The West 2019 Part 5: Boondocking in the Desert, RTR 2019

The West 2019 Part 5: Boondocking in the Desert, RTR 2019

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Good. Morning. From. The Gila Bend KOA, here, in. In. Southern, Arizona. This. Is where, I slept last night. And. Now we're going to quartzite. Wherever. I want. To be. You. Guys I'm free in. My RV. Before. We go let me show you around a, little bit. It, is going to be a beautiful. Sunrise. I'm telling, you if it was just a little bit warmer I would jump into that pool right now, anyway. It is time, to go. First. Order of business get. Propane, yep, I did run out last, night in, the middle of the night. Well, after quartzite, we go just set put just, filled up with propane, 18. Dollars and, 60. Cents or something like that I read. That's good or bad, in. Miami story box I've seen as low as 50 or even two others that some places so I. Put. The GPS coordinates to. The. Micelle waro cactus, the same place where I camped last year. So. I'll come somewhere around there throughout the trailer go to the RTR see how it is and, if. I like what I see I'll hitch, up again and take, the trailer to the RTR. Unusually. Hazy day. Here, in the desert don't you think it, turns out we might have an unusual, winter all together I mean there, are flowers, on the side of the road but hey I'm getting ahead of myself here. We've, been going north here, on Arizona, 85, and now we. Are going to take I 10 west the, rest of the way. That. Is the Palo Verde nuclear. Power plant the largest, one in the United States. Whoo I just discovered, this screen, here on the rand mcnally gps. Units that model day of the rand mcnally gps. Would be very useful in, instances. Like this well, you're really need a special, GPS because I believe, it is I tend to quartzite, there's no other way to get there is no no. Low hanging bridges no. The. Switchbacks. So. Throw your elevation data, about your trip, and. The sunset at the sunrise so so are there so that is, pretty cool. I think, I'm gonna keep it in this mode, all. The time unless I really need. Special. GPS. Oh I. Just. Discovered. Something troubling. Here in the rest area even. Though I rotated, my rear trailer, tires before I left Miami, one, of them is down to the wire so they, must be replaced, luckily. There, is this tire shop nearby and of course for, this long trip I am traveling with four new tires. Since, my size is kind of rare and very few shops, carry it. Apparently. I have a misalignment. With my torsion axles and my rear right tyre in particular. Wears, out on the outside quite, a bit I. Haven't. Been able to find a shop that knows, how to fix this so, for the time being I will be rotating, and replacing. Tires more. Often than normal. Very, nice gentleman, there at the tire place, he. Charged. Me, $15. Each tire, I, give him you know doing, 20 H yes because, it. Was nice and. Very. Old-school using, one of those little old-fashioned, you know merge. Onto i-10 west, no fashion gauge.

Very. Efficient, did you get the job done filled. Up with gas expensive. Gas but now. I guess but now we are ready for a, part sight. There, it is, the now-familiar. Valley. The. Crossroads, of the RV, world at the intersection, of Interstate 10, and US 95, the. Summer population. 3,000. 3,500, but, right now in mid-january, it, swells, to over. 250,000. It is a rite of passage for every RV, to come here at least once in, the, winter of course this, is my second, time here, in quartzite. Arizona. And I'm really looking forward to it. Thousands. Of RVs, at the vast public, land all around town we, made it to quartzite, also. At the, many RV, parks in. Town. And. Wash. These. Of course is BLM, land Bureau, of Land Management, so. You can get a permit to camp for free for up to 14, days of course, we're, here during the long government. Shutdown, at the beginning of 2019, so it is basically free for all at this point, of course it's as host, of duty. RTR. Register. At RTR, that's, where I'm eventually, going, with, the government shutdown there is no one here to greet you I, want. To look for mr. Warren cactus if it's. Available. There's. Another, saguaro, cactus, not. The one I'm looking for. By. The way I always get disoriented, here at the BLM, where, there are no real roads. There, to the right that, looks like the spot where I came to last year. When. A beautiful. Cactus. Here. This, looks like a nice spot. Here's. Where. I'm going to drop it for now I, went. To the RTR real quick to check it out and then on the back for my life video tonight. Before. I go to the RTR how, about I show you exactly where, we are. That, highway of course is i-10. And as, I pan here to the left we, can see quartzite. In the distance, I can't. Help but notice, it is a lot less crowded this year of course an early. It'll. Get much more busier, next, week when, the big tent goes up. Let. Me get a little closer to town. I'm. Gonna start flying back, here, and that large gathering, of RVs, to the right near the mountains, that, almost looks like a small town that's. The RTR the, rubber Tramp veranda bow way, way, out there. And that, would, be me little. Me down there. Okay, enough, procrastination. Let's, go check in at the RTR. And, if all looks good, and safe I'll, come back hitch, back up and make. My way out there. This. Is that horrible road that is so bad, cars preferred, to drive on the shoulder. Well. When in Rome. This. Is called dome Rock, Road east and it runs somewhat, parallel to i-10. Here. We're gonna turn right on, to Mitchell, Mine Road. This. Year the RTR is not taking, place in BLM, land proper, but in a special area designated. By the Bureau of Land Management since. The event has gotten, so big the. RTR was founded by Bob Wells a nomad. Himself, in 2010, with just 45, attendees. This. Year they, are expecting, several thousand. There's. A little bit of a traffic jam to, checking, but, I'm surprised, at how efficient. And organized, everything, is much, better than expected there. Was a lot of fear uncertainty and, doubt on, social, media about the RTR being at this location, this year and, this. Washes, you had to drive through to, get in I mean, if you have a really big rig you might run into trouble but it's, all good. I. Sense. A, good, vibe so, I'm not gonna waste any more time and I'm going to bring mini tini over this. Area here at the beginning seems a little crowded, but there is plenty, of room towards, the back. We. Are in a little bit of an elevated, position here, and we can see the town down there, well. Nothing, has ever been written about cowards. I'm, going to the RTR. Here, I am going, now. With Minnie teeny in tow. Yeah. This is not, a smooth, road. Check. It out, bunch of school is going in there's, another event called school Palooza, which is about bus, conversions, coming up very soon here in quartzite. Much. More congested, now that it is later, in the day I should. Have come with mini tini in tow earlier. But, as I said I had, heard so many conflicting, stories. If. There is one negative to the RTR is that, the only way to get, there, is by driving, almost two, miles on this narrow road, and, you know me I'm not gonna stay out there for the whole week I'm gonna, want to go into town check out the swap meet the, bar etc, etcetera. There's. An area here to the right just outside the event that, has been unofficially, dubbed the, party, are almost. As a form of protest by, some of the previous, attendees, who would prefer a more festive, atmosphere, and. They. Got some complaints last year so they decided to stay outside where. The rules don't, apply. As. You can see there's, a little bit of a traffic jam. Bottleneck. Here, at the entrance and you, have to wait even if you already register. Because there's, only one way in and out. I. Was. Recognized, by this gentleman, here, at the entrance, which is super cool by the way to meet people on the road and the, washes are one-way so, they have volunteers with, walkie-talkies on, both sides directing. Traffic as I said earlier very efficient.

And Well organized, and, pleasantly, surprised. Here. Comes the second wash. Kind. Of bumpy, here but it is what it is right. They. Have giving each area like street numbers, this. Area for example immediately. After the second wash is called second, street went. Through both washes, with no problem so that's. The good news, now. Let's look for a place semi. Secluded, not too secluded but. So. Much. This. Is called second, Street, and. That over there that's the bad wash, right. That I would not I don't, think I want to go through that one. Now. This is really cool to be here actually, kind. Of a dream come true in, a way you know I've been hearing. About this event eventful for, so, many years. It. Was just this much. Smaller they. Acknowledge now. All the youtubers made it famous and it's like super. Huge hugely. A popular. Event here I see a music, camp sign, I wonder if he's still considered, that party, area. Rubato, over, there. Okay. As, I said let's, find a suitable spot not, too secluded. But, not too close to anybody else either I want my privacy and, respect. Others, privacy as. Well so. Many, different, rigs, here, but. Still around. This area it is still, a little too crowded. Decisions. Decisions. Around. Here it is kind of nice, but. No let, me go a little further. By. The way it is almost, unnoticeable. But the further we go the higher we go in elevation, so if, by any odd the chance it, would start raining, in the desert it, is better to be at the higher ground, the. Same. Yeah, I like this large open, area, right here nice. Saguaro, cactus. Barking. Uphill might be harder to level, with my new hitch, the, view, is so much nicer. What. The heck am i doing looking. For desperate critters perhaps. Well. Here I am campsite. Number. One I might, move tomorrow so. Excited. To finally make, it to the RTR. From. This vantage point, we, can see almost the. Whole event except. For a few people further, up hill and there's. Quartzite, in, the distance, and. You see all day quote-unquote. Streets, down there, somewhere. Down there is 2nd 3rd 4th and. So on I'm on like six. Then. This long one here by the entrance, before the second wash that, is first Street. And. On. The other side of the main road where you see a bunch of people gathered that's, the main stage, where, they do all the seminars, there's. Mitchell. Mine Road, to, the left of it the aforementioned. Party. Are well. Visit the area later, in the week. Okay, let's, fly back because, I have to get ready for my weekly Friday, livestream.

Before. A live audience today. Hello. Everybody welcome, to quite site Arizona open to you with, a live audience today, here. From the rubber tramper and abou about the RTR and there's like a gazillion, people here I'm they're probably, watching YouTube, so. Actually. For the amount of people here the wireless, internet, works, surprisingly well, by. The way the live audience, are Max, and send him a clear from, Phoenix and. Actually. I managed. To find the one secluded. Area. Here, in the RTR, because. You know I wanted to I wanted mainly. Because I wanted to chat with you guys and I didn't want to have like 20. People around me you. Know I, get, self-conscious, sometimes, when I have like people staring at me no not, these guys but you know strangers. Just. Look for stands big red semi between RTR, and party I later. During the chat Joseph, Montoya, also, arrives. He. Tracked me down thanks to that yellow van, in the background, I'm, gonna give you a 360, tour, here of where, we are. And. This, is a beautiful place here these are, our lovely, companions, here they, came to visit. Here's. My saguaro cactus because you know I had, to park right next to a saguaro cactus otherwise, you, know it wouldn't be me and. You know a lot of people get emotional, when they come to Florida and see the palm trees when. When I passed a feeling. When. I first to so you know when you pass paid Picacho Peak State. Park you start seeing saguaro cacti everywhere, that's, when I get emotional because, I, know I'm that, when, I managed, to kill the internet, connection by moving around so much, anyways. After the livestream I stayed chatting, with the Mac Lear's and, Joseph, pretty much until sunset. And, know that. Desert. Sunset. Of. Course, the, best colors, actually happen, after, the Sun has set. You, check out the mornin. Yeah. The later it gets the. Better the, colors. Everywhere. You look. Wouldn't. It be cool to fly, on one of those. Well. The only thing we can fly on sort. Of right, now is the. Drone, let's. Make, a quick flight before. It gets dark. Yeah. The drone an automatic. Doesn't. Really do it justice you have, to dial down the exposure, and, then it looks, a lot closer to what you see with the naked eye.

Well. Good morning everybody, or. Should I say good morning. It's another, beautiful. Sunrise. Here. Right. Side Arizona. Today. We're gonna explore the RTR. Yep. The, sunrise, is surreal. As the sunset, was yesterday, perhaps, even more so with this haze, in, the atmosphere. Well, there's, like a mini skully Palooza, going on down there, I wonder. If crease of the off-grid Schooley channel formerly, Chris and G is down there. Well. I moved, and, this is perhaps the only drawback, of my new prop, ride hitch. Is. That it's it's it's it's very. Low to the ground especially, on my kind, of my trader my trailer is low to the ground and the hitch is low to the ground so. If you're slightly uphill it is impossible to level level, the trailer, so. I moved to a slightly different location I was over there and, now I'm here, and. I. Haven't. Even bigger saguaro cactus so it works out. And. I'm gonna take a shower and explore. The RTR it's. Supposed to rain this afternoon. And. I'm gonna turn the generator on a little bit because, we're. Gonna get much solar today I don't, know how but I depleted, my battery pretty good last night so. I'm, having to run the generator here for, for. A few minutes. Like. In ten minutes some point. How. Interesting. Let's. Walk, around a, little bit it, is always a little unnerving, living, Minnie teenie behind, in the middle of the desert for the first time, but. Nothing happens out here still, a little bit of a hazy day here, in. Quartzite. Let's. Walk towards the gathering, area, join the rest of the pilgrims, on their morning pilgrimage. And I, did get to meet some viewers on this day by the way. Hmm. Traffic jam crossing. The wash. Well. There's a lot of, cars parked here. This, today you're not gonna get much there's. Not a lot of Sun today, yeah. Jim, loves, to cook and. Here. Is the main gathering, area. Bob wells on the main stage with, all the announcements of, the day since. I got here late I really have no idea what's, going on but, something about a seminar, being, canceled, could it be the solar seminar, I don't know here's, the free pile you, know one person's, trash, can, be another person's, treasure it is a nice, way to exchange, stuff, in any case that's.

Where You get your buddy. Here. Are the bulletin, boards. More. Stuff here and there's, Bob still giving, all the pertinent morning. Information. And actually, what to do in case of emergency very, important, and so. Forth and so on it. Looks. All taken to me but there's handicap does this antique after dark you are this building okay everything I just told is wrong, that. You know where you are you know the street number and that, you turn on your emergency. Blinkers because. Five. Or six thousand rigs and which one's yours which. White van is yours and. It's. Hard to know so if you have your emergency blinkers on that's one of the things they'd ask let me also say that we've. Been working with emergency. Services and. Because. This was a big. Issue with the BLM that. If something, happens we have to get in and that's why everything is so organized. It's, all organized. Around. Emergency. Services, getting in that's why we have all the no parking signs and handicapped, areas. The. Street signs so. That in an emergency the, emergency, services continue. So. Far beautiful day here it's a little bit chilly but it's gonna get warmer so that's why I'm just wearing a t-shirt I. Mean. It's not chilly so I probably high 50s, please, behind, me here that's that first wash that everybody was talking about at the beginning which, is not bad at all actually I guess, there are several groups of people who are boondocking. Here in the BLM land just, outside the RTR and this, is actually the area where the RTR took, place last year and for, those with very large rigs, or something with a big overhang, staying, in this area might be the more prudent, approach. Here. We go busking, Bohemians, music. Fire fun, party. Our let's. Explore the area a little. That's. A cool little trailer, it turns out everybody, is still asleep from the late night party, so I'm gonna get back here at some point I still. Like to see all the other rigs and, everybody's, slightly. Different, approach minute. ENOS green cousin. Hmm. It looks like there might be a back, entrance to the RTR, good. To know in, case those washes get flooded, because it looks like bad weather is coming our way. Rain. Coming. From, California, of all places. I just, met my new neighbors, very nice folks, from. Eastern Texas. Ooh a, yellow, cussing, now. There, is the afternoon seminar. And I. Have, no idea what it is about. No. Bone Appetit everybody. The. Only thing missing is Ely and check, out. Not. The best desert sunset but stillness. Good. Morning. Once again from. The RTR, well. Good morning, everybody, greetings, from quartzite, another day here and. Today. We are back to typical. Desert. Weather, here. Yeah. Not a cloud in the sky. It's. Supposed to be partly cloudy this afternoon though, well. Hopefully I will get a decent. Amount of solar today and. Because. I depleted. My battery pretty good last night and. The. Next step is to figure out a way to add more batteries, to this radio. Well. I decided to walk a little uphill this, morning, without. Check. Out this show, a cactus, don't. Be fooled by their delicate, beauty you, don't wanna fall on one of these. Keep. Going uphill here's. The, road what, they called a minor road, I think. And. It goes to some my mines, old mines by, the mountains and, I. Think, this is what they were calling the, unofficial. Entrance. To the RTR I. Could. Be wrong. And. What. A difference, they. Makes. Today. We are definitely, experiencing.

Typical. Desert, weather. Blue. Skies, baby this. Is the quartzite, I remember. I'm. Heading down to the main gathering, area to attend today's, seminar, Oh. Looks. Like the dumpster, is getting full. Alliance. Is really, a 401. Today's. Seminar should, be pretty cool it is gonna be none other than Caroline. Not. Caravan, Caroline, but Caroline's, RV, life one of the more popular full-time. RV YouTube, channels, but. First let's. See the burning van on the last day, of the event this, wooden, van will go up in flames but before that happens. I left, my indelible, mark on it well. Perhaps. Not, so indelible, Carolyn. Is a really. Good friend of mine someone I care deeply about and, I just have the deepest admiration for. Her and so, she's here and you. Can pay me later I. Can't. Afford that. And. I was gonna come up and call him my ex friend after the caravan Carolyn thing. Hi. Friendly, at, the beginning she didn't look too thrilled about him mistakenly, calling, her Caravan Caroline, but perhaps. It was an inside joke, anyways. A good seminar, if you are new to boondocking. And, camping, for free around the country, I'll, leave you with a few moments. Here I was. Thinking about what's name and I was like boo knocking 101. Boondocking. For dummies who's like no boondocking. For Smarties. That's. What this talk is called. Why. Because. We're the smart ones in my humble opinion, how. Lucky, and how smart are we would that we are the ones who have figured out that. We don't have to participate in that rat race that we have all known for a long time is a lie so, what if I told you well, you already know that we. Never have, to pay rent or mortgage ever. Again, we. Have found the, secret to living as free, as we can into Society we. Have found a group of fellow adventurers. And fellow. Counterculture. But saying I think we're a counterculture. Of the modern day a people. Who have figured out a way to, live our authentic. Selves, and for me and I think for many of that of many of us that meant getting, away from debt getting, away from stuff and living closer to nature I've boondocks. All across the country from, Florida, to Alaska Canada. I've. Traveled, 48,000. Miles I, have I have I, put, more than three years and. So today I'm, gonna share with you everything that I have learned about camping. Living. On public. Lands, for free and finding. The most amazing. Places, that, you can imagine beauty. Solitude. Silence. Just. Being closer, to nature, even. In a larger, RV, the, official, term for what, we do official. Is called dispersed, camping so. You're never gonna go on a national forest site and look for boondocking huerta boondock you're gonna look for dispersed camping that's the technical term and. What that means is that while. In, many. Public. Lands there are designated, areas that you can tamp there, are designated first-come. First-serve campgrounds. And oftentimes they're free there, are what's in BLM land called LTV, A's which are long-term visitor. Areas, which, you pay they're really inexpensive but. Those are designated. Campsites. Dispersed. Camping on the other hand is what you do when you just go down a road and find a place to plop down and call home for the day the week so. Officially. It's called dispersed camping it was to take, your garbage out take your. Don't you love it when someone stands, next to you and starts talking on the phone when, you're trying to listen to a seminar. Yeah. You know what the argument can be made I'm driving a giant classy you know in the middle of the desert and getting stuck and ruining the sand I agree. You know nobody's.

Perfect We, do the best week and we just try to be mindful you know we are all leaving, an impact on our environment in, one way or another and, I think that as long as we're all mindful of that and, try to do our best I think that we can go a long way toward preserving it a wash, is a water source because when it rains, water. Flows, through a wash, as, we'll soon find out wherever, it goes and it becomes drinking, water yes, that means washes, out here it might be tempting because, it's all hard rock and, it's not easy to dig so you're like a little. Wash. Most. Of the time when you're camping public, lands you don't need a permit, anyways, I am NOT going to replay, the whole seminar, but you get the idea a, lot, of it is beginner's, stuff, and a lot of it is selling, the lifestyle, to newbies but she does make some, insightful points. And. Some good information as, well. That. Caroline's. Similar, very very informative I'm going to try to come back in half an hour for. The meet-and-greet. Site. I'm. Gonna take you with me it's, a pretty long line. Well. The line for the meet-and-greet turned, out to be a little too long so I decided to relax a little before heading, to town. I have, to give the bug they are very organized, and they haven't, been to previous, art. Ers. But. This one is very organized. There's. The port er I've. Been actually watching, live streams by other youtubers like hobo, tech and it is like a disco. In there till the wee hours of the night I think I prepare my quiet secluded, spot. There's. The RV, pitstop, you won't see it this empty, for long, here. We are the, swap meet the, jams show the RV, show ooh the, big tent is already up with. This big consider the downtown, core tight this. Time of the year it certainly, is let's. Find parking. Maybe. I got a burger afterwards. All. Kinds. Of stuff here. Hey. Well. Yeah someone, recognized, me I don't. Think I want to buy. Anything but it's, always good to know. That. They have you, know here. I remember.

This The homemade, ice, cream they have an ice cream machine. That. Is pretty cool maybe. I'll have an ice-cream adhere to beer wine, food. Now. They are speaking my language and, I. Think this is it beer, bellies. Actually. This is the place I was looking for the adult daycare, welcome, here well, what do you know I'm drinking, with a monkey and they, have some really good Elysium, space dust IPA, and I. Think I'm gonna get me one of these hats. Let me tell you your beer is always better, with live music. I. Went. To order a burger and lost my, other spots, so, now I have a new monkey. And. That's. A pretty good burger, let me tell you, this. Burger, and the great IPA, now let's continue. Here. We have something interesting this is a, himer. And. This is a pro. Master chassis, I wonder, if it's, open. Yes. It is well this is of course an AK active, but. This is the active that has a. Tent. On the top. So. You can sleep. Two other people on the top floor while you sleep on the bottom floor this, is a regular active, like the one the Roosters have. Said. Toilet I. Want. To like the active but I don't know there's something about it. You. Guys wanna check out it for Vegas, there's, a Thor abacus. Which. Is a very, short, Class A if we're, ever gonna get a Class A this is twenty four point one which means probably 25. It. Does have one slide here on the couch with and, this. One has two twin beds in the back I would, take the. One with the corner bag perhaps. And. It does have an extra bed up here. So. Yeah. It's, I mean it's not a bad floor plan they just have this kind. Of reputation, for being not. Great but, over here they have the three, the. 3a, heimer a. Actives. Which used to be called Grand Canyon originally, and, as you can see here, this. Is the. 2.0. The wrong with a sofa bed in the back when they when. They had, the. Folks are row track redesigned, the thing I don't. Know it has less, and. Less. Storage than the original in primer, and. If I gained a little bit of weight, this. Would not be a, viable. Solution let, me see what else they have that, isn't. The. You. Know the type of things that we like a bunch. Of classes a bunch of fifth wheels let. Me show you here we have this smaller, this, smaller, toy haulers, which. Could. Be actually a good idea if you want to have. Some toys in the back or an office but. You know you don't want to toast something huge no they do have to change that name and call it Denali now. You. Know they changed the name of the mountain right. It's. Pretty cool actually. Where's. The bathroom Oh in. Here it's a permit wetback right. That's. The. Deal breaker right there. By. The way this whole place is going to be a lot, more crowded, next, week when, they open up the big tent. Well. He's got a guest singer now. I'm just me this. Area where they have the swap meet is called Tyson. Wells. Well. Since, we're here let's check, out the jams show, real quick. And. You tell I'm not really, into these stuff. So, that's, what the holes are for ok. These are pretty. Let's, go across the street here. What's, on the other side. With, this big no sitter jaywalking. Hollywood. Let. Me tell you I know. Next. To nothing about gemstones, or, anything, anything. Like this I wouldn't. Be able to to. Tell you but they are sure. Beautiful. Amethyst. This, petrified, wood both. Very. $900. For. This folks. This. Beautiful. Well. As I said I have. No idea about, these things but if you have nine hundred dollars to spare well sure go for it get one of those amethysts. It's. It's a lot. Of stuff but I think I, think. I'm gonna head back to, the. RTR to. The break. At, it some video and. Then. We'll see by, the way this place is huge there's a lot of stuff to see here. Come back next week when the big tent is open so then I'll show. You the rest. This, is one of those are the moments where, this. Area is empty and I wanted to show it to you while it's empty, that's. The main stage here. And. Back. There they're like cleaning. The the, Porta Potty Center it, does not smell good. Anyway. Let's. See if there's anything new around here, well. One, more time here were this is the burning, van, to. Maintain. You. Knows there me. Which. It's all gonna burn so I have, no idea why I put my name there but, you. Know to have access a memento. This. Location. You know here they have the announcements. The the, bulletin, board free. Stuff. And. Here's. Know the homo wheels foundation. That you know Bob wells, spacers. And. Here let me show you something, you're. Very very. Interesting. Yes. That's. Cool. Who. Do, we have here. Well. Yes I had been hoping to bump into Mike and Stephanie van, live Sheldon's, travels, to, interview, them also. To add their sticker, to my growing, collection. The. Interview, actually went really. Well they are such a nice couple, after, the interview that we're going to see the rig and of course I'll put a link to the full interview. I'm. Gonna give Mike and Stephanie here a ride, to the rig, since it is kind of getting dark, they.

Are Staying at the party, are. Hmm. There's no one directing, traffic at this time of the day. Whoo, check, out that sunset. Everybody. We're gonna get a quick pic here at Mike and Stephanie's. RV. Look. At that it's a beautiful, sunset here in the desert, I don't, know if you guys can see let me show let me show you real quick this is sunset I don't. Know if this cameras gonna be able to capture it, that's. Amazing. You're, all van live Sheldon's travels. And. We're gonna we're gonna take a quick picture of Sheldon. Right. Oh this. Is cozy, but very very functional, guys I like, it. And. Here's the star the star of the show right there, awesome. I mean. You've got a real oven and I don't have a real over environment, running. Hot water out. You. Know surveillance. Freezer. In the bed, well. This is great man I appreciate, you letting me take a peek inside your your, home here, thanks for coming I really really, appreciate, it. Birth. Day. 3 by. RT, our experience, is, it really day 3 I'm, starting, to lose track of time. Well. Hello everybody greetings. Today coming to you from the party are. Might. As well show you the area as well since, they kind of claim to be unofficially. Part of the rubber tramp randolph ooh there's, the fire pit one of them anyways, where, they party, until early, morning and, it is a pretty, vast area. As you can see no wonder the actual RTR, took place right here last year in 2018. There. By the two white tents, there's, another party, fire pit. Okay. Now from, the party, are we're, gonna fly it to the RTR, I mean, they, are almost right next door to each other. Check. Out that first wash, going, in and the. Gathering, area or main. Square. I forgot the official, name Town, Square I guess, where the main stage is. There. Is a seminar going on right now. I see. I have a new neighbor and I, think I know who that is. Who. I ran into Tasha, pandemonium. And there's. A moo moo moo. More. Of course the, famous panda, which is saying you have a unique rig by, the way. On. This day I get to meet the man himself Bob. Wells sheep are believing, calm founder, and organizer. Of this event and. I got the selfie an autographed, book to prove it. Let's. Go, into, town and. Back. In quite sight. To. Be honest there is not a whole bunch of other, stuff to do here so might. As well. Could. It be possible, am. I saying I'm getting bored of the RTR, I. Got. Me an ice-cream I. Was. Really good butter pecan oh yeah. Check, out the Colorado, anyway. This is a roadrunner, market, which is really the largest marker, here, in town. Does. Not say much but. Check. It out yes, they have pretty much all the essentials, perhaps a little overpriced. But it, is what it is. Hmm. Because they kayo. Answer. Staff here. In, selection not, great as. Night and rain, begins, to fall I'm. Going to have dinner here with viewers Sharon. And Larry Preston. Foods. Good, company. Even better. By. The way it, is supposed to rain all, night and all, day tomorrow. In, the desert, I, want. My money back. Well. Good morning. From. The flooded desert the. Old washes. Are. Becoming rivers again it's. Like a little creek. Going. Downhill. Yeah. It's. A real bummer it, reminds me of what Caroline said, the other day about washes. I guess. That's why they are called washes. The. Real bummer is today. I wanted, to swing by the escapers. Annual, bash in, Lake Havasu a bunch. Of friends are out there, that, the RV geeks are going to speak and I'm, stuck here I'm. Not. Sure I want to move the trailer under, these weather, conditions, it, is probably, really muddy, out, there. I'll walk around a little bit here under terrain see how Oh everybody's. Holding up. The. RTR. The. Ground is really wet I mean it's been it's been raining for hours whoo rained all night and, it's supposed to rain all day.

That's. Still yeah. The. Washes out have turned into rivers. And. Go down a little bit. See. How it looks I'm, only bringing my phone on this one because it's. The only water, resistant. Decent. Camera that I have. The. Main road, that's. How the road looks. But. Around this I, guess. That the lower you, got you come here that the lower elevation, the more. Water. On the ground there is. We're. Coming up on that and the second wash really. Muddy in, this area. Look. At that look at that wash down there it's like a quick. I guess, that's why they call them washes right. We're. Gonna see now how it looks. If. I fall. It's. Kind of slippery though yeah. All. Right. Well. Made, it well, as he saw that first the first, wash which is really the second wash it. Wasn't so bad and some folks are making like, a like a bridge over. Troubled, water, here. And. There this is not, too bad either. So. It is passable, let's, see how this van does here coming up. Well. That's what it looks like today here at the RTR. January. 15th, and I. Have no idea when I'm going to publish this video, but it's been raining all night and it's going to rain all day and everything. Is soaking wet you know the washers. Have turned into creeks and dirt. Has turned into mud and. It. Is not the greatest situation but. You. Know what. Tonight. It'll stop raining tomorrow. It'll dry up and with, the out of here actually. You. Know what I'm gonna do I, have. Some frozen meatballs. There, in my in my fridge. That's. What I'm gonna do I'm. Gonna make it nice so frito, with. Peppers, and, onions. And garlic, and. Some of that because a guy I bought yesterday at. The. Roadrunner, grocery, store there. So. You. Just have to fork this little prick here. Oh. There's. Another one, but this one should. Be even easier oh. By. The way I forgot to introduce my neighbor there's. Daniel, Danny. Machado, viewer, patron. Member, Pelican head and super. Super, cool guy Oh, what. To do on a day like this. We're. Gonna cook, you. Guys soon. There's. Nothing else becomes well then I'm gonna added some video and that's. It firing, up the jelly because we're not getting it and nope no way is getting any solar, here. In this, town. One. Of its own meatballs and, white. Rice. Chopping. Some onions, and garlic. I'm. Gonna start something those and then I'm going to add, the. Peppers. Now. For my signature, secret. Ingredients gonna, add some. Edmundo. Vino second, there's a Publix, branded, necessarily, the different brands that you can find in the Hispanic, section out of your, local supermarket all these things dangerous. It's. Like a paper cut in this case of plastic cuts. Now, it's a try cooking wine before we put them in a second it for this to cook a little more and. Of course this adds with ranges, that they don't heat up as as much as their as your regular range at home so. Everything. Takes a little longer. You. Know I might throw a little bit of rice there, that, basmati rice should take about 10 minutes to cook so when, we think they're like 10 minutes left I might throw a rise. In their cookies. And, I am also going to put some. Some. Of this. Tomato. Sauce. Marinara. Sauce from, Publix should be good and. The, in Cuban of course you will call this pity pot, but. It's just green. Beans you know. In. Spain they call them DeSantis. It's snowing inside many things and, they do a little whack it's real good, so. They yeah what, kind of whatever some. Of this you know yeah oh it, broke gosh. Darn it okay, they. Broke it what I wiped it lucky. I have some large. Zip. Locks up here. That's. What I've - oh. Man. What a mess what a mess I've made. This. Crazy have. A story, fly here in the RV I haven't been able to. Rid. Of it, it's. A smart sprite because it doesn't want to fly out I've opened the door many times I'm sure that no, I'm. Standing here be no second let's do it. And. I think to be very generous with my little psycho. Music. Because. It really does give the food ahem. It's. Kind of a little acidic, the, very very nice flavor some, marinara. Sauce not a whole lot but. Enough. You know to to make it. Nice. For the meatballs so maybe half half. A jar maybe. Yeah. That should be enough. Yeah. Put a little more leaner paparika. Because, it with paprika on everything. And. By the way thank you to mr. Montoya he was here the other day and and he. Brought. Me some paprika. So. This one runs out I'm gonna start using is some, oregano and.

Some. Cumin because it's, everything, has to have a little bit of cumin you know gives. It that special, beautiful, flavor I know. I'm gonna move this around you, know mix, it all up and then. We're gonna add our. Meatballs. From. Style beef meatballs. And. This is gonna last us a couple of days I. Wonder. What happened if I put. Rice. In there will it cook together with the meatballs. But. There's one way to find out this is something I've never done before and. Because. I've never done it before I'm gonna add a little more, you. Know sake. Just. To liquify a little more there ya, ask, I, don't. Want to overdo it. Here. Somewhere, I have. I'm. Not even gonna measure this but I just gotta had a little bit of rice, basmati. Rice this, is usually you'll boil it for 10 minutes and run. Do. You know well, that happens well, yesterday. I wanted to tell them but some local. Yeah and I'm glad I went yesterday because today that wouldn't have happened, I brought, me some elation. Spacedust. IPA, and that's, what we're drinking until. Our. Lunch, brunch. Is ready. Add. That extra flavour so oh I, forgot I want to put it tiny little, bit up. See. That shot just, for it. That. Way goes better. With my, dear. Here's. A look at this one what final, product the. Rice is still a little bit like. Undercooked. But. It's an it's edible fine and so there. That's, alright. That's. It for am okay I'll get a little more later. We're. Gonna check our social mania, here I don't, know I don't know it's what I should call this dish that's. A little bit of Paia in it but, not really I. Don't. Know. It's, pretty good well, this Creek has already dried up and. As you can see the weather is looking much, much, better now. My, generator was sinking, here but it's no longer sinking. That's. Where it was. Yeah. I guess the vibration, and this. Creek here still has a little bit of water but very very, little I, think. The. Worst is over. We're gonna be able to get out of here tomorrow. In a positive note the truck is slightly, more cleaner than, it was slightly.

Cleaner Than it was yesterday as you can see the the water pair is right there that was me, trying to back up. Earlier. Today that some, low clouds there, by the mountains. Let's. Inspect, the roads from. The air well. Even from this altitude you can tell the main roads, are, wet, but. Let's. Get, a little closer. Right. Oh. Oh. I'm. Really, going to miss some, of these sunsets. When I leave, although. Since, we haven't had typical, Arizona, weather we, haven't had many typical. Arizona's, sunrises. And sunsets. Well, there that's more, like it. Go, figure the, weather improves, the day I decided. To leave although. To be fair we, had one, other good, weather day at least it was sunny. Remember. The, calm before the storm. Well. I'm all hitched up and ready. To go saying. Goodbye, to my friend and neighbor Daniel. May. Our paths cross, again. This. Guy was just hiding under my, tongue. Jack. Even. The desert comes, back to life, after. Rainfall. Alright. It's time to go we're, leaving the RTR, but, we'll be back one, of the most rewarding parts, of my visit, to quartzite, and travelling. Around the country in general really, it was meeting so many of you all of you who watch and, comment so. Thank, you thank, you so much for stopping by and say hello. If, he's been closer together travel, turn then shoved. And behind it I'm in no rush man. Life's. Good innit yeah it's. Not raining that's. All, that. Alone. Well. I am living going, to Phoenix because Ely, is flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor in, a couple of days I can't. Wait to see her it's, been way too long. So, on the next video we, are going to explore the Phoenix area a little bit together and then, we're coming back to the RTR, in a few days for, burning, there I wouldn't, want to miss that and, then we'll, continue. There. Is so much more to see The Adventure is just getting, started so look, out for a new video every Sunday. Here on my channel subscribe. And, enable, notifications. So you don't miss any of those and, before. You go you, must have noticed the new song on this video remember. The music I composed, for my videos is available, on iTunes, CD Baby Spotify. And pretty much everywhere, else and if, you actually want a physical CD or stickers. Or t-shirts. Traveling. Robert dot-com, slash stickers. Is the place to go til. Next week thank. You so much for, watching and see you on the road.

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Hey Robert, my wife and I watch your videos all the time and are interested in shooting video around our area. We really like how your videos come out and wanted to know if you mind sharing what kind of camera you use or would recommend. We also wanted to know what type of phone you used to shoot the portion of your video in the rain in this segment? It seemed to work really well and would make a nice backup. Keep on Travelin Robert....we're hooked!

My main camera is a Sony FDR AX53. Really good quality, if perhaps a little fragile. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9+. Last year's model but still really good.

44:30 well to be fair it's a Hymer on a Fiat Ducato chassis

That Lunch meal looked good....It could be called TR (Traveling Robert) Hash....or Trhash (pronounced Trash) Just a play on words :-)

I carry a 5 gallon tank, mainly for the generator, but I can use it for the truck in an emergency too.

You're welcome

Yes, it is all my music. Thank you

Hes smarter than us

guoood mooorning roberte.. eating fav breakfast of eggs ham n coffeee

Really like the cooking....RV food always looks delicious

whats up with the tires just curios

Thanks for the video. Those damn hippies are hypocrites, get away from the rat races yet capitalism at it’s finest, $900 stone? And how does she fund her trips? Youtube monetization, that’s how she gets to Alaska, florida, where ever. Im pretty sure she doesn’t grow her foods.

Love your videos, you're my treadmill buddy.

An other great video! Thanks.

great, well done Robert. can't explain better!!!

Beautiful video!

very nice video like always

I love your videos Robert!

enjoyed the southwest could call the dish roberto's cuban meatballs and did look good!!!!!!

+Traveling Robert ypur welcome you are the best rv blog i watch-thanks for the hard work at detail and have fun.make a note to visit macon,ga in march 2020 for our cherry blossom festival if you would like-alot of stuff is planned all over the town during the 2 week period.check it out 1st of march 2020 on the website for more information

Good idea, thanks!


Great video Robert [as usual]. Feels good to be able to take not only one extra trailer tire but four with you. A big jump over the Kia. Keep up the good work.

I love traveling with you..!! Your videos are amazing..!! Bravo to you, sir..!!

Hi robert its layne (lane) i love your videos do you remember sharon commented on the friday live? That was also me can you subscribe to my channal and tell all of your fans to subscribe to my channal aswell please thank you

+Traveling Robert Thank you for being so helpful....looking forward to the next adventure ~

+Traveling Robert You're the one should've been on that stage.. What a treat that would have been for everybody!

wow, first time I have seen you, Robert. I really enjoyed this video! I hope to join your ranks in 5.5 years. I look forward to watching your other videos and learning a bit about your journeys.

Please tell us about your drone. Thank you.

Great drone shots

Wonderful video, Robert! If I may, just one point of contention concerning the speaker "Caroline" (or however it is spelled). I don't understand why full-time nomads have to put down those of us in the "rat race". We want to be happy for those who break free, and some of us are planning our own departure, but why do they speak about us like they're so much smarter ("smarties") because they live as nomads? Remember, without the people living the "rat race", you wouldn't have anyone to fill your propane, change tires, driving the wrecker to come assist when the RV is broken down, serving you in restaurants, running the grocery stores when you need supplies, etc. Just a friendly reminder that we don't have to put others down, just to lift up ourselves. The world is full of all types for all reasons, and we should co-exist with love and appreciation. xoxo

Thank you, glad you liked it

Nice video,,, gonna try your meatball stew . A man could get rich there with a Vacuum Truck, a Water Truck, and a Fuel Truck and good customer service.

Sounds like a business waiting to happen... although might be "illegal" in BLM land

I love the intro music. Good job if you compose it!

Very nice video...TY!

By far the best video of the RTR 2019 I have seen. I have never been there but your video with the drone and perspective gave me a great feel of what it is like.

Thanks, glad you liked it

How’s minitini working out ? Do you find it cramped for space ?

Sometimes, but being small has more advantages, like being able to fit and drive almost anywhere.

Thanks for the video. Always enjoy watching. If you are ever in the Jax area post a video.

LA 331 miles OMG thats like 6 or 7 hours drive.

I have had luck in the past with utility trailer dealers. They have the expertise to align your axles.

LOL! I've been there once to check it out. I was underwhelmed, it's like an old folks Burning Man, without the cool factor and good looking topless babes out and about. Did you ask ole Bob if he's still banging Carolyn? Or did he get tired of her constant whining? Like many of us have. Find out and let us know.

Top of the line video!

Thanks for sharing another great road trip adventure!

So glad Carolyn was there. I watch her channel too!

To many ads got to go

Good Evening Robert! I found myself ill, at home for the last week. I want to thank you for all of your excellent videos that have kept me company. You are awesome! I am in process of semi converting my Honda Odyssey into a camping van and love your Minitini! Wishing I had one like it for my travels. Wishing you all the best, keep the videos coming!

that thing you use to place your cooking condiments next to the microwave. What is it called, where do I get it and how much $$$?

Some spice gripper clips I found on Amazon

That piece of giant quartz, gives me an idea, a niche for Our Lady of Charity of Copper, in my front yard would be exquisite but 900 dollars puffff hurts. in the minute 49:25.

Direct message to the democratic party at minute 43:23✌

Beautiful our flag waving the first minute of the video. Thanks Robert.


Mini Teniiiiiiiiii ! hahahahaha! every time he saids that I crack up!

His narration is priceless lol I love it, reminds me of Puss and Boots

SUPERBE ! from France

Great music in this episode.

When I’m in the USA I’m going to this RTR thing!

Great vid! Subscribed, love the drone footage too, gives me a better idea what it is all about.

You are a goofball who does not put enough water in his rice meatball paella.

Robert, you really deserve even more viewers, I will try to tell more people about you. Just wanted to let you know that you already have a solid fanbase here in Germany! :-D

Great video Very good background music. Great drone shots. Congrats and go ahead>>>

tourist town over priced food makes sense

those meatbalsl look good enjoy Robert

Oh I was going to watch the videos and then I seen you have 50000 466 million commercial so I decided not to what a joke

Love your videos. The calming and enjoyment nature of your craft has me feeling good and relaxed. You have cured my anxiety caused insomnia, and you have a most beautiful singing voice. Thank you. I watch for hours.

Robert; thank you so much for your very enjoyable tour of the RTR and the town! Watched the entire video until my wanderlust became distracting! Had never heard of the RTR until I recently bought a copy of Jessica Bruder's book NOMADLAND. All so interesting, informative, and inspirational. I don't use alcohol, but I will take a sample of that meatball/rice srtuff you were cooking up!! Thanks again, and like we used to say in "the old days", KEEP ON TRUCKIN'. My best to you and be safe. Mike

Thank you. Same to you.

cool to watch this after so many months. I was happy to see you included my bus parked just before the RTR entrance

Thanks. I remember seeing your bus.

Pfft. It’s government land. I’m not registering with any group like this.

Enjoyed this immensely! Thank you!

You're very welcome. Glad you enjoyed it

Very smart to carry your spares for such a situation. I never even thought of something so important yet never gave a thought-Brilliant, Robert.

After I had a hard time getting a tire in Indio, CA last year, I decided to travel with my own, especially now that I have the room.

I just found your video's.. Very interesting... Thank you for sharing.Carolyn from Tennessee.

Best RTR video. Thanks for the tour.

Question about the truck , would you recommend the truck to someone else?


A"Frame/Alignment" shop might be a good SEARCH for correcting the POSITIVE CAMBER wearing out that tire on the outside.

Add a little honey in your cooking robert.. You might like .try a corner of the plate First..

@Traveling Robert ypur welcome you are the best rv blog i watch-thanks for the hard work at detail and have fun.make a note to visit macon,ga in march 2020 for our cherry blossom festival if you would like-alot of stuff is planned all over the town during the 2 week period.check it out 1st of march 2020 on the website for more information

@Traveling Robert Thank you for being so helpful....looking forward to the next adventure ~

@Traveling Robert You're the one should've been on that stage.. What a treat that would have been for everybody!

I love your narration

did you choose that Seguaro cactus because it has boobies>>>??? maybe borrow a very large bikini top or bra from a friend and put it in the cactus.

@Traveling Robert LOL//// maybe the last one at RTR, but not the first one where you camped inside for a bit when you interviewed had your first guests, the elderly couple over............... at 21:18 .... I guess they could pass as Pterodactyl arms...

And all this time I though they were arms.

Mr. Robert, why is it called Rubber Tramp?

Thanks for another entertaining and uplifting video, Robert.

Woah, a new song. Like you, this Floridian is in awe of the desert southwest. There's something that calls me to that area.

planning a trip from Poconos Pa, to grand canyon. do you know of any class c RV rentals in the poconos area? thx ether way.

Great video. Did you ever see any snakes or scorpions in the desert?

Apparently they don't come out in the winter

Im a new viewer and just wanted to say hello from Ogden UT. Wife and I have been enjoying your videos! Keep up the good work!

Nice video, I was their had o good time! Maby meet up 2020

A tattoo represents CERTAINTY. Sort of.

Test ride a good FOLDING RECUMBENT TRIKE ASAP! They enhance the RV experience exponentially. Check out the Catrike Dumont or the HP Velotechnik Scorpion Plus. A SPIKE 380 is the most costly, but not as great a ride as the costlier models. A Greenspeed Magnum XL holds a rider up to 450 lbs.

You found a female cacti


For folding electric assist bikes, the LECTRIC BIKE is a big hit. They would be perfect at Quartzsite.

I don't know what it is but there is something hypnotic about your videos...I'm hooked. But if I hear that RV Song again I'm gonna start screamin!

My wife says if someone talks on phone is a bother start coughing and sneezing loudly. They will move. Or a well placed fart may work. Ha ha

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