This Could Be Your Dream Cycling Vacation In Italy - BIKE TOURING TUSCANY DAY 7

This Could Be Your Dream Cycling Vacation In Italy - BIKE TOURING TUSCANY DAY 7

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Hi there! It is Bike Touring Mike here and welcome to the seventh day of my bike tour here in Tuscany, Italy. Today is actually the last day that I'm doing in Tuscany Thee last two days will be in the Lazio region and Lazio is  the greater Rome area I have about 200  kilometers left until I'm in Rome. So that  should be doable in those three days that I still have left on this bike tour To be honest with you I don't really have a great idea of what's ahead of me today. The only thing I know is that I'm headed south towards Rome  

But it's a pretty nice day today as well. We got some blue skies mixed with a couple of clouds   So I'm looking forward to yet another great day here on the roads in Tuscany, Italy I just made a stop here at the supermarket to buy some breakfast   While I'm standing outside the supermarket I can talk a little bit about going to the supermarket here in Italy First you have to wear a mask on. Then you have to check your temperature when you go inside of the store Which I was afraid of in the beginning since I'm out cycling, and sweaty and stuff I thought my temperature would rise a bit, but it's never been a problem really And shopping at one of these smaller supermarkets is often a good idea because you can find whatever you're looking for pretty quickly But the problem is when you get to the cashier. Usually there's a line of about five to ten people, since they often just have one line open And then every person that's trying to pay takes about two minutes. So you're usually standing in line for 15 to 20 minutes, because everyone pays with coins I don't know why, but for some reason they seem to want to have the exact change available. So they're standing there looking through their wallet for the exact amount of money that they need  So it takes a quite amount of time There's also a problem because the cashier can only service one person at a time, because the belts are so small  The person ahead of you has to pack everything they bought before the cashier can service you. So this is just a huge waste of time for everyone

After having climbed for the last half hour or so i reached the top of this hill and found this nice place There's like 20 benches and tables, some sort of barbecues   I have no idea if you're allowed to camp here.Not that i'm going to because i probably have 40-50 kilometers left to do today But what I can understand with my very limited Italian is that it's provided by the municipality, for some sort of group activities. Maybe scouts or church youth or whatever After rain must come sunshine. And the same thing here. After making a big climb I have a nice decline to look forward to, according to the height chart that i've just looked at All the way to the next town it should be pretty much downhill from here Feels like we've just entered another climate zone. It's lush and green down here and up on the hills it's almost like a desert I've never experienced such a flat and straight road during my whole week here in Tuscany On that note, I think we're actually leaving Tuscany in just a matter of an hour or so. We're entering the Lazio region instead

I just happened to stumble upon the Via Francigena again. And I was able to spot this sign from the road up there So I thought I'd go through and sort of summarize where I've been in Tuscany. Now that I'm actually leaving Tuscany and heading into the Lazio region I started up in Massa and then cycled to Lucca, down to  Pisa up to San Mignato and then on to Firenze   Cycled south from there to San Gimignano, and then to Montiriggioni, Siena, Montalcino, Pienza, Montepulciano, Sarteano and all the wat to this sign, where I am right now According to the sign I'm just about to enter the Lazio region and leave Tuscany which is a shame Maybe apart from the first couple of days which were in a lot of traffic The last couple of three or four days have been really nice,  with not that many cars I was a bit afraid in the beginning, I have to be honest  with you due to all the traffic   But they're very considerate here in italy. After football (or soccer for you Americans) cycling is probably the number 2 sport here in Italy They're very considerate when it comes to maintaining bout a meter or meter and a half distance between you (the cyclist) and the car   As we're heading into a more populated area which Lazio is and of course Rome I'm probably gonna  seek up the Eurovielo 5 and follow that as much as I can. Because I'm guessing that the roads will be a lot more trafficed than what I've had for the last couple of days Bye, bye Tuscany. I'm gonna miss you! I'm just taking a break here in the middle of a long climb A bit of change of scenery. Once I've entered Lazio, now everything has started to become very lush and green as you can see further down the hill  

Plus there are also a lot of signs that were in Lazio or the greater Rome region There's a lot of eagle symbols. The eagle is the symbol of  the Lazio region or the old Rome territory I think I've mentioned this before, but there's really no use to buy water at the supermarket here in Italy Both for your economy's sake and even more for the environment's sake Because there are these fountains or tap water places  all over Italy In almost every town they have one of these. Or in many cases several of these. What I do is I just go on my app and search for drinking water and I find these sort of fountains or whatever you call them The best thing about this is that the water is really cold in this one.

After maybe two hours on the bike the water gets lukewarm and it's always nice to fill up with fresh cold water again I took a break here, admiring the nice view behind me of Lake Bolsena or Lago Bolsena  Which is the fifth largest lake here in Italy. And what makes it even more interesting is that this is an old volcanic lake About 350 000 years ago a big volcano collapsed and created this lake. This is the largest volcanic lake in all of Europe   At its deepest point it is about 150 meters deep. Now I'm looking to stay at a campground on that side of the lake. And I have about 10 kilometers left until I reach the campground   Looking at the terrain in that direction it looks like I have mostly downhill towards the campground This place Bolsena has maybe 10 campgrounds and I had my eyes on two of them I've been checking both of them out and the one back there had a really sort of sand-clay surface I think I'm gonna go back to the first one that I checked out, which was more grassy  I'd rather pitch my tent on grass than on sand. Here's  the campground now. I'm just gonna turn down here

Unfortunately with this one it seems like the pool is closed. I wouldn't mind taking a swim in a pool Now I'm showered and basically feel like a new person. Usually at this time I like to show you some of the routines that I have when I reach camp. But this time I thought I'd do something different and I'll do a whole video about my chores around camp when I reach there That is next week's video. I'll go through everything from checking in, how I choose the spot where I put up my tent,  how i pitch my tent And everything about this electricity box behind me here, how that works here in europe. That will be next week's video  

Now I really need to head back into town again. Since this particular campground only took cash for the campground fee, I'm running a bit short on cash if I want to eat something in the restaurant   I'm gonna jump back on the bike and cycle the maybe five minutes or so back into town I got the money from the ATM and now I'm getting really hungry. It's about 8:30 in the evening now, which is perfect time for dinner here in Italy. So let's head over to the restaurant! You need to have your mask on in the restaurant before you eat You can take it off when you eat and when you drink,  but all other times you should wear the mask   It was a bit of a hassle in the beginning but now i've gotten used to it If you could just smell this pizza right now I'm super hungry so this is gonna be delizio Cheers! I'm back under the light here by my tent again. I think I made enough of a fool of myself down by the restaurant All of the restaurants so far has exceeded the expectations I had of Italian food. Everything is super delicious! If you haven't watched the last video from this tour you can do so now by clicking the link up in the corner Otherwise, until next time have a good one!

2021-11-09 21:42

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