This is My Way to Santiago de Compostela and The End of The World - a 1600 km long journey.

This is My Way to Santiago de Compostela and The End of The World - a 1600 km long journey.

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Good morning, good morning It's the first day and the clock is...maybe... 6.20 in the morning. I woke up at 05.00 and eh.. I actually felt fresh, so I did my laundry this morning and got my gear ready.

Now I'm walking up to the cathedral and see if I can participate in a pilgrims mass and I also need to get a special passport for stamps. Yeah... I'm feeling good actually. Motivated, if I do say so myself What you see now... is Le Puy-en-Velay, in the morning haze.

And here behind me we have... the Cathedral. It looks like I'm a little early 'cause I'm the only one here. This is the marks that I will be following for now. As you can see there is an arrow underneath. Red and white.

So, what I will do now is to find a place to eat some breakfast Okay.. First day Here I am I have had breakfast and after just walking uphill... ...I decided to walk in short sleeves. It was way too warm! So It's the perfect weather to hike in.

I realized that I was in a valley and that I will start walking up hill. But now I'm finally on my way. My body feels all jittery... ...from happiness and entusiasm. I think I have to calm myself down a little.

At least that's how it feels. 'Cause everything is happening so fast. Wow! Check this out! I have been walking up hill for about.. half an hour. But what a view! Wow! It's 7.30 and I will now try again. It's a beautiful and clear weather. Pretty cold Today I have a map.

I will take a road that's called... ...let's see here.. GR65 As usual the marking is red and white and today is Easter Day. This is probably the widest 'Camino path' I've walked on.

In my short 'Camino life'. I can see other hikers in front of me. It is definitely a difference. The marking is the same but here there are signs that says GR65 and that's the one I follow. So now I'm on the right path.

Another reminder of yesterday. I would have liked to see this then. Now I can see that I did a really big mistake yesterday. I can't blame anyone else. This is a completely different hike.

Not as hilly way better marks Still following the red and white. I've had my first stop and I'm.. feeling okay lets go! Okay, so to show you the difference... this is also a 'Camino path'.

A little tighter than the last one. But the view is still incredible. So, now I'm on the road again... after a break.

I stopped a while ago (maybe an hour ago) to plaster my feet (for safety’s sake) and then I met a Canadian... William. He is gonna walk for a week. He is here to study. And eh..

(In France I mean) After that there was a guy that went past me. He walked pretty fast. By coincidence we walked together and that was good for me because he...

(His name was Nicholas or something similar.) ...and he was from Paris! He has hiked a lot of times and he taught me a lot of useful information... ...on how to walk and which villages... ...yeah, loads! So, now I will carry that wisdom And I'm thankful that I got to meet him. Okay, it's now 2 o'clock I've walked for approximately 6 hours. Maybe a little more-

I'm on my way to the place where I'll sleep for tonight ...and I have about 1km left. I'm guessing it's down here. It's been lots of up and down I can feel it in my legs and feet. Once you walk down hill you know that you'll walk up hill again soon. And the down hills isn't particularly merciful. It's easy were I walk now. I look forward to get some rest and food once I'm there! I'm standing here admiring the view ...when I realized it's at the bottom of the valley. So... tomorrow I'll be walking up for one of these.

Nice challenge. Now this Camilla, would have been a challenge, the whole bridge is swaying nicely. It can look like this in a Gîte. I'll be sleeping here. Then there are beds behind here too. Toilets and showers are downstairs We will eat dinner just around the corner...

...and breakfast is served there too. Now I'm standing outside the post office. It's unbelievable, I almost took the wrong way, again! There are several different alternative routes. It's unbelievable, I was walking in one direction and then... ...the man who's place I was staying at came out and "No, no, no that isn't the right way!" "Not a good path!" "You have to past by the Post office" And I'll tell you, If he hadn't show me, I'd never found my way.

BOTH of them is marked 'red and white'. But today I've planned to walk this way. So let's get going! Saint-Jacques.

I'll start this day mostly walking up hill. I think it's for approximately 4 km. According to the description the path is... ...more or less... straight up. But I feel kinda motivated. It's incredible how my feet have healed during the night. I can feel it in my legs for sure.

It has been a lot of up and down. So I need to endure it to get going.. It's wonderful here. It's cold today.

I'd guess it's only a few degrees Celsius. But the sun keeps me warm so- I'm wearing t-shirt, vest and a windbreaker today. I had to shelter my forehead from the sun The sun is actually much warmer and hotter than one might think. I try to protect myself from getting sunburned. I meet pilgrims periodically... Or..well.. I encounter them walking

...and it's nice. But it has also been nice to walk alone in the beginning, set my own pace. I try to focus on geting a rhythm going. Besides that, I've learned that routines are very important. Like when you take off your backpack- to put it on the same way. Look, to make sure you haven't left anything behind and so on...

'Cause if you loose something it's gone. I thought I'd misplaced my glasses. But then I found them in a pocket in a jacket inside my backpack. And I got really happy! It was like opening a birthday present- getting my glasses back. I probably have another hour or so left before I'm done for today. Maybe 2 or 3...

Well, this is a pretty common view. Today we're walking almost... ...35km. What a view it is down here! It's quite amazing! And so much rocks.

It looks like this all the time. Hour after hour. Lovely! I have just arrived at Conoues. It's unbelievable It's like coming into another world.

It's like I'm going down in a casserole. My body hurts quite much I'd say. For every step down hill, it hurts.

Oh look, what a fantastic church! This town is incredible. It's like the time has stop. Wow! Good morning. It's a new day!

Today I'm alone on the road. I've just said good bye to my friend from France. I actually met him on my first day. We have walked together... Conoues. We just said good bye.

and that's always a sad moment, when you've hang out for a longer time. At the same time I'm feeling really good about it 'cause I needed to test my limits. I have felt quite safe, knowing he could speak both French and English. Decent English.

We understood each other. He has also been a good friend... charitable and so on.

But now I'll take care of everything on my own, for some time again. Today I'm not going to walk as far... ...since my body is fairly strained. Now I'll go up hill, very steep.

It's like that in the beginning ...for about 1-2km. And I'm now on my way into the woods. I took 5 minutes at this unbelievable beautiful place. I have walked uphill.. I can tell that they have placed a cross every 50 meters up to this church.

Or if it's called chapel. I came from there... and i'm going in that direction.

Hi, here am I sitting resting on a perfect place, a bench made by stones. I have walked about three hours today. The first 2,5 hours without resting.

I have 9 km left to walk today. It will be a total of about 27 km. It's still hilly but not that steep I'm still about ca 3-400 meters above the sea.

I have walked in the wilderness today. Undeveloped terrain but with good paths. I have also seen the first grapevines. 23 degrees Celsius. That's all I think you need to know today... oh yes..

I have removed alls plasters and no more taped knees. I have taken it easy for a few days and only walked 25 km a day then I have rested the rest of the day. You must bring the food with you, no food to buy here in the terrain.

So right now I live on baguette, chocolate and water. It's not all days that are sunny on the French trail. Today it has rained all day. So rainwear on, and we need to use rain cover also. But it works out.

Yes, Cahoooors... The goal for today. finally. Its hurts in the body right now, especially in the right foot. It's cold wet shoes rainy this is my goal for the day, Cahors I have walked on a ridge.. It feels so good to start walking downhill to the city I think the river is called Le Lot.

I've been following it for a long time More later.. It's easy to start fantasizing when you walk here. If you have seen the movie Kingdom of heaven or Frodo's way to Mordor. I'm just waiting to meet a horse and a knight. It's a mysterious path here in France From the fields far away in that direction, from there I came. and have walked up to this place, and I will continue in this direction beyond the smoking chimneys over there.

we'll see, this is an old village it was a few meters up to get here but it's a great view. Good morning, the clock is 08.00 and I have walked in 45 minutes It's a fantastic morning, clear air, a little chilly maybe I'm relatively high up so I have seen how the clouds have been rising from the ground. I just passed a woman who was cutting the roadside, like this grass but thicker, she was using a sickle like Obelix and Asterix, amazing The houses around here is nice It's a small village somewhere in France. I'm on my way to Moissac. Which shall be a larger city with a long history.

I'm going to be a tourist there today. Today's walk will be... ca 14-15 km. Then I will take the day off when it's Saturday.

I will rest my legs because the next four days will be tough ca 30 km each. but we take it from there , now it's a lovely Saturday morning. Here am I walking in the rain. But I can only smile when it looks like this even if it's rains. Sun over there, rain here and the castle up there.

The landscape is so green and flowing Fantastic and the best of all.. it's only morning yet. That's where I'm going ... I think. OH, I'm lucky to have a waterproof camera.

I have walked maybe, I don't know... ca 40 minutes, I'm all wet and its rains heavenly It does not look like it would stop raining. It looks like a wall in front of me. So I have to endure it. It's still some hours left... 3 - 4 maybe

Here is a large facility of basins, several off them. And I think there's some kind of electronic monitoring of it. Then it - "bam"- every now and then to scare the birds away. But I don't know what the basins are used for. Here will i stay this night it's perfect.

Super.. On the 9 km after.. Nogaro.. or what it's called. ..Lanne.. Behind that house lives the owner and here is my laundry hanging not bad. This is inspiring...

now you can see.. the Pyrenees.. I don't know if it looks so good in the camera but.. They are least 3200 m high and with snow on the peaks I have ca 5 days left before I have arrived and it will be time to walk over the Pyrenees.

It will not be where it is that high but anyway it's very inspiring. In front of me walks.. to the left a men from Germany and to the right a men from Holland.

They are very nice to walk with. Talkative gentlemen. They will end there hike when they arrives at Roncesvalles.

or before, it depends on the weather. Maybe it's not the funniest... ...road I've walked on... ...during this time. It's foggy...

and a lot of traffic. There is barely any space to walk on and you have to get along with... ...all road-users. Outside of 'the Office for Pilgrims' Inside it's chaos. A lot of people with different nationalities, who asks about everything.

They seem a little worried about how to start their journey tomorrow... ...up towards the Pyrenees. I'm also starting tomorrow but for now we're done for the day and we're actually gonna stay here... ...where there are a pair of shoes outside. Bellari.

Okay, early morning it's almost 7 o'clock and we're now leaving Saint Jean Pied de Port I didn't sleep so good. I woke up around... maybe 5 went to the toilet and after that I barely slept at all It's also the last day we're walking together Good morning, good morning! I've walked 2-3km. Started early today. It's been like this all morning It's people all the time! Yes, now it's up hill... all the time.

I've walked for about 45 minutes. Maybe walked 3 km. Yes! It's all about endurance today. So absurdly steep! Down there, they all are! It's beautiful! It's storming now very windy.

Heavy steps It's just to keep going Wow! Just look at this! So gorgeous! So steep! And the path continues upwards! I've walked for over an hour... ...and the slope is the same! It's only upwards! Okay... ...a new report... ...about 900 meters above sea level. I've walked for about 2 hours...

...and have mabye 15 km left. It's great! Fantastic! Wonderful views! But it is up hill! ALL the time. And let me tell you I can feel it in my legs right now. But what the heck I've been longing for this! Okay The weather is changing again... now it's raining... but not so much... It's very windy for now it's headwind so the wind get a good hold of my backback I don't now how high up I am.

Maybe 1100 meters or so. I'll keep walking. Here comes the rain It's like a grey shadow. It's hard right now.

It's windy (head wind) and it's raining I'm using a buckle to keep my hood steady. Otherwise it'll blow off my head. Wow! I'll be walking up there. Here are some signs. Lets see what they say The altitude is 1135m And we have...

...11,6km left. Lets see, It will be- In best case 2,5 hours more. I'm hoping for the weather to get better soon. The wind is crazy strong right now. Crazy! Almost as If the wind are holding me in it's grip. It's insane! Wow! Totally insane! It takes all my strength to even move forward! It's mad how windy it is! I don't know if you can see this but... it's amazing! Totally insane! The wind is so powerful that I have to use all my strength to keep going forward.

Now it's stopped raining But I'm fighting really hard against the gust for now I've approximately 10 km left to go... ...and about 1 km up hill. Suddenly the terrain is completely different It's pretty steep on this side. It's nice to get shelter from the wind here It's about 10 km left... go. Here we go, now I'm on the Spanish side of the border... ...and suddenly I'm in the middle of the woods... where the birds are singing. Okay, now the weather is changing shape again I'm so high above the sea now that I've been walking uphill for several meters more. It's like the clouds are touching the peaks. It's a rocky road... I hit my toes many times... ...and it hurts very much. And It's not that easy to walk when the small stones are moving all the time.

It's easy to strain my ankles. But it's absolutely fantastic here anyway. 1429 meters over the sea. It's still very windy. Nice hike...

... my legs are tiered.. ..but I have to say that everything is beyond my expectation I will turn around that you can see.. I hope you can see this... It's unbelievable how beautiful it is here. It's amazing..

Okay, now I'm starting to go downhill so I need to concentrate on that task. Now the surroundings have changed again. I walk downhill... It's cool with all the trees.

They are awesome I have to walk calmly because this part is heavy for my knees but it's nice... It's fun to walk this part of the trail. I get so much energy.. .. my energy level is... high The air is fresh..

a bit chilly but.. it's so beautiful.. the green color is... and the energy I get from walking cross the mountains..'s mad. On my way to Pamplona. uh, I have increased the speed today. I have had a bit of... what's it called? "mental meltdown" this morning .. I was having a hard time ..actually

But the hiking is going well. My legs wants to move I changed inner soul in the shoes and..I thinks it works.. I think my foot pads will feel better from that. however, I may have gotten a blister will see when I arrives.. I think that one will heal anyway.

Now, we'll see if I can find Bengt which have.. flew down to Pamplona... Will be fun.

I need some new energy.. So I can manage to walk a few more weeks. Now we'll see if I can find Bengt...

I heard a rumor that he will be here somewhere. I think he is sitting here.. Here he is sitting having a good time. - Welcome PO - Thank's Here we are .. we will walk down... out on this field..

follow the field .. towards the mountains over there. Cool.. You can see all the way... you can observe all of the 7 km we will walk from here.

Spain.. 18th of May. We have started to walk. We hoped that it not should rain so much today. But when you look at the sky in front of us you'll see that those expectations are gone.

Now it's just to put the rain jacket on. Yes, and today.. we walk 22 km so not so far. Feels good anyway. This will be nice.

Here comes Bengan. It rains quite a lot as you can see in the streams on both sides of Bengt. Yesterday it was completely dry.

But it feels good with a little rain, right? - Bengt like this. - That's grate. - That's fine. Nice. - You have to endure it. - You can.. I can tell that the shoes are full with water. - And yes, something like this looks the clothes.

- It looks like it will be like this the next 3 hours. Here am I. Looking at... over.. I was about to say the view ..

Bengt is fighting the hills.. It's unbelievable how much it has rained. Quantities And there are many who are fighting in front of me. In the wind.. right here were I am standing, walking, is it calm, between two ridges or what I should call it.

It's a biting wind, I could guess that it is 11-12 degrees Celsius We has walked about, what should I guess? We may have gone halfway through the day. Here you can see how low the clouds are. They are almost touching the trees. There is the next village, then we have 7 km left to go. It sky looks dark over there. So even if it's not dripping that much from the sky right now.

so can we probably count on that it is going to be some more rain drops from the sky. Uj, uj, if this view is what I think it is Santo Domingos...something So is that the goal for today. And I've actually increased my speed a lot..

..since Bengt stayed at the golf club, he didn't feel so good. felt bad, so I have.. after that have I speed up the pace because I am freezing like ... I will hurry up ..

It looks like there might be 3 km left for the day. But that is fantastic, only 30 minutes, thats nothing.. Lets go, lets do it, now.. Let's do little "rock en roll-Camino" Okay, that's where I came from I might see a hiker on the horizon and then it looks like this around me and I can say that this is what it has been like for the last hour, the hours.

I'm walking on a road.. ..and.. ...I have no idea when.. ..I will arrive at the goal for today. Because there is nothing in the nature that.. helps me to determine where I am No signs.. But it's an incredible "bird life" because they chirp a lot. I don't know if you can hear it? And then it's very many ... ..wind turbines hundreds ...

..around me an in the horizon. In all directions is it wind turbines. Somehow is this a fantastic hike.. because here you have time to think.. have time for yourself.. and do what you feel you need.. . . mentally. It's the first day... ..after Burgos.. and.. far as I understands, will it be like this until I reach Leon. Hello, hello, hello.. It's morning.. the clock has past 07.00. I have eaten breakfast, coffee and some chocolate bread... sandwich.. no not sandwich.. .. I can't remember what's its called.. oh yes, croissant. And then a half litres of water..

..that was my breakfast today. This is something I actually likes.. You leave the room, which is dark, when the other hikers still sleeps.. ..and then.. .. you are on the road.. ..pretty early.. It's chilly but not cold. And all the animals, the birds are singing like crazy..

and you can see many things.. .. yesterday I saw a wild boar running across the fields .. .. and now I can see a deer in front of me ... ..ha ha It's actually little funny.. ..and it's also some more hikers on the way. That's nice. Yes, and the roads are not that smooth all the time. But they.. ...they are alternately limited and wide.. It's so cool to walk right now. This is a really nice part of the trail.

Long and warm. Awesome hiking trails. And you don't know when you will arrive.. that actually fun. Not so many villages either.

I like the nature!! This is cool.. Here am I walking and I can see.. .. that I have to walk that hill in front of me. And I can se the road uphill.

And.. It's maybe.. 4-5 km left.. 4 km may be. Yes, and when I.. .. I have climbed it, will I see at least 10 km again. It's so cool, because there's no going back, you have to go there.

And the environment is so fantastic. And I have now left a village that had three churches.. and should I take a picture of every church ..

that I have seen until now.. should I have taken hundreds of pictures. But I'll try to visit one church every day... ..because you will be surprised by.. ..some times by the small chapels.. ..actually. And it's great when you arrive in a village, like the one I just went through. It's an old castle on a hill next to it too..

and you.. ..can feel the time from the past.. When you can see.. the stones .. in the buildings.. .. which has been affected by time, rain and wind It's cool. Awesome hike today, this far..

The time is only around .. 08.30. I use to say that I... when I can see far away But this is extreme..ho! ho! I like when there are panorama views but this is incredible! I think I easily can see.. 20-30 km..

I have now climbed .. .. you have to say its like a hill.. I think it was 150 m elevation straight up. And when you are on the top you see this.. wow....! I can see so far. Ha ha , this is G R E A T! This is what I call a crossroad.

I can see.. Yes, .. .. at least 10 km in every direction. WOW! Okay..

I have 3 km left to a village.. .. where I will take a decision. If I should continue to walk. I have walked about ca 18-19 km.. .. when I arrives in the village. and after.. why I have to take a decision is that after the village..

then it is a distance of 18 km thus, almost 4 hours. Where there are no opportunities to obtain water or protection from the sun. You walking in terrain similar to the one I walk in now. So that... ... can be very hot and tiring. Well then, I am prepared to move on. I have prepared myself with sunscreen oil..

sunglasses, headgear, I also have protection for the neck and then I have also eaten and drinking and I have two liters of water and other things that I may need. So I believe in this. I have already walked the same number of km that I now will do. so the clock is around 10.00. You may be stressed by this. When there will be no possibility of sun protection.

You will walk under the sun all the time... 4 hours. Then it is important to turn it around to your favor mentally. I will do it like this. I have done this before in France. So.. ..lets do it! This is a new challenge.

Let's move forward.. Now, I have walking on asphalt in .. .. I think in at least.. ..4 km. There are not many hikers out walking at this time.

but I will continue.. I will take a break soon.. Yes, it still looks like this. Step after step. I will take some water..

..I was not prepared for this when I walked that hill.. .. I thought I would see the village. But.. .. there are apparently some km left yet. It still looks like this but I think I can see a house. or if it is a cemetery .. I don't know. But there would be a city or a village there somewhere...?!!

I think I have at least 30 minutes to walk... It's cozy to walk under the power line when it thunders or not? N O T! It drizzle a bit but it's not so heavy.. it's quite many degrees right now anyway. I'm not freezing so far okay, I have not walked that long yet I don't know if you agree with me but..'s a fantastic inspiring nature here.. ..or NOT! Oh, all day.. have I walked along this road.

Which is a sort of transit route.. between Leon and Astorga, I think that's the name. It does not get better than this. And it will rain all day and it will rain tomorrow as well.

there is not much to think about..only to walk.. oh yes, you think while you walk.. Ok that became a loop. In fact, sometimes my thoughts run out.

I have probably not experienced that so many times before. Oh yes, I'm approaching today's goal And when I arrives, it stops raining. Now I'm a little tired.

It has been tough to go along the road, there .. But I actually think it would have been even tougher if it had been sunshine. I cover myself .. ..with the hood over my head I have to wear it to protect my.. ..hearing aids and glasses. I'm a little tired now It would be good if I could find a good place to stay at once. But let's see what happens.

The clock is not so much yet.. I should have a good chance. Here am I sitting.. the Albergue the courtyard really nice..

Now I'm going to eat some chips and drink some iced tea that I have become addicted to and some chocolate. Well now I have climbed the hills a bit. I walk because.. ..could not find somewhere to stay in the last village so I have to move on.

I hope next village have a bed for me. It's uphill too. Now I have climbed a few hundred meters I don't have that far left to one of the highest points on the hiking trail Where they have built a cross, where you should lay your stone Which you have brought with you from home.

Which symbolizes.. ..the walk and burden you carry or have carried. I'm right now in a mountain village where I did not really intend to go today but.. went that way when there was nowhere to live in the earlier villages.

It looks a little different here. But I'm so happy that I found somewhere to stay. Now we'll see if I can find something to eat and drink.

Down there is the village.. ..I just left and below you can see.. .. the light from the other villages. It's a nice morning and I'm full of expectation. it's a wonderful morning all around, on the mountains, are transmission towers flashing.

And in front of med, over the trees... .. can I see the.. ..the contour of.. the cross. And.. ...I'm full of expectations. It's pretty warm.. ..and.. ..its a bit windy. Now I can see.. ..the pile of stones in front of me. I'll see if I can zoom a little. Just in time for dawn, I arrive at Cruz de Ferro.

You may think this smile is pasted on my face? But NO!, it's natural. It feels unbelievable to walk here right now. Just look.. ..what nature! Unbelievable.

The pathway is quite bumpy. But the nature is fantastic. And I feel so good right now. Oh, I wish you were here now and saw this. The nature is awesome..

And the sky is unbelievable. and it smells good ..and it's hot. and I'm in such an incredibly good mood. wow This is like "the loan rider" when I arrives in the village. Everything is closed. You ride in to.. ..the city after you have been out on the prairie. or in the mountains. And then .. hear how the shutters are closing. These temple buildings are from the 13th century. The clock is around 07.00.

I am doing a "new start" and is leaving Ponferrada. A bit drastic arrangements too. I have cut a hole in my shoe. To make more space for my little toe which has hurt quite a bit. I think everything is okay now.

But I don't want any pressure on it so I have took the scissor and made a hole. I hope will stay together in.. about 30 km more. It's a moderate temperature.

..and.. .. I will try to find.. ..where to go. Towards Santiago and to day also to Villafranca. Yes, on my way into Villafranca del Bierzo. Here have I been before.

This is where Camilla and I began our hike. For some years ago. So surely I have photographed some of these mountains before. The clouds are still hanging low but the sun has returned.

It's a really nice walking day. Hello everyone! Now I am in Villafranca del Bierzo. And behind me is a roundabout which looks like the Camino-sign. Last time I walked here, the sign on the opposite side of the road said 38 degrees, now it's 21. It's a little fun to be back actually.

Now I will continue toward Santiago. I can not remember that it looked like this. Think, how different you experience and focus on at different times. Hello! I made-up an expression in France When you walk uphill then you know you soon will go downhill.

and when you walk downhill then you know you soon will go uphill. And that exactly what I'm doing right now, walking uphill. Yesterday I walked from 1500 height meters to Ponferrada at 480 height meters. And today.. I walking uphill. And now I will climb upwards for two days up to 1500 meters again.

And you can probably guess what I'll do the day after that. Now I have come to the point where the road is split in two. I will now go downhill and then up in a ravine. This is where the climb begins in earnest.

I remember it was steep. but not this steep. Here am I sitting and eating carrot cake and drinking Iced tea.

They are playing jazz.. I have walked a few hours and I have climbed a part of the mountain. This is okay! Now am I in Galicia. Lets see.. I am going to walk into the clouds... It's actually cool.

Here it says something! 1600...160 km left. And now from walking in the sun am I going into the clouds. They're low here. It's really awesome.

Look how the clouds are rolling downhill. Okay, now I am in O Cebreiro Em.. ..embedded in clouds. Unfortunately we can not see the view. But I have been here before so I know how beautiful it looks. And it is a beautiful village built in stone. I will go through it.

And I'll continue today, when the time is only around 10.00. I'll take a short brake and then I will continue. The clock is around 06.30. and the sun is rising. But look...

It's only nature that can create something like this, ain't that right? Just look, this is incredible. Now I have arrive in Sarria. What a difference from when we were here in July When everything was.. There were several restaurants here. and we sat outside and ate. It was warm and nice. And now it's nothing.

I'll try to find somewhere to eat anyway. On the way to Portomarin. Not as good weather as we had a few years ago. Okay, it's a new day! I'm walking to Arzua today. Something I will miss when I get home is.. the mornings.

When I'm sitting with the morning coffee. and a croissant or something like that, maybe also juice .. That moment when everything is calm just before you will start walking. But then my legs wants to go out on the road and to start walking, he he .. I'm really going to miss that.

Beside that.. I have a little homesickness right now. Wow, what a smell.

It's eucalyptus trees. And it really smells eucalyptus. Awesome! It was a fresh..

..breeze into life right now. ..when I have walked for a few hours. wow. Good morning, good morning, the clock has just past 06.00. I'm.. .. on my way to Santiago. I starts from Arzua.. It's about 37 km to walk. So I should arrive around 14.00.

It's dark outside, it will probably be cloudy today. But.. I'm guessing it's about 14 degrees right now so I'm wearing shorts. Now I have arrived at a place where the Pilgrim can see the cathedral for the first time.

the cathedral tower more precisely. They have placed a figure here like a statue. To remember it.. That place is over there, I will go there.

Here it is. A large piece. And Santiago is in that direction.

Maybe it's the right time to walk into Santiago on a Saturday. When there are lots of people in motion. However, now am I in Santiago and.. .. to my right is the cathedral. Now I will try to find a place to get a stamp.

In there somewhere, they issue the certificates. after I show my stamps .. And the queue goes through the buildings, along that wall and down the stairs, so you understand that there are many who want that certificate. Morning in Santiago de Compostela. here am I outside the church, ..the cathedral

And starts walking towards Fisterra. I'll go down here, I'll be back soon. Oh, I didn't know..

.. that the road to Fisterra would be that hilly. But it's very beautiful. It's nice also.. it's not so.. ..graffiti painted on the.. road stones, they are intact. not as worn out and ruined as elsewhere.

as on the way into Santiago. It's a little more preserved here. Then there are not as many hikers here. Right now ...

Yes, you know you are at the top when you pass the wind turbines and all radio and television towers. However, it's nice to know.. that it will not be so much more uphill now I don't know if I had done the research right, for the road between Santiago and Fisterra. I didn't think it would be this much uphill.

Someone has placed a few hills at a few hundred meters elevation between ... This is probably what I will miss the most. The mornings, the first light.. ..and a new day dawns. And you can here all the birds..

And the wildlife starts.. Yes it's amazing. It's not that cozy right now..

The weather changed and it started to rain. and it's windy. and I am somewhere on the way to Cee. C E E I don't know how to pronounce it. C E E. Yes, as I said, it's raining a bit and blowing above all. And I have about 18 km left to Fisterra..

but I will not go there today. I will go to Cee. There, I will to try to find somewhere to stay. Because now I'm both wet and tired. and has actually a little pain in my legs as well.

I think I have an hour left.. It has not really turned out the way I thought it would be today. I had planned to walk about 30 km today so that .. .. the day tomorrow would be easier. So that I would be a little more alert when I come to Fisterra. And... It's was only that, where I would stay, Hospitalo ..

In the information was it written it would be, albergue, food and service.. But I could only find one house with a restaurant next to a factory, so I,.. I didn't feel.. I wanted to stay there the last night.

On a sign it was written, last stop before Cee 14km So I started to walk.. ..and the result was this... ..that I had to walk in the rain. So I don't know if I made a such good decision. But now I have to endure it. At least there is the sea. Cee, the morning the 6th of June in 2017 Now I will walk the last 15 km.. Fisterra Yes, I'm a little excited.. Now I get to see what Fisterra looks like. I also hope that the sun will arrive. It's cool to get down to the sea .. I can see the waves hitting the beach.

Right in front of me now is the sea. And to the right.. ..the Cape appears. and Fisterra! It's magical! Ho, ho look!!! wow! WOW!! W O W ! ! ! Here is the Cape. and Fisterra.

This is magical. LOOK! It's magical. WOW! Ultreia!!! Think about it, in 1600 km have I been waiting for this sight. It's absolutely incredible.

Do you hear the sound of the waves as they are hitting the beach? Oh.. I know it's still 7 km left..but it's.. WOW! LOOK! It's so beautiful.

I have maybe 5-6 km left. And then the sun starts to shine. Ha, ha it's incredibly. wow! Here I arrive at the beach I don't know what to say. I have to walk along the beach. Wow...ha, ha

I have a few km left but this feeling is unbelievable. I'm at the sea.. Wow..ha, ha..wooow! I'm walking along the sea... ..on the beach.. I have to walk a few more kilometers to get to Fisterra. This is amazing.

Yes, everything has an end. And I have.. to my end. The End of the World! Just outside of Fisterra. More specific the lighthouse in Fisterra.

It's been a long journey absolutely It has been fun, hard.. ..thoughtful, Yes.. many different things.

But now.. it.. ends. When I reach the goal. Okay, Now I am here.

I'm on the spot. Here it is. 0 km left. I have arrived at.. Ferro de Finisterra. (Faro de Fisterra in galican.)

Aha, Look. I've longed for this so long and now I have made it. Y E S ! ! ! This is actually a bit crazy. No tears yet but..

Can you believe it? I am at the end! Wow. The lighthouse. And over there. You can call it "The peace pole".

I will walk there and look. They have written. May peace prevail on earth. In different languages. This is crazy! Now I'm at my goal! Worth waiting for! Yes, I did it! I'm back in Fisterra or Finisterre or how they want to pronounce it. Here I stand and enjoy the moment.

Aha, I could go back to.. the "end point" again. But I don't want to ruin my good memories. This is amazing! The sea behind me and then Fisterra. I don't know what more to say. It have been an unbelievable amazing time.

It has been tough. It's not all days I have enjoyed. When you wake up in the morning and you know you have to walk in the rain or have to walk uphill a number of km.

But it has been worth it. I've learned a lot. Yes, I can enjoy it now. Now I will go to the beach and have a cup of coffee.

Amazing journey! Now I have gone back to Santiago by bus. And now.. last day. I'm outside my hotel, San Miguel Now I'm going to walk around in Santiago.

Okay, where should you end your hike, if not outside the cathedral It has been a long and amazing journey. Not so easy all the time. It was worth it! So.. Thank you and goodbye! yes, It was worth it, it is worth it. It's worth all the effort But now am I worn out and tired It might not hurt so much in the muscles right now. like it did yesterday evening.

totally crazy. but... aha, what I'm enjoying it!!!! It's Crazy I feel so good, I have finished it! I feel so good..

2021-03-16 17:37

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