. You. You indie, hit nothing, nothing. Nothing. You. Lost his arrow, he's. Pissed off now. Did. You get the cam. You. Got it right in the center of the can. Do. You maybe you need to put your ex-boyfriend, over there. Because. The city. The. Guns are just sitting here. The. Real guns. What. Do you mean that's not real that's not plastique. I see, you going first. My. Mother from France is. She's. Doing well if she can hit the target she's gonna be my mom for life she's. Gonna be my mum for life. She's. Doing well look you can go keep going if, you're doing so well this. Could be a career change. So. I don't know why they've taken us to this. Chinese village thing because there is nobody here except us, except. For souvenir shops. Souvenir. Shops. This. Is weird, as a ghost town. This. Is exactly. Exactly. It's. No one here. Except. Me and six. French ladies. No. Complaints. Go. To the bamboo bridge. Me. And these, girls forget, them all. Booyah. Base. That's. Right. So. Just yeah, and you can cook it to your special, speciality. To, bamboo. Bridge here we are the. Bamboo bridge, that's. Cool. Do. We have to pay just. For. You will you spare change. So. We've come at the wrong time. This. Apparently all this is green. Rice, fields, it's. Not green now it's. Brown. Brown. In. The, middle in the middle of these bamboo walkways, in. The middle of nowhere there's. A coffee shop. Hello. Guys. I. Mentioned. This before hopefully this recording, it is, someone, this bamboo bridge right now in. PI the. Entire lens and. It's nice and hot it's about 32 degrees here. But. Apparently this is not the right season to do something like this, apparently. In the right season all. Of this. Is. Green rice, fields. As. You can see. Grass. Fields. There's. No rights, so. Right. Now we're just moving bridge. And. I might even send the drone up just to get some nice, aerial. Video everybody. Back up watching. This. So. Stand. By the. Drove is coming your way. Sometimes. Have problems of this thing trying to launch it is like memory card problems or something or other histroy. That's ridiculous. Can't. Take off. Anyway. So, apologize. For the delay but. We're. Gonna try and get this off the ground as soon as possible, okay now we're good to go, now. We're, good to go so China's. Happy, the. GPS is good we have a letting settle us, now. Enough. Of me talking over to patron but to try and do the talking. It's a very long bamboo bridge. Every. Now and again the bamboo bridge breaks off somewhere. Else but. It's about a 15-minute walk, on. This bridge over. The rice fields, which. Have. Their rice no, nothing growing so. Wrong season I don't. Know with. What the, best season is maybe. Should you mind my research in the future but this. Is the perfect time to not come to. See the rise of your host. All. Right we're leaving, Oman back Amanda, back hell. Yeah, I. Don't. Want to be back in that I don't evac in the cabin again. My. Choice I just. Sign up to the to em that just happened to be, what's. Up girls. Now. The land split, which. Is like a fissure, in the in. The ground. Let's. Have a look check. This out. So. We here about 15 minutes. And. Then we leave to, watch the sunset so. Let's see what this is all about. Check. This out. Leave. That. Yeah. Just. A, hole do.

Anyone See it. Let's. Go see it let's, go and see it. I'm. Going. I'm. Going. All. Right let's go check this discussion, is that this, is what all the fuss is about. Okay. Let's, go for a walk. While. The stairs to get to see, this lens with. Just. A split. Sip. There's. A fence around it okay. Alright. Let's order. To think at at the moment it just seems like, like. A little cliff but. Turn. Around let's have a look. Rides. Right. Let's. See, where this leads to. Let's. Go down here. Well. It's, steep. Down there. Yeah. I see. You didn't jump down there. That's. Pretty cool. That's. Pretty cool alright, I'll come down alright, so let's go into the split. Hi. How. Are you. That's. Cool. It's. Like a mini canyon. Yeah. It's much better insider. Yeah, from up there it's like looks, like a hole in the ground. Your, name is Kim. And, you're from, Sylvania. Kim. From Sylvania, she's. In the, land split. How. Cool is that. She. Just just. Slides. In there I could. Not fit in there I. Could. Not get, stuck in there that's. Really cool. This. Is quite nice, this. Is really cool. Yeah. You definitely come, and check this out. Well. Not, much moving here. Can. We go any further Kimber. You. Miss the navigator, so. If we get lost you have to blame Kim what. I'm. Here. I'm. Inside the hole I. Jumped. I, jumped, I. Jumped down here. At. The canyon. The. Sunset. That's. My little purse. Now. So really. No. It's my little money woman. Yeah. Looks. Like everybody's, here for the sunset huh. And. The team look. At the crew. Hey. Ladies how you feeling. Come, on be pumped sunsets, coming. Why. Can you as. You can see around me. The. Canyon and everybody's, getting ready to. Take the perfect sunset photo, on. The other hand I'm, about to launch my drone to. Try and capture the sunset, with the drone so. It's, gonna be fun nobody. Had a 30% battery, left on the drone so I have. The timer with the sunset and. I don't even know when the sunset is except look at the sky so this should be fun. The. More Sun. Gone. Forever in. French, what. Do you say about the Sun disappearing. We'll. See we'll. See I. Think I could pass the French litmus, test. Maybe. Forget. Everything by tomorrow. All. Right I hope, you enjoyed the drone footage I did my best, the battery was low when, I launched it starting get as much footage as I wanted to I know, it's bad, so. Yeah. I know a little bit of drone footage of the pike Canyon here and everybody. You, know taking. Photos, but. I might, come back here tomorrow night and and. Make, sure that I've got full batteries before. I launch. The drones a, really, beautiful spot in Peyer definitely, come here and check it out it's probably. One. Of the things to definitely see if you ever come to PI Pai, in Thailand is, to come, and check out Pike Canyon. And. You know, for the sunset and it's. Really beautiful so, been, a big day hope you enjoyed I will. Hopefully. Are you better by tomorrow I'm. Still just, a sore throat that's. It might, take, a few evening, clips. We're, all gonna as a group go out and maybe. Have one drink or two drinks I might, just get some straight. Vodka and just just. Clear. The throat, I, won't do that but I'll try and get up early from training tomorrow morning. If I do love, your video around that training in my tie, here. At chop, trial whatever its called anyway, that's it really night good morning and, enjoy. Some of the clips from tonight. Ciao.

2018-04-13 16:33

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Brad bolted as soon as Marriage was mentioned! Lmao

hahaha :-P When the right one comes along, I won't be bolting anywhere :-P

There were some awesome views from the roof of the Chinese village! It is really random.

That's true!!! and yeah, to have a Chinese village in the middle of nowhere in Pai seemed pretty random to all of us :-)

Thanks for sharing. The drone was a brilliant idea. Take care,

the best investment :-) Have an awesome day!!

0:34 12:09 - come on, never stand within the line of fire :P

haha Tom.. she was dangerous :-P

Hope you feel better soon!!!! Honey whiskey

thanks so much!! I feel much better now as I write this :-) How have you been?

Lol now you guys getting boring! In the middle of nowhere! Do something adventurous!

I'll be back in the Philippines in 2 weeks from now.... !!

hahaha Pai is awesome!!! you should come :-)

These places of "Interests" are really deserted. Interesting textures from the drone aerial views! Thanks for your hard work, Brad!

How’re the drone regulations in Thailand? Did you register your drone? Debating if I should bring mine

The drone makes a huge difference!!! :-)

Technically you have to... and depending on where you are in Thailand, you could get into serious trouble (like flying over temples!) - but it really depends on the mood of the ranger that asks you about it! But I spoke to a few rangers and I walked into the police station at Koh Lak and had a chat to them about it. when are you going again?

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