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Assalam Alekum and Good Morning Everyone from Islambad. Although I'm not known for being an early riser, I had planned to wake up at 4 am and offer morning prayers at Faisal Mosque. And hence share the views of the mosque and other historical places in Islamabad with you.

Other than that, all the fun places here, foods and everything interesting as well. All that to share with you all. But as I finally managed to wake up at 4, it was raining cats and dogs.

The rain has just stopped and it's 7 am now. We were all ready with our luggage and everything ... but it was raining like anything. After waiting for 3 hours, we can finally start our day now. Let's head towards Faisal Mosque. And then we'll look for some nice place for breakfast.

That's how we are gonna start the day. Keep watching for some great views. All set to go. Hopefully you are gonna like this vlog. * Prayer for the journey * May Allah makes this a safe and fun day for us.

This is the F7 area of ​​Islamabad. It's a great place to live. You can see the beauty of nature around. Such a lovely sight with all these trees and greenery. That's what I like about Islamabad. You get to see such awesome views within the main city.

You can hardly see the same thing in any other city of Pakistan. Looked like he was in a hurry. Riding the motorcycle on empty road in the morning is awesome.

Such a great scenery. Islamabad ... you are amazing. In any other city it is never as refreshing. No other Pakistani city has made me feel this way. I have spent 5 years of my life in this city. Need to go left.

The cleaning staff is already doing their duty. The roads are great as well. I'm gonna introduce to a friend ... who has come to meet me so early in the day. Ali ... I asked him to accompany me. I was still in the room when it was raining so I was safe.

But I don't know about how Ali took care of it. I was on the highway. Poor guy had to wait on the highway during all this time. So I was praising the condition of roads here. But just as we are speaking, right in front of this majestic natural beauty, see how dirty this road is.

It's such a shame. Honestly speaking, such an amazing environment and such a beautiful place ... And that's how we as people treat it. I don't know what to say.

Well, sometimes, people ask me why do I show such things. But how can I turn my face away from this. Just check it out. The place looks like a garbage container. I am also shocked to see what has happened here. Cmon man ... it's a shameful sight.

That's what our people are doing to our public places. And it's not just here. If you go to the courtyards, you will find it there as well. I think the cleaning staff is still busy cleaning up the mess back there.

They will take care of this once they get here. But, it's going to be the same the next day. Perhaps we are a bit too early. Otherwise we won't have seen this sight. What can we do .. ?? Let's go see the mosque.

Faisal Mosque is the biggest mosque in South East Asia and 6th biggest in the world. Late Saudi king Shah Faisal gave 28 million dollars to build this mosque. Its foundations were laid in 1978 and it took 10 years to finish. That's why it's called Faisal Mosque.

And the road in front of it is called Faisal Avenue. Architects from all over the world competed against each other to present a design for this mosque. This was the design that got selected. It was presented by a Turkish architect.

The mosque looks distinctively unique from any other mosque you see. One would normally see a dome or multiple domes in a mosque. But this one has none.

It has 8 sides with 4 minarets. This design is inspired from a bedouin tent. Bedouin are the people you would find in Sahara or Arabian desert.

Their tents are quite similar to this shape. Although the architect also considers the Holy Kaaba as an inspiration. Unfortunately I can't show it from the inside right now. The inner hall has the capacity to have 10 thousand people for prayers.

But the hall opens only during the prayers time. I guess that's because the administration wants to keep the inner hall clean. In the outer courts, almost 300 thousand people can gather for prayers. Our breakfast is finally here. We are standing beside a parked car with our breakfast on the back of the car. That's because restaurants don't have outdoor dining due to Covid.

That's what we have. It's not a special breakfast. The usual naan, chickpeas and halwa puri. However, they also serve spiral parathas here. So we have a spiral paraatha with halwa. The color of this halwa seems unique.

Have a look guys. I can only say something about the taste after I have tasted. Let's start then, Ali. Why don't we start with halwa. You can find these paraathas all over the northern regions.

So ...? It's good. Ali has given his approval. Let's get done with the breakfast then. And then we'll get a cup of tea before we set off. Tea's good. You have served a delicious tea sir.

Time to get going. We are considering going towards the Lake View park. It's near the Shakarparian area. Let me tell you something about these gloves.

I have chosen a different brand this time. It's a Pakistan company with the name of Dominance. I hope the road is clear. Dominance guys contacted me so I ordered these gloves.

I also ordered a pair of socks. And one bag as well. I really liked their product quality. Especially these gloves as I am wearing them right now. Really liked 'em.

Normally I get my socks from Germany, but I couldn't bring them this time. I don't prefer the cotton socks. So whenever I am out for hiking or trekking, I use either the Merino Wool socks ... or any other brand with good breathable fabric. So I got the same thing from Dominance and I'm wearing them right now. So far so good.

So if you are planning a trip of hiking, camping or biking, you can get it from these guys. I'll put a link as well. Because it's a Pakistani brand with very reasonable rates. I think it's Rs 700 for gloves, for instance.

My eyes are on Ali's indicator because I'm just following him. He is serving as my navigation today. Although I have lived in Islamabad for quite some time, I still find it hard to remember the routes. Because I'm roaming these roads after 2008. I may have come for short trips once or twice.

But I completely rely on navigation. Gonna turn left. My indicator is on. This is Srinagar highway.

We need to get to that monument over there. And we'll have to cross this whole area. I think Rawal Lake also connects to this side.

But I'll share more details later. That is, when once I myself have the correct idea about my location. This is undoubtedly an amazing place.

Lush green in this beautiful weather. I'm afraid the park might be closed. Can't see anyone there.

Assalam Alekum. Is it closed? Yeah. Due to Covid? Yep. Well ... The parks are closed on weekends due to Covid. We came here, just to see this park.

Nonetheless, it has been a great ride to the park. What's the situation? It's closed. What do you think is the best place for drone? It's over there. You can capture the park as well as lake from there. Let's go then. So we did get to see the park albeit from such a height.

It seemed like a very beautiful place. There were quite a few things to be seen. There was a bird sanctuary, also known as an Avery. And there was one more thing ... They also had a circuit for Go Carting. And then there were rides for kids as well.

Overall it's an awesome picnic point. I'll definitely visit this park if I ever get a chance. It was my first time here and it seemed like such a nice place.

There's an amazing view of Rawal lake from there. And on the other side is Bani Gala .. That's where our Prime Minister lives. Now we are heading towards Golra. There's an old Railway Station there, that we are going to see. Thank you I guess it's someone from our channel's subscribers.

They have been following me for some time. Assalam Alekum Sir ... Yes, I'm Abrar. Thank you. What's your name? I'm Atif. How's your motorcycle running? It's working great. Did you just collect it today? No I got it the day before yesterday. Just before 14th August.

Assalam Alekum. How are you ma'am? Glory be to Allah. All is well. What about you? Good. We really enjoy your videos and watch them with great love. Thanks very much. You are really kind. Thanks for the love and respect.

We are going to Golra. A friend is accompanying me. Will you have a selfie with us? Of course.

Should I get rid of the helmet? As you feel comfortable. I'll do just as you will ask me to do. Good Lord .. They were really nice people. Where's Ali now? I just hope he is not lost.

probably he'll be waiting for me around the corner. There's a sign post here for a museum. Let's go and see if it's open or closed. Can we get in or not? Let's park it here.

I guess that's the building. This is the historical railway station of Golra, constructed in 1882 during British rule. It was constructed as a small railway station. But later in 1912, it got the status of 'junction'. It used to be a very important stop for the trains going North-South. Cities like Multan and Peshawar were connected via Railways through this station.

Similarly, it was a significant point on the trading route to Afghanistan via Khyber pass. Today, this station has been transformed into a rather interesting looking museum. And that has increased its fame manifold. It shares a lot of interesting info about the old trains and routes of British rule.

Not only that, but also old parts ... And everything else that has something to do with trains. There are a lot of other things too but I'm not very fluent in this domain. For all those people, who are interested in trains, their functionality and history, this is a must visit place. I had a great time here.

The way this museum is maintained is quite remarkable. It's a very well kept and tidy place. The entry fee of this museum is Rs 50 / - and that's not much. Besides, there are two trains that have been renovated and are now standing on the platforms. They are for the visitors to sit, take pictures and have good time.

It's a very peaceful place with towering green trees. Really an awesome place if you ask me. And it must be on your list of must see places in Islamabad. We have reached Malang Baba Jan Bannu Pulao. And Ali Ahmad has reached as well. A little before me though.

The place is crowded and it suggests a good repute of this place. It's quite crowded. Their taste is amazing.

It used to be a small shop but gradually it grew into what you are seeing. The journey from a small shop to a restaurant. The owner of this place, Mr Malang Jan, is serving the food himself. Are you from Bannu, bro? Yes. How long have you been working in this field? Since 2015.

Which meat do you use in the Pulao, Beef or Lamb? It's beef. What makes you recipe special? The best thing is that we use 50 kg beef for 25 kg rice. You mean beef is twice as much as rice. Wow. And it's a specialty from Bannu? Yep. It's a special item from our region.

Alright It was nice meeting you Sir. Leaving from Malang Jan The food was simply delicious. The last time I had this delicious pulao, it was in Hyderabad. I don't remember if it was pulao or biryani. And the one I had today was equally amazing. Thank you Highly recommended.

It's right by the famous GT Road. A must visit place. Ali is rather quick in his exits. I can't manage to go this smoothly. Looks like they have closed the road to Monal. I don't know the reason though.

Is this road closed, officer? Can I see your license? Can you ride good? Sure. That's my license. It's German.

Is it Persian? No, it's German. But it says it's Persian. Persian? Where does it say that? No that's Fuhrerschein which means Driving License. Okay, I thought that was Persian. Does it allow bicycles too? Here at this point, the things with a 'tick' sign are allowed.

The vehicles with a 'hash' sign are not allowed. The traffic officer was issuing me a ticket. Well ... Well ... Ali almost had a ticket.

He stopped me as well. But I just went to ask him for directions. I cannot think of any reason for them to give me a ticket.

However, they didn't give me a ticket. We are done with our dinner and it was delicious. Nothing extra ordinary .. but it was good. But you can try it for sure. Also there are so many eating options here. And I have Ali Ahmad with me at the moment.

Special thanks to him for getting up at 5 am for us ... He also waited for 2 hours under a bridge during rain. He has been a great help to me. Without him this vlog would have been very difficult to make. And I am a fan of his content as well.

Especially his cinematic shots .... That's what inspired me to start moto vlogging. Lets hope Ali will also make moto vlogs in the days to come. I'll also put a link to his channel in the description. You can go and check it out. Other than that, the new gloves and socks I used, by Dominance, were really good. I wore them all day today and I'll carry them with me during the tour.

And I'll keep them as a regular accessory in my kit. Just a small suggestion to Dominance ... Only if they add a little more color to their design, it would appear great in video. Let's finish this vlog at this point. I hope you guys would have loved it.

Please hit the LIKE button, if you enjoyed. Please SUBSCRIBE if you are not already a subscriber. But more importantly, do remember me in your prayers. See you in the next one. Allah Hafiz

2021-10-19 10:24

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