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Oh. Wow. That. Was incredible. Hi unpin. Powers what, you just witnessed was a man experiencing. A virtual, version of the, jacksepticeye, how did we get here life show tour. Mind-bending. Rib-tickling. And life-changing. Experience, some. Are, calling it a revolution. In, life show touring if you do want to go to the jacksepticeye, how to begin here tour and not experience it on a virtual headset, device you, can head on over to jacksepticeye., where, you will find a whole list of venues, locations. Dates. There would even be some handy links that you can click on to buy tickets, now and then right down here below in, the description, right below where I'm gesturing. Somewhere. There, is a link that will take you straight to the jacksepticeye., website, where you too can, get tickets for yourself what, a class tickets. Are going very very quickly and, the show starts soon and remember. Reality. It's. Much better than virtual. Ladies. My name is jacksepticeye and welcome to. Spider-man 2 one of my favorite games of all time and money, considered, to be the best spider-man, game if not the best superhero game of all, time well the, Batman Arkham games came out and kind of changed all of that but this was heralded. As the best superhero, game for a very very long time and for very good reason as well because, this is still the benchmark, for the best type of spider-man. Swinging, that. A knee game still hasn't been able to do a lot of games have kinda tried a web of Shadows kind of got close that, the same sort of feel but, it never, felt like this ever again and it's one of the ones that everyone's like the new game when. It comes out at the end of the year which by the way I am insanely, excited, for like you have no idea that's got to be awesome Tom Holland if you're, out there if you want to play spider-man with me when it comes out in September. Just. Give me a shout I'm all I'm always open. But. This I remember, playing this game when I was a kid I got this when I was very very young Cameron, what year's this actually came out in and I my. Parents were in Northern Ireland at the time and I. Couldn't afford this game myself but it just come out and I texted my mother and I, said if you can get this game for me like. Her mum who I said some emotional, blackmail or manipulation, were going on, and. I didn't, hear back from her but then when she came home she actually had the game for. Me and I. Love this game so much I played it to death it was. Awesome so this is like the start of the game I just started, off and it's, something I've been trying to play for. A long time on, the, channel oh. Yeah. But. I never had a system, to play it on because this is a ps2 game as, you can clearly see this is this, old-school. Graphics, here. But. I never had a system to played on so I got a backwards compatible, ps3 recently. So. That's how I've been able to go back and play like the original God of War II games again I, want, to try and play like the original Metal Gear Solid, games again, maybe a livestream them or something but this is something I just wanted to do a video on. Cuz there's a lot of other spider-man, games out there but none of them come close to this feeling, of actually, feeling like your swoosh, around a spider-man. Need. To go get some upgrades though but the reason this is considered the best spider-man, game to many people is not only, with. Like a good tie in movie game this actually followed the the movie stuff for.

Spider-man To put it like. The, web-swinging, actually, had physics to it so. It attached to objects, it got caught in objects, you, had to like think. About how you were gonna go around corners and stuff like that through. A clunky, now that I'm playing it these days but. So. Much fun all right I need to look at the map, this. Is the Spidey store. Think. So. I would. Imagine so, ok let's go there I'm gonna go buy upgrades I did some missions and. Now I have experience, whoa alright, here we go what, can I. Sorry. I can't talk right now what can I spider by ah. There. We go I want this I want my webs in. Swinging. Jump oh this is really fun we're holding two webs swing, back and charge I, don't. Know how to hold two webs but I am going to try where's. This lady. Web. Zip is so handy, oh my. God the camera. Stop. Thief. What's going on dude please. Don't open up your jacket and flash me. Sorry. This. Guy he's gotta go to the hospital. Who. The. Pain make. It stop Oh make, it stop oh my god this game is. Definitely. An older generation game, oh. God. I just webbed them I'm. Sorry that you're getting robbed. I would. Help but. This man needs to go to the hospital. Oh the, hospitals right here, hey. You did it say, the, greatest we'd better get this patient to the or stat. Yeah. He's broken leg all right I can, I can save your cat. Wait. What was getting robbed oh. Look. Out here comes fight, a man, here. Comes a spider-man, is. That the reference you were making. Come. Here that. Crap, there. We go. There. We go rice, I look, very dashing. With a bag. What. This. Is my bag now my hero, can. I have a lollipop ah she, looks all sad. She's. Walker a she's a damn wish. She never brought the bag back I was gonna just tell, the police and get insurance money yeah, God Jane fly. What. Do you know oh. Right. What do you want why are you in the corner. Lady. Are. You Blair watching me hey, there what's. Going on what do you need. Spidey. I just, I. Can't. Do it I'm sorry, Oh. Ambushed. Me. In the briar patch you, got you so lady. Oh. You're. So cute when you're helpless and dying, sorry. Fellas I have, different plans, out. There, we go there you're taking on the speeder, bond your hero.

My. Hero in, days. Your. English. Engraving. These tights oh. God. I remember that. The. Freakin balloon kids. There. Was such a meme, I, lost. My, balloon, whether that's the fur or the new game I was, like are. We gonna have to go after kids. Balloons, now. Dandy. Damn and. Then I got, my balloon. Man. The people of New York meaty needy, needy. Oh guys. It's the gangs they're. Fighting again oh. Hell. Yes right II get. That heavy metal going. Yo. What's, up, I'm the. Spider-man, and I'm here to kick your ass taking. The guns out of the hands that would kill the cans. That's. Spider-man's, motto oh. Man. You guys are gonna drive away you catch me spider-man our car is in no shape to go after it. Oh. Push that car oops. That car, yeah, really. Show that Paris, cause there's, so many upgrades in this game as well that you can end, up getting like you can web guys up from polls. You. Can stick, guys together I think are there's so many things I. Love. This game someone I love spider-man, so much how. Is he not everybody's, favorite superhero. He's. The coolest powers. Again. Tom Holland you, want to play man a huge. Fan. You're. An amazing spider-man, you're the one true spider-man, in my book. Another. Thing anybody has come close to encapsulating. Spider-man like he did told me more did a good job but he was um. It. Was kind of hurt not. Think of him as a 30 year old man at the same time Oh, challenge. Hold. Swing on these poles by holding circle when near them. Wow. Okay, you. Do that on your mark get set Jack, God. What. Is this this, is rigged oh my. God. This. Is. My, best time oh the best time is 30 and my time was 23. I'm. Gonna get for that trade the challenge in hell no are, you good Spidey oh yeah. I remember playing when I'm playing, this when I was younger it felt a lot better than it does now I. Think. Maybe that's painting, people's knowledge than nostalgia, glasses, whoa. These. Nostalgia, glasses really work this. Game is, incredible. Now oh the helicopter, yeah oh. But. See that's the thing it actually grabs onto the buildings and after that's actually super cool. Yeah. Exactly. Listen. To the lady. This. Is fun. Spider-man. Spider-man. Series. You know you have no idea how excited I am for the new game. Like. Seeing. Some of the footage, of it already it just looks so good I'm such, a huge I'm. I'm a spider fan, what. Can I say he's. My favorite superhero ever. He's, amazing I want more and more and more spider-man, stuff all the time Pete's, a place a fright. Pete's, are going out come, on. We, have to go deliver pizzas is a good time to talk a little about hero, point your. Honor Joe cares. All right let's. Let's try to get some fucking speed, going man. Secret. Is to. Swing, right. Near the bottom and do this. That's, one thing this seemed to have fixed in the newer one too is. That in this it's very easy to mess up your swing, and, messing. Up your swing a spider-man is like the worse because it's supposed to be super fluid, but. They seem to have put in some goods. Precautions. In the newer one to. Make, sure that your flow just keeps on going. Some. People don't complain when it comes out that it's it's. Not exactly, like this and you don't have full control, absolutely. But I think. They're making some good changes to make it a lot more fun a lot more streamlined. What. Are we doing there we go to the dinner I don't want to go to dinner i jus want to be spider-man, George. Your face whoa. Anyway, I brought, you the ticket from my Play. Peter. I think you should know I'm. Seeing someone now. Yep. A guy me I'm right in front of you really. Huh. Really. Is. That all you have to say. My. Gosh. Exactly. How Peter sounds, I I, have. To go of. Course you do I'm, really sorry I'm J I really. Want to talk more I'll call you. BAE. Powers, I can't believe I ran off like that I must. Be out of my mind. This. Game is awesome it's so cheesy, cuz. She does know he's spider-man yet, hey. I'm. Walking here. Well. I'm also walk in here and I'm spider-man hey that's not yours. Keep. Trying buddy you'll get there eventually Iron. Man. Spider-man. Oh, not, him, anybody. But spider-man, sorry. Lois museum's. Closed tonight. But. If you would like to buy tickets, for. The Deaf Museum, I can. Definitely help you out with that yeah, this one's really great it really brings out the the, Apple in your eyes, do. You think that they made the picture because of the Big Apple because, we're not we're in New York, guys, you're not telling, me much I want to hear your artistic interpretation. Of what's going on bye, guys these days you got no manners oh I, beat. It up all the bad guys already, there's no more for me to be I. Never. Knew that before, they. Did they got touching, Adam picture.

Who. Black. Cat. Meow. Wait. Cat. Meet spider. Cool. I. Got. A chaser, huh. You. Know someone. Consider this stalking, mr., spider-man. Okay. The game does not control as well as it did back in the day all right, okay she's right there where is she going oh. Oh. Look. At me go you, have web spider, man just like Weber up if that's what you really want to do I don't. I don't I. Don't. Condone, it oh my. God what am I doing, here we, go that's what I want to do getting, all my buttons. Nice. Nice. Nuts, why. Were you at the art gallery I, chopped. It up to undying. Optimism. Huh. What'd. She mean by that, yeah that doesn't make any sense recurrently I'm never gonna find out where. We at the art museum, optimism. Shouldn't. You be helping some old lady across the street or something. Shouldn't. You be in Batman stop, in the name of the Paul. Yeah, because she's a cat. You. Always chase girls who brush you off no. Only. In the naughty ones I have. Standards after all, stop. Is the word and. Here I was expecting. Amazing. Hey, I know, what I want to do I want, to climb to the tallest building, the highest peak and all their own oh is. This the highest peak, oh my god look at the mini-map look how high up I am. Yeah. This is definitely too high the highest one caused, by the climb oh. Yeah. That's. So, cool. But. Do you think about that when. This game came out to have this entire. City, to, be explorable, open-world. Games weren't even a big thing back then this game came out in 2004. Like. As I was 14 when this game came out I actually thought it was earlier than that but nothing. Was doing this kind of stuff. Some. Games were trying it in everything but to have a superhero. Game do. It and that, has like a day/night, cycle, it has, like. The newer one coming out at the end of the year doesn't even have a day/night cycle not a dynamic one anyway and it, had like physical. Connections. With the webs and swinging and had momentum, and all that kind of stuff it was awesome. Oh. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Wow. That's. Awesome. And. I like that you're not like super fast to begin with it's. Almost like an actual, web. Swing because. That's the thing everyone's always like say how does spider-man actually swing he does not have enough mass. Or, weight. To be able to swing like a pendulum like that. Hey. Hair, head I got some more upgrades. One. Of the things I loved about this is that you could get acrobatic. Upgrades, so. Not only can. You swing around cool. But. You can do all that stuff. It. Was so much fun there's. Like six, of them by the end so I like you have full control over - to. Make yourself look as awesome as you can. Cuz. That would be one of the fun things about being spider-man I think. It's. Just swinging around like that. And. Just having fun with it. Doesn't. Have to be all just swinging back and forth back and forth up that's some style into it I don't, want to make favorite things about spider-man, is that he he. Has fun with what he's doing it's. Hard to do it and it takes a toll on him but, he always has his hair in the right place and. He's always funny he's always optimistic, whenever, he's fighting things.

Right. Mines the best whoever, gets them as pictures of spider-man I. Watch. Spider-man. I. Wish. I JK Simmons his voice okay. Take a picture. Can. You possibly, play my mother oh. I'm. Gonna take in pictures of spider-man oh I didn't, mean to do that, I. Don't. Know what's happening half the time. Picture. Doors. Beautiful. Beautiful. I don't, really how these pictures are anything unique though anybody, could have just gone into this building gone up to the window and took it. What. You need is like a drone shot that only you can get Pete. That's. A good one, cuz. You couldn't get out from the window Pete and the last. One goes to. Manhattan. Beautiful. Pete. You're very low-key Digital pull your own arms off sometimes, you know that. That. Was pretty slick I have to say anybody. Need some help. I'm. A friendly neighborhood spider-man. Need. Help just holler just see it as I'm playing bite, there's. Like hey my man it'll, be like a Doppler, effect. It'll. Be pretty cool. Anybody's. Smell spider huh spider, for hire what's. This challenge race. Difficulty. Easy. Hold. Of this pass as fast as you can can catch me how much interbred man I. Think. I can do this. Spider. Me. Spider. Me. Radioactive. Spider, me, I was actually watching the spider-man cartoon again recently, like. The old animated, cartoon remember, when Spiderman turned into it like an eight-legged, spider. He. Actually mutated, and the Punisher came after him, she. Was dope. It, scared the crap out of me as a kid no what, are you doing that's my tea oh. All. The way. Luckily. I got me handy-dandy web's whip whip. Whip. Spider-man. Maybe you should learn to spider English. Whoa. I, was on a fucking roll and then I messed it up. Just. Call me butter cuz I'm on a roll. You. Just call me menace like it was my name menace. Torture. Ah. Dick. For brains. Hell. Yeah, this. Time is to miss what I do I did John Cena time. They're. Holding up the armored cap Oh with, God so. Don't. You like holding it above their head that would have been awesome. Excuse. Me bad, guys, are. You fond of your weapons, I'm. About to take them from. The. Back of the head. He's. Dead now hey fellas, I'm. Untie you okay I know you might be into, this and it's a little bit kinky but. Get. Out of that. What. Everyone's, talking to me I'm. Spider-man not listening man. What. Happened. Walked. Into me I I'm, looking for a coffee. I'm. Not, I'm just walking down the street wait. I don't need to walk across the streets, thank. God web. Powers, later, chumps, okay. Okay later Chuck. That's. Me just don't look at me right now I can't do it when I'm being watched, here we go.

Okay. One free, tour of, New York please. You. Got any sex okay. What. I'm on a helicopter, I'm not driving, raising with what license, my spider license, shut, up I'm. Gonna leave this episode here this, is such a fun game I mean, it's way conkers and I remember it being like smack, it into walls all over the place the, camera just trying to keep up the blur and everything it's just it's. So obnoxious at, times but again back then it was outstanding. This. Is still one of my favorite games ever like. Top ten just, because of how much of an effect it had on me when I was kid I think this was the thing that solidified, my love for spider-man cuz I like the first movie and then, the second movie came out in this game took was to tie in with the second movie and I love those but. It was it, was the first and second movie and this game that really just opened up my eyes to be like holy hell, spider-man. Is like the. Coolest, ever I had always like spider-man anyway from the cartoon but. It was just like another superhero and. Watching. Him and watching like the x-men cartoon is different things like that the world is so awesome in the animated Batman, cartoon I, think. Batman used to be my favorite superhero back then but. Then after playing this game and watch the movies I was like nah spider-man's the coolest, and, he. Always will be to me now he'll always be my favorite superhero, from now on he's, just the best he is the coolest powers, anyway. Thank, you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch. The like button in the face. You. Boys and. I. Thought. I was gonna get stuck in the building there I was cool we flew down underneath it.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the best spidey game so far, the new one will take the cake and Andrew Garfield is the best Spider-Man

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jack I,m your number 1 fan and I am 8 years old;d


Jack might be going insane

if i try to remember playing this game as a kid, i remember it looking so realistic.

I thought the intro was him getting blown, I don’t deserve this channel

This video is so nostalgic for me

I have a ps2 and the first xbox


I REALLY hope Tom Holland can get in a vid with Jack

What happend to Jack and he is making such weird intros

Omg I used to love this game as a kid on the old Xbox 1

I was playing this when he uploaded it

Spider man 3 is just as good if not better

Jack you should play god of war 3

OMFG I dug up my old xbox and found Spiderman 2! Somehow it still works too! OH GOD THE NOSTALGIA!!!

My child hood game love it!!!

OMG I have this game because I have a PS2 and we can't afford a new console this game is the bomb

Get some pants

Right here down in the description! ..somewhere

I love this and im only 11

What an intro imaoo

I had this on gamecube and it sucked cause the save file always corrupted

Please go to Denmark

does anyone hear that high frequency sometimes during the video


my favorite superhero is The Flash! he is so cool

Jack you need to do a video on your top 10 favourite games

It was awesome when I played GTA3 first time. Compared to old PS1 games everything were so new and free roaming around city was so cool. This has nothing to do with Spiderman but big city and open world felt you can do anything.


"How is he not everybody´s favorite superhero?" *HE`S DEAD*

i turned my head when the intro started playing then i turn around thinking "i didnt know that jack made those types of videos"

I luv your vids jack! : D

Spiderman 3 actually had the best web mechanics. Even if it was a bad movie.

Wait...I had this game!!!

oh :3 i saw something down there

I’m only 13 but my dad had a ps2 with this game and I used to play it so much

Pretty sure Thanos killed Tom Holland

Anyone else think he wasn't watching the tour

I thought for a moment this was a joke. But the game is hilarious

Soooooo whoever made the Arkham games should do it with Spider-Man. They do such a good job with his physics. I know spider man would be a little harder having to be super fluid but I think they would do a great game.

Jack knows how to sponsor his tour and make us laugh!

its funny becues i have a ps2

At the beggining you were watching porn

I always wobdered wat VR porn would look like :P

I bet Jack told his mom “If you get this game for me, I’ll get a job”.

I like how he is just in his underwear...he doesn't care at all.. good old sean..

I've played this game a long time ago!!!it's so *cool* !!!!!

You say every old game is your childhood make up it mind jesus

Your mind*

I played the PS3 version

Another indicator that Sean and I would have been best buds if we would've gone to the same school... in another life man... in another life brother...

What do you call a Jacksepticeye playing a cringe game **for example, minecraft, roblox etc** ? Read more

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has the same exact everything almost

Is this a Fucking joke?

Jack's legs tho

Tbh I lost hope that youtubers will not come to Malaysia for a tour :(

Jack doesn’t have any pants on and that’s all I ever needed.

so glad jack knows about the new spider-man game and is hyped for it :D

Was Jack getting a virtual blow job in the intro?

You know even though i love spiderman ive always felt like the games made climbing up buildings somewhat boring

Jack thank you so much for playing this. After the tour intro finshed I burst into tears of nostalgia. Thank you soo much

Lmao that was so fake it’s funny

I played Spider-Man games till I was 11 I am 16 now but I lived spider man my second fav superhero would have to be blue beetle

Also my birthday was may 23 thats why I said I am 16 now jack

Itro is so freaking cringey

Oh my goshhh play the new spiderman game with Tom, it will be EVERYTHING

You know... I never really had a good reason to want a VR before....

U Hav No Pants Bro

Yeeeeessssss Spiderman finally. He is the best. The embodiment of what it means to be a hero.

My favorite is Batman but I like spider man cuz he isn’t always so serious he has fun at times

I used to play this shit everyday tbh....

When you are up high it looks like Minecraft graphics.

I have it right now

I played it not to long ago

"Poll" and "two guys together".................. WTF

yes jack i know what that game is i used to play it when i was a kid and yes i know its a ps2 game (i showed my sister and she was like "oh my god")

p.s your going all about Tom Whalen.did you forget about Toby Maguire?(original Spiderman)

all i saw were jack's legs

omg this was my childhood to

what about the amazing spiderman actor i was a fan of him! I was sad when they stop on 2

Minnesota :(

hahah the girl sounds like the batman animated cartoon Harley Quinn HAHAH omgs i dying!

The balloon kid just lets go of the balloon right in front you right after you got it back for them. That would be so funny.

His face looks like MattShea lol

This game is similar to GTA 3

OMG, I fking love this game so much. Played this game on the PS2, I just hope I still have it.

I don't think he ad pant

Nah best Episodes of the 90's cartoon where the Carnage Episodes


I was 9 when this game first came out. I got it as a Christmas gift from my Aunt and Uncle for PS2.

Subnautica please

As soon as I saw this, I went back on to my old ps2 and played the same Spider-Man 2 game!

Why-Why I feel so intrigued?!

My favorite superheroes are batman, the flash and spiderman, ranked by badass, best power, and best heart ever.

Gow3 pls


God ok jack you having on VR

God ok jack you having sex on VR

but he said crash bandacoot was his childhood


The balloon kid was so annoying

:) I remember this, although, as I played it on the GC, I remember the graphics being a little better. But heck were the non-grindy bit fun.

Omg I was born in 2003, this game is the greatest...

I thought you weren't wearing pants jack

Plaease play god of war not the new one but the old ones

I played this game so much on my PS2 it actually killed the belt for the Disc Tray. by the time that happened the warranty ran out and so I manually repaired it.

da amazing sooder man 3 had same feeling on PC but dont know if PS3 maybe....

Love this game, just played it a few months ago for the first time in like a year. I remember playing this game as a child as well hulk 2003, another game for ps2

I miss playing this game now I'm sad

Me to i love spiderman especially the homecoming

Thot his childhood game was sonic

Ultimate Spiderman was my favourite PS2 game it had really good web physics and overall was really good game I’d love to see you play it, I hope one day you have time to play it on your channel thanks for the amazing content anyway.

Sick bro I had Spiderman 3 for the wii

Who else misses the theme music that this game has? One of the best things to listen to as you're zipping through New York.

Just the mention of the title of this game hit my with a nostalgia bus going at feels miles per hour.

spooderman is one of the 3 most recognizable superheroes.

Come to Finland!

Play with Toby McGuire

I’m a spiderfan too Jack!

Mr. Stark I don't feel so good

Spider man 3 was the best tho. Not the ps3 version, the ps2 version.

Jack if only u were gay

I cant really remember the graphics being well that iv got number 3 and ye the swings ar the same

I was 2 yrs old in 2004

Oml i remember when I thought the graphics were good lmao I still loven this game tho

I was in a spitter man book one time

One of the first games I played ever.

holy crap i owna copy on ps2 i havent played since i was5

I played this game when I was little and it was the best most fun game ever.. I would give anything to be little again and play it

Y is heNot wearing pants and the intro WTF

I only had the gamecube version.

Hey im walking here!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s pizza time

I have a PS2. I need this game.

jack you should play disney skate adventure it was literally my favorite game growing up

also when you realize jack is 14 years older than you

Classic jack... Still doesn't wear pants..

@jacksepticeye You’ve mentioned silent hill on a select few horror games with stuff like it, and I think you said you’ve played one before, and recently you have played stuff like pt, like the exodus hospital game, but watching you play the real games of silent hill will brighten my day...


Is jack in his underwear? Hhhhhhgggg

That was an intro....

When you are watching great vr porn, and they give you a hentai experience...

My dad gave me this game when I was 7 in 2014

No it's all about Toby Maguire.

"Shouldn't you be in Batman?" No, Jack. I think Batman should be in her, if you know what I mean. ;)

You don't even have a PS2. HA. I laugh at your lack commitment to the 20th Century

i used to play the shit out of this game when i was a young fella

The new Spider-Man game is coming out on my birthday.


Talk about knocking on someones door... Spidey just beats the crap out of them...

I'm sorry jack (Shawn) but actually for me Dr. strange has the coolest powers

Why... is the new game ONLY for the playstation?!

Love how some swings are so perfect you speed up and things blurr and love how on all falls spidey speed up

I played it as a kid too, couldn't get past mysterio though. And my favorite move was the interceptor kick.

Jack wat u think about the ending to infinite war

I thought he was watching vr porn at the intro

Spiderman vemon game came out after this and it was comicbook style and the web swinging was nothing like Spiderman two (PS) venom vs police kinda saved the game

what about Andrew Garfield

I subscribe

Dude 90's jacked adult Spider-Man was my favorite Spider-Man.

Anybody else love Spider-Man 3 ?

I was like "Did I play this one? Naw, probably not." "I LOST MY BALLOON" "Oh yeah, I did play this one."


the first 20 secs

wach the begining with your eyes closed

Played this game when I was 7. I loved this game.


Spidey-Man 2 The spideying.

Tbh I just stopped trying to get tickets to anything. They're always sold out so there's really no point. Be faster you say? They're sold out as soon as they're open for sales.

This game deserved to be game of the year.

This game was way better than the movies that's for sure. This was one of the first few games that introduced us to the open world genre in video games.

This game came out before most of your views were alive! lol

When I was young me and my big bro play it a lot on Game Cube and I love this game!!!!!

Play spiderman 3 after please

Watch that intro with ur eyes closed

*watches intro* uhhhh woahhwhw??? Umm I am confuzin


Spider-Man was always my favourite super hero

I loved this game got me threw hell that others call school I used to just love swinging around god the memories

Vr porn in the beginning

Amazing Spider-man 1 & 2 nailed it but it felt too slow

I played this on gamecube

Ow...the pain...make it stop...owwwww

The ultimate spider man game was my absolute favorite out of all of these ( This game is a close second )

Spider-Man the bomb!

Why do I want him to meet Tom Holland though! I think all of my dreams would come true if that happens.

actually there’s a mobile ios and probably android and i personally think it’s better than this.but this game is still extremely great.and its called spider-man 2

You could have just used an emulator

OKAY, FUCK YOU!!! (To the homophobic add, not jack)

There’s a spider man game just like that one it’s on ps3 I don’t remember what is was but it was just like that one just better graphics and better fighting mechanics

I love Spider-Man so much. He's by far my favourite superhero and I just can't get enough. Honestly, Tom Holland was my favourite Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield and Tobey McGuire were good, but they both looked too old and didn't act enough like teenagers to be believable

He didn’t see how did we get here he saw porn

If you untie the guards during the fight they help

I remember watching my brother played this always and I thought IT was so awesome

Love the flamingo boxers

You can climb up your web

I played it on the GameCube

Im watching spider man right now

I would always take the kids balloon and pop it with the helicopter blades.

Jack is pretty good

I had TMNT for PS2



I HAVE 1 2 3

I am so glad to see someone who played this game as a kid too.

You look like Doctor Strange my fave character in Marvel


I had this when I was a kid and to me it was the best even if I had a xbox360 it was the best

Wheres the aot 2?

Some think he's a sell out with pushing his tour all the time but hes really just taking the absolute piss out of it

i am now downloading an emulator to play this

Wait so jack records with just his boxers??? Hmmmmm...


How old is this game?

I fucking loved this game as a kid.

Watch in 144p


What did you see hu?

I remember when I played this game I played it so much that I overheated my PS2

Isn't this the nentendo 64 one?!

Tom is 20

Can I experience it on a virtual device? I can’t go because I have to work...

This brings back so many memories

I fucking love this game with a passion me and my dad had this on game cube back in elementary and i never finished the series

If jack plays with this with Tom Holland I seriously think I’ll have a small breakdown

No mention of Andrew Garfield hmm

i played this game on gamecube who else did

Klint pawas

Why the heck would you put the link there is it supposed to be a censorred sign.


Isn’t that fishbowl-headed guy in this?

Omg i used to play this everyday


He should really play tomb raider

Listen to the intro without watching it

I thought the amazing Spider-Man two swinging physics were more realistic...

What's up Jacksepticeye

The Web swinging reminds me of Attack on Titan: Wing of Freedom's (the game) Omni-Directional Mobility (use of 3DM gear) It's cool, cause that game had the BEST way of using 3DM gear, and it was so fun to just fly around with 3DM Gear

anyone noticed that painting said ebola on it

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game is literally this remastered. Oh my god, the swinging, stopping cars.... wow

I love how he's making jokes while he's beating up bad guys just like the real spiderman

Shut up jack im the spider- fan

speder meen

*when you realize jack is just 14 years older then you* O H

When you get kidnapped by spider man be like

PLZ do let’s play on the new spiderman game PLZ man

I am pissed. This new Spider-Man game is coming out on my b-day but I dont have a PS4

Lol jack why are you wearing a diaval V-neck and short shorts!?

I still like ultimate spiderman the game better

Nice underwear jack

Do more spider man por favor

My eyes can't cope with these buildings


everyone needs to play spiderman 3 on the Wii if you enjoyed webslinging in this game!

I also played this game as a kid!

This game is racist all the bad guys are black

What about Ultimate Spiderman, I do believe that game has the same web mechanics.

I still have Spider-Man 2 for the GameCube!!! I played it the other day!! Spider-Man is the best!!! Okay geeking out over lawl maybe not

Honestly I remember really the first Toby spiderman game (though two was better) and really liking Amazing Spiderman from 2012 (or sometime around that)

I agree

We all need to tweet this to Tom Holland pls I need that collab

I play Spider-Man 3

I remember the museum misson...

I've played this on a PS3 when I was really young!!!


That intro

no way are the Batman games better than Spiderman 2

Umm Jack were you umm watching P0rn in VR?

Omg I still have this game on my Xbox

Gta San Andreas was out in 2004 and it was highly addictive and fun

My first ever video game was this game

The beginning sounded like you had your first blowjob lol love you

Spider-Mans hobby is stocking women god damm he can be great friends with bill cobby

I was born when this game came out which means that Jack's almost 30

Jack please come to Orlando Florida

you totally will get that game session with tom hollands because your famous lke that.

Andrew Garfield is my favorite spiderman actor

XxSteadyGxX 7803 that's pretty sad.

I finally got the first high five on time

ME:Whatches video goes to ebay gets spiderman 2, it comes and i start playing

I played the game on the Gamecube

nice undies..

Play the amazing Spiderman 2 in Android :D

Jack if you didn't know they made a remake of this game for mobile

Where the 3rd spiderman episodeeeeee

I just realized Jack is double the age of me when he said he was 14 in 2004

Oh my gosh I love spiderman, I want this game sooooooooo bad

I’m dead he’s not wearing pants

I remember watching my brother play this.

The irony of being attacked by a giant fly while playing Spiderman :D

I forgot about the VR underwear shorts lol

this was the first game I ever owned and I loved it

This game was so much fun back in the day, I remember playing this on the original Xbox and I’m so excited to try the new one when it comes out

"holding up an armored car? Like with their hands?"

Spider-Man turning into an actual spider in the animated series was the original "I don't feel so good"


I REMEMBER THIS GAME!! Tbh i would never be able to complete some of the missions and if i did i wouldn't have been able to find any other ones. I got it when i was like 4 or 5 yrs old so i didnt know how to game as well then.

Man dude thos futurama references are funny and make me wish it was back by the way not a man just a BOY

I have a ps2 and this game

Never played this but ultimate spider man on the ps2 was the literal shit

They should make spider man fight deadpool

Me and my brother used to play this game on the original Xbox from 2001. The Last time I played this was 7 years ago.

oh, I remember this so well, my childhood is back

Spiderman is my favorite marvel character

Spiderman is my favorite Pokémon! :)

This was a game from my childhood! So many memories! So many laughs! So many painful challenges! The combat was fun! So many good memories!


man i remember I had this game and thought it was the coolest shit ever!...then i realized when i got older i had the shitty pc port

Anyone remember Spider-Man the first game? Long ass time ago don't remember if it was ps2 of the OG Xbox. I remember every time I'd hit the ground I'd die. I remember the Spider-Man 2 game because it was perfect. If they go back to this style, oh my god... I'm gonna cry because I haven't seen any game ever go back to what made it great, companies usually try and innovate but sometimes they can be too innovative where the game just doesn't have that same appeal as before or there's just too much going on, like Call of Duty. Modern warfares, world at war(personal favorite), black ops were all really dope games but then they felt the need to change up because of Overwatch and Battlefield when their game was already good, I lost interest because they felt the need to cater and basically told their loyal fan base that new revenue is better than recurring revenue. Futuristic was nice and all but it seemed like everyone producing cod games came up with the same futuristic concept. They're coming out with WWII but since it's not Treyarch, I really don't know how to feel about it. They added companies that ruined the franchise and now they're competing with Fortnite and i believe they incorporated Battle Royale into multiplayer. Cod is in bad shape and it's sad. Enough about Cod though, if new Spider-Man comes out feeling like this, I'm playing this game for a long time

Way to self promote man.

Since you are such a predominant person in the gaming industry can you push anyone to do a remastering of Spider-Man 2 and releasing it on pc...please I don’t remember this game I just remember playing some of it and chasing after balloons in the sky

jack: are you blair witching me? me: maybe

It's so funny because I just got this game today.

Hey Jack, do you think you could play Spider Man Shattered Dimensions on the channel? Its amazing and I think youd really like.

Jack omg PLLEEEASSSE play the original metal gear solid games!! PLLLEEEEAASSE

isnt im walkig here a rick and morty thing?

This seems familiar, but what do I know, the game was released the same year as I was born, so... ya

First 25 seconds was dirty

"I want spiderman" the best line ever in spiderman

i have the pizza theme in my head all the time

hey jack spider man is my favorite i have a collection!


not sure if it was the early 2000 spider man show, bor all of them... but they don't actually let spiderman punch anything actually building on the facts that spiderman has to pull his punches, one time scorpion really ruffled his knickers so spiderman punched his jaw... clean off his head (Doc. Octavius was there and literally started shitting brocks realizing he holds back so he doesnt kill anyone) so how hard could spiderman punch? well this one time he felt like he didnt have to hold back because he was fighting the hulk.... ( grey hulk joe fix it, but was still banner just the hulk if he was mafia ) so what was the total damage? spiderman landed a punch and the hulk literally went into space, when he finally made it back down to earth he noped the hell outtah there.

Jack what do u play it on

You played this this to that's cool.

I've played the PC version and looking at this, the graphics looked much better than the PS2 version... XD

There weren't upgrades/a store. : ( And you had to swing using web icons in the sky. I found all of the hidden spiders and prisoners though!

i played this when i was 4-5 years old, i fking loved it, and believe i was good at it too.

Such good acting ah help ah the pain

Jack: *attempting to do outro* Civilian: “Where’d you get your license!? A cereal box!?” Jack: “I’m not even driving, I’m riding a helicopter! What license? My spider liscense? Shut up!” DEAD

listen to the begining with your eyes closed lol

OML I LOOOVED THIS GAME!! Ugh, it's been SO LONG since I've played it, I can't wait to relive this through watching you play it, Jack!

Awesome video jack ^^ Black & white suited spiderman is the best Who's with me?

Swing is key.

I grew up playing Spider-Man 2 the game for pc

play ultimate spider man please

Close your eyes during the intro ;)

Blue Panther I can't it's too sexual XD

Spider-Man is the best

Hehe it's kind of funny because I'm 14 when the new one comes out

oh man.. i loved this game. right up there next to halo and mech assault in my top three.

I’ve had a PS2 for sale but....

man this really takes me back, I remember I used to play Spiderman 2 on GameCube and I'd always go to the empire state building and jump up to die. good times

You should play web of shadows that was my childhood game

oh wow when I remembered this game, the graphics were way better Lol. My brother and I used to play this game a lot when we were younger. Uh memories...


jack u left the camera on while u came

The new spider man game is going to have better web slinging the developers even said and beta testers


What Spiderman 3 should've been: Literally Spiderman 2 with a black suit

When you forgot the camera was on

I remember playing this game all the time as a kid on my ps2 (that I still have) and it was one of the very few games I played at the time. I love watching you play this game again :)

Where's your pants tho

Spiderman is my favourite character

The intro, hilarious

I still have this game lol

fun fact, Green Goblin was Originally an alien and not a dude with technology

He looks so cute in that black shirt!!!

Try not to climax on ur way down

jack i love your videos

Mr. Stark I don’t feel too good

Him playing with tom holland would be AWESOME!


Jacksepticeye, great video, you are the best and you are SO FUNNY!!!, also, what is your favourite Spider Man movie? My favourite Spidey movie is Homecoming

Oh My god them graphics thought

Oh. My god dem graphics tgough

I know I sound like a hipster when I say this but for me Spider-Man Web of Shadows and Ultimate Spider-Man the game (not the cartoon show cause that sucks) are way better, Spider-Man 2 is great though the graphics are acceptable and although aged it holds up to this day.

Spiderman is my fav

please do a tour in Victoria Texas

So much nostalgia. I love it! Good times..

i used to think these graphics were good

Spiderfan spiderfan jacksepticeye is an spiderfan

Yeah I love Spider-Man favourite super hero and I agree tom holland is my hero along with you @jacksepticye I love your videos

they should remaster this game

Gta san andreas next

This brings back memories... except I grew up with ULTIMATE spider man... still... GREAT to see that people still remember the older games...

On the armored car missions, the side says "McMahan" My Dad has worked at Treyarch since 2000. What's my dad's name? Michael McMahan.

i remember playing that on the original xbox

Sly Cooper???

Why was he watching porn in the begining?

Hell yeah man, Spider-Man was my favorite growing up. Currently it's Batman (for DC) and Iron Man (for Marvel), but Spider-Man is still a favorite!

I was 2 when this game came out

You know, with all the crap JJ says about Spider-Man, you'd think by now he'd be able to sue for ownership of the Bugle at the very least.


Wheres your pants

I would love to play that game but I’d rather play spider man dimension’s. you really should check it out!

I hated the Ballon kids so annoying. Love thus game growing up

I agree with jack! Thor, Captain america, and all the other superhero fucks can kiss my ass! SPIDERMAN IS THE BEST!!!

Spider-Man is my favourite character too


Menace... torture... anti, wait oh f***

Spidey is my favorite and also I’m glad that I’m not the only one who cried during you know what in infinity war

I also love Spider-Man :D

best intro by far

For some reason I am able to sponsor you Jack, care to explain?

Jack, honestly just tweet at Tom Honland and ask him if he wants to play the Spider-Man game with you. Tell him how he is one of your favorite Spider-Men. Idk if i said that right

Jack play the new game with a bowl of dust beside you

The intro was actually a man watching VR porn Why do you think he didn’t have pants

I used to play this years back, I got it at a cheap price because it was returned by another customer, the cd broke when I was mid way through the game.

Me and jack (and the rest of you guys) share the same childhood

reminds me of the original Prototype... it was also an open world game based in new York with a lot of building climbing and air movement... so that might have something to do with it

Imagine how many people "pleasured" themselves to pantless jack

If I had to guess, I'd say there was probably a very huge amount of kids, and adults buying and playing this game back in 2004. It's iconic now.

I was playing skyrim when I was watching this and I pressed alt trying to sling a Web and fly to whiterun

Was it just me or did anybody else think, "He is watching porn"?

In the Intro Jack had no Pants

watch the begining with your eyes closed

•Toby McGuire: Good Peter Parker, bad Spider-Man(pulls off the nerdiness but not the cocky personality) •Andrew Garfield: Good Spider-Man, bad Peter Parker(too cocky, peter parker wasn’t a popular kid. He was a nerd.) •Tom Holland: Good Spider-Man, Good Peter Parker(pulls off both sides really well.)

I'm playing this game while watching this video!!!

spiderman was my first favorite hero still is and im not just saying this to fake relate imy entire room is covered in spiderman action figures original comics i just love


I’m 12, so the only one I know is The Amazing SpiderMan 2. SUCH. A. GOOD. GAME.

Nah it's not nostalgia. I played thorugh the game till the end and that's what I remembered with all the speed upgrades and stuff

This is just like amazing Spider-Man2 the game

So many memories.. so much nostalgia..

please incredible hulk 2

Cool Spider-Man is my favorite marvel character

That game was made the same year I was born and I played it on Xbox 360 and still have it

Man, i prefer 1000 times this game remastered than the crap free games for ps plus this month (june)

*Stares at Sean’s legs while sweating* But no homo,right?

OMG, he sits down at the beginning, and u expect him 2 have pants but then, BOOOOMMM...!!???,?

You should get the game SpiderMan Web of Shadows. It has the same swinging feeling to me so plz check it out and post it. Tell me if you like it :)

S P I D E R - M A N

Uhh....Jack has no fokin' pants on!!!! Sam!!!!!! *Sam:* Yes Jane? Sean has no fokin' pants on!! *Sam:* JACK!!!!!!!!! *Jack:* (in kitchen) WAT SAM!!?? *Sam:* GET SOME PANTS ON!!! *Jack:* WHO TOLD YOU??!! *Sam:* (facepalm) Septiceye Jane!!! She told me!! *Jack:* WHO!!!! ME!!! I'M SEPTICEYE JANE!! *Jack:* (walks in the room me and Sam are in) Uhh... Sam?? (covers eyes, moves fingers a little...) Jack!!!

I edited this comment 5 fokin' times!!!!! FOK!!!!!

Spider-Man 3 was always the best for me

Jacksepticeye: No pants since 2007

The intro got me thinking what if this is somebody's first jacksepticeye vodeo

Omg spidey's my favorite

Play the first one, the 2002 Spiderman game! It was the second game I played when I was a kid but I never got to play this one.

Spider-Jack Spider-Jack

I thought he was having an orgasm in the intro

Spider man da best

Almost all the people in my third and fifth period said Spider-Man was the dumbed superhero but I disagree. My favorite Spider-Man movies are The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3

Please play Spider-Man 3 game!

What if they remade spiderman 2 game

I wonder witch Spider-Man was his favorite to bet Andrew or Tom I don't think he ever said on camera


I quite enjoyed Ultimate Spiderman, playing as him as well as Venom was awesome.

And in the last movie he was 32

Because tobbie was thrity

You Should Try And Buy A Gamecube Because it also has Spiderman 2 and other AMAZING games like the ONLY star fox game where your not a piolot the whole time, also harry potters and more!


any one playd this on the og gamecube??

I still have this on my old Xbox! I loved it so much. I had so much trouble with doc oc when I first played it. I'll have to play it again for nostalgia

The pizzaria music is permanently programmed into my brain after playing this game so many times. I still pop it into my ps2 every once and a while. The fighting combos are also still fun as hell. I'll never get tired of tossing bad guys in circles or flipping them into the ground.


WOW What Hairy Legs u have

I was born in 2004 that's why I'm better than my siblings because spider man 2 is better than any spider game

i don't rememmer this game, but Spider-Man 2 the game, that was a fun game:)

I'm a little late to the video but my uncle has an old ps2 and I play this game all the time

I don't wanna go Jack!

What am i watching


Im really sorry to be that guy but close your eyes during the intro

THIS WAS MY CHILDHOOD TOO, except I played on xbox original

I have this game on a GameCube


Dude he is cool

I want to go in vr no to the tour

And you are a good gamer

You are a great actor jacksepticeye

Jack s undies


Fun fact: this game is developed by treyarch the ones that make the call of duty black ops games

dude amazing spiderman 2 (xbox360)

10/10 intro m8 lmao

My favorite superhero is No.1 SpiderMan and No.2 the flash

Spider-Man is my favourite super hero TOO

He makes the swinging look fun

I love spiderman too jack man i don't jubge me i have a action figure and i act like I'm him i put videos on his swinging and fighting scene and i do the same thing he do and at same time Don't judge me

there is anoter good spider man game to ya know

Oh my gosh this brings back memories!! Please keep playing this! I loved playing this game when I was a kid.

Can you play spider Man 3 please

Jack can you please play GTA San Andreas

I had an Amazing Spider-Man game, I really enjoyed the swinging from building to buliding and climbing the tallest tower to fall to my death. Great childhood.


I was in high school when I got this game

Love your videos Jack! This game was one of my favorites through middle and high school: Genuine nausea moment when you're swinging on the UFOs during the Mysterio story...

You should play the Batman games

"I don't feel so good"

Dum de dum de dum he says as the child dances around his own shadow

I remember playing this on my game cube it was awesome I loved it so much

I was gonna dislike to make an even 995 dislikes... but i couldnt bring myself to do it

i replayed this game like 7 times as a kid, if not more than that.

same here :3 i mostly liked dying XD

oh my god i remember spending HOURS playing this game with my brother JESUS

I love spider man he is cool

Fun fact: this game was developed by treyarch the ones that make the call of duty black ops games

My favorite part of this game is the pizza theme XD

I all wes play spider man 2

Wasnt there a Spiderman game for Gamecube?

Jack i still have that game 4 the xbox ( the first xbox )


Was the intro vr porn

If only they could remaster this for ps4

UnableToRise No it goes Toby McGuire then Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield

Did anyone else like spiderman Web of shadows. Cause that was my first spiderman game I played in like forever.(wait spiderman 2 came out in 2004 one year before I was born.)

The beginning was just a jack orgasm

I have this game, and I love the physics of web swinging, but I can't get past the contest with Mysterio.

What about the amazing spider-man two in GameStop

OMG I REMBER THINS GAME. When the ball on kid said "I LOST MY BALLOON" I started to tear up because of the memories. I'm only 13 but my family were old school and my brother uad this game. I played it throughout my childhood

you said this game was my childhood about crash bandicoot to lol

When will he play Spiderman ps4

was he in his underwear

MAN THIS GAME nostalgia is used to play it when i was like 5 or 6 and remember when i just used to swing around fighting bad guys but when i got older i finished the game 2 times (:

I think someone forgot to edit jacks pants out

Jack you should have done a let’s play

Wow, haven't seen this Spider-Man game in like...I don't know how long.

i wish i had a PS2 so i could play this game.

The free-form open world aspect of this game is just soooo good. I had it for gamecube and I would spend so much time just swinging around because they designed the web-slinging mechanic so well. I'm hoping the new Spiderman game for PS4 is the same way.

*O h N o D o c t o r C o n n o r ' s C l a s s.*

I remember this game! It used ta be my favorite one! Then my brother went and scratched it up cuz I made him mad. I miss that game.

You should play Spider-Man Web of Shadows

I played the first spiderman and the third on ps2 but I never played the second. Looks suepr rad I see why people like it so much.


This was the first game I ever got on my PS2 it's a great game that haunt's you and made me rage quite multiple times with revisiting the game after 3 or 4 years later still being unable to beat it tried the whole thing again 5 other times, kept getting stuck on the guy who looked like he was wearing a oven mitten that conducts electricity. Still can't beat this fucking game

Toby Maguire captured the true anger and anguish that Spiderman had to face.

i thougt it was vr sex

I would love to see this game remastered but I'm also afraid they will change so much that it will not feel even as close to originally like this

I love the spiderman games they got a special place in my heart

I'm so broke I can't pay for dem tickets I'm so broke I can't pay for free stuff

The video has got 999 dislikes!!!

My childhood

I love spiderman hes my favorite. I have number 3

You probably remembered this game from the new Spider-Man ps4


Dem legs thoooooooooo


Best example of never judge a game by its graphics


Get spider man ps4 when it come out

Bat man isn’t a super hero though.

My favorite was always Spider-Man 3 ps2


i love it

Amazing Spider-Man 2 for Apple devices has better web-slinging and graphics

Back at it again with those darn flamingo shorts.

*first 30 seconds* that’s what she said


Where are his pants in the intro and it's actually kinda concerning

Nice vids

Me and jack are excited in September

This game needs anti aliasing


Omg I would actually die if you played it with Tom. I have a huge celeb crush on him and love you lol


I've never played this game

omg this game was my childhood too i played spiderman 1 and 2 when i was 3 years old i love this game and i loved it its so amazing

Sorry fellas, I have different plans.

Jack plz tell me you’ll be playing spiderman ps4 on the channel even if it means you have to beat it first and just talk and record swinging plz plz

pizza time

I remember the chasing mission so clearly.

jack is 28 years old

those graphics are so good.. better than minecraft xD

My favorite ps2 game was war of the monster's

"I'm walking here!" "I'm Spider-Man-ing here!"

I hope Tom Holland plays with Jack. Mr. Holland, if you're reading this, PLEASE do it; it'd be AWESOME. Please!!!!!!!!!

When I was a kid, I absolutely LOVED Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions! :D

omg my childhood right here!!!


My favorite hero si spiderman

That intro was dope

can you play more deadpool too

omg i need a ps3 so i can play all of my old games again

Tom Holland really showed the teenager side of Peter, he showed what kind of webhead spidey really is!

Spider-Man***** don’t forget the -

Toby Maguire was still in his 20s, Andrew Garfeild was the 30 year old spiderman

Sooooo.. Jacks 30 yrs old!?!?

I played it for the og xbox

Put some pants on laddy.........pss it's cringy

Dear mr. eye Please for the love of all that is good... DO A WALKTHROUGH OF THE NEW SPIDERMAN PS4 GAME PLEASE sincerely thanos ps ill kill everybody if you dont

luv your channel btw

This game was a fucking masterpiece in its time. Obviously some things about it are super dated these days, but by god was it a good game. Open-world, good story missions, a reasonable array of side missions ranging from fighting actual crime to delivering pizza, challenges, collectables galore, cool boss fights (not to mention the boss battle arena you unlock later on), and brilliant writing with a great sense of cheesy humor to top it all off. The freedom of movement was unparalleled at the time, and I would argue still rivals a lot of games that came long after it. This game had fucking everything. Still one of my favorites of all time. And I hope so much that the new one captures the same feelings this one did. If we can get a good update to this game, bringing it into the new generation of games, I will be able to die happy.

This was my shit as a kid an I'm kinda mad it looks bad graphics wise but I remember it being so damn amazing

I played it too jack

So much better

Dude I have Spider-Man 3

I just got the game for free lols

So, this is the best Spider-Man game? I think it is... *BUT I HAVEN’T PLAYED IT* I need this, game so much... I want to play it so badly

tis veedo suxed

I was never able to get duh ballon bruh

Catching duh guy of the building was so fun!!!

Yeahhhh and the cat woman level it was

Naw man game cube version is

Um i see you dick in this!

Spiderfan spiderfan whos that man its spiderfan. Ps nice vid

damn it! i was thinking about doing that on my channel!

Finally someone agrees with me on spiderman plus the awesome thing is i played this on a block version of a tv with static effects

Jackaboy jackaboy does whatever a gamer can!!

I am convinced this guy has like 15 pairs of flamingos shorts

Jack would be a awesome and a funny Spider-Man

now there is another game with spiderman. Its kinda the same as this but more cooler. I have it on my XBOX 360 and it has the same swing mechanic

Aw man I wish I'd played this game when it came out...ah well...

Are you my teacher's brother? (Last name is Powers)



I loved this game as a kid I would always play it on my Play Station 2

Play gta sa

i agree

For the first 15 seconds, imagine that he’s watching VR porn.

i used to play this when i was 5

Metal gear solid!!! Ps1

I used to play that game ALL the time! I could never do the stupid boat missions where you'd have to save the people from drowning. I used to ALWAYS fall in the water and fail the goddamn mission!.... Anyone else?

I'm 12 years old, And I play all the old school games, like SpiderMan 2 and Crash Bandacoot and Donkey Kong. I'm not a "Normal" kid, I don't play Fortnite 24/7.

tom holland is the BEST!

spiderman is my favioret super hero

nice intro

He’s humping the wall

Can u do crash bandicoot 3 old game not remastered

Spider-Man should help jack find his pants

what is that intro

Still playing xD

There's gonna be a movie coming out this year called _Into The Spider-Verse_ AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT

Clint Powers is now a new ego.

One of the paintings said something about ebola

You know you could pop the balloons

I loved this game but I remember getting stuck bc I could never seem to catch up to a criminal (it was a time-limit thing where you swing around the city to catch up to the car)

This game was really good.

Ultimate Spider-Man is better

Oh man... all the memories from this game

Are you 27 or 26?


Hulk had also a really awesome open world game in 2003!

XD that Intro is Amazing

Even i love spiderman

The memories just hitting me sooo fast

i played this game and it was lovely!

Me too!!!!

Spiderman: tries to save an injured worker...and does a forward roll from 2 stories on the guy XD Ps....*PIZZA TIME*

ohh this was my childhood also i remember that i never have beated the first villain becuase i didnt know how

i remember also you can go to that island

I have Spider-Man 1 and 3 for Xbox 360 and GameCube

pls wear proper pants

spider-man 2 pc version was better

How do you buy this game? Because this game is my childhood

Did anyone else see that on one of the paintings during the mission it said ebola Spider-Man can now predict the future

"oh the pain make it stop" LOL it sounded so fucking hilarious XD


I have this game for my ps2

the intro of porn... nice

it was made when i was born LOL

Spider-Man is my favorite superhero he will never be forgotten

god damn nostalgia buuut FUCK THOSE BALOONS!

I would love to see a spiderman ps4 playthrough Like if u agree

hello jack!l! I am realy nostalgic for the first Amazing spiderman game, so I know how you feel, but in my opinion, (from what I have seen of course, so this isn't scientificly proven or anything) The amazing Spiderman 2's webslinging controlled just a slight bit better than spiderman 2, because you can controll what building you want to sling off off, (actualy, you might be able to do that in spidey 2, woops) and I crashed into walls much less than you, and I am not very good at games (I'm pretty young). Also, this was a great vid! I realy liked it, and I am glad you played something that remined you of fond memorys.

R.I.P spider man 2018

um spider man 3 was like that but better graphics

Jack did you have an organism to VR oh Jack

I used to play this game on my xbox and I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! I ALWAYS played it when I was 5-10

why arent you wereing pants

What console are you playing on

This is the first time I've watched him in years thats a weird welcome back

my son loves spider man

u just watch that intro and go, dafuq...

Dude, I played this game back in the day on my Xbox, its such a good throwback!!

I played spiderman 2 on the GameCube and it was fun sadly I didn't beat it but it was still awesome

I played this game on the GameCube and I was a huge Spider-Man fan when I was young and still am I played this game so much and I still do because I have the GameCube,controllers,and all the games it has been about 7 years since I got the GameCube and I still love playing it and I was born a few days after Spider-Man 3 came out into theatres

Yoooooo! I still can’t believe Jack is a huge spidey fan! I’m so excited to see spidey ps4 gameplay in the future after I beat it

Wow jack just wow it is a life changing experience jolly good show jolly good show indeed

Hey Jack, you should play Ultimate Spider-Man at some point, REALLY fucking fun!

jacksepticeye: "Why is Spiderman not everyone's favorite superhero?" Because Batman exists

The 7th of settmber is my birthday

thats probably the best promo for a tour i've ever seen hahaha i don't even watch jack anymore but fuck i'm considering buying a ticket hahaha

By The Way Spider Man Swing Fast, Because You Know? He Gets Bitten By A Spider.

i think every thing happends in september and so is my brithday

I remember being able to swiing with L2 and R2 or something lol

I dont remember the graphics being this bad lmao

The begining ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)lol

Shorts with a long sleeve shirt TABOO

My favorite spiderman game is the amazing Spider-Man game.


I really liked this game when I was little. But, am I the only one that think that the web sling is annoying? I mean I like the fact that webs stick to the buildings and everything and I’m glad that the new Spider-man game will have that too. But I want a cool web slinging like in the movies. Hope that the next game will have that(they made a video about the web swing mechanics , but I didn’t see it cause I want to fully enjoy the game).

Fuck you you damn fuckfuck you’re a dumb Fuck bitch

Jack how will u like it if I sent u a spiderman comic book

I sincerely hope you do a full playthrough of the 2018 Spider-Man

We don't need Superman no more we need spiderman right now

Those Spiderman movies were my childhood.

Remember, remember the 7th September~ New king of Spider-Man games is coming :D

I agree I love spideman I ask all my friends how there favorite superhero is batman

Do more

The amount of crimes you missed.

i love spider man

jack when the the new game comes out in september you should play it on the channel

Hey guys quick comment a new Spider-Man sequel to amazing spider man 2 is coming out in September if you played amazing spider man 2 I would highly recommend buying the new one I know it’s not my video but I also love spider man since I was 7 (I know jack said something about it) thanks for listening

I still have this game at my mom's

My favorite game too

Who doesn't love spider man

New persona in the intro? Hmmmm

*Can i have a lollipop?*

Im walking here. YOU'RE NOT EVEN MOVIN!

Hey guys quick comment a new Spider-Man sequel to amazing spider man 2 is coming out in September if you played amazing spider man 2 I would highly recommend buying the new one I know it’s not my video but I also love spider man since I was 7 (I know jack said something about it) thanks for listening btw amazing spider man 2 is on Xbox 360 the new one is on ps4 and Xbox one

In my opinion marvel ultimate alliance one is the best superhero game

That intro XD XD XD XD XD

Me too. Spidey is the best superhero

It came it out in 2004 jack

I played this as a kid!!! Mine was on GameCube!!! I loved it so much!! Hours upon hours of gameplay on this game

I thought crash was your child hood jack

I have this game on my Wii Spider-Man 2 as well

Tom Holland isn't the best spiderman, he is the best Peter parker

Laughed my ass off in the intro

Play the Ultimate Spider Man game (2005)

I'm watching this a few months later but holy **** the nostalgia

You were my childhood

What about andrew garfield

those are some powerfull graphics

Huh I haven't played any spider man game the only I played is I forgot but it was 3d with 2s perspective and that was the only spiderman game inplayed and now my parents said. If I get at least 80 or 74 % on all my subjects I can get a. Ps4 and the new spiderman is the first game Im gonna buy.

Did you ever make it to the Statue of Liberty? If I remember, there is a helicopter that will bring you to the Statue of Liberty if you stay on it long enough.

I legit have the same game

Mr. Stark, i don't feel so good

Virtual bj or strip club anyone??

Tom Holland best Spider-Man Ever

Batman is best because is rich

Who else thought he was gonna play this game in VR?

Ah i remember this game, this and ultimate spider man were my shit back in the day i need 2 revisit these soon

I have Ultimate Spiderman on the original Xbox and played it ALL the time! Has basically the same mechanics as this game. So much fun!

They call jack underwear man

Is it on ps4

I think i played this when i was 6 know im 12

i played spiderman 2 on my very old friend the ps2

Jack play Spider-Man 3 xbox 360

"...and remember; Reality, is better, than Virtual Reality." Ad starts playing *W H E E Z E*

Right fox what an intro

See u soon Jack I bought tickets jk I can't I want to meet u soooo bad

Is Clint Powers your real name

Oh I knew why I hated this game when I was little... It was because it had no sound at all... Probably my disc was a hacked spiderman 2 disc..

Jack he was fucking the wall

My name is Bill Clinton and I'm not wearing any pants

Are you going to do a play through of the new spidey game coming out for ps4?

You are my favorite You tuber!

Ultimate spiderman is awesome

When will you make a game play

Jaaaaack Spider-Man is the best!!!!! I pre-ordered the game and it looks amazing!

me to i have that game

Jack: *Talks alot about how much he loves Spidey* Me: Plz no watch Infinity War Jack. I can't handle it when ur sad ;-;

U and me Jack

My favorite is Deadpool THEN Spidey

I played this game as a kid in my gamecube

Spider jack spider jack does what ever a jack can

my son and I played that game everyday!! its such a fun game!!!! you Jesse!!!!

I used to play that as a kid too!!

Dem legs

I love the combat in this game. Plus the narrator.

When jack seen black cats BOOBIES

I'm a huge spiderfan

Oh the unfunny guy that screams, neeeext.

Jack thank you for all of your hard work and this video gave a good staring of my birthday

I just finished the game 2 weeks ago

Notice the earth painting says EBOLA

Jacksepticeye I am A Big fan I Sub to u and like :D

i love the voice acting in this game. amazing.

I remember watching the cartoon all the time well then again I still watch it

I would like if he played spiderman 2 again

Please play the new spider man ps4 game jack!

Such nostalgia

As a kid I wanted this game but mom said no you have a Spider-Man game :(

Wow, the original Spider-Man game for PS2 had way better graphics than this!

spidermans the best hero. prove me wrong

My first video game I ever played

While it is a great game, i prefer Ultimate Spider Man as it has a more original story and lets be honest better voice acting

He protec He attac But most importantly He jac (I didn’t come up with this just spreading the news)

You should search up on youtube jacksepticeye spider man voice over

Jack you would like the game the amazing spider man 2 game

Is jack whas whering underwere...

This was my favorite game on the GameCube. And jack can you play this game on the GameCube.

I always tried this game younger. I was good at it, better than most kids, but we could never ever beat this one level. I like Batman more. (Braces self for incoming trolls attacking.)


Spiderman will always be my favourite superhero as well

If the sound clips from this video aren't used for a future Jacksepticeye voice over of Spider-Man In the movies, I'll eat 12 pairs of socks... from the drawer of Idubbbz... after they were coughed on by Ethan Klein.

The intro probably was Jack seeing VR porn.

P.S. If you have an Xbox 360 you can buy The Metal Gear Solid Collection..... It only come with SOL, SE and PW so you won't get the original Metal Gear Solid,but it's good as it is. Try it! (I tried it and it works perfectly)

Spider man is the greatest hero to ever live

Love this game beaten it 2 or 3 times probably the best spider man imo (until the new one comes out)

When are u coming to Durham

When the thug is trying to steal the painting it looks like he's getting laid

I hate how everyone always overlooks ultimate Spider-Man. I think it's better then this one

John cena time Hehehhe


I think the third one is better to me

Web of shadows is better in my opinion

I play the first Spiderman game on ps2.


In spidermen that the web comes out of him, is it pretty much his semen?


I want you to do a video when the new Spider-Man game the ps4

I like Spider-Man he is the superhero

The painting at 12:57 sais ebola

The amazing Spiderman 2 game was decent but nothing compared to this one


Jack I remember playing this game when I was little I got to the Sandman and Venom part oh I love this I love that game so much

I think shattered dimensions is the best spidey game

When I played Spider-Man 2 I would climb to the highest building and jump off and die

The year was 2004

Almost twenty mil! You and dan are so close

Jack was having an orgasm in the intro.

you have no idea what i'm egsæded...


Play spiderman on ps4

do i need to buy ps2 just to play this game?

Spider-Man ps4 is gonna be better

Jack u are so Cool and u are the best youtuber


My brother hates Tom Holland as Spider-Man, what should I say?

Vr is dead I’m dead ok now I’m dead bll cchm

17:52 "he's optimistic" Someone get this guy a copy of kraven's last hunt,the child within,Spider-Man:shed,back in black please

Taking a trip down memory lane. I remember just jumping into the water repeatedly causing me to die

Jimmy Kimmel: who all died in Infinity War? Tom Holland:


You forgot about ultimate Spider-Man

8:05-8:11 Voice acting 10/10

Jack, I definitely recommend playing “Ultimate Spider-Man” was my absolute favorite as a kid. I prefer it over SP2 juuusst saaaayiinngg

Finally :')

My favourote superhero is spiderman

My childhood omg

And to think that he didn’t deliver any pizzas

play ultimate spider man before the ps4 one comes out!

I used to have this

Spiderman is my favorite superhero

no god is the best

he starts at 1:30 if you don’t care about whatever the fuck he’s screaming about at the start

hes my fav superhero

you know that that tom is way younger than you ,right

The game looks better on the original Xbox

I would be soooo happy if jack auditioned for Spider-Man one day if they recast him

Toby will always be the one and only spider man

Welcome to sex in vr

Was that intro intended?

This is spider man swinging 101

I have Spiderman 3

At the start it looked like he was getting a BJ

Fun fact Tobey Maguire was in his late twenties I think when he played Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield I also think was in his early twenties Tom Holland was the closest Spider-Man and the most realistic Spider-Man we've gotten so far

16:33 "I feel good"

Will there ever be a organic Spider-Man movie like the Tobey Maguire spider-man?

I remember the I lost my balloon kids too

Plz play spiderMan

How to download this game whenever I search this game it shows me Spiderman 2 2004

Jack Play Needs To play TheAmazingSpiderman Game Its really Good And He Needs To Play the New Spiderman Game

The beginning: When you watch VR Porn for the first time

why didn't you use a ps2 emulator jack?

Did you play Spider-Man 3

Toby Maguire is the best Spider-Man

00:00 ur high again

Spider-man is one of my favorite superheros

Was he watching some porn in the beginning?

Pizza Time.

Finally he plays a good game.

cringy intro much?

There's a new one right

I would love to be miles

My new favorite spiderman game comes out september 17, 2018

Why does the painting say ebola at 12:57?

At 12:57 there’s a painting that says Ebola on it

Aaaahhh Spiderman 2, the memories

00:06 when you discover VR Porn

No offense but I kind of like Web of shadows more

me tooooooooooooo

11:57 use subtitles for best expirience

I knew I wasn’t the only one who climbed the Empire State Building

It’s nice to see a famous youtuber playing older games from when we were kids

You should play spider man 3


I played this too when I was younger too

Thr intro tho Lmao

It came out in 2004

jack do you know what pants are

I used to play spiderman when I was 4

12:56 why does that sign say Ebola

That show was the best, the animated movies too.

Spider-Man is here to say to all the Spider-Man let’s plays if people don’t like him that’s to bad cause I think he is pretty rad

The how did we get her logo is how my lock screen picture

What about the amazing spider man 2

Something bout dudes man spreading in shorts is just so sexy

I believe it's stickem powers.

Me and jack have the same favorite hero

Just going around the city was fucking fun. Yeah, that's what I mostly did on my PS2 before my brother broke it. :(

Spider-Man 2:I'm the best spiderman games and super hero game Spider-Man ps4:hold my beer

+Ben Parsons ik you dumb ass take a joke u fag

boogie vin mate it’s not out yet you idiot

No offense but it's "Spider-Man" not "Spiderman" There's a HYPHEN

Do more spiderman 2 vids plz

Play batman arkham city if you have the chance

Can u play spiderman shattered dimensions

If you ever decide to play another spider-man game before or after the new one comes out then i would recommend you the one called Ultimate Spider-Man it came out a year later after Spider-Man 2 so it was kind of overlooked cuz everyone was still hype about Spider-Man 2 . It's on multiple platforms and in my opinion it's one of the most underrated Spider-Man game out there . Oh and i forgot to mention that the swinging is much more fluid in that that one than it is in Spider-Man 2 .


+Make Stuff so thousands or millions of people are dumb and don't know what a good spiderman game is you dumb ass stop saying its bad just for attention so fuck off

+boogie vin because they are easily impressed and don't know what a good spiderman game is

+Make Stuff bruv then why do thousands people love the game and its the most anticipated game

boogie vin nope, the game looks garbage and half of the gameplay looks like it’s a cutscene, not genuine skill is needed to swing in that game

R520 J R ok grammar nazi

Drag0n Art did another spidey in a different universe use that joke before? Yes and it wasn’t funny the first time

Dashaun Hearns me too I too played too it too so too you think there's any chance he won't? Do you know he will but you wanna feel like you are a part of the reason he does?

Have the same game

Make another episode

0:01 0:25 Vrporn

Could've just used a ps2/gamecube emulator.

+Make Stuff are you a salty Xbox fanboy?

The new one does have a day night cycle jackyboi!


Been here since happy wheels but yt forced me to unsub on god

Jacksepticeye play more Spider-Man the old version Spider-Man 2

Those Legs have scared me for life

He should play Spiderman ps4 when it's out

Peter looks like Matt Shea

I remember when I was a kid who wanted a PS2 just so he could play this game lol

This game was so cool! Open World swinging was awesome!

Have you pre-ordered Spiderman Ps4 Jack?

Only a few more days until The new one comes out!

jack there is something called pcsx2 for pc lol

Why was jack wearing boxers

Wow... I remember playing all of the Spiderman games when I was younger the graphics in the new game coming out are WAY better compared to this one but this game was not that bad the only complaint I had about this one were the graphics that's it lmao other than that, this game was the bomb back then!

My God, this game didn't age well, but I'd probably playing it myself if right now I could lol.

This was my joint growing up! It was definitely one of the best games I played and I played the hell outta of it.

The new spiderman game has a day night cycle

I remember this game it was amazing!

Why does jacksepticeye remind me of murr from impractical jokers

1:44 I completely forgot he said that and I was watching this whilst playin Arkham city. Also, Sean, please play the Arkham games

12:58 spiderman predicted ebola lol

idk what the intro is supposed to be

Play Spider-Man ps4 on September 7

The new spider man game comes out on my birthday, September 7th

Toby maguire:Hey Producers:what? Toby maguire: can I be Spiderman again? Producers:loughs hard Toby maguire:crys(his face is when uncle Ben dies)

So basicaly they just copied a ps2 game and put better graphics and called it spiderman marvel... looking at the "insomiac" gameplay they where talking like it was a completly new concept and gameplay... its a copy...

I’m SUPER excited for the new spiderman game Spider-Man 2 was my first ever video game I played on my ps2 and ever since I have been in love with all Spider-Man games out there. My friends make fun of me for wanting to play the new Spider-Man game more than I want to play bo4 but I don’t give a shit about what they think lol

12:57 a painting says ebola on it

2:45 I remember that background music like it was yesterday

The OG Balloon Boy 7:25

The new game comes out next week YAAAY!!!

Tom is like 21 years old, so what's the problem?

Thank u for the beginning that’s guna make an excellent meme

Is he just wearing an underwear


I had this and my favourite thing to do was to web people to traffic lights and beat them up

My dad got me a ps2 and it's one of my favourite consoles. Lol I'm 14 and I grew up played a ps2.

The amazing Spider-Man 2 game has really good swinging things.

Kids today just don’t understand

It sounds like your getting fucked in the start. :)

When I played this game I always egnored the kids

i wanna play spiderman ps4 so badly but i don't have a ps4 ;-;

when game graphics are better than real life 0:00

Is jack going to be doing a playthrough of Spider-Man PS4? : O

Fuck off tom Holland’s a prick

Watch first 15 seconds with your eyes closed


That game was my childhood I still have it

My fav Marvel hero, is Wolverine, and my fav DC hero is Red Hood xD

theres no link for tickets

I played this on game cube

My best spider man game was spider man (2000) not the graphics the story is really good And the best thing at it he is not cringe

0:00 jack during sex

Bro this game was legit. I remember playing this so much

My god its crazy how favideo games have came graphical wise. I jusr recently bought a mini NES and ive been playing Super Mario Bros 3 the whole time. I tried playing the the the 1st Mario Bros game and MY GOD how laggy the controls were. Have a good'n Jack, its always fun goin back to older games that u grew up playing!

Jack spider eye Civilian:I love you Spider-Man Jack:fucking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Civilian: never mind

Everyone spam tom Holland on instagram with screen recording of jack telling him to play the game with him

this nigga is so annoying

Spiderman 3 is also nice and better graphic than Spiderman 2

The console I played this game on was the GameCube I had the best games it was so fun then I lost the GameCube or it broke I was like 6 or something

This spider man game was my child hood to only 14 but I played it way back and I played it on that box console

No, they completely remade the map, combat system, level system, and story. The only thing that is similar is the swinging.

I even played the game on ps2 such a great game I also like sean enjoy the swinging physics.

Damn sean back at it again with them flamingo shorts

Tomorrow the new spider man game comes out and I am shitting myself with excitement

Only 2 More Days till Spider-Man PS4!! SO EXCITED!!!!!

Jacksepticeye and Tom Holland Spider-Man PS4 collab... Please let this happen

So You Would Be 28 Or 27 Years Old By This Year 2018

2 days until Marvel's Spiderman i can't wait!!

You rock

Anybody exited for Jack to play the new Spiderman


+Make Stuff someone hasn't seen the reviews and btw spider man 2 the game is extremely overrated the webswinging is good and that's about it

omg i remember playing this thing when i was in 1st grade omg

a new alter ego

ohhh wow amazing wjdhfbd fantastic wow

I loved playing spiderman 1 and 3 as a child but for some reason spiderman 2 never came out where I lived. I'm glad I now have the chance to watch it with someone who loves spiderman just as much!

Load challenge trade intent net complex prominent related maybe.

I really don't remember the graphics looking like that :O

I miss this game

I had this game on my xbox 360

Just got on my ps3 and realized that I logged 70 hours on shattered dimension. Most time I’ve ever spent on a video game I have 800,000 unused skill points lol

My heart. Ugh I love this game so much

Adequate, boy!

do more spiderman gemes




0:00 virtual reality porn 1080p

Mine too bruh

First vr porn orgasm experience

These graphics would give me a headache these days

15:50 all I have to say is, only on PlayStation

Jesus I remember this game when I played it and it is just as annoying

I played spider-man 3 on the ps2 all the time

watch this with only sound

Tom holland cant play spiderman with u, he disintegrated.

You playing this game on ps3 or ps2??

I remember playing Spider-man 3 for PSP (same as ps2 version) but never played Spider-man it worth somehow getting for PS2 or emulator?


ive been playing it scince i was 3

The intro is jack discovering vr porn

Tom Holland needs to play with jack

This game was created when I was born ( 2004 )

I wonder how many times he tried to do the intro without laughing

the graphics compared to the new spiderman game LMAO!

yeah its pretty different... between the two

Comparing a 2004-PS2 game to a late 2018-PS4 game...

This game brings tears to my eyes. I miss Spider-man 2 so much

But jack... Ur not ded yet..

I thought he was getting a lap dance at the beginning

I was sad when you let that kids balloon float away in the beginning

0:00 I don't even want to know what you were watching...

Jack should make a retro series where he plays old ass games

0:00 when you try vr hentai for the first time

Spiderman the pizza delivery game

Everybody gets one

0:01 virtual reality sex that stimulates real sex That's Amazing!

Someone Help Me!!!? im gonna diee *EXPLOSON*

So many memories

The graphics actually gave me a bit of a headache

It's not really a nostalgic thing back then it was the Pinnacle of web slinging and kicking ass. Spiderman PS4 feels how this felt to us back then its the same feeling updated alot with a whole new story and world to learn about.

they should make remastered version of this game

I miss playing that game I remember playing it on gamecube and I remember I could not complete the ship of saving people it was annoying

jack that was my childhood I would skip school to play it

I loved Tobey Maguire

10/10 acting at the start XD

First 10 seconds was jack having an orgy

That's not spider man 2. I remember spider man 2 had spider webs in the sky and you just pointed at it and clicked to swing and you just have swung forward and backward until you released. It followed the Spider-Man 2 the movie storyline but had other villians like mysterio and rhino and puma. Oh man, all the nostalgia just brings a genuine smile on my face. Thank you Mr. Eye.

that would be the pc version

Oh my god I love this game I never knew you uploaded it.


When i first saw this i was so happy cause i had this gams on ps2 and probly still do

i can barely see spiderman

Who else watched the new game episodes and wanted more so your here?

whos here after watching the two first episodes of spider man ps4

Screw you, you mind reader

0:00 close your eye

When you discover vr porn

I got it on GameCube


Marvels Spider-Man is the best superhero game

Mine too (was a childhood) The most awesome things of spider-man is that his spidy sense and skills used by webs

Why no pizza delivery?

Ahahaha Jack is so original! He is the only you tuber that will not put pants on when he makes a video!

12:58 predicted ebola?

Meh, this is nothing like the original on PS1

Spider-Man 2 was the best game don’t @ me

The start I can just imagine you without the headset I would’ve thought you were on crack

0:02 My first reaction to seeing tits

Saul Gomez lmao

This game was amazing on game cube

*P I Z Z A T I M E*

The intro

I actually still have this game for Gamecube in my apartment. Good times...

At the start it sounded like he was havin sex


It would be awesome if Jacksepticeye actually plays with Tom Holland. that would be AMAZING. Webtastic!!!!

so your 28

I played this game when i was 8 years old hahaha good ol days

God damn the thumbnail choked me

Jack, that intro °//////°

fans have to ban together to make his dream come true of him playing with Tom Holland,

I used to love going to the Statue of Liberty by webbing to a helicopter on that game!

Is it just me or does the beginning looks like a virtual porn ad

its not just you

>Opens video >Sees Jack wearing booty shorts >Suddenly questions my own sexual orientation

This is the PS2 version of the game Jack is playing. Cause I remember what you're talking about with Rhino, Mysterion, and Shocker alongside the Spiderman 2 storyline with Doc Ock, but I played on the Gamecube. Maybe there was some differencr between platforms?

I remember when the people were on a sinking boat...worst mission ever

This game is my favorite game and I was like six or seven lol

stop lying this is a gta san andreas mod

Did Sean just discover VR porn in that intro?

Loved this game

just love the ps2

i still have this game and a ps2 ! hahaha that’s my childhood game too !

Close ur eyes at the start of the video 30 seconds later he's pantsless by the way I know he's wearing shorts Plz subscribe to me

Matei Bobes Oh man, you missed out.


Where the fuck are your damn pants

I love how at the beginning he's just not wearing pants XD

Close your eyes at 0:00 to 0:15

btw whats the vr tour name? xd

"Woah wow!" -Jacksepticeye. The best quote ever.

Chelsea fan Jeremy 25 ebola was a thing for a while it just blew up because a few scares

Oh yeah, they even have some similar cutscenes, they basically made two completely different games.

The Legendary Beast Idk. It's like two different games, this one is so different than the one I played, do you really think they would have changed that much cross platforms?

I played so much of this when I was little.

I am your 20,240,251st sub

Actually 2002. Edit: I am wrong, 2004. Sorry

My babysitter had a PS2 in her basement and I played this all the time. I was way too young to know what was going on but it was one of the first video games I ever played.

I understand you have been playing the new one, but why didn't you keep going with this one?

One of my favourite games of all time. Spider-Man 2 for PS2. Best childhood I’ve had.

Play the 3rd game

Spider-Man 2 Enter Electro was good

The future is now thanks to science!

12:46 That face and also the criminal humping the painting

Your 12 years older then me

i used to love this game until my dad smashed it in front of me

12:31 Mehehehe xD

This game was my childhood too ^^

i loved this game. never good beat Doc Oc though

Spider man for the ps4 is here and its really good

Ultimate Spider-Man is my fav

This game holds sooooo many memories, this, the sponge bob movie game, and paper Mario the thousand year door all on GameCube were my go to every day

I rember i had this game on the ps2 holy shit

I loved when you would save a kids balloon and when you have it back he would start ranting about something random after his moms like what do you say

I'm 13 bye day way

This was my favorite game when we first got our PlayStation 2 in 2010 or so

butt fart

I just watched the previous spider man game jack is playing... and i thought, WTH IS THIS?!? looks like a mobile game

8:03 yikessss

11:24 as Jack says “Speed is key!!”

How do people think the web slinging in this game is good...

I have it on GameCube

Life-changing really ._.

Was jack getting VR laid?

*Sweet baby beans!*






now you see him playing the new game happy 20 mill

I play this game a lot on my PlayStation 2

The first bit looked like some weird porn vr shit

was jack watching porn at the beginning?

12:30 Mehehehe xD

Spider-Man ps4 is better

same Sean. same

I remember spending hours trying to get those skyscraper tokens, and catching kids balloons.

Finding one of the Vulture's Green feathers is a cool find in the game a friend showed me ages ago of , high atop some tall building.

Just watch the first bit with your eyes closed, Jack's sex tape leaked

Girl: “Help someone!” *Spiderman dies* Girl: “I’m going to die”

I loved playing this game, but as a kid I could never catch the balloons for the girl, or get mysterio.

you forgot about the secret rooms around the map they were so cool to find!

anyone here from Spider-man PS4?

I had the game cube version dude childhood feels dude

Did he say he WAS jacksepticeye

I'll never forget the pain and suffering i went through in the 2002 spider man , trying to kill scorpian

Rip aunt may

Who is watching after ending spider man ps4

1:30 To Skip The Pantless Hairy Jack Part

I remmber buying this game at the local gamestop and they put the fucking Spiderman 1 game disk in the box... i was pissed, when we whent back to get the right disk, the guy was like "well, mabey you will like spider man 1 better?" and i'm like "I already have this game.. what?" and spider man 1 sucks.


hi jack can you give me a download link ?

Im 13 and when i was younger i still played it, OOOOH THE MEMORIES

Jack I'm like u mate I like MAD like idk... Like you.

Jack where did you get the game? Cause i wanna play too.

Is he watching VR porn at the start?

Damn after watching jack played Spiderman on PS4 This game is shit

They need to do a remake of this and redo the graphics

I mean amazing spider 1 not 2 was a pretry dope game and swing shots had physics as well and graphics and story was good it was Batman arkham league game

Close your eyes and start the video

my fav Spider Man game is Ultimate Spider Man

And now it has changed

The intro cringe

Mysterio was the best boss in this game.

This game came out a year before I was born

How many times is jack gonna reference the episode where spiderman became an actual spider

He was watching nicki Minaj twerking on his d*ck

5:53 he's my favorite super hero! You can have your Batman or iron Man or the freaking hulk. But I've got Spider-Man!

the game looks ok but we all now what ruined spiderman (spider man 3)

You need to play more old games

Forget Fortnite Season 1 players, Spiderman 2 players are the real OGs

I fucking loved ultimate spider-man

12:13 "Reuhglly?" ~Mary Jane Watson Peter: "I'm gonna marry you, Marry Jane"

Anyone here remember the black cat mission?

It was also on GameCube

What about amazing spiderman game? The one with smythe!!!! I did a gameplay on it

Who else is here from 2018? Lol

Well, GTA V *IS* making my childhood.

Money has made you look like a successful Mexican American.

Do Spider-Man web of shadows

She's surprised to see him run off? You left him! Why wouldn't he?!

Is Jack seriously in your in his underwear Jesus Christ

put some pants on freak

Does anybody see his underwear in the start of the video

U said I text my BROTHER than u said when SHE came home she had it

If jacksepticeye plays spiderman unlimited I'll be so happy


I played this game as a child and remember being TERRIFIED of Mysterio and the song that played every time he came around. I played it again last summer (GameCube FTW) and it reminded me of how much I hated the Black Cat chase scenes

0:00 close your eyes at this time please

He has no pants on.

I'm sure pretty much everyone can agree that Tom Holland's is the best spiderman

Mgs or God of war

When you get your first lap dance

The beginning was...something

The game is so hard To beat

Wasnt this on the original xbox as well??? I remember playing this game years ago... but the graphics were so much better than this... not gonna lie

Spiderman 2 PC was my childhood

But in all seriousness did anyone else play this like when it came out or a year or so after?

Actually feel old as fuck knowing most if the kids watching this either never knew it existed or look at this as an old game ha.

I remember renting this from the little video store in the grocery shop when it came out I used to beg my mother every single time we went. And rent charrlie and the chocolate factory. Damn I miss being a kid.. just some pitch black MTN DEW and some Spiderman. Anyone else play this back in like 03 and 04? Kids don't understand. Same with Spiderman the movie game was good.

*Pizza Time*

Now he can play hitman blood money

I swear this game looked amazing back in the day

(Spider-Man 2 ps2 pizza minigame theme plays) *SOCIAL ANXIETY INTENSIFIES*

The Spider-Man 2 Pizza Delivery Minigame is the pinnacle of modern gaming, and will stand as a monument to our society after we have been dust for Millenia. With cutting edge graphics, an incredible, gripping score to rival the most earth shaking epics, and gameplay so immersive that even VR technology cannot match to this day, the Spider-Man 2 Pizza Delivery Minigame remains to this date, the most important part of gaming history to ever exist. It is said that within the code to this reality shattering epic of a saga, lays the secrets of the universe laid bare for all mortals to see. The only way our simple earthly shells can comprehend it is through the Pizza Delivery Minigame, offering us the closest glimpse to heaven itself of anything yet discovered by humans. This divinity comes at a price however, as many have lost their lives enthralled by the Spider-Man Pizza Delivery Minigame, and wasted away before their screens, unable to tear themselves away from this Utopian masterpiece of gaming, muttering to their last breaths, "pizza time, pizza time, pizza time" I too have experienced the glory of this beautiful magnum opus of human achievement, and this where l sit now, writing what could possibly be my last message ever. I have seen the universe, and it is the Spider-Man 2 Pizza Delivery Minigame

This game is just like the ultimate spider-man for ps2!

Jack I can get u that on your phone

10:54 *PIZZA TIME*

PIzza time theme song

I may only be 14. But when I was young i played this for like 4 years non stop. I spent hours on end looking for that fucking N

Listen to the first 15 sec and close your eyes. Just do it please.

This does not tie in to the movie. "Spiderman The Movie" is based on the movie.

20:45 only the rhino, and several other heros/villains that have super strength can do that

Jack you should play spider-man 3

My mom thought i was watching pr0n because of the intro lmao

ah yes the HDWGHT VR of the best events to be advertised

12:46 "Hey, I'm walking here!" *Jack's Face*... This made me laugh so hard!

the amazing spider man 2 was better

This was my childhood to jack, brings back good memories...


Some don’t like it cause it’s old

12:57 ebola wtf ??? Iluminati confirmed

Why can’t a youtuber tour Canada. FUCK

Watching him play this after watching him play the most recent Spider-Man game is like eating a salad after eating a huge ass pizza.

Even after Spider Man PS4 my favorite is Shattered Dimensions.


Swear down he got that from odeon

Spider cop

I’m the biggest spider man fan in the world

Orgasm starts at 0:00 - 0:17

I love septiceye


It's pizza time

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