THIS is REAL ISAN FOOD / First Time in KORAT / Thailand Street Food Tour

THIS is REAL ISAN FOOD / First Time in KORAT / Thailand Street Food Tour

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yes ladies and gentlemen.. finally we are in isan.. and this is my first real authentic isan meal.. i've got no idea what is it.. how to call this dish..

but.. it's completely black soup with lots of greens and so on.. Oh Isan, you are amazing.. 6 hours earlier.. check it out..

winter hat.. winter hat for 25 baht.. hey hey hey! welcome back to our hungry adventures! hungry adventures in hot and sunny Korat! yeah guys, finally the great Isan motorbike trip is happening.. and last night i arrived to the city and stayed in a motel on the road for 500 baht per night..

and it was a mistake.. because today i look tired and i feel pretty horrible.. the bed, the mattress was so old.. i felt metal springs in my back during whole night.. oh man.. that's why today i've changed hotel and moved into this place..

you want to check it out? let's go! follow me! welcome to my apartment.. check out this bed! oh yeah, it looks so comfortable.. one of the main reasons why i decided to choose this hotel..

it is because of this bed.. yeah it's really extremely soft.. of course air-conditioning, working desk, television and the fridge.. wardrobe..

let me show you the toilet and the shower.. this is it.. everything looks pretty new.. yep you're welcome! and the price.. the price is 690 baht which is 23 dollars US.. now i can leave my backpack here..

and we can go out.. jump on a bike, grab some food and start exploring Korat city! coffee, coffee, coffee.. how much for noodles with beef? 40 baht.. i want noodles with beef and biriyani rice with chicken..

biriyani rice is finished already.. okay.. then noodles with chicken.. with beef? yeah, noodles with beef.. and then.. rice with chicken and basil and egg.. it's really amazing.. i wanted to find a coffee but i found a shop with halal food..

unfortunately they don't have biryani chicken and roti mataban.. but still they got something tasty there.. well, ladies and gentlemen, what do we have? noodles with beef.. and rice with chicken with basil and with egg..

pad grapao gai kai dao.. again it doesn't work.. really really good.. everything is good.. what else did you expect to hear from me? how about this one? let's taste this.. graphao chicken..

mosquito.. pretty good.. very soft rice.. Hello.. Do you know where is the cave here? The cave is over there! on the left side? follow me.. where are you from? I am from Russia.. Oh i like Russia, I like Putin..

wow.. that was really interesting! this temple complex called Wat Phayap.. and it is considered is a must visit temple complex in Korat city.. here are two major buildings.. this one is pretty modern with a golden statue of buddha inside.. incredibly beautiful..

and here is a man-made cave with beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and so on.. and pretty old buddha statues.. and to be honest i really didn't want to go out of the cave.. because it's so hot in Korat city..

do you remember i was complaining about the hot weather in Bangkok? i was so naive.. because here in Korat - the weather.. oh man.. the sun is really burning..

i think if i'll break an egg and put it on the ground.. it will be cooked in two minutes.. wow how to ride bike in this atmosphere.. oh.. Isan people, you are so strong!

let's keep exploring.. and this is Thao Suranari Monument.. which is also known as Lady Mo.. who was the wife of the deputy governor of Korat..

there are several stories describing her heroic actions.. as she has saved her people when Lao invaders seized the city.. Thao Suranari is a popular object of devotion.. and people across whole Thailand visit this place to worship her..

as you see the floor is made of marble.. and considering the high temperature, the sunshine, the sunlight.. it's just simply impossible to walk here barefoot.. that's why it's allowed for people to walk here in their own shoes.. and authorities put this carpet.. for those who want to worship..

for those who want to bring flowers and make donations.. they can walk barefoot here.. however walking on the marble floor in this weather is simply impossible..

oh foreigner has arrived.. wear your mask urgently! really? every foreigner has it? what's your name? where do you come from? I am from Bangkok! oh they are from Bangkok too! do you have old style coffee? oh speak Thai so good! smile smile! arrived from Bangkok.. old style coffee.. yeah.. not sweet, not sweet! Because Thai people like it sweet..

Yeah Thai people like to drink sweet.. but I am sweet already.. how old are you? how old are you? I won't tell.. you are 28! 28? oh you are so kind! almost 33.. oh you look younger! because i wear a mask! what's your nationality? Are you from France? No..

England? No.. So tell me then.. Maybe Denmark? Belgium? Italy? Switzerland? Look at me! so from where? from Russia.. um...

I've got a girlfriend for you.. really? ......? thank you very much.. good morning Korat cat.. Korat cat.. why you are so cute..

such a lovely place.. such a lovely temple.. they even have got their own waterfall in a temple complex.. i find it truly amazing..

and so refreshing.. i went to my hotel room to take a shower.. because i thought a cool shower could make me feel better..

i was wrong.. Isan is stronger than any shower.. and this is Wat Boon night market.. i thought it could be a great place for an evening scene.. to explore the street food of Isaan.. the street food of Korat..

but i really literally don't have energy anymore to interact with anyone.. the only thing i want to do now is just grab a meal, grab some beer and head back to my hotel, and just chill.. i didn't expect it's gonna be so hot here.. during the day i've spent all energy.. hopefully tomorrow i'll be feeling better but..

better.. better! but i'm not sure.. anyway let's try to find something tasty and end up this hot and exhausting day, okay? let's go! yeah and by the way..

you can hit the like button.. just show me some mercy please.. hit the like button now.. yeah i'm working for you, working hard! let's go! check out what i have found..

hello, how much for 1 box? how much for 1 box? 35 baht.. do you have a sauce? sauce? we have.. i want this one.. salad rolls.. first ever salad rolls from Korat.. first Isan salad rolls.. hopefully not with "pla-ra"..

not with fermented fish.. hello.. sausages are sour are not? i have, i have sour.. i have sour and not sour.. I've tried Isan sausages in Bangkok.. but never tried Isan sausages in Korat..

it's yummy in Korat! Really? Very yummy? I also want spicy.. I have sour but don't have spicy.. okay, then i want sour.. these are sour? these are! i want for 20 baht..

sure! and these are not sour? these are not sour.. these are with noodles inside.. i also want 2 of these.. and 2 of these.. Do you want sour too? you can mix it all.. this one is free for you.. you're kind..

......? how much for all? 20 for these, 20 for these.. 40 baht! looks delicious.. how long you've been staying in Thailand? Speak Thai so good! can speak just a little.. can talk about food, about traveling.. about ladies..

?????? (i didn't get it..) thank you, thank you.. i just could not miss isan sausages from isan, right? i've tried isan sausages across whole Bangkok..

but now - real original isan sausages from isan.. and yeah this market is basically a street.. and during the day time you can ride your vehicle, you can drive your car here, or ride a bike.. but at night time the whole street is just locked.. so it transforms into a walking street..

there is also another huge, probably the biggest market in korat..   night market.. but i don't have energy to explore it today.. and i don't have so much space in my stomach.. so probably i'll stay here in korat one more night..

and then explore this market together with you tomorrow.. what do you think about it? should i stay here one more night? write me in the comments! Hello! is this kyosa? is it with chicken or? it's with pork.. how much for 1 box? 50 baht.. i want this mix.. okay and the pack of kyosa.. salad rolls..

these dumplings.. and several isan sausages.. maybe something else.. and obviously there are no tables on the street.. so it's simply impossible to try this food together with you.. i hope you can understand it..

tomorrow will be better! but for now.. yeah let's enjoy the walk.. let's enjoy the first day..

the first impression of this trip to Korat.. i've never been here.. and yeah it's really hot here.. hot but pretty interesting.. Hello.. what food are you cooking here? mushroom soup..

can you serve it in a bowl or plate? because i don't have it in a hotel.. oh can i eat here? yeah, you can.. can i sit over there? yes you can! do you want fermented fish sauce (pla-ra)? pla-ra... smell is very strong, isn't it? it doesn't smell.. i can make without it too..

okay, then add a little bit please.. not spicy? I've tried pla-ra in Bangkok, and the smell was too strong.. you can wait over there.. can i take a look? yes, sure.. i am making video for promotion.. is this pla-ra? no, this is different thing..

what is your name? Dew.. And i am Mickey.. how do you call it in Thai language? i don't know.. and what is this? pumpkin.. *i meant to say "pumpkin" and these are mushrooms, right? these i know, but those - i don't.. and these? sweet vegetables? Is this Isan food? Yes it is..

I'd love to try real isan food.. I am interested.. what is your favorite food? mushrooms?..

what did she say? (something with mushrooms..?) not a dessert, right? okay.. it's hot.. be careful! foreigner.. be careful!

thank you very much.. this is it - real Isan food.. mushroom soup with pla-ra.. i didn't expect to find something that authentic but..   yes ladies and gentlemen, finally we are in Isan..

and this is my first real authentic isan meal.. i've got no idea what is it.. how to call this dish.. but it's completely black soup with lots of greens and so on.. oh Isan, you are amazing.. very hot..

wow.. wow.. completely unexpected taste.. i mean it's amazing! wow it's just extremely delicious.. even this black broth..

i don't feel the regular taste of pla-ra that usually you can find in bangkok's street food areas.. especially those who cook some curry with pla-ra.. or those who cook somtam salad with pla-ra.. i don't feel it at all.. but the taste is incredible.. i can't even describe the taste but i've never tried something like this in Bangkok..

lots of different mushrooms - small mushrooms, big mushrooms.. kind of unknown vegetables.. this looks like pumpkin.. the only thing i know..

just it looks pretty strange.. kind of jungle combo.. but when you put it in your mouth.. unbelievable! you probably can see it on my face.. i'm just completely awake! and it cooked perfectly.. mushrooms they're really not crunchy..

they are soft but not overcooked.. all of the mushrooms.. and all these vegetables and greens..

guys, if you know how to call this dish - please write in the comments!   i think it's gonna be my favorite dish of isan food! wow.. how many times did i say "wow"? unbelievable.. black mushroom soup..

just insane.. extremely tasty! i've got no words to say.. and it's really hard to describe the taste.. it's just mind-blowing.. and the same time it's so simple..

she made it in less than three minutes.. something spicy.. yeah spicy.. but.. what else? what are ingredients? you see the color is completely black.. and now it's even more spicy at the bottom of the plate..

i think i'm gonna start exploring isan in the evening time.. because in the evening you finally can meet people on the streets..   because in daytime this sunshine and sunlight.. this heat .. crazy heat takes so much of your energy.. and now i'm finally alive again..

yeah i'm gonna stay here one more night i think.. so tomorrow i can show you the biggest night market in korat.. let's try the real isan sausages.. sai krok isan from isan..

interesting.. interesting aftertaste.. let's grab some cabbage.. i like it.. i like it.. i need some chili.. yeah same size as a sausage..

it went very well.. they always give you a lot of cabbage.. because cabbage helps you to fight the spiciness of the food.. so if you're eating it together with chili..

then you're also eating it together with cabbage.. vegetables always help.. i want to try.. this kyosa with pork..

in Nepal they called "momo".. in Russia they called "pelmeni".. also like dumplings.. i think kyosa is kind of Japanese name for them..   and also they are kind of chinese dumplings.. and probably Chinese invented the dumplings.. just like everything in this world..

if you think Steve Jobs created iPhone.. no.. Chinese did it.. just like Microsoft.. just like everything else.. just like this universe.. how do you call it in your country and in your language? in Germany, in UK, in America, in Spain..

no matter where you are - write in the comments how do you call these dumplings in your area! very soft minced meat.. beautiful.. really beautiful.. how much is it? 50 baht.. how much? 50..

nevermind.. this is for you.. it's for you.. thank you very much.. bye bye.. it was super tasty.. really extremely delicious dish..

i don't know the name of this dish.. but i really hope you know and you can write in the comments.. and yeah this is enough for today..

i got to buy a beer and go back to my place.. chill and edit this video.. probably i can't upload it tomorrow morning..

so yeah i need to have more time.. i hope you have enjoyed this video.. if you did - then hit the like button.. i really need you your like button.. i'm working hard for you in this trip..

because your "like" can help this trip to keep going.. share this video with your friends.. subscribe to the channel if you aren't already.. and i'll see you next video pretty soon.. as always i'm trying.. i'm trying to do my best.. as soon as possible..

if you want to support this trip - check out the link in this video description.. you can buy me a drink - i'm always happy to have another drink.. because i drink a lot in this hot weather..

anyway i hope you have enjoyed it again.. i already told you right.. bye bye!

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