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Hi. Everyone Oh mr. superstar and as you can see I have, a theme. Park monthly box which, i think is pretty neat so, I got this from America, so everything, in here um is. All. Florida, merchandise, and, I'm so excited to open it I can't wait, and the. Good thing with the apartment, monthly is, that. They do offer, sort, of like an on subscription, box so this box here is part, of that and, I. Couldn't. Just if I spend in South, like 120, pounds, em or. 168. US. Dollars, every. Month which, is quite expensive but, on the plus side, this. Company, do actually, take care of the. Customs. Charge so. When you get your package there, is no hidden fees it's literally just whatever you pay on their website, I've. Had. Some mystery boxes before from Disneyland. Paris. From. From. Finder before and I, have got hit with another, sort, of like 50 pound charge for. The customs, fee so. I was. Expecting to get hit again with this and. Watch. Because they put this as a gift and it means. That you don't actually get that extra charge which, is awesome, if it the pay by goods and services, you do unfortunately. So. This, is pretty neat so I do prefer, this I have ordered some from. Magic. Monthly, and, she. Does go into the Disney parks it does take a little bit longer I must admit this. Came pretty quick and I'm, quite surprised by that and it was delivered by parcel. Foss for the in 48 hours of delivery into the UK which, I don't think is bad coming from these states I've had, things that take at least six weeks, this. Is taking about two so. Do, bear that in mind so. Let's. Say open it I've. Already taken care of they, suck the topping of this and. So I've not had a look inside I will admit I have not had to look I, have. Opened it just for ease on camera just so you don't see me they're, around with it box cutter as you know super-soul, I don't. Think he's used it yet so. Whoever sent in that please, let him know but, he's, not used it yet and he really should rather than using scissors and cutting. His hands open so. Into. The box. So. Here is, sort. Of like a little thing. About em so like a little promotion from, themselves. So. We've got a Facebook group we've got. Instagram. So. When, I finish. This video I will be tugging them into it and letting. Them know that it's safely, received, and, and. Obviously. See. If we can get a deal together maybe I'll. Just to let them know that you know this box is pretty awesome so. Fingers crossed it is awesome, and, so. Yeah if you wanted to get yourself a little something, like a little just D treat it now it again hit. These guys up, and they, will sort you out they've. Also included, the. Epcot. Flower and garden sort, of.

Died. Here as you know it's, Disney so at this time of year that you are doing the flowering garden festival, which. I know if you go on to other YouTube channels they aren't sort, of doing. Some tours of it they. It, is very similar to the. Food and Wine Festival that, you've seen me and supersoul do, again. They are yeah. Show you around. The lake they have some amazing food, stalls. And subway. Kiosks, where you can try different things from. Different countries, you've. Seen means supersoul. Do this several, times and. It's. Been certified, October time this is err doing the food and wine festival. If. You. Are able to take part in this and, and. You were around at these certain. Events I. Highly. Recommend you do so they. Are amazing. The, amount, of beer and food. And. She can get but you wouldn't even think of Trane anywhere else this. Is a great place and what. We've found is that when you go around the kiosk and go around Blake, around. The world showcase. You. Don't need a full. Table. Service meal. It's. A meal in itself and. Me. And super-soul tend to share everything just so we can try literally. Everything, from everywhere and, it's. One of the best experiences, we've ever had at Disney and I, know there's all these signature, restaurants. As all these signature, pubs. Food. And Wine Festival or flower garden, festival it's. Just. Something else it is amazing. So if you get a chance to go around. That time i really suggest, you go even. If you just have a little walk around in, the Sun have, a couple of beers have, a couple of snacks, that. Is more, than enough and as, you can hear my, super, song jr. stood at the baby gate I'm. Wondering. What hope I'm doing talking, to a camera well. There's no one else here, very. Mine she is only two so. For. My recommendations. And I'm sure supercell will back me up on that Bowen. Garden, Festival. Seen. All the topes and everything of the Disney characters is just. So amazing we've ever managed, to do that once so. When we go next year hopefully we can drop on that again it's, just amazing. If, you're, not sure what it is and. Do, have a look em on. The. Internet it, will show you so, many amazing things so as. Usual as with meet sort of like these and, Epcot. Funeral, wine first of all they have a little passport, which is what they've included here, this, is the flower and garden version, so if I quickly show you this. Time they've upgraded it, before, they used to do stuff like stops, at a kiosk, this, time they've done stickers, to make it a little bit easier, the. Amount of people that have gone to the kiosks just for a stamp, and hold it up line is a, bit of a nuisance so, the fact that they've included sort, of like the stickers is a good thing so. Here is a sample of all the different foods and things you can get I mean.

If You look at that it's so well presented it is amazing. So, I go, to a page. When. I find him. There. We go, so, if I just pick a random page here so, here they've got the smokehouse as you can see and you can see where you put your stickers there's, the menu of all the offerings that, they are no. That's, all not for at the moment. It. Is so. Good, and some. Of the things make, you mouth water it. Is just. Brilliant. And there's. Just so, many things to choose from whether. You've, got your kids with you whether you're vegetarian whether. You're, a meal of it, there's. Or whether you've even read it, they've, got all sorts, of things cased for you so there is no one in your party, that will struggle here and. Here's. Another one so, there's. Even drinks, on here, and there's. Different coffees, the different teas and. This. It's, just great I can't sell it and. It's. Just brilliant, so they've got all sorts of countries on here so do check this now do, pick up a passport if you go in now. Answer, the box itself, which I know you were all dying to get hold of so. The first thing I can see is some. Mickey Mouse base so. Here the guts of six dice or. Six die rather oh will. Make your head some and. This. Came, to 495. And, obviously. Without tax and because. I know and. Well. In Florida or policing. The, states there, is some text put on top of these so. Do, bear that in mind if you are in the UK but. However um. This. Is 495. Which I don't think is that. So. Let's see what else we've got in this box and. I. Can, see we have some, little. Corn. Snacks here so. These, are the Mickey puffy cheese crackers, and if, you've ever been to Disney parks before you, especially, in Florida. You. Will see children. Each amis in little, containers and. As. They go around the parks, and it's. A good loss net to have, especially. With young children just to keep them entertained just. Your. Kids do tend to get really hungry really. Quick so, this is a good little snack especially if you wait for parades, this, is a godsend, and I. Mean that's talking from personal experience. As you know we've been to do. That Pro X with Super, Soldier knew before and. Waiting. For a parade, without snacks, without, entertainment. It's. Part. So. These, are great and. There's. No price sticker on these and. Here. Is sort of like the nutritional. Value, if you want to pause the video and see whether, it's something that you might consider for your children so, you, can pick these up pretty, much everywhere, in the park and you.

Can Get them from the, Main Street Emporium. You, can get from a little cake shop opposite, you, can get these anywhere and, they. Really, are a nice. So. These are super tasty as well and they. Are amazing. So. Let's see what else we have. So. Here we've got some Mickey Mouse socks which I know supersorrell, will be stealing, and he, loves everything to do and with. Disney as well just like I do and he's. Always losing, his socks and. I'm. Sure he doesn't mind me telling you that and, but. These are cool, so, you can tell that they've got something like his shorts design with his little yellow, shoes. There's. No price to turn these but, again these run probably about ten dollars maybe. Or. 895, but. These are great I like these. So. The snacks themselves, where pull about 895, just for reference so, let's, see what else we have. Now, yeah it's, it's. Something for me now, this, is beautiful so, this, is a, little, scarf and this. Was 24, $99. And and. As, you can see it's got multicolored, and Mickey, heads everywhere this. It's pretty, awesome this, is great for when it's getting a little bit cold and and. What. I found with these is although. It looks fairly thin it, does, keep warm, and. The, match times that I've had to end up taking this off in the middle of winter when it's snowy. My. Neck is too, hot is just. Unbelievable. And I thought they got. Mickey Mouse's everywhere. I know. It's multicolored, it's. Just so cool so. I'm so, glad this person, included. These that. Is amazing, so thank you very much, also. To. Take to work I have, a fancy new pen, so. I'm wish guard this with my life because. Everyone. At work just, tend, to steal mine Mickey Mouse pens and, I, did buy a set very similar to this em last, time that we went to Florida and I, don't have them anymore cuz everyone else wanted them and they, stole, so. I will guard this with my life, and it's. So, cool it it's got me Mouse on it's got the polka dots it's got a little signature. And. It says that this was part of the em gold, price range pretend you're having the right way so you can read it and I. Don't really. Know, what that means. Hey, so. My guess is it's about four, ninety five something. Like that and. And. I, will, just scribble.

Down, Here, and, the. Great thing is that I can use this for work because it, is backing Bay's, awesome, because I can't use black ink at work so. This, is fabulous so this book going in my handbag where, it's safe where, I can use it and take, it back home, before. He goes missing. But, this, pen is amazing. And, I've. Had several of these pens before and I've used it that much that, the, ink has, actually run out, so. I gotta give me placement, yay, so, excited. So. I was curious to, see what. This is, I'm, guessing, it's some kind of joke. I've. Seen that they've got the new and, sort. Of like some revenge I'll have, a Disney stop. Is. The Flower and Garden. Exclusive. And. Drinks. Cup and, it. Comes with a hard, plastic straw. Which, has like, a little stopper, on the end you, can't really see it very well on camera father it's, not like flexion. Stop. It come all the way out see some loose your straw a. Little. Rose, in oh my. God, that is amazing. So. This rose at $14.99. And. It's. Got, em. Plant. Kindness. On, the top of it and on, here, it's got a Mickey Mouse logo. Talking, like the Mickey head and. It says. It. Got international, garden. Flower, and garland festival 2018. Oh my. God that is amazing so. What's. This do I. Love. Even more, eat. Washes. You. Can't really see very well there you can see now. Ah. And. You can see were fast. There's. A go. It's. Great that the flowers actually impair phul that's one of my favorite colors. They. Could not have given me a bear gift that. Is so cool and the fact that wraps. It so well um. It's. Cool so for turn that off to save battery. That. Is, brilliant. I can't, wait to take this to work and have my juice in that when it's really hot. And. It's, made out of plastic and. But. It, is, awesome and the fact that it's from Disney, and it's a flower and garden festival. And. So happy I. Can't. Wait to use that that is amazing. So. I've still not, finished, in here believe it or not and. Let's. See what else we have, what's. This so. This is the Disney travel, accessories. Gear, it's, a sticking note. Set this. 600. Sort. Of sticky notes and tabs that. Would be. So. Well used it's unbelievable. So, this was $12.99. So. If I can take out. So. Yeah, there's. Like a, things. To-do list, there's. A little, jot iPad and. There's, yourselves, like your notepads, in your index in that. Is so cool I. Am. So in love with that it's. So amazing, so. I. Will make good use of these they. Could have included, anything. Better and. For. The job that I do I am, basically. I'm admin so, this. Would. Serve me so. Well in what, I do I use. Post-its. I use, indexing. Everyday. So. This, is perfect. So. Cool I really like the little design on the front of the cover, and. It's the same on the back that. Is so cool, and, the purple is 600. Of these and. It's. Just amazing they. Will get so well used. So. The star one, jorge13, in box and. It's. This this, is a Disney photo, frame surfer critique. You can't really see if it works up like with flexion and things and, this. One's, at. $27.99. So it's really fit it's also time you've an attached to it. This. Is beautiful, so. You've, got some really, nice detail in, there you've. Got some more detailing, on the back there, which obviously would be covered by the, photo. But. This is really, me it's, so nice so, well done and the. Fact, that it's actually a Disney, and. Photo. Frame and it's. Got sort of like Mickey is down the side but. It's just so cool I, love, it so. I, will definitely, be putting a photo in here and. So. Yeah I think this is amazing. Do. I think this. Box is worth, the. 168. Dollars, or. 120. Pounds, I. Don't. Know on a regular basis, probably not um, for. The shipping that you pay to. Get it into the UK, and. If. You're. Living in the US then, yes probably, it would be okay well, because you have to ship it to the UK, and. It. Probably won't be worth doing on a regular, basis, however, saying. That I would. Buy this box again and. Possibly. Another. Four, to six months or for, a special occasion if, you're. Wanting, this box for say Christmas, or a birthday, for. A Disney fan or even, just for yourself is for a little treat and. Yes it is worth it but. To do it as a regular sort, of subscription. Probably. Not the, doodoo, smaller boxes, this was the biggest, box and what about. In this, is. The. Biggest box they do so. There's one two three four. Five. Six. So. This six, different items in this box. Some. Of the boxes that you can order can be sort. Of like four to five items, or less. Those. Won't be worth it if you're living in the UK just. Because, that. The. Amount you pay for shipping, and getting it here.

It. The. Shipping, would outweigh the items if that makes sense so. If you're. Living in the UK in just one tin sort of like a one, box every, now and again you're. Best off getting the bigger box just. To make it sound like you're shipping worth it, they're. Probably, some, UK. Subscription, boxes out there and market and but. Whenever it's some review was they've said it's not all that great so. I went straight for the Americans, and. Just. Cuz I also want the Disney version, about, it, from Florida. But. Yeah I think, this, box that I've got, here right here right this minute is worth, it. Considering. That the frame, itself, is fifty dollars and. The. Flushing Corp is fifteen dollars all. These little things are all adding up and when. I did when. I. Wake you out. I've. Probably got maybe. 15. Maybe. About $60. Worth here. Or. Maybe a little bit more depending. On the exchange rate but, I think. This is amazing box and as, a, little treat I think it's gonna be worth it and I. Won't, do this on a regular basis so the next time you order one of these will be for Christmas um. But. I'm glad that it arrived here well, packaged, it's, arrived, well. In time and because. I've had all the boxes before that taken at least six, to eight weeks and the. Fact that there's no cause to charge on top of it it's just brilliant. So. That's something definitely to remember, so, what, do you think two of the items that are inside this box if. You, have these before would, you buy one now let, me know down in the comments below let. Thank. You very much for and I hope you all have a great day thank, you very much bye-bye. You.

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