They bought a hurricane damaged boat - Unforgettable Sailing (Ep.81)

They bought a hurricane damaged boat - Unforgettable Sailing (Ep.81)

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Yeah episode, Vivian's, amazement, bizarre Gigi unforgettable, sailing, as interested, in encouraging Bocas del Toro Panama. Granger. Futuro de Calais seven - I started. Rumors of es de la brokerage a penis. Trans means a positive for a comma Colin Foucault passaging Sajid crying, the devastated, earth all in Pliska to mobile to me - in, LA in, control, now sambar, pasta, being a courage awesome idea. Empress's. Garage / from rampart Street yet, reached a note of proper capacitive discharge in a vegan, Empress's, garage in the Bay Pradesh, Ottawa Phil Rizzuto, gondolier, disciple. Silver. Second series episode, linguist. Judicial, so like a single novel escrito, since cleverness canal, promise vigil simonize s episodes, in english mother's legendas, estonian Portuguese parrot. Savalas a sock Locarno continually. Scaled the tail in configure, alloys SLS an opportunist. Save, us a civilization, duplicate. Even a smart funny, Kiki no stress functional appeal to superior jury to the tail is celestial, agendas. My. Name is Colin I'm 33. Years old now I was. Working, on super, yachts for 10 years as an. Engineer and then, I, had a bit. Of a have. A row of pretty, bad captains, and as. An engineer I just found it a little bit hard to deal with so I thought I should go out and do something for myself and. I. Moved to Costa Rica, and I, started, an engineering, company there. I. Was, talking, with a guy that owns a shipyard, in Costa, Rica and caldera, and he. Went to st. Maarten after hurricane him and he bought a couple of hurricane damaged boats there and. He basically told me all, about it, but. He said you can't really go there because there's nowhere to stay there's, nowhere to like you know what it is, it's just destroyed. But. He said you're second best options, probably taught Toller and. So. We, flew. There I flew there on my own and I had a two-week ticket out of flight in and flight out two weeks like later but, I didn't take my flight out because we ended up buying this boat so. We. Bought. The boat started, fixing, and that's when I met Maria, yes, oh my name is Maria. I'm seven, years running our 13, years old and. I've, been doing for the last five, years disaster. Relief with an NGO all over the world so we just go and help, the communities, that have been affected by disasters. And. My, last job was a director of the turtle, our rebuilding project, and I. Was up working, over there and I met Colin.

And. After. Awhile I, joined. The world, we. Were working, with education. It, was just a school they, can send there's kindergarten. Somebody. Had never been on, any. Boat I've, been in like fairies, or she's. Been on a ferry. For. The first time I took her on here she was just like there, was all a total, minutes, like it was just chaos. And she came on and she was like this is beautiful. Is amazing. The super, love it was amazed because when, he told me that he had a vote I thought it was one of those canoes with a sail. Like. Okay cool and when I came in the water like I you actually, can stand up you have a kitchen, like. I. Didn't know anything, I learned, even how to say carvings, because before I was calling them room. Windows. Hatches. And. It's interesting because, buddy, is somebody, that had never spent much, time on boats at all and she. Went from that to living on a boat full time so it was cooler, what's the transition, of like conserving. Power and. Watching how much water you use and all these things that you learn, living. On a boat so she was totally, green had no idea no, idea what it was like I think, that's even with our channel people find that really interesting about how we, found this boat in the process of doing it, for. Us, I, dealt, with BVI yacht sales guy. Called Gary there we paid became pretty good friends and, he, just started showing me all the boats but the hard thing was finding. Out who owns the boats so. As you walk around or taxi around Tortola, their boats everywhere, destroyed, and you're like that would be a good project that would be a good project but you, just can't find out who owns them so it was just it was a big job. Locating. Some of the owners but. BVI yacht sales actually had this boat listed because they bought it off Husky salvage the salvage company in any key so, he salvaged. It put. It up on the hard patch the hole but only on the outside and, then. Put. It back in the water so when I bought it it was floating, but. It was still. Just all, the water damage and everything like then so they just sold it as is and, I. Managed. To pick it up for a fairly, good price because the rig was up and so, most boats I, don't. Know maybe 90%. Of the boats lost their roofs so it was a miracle that this one had its ring up. And that's the, main reason I bought this boat. But. One of the one of the sort of little. Bit frustrating, things was that after, the hurricane, and you can understand, because everyone, lost, their jobs and lost their places where they work and houses destroyed everyone, started stealing things so, all. The boats had pretty much all the electronics, stolen off them so. That's another thing when we were buying these boats we had to factor in new chart plotters auto pilots, inverters. Because all of that stuff was stolen so. It, was a big job piecing, this boat back together. Yeah. So a lot. Of it was just gone so and. Then we ran the engine so that the, guy I bought it off he said that he had sorted. That engine out and it was fine but I knew had been underwater, so I already budgeted to, rebuild it but, he was like it'll be fine it'll be fine I, ran. It and ran. It for about 20 minutes it. Was getting water through it was cooling, everything was okay and then bang it blew up. So. I knew, it would happened I took the the. Cover. Off and it was just all the valves are just like mangled, it was just all rusty, and but.

Luckily I've factored, that into the budget so had. It had a pretty good budget. For, for. The repairs and we came in under budget just because we did so much work. Ourselves and, so much homework. Before, we did think so. This. Is a lagoon. 450, it's, a 2012. So, it, was a heavy charter boat with BBA BBA. Charters, so. It had lots of wear and tear just from the charter use and. It's, the basic. Model so the only upgraders, and one electric winch other than that there's no water maker there's no generator, aircon, nothing. So. It's the very base model, lagoon 450. Which. Kind of worked out well because it would have all got destroyed anyway so. Looking. Back on it now it's just it was just a a whirlwind. Of a few weeks there we were just like we. Should buy something because boats were just selling out from under us all the time it was crazy, people, were buying ten. Boats at a time and just like cleaning, them and flipping them was it. Was chaos. But. I got really serious on a boat a lagoon, 440, and, I. Went through it myself and, I. Thought this is a great boat and then I thought I'm gonna I'm, gonna do my due diligence here, and I'm gonna get it a surveyor, to look at it. And. Luckily. I did because the surveyor poked his head up and under the floor. And stuff and he saw all the that. Ball kids were like coming away from the hull ride, up and behind the cabins and stuff like that he. Was like do not buy this boat, like you'll have to rip every, cabin apart all the bondings, all gone like, so. That was I learnt a big lesson there it's like if you don't know what you're doing get, help because if I just go on and my instinct, I would have bought that boat and I'd still be fixing it now. So that was a huge lesson so if you don't really know what you're doing that. I didn't really know fiberglass, so. I didn't really understand. The importance, of the frames and the bolt kids and everything like that and. The survey was sit do, not fire, so. That's the biggest challenge I think is getting, advice. When. You when you don't understand, something I don't know something because, if you just try to do it all yourself you could end up in a whole, lot of trouble the biggest challenge, at the beginning lose. The water. Because. We have just what 700, liters of water and we're. Like usually, eight people on the boat and we have, to make, it last at least two weeks kind of so, learning how to I, don't know a shower really fast and.

Usually. You open and you your friend of the tap and wash your hands take. Any time and like be, a little bit more conscious about and the energy, like, not being able to charge. The computer, anytime or, at night just like when, there is like really good song really. Good song like at noon or things like that so, there was like a kind. Of like challenge. A little bit I was. Very worried about turning, 30 I don't like, too much the third floor and it's. Been so far one of the best years of my life so, I was getting hit for so, that really like changing. Me. And a friend of mine. From. France we spent four months full-time, fixing, this boat up and, there. Was just so. Much, fibreglass, work to do we were just grinding. And glassing, and grinding, and glassing. But, the objective, was to get it seaworthy. Because, as you know Tortola, is extremely. Expensive to do any sort of boat work there so. Our main goal was to get out of this so I focused, entirely, on anything, that would stop, us from going to sea then, as soon as we got to we're, able to leave we went to st. Maarten and did some more repairs there which is my, opinion much more, affordable place, to repair your boat. But, so then we did the repairs there and we were just completely. Winging. It we're playing it by ear and we're like how. Can we keep saying how can we like make ends meet and, we. Put the boat on crew. Bay and a couple of other these other websites and, we. Started getting curry wanting to join us and we're like okay, so we started taking a couple on and then a couple more, next. Thing you know we're cruising with eight crew and, so. Everyone's paying a contribution, and we set it up so that everyone's. Contributions. Be covering our expenses, as well so. In effect, we. Were able to travel for, free unless. Things, that broke down obviously came out of the savings and, on a hurricane, damage boat that happens quite a bit but. Yeah. So we started to get Korean for the last six, months we've had almost full-time, eight, crew and that's how we've been able to to do this because, I think that's a common question with cruisers like how do you keep sailing how do you do this we, get people, to pay contributions which, basically, pays for our food and, I. Pay for the fuel and everything like that so that all comes out of the contributions. And, available. To make, ends meet we haven't saved a penny but. We've we've. Definitely had, the. Time of our lives. The, weird weird put four months of, our, blood. Sweat and tears into, the spoke it. Was it's. Hard to describe how tough, it was just, it. Was just torture, we just because we're living here and we're. Grinding there, and you know how fiberglass, does just gets into everything so we're just spending, days, months. And months just itchy.

And We. Did all the repairs in the water as well so because it was voting so we're working out of dinghies, grinding. The hall and glassing, it and gel coating so. When the time came to leave I was. Super, nervous it. Was a hurricane damage, boat and the repairs I'd all done myself with my friend so. The, only professional, help we had and we did have my official hospitals. Just, supervising. So. I became friends with the. Owner of vvi. Painters, and, he would come on and he would, inspect. All of my glass work and so. Many times if you like take that off you, know it'd have a couple of air bubbles or some people like take that off so, we have to chisel it off and, do it again but the, only reason I had confidence in the work was, because I had him overseeing, it, and. He did that all just as a favor as a friend and, so I'll be very grateful for that but. I had, confidence in the boat and, we. Were signing to st. Maarten which is kind of tough it's 80 miles like straight into the winds that were attacking took. About 12 hours longer than we expected. Just, because these things don't sell very close to the wind and they say breathed, louis-style. Out, it was there was a pretty. Much a disaster of a sail. The. Davit bent cuz it filled up with what the thing you thought up with water we didn't have the bung and look in the thingy and, it, bent the damn it down and. We. Had no lifelines. And. It. Was like midnight and cutting trying to put then sail, they, hit say in standing. Over there in, the, middle of the night. He. Was like three meter waves he's, an Iron Man we knew we'd make it but just so many things are going Nev like stopped working, like we're like what. Else and then. When we got to st. Maarten it was like in the middle of the night pulled. Into Simpson, Bay just. A just, a sigh of relief a bit like a gay it's. Planned the Nixon a little bit of it. But. We had up Martin, what one week before we left our turn up we, were in San Martin and. Two. Friends over. They are in our catamaran when, one day for a hike and they found two dogs and ten. Days after they went again. Into. The cave, and fold, Martin, and they didn't know exactly that, they didn't, have more space and they're both to keep him so, they asked Colin if he. Wanted to adopt him then my. Team I said yes right away. He. Was like. You. Can hold the dog in one hand it was tiny, it was dying it couldn't walk I couldn't see, it was just like this. Ball of mess and it was covered, in fleas we had to give it like three flea bottom is a layer. I. Said, she was like now we can't have anything on here we're like too many people then I don't know what I didn't know you can leave on our house. How, old are they oh my get that existed, much. Insisted. And it's anything, their best decision ever giveth. People. Always ask us what it's like traveling, with the dog cruise with a dog it's. Tough, the, fur goes everywhere, he's gonna find, somewhere to go to the toilet, and we've. Trained him to go put on a little fake. Grass patch, but. He he likes to go on the trampoline sometimes. And, like most of the time yeah. He's he's, pretty naughty cuz he's still a puppy it's nine months old still so. But. There's definitely challenges, and as you go to new countries. You've, got to declare that you have a dog and then customs, sometimes, want them to go to the vet so, it can become expensive, and. Caribbeans, been easy though because no. One really cares. So. We we. We started a YouTube channel and, our first episode was like what it's like to buy a hurricane, damage boat and that's. Got a whole bunch of hits on it now and we get questions all the time and the most common question it was overwhelming, how much did you spend how much did you spend how much so, we ended up doing a full episode, on all the all the breakdown of the cost so it's public. Knowledge now anyway so we bought it for $150,000. And we. Put about another thirty thousand into it and that's just in fiberglass. Stanchions. Lifelines, just everything, that we had to do but. The bulk of it was was hull materials. So. For about. A hundred and eighty five thousand, hundred and eighty nine thousand, we, were living Saint Maarten. Probably, pumped another 10 grand into it and one, of these on, the market now is, around. 450,000. After. San Martin we went to some baths, some, kids. We. Went on the-- well too, bad, we. Went to every country. And. Then. We. Say through the ruckus, a, amazing. Place then from the Rockies the ABCs, in Cartagena.

And, Then. Some. Blasts and now here look at the photos as soon as we started entering, that the Colombian ocean it was like one of the best memories I have it was like a really, nice sunset, and, we were sailing into a sunset, you can see Colombian, coast in bootleg mijita on the, left side and suddenly, there were dolphins. Swimming. Around, the world you know like oh my god this is incredible but. Even for fumari, alike she was. The director of the, nonprofit. In, total. Tolerance she quit that job and that's a great job a lot, of responsibility, and well respected. And you. Know she was in a very high high. Profile. Job there helping the communities, and she quit all that to come sailing and she sailed all the way down to Grenada with us across to. Glaus raucous and then I can't, even imagine the feeling, for her coming. Into her home country after like having. Adventure. Of a lifetime it must have been surreal. And I look, forward to the day. If. We make it that far to sail this thing into New Zealand but I'm just going to be beside. Myself with with emotion I think is yeah. There's something special, about traveling. To places by, ocean, rather than flying and I. Don't, know when you get it you feel like you have that feeling like are you earned to, be there you deserve, to be in this place because I don't know some sales are difficult, and. It's. Not easy their, watches and everything so it's not like I take a plane and it is leap and then, I'm home, it's, just like ah I earn it like I'm here I deserve, to be here so is that that feeling, worthy. The. Only way the, only way this is possible is. If you do the work yourself so. If you if you had to pay somebody to do all the work that we did it's. 100. Percent not worth it so. If you if you were wanting to get into this situation, make sure that you have the, time available to, set aside to, do it and the, skills available and where we didn't have the skills we seek out and that was the most important. Thing that's like getting help, when we didn't know what we were doing because it's a serious thing you got you. Know as the skipper of abyssum you got everyone's lives in, your hands and if you're cutting corners with your fibreglass, work or you're just doing dodgy, wiring, or stuff the broken burned down the broken scene there's so much responsibility, here so it's not worth cutting. Any corners and, my. Advice would be to just seek help whenever, you don't understand, something and even if that's YouTube, because there's some great stuff on YouTube if you study, YouTube long enough you can learn how to do. Most things, but. Even better seek professional, help and I, I, spent a lot of time at. The bar and nenneke just, talking, to contractors, and talking to people who could offer me something. No it's, sometimes. Buying someone a beer is the best thing you can do because you get some advice that can, just change your day so I, bought. A lot of beers and I got a lot of help and we've. Made this possible and to spend the best year of our lives so, it's, definitely, worth it but. You've got to be willing to put the hard yards and do do the work yourself because. If you got to pay for all the labor you'll, be broke real, quick yeah 100%. Would. You would. You do it all again yes yes. Yes. The food is providing, dizziness realism, Caribe Hilton serious. Car the gotetsu are valuable, each team chose plums seduce, Corazon, Aquino father sofa to room desperate in a Nevada parlay at Inova Zealand positive, Medusa Illinois's. Civil. Seguso DiNozzo's, VDC, adventist a triple ASIMO forgettable, upon, us aventura in bikinis, equations, linguistic. Homogeneous case individual, to, do so perceiver, grasa services.

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Tá fazendo vídeo pra gringo é. Deslik

Júnior Branco Oi Junior, fazemos os vídeos pra quem quiser ver. Ocorreu de esse casal ser estrangeiro e. nao falam. português. Mas tem legenda, clica nos 3 pontinhos e ativa. Abraços

Muito legal o vídeo mais só quem sabe inglês que sabe o que aconteceu. Faltou legenda

Alexandre Cabrial Tem legenda, tem que. ativar, no video logo no comecinho a ge explica. Abraços

Muito inspirador!!! Adoramos!!⛵️

Odd Life Crafting Salve turma, muito massa neh, Abraços

+bob bobbinson if he were to sell, comparable boats like that would go for $450k he said...

+Unforgettable Sailing ahh thanks!! I was so curious about these hurricane boats. :))

bob bobbinson Yes you did. He mention 180 k and in his. channel. he detailed. it. all. Parlay Revival

Victor Guglielmi Que legal. que tu gostou. Abraços

Thiago Neves ehhh pra baraaaaaato não serve, mas eh um super barco Abraços

María Feria Thank you, have q great week!!!

The Boatmans Manual 1978


olá talvez tenha passado despercebido da minha parte mas não vi o link do casal em questão que reformaram o catamarã gostaria de poder assistir. Outra coisa quanto ao som do vídeo de vocês, a musica entra tipo volume 6 ae seu esposo fala em volume 2( mal se ouve ), e depois entra um volume de musica no volume 9 ( tem que correr para abaixar o volume para o vizinho não reclamar kkkrsrsrkkk) seria interessante ser tudo no mesmo volume de áudio. No mais esta tudo muito bom desculpe a observação.muito obrigado

You don't tell the price. I don't watch the video.

Way to go you two. You look really content, and happy. Love listings to you tell your stories. Have a wonderful life together!


I'm still really curious about that happened to the 'navy seal' did he get outed in the end?

+Unforgettable Sailing puta barco. Uma mansão. Canal tá top! Bjsss

Expected to see condition and repairs instead lifestyle and egos. Sad future shackled to a bottomless money drain unless you unload it..

Muito interessante a abordagem de vocês, gostamos muito do estilo de vida ,envolvendo água, mar ,natureza ,e muita paz harmonia entre o casal ,liberdade, liberdade e viver a vida como se fosse um dia de cada vez ,com intensidade e pouca roupa ou nenhuma ,adoramos....Um abraço gente .

You two are a breath of fresh air. Congratulations. You are a smart and wonderful couple. Good luck to you in the future and stay safe.

Well done you guys

Yes ...... some yacht captains are basically indescribable......and what a great life move its impressive

Como vão, tripulantes do Unforgettable! Gostaria de saber se vocês recebem passageiros a bordo para uma viagem de alguns dias, tipo 10, 15 ou 20 dias. Bons ventos; Nilton-csp

If I may ask, What is an average fee (contribution) for crew to ride along? Weekly/monthly...?

Merci beaucoup oviedo amigo capetine ⛵

Que história linda. Que barco lindo que foi recuperado. Desejo ótimos ventos. Tem que ser muito habilidoso pra fazer serviços manuais com perfeição. Fico feliz que deu certo.

Que história incrível... emocionante..

Qual o nome da música de fundo. Please

An island dog with no papers will prevent you from going to a lot of beautiful places....especially New Zealand and Australia....quarantine in a lot of countries are no joke with big fines and penalties...and months of animals locked in cages...

Adoro os vídeos de vcs! Moro no interior não tenho muito contato com o mar, mas vcs despertam uma admiração q fico fascinada querendo viajar pelos lugares q vcs ancoram!! Vi muitas fotos de Tetiaroa, próx a Polinésia Francesa! Vou aguardar vídeos de lá!

Good to see a Kiwi doing it living the dream

Will await your arrival to NZ mate, well done.

Caramba, que história punk e emocionante. Vcs estão indo por uma vertente super legal, que é mesclar alguns episódios com histórias de conquistas, encontros de amores e superação. A cada episódio a edição e o roteiro torna-se mais incrível. Muito show mesmo.

Please, Please wear a mask when sanding. That stuff gets in your lungs and never comes out. Cancer Bro!!! Great video


Hello I’m looking to do the same up you can pm me so you could Point me in the right direction my Facebook is Stephen as please help point me in the right Direction

Smart dog

It is if you enjoy funerals for their food and free bar

Очень позитивное видео - жизнерадостные ребята.

Private Video 18+

Awesome to see you living the dream! I remember staying next to you in Tortola and going through similar challenges with boat restoration.

Maria doesnt look older than 18.

Great Video , Love the style, Found a keeper- The Girl and the Boat, Great job Bro. #WRV, # VB,

@6:22 - Better if you never tried to run it. Just tear it apart and do the rebuild.

i would like to know numbers on what he paid for boat etc..

Collin I read buying Insurance for a hurricane damaged boat can be difficult, did you find that to be so? All those beer and West Epoxy runs must have exceeded the limits of many a flip-flops....Ha Ha!!! ~~Happy voyages to you both~~ Find the book "Southern Exposure" by Chris Duff...(you'll thank me..)


awesome couple.

Sweet. Good luck guys.

You are just a sad jealous person. I know I am sad.They are having adventures that will set them up for memories of a lifetime. Fair winds and following seas.

What a great couple, honest, and fun loving, good luck and happy sailing.

What a great story, one of the best. Good luck, safe travels

So inspiring. And you both have great smiles matches with perfect teeth.

in term of insurance, can you find an insurance or better an affordable insurance for ocean crossing despite the fact the boat went through a nasty hurricane?

if you two decide to make babies they will be awsome looking!

You guys are amazing. Safe travels, and wishing you all the best


What did the boat cost to buy salvage?

150k $ !!!!!!!! really?!?! for a almost scrap boat? lol

good day has a question . :) I'm not an engineer, but very technically gifted. I found it on the internet : @t . my question : since I have not so much idea of what cost and work would come to me. what do you have to pay attention to when buying the hurricane damaged boat and how much would it cost me to repair it. I am very happy about information thxxxxxx

@bob bobbinson if he were to sell, comparable boats like that would go for $450k he said...

@Unforgettable Sailing ahh thanks!! I was so curious about these hurricane boats. :))

@Unforgettable Sailing puta barco. Uma mansão. Canal tá top! Bjsss

@Unforgettable Sailing

Colombian accent is so Sexy, in ANY LANGUAGE!

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