This is the END / From KRABI to BANGKOK / Street Food Tour on a Motorbike in Thailand

This is the END / From KRABI to BANGKOK / Street Food Tour on a Motorbike in Thailand

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and the shop is called.. Cho Arm Krabi.. Cho Arm..

Krabi.. Cho Arm Krabi Okay, thank you very much.. Do you race on a motorbike, don't you? Because i've seen you have many awards.. good job! hello..

do you have rooms available today? we have.. how much for 1 night? do you have a reservation? No.. Just 1 person, right? yeah.. Our room cost 490 Baht per night..

Okay.. Can I have your passport, please? Sure! hey hey hey! welcome back to our hungry adventures! Guys, yesterday i left Krabi town and rode 140 kilometers.. and arrived to this hotel located right at the gasoline station..

somewhere on the road from Surat Thani to Krabi.. and even though i hate roadside hotels because of the noise.. because i have to wake up early in the morning together with all pickups and trucks.. this one is pretty decent, pretty soundproof, clean and quiet.. it's my third time here and the room cost only 490 baht.. yeah..

check it out! and today guys we are going to Chumphon which is located in 180 kilometers from here.. and it's another rainy day - so i cannot guarantee it's gonna be an exciting video.. of course we can find some delicious food on the way .. but it might be a total waste of your time..

so if you're ready to waste your precious time together with me.. then join me in this hungry adventure.. let's go! oh everything is so wet.. but at least it's not raining that bad as Phang Nga or Krabi for example..  

because we are pretty far away from the ocean now.. hello.. hello.. what would you like? what food do you have? fried rice with pork, chicken on rice.. chicken on rice.. You can order any food you like..

(I've misheard and misunderstood because of the road noise) (and I tried to order pork spine soup which is called "Leng Saap") what would you like to order? sorry i can't hear you.. welcome to my pork day.. today we are having two dishes with pork which we can call authentic Thai street food.. you can find them everywhere in Thailand.. this one is slow braised pork leg on rice together with some pickles.. it's called Khao Kha Moo..

with some spicy sauce.. and this one is spicy pork spine soup called Leng Saap.. okay i'm gonna try the first spoon..

not spicy... not spicy at all! where is my chili? i don't see any chili.. probably i need to add it on my own.. one..

two.. three.. four..

five.. we don't need this! we need only this! when i've come to Thailand for the very first time.. i was surprised that there are no knives and usually you can have only a spoon in a restaurant.. and you can use your fork as a knife if you need to cut something..

but you are easily and quickly getting used to it.. and even though i'm not a big fan of pork.. except of Isan sausages.. and Moo Kata of course (Thai BBQ)..

this dish is really delicious! okay let's try another piece of this pork spine.. this one just off the bone is so soft and tender.. wow very delicious! buonissimo! can't eat this one! unfortunately.. all right..

and how much did it cost you want to ask me, right? this is the price.. somewhere here.. hello sorry now we have changed to "hospitel" hospitel? yes..

really? yes.. maybe you could find a room over there.. okay.. just I stayed here 2 months ago..

yes, i remember you.. now the hotel has become a "hospitel", right? yeah.. are there infected people here? yeah.. really? yeah..

okay, thank you.. well, this hotel is not a hotel anymore.. it's a "hospitel".. let's try our luck somewhere else.. today is a market day so we can come here for hunt.. if it won't be raining in couple minutes..

hello.. do you have rooms available today? available.. do you want twin or single bed? twin or single bed? what did you say? 1 or 2 beds? I am alone.. i need 1 bed.. how much for 1 night? 400 Baht.. have deposit for the key.. 120 Baht.. so it's gonna be 520 Baht..

okay okay.. you will give back 120 Baht tomorrow, right? yeah.. can i see the room, please? yes, sure.. welcome to my new room..

new room for tonight.. i'm sorry it's wet because i just had shower.. and yeah guys this is the room for tonight..

and it's not really a hotel - it's rather an apartment building.. and you can find this type of apartment everywhere in Thailand in every city.. and they are pretty cheap, they are pretty clean, comfortable and quiet.. you can find a room like this in Bangkok.. and it will cost you about 4-6 thousand Baht a month.. plus water and electricity..

but it also depends on the contract.. but you can rent it for one month.. you can rent it for two months, for three months and so on.. so if you are coming to Thailand for short term and you don't want to sign one year contract.. this type of apartment is for you.. back in the days when i didn't have much money..

when i couldn't afford anything better.. i used to stay in a similar type of apartment.. and it was great..

kind and polite people everywhere.. everyone is quiet.. yeah you don't have kitchen here as you see.. you don't have swimming pool, no kitchen.. but there is always street food, there is always Thai food outside..

so you can eat outside, you can bring food and eat it here.. you can enjoy tv.. here is your fridge.. you can cool down your water..

i got complimentary water.. so it's pretty cool.. you can invite a lady.. and the bed.. not the softest but pretty decent, yeah! i can sleep very well.. and yeah about food..

let's go to this market while it's not that late.. i don't know is there a lockdown in Chumphon city or not.. we got to hurry up! very quiet yeah we can go..

just like in the forest here's your electric meter i have paid 400 baht for the room and 120 baht for a deposit for the key.. and i need to get change.. 500 baht from a gentleman working here.. you see it's pretty nice.. here is nice lobby, you can chill out.. maybe drink something when it will be allowed to drink something..

or even there.. Do you have 500 baht? No.. I am waiting for someone to change the money.. I am going to the market..

can you pick up later? okay, okay.. if you'll find 500 baht - I can give you back.... okay.. thank you.. nice.. fresh air.. you see it looks really good..

imperial style and imperial furniture.. and it's about 450 meters.. it's the exact distance - 450 meters to the market and to the main road..

i need to take a walk after riding 180 kilometers.. i got to take a walk.. just like as always.. i'm late.. yeah people have already started packing..

Mickey Mickey.. but it's never too late.. we still have a chance to grab something.. i hope so..

hello.. how much for 1 box? hello.. hello..

1 box cost 20 baht.. 20 baht? yes, 20 baht.. not expensive, but also delicious! I remember you, I've been here 1 year ago..

I remember many customers here at your shop.. yeah, that's our shop.. one? yeah, one box please.. yes, add spices too.. thank you..

hello.. are you closed? no, I am not closed.. do you have tom yam noodle soup? yes, i have..

I'd like 1 portion please.. I'll be eating here.. and now i'm having tom yum noodles..

noodles with tom yum broth.. with kale or some different vegetables... turnip.. whole boiled egg..

and probably pork.. yeah.. pretty delicious.. and pretty spicy.. i think the owners of this place don't mind if i'll try it really quick.. spicy instant noodles.. just spicy instant noodles with several meatballs and some cabbage..

pretty nice snack.. (Godzilla woke up) Hello.. are you doing well today? Yes, I am well.. I want 95th for 200 Baht..

hello dog.. dog.. are you hungry? no you are not a cat.. if you eat this you will be very cute, just like this dog .. Cesar..

oh another one.. don't be afraid i'm friendly.. friend, friend! chicken flavor.. should i try it myself maybe? come come come here.. eat eat.. really? cannot? unbelievable.. they don't eat dog's food..  

i bought food for dogs, food for cats.. and i carried it in my backpack but unfortunately they are not interested.. Thai dogs.. they want to eat Thai food only.. a huge one..

here is the mafia.. ah.. sorry guys.. you had your time.. hello..

is it closed? soup? no buffet! ah really? day number 1.. (I misheard again) how much for 1 person? how much for 1 person? 199 Baht.. 199.. open on 1st October.. ahh, now it isn't open..

oh.. okay.. and we have food in set.. I already understood .. opening is in 1 hour, right? (I misheard) no, opening is on 1st October.. 1st October..

10th month.. today is number 27, right? 27, 28, 29, 30, 1.. ahh.. really?

ah.. okay.. next week, right? yes! ohh.. but why? because of the pandemic.. oh pandemic? yeah welcome back to Prachuap Khiri Khan..

do you remember this place? this bridge? this market on the beach? however today the market is really small.. probably this is the effect of pandemic.. and people already start packing.. probably Prachuap Khiri Khan also has a curfew.. night curfew..

so we need to hurry up.. grab something and eat in the motel.. Prachuap Khiri Khan is located in 190 kilometers away from my previous location - from Chumphon city.. and in about 300 kilometers from Bangkok.. so probably tomorrow if the weather will be okay.. just like today..

i can make it.. and finally come back to Bangkok after three and a half months on the road.. away from my from my hometown.. from my home in Bangkok.. of course i don't have any condo in Bangkok anymore.. but i consider Bangkok as my hometown.. another one..

anyway let's grab something while it's not that late.. and enjoy this delicious street food.. it used to be one of the longest night markets in Thailand but probably not today..

not in these times.. hello.. Isan sausages sour or not? these are sour..

these are not sour.. I'll take 1 sour and 1 not sour.. thank you.. (20 Baht for 1) oh yeah i'm back to life..

i love this market.. one of my favorite night markets in Thailand.. every time is just like a celebration of something.. is it yummy? good! the most delicious in Prachuap Khiri Khan, right? may i buy 1 box please? try try it! i know it's very delicious! what is it? coconut..

coconut! be careful it's hot! hot but delicious, right? huge pieces of coconut.. very fresh.. very tasty.. delicious? very delicious! yeah take a photo.. I am making a video for promotion! oh take a video of this.. looks very yummy! wait a moment for your portion.. I can wait..

Sorry, i can't read.. what is the name of your shop? i can't read.. Khanom krok sai talad Mueang Sam Ao muean sam ao..

muean mueang.. city Prachuap.. come back and help me quickly! Keep fighting! Mueang Sam Ao Prachuap Khiri Khan hello.. mother, how much for this chicken? 15 Baht.. I'll take 3 skewers..

it's not ready yet.. wait a moment.. how long? about 10 minutes.. 30 minutes? just 10 minutes.. okay, i am gonna take a walk and then wil.l come back here.. okay, sure..

do you also have sticky rice? just 1 left.. I'll take it.. okay friend, friend.. do you like grilled chicken, don't you? Spy? Spy or relax? Spy..

what is spy? it's a name of a drink.. oh really? alcohol drink? i got mango with sticky rice.. 45 baht only..   i hope my chicken is ready.. and i hope this chicken is still there.. is it ready? yes, it's done and waiting for you! (she joked something about tomorrow but I didn't get understand) how much for this? 50 Baht.. um smells great..

would you like some peanuts? no, thank you.. it's tasty! because when i eat this then my stomach is growling.. too much noise after! lol thank you..

8 p.m and almost everyone is gone.. just few street food stalls left.. okay guys i'll see you in the room.. here is my room.. it cost 400 baht.. and you probably want to ask me now.. Mickey why the hell do you need two beds? there is a reason, i can explain..

actually this room cost 400 baht and room with one  double bed cost 350 baht.. but this is a motel.. it is located right next to the motorway.. and rooms with one bed are located closer to the road.. so at first i paid 350..

but it was quite noisy.. and you know how much i hate all of this noise.. it's simply impossible to sleep..

and which is why i asked is it possible to stay somewhere far away.. so they said they've got only twin rooms there with twin beds.. i've paid 50 baht more.. and it's quieter.. it's quieter!

and as you see - nothing extraordinary here.. tv, small fridge, couple bottles of water and beds.. and they are hard.. yeah they are not that soft.. i can feel the springs yeah.. and maybe tomorrow i will regret about my decision..

about decision to stay here.. but it's okay, i just need 8 9 10 hours of sleep.. because i feel pretty exhausted.. and tomorrow i'm gonna ride these 290-300 kilometers to Bangkok..

and probably it will be the end.. sorry.. our tradition.. i completely forgot about it.. please please please forgive me..

it is working.. and yeah it looks pretty fancy.. you see such fantastic tiles.. anyway i'll see you in the morning.. keep watching keep watching! don't turn off yeah! there will be something tomorrow.. something else.. i hope you're not bored yet..

i'm sorry for wasting so much of your time! (the happiest man is awakening) hello.. is the shop open? is the restaurant open? it is open.. what can i eat here? and what would you like to eat? we have noodles, we have rice.. rice.. rice with chicken and basil and fried egg, please..

thank you.. when you don't know where to eat - you can just stop on the road, walk into any restaurant or café..   and order classic.. and you won't be disappointed at all.. this one is rice with chicken and basil.. together with egg..

Kra pao gai khai dao.. and nam tok moo.. which is a hot meat salad.. you've seen me eating it so many times.. in this area there are quite many seafood restaurants..

but eating seafood on the road is not the best idea.. because if you would want.. if you would need to visit toilet.. you might have run to the jungles! which is why i'm eating classic menu.. and it's good..

is it delicious? yes it is delicious! and you always meet many lovely ladies who can be related to your mother.. they are your mom's age and they always are quite happy to see a foreigner eating in their restaurant..   happy and excited.. because usually of course foreigners don't eat in such simple restaurants..

but this is my style.. i feel like fish in the water in places like this.. and i don't feel like fish in the water in places where you need to pay 50 baht for a bottle of water..

i've noticed these mountains and i had to make a detour.. drive away from the main road to show this beauty.. now we are surrounded by rice fields.. and this is the last sunset of the tour.. and probably i won't show you anything else today because it's already dark..  

but this place and this sunset look really stunning.. it was an amazing tour.. we've seen so many fantastic sunsets.. sunsets by the beach, sunsets above the mountains.. and this one.. i got to keep riding in the dark..

100 more kilometers left.. but i'm gonna make it.. and i got to say.. bye bye..

the tour is over but there will be something else.. there will be a live stream soon once i will arrive to Bangkok and once I'll publish this video.. so if you are watching this video it means there will be a live stream in couple days.. so turn the notifications on..

and hit the like button, and share this video with your friends.. and subscribe to this channel if you aren't already! and i'll see you in the next video very soon.. Bye bye

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