This is not my Pangasinan Bike Tour Bulacan, Zambales, Pangasinan

This is not my Pangasinan Bike Tour   Bulacan, Zambales, Pangasinan

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You. Some. Of the people who've seen the first level 90 episode, asked, me why. I erased, this last, thing on my list. Initially. My intention, is to be with interpretation. But now I think, I have the confidence to admit, that it's. Really. Because I'm still not okay with that idea. Solitude. The. Plan is simple just. Go to foundational. Accept. Solitude that's it call. Our Valley. I'm. Still not confident, if I can do it, but. You'll never know unless we try right. You, know how sometimes Google, Maps lead you to places where they're not supposed to be this. Is a. Hero. My. Day one goal is to try and see if I can do my first century, right but, it looks like. Yeah, because I wanted to teach. A, big building whatever that is. Good. Well. Like I said earlier I want, to work on my so-called. Isolation. Inside. But. The. Inside I think, I was hoping, for something opposed to that will come up and make this ride a little less boring. But. First I thought I can handle the temperature, I mean, it's about 35. To 40 degrees, out here, but. It turns out I, can't. And. Just, like that I was. In. Love. Yeah, one, thing I hate about this right is that every, single Road looks the same and. It may probably get into my head at some point on. Top of the summer heat and pain I. Just. Can't bear the heat then when I decided to go lunch and rest and forego a, good. Thing if I negotiated, start the exam. Take. A wild guess where there were you know doses, in my channel name I. Think. I'm getting used to the idea of, eating outside alone. It's. Weird but. Okay I guess. This. Is my, the most painful ride I've ever done so far I wanted. To quit, I'm. Still somewhere in a bull of Han I can still just hop, on the bus and go home I have. All the proper reasons to quit but I still want to try and do my way to the next stop yeah. So, uphill. And. Reliable. I'm. Getting tired of getting, ahead of climbing, appears I. Really. Need to stop smoking and probably, start vaping again. Insane. No, faint no game. They say true. Maybe. Well. With great pain comes pre this is the rest. I'm, pretty much aware that my choice of music doesn't, match the amount of slacking, I exhibit on this video, but. I guess this is a good example of the. Biting. Off more than I can chew metaphor. Can. Yep I wanna hang up no good dose for your sake. Okay. Alright. Thank you. And. After about ten hours I just had my first real, reward. I was, hoping that this down here will last until some violets and. Just like all my hopes in life, didn't. Happen. And. You wanna be shy. Turns. Out the reason why this, place kinda looks like Manila, is because I'm already somewhere, near Subic, which. Unfortunately, also. Means more. Climbing, hey. Brother I know mine. You know. Oh. Bye. Like. So, it. Yes. Down, hill outside win. Come, on. So. I found a plan well. I won't kill a letter somebody's, a favor poke with a llama was a. Summer. Holiday, whole. Papaya. Avocado taco, in there, we're, gonna ruin our wedding. Or. Hopefully, when hunter rapacious now. Call. Malavita beach therapist. Sir. Come. On ambassador King Oliver it. Doesn't look like it's going to be possible job, well. Right, now. I've, got this overhead. Oh. Together. With a pillow. That. Ain't nothin the time sometime. Again, we're running out of time and I still have 90 kilometers, left who, might paint reading first I. Really. Need to set up camp some words. And. Yeah. Exactly. One point. Hello. But. Of. Course for me viola, yeah my, god Jesus. The opposite, of the, Gita pitch, one and ten feet oh. Let's. See how I, hope. I then you will let me take. This land but I can. Shake on it yeah. Thank you. Many. Thanks to the people of onion Wysocki, hand burned a hole for the accommodation. Thanks. To them I will have a safe and comfortable name. The. Bronchi staff was thoughtful, enough to make me sleep inside the hole thinking. It might be too hard for me to sleep outside. I had, to leave earlier the hall was empty when again. Good. Morning Starshine. I, hope. This they won't miss mr. bass yesterday, since, I had somewhat. Of a three-hour, goodnight scene okay bye. Oh. But, many suffer, the most yesterday, aside from the elevation, as my super, painful, pain. But. So far so good. Simple. Claims such as this hurts so much I. Wish. I've been bested on sonic. Beam or whatever. Good. Saturday. I open. The damn. Well. Thank you sign for trying to help me quit smoker. You. So. Three hours in the, car. Again. Up or something to the, point in our. Worst. Part, is that similar, name. I. Think. Gulapa, NOLA below. What. Happened. Hungarians. Appoint the for, today. Some. Direction also the language is initially. The. Power tourists, or byte order, from. A sweetener. Would. Be nice. Veteran. Serving they're sort of borings, of another, Kavita. Walton. Begin en. Casa. De. Las. Palmas, awfully vague Antos of an andean, at, least not a total of excel, in Asarco father config, on your home page Oh fine. I'm. Seriously, starting to consider riding the bus to my point before today I, might.

Try To push, maybe another 50, kilometers, later but, I don't. Feel so good. Car. Bomb gun. All right. Me. Taking refuge incorporated, store is starting, to become a team. Good. Thing that the owners are not there to comment on all the mess I made. You. Think alongside KFC, and. Pensacola. Instant, others. Is one, of those foods. I can't get tired out i. Hope. At. This point just getting on the bike is proving to be laborious. Everything. Hurts and. It. Only hurts when I breathe. Come. On Oh. Did, I mention I used to suffer from carpal tunnel, syndrome and bill behind syndrome. My. Hands are started to get really mean super. Honestly. I'm not proud of this moment but I really, feel like I have to do this. I, disassembled. My bike so I can fit them all inside the buses compartment. I am, exhausted, and, in great pain. This, is the first time I ever tried riding my bike four days in a row and. Right, now all I'm thinking of is, how. I really. Need a real recipe. Maybe. At least for half a day. Only. Problem is public. Vehicles, doesn't usually come by here so, I just have to sit here wait. And do, nothing. One. Thing I like about this moment lab is the, isolation I used. To hate it so much but right now I'm really glad this is happening it's. The reason why I'm doing this tour anyways. After. 45, minutes I went back to riding my bike plan. A didn't work I had, to pinch my way for another 40, kilometers to get to the bus terminal and ride, the bus for another 60, kilometers to meet my contact. Victoria. Oh. Sorry. Them. But. Should. I call your fancy, and. Repair. Automata. Sorry. As. Ice, he's. A guy I met from a Facebook, group called by patent Philippines. He's, kind enough to offer me a place to stay inside the processor - for the night. And. Diana. Won so. For. What. I got gonna. Forget, thank you don't. Owe me. I don't, know what to feel about the way the weather is. Hot. Hello. Yo. The. Guys join me on my way to the. It's, refresh graduate Salman again I was. In there for a couple of days anyway remember. Thank. You, thank. You next, time, bah. Bah. Sadita. I. Not, keepo, i, don't. Know about you but again. I am really starting to think that all roads from below panicked at this point looks the same doesn't it I will. Not only skating for me and I hate it. Hi, are you there. What's. Your bad. We, give a commission, of a so they're, all my room for me Tom bigger than Delaware. T5. Policy. Line blank. Run. It sorry for tech flourish, Paulo lunch, stories and telling it lines. We. Are. You free, this. Quia. Yo, where. They overlap I'm. Always on YouTube where. There your, animals down the. Hot a gimmick subscribe can. All. The. Yes. Valon. All. Right. Voila. Guillermo. But whatever funny. Oh. No, authority, nervous. Many. Vocal people. Yes. I. Know. I have a pelican ography. Problem. In psychology. La villita okay teacher. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It. Was a piece more. Yeah. Thank you I subscribe. They're your friends. Alright. Thank you hey you. Got thing app next, time. No greater. Than and, hopefully in. One hour, okay Nevada pollen. Best part. Dunno. Paris apartment. Yeah. Dan. Youngberg automate, couple others dr. John another. Where, do we think your mouth. Ah. My. Healing gear. This. Is their data. Here. A pyrene, now. Wanna tell again number. One more quick pegasi. Number. Two of, workout. For. Strengthening. Caetano. We. Gotta make in Alamosa bugger. Okay. Down here. Mas Messiah pala downhill, anime Kazama, hashtag. Real, top. Oxide. Oh. Thanks. Bo-buds. Now. Hanuman and landslide, oh. Yeah. I'm. Starting, to think Nabokov, again. Lucky, crosswinds. At least, wait. 20. Minutes before 4 o'clock so, 3. Fine. That. Is 3:14, a bad, idea. Wanna. Do. Know hopefully probable. You. Know. Walk. In des moines, didn't even. No. Idea. Few. Hopes. Sorry. Awesome. Go, go go. Segment. About wrote reviews. Coming. Soon to China. I hate. This road I gave. It me out of five. And. After all those kilometres and, after. I'd married this sign. But. Further cyclists, found me trying to catch my back in the race I. Know. But. Aaron. I. Got it by seeing it. Yeah. That, in the bhagavata, handlebar. I'm telling everything stolen among mountain. All, shout man group when you have money night. Let. Me come about in back. Yeah. Judas spoon a very fuzzy buds yeah. Okay. And thrower but. En. De. Qui ne expect oh sweet idea, it's. We. Take you on the tour. Paso. Hello, there. The Good Witch is. Probably, a school. With. An angry Navin and any wireless only tough, to. Look but does it matter, Merriman. Bank. And, in my new thank. You so I thank you. You. I know. I said the whole point of the story Stein bracelet, did with. Me being idling again. Kinda, feels up. It's. Probably just me. This, store is different from the first day that I did it. Doesn't, have, a concrete, down like, this didn't I didn't. Even research, that much. All. I know for sure where do things I wanted. To confront my anxiety, towards solitude. And that I wanted to go to because man, specifically. Somewhere, in the island. Filipina.

Dean. Oh my. God like I. Just. Like to point out that the, whole point of the store are basically. Anybody that I've been in so, far is not, the visit beaches, but. Again, to be okay with solitude. This. Is just a little side effect a card in, my humble opinion, Thunder. Beach is beautiful but, there's, nothing. Much, I can do here I, kind. Of started thinking after, a while that all, beaches look the same so, after some time I decided, to go somewhere else and my google maps are just a bully no flaws just about 20 kilometers from this village, maybe. It will be a good place to spend their last day before you go. Any. Problem, is that again a second time and. It's. Probably. More, than 40 degrees or something. That. 25, kilometer bike ride took me about two hours this. Is the exact reason why I can't join groups I'm. Too slow, especially. Our clients. And honestly. At this point I was afraid. A. Violent. Thing an, overly violent a subpoena my. Boss. Is your boy. Mr.. Beragon. Normal you kiss me. Hey. Strictly. No smoking. -. 50, circle be the 50 Balter no. Idea. Lidia, iron, bites aw yeah. Thank you hey come, on my day before. Don't, kya my, own McConnell. F-150. Honey, I'm going mama, yeah I won. Sonia. Hi Eli Lapp a continued micaiah far and you let sorry sorry Daario. Smudge, yeah. Check, my opinion. But. You know Facebook. 800. G's reclaim. Recall. Of Ohio. But. Then again develop. Idea, also. In. A hiker bike. Pecola. Keep, quiet nothing, but. Fun. To say. When. I planned this trip. Pathologize, Melissa. And. To try and seek on. Capable. Homage avatar in. A long run you, know first, it was. Dingle. And. Don't. Technically the owner is a dungeon now. Hey. Sir. It's. A love-hate relationship, but. Things are, talking. About you sir I say. Well. Now hold up, and, this, just got real. Right. What's. Fun about this, we. Get to, do. Things at my own pace. It's. Nice I, said. The album hangs up I was during. The Baba Yaga hike. Yep, -. This. Here direction. For. No steps this is overrun laughing yeah and so, completely new hey. That's. A new voice. I. Didn't. Put. On and Ito so, it is no matter. Bobbo, edita. My. Stairs. Hello. My. Love of time, Sabine, Yahoo Kapalua. Don't. Make asada, make. A soda. And. One up a hard one. Well. Bitch. Bellino. Forestry need an. Atomic. Weight on alright thank you. Anyway. Mama's. Boy children Bellino, first to your, problem is, you. Have no an Allison Doohan powers have. Taken either. What's. That's a one so. Mentally. Are just, space but you know for this one, gyroscopes. Are doing a lot. Have to get early what man. Yep. Rusty nominal, - it's just funny out the parabola again. Okay Madison ADA, data. Hello. Pocoyo. Thanks. Careful you're not gonna know. Okay. At the best I oh la la. Look. At their view. Man. I'm sorry if that doesn't sound. Wow. Yeah. A spy, or both or nothing. Thank. You. Below. We lift them up and so on you're only here a family. First. Time for sumo is again. Another. Thing that separates, this store from a last is that they forgave the complete and total opposite, of it I. Ended. Up somewhat, alone but, not always I. Really. Think that I somewhat failed in my desire to be okay with isolation, I got. Here with the help and kindness of many people which. Is something I've never doesn't, expected. And. Remember, that thing. I said about the beginning of this video I. Finally. Understand, why I erased, that part of my list, it's. Not because I still can't confront the idea of isolation but because. Well. This. Is going to sound cheesy but. I don't, think I was ever really. Away. We. Somewhat.

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