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We. Celebrate, on. The, shuttle is approaching. Hey. Well hello my, name is Emma had to tell you we, are going to the Wizarding, World of, Harry Potter, I, am here, with. Monica. Michael. Sarah. And. Kat and. Tonight. We are starting our journey at to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter it's my first time going it's. Gonna be an amazing amazing weekend, we're here for four. Days today. Was the first day we're, here for many days and. Tonight we have gotten all dressed up in some fancy gear and we're gonna hire, okay. We. Decided to get all dolled up and we are going to the three broomsticks for dinner that's gonna be a great time and then tomorrow we're starting like, the full amusement, park day and. It's me a really amazing trip and I'm so excited. So. We actually went to the wrong part you went to Diagon, Alley instead, of for instance but you're, having dinner and to the LVP of cauldron, and I'm so excited so, I have actually had butter beer before but I haven't had a frozen. A butter beer for my something world some say the key is. So good it's. So good now. I drink forever. We. Have gotten back from the leaky cauldron and. We have just been chillin, but right now everyone in the room was taking, the Enneagram. Maybe I need a gram and now my. Grandma and I thought it would be interesting people, have told me I can be overly sensitive and dramatic. I'm. Built, for comfort not speed. This. One says I'm, much more comfortable giving than receiving that's, a hard fast. Like. This one I want people to think I love everyone even though. I. Often. Tell people when I see them making a mistake and they don't always appreciate it. Hmm identity, -. It's. Like, I will text you like Michael, stop being self-destructive and, you're like I'll. Be like oh really and I don't get like eight novels. We. All finished, talking, or taking me any graham test, I got a type one which is not surprising that's. What you got last time I don't remember he, took I remember, okay. So. What are you I was. A type 4 before I'm a type for now type, 4 for life I'm, somewhere between a 2 and a 4 in terms of my Enneagram, not, in terms of attractiveness, there, I'm a 10. Sarah, what are you six. And Monica, what are you, is. Everyone, satisfied does. Anyone disagree no, I have got my six before another time okay I lied I'm not a ten I'm like a hard seven. So. We are getting ready for our full. Day. This. Morning but so. Excited, we, are going to start, with hog meat today it's. A little bit colder than me breakfast the bear and I are like. We. Bit nippy yeah it's raining and it's chilly movie but it's. Hot with. Guys. We're. Not bored. Currently. We are still at hop fever you're just doing some, photoshoots, you can actually see my goal but. Still. Raining. Poncho's. Are not fun my, hope is enough I, did buy my, sweater and scarf though which I'm really excited about to be super warm and I. Also bought an interactive, on I want to Harry's long because I have a Ginny and yet run, took home a hundred, percent rain until, 2:00 p.m..

So. We don't really have a plan for today we're just gonna walk around just, don't take some more photos in, the shop I think, it's a good day for us to get through the rides over the way so that we know that we've done that. We. Are currently not being free, from sticks for lunch this, is we're looking to. Go, in and then we are getting food oh my god a hot, butter bean for the first time and it is so. Delicious, to, eat the butter bear time I, really, like the frozen one but, this is so fresh. So. We decided that we would walk the hog way like, I did not realize, where it was and relays literally just like some of the fun that I was very, caught off-guard but, it's beautiful and I think we're gonna go check out the line I'm so wet this is, amazing. So. We went on Hogwarts, ride and it was so. Amazing like, I literally, cried oh, yeah. I like teared up I was really really nervous no, lines whatsoever. Yeah I said 35 minute wait it was just the size and it's like quality, area. Is. Operating. It's. Wonderful. No. More macho loose. I said. There. If you would turn right around and face the shelves in behind, in. The center up there you will see that red one boxes jutting on it and. I would like you to levitate. Just one, of the red one boxes, by giving, the Wonder swish and a thick and saying. Wingardium. It. Does seem a bit dim here, in the shop let's have you brighten the room forever if you would please, hold, the wand all the way up focusing. Just on, the tip light, the wand by saying. Bloomers. Meet. Yellow tape recorder. More. Of a challenge than I thought. No a perfect. Fit, vine. 15. Inches if it only been decide, but if, I want tells me that you are an intelligent and, ambitious. And. With a unicorn, hair or you're, charismatic. Child. Will let me help you. Wonders. For the little. The. Prison, to like that's their own was very. Unexpected I was like we're gonna have to go back like multiple times during, the week to try and see if we can all get special, ones and like I literally got you this first one and it was the, coldest, experience. So. This, is my, one it. Is so, beautiful. And intricate and I love it, I don't. Actually remember what. It. Is like, I was too overwhelmed, to actually. It's. Amazing and beautiful and this is like literally like what I came here for so, I am and be happy it's like I could ever be. We're. On the, road. It's. A real thing. It. Is the end of day one we are heading out of Diagon. Alley yeah I like so much nap do you want music hola. Today today felling you seven hours long I also bought my Weasley's putter which I love the. Goodness focus. Why am I never in focus. You're. Gonna head back to the hotel now but I am so enough that you mine we, went on the great gods ride and we did some interactive, magic and. It, was just an all-around really amazing, thing so we are back at the hotel I stuffed, up that you guys but we're currently about to try some fizzing, whiz bees that Monica. Got for everyone, put some pants on or semaphore I don't want to do oh sorry. You also don't. Need. To see. So. It, is the end of, our final, day of Harry. Potter world day. 1 so, as I said I bought a lot more stuffs today which, is really enjoyable but I basically got everything I wanted to so. I'm pretty set to just like enjoy the. Moment, for, the rest of the two days. We also another green cots ride which was really really fun I think I preferred, the Hogwarts Express and.

Like. The Hogwarts castle, ride. More but, nonetheless I'm still happy went on and we're gonna go on at multiple times tomorrow my. Favorite favorite part was probably. All. The shopping no my favorite part was, elevators. Because, I got chosen for. My wand that was my favorite uh, Sarah, what was your favorite part. Oh. That. Was a really great one with you. Monica. Was your favorite. Honestly. I think remember, it was. When. We were walking through Hogwarts. I mean and you were just so it's. Oh my god it, was just so. It. Was really great uh. And. Cat what was your favorite part. The. Rides I had liked green cards I think that one was my favorite. I, love. Diagon Alley oh yeah, oh he's still good and also does all of our photos, we had so many nice little photo shoots around and stop, reading, that was great god, bless yeah, I think that pretty much concludes tonight, I would invite Michael in but he's asleep uh, so. Yeah we'll check in tomorrow you. Guys night. So. It is our second, full day at, Wizarding, World. We. Just got off of Gringotts and we, are at the Three Broomsticks and for breakfast. I'm, getting pancakes and bacon and sausage and I'm so so, excited and, you're gonna be seen. Monica. As someone who, was at very nervous for Gringotts what you think I, really. Enjoyed, it. I like. Ignore, everything. As. The story is just trying to decide if anyone's why the really, really expensive sweaters, they have here but Kat and I have discovered that there is a great, Gryffindor. Bias, and, they, do not hate it some bad, yeah. There's. So much Gryffindor, stuff and, it doesn't, come in any of the other house colors, it's 2018, I don't understand why like everything they're forgetting is not also sellers. Capitalism. Come on Slytherin, want to give you money yeah take. My wallet, but like make, it for me. So. My cause really bad vertigo, trying. To convince him to see if he could maybe, try and go to the Hogwarts castle right so this is half there it's going about that. So. Michael. What. Did you think of the Hogwarts, castle ride I. Was. Like like 75%, where, the vomit was but it didn't end up coming out congratulations. I. Screamed. Expecto, patronum window. And. I just closed my eyes for everything, digital otherwise I would have been dead I'm super sick but you did it, I'm so, proud of you. So. We, decided, to stop by the, marble, area and go. On some rides because, they were like literally no lion I, think. Combined, we probably only waited like ten minutes. And. It was just like walking through the, waiting, area yeah we. Went on the Hulk which I really enjoyed because I've never been on like any of these rides before. We. Went on. Spider-man. Which, was like a pretty cool 3d experience I, was. Like pretty similar to like the Harry Potter 3d experiences. And. Then we went on the. Dr. doom ride where it's like a drop and. It was really fun it was like they were relaxing, then scary. We're. Walking back to Hawks, me and we're gonna hang out by the Hubbard's area I know Monica really wants to see like Hogwarts Late Show which I still don't know what that is. Just. Like a performance like when they're seeking or doing like a Late. Show. Is. Gorgeous. Right, now we are standing in the cold freezing, waiting. For the. Christmas. Show. So. It is our final. Day. Me. And Monica, no one else really. But. Got, in the park early, and, here going on yeah. Hogwards, ride that, I keep calling the hundred so I haven't called, Harry Potter in the Forbidden Journey and, we're gonna have a great last you were never old. Warren yeah. We've. Done everything so now, we can just like do. Everything again. So. We are saying goodbye to. Everyone. And. Monica, was like hey. Yesterday. How we got to go on like three. Like. 20 minutes because like. My. Favorite part definitely has to be the fact that I gotcha. There's. Like no. To have here so that was really amazing and now I have like my own come, on that chose me so, I'm, very sad to, leave everyone. Must've. Been. Able. To place. That, we followed, by, death and. Disability. In, due. Course the, brother separated. We, are leaving my, Kylie, for the last time, it's.

Very Very sad oh. It. Was beautiful and amazing though like I don't understand how super Harry Potter world and not go to diagonally. What's. Your favorite, part out of the two. She. Died how it really has Knockturn, alley and it feels a bit more ever yeah but. To. Me it has a floor it's an awkward ride yeah that's true. Yeah. I feel like they both have their parts, but. I feel like when it comes to like walking, around I, feel like I prefer Diegan yet. Definitely, oh hello. But. Definitely hogs need gets points for having Hogwarts, and the Hogwarts ride for sure it's, definitely like, you should, not come without the park offers, yes. Get. The park hopper and, you can't right yeah it's. A. Long line. So. It is our final. Hot, butterbeer and we are leaving. The park I am. So. Incredibly sad so, sad hi like so like it didn't hit me until we like had, our final walk out I mean, it, has been a really. Really. Amazing trip I'm so happy we came I loved. Every second of it, it. Was, really. Amazing I can't see anything. Music. Oh my. God it was so great. We. Like started walking, out into the sound of like the last song and the sorcerer's don't sash back and, I'm like this is too much it, was really great and I'll probably check in when I get home just to show you everything. I got but, we're. So sad to be leaving we. Don't want. To come back. We. Can live in like the storage, rooms above. So. I'm finally home back, to the mocha world I'm very. Upset about it but I had the most amazing, trip I figured I'd share my final, thoughts on the park and my trip and show you a little haul of, just everything I got while I was there firstly, I got my Harry, Potter Weasley. Sweater, which, I love, it is a little, itchy to be honest it's like 90% wool, but it feels like a Weasley sweater, should feel and that's why I love it so much I bought my Slytherin, scarf which I really. Love it's very well made and super comfortable, it actually looks really good with this sweater I also got my Slytherin. Robes which is definitely like the number one thing I planned on buying at Harry Potter world the, robes I have are like $20, off of Amazon and I, really, wanted like the nice official. Harry Potter robes and I love them so much then, I got my, wand, of course the wand that chose me I still, cannot. Believe that I got chosen like that was like my number one biggest goal at Harry Potter world and it happened within the first few hours of being at the park it was so, amazing give, you a little close-up, of a handle because of course that's the most interesting part it's, just really, unique and Navi and I love it this is absolutely, one of the most meaningful objects, I own now it's like literally, a dream I've had since I was a kid that's to have my own wand that chose me and now, I do while, I have tried like the majority of Harry. Potter candy, that I feel that I would enjoy I did try it fizzing, whiz bees for the first time because they. Were Monica's, favorite and she bought them for the room and on. The last day when we were in honey to accept like I have to get something to bring home cuz it was just absolutely. Delicious its chocolate. Like full hard chocolate with, fruity. Pop rocks in the middle and it's. Just absolutely delicious I also decided, to get this Hogwarts, letter ornament, which i think, is super super cute. It was definitely overpriced, I paid like $15, for it but. That's kind of what you expect when you go to a theme park but I'm gonna hang it on my tree later when we decorate, and I'm very happy about this I feel like it's the perfect Christmas ornament to represent Harry Potter so the last actual night at Harry Potter world when Sarah Monica and I saw the hug where it's light, show for Chris which again was amazing. We decided to go on the Forbidden Journey ride, one more time and as, we got out as the park was closing they, were selling. The souvenir, photos from the ride for ten dollars and I was like it's, a pretty good deal and we got a really cute photo I think it's so adorable and it's funny because there was actually another person over here but they weren't with our group so the lady was able to crop it out for us so, now I have this cute photo I've never had a souvenir photo before and I'm, really happy about it so that's it that was my trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and it, was as amazing. As I could have expected I went with the best group of people possible, like it was so nice to go in an actual vacation with my friends that wasn't just booktuber. Book convention, related like we went, to Florida as a friend group and we just got to spend four days together enjoying our company and it was really.

Really Nice and I have the most gorgeous photos, and such amazing, footage to, really remember, the, entire experience, and I, just feel like I couldn't have possibly had a better trip to a Wizarding, World of Harry Potter for the first time that really concludes this vlog so thank you guys so so much for watching and, coming, along on this journey with me if you have been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or one of the locations, throughout the world tell. Me your experience, because I just want to reminisce on my. Time there for, as long as possible thank. You so much for watching and I will see you soon uh for a new video bye.

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Lovely vlog Emma!! I visited the the same Wizarding World in Universal two summers ago and I ABSOLUTELY had the best time of my life! Watching your vlog really made me reminisce about that amazing trip and I loved living vicariously through you! Also, you all went to some spots I didn't get a chance to visit so it was really great to see them, thank you for that Emma

I felt your pain when you were leaving

I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter literally the week after it opened because my family was in Florida for my step brothers high school graduation and I literally begged my mom to take me. It was on one of the worst weather days but I was absolutely in love with the park. I’ve been dying to go back since the other side opened and I really hope I can go soon!

This video made me so happy. I think I had a cheesy smile the whole time while watching it. I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter a few years ago before they expanded the park beyond Hogsmead. I am desperate to go back but haven’t yet as I’m from Australia. I remember going to Olivanders and so wanting to be chosen but they chose a young girl instead. You are soooooo lucky! I also loooove the Harry’s Weasly sweater.

Fantastic video Emma!

OMG I was literally on the 29th. I didn’t go on the gringotts ride but I got the Elder wand.

EMMMMMMA this vlog is so much fun!!! It’s so cool you got chosen for the wand ceremony!

This looks like so much fun! I wanna go to Orlando some day and see all those cool things. I went to the Harry Potter world in London and it gave a lot of insights into the whole world and it was all beautiful and a good time. Glad you had such a great time

This is just perfect! I wish I could go there myself someday! My dream. :)

Loved this vlog!!! So happy you had such a good time


you pay for it :)

I’m so glad you all had such a great time! I went a few years ago when it was just the first part. I LOVED frozen butterbeer. I’m not a fan of roller coasters but I had to go on the dueling dragons one because HARRY POTTER (the first roller coaster that goes upside down I’d been on ever) and I went to the Forbidden Journey one right after & threw up on it. Oops! I felt so bad but loved every minute because I was in Hogwarts!

Emma are you a slytherin??

doesn't it feel like heaven

guys you know me and my friends participated in an HP quiz and we became 2ND. and our team's name was the three broomsticks

is it in orlando? godd i wanna drink butterbeer

This vlog made me so happy ☺️ and I’m actually now thinking of making the 20hr flight from Australia next January after my best friend turns 21 so we can experience the magic as well ⚡️

Beautiful vlog! I was there for the first time in November, and this brought back so many fun memories! The Forbidden Journey ride was my favorite, too! It really seemed like you were flying on a broomstick with Harry :D

This was so amazing. I would love to visit with some friends. You all look so adorable. And yasssssss to the editing Emma ❤❤❤❤❤

This video just makes me so happy. It's so lovely. I've definitely noticed the Gryffindor bias in the merchandising, and it really annoys me. I'm so disappointed to hear that it's the same way in the actual park.

I only got to go recently for the first time and it was because my university's football team was playing a Bowl Game in Orlando and our band directors fought for us to go for one day. I loved it so much!! I went with a bunch of girls from my Life Group (bible study but we live life together) and we all had SO SO much fun. The light show was amazing!

I haven't been in the Wizarding World, but I went to the Studio Tour in London in 2017 and it was the most magical experience ever!!! Loved the vlog ♥

What was that numbers test thing you all were taking?

+emmmabooks thank you darlin`!

This brings me back to when I went years ago! So good to see more people making amazing memories in the Wizarding World! Such an amazing vlog!!!

This vlog is so magical wow

28:37 the guy in the back lol

My best friend and I are going there this summer with my daughters!! AHH can't wait!!!

SHOUT OUT to mt potterheads

Everything about this vlog is amazing!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️


Aw it looked like so much fun! I really want to go there so bad!

universal studios is my absolute FAVORITE place in the entire world! my family had annual passes for about two years because it’s only a six hour drive for us, and i literally know my way around the parks better than my hometown. watching this vlog took me back and i’m literally in tears rn. i’m so glad you got to experience it as well ❤️

I’m so fucking jealous! I live in the UK & went to the studio tour in London with my boyfriend & his mum. It was awesome. Now they’ve added stuff & I wanna go back! I filmed it all when I went & my video is on my YouTube channel, if you wanna watch!

This vlog makes me want to go back so badly

Wonderful video!! So bloody magical!

Fantastic vlog Emma! It feels like such a magical experience.

YOU GOT YOUR WAND AHHHHH THAT'S SO SICK btw I got type 6 but I still don't know what it means lol what test did y'all take?

I'm leaving for Florida tommorow so I'm just watching this because you're amazing, and to hype myself up.


I subscribed

I've been to both parks a bunch of times but a few years ago, my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip and it was incredible because it was his first time and we BOTH got picked at ollivanders at the same time which was so magical!

Eurghhh, now I want to go

I live in Miami so going to Orlando is a norm for me but the last time I went, I only was up to book 3 so I couldn’t really experience Hogwarts as the same as all of you. I really want to try to go back! I wished I could have seen you there but I’m so glad you had fun!

I know i'm late to this, but you can really tell you poured your heart into this (and hours of editing!) and I really enjoyed watching

This was sooo amazing.... I would really love to visit the Wizarding world someday.....

That place is so amazing! My husband spoiled me on my 33rd birthday and we spent 2 whole days there. How often can someone say they walked through their favorite book series

Idk why I like watching vlogs like these where potterheads go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter with their Potterhead friends bc I always get so jealous but that don't stop me from watching

I’m going here soon with my bff and I’m so excited!!!

What it the price of the wand

omg i’m slytherin too!!!!

Wahhhh just a few months ago I was there with Kassie and Chelsea, I wish it was the same time!!!

"guys we are at Hogwarts!" *enters Hogsmeade* only true potterheads will cringeee

I'm actually going this saturday im so excited omg


your channel is dying and I'm really fucking sad :(

What kind of camera do you use? I’m looking for a good recording camera cause mine drains battery like crazy...

This vlog really makes me wish I was there! Unfortunately living in the UK it’s crazy expensive so thank you for sharing your experience with us!

@emmmabooks thank you darlin`!

So jealous! I so want to go there one day! It looks like you all had fun!

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